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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  August 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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from the station taking action for you this is abc action news. now at 6:00 perfect timing thousands of kids getting ready to head back to class this week and thousands this weekend hit the malls. the best buys out there on this bracing for some heavy rain. thprecautions some counties are already taking. >> i'm say say. >> and i'm serena. we're days away from kids heading back to school. and thousands of families are packing stores during the tax- free weekend.
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>> lots of people making their way through getting good dealings. it took several minutes to get in because the parking lot is a circus as well. in addition to the tax-free holiday a lot of stores having sales too. macy's vk their one day sale. been a steady stream of there's shoppers all weekend since and they expect that to continue through the end of the weekend. justabout all clothing backpacks and shoes are eligible. this year, something new no tax discount on computers. but a lot of good savings to be had. one mom has two high schoolers says this tax-free weekend and the sales are a must to save
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spend like $300 on each kid. so that's $900 on clothes. a lot of good sales. 30% off. some 50%. some buy one get one-half price so that's pretty good. >> and the mall here is open until 9:00 tonight and all day tomorrow. you have a lot of time to get here and save a little mon. malls and retailers will be staying open late. if you want to know what's cool and trendy i'm hearing you can pull out the stuff from the '80s and '90s. bright colors and genes that's all the jsh jeans -- jeans
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largo high had picker pride. no updates to the school since it went up in 1957 and that meant some challenging times. >> portables for the last two years that was difficult but it's nice to have a nice new school. >> students got a chance to sign up for clubs. school officially starts august 10th. dozens took in the battle of the the main focus is to keep residents safe. they put it together last year in hopes of preventing crime in african american community. >> i told them we need to come up with something we did in 1996 after the riots and that's to have events for the community and the police get
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>> they also held a contest for the best way to prevent crime in the community. the winner got cash and free school supplies. as we speak tampa comic con going on. if you are downtown expect to see people dressed up in costumes. locals also has a -- had a chance to meet their favorite characters. others saw this as an opportunity to introduce new characrs daughter and i feel there are not enough strong female lead characters that haven't been oversexualized. >> the convention will be going on through the rest of today through sunday. meanwhile in response to possible heavy rains pasco and hillsboro counties will open sandbags stations. sunday they are open from 8:00
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sandbags will be provided but you are encouraged to bring your own shovel. the locations are on our web zit the most accurate weather team in florida. >> so you ask where are the rains? still out here in the gulf for the most part we have seen cloudy conditions, but very few showers across the southern regions of our viewing area. a few up by my yak ca head and toward bridges and bowling green. and just a few light showers right now in dade city and the disney area. more to the north is where we're seeing the rain, inverness floral city. these showers have been pinwheeling in. nothing heavy.
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have seen the gray skies and the rain coming off and on all day. i believe tomorrow will be a more rainy day than today. a couple sun breaks in clearwater and st. petersburg. tampa at 82 degrees winds from the west at 11. showers will be brought inland. we're not going toee s huge break in the clouds. they're going to stay consistent and we're only going to go down start off with rain tomorrow morning. and then it's gieng do stick with us -- going to stick with us for the most part of the beginning of sunday and the beginning of the workweek as well. it's not going to move much and could bring tons of rain between now and midweek. where sxaktly those raindrops where -- exactly those raindrops are going to fall and we'll give you more in 12 minutes or so.
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then. we have our first safety drn of the olympics. they have to do a controlled explosion after a suspicious paj ak. -- package. you can see a man carrying it to a safe location. there was a loud blast near the cycling course. a railing collapsed during a snoop dogg performance injuring dozens of people and all of it adrian banger reports. >> the excitement caught on camera but within seconds that celebration spilling over turning into chaos. video capturing the moment the railing separating fans from the stage in camden, new jersey collapsed. fans cascading down like a wave slamming into the ground.
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>> another angel shows how people flipped over each other. security quickly escorting the two stars off the stage as crews rushed to help the injured. >> it was horrific. and it was just bad. >> it felt like -- i fell six or seven feet but i didn't hit the concrete. >> wounding more than 40 people though first respondersa witnesses say fans were pushing up against each other before the collapse. >> all of a sudden i see everyone rushing to the front. and then suddenly people start falling off the edge. >> now questions about how and why that railing gave way. adrian bankert camden, new jersey. a california man refusing to get out of his car. police say the standoff lasted
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pointed a gun at a home. when officers responded he led them on a short chase. eventually a swat team put tear gas in the car. no one got hurt but the neighbors were asked to stay inside their homes. new information tonight on a gunman that killed 49 people in june. an autopsy released reveals maz was hit by at least 8 bullets there was or drugs in hid -- alcohol or drugs in his body. roseville county animal services is hoping dna testing will help shelter overcrowding. how this program is also saving lives. >> meet isabella, shelter workers thought she was part pit and part something else but they weren't 100% sure.
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at all which could help her get adopted. >> people are concerned about adopting maybe a pit bull. so the dna testing is a way of identifying if it is a pitbull or if there's none at all. >> they got a grant to swab and test the dna of dogs 40 pounds or more. >> we're dna testing those dogs is because dogs over 40 pounds tend to stay in the shelter longer than a smaller dowo sglfrments potential owners -- >> potential owners are loving the system. >> she said that that dog just want us. >> she's picking out a pup for her 7-year-old granddaughter. >> we just want to love the dog whatever kind of dog it is. because we won't know until we get home. >> the testing is already helping. managers say some dog are
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the dog is usually only here for two or three days that have. because it gives the new adopter some good information about what the dog really is. >> reporting in hillsboro county jake peelterson abc action news -- peterson abc action news. the recent killing of a jogger has women wearing something new to protect themselves. a guard risks her life to save another inhate. it's got -- inmate.
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the brutal murder of a woman jogging in new york city has led many women to contact a company the texas for more protection.
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bra a bra with a hidden knife pouch. other styles can hold pepper stray or a stun gun. >> it gives you the flexibility and the freedom to continue running without the weight of extra baggage. >> and the whole idea for the bra came after the creator had a scary close call jogging near her home in austin. check this out. an arizona correctional officer is being cal prevented an inmate from killing herself. once he opened the jail cell the woman tried to jump over the top floor railing. the officer had to pull the inmate back twice to save her life. he suffered some minor injuries in this incident. a plan to please some angry starbucks workers. summer pay raises were offered but some employees say they
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less money but some are losing their health insurance coverage. they have acknowledged the complaints but officials say it's isolated. they add they have addressed the problems directly. still to come we now know when we'll see matt duffy in a uniform. and the bucs release their chart.
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and how about this? toilet paper causes this massive forest fire in spain. that's according they say a 27-year-old german man admitted to lighting the paper on fire. it has spread across nearly 4,000 acres. one person died and nearly 2500 others had to evacuate. hundreds of firefighters are trying to get it under control. china did a test run today of an elevated bus that straddles roads.
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and carries up to 300 passengers. up to four can be connected at once. it runs on electricity and solar power and each one could replace 40 standard busses. many florida residents could be happy to hear this. looking glass is a cyber security company that has been
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. welcome to "world news tonight." let the medal count begin. the first gold in rio and it belongs to team usa. an opening day hitch. lines so long people waiting for hours. tonight security on high alert as olympic dreams are made and dashed. thpo new protests, a teen in the stolen car killed. tonight what police say officers may have done wrong in this very moment. concert chaos. two of raps biggest stars on stage. a barricade breaks and fans plunging several feet collapsing on to the concrete below. dozens hurt. inside the nation of north korea, a bird's eye view and a heavily


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