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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  August 8, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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richey. pinellas is drying out but further south manatee getting in on rainfall along 75 and points east are beginning to dry to the west here. we're going to see the heaviest rain to the north and that is where accumulations of another six inches is possible so. we had a half-foot already, more in some areas here. that will combine to produce upperwards of a foot since last friday. that is where we have watches that are in effect from sits to -- citrus county to hernando county to pasco. there will be rain from st. pete to the south, just not as steady and heavy and we've not had that much rain since last friday so we can handle it better to the south. temperatures by the way, that is one bonus, we've been seeing temperatures stuck in the low 80s. certainly unusual for this time of year but when you get cloud cover and rainfall, that doesn't let up, that what is happens. so far this morning, heaviest
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corey dierdorff is driving around for us and is on u.s. 19, a road we've been talking about. what are you seeing? looks wet to me. ok, looks like his shot is frozen but he's on u.s. 19 where we're seeing rain. i'll show you exactly where we're seeing the wet roads now. u19 and alt 19 through tarpon springs through palm harbor, also seeing those wet stretch into parts of hillsborough county. oldsmar a little slow, tampa road through old's march, again, running a little slow there. a very serious crash not far from here in hillsborough, memorial highway at kelly road, memorial now closed in both directions. this is in the town n country area, so use the veterans expressway and hillsborough to make your way around this. again a serious crash, we're
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that clears. back to you. now 5:32. democracy 2016 -- hillary clinton is coming to st. pete today and we're gearing up for live coverage. she's going to tour three daughters brewery first and head to the coliseum for a rally. >> she'll outline what her campaign calls the biggest investment in good-paying jobs in the u.s. since world war ii. here's a look at her schedule today. 3:30 this afternoon that rally kicks off. 6:30 she'll hold a realliy in osceola county at the heritage park in kissimmee. tomorrow she's scheduled to visit a health clinic in miami to raise awareness of the public health threat of the zika virus. meanwhile donald trump is heading to detroit for a luncheon with a nonprofit, nonpartisan group that focuses on business, government and social issues. some protesters plan to be there too. they are planning to build a human wall. hillary clinton is going to be in detroit thursday when aides say she's going to make a major economic speech.
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race according to a new survey of registered voters. detectives in california are looking for the person who fatally shot a 20-year-old man who was playing pokemon go. calvin riley was playing that game at a park -- with rather a group at water park saturday night. witnesses say someone came up to him and shot him. then ran off. there's no confrontation, no words exchanged before the shooting. he received first aid but later died. so far no arrests. right to breaking news we've all delta flights are grounded now as the airline trying to figure out what caused a computer outage. confirmation of the troubles this morning came in tweets to customers. the airline responded to complaining customers by saying "our systems are down everywhere" hopefully won't be much longer." flights en route are operating normally but all travelers should expect major delays if you're flying on the airline. deputies say bicycle theft is a growing problem in our community. so they are taking action to
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the hillsborough county sheriff's office is offering free bike registrations today. they say it's the best way to improve your chance of getting your bike back if it's ever stolen. just stop by the walmart on north nebraska avenue in tampaa between 12:30 and 3:30. today's your chance to get lightning tickets without purchasing an entire package. starting 10:00 you can get single-game tickets. they are only available on-line at not avai arena box office. the clearwater marine aquairnl is hosting special activities for people that play pokemon go. pokemon go players will receive a free snow cone coupon with the purchase of a ticket. and there are more prizes. many of you are catching the opening days of the olympics this weekend. a good day for competitors from
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sunday. u.s. swimmer michael phelps and katei ledecky led the way for the americans. >> reporter: michael phelps made his debut for the relay in his fifth olympic games. phelps showed why he's the most honored olympian in history leading the u.s. team to victory collecting his 19th gold medal, 23 olympic medals in all. so far rising swimming car kate ledecky women's 400 meter freestyle. as expected the 19-year-old won a gold medal after picking up a silver saturday. ledecky breaking her own world record. in the 100-meter women's butterfly u.s. defending champion dana volmer took the bronze and sarah sjostrom from sweden took the gold. behind the 19-year-old superstar, the american women finished nearly 10 points in
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china. all five team usa women are in the finals. serena williams victorious in her match against the australian. but serena and venus lost their first round match for the first time, stunned by the czech republic team 6-3, 6-4. the williams sisters entered sunday's match with a career record in the olympics. jim ryan, abc news, rio de janeiro, brazil. we're still tracking heavier rain this morning, where flood watches are in effect for the nature coast. a lot of us will be getting in on pockets of heavier downpours. in fact from crystal river all the way through pine island and now beginning to move in across pinellas county as well so we're going to have a wet go this morning with blinding rainfall. near manatee also getting in on that. though less so further to the south. but we'll focus in on the
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thonotosassa where we're bracing for the potential for flooding. we'll check with rodney dunigan in a few minutes. also coming up -- getting your money by hacking into your phone account. how thieves are managing to steal from you once they get past your login. >> with a new school year a few days away for some bay area kids we're helping parents spot the signs of bullying. the age where cyberbullying happens most and why these particular kids are extra
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5:41. happy monday. a look at i-275 and 22nd avenue in st. petersburg. 78 degrees there now in in tampa. details coming up. another school year has come, just about upon us now and parents are on guard for bullying. >> child psychologists say it's our responsibility as parents to take action to protect our children if we think they are being victimized. this m tips on how to spot the signs of bullying. while knowing your school's bullying prevention policies is a great idea we spoke to a psychologist that says it's an even better idea to keep a watchful eye on your child's behavior. and work hard to start a conversation about what is going on. >> doctors leslie rinaldi explains any sudden change in behavior should be a red flag and while you may think victims of bullying may get angry at first she says it's not always the first reaction.
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and they don't want to talk about it. so trying to coach the parents on how to offer support so that their child can open up and be willing to accept help from their parents is a really critical step. >> she warns middle school with networks of friends that tend to shift constantly is where she sees cyberbullying start to occur. in case you didn't already know bullying is now a crime, punishable by law in the state of florida. brin coverage every morning. tomorrow we look at bus routes and how to report problems you may see. >> we know what goes on with your children is important to you so you can find all the stories at or just open our mobile app. go to sections and click on back-to-school. it's going to be a wet go as we get back to school. for commuters as well it's already ongoing so the heavier rain falling from crystal river through hernando, pasco
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i want to fly you in towards homosassa in citrus county where we have pockets of heavy rainfall. that is where rodney dunigan is now. you're about to get deluged here but you're here to tell folks where they can get sandbags if they need them. >> reporter: we're getting ready for the rain. when this site opens at 8:00 this morning they expect plenty of people to stop by and get that sand. and local officials say they are ready for them. you can see they have the sand who stops by this morning. of course the local emergency management agency warning folks that we should expect a lot of rain today and the possibility of flooding. that is something that a lot of local communities are concerned about as well. that is why you will see a number of these sandbag locations opening up throughout the day here in the tampa bay area. of course we have a full rundown for everyone this morning on our web site, where you can also find local sites in your area. something else you definitely want to take notes of this
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warning to drivers, because this will also affect all of us. one thing they are warning, make sure you don't drive through open areas of water of also make sure you check your tires, make sure you have that tire pressure and make sure those tires are not worn down and also something very important, make sure those windshield wipers are working today. those are just of course a few notes and things to remember as we deal with this weather throughout the day. it will definitely be a dangerous situation as we move throughout the morning and a bit later for more on that let's toss it back to you. the reason we have concern here is because of not what is coming -- not just because of what is coming because of rainfall but what has already happened. pockets of six inches where rodney is live this morning. and we'll continue to see the bands of heavy rain. an area of low pressure that really not moved much. the heaviest of which thankfully has fallen off- shore, 16 to 20 inches off- shore but across the counties,
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8 inches already fallen and in fact another 6 inches on the way for citrus county, pasco and -- hernando county and pasco county, along the coast especially here. most of the concern here as we continue with the flood watch through tuesday evening. after that we'll begin to transition. we'll talk about that as far as the pattern here but we have to get through the rain that is going to continue for today. now tampa, points south and east, we have not picked up all that much rain. so that is why we don't have flood watches here. despite the fact that we will have heavy r couple of days. it just won't combine with what has fallen. we can probably, certainly take it the next couple of days as far as the accumulations. look at this pocket here, that is where things are going to set up again for heavy downpours and with the rain that already has fallen it's going to set the stage for flooding. look at the low as it begins now, by tuesday and especially into wednesday move away from us. area of high pressure takes charge here and that will dry
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afternoon summer thunderstorms. not going to dry out completely but we'll get rid of this very heavy and steady rain that will be with us the next 48 hours. then temperatures by the way will rebound as we get into a more typical pattern with highs in the lower 90s. the next 48 hours, iffy especially to the north. we'll watch it closely and we're about to see that very heavy been a moving in across 19. corey dierdorff is still driving around out there for us. he's in a lot of this rain. what are you seeing >> reporter: janelle, good morning. we're southbound u.s. 19 south of alderman road, volume starting to build on southbound 19 headed to st. pete and ultimately into tampa. we're definitely seeing that light rain coming in, as you can see, even some people out here riding motorcycles, i can't believe it, next to me. light ponding on the shoulders of the road but no standing water in the middle of the road. no incidents to report. so just give an extra five minutes to get through the rain safely. all morning we're
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roads and the areas shaded in green. this is where we're seeing the wet roads. u.s. 19 through tarpon springs, a lot of the ponding we were seeing a little earlier has cleared up. we can't blame the rain on this serious crash that we're following in hillsborough that has memorial highway right at kelly blocked in both directions. so you're going to have to find another way around this. this is a pretty busy road for the morning commute so. your alternates, just stay on hillsborough and take the veterans expressway or vice versa, take the veterans ex memorial and kelly. that is in the town 'n country area. we're going to continue to follow it. i'll let you know here and of course on twitter exactly when that clears. as for the veterans, if you're using that as your alternate we're still in the green, 12 minutes in the middle from van dyke to 275. you probably noticed lower gas prices as you hit the road. they've dropped several cents
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>> to find the stations with the lowest prices go to, click on the traffic section and then click on gas prices. thieves have a new way to steal your money. they are hacking into your cell phone account to buy extensive new phones on your dime. this kind of cell phone hijacking is on the rise now. there were more than 2,600 cases in january of this ye that will more than double than what was reported three years ago. one couple says after their cell phone was hijacked they were left with $11,000 in fraudulent charges. >> i think what happened is they got ahold of my on-line account because they said they had gone in and checked a couple different times if i had a -- >> experts say the crime is relatively easy because thieves don't need a lot of information. to protect proict yourself experts say call your carrier,
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pin. 5:49. a woman crashes into a $300,000 ferrari while trying to parallel park. happened in a car collectors show in virginia over the weekend. the owner of that ferrari, as you might imagine had a few harsh words for the young lady. he used a curse word, said it was the dumbest thing he's ever seen. no one was hurt. coming up -- today's your chance to win some free groceries. winn dixie wants to give you a $10 gift card today store wants one thing from you in return. >> one man, two obituaries. wasn't a printing error. the subtle differences in each one from separate publishers revealing a very personal part of his life.
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z22rfz zy6z y22rfy yy6y we take you along the coast, a different story with very heavy rainfall continuing to inch in. now made it onshore across citrus and hernando and pasco counties, crystal river and new port richey getting in on that pocket of heavy rainfall. nothing severe, just blinding rain that will be an issue along 19 and further to the south. now we're getting a shower that intensified headed up towards
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the rain will begin to fill in and eventually impact with our major highways but right now that is looking ok. it's right along the coast that is the immediate issue and we'll continue to follow that throughout the morning. major issue with delta airlines, it's going to a rough start for people there getting ready to travel on any of their flights. the airlines says they have grounded flights because of a system wide outage. information but they brought this statement out. they say the systems are down everywhere and "hopefully it won't be much longer." flights in the air already are not affected by this but it won be the same story for everyone else. the flight status on tia's web site says flights are running on time but that is apparently not the case, according to the tweets we've seen. check with the airline directly. happening today -- a ymca in tampa is rolling out its
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healthy. there will be a ribbon-cutting for three new fitness studios. it includes new areas for group exercise, cycling and more. there will be community programs like diabetes prevention, peddling for parkinson's and live strong, a group for cancer survivors. we'll look at the new facilities -- you can look at the new facilities at dale boulevard, 3:00 this afternoon. you can get a gift card by donating blood. winn dixie hosting a bloo area. it's from 2:00 to 7:00 today. winn dixie says it's all in an effort to increase the community's blood supply and help save lives. 5:54. a 7-year-old in utah called a hero for saving a toddler that fell into an apartment swimming pool. that 2-year-old wandered away from his family and squeezed through the fence around the pool. >> caesar golena says he saw the toddler fall in but he was too big to squeeze through the
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pool through the bathroom entrance. >> i lift him up like this. i felt i was holding a rock. >> when you pulled him out what did you do next? >> i ran into the office. >> first responders treated the toddler who is expected to make a full recovery. good for him. first it looked like a simple mistake but there was one man with two obituaries in the paper. >> now that paper is explaining why it ran two different obituaries for the same man from two different women. you can see the obit bill black who died of lung cancer last week. >> the paper in the small town in new jersey says the double obituary was no accident. one of them was published by his wife, the other by his girlfriend. the only real difference between the two, one saying he was survived by his loving wife. the other saying he was survived by his longtime girlfriend. >> the paper decided both obituaries were necessary since both women were grieving. the wife wanted it one way, the
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and wanted both grieving women to publish it as they saw fit. coming up on abc action news -- daring water rescue, we're just learning the reason an elderly driver crashed into a pond but we're hearing from the teen, the brave teen who saved him. hillary clinton is coming back to the bay area today. the historic plan she's expected to reveal aimed at getting americans back to work. >> we're on the roads with our live drive cam. checking out t coming up we'll look at tell you exactly where the rain is
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flood watches in place for multiple counties. we're tracking potentially heavy rain that may disrupt
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heaviest rainfall -- and just how long the storm system will linger. breaking news now -- all the delta flights are grounded this morning over technical issues. we'll check the impact it's having at tampa international airport. not what you want to hear if you have a flight out today. >> no. good idea to call the airport before you head out and check flight status. more on the delta outage in a few minutes. you have issues on the roads. memorial highway now closed in both directions due to a crash. we'll talk more about that coming u but there are going to be issues along the roads this morning as we talk about the heavy rain has now moved onshore. it was off-shore overnight but now we have very heavy rainfall in citrus, hernando, pasco counties including, well, crystal river not as heavy but down towards suggest mill, woods, pine island and now impacting pasco. new port richey, heavy downpours along 19 inching further east so that eventually
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north, with pockets of showers and moderate to heavy showers now moved across southern pinellas county so we're tracking that, seeing showers now beginning to wane. so we're not going to have too many issues. that little cell rolled through manatee county earlier this morning. potential for flooding the next couple of days because of the heavy rain that has fallen across our northern counties, citrus county, hernando county and pasco. another six inches by the time we get to tomorrow evening is possible here. we're going to hold ono for this time of year. low to middle 80s across the area. because of the cloud cover, because of the rainfall, we will eventually get into some sunshine and back into our typical pattern of afternoon storms but that won't happen until wednesday. until then we have the issue with the heavy rain that could cause flooding especially to the north. which is where you've been tracking issues on the roads. we have some rain and some wet roads, corey dierdorff is driving around and has been all morning. a little earlier he was on u.s.


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