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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  August 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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north, with pockets of showers and moderate to heavy showers now moved across southern pinellas county so we're tracking that, seeing showers now beginning to wane. so we're not going to have too many issues. that little cell rolled through manatee county earlier this morning. potential for flooding the next couple of days because of the heavy rain that has fallen across our northern counties, citrus county, hernando county and pasco. another six inches by the time we get to tomorrow evening is possible here. we're going to hold ono for this time of year. low to middle 80s across the area. because of the cloud cover, because of the rainfall, we will eventually get into some sunshine and back into our typical pattern of afternoon storms but that won't happen until wednesday. until then we have the issue with the heavy rain that could cause flooding especially to the north. which is where you've been tracking issues on the roads. we have some rain and some wet roads, corey dierdorff is driving around and has been all morning. a little earlier he was on u.s.
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down, windshield wipers on, just use caution, might want to leave extra time. we've also been watching our maps where the area shaded in green is, where we're seeing wet roads and the blue is where we're seeing ponding. it seems like a lot of the ponding we were seeing through tarpon springs, on alt 19 all the way into palm harbor, a lot has dried out so not as wet as we were seeing a little while ago. i think we're going to get this on and off all y been following for about an hour now is memorial highway at kelly road closed in both directions, this is going to be in the town 'n country area. to get around this you want to stay on hillsborough which, as you can see is a little slow this morning and then take that to the veterans expressway or vice versa, to go up the veterans expressway to hillsborough to get around this. we're going to watch it and i'll let you know here and on twitter as soon as that crash clears. as ivan just said the bay
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counties all offering sandbags today at several locations. citrus county is going to reopen sandbags stations at 8:00 this morning at homosassa and crystal river. bags are provided but you are encouraged to bring your own shovel. stations also open at 8:00 in pasco county. we have all the locations posted now on our web site at back to the breaking news -- all delta flights are grounded as the airline tries to figure out what caused a troubles this morning and a tweet sent to customers. later an alert was posted on the airlines' web site. >> that airline responding to complaining customers by saying "our systems are down everywhere, hopefully won't be much longer." right now flights already in the air are fine but all travelers should expect major delays if they are flying with delta. we've been checking flights into and out of tampa international. so far just one delay there. we have a crew on the way to the airport and we'll keep you
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hillary clinton will be in st. petersburg at 3:30 this afternoon. clinton will hold a rally at the coliseum in st. pete. the democratic party says clinton will outline her plan to make the biggest investment in good-had paying jobs since world war ii. later she's expected to tour three daughters brewery. she leads trump 550% to 42% in the latest poll. 50%. donald trump will be meeting with a economic group. a group of people plan to they are planning to build a human wall. a reminder, driving through flooded streets is dangerous. aaa warning you to be cautious on the roads. if you see water, unsure of its depth don't drive through it if you find yourself in a flooded area an your car stalls don't stay in the car. get out as soon as possible and seek higher ground. the floodwaters can quickly swell and carry your car away. we have new information.
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crash into a pond. this is new images of the car submerged in the water in palm harbor. the 71-year-old driver had a brave 17-year-old boy to thank for saving him. a friend of the hero recorded this snapchat video after he dove in, pulled the driver out of the car. troopers revealed this morning daniel vinoich was driving on highlands boulevard when he had spasms and lost control of his vehicle. it plunged into the water, was sinking fast. that is driving by. he told his moment to stop. >> i hope someone else could have done the same thing for him if i wasn't there. he has to be grateful for everyday. >> the driver's windows were rolled down and made it easier for the 17-year-old to dive in and save the day. another person passing by who stopped happened to be a hospice nurse and stayed with the victim until paramedics and police arrived. thankfully the driver wasn't hurt. a man fighting to survive after polk county deputies say
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the force so strong it threw the man out of the car. it happened along u.s. 27 and lake wales. we're told randall jackson was flown to lakeland regional hospital where he's in critical condition. 13 people are in temporary housing now after fire destroys four apartments in temple terrace. the apartment building across from king high school. crews tell us a stove left on in one unit is to blame. that fire spread to an apartment next do two nearby apartments also have water damage. ems crews treated two people, they are both expected to be ok but the red cross is now stepping in, trying to help with the temporary housing. a crystal river shopping plaza is heavily damaged after a fire over the weekend. citrus county firefighters looking into the cause. they had to close part of u.s. 19 while they put out that fire. no word on the cause or injuries, or the amount of damage to that plaza.
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is building boulder walls around the lake where a toddler died after an alligator attack. crews are placing the piles of rocks along the water's edge on the beaches of the seven seas lagoon where several resorts are located including the grand floridian where the attack occurred. disney also put up warning signs and roped fences around the lake. an alligator pulled 2-year-old lane graves in the water in june. michael phelps made his debut in rio, he won gold in his fifth olympic games. phelps showed why he's the most honored olympian in history. now has 23 olympic medals, 19 of them are gold. happening today -- we're expecting to learn more about how hillsborough county schools plans to reach a 90% graduation rate. superintendent jeff aikens last week revealing that benchmark for the year 2020.
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northwest tampa bay is set to begin classes wednesday. he plans to give more insight into his five-year plan toward that goal. there will also be a ribbon- cutting for the new mort elementary school in tampa at 10:00. another bay area comicon in the books, wrapped up yesterday. several artists and writers showed off talents at 300 booths set up at the exhibit haul. this weekend'ses festivities were star studded as well. norman retus from "the walking dead" and jenna "dr. who." still to come -- a mother and her young daughter are gunned down outside their home. what the woman's husband was doing at the time that kept him out of the line of fire. >> we're tracking heavy rainfall as you get up with abc this morning especially across our northern counties. we'll talk about flood watches in effect there and how much additional rainfall we can expect in the next couple of
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this rain we have will continue to push further east. crystal river, sugar mill woods, pine island and spring hill now getting in on pockets of heavy rain. by the way tropical downpours, no lightning with this as you would expect with this pattern.
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getting in on heavy rainfall. pinellas park, st. pete, clearwater now seeing some heavy rain beginning to move in. by the way, just a couple of showers that continue to cross the skyway here. so keep in mind roads are going to be wet and we're going to continue to see additional rainfall. this is the pattern we're in, obviously not a typical pattern for summer. we're looking at an area of low pressure that is still stuck across the northern gulf. it's going to continue to pump in moisture so we have flood watches for an additional four to eight inches of rainfall here across citrus county, more on that when i see you in a few minutes. 6:11. police are looking for the gunman that shot and killed a mother and her 4-year-old daughter in california. >> family members say they were killed walking to their home. the woman's husband stayed behind, he was at the car getting groceries out. family and neighbors are just devastated. many are just in disbelief, they hung out outside the family's home in long beach. investigators are not sure yet if saturday night's shooting was targeted or if it was
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jumped from a white honda civic, later took off in the same car. police say they have surveillance video but they have not said yet if that video shows the gunman or his car. coming up -- two skydivers plunged to their deaths. the one thing that went wrong leading to the tragedy at a popular spot. >> hurricane earl triggering deadly mudslides. the reason authorities fear this devastation is only getting worse.
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a man helplessly watched his brother fall to his death over the weekend in a deadly skydiving accident in northern california. the victim and his instructor both died saturday morning in the tandem jump. federal investigators are looking into what went wrong but witnesses say the parachute did not open. we have the deadly hot air bruin crash last weekend in -- balloon crash last weekend in texas. new reports show the pilot was trying to descend between a break in the clouds and didn't see power lines overhead. the balloon crashed after catching fire killing all 16 people on board. according to the national trademarks safety board it's the -- transportation safety board it's the deadliest hot air balloon crash in u.s. history. investigators also believe there was fog in the area. what started as a 30-acre
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more than two square miles, 1,300 acres in southern california. look at some of the flames in san bernardino, california. firefighters battling it with airlines and from the ground. 400 firefighters trying to get this thing under control. that wildfire sparked sunday afternoon in a national forest. forcing evacuations. officials say 20 mile-per-hour winds are pushing smoke toward the mojave desert and are worried air quality may drop to dangerous levels. they are still trying to figure out what caused that fire. the death hurricane earl is now up to 39 in mexico. authorities fear that number would rise because of more severe weather. officials say the area near mexico city got a month's worth of rain in just 24 hours setting off multiple mudslides burying people in mountainous regions. and more rain is pushing in more mud.
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storm javier, started sunday and could be a hurricane by late today. the main threats continue there with very heavy rainfall through baja as well and of course with earl with tropical downpours, with the mountains in mexicoist it's always the rain -- mention -- mexico, it's always the rainfall that is going to be a dangerous situation. new port richey to hall harbor seeing pockets -- palm harbor seeing pockets rainfall. this cluster is in fact moving a little further north and east so that will wet the bridges here, all three of them, as this cluster continues to head to metro tampa. it will be there in about a half-hour. so morning commute certainly wet, and look what's already happened. that's why we have the flood watches. upwards, four to eight inches already fallen across the northern coast but look at the
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this low was just a little further east we would be talking about incredible rains. additional rain, 4 to 8 inches will total 16 in just a few days. that is going to be an issue for citrus, hernando and pasco, whichies we have flood watches that continue in effect through tomorrow evening which is when at that point the heaviest rain will begin to push towards the west. and we'll be in much better shape here. heavy rain to the north. we will have pockets of heavy rain across the rest of our counties here except for the interior, the reason we don't have the flood watch here is because it's not been raining that heavily. so the soil is not saturated at this point. so it's not going to be as much of a problem for hillsborough, pinellas and points south and east where we had not picked up much rain at all since the weekend. up to the north that continues to be the problem with heavy rain. this low -- when things don't move, the atmosphere -- that is when you get into trouble, the rain that we have, remember last august was a stalled front with waves of low pressure
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monitoring for tropical development but the main concern was always going to be the heavy rain. it will slowly move west and so that by wednesday we will lose the influence of the low, high pressure begins to move in. that will begin to dry us out. so that we are going to get back into morning sunshine and afternoon thunderstorms which is where we should be this time of year. about 83 to 85 today. with the cloud cover and rainfall temperature really not moving that much, as far as the highs. then we'll get back into the 90s by the middle or latter part of the week as we summer afternoon thunderstorms back. but we have a couple of days here, 48 hours to get through some pockets of heavy rain. corey is going to help us get through it because he's on the roadways. u.s. 19 around holiday and look at the rain coming down out there. wield wipers moving a -- wilde wipers moving a -- windshield wipers moving a little quicker than they were a while ago. checking the d.o.t.
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sunshine skyway, can't really see it because of the raindrops on the lens. also hearing of a stalled car blocking one of the southbound lanes on the sunshine skyway. as for the howard frankland, looking pretty good, not real wet there. drive times across all three bridges not too bad at this time of morning. nine across the courtney campbell, six across the howard frankland and seven across the gandy bridge. of course we are still watching this crash in hillsborough, memorial highway blocked now in both directions, at kelly road. you're going to want to use the veterans expressway and hillsborough avenue to make your way around that. 6:20. there's a meeting for people who will be impacted by upcoming road construction. >> the project along mlk boulevard east of i-75 and hillsborough county. there's a meeting set for 6:00 tonight at the mango seffner public library, will focus on the $5 million project to improve traffic flow and safety. if you go tonight you can let public works representatives know what you think of the plan. construction is set to begin next month.
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10 months. ahead -- another cat found on the howard frankland bridge. the lucky timing though leading to this one's survival. and a grim trend, that this may be a part of. new details overnight on the water park ride accident that killed a lawmaker's child. alex perez has details. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look -- authorities investigating what went tragically wrong at this popular kansas city water park. >> our that's right and prayers are with the family in this difficult time. >> reporter: abc the 10-year-old son of kansas state representative scott schwab died while riding what is known as the tallest water slide in the world. here at the schlitterbahn water park. >> it's still brought tears to my eyes that someone else lost their child. that is my child's age that -- i'm sure they felt was safe. >> reporter: before the ride even opened two years ago many raised questions about its safety. especially after watching these early safety tests showing sandbag dummies flying off the
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least three times while the park reworked it adding seatbelts and safety netting. we'll have more details on the investigation coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma first look" i'm alex perez, abc news, kansas
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we're talking about heavy rain now and it had been
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now we're impacking with our major highways here so this is going to be an issue clearly for the morning commute here as we now look at the bridges. heavy pockets of rain continue to make pretty good eastward progress so we're looking at some very wet roads. in fact not just wet roads but now we're talking about visibility issues, when you see the red like that, that is very heavy rain coming down. we're looking at the courtney campbell, howard frankland, even the gandy now beginning to see some light showers but it's to the north where it's heaviest and we'll continue to see continues to develop today. as it continues to develop today the chance for flooding in the north as we take to you citrus county, hernando county and pasco counties, nature coast seeing the worst of it but drier times are coming. we'll talk about that in the next half-hour. 6:26. janelle has a traffic check. >> we're watching the wet roads. i-275 at gandy around where ivan was talking about. some heavy rain coming down now. we also have two serious crashes over in hillsborough.
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up. we've been telling but an alarming trend on the howard frankland bridge. dead cats have been found on the side of the road. there have been six of them found since june. yesterday another incident involving a cat. a woman driving across the bridge saw a small black and white ball of fur come from another vehicle ahead of her. she stopped to help it and it ran into the wheel well of her car refusing to come out. florida highway patrol troopers and fdot arrived to help take off the tire and save the kit whether or not seems to be in pretty >> i call it "miracle," it's a miracle it's alive after watching so many cars go by i can't imagine how it survived. >> police are still trying to figure out how the other cats found on the bridge got there. authorities in north carolina are looking for the man that robbed a beauty salon using a sword. the stylist says a man walked in. asked if they sold rings, she said no, he lingered for a while and then left. a short time later a masked man
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he didn't want to do anything he shouldn't and said give me all your money. he got away with $4,000, no one was hurt. coming up at 6:30 -- following breaking news. a system outage impacting all delta flights around the country. we'll check on the progress as the airline tries to fix the issue. >> a growing crime trend in tampa. bike theft. how to protect your bikes, for
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the rain is really starting to come down this morning in citrus county and crews right here have sandbags at the ready for those who need them. just in case of any localized flooding this morning. coming up in a live report i'll have details on all the local locations where you can go and get those sandbags. if needed this morning.
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monday. >> off to a messy start. >> it is. thank you for joining us. >> we have a reporter there now, in new port richey, says he's already seeing flooding in the area there. we're going to check in with corey in a minute who is driving through that. >> we're talking about the heavy rain that continues through the morning. it's a rainy monday but it was a rainy sunday and rainy saturday especially across the north which is where 4 to 8 inches of rainfall has already fallen. and additional four to 8 will to tomorrow evening. on the radar, it's lit up and continues this heavy rain band to make eastward progress here. new port richey, down towards pinellas as well, palm harbor to safety harbor and now this blob of very heavy rain is crossing the bridget here. that is headed -- bridges here and that is headed to hillsborough and metro tampa. the issue here is not the heavy rainfall, we're talking 3 inch to 4-inch an hour rainfall rates. that is going to be a
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the ponding of the roads, along with flooding that will continue this morning. then we'll widen out the shot and you can see that the flood watches continue in effect for citrus county, hernando and pasco, that through tomorrow evening, when i'm expecting finally the rain to begin to push out. before that happens i think we're looking likely at another 4 to as much as 8 inches here across the north. as for today and then tomorrow the rest of us get in on the rain. we don't have flood watches further south because we have not rained that much. the last couple of days here. it's areas to th are already saturated, we already have ponding, more rain on the way, that is going to obviously cause issues the next 24 to 48 hours. corey dierdorff driving around new port richey now on ridge road where he said he's seeing ponding on the roadways. you can see the rain coming down there. this is the area that we've been talking about and warning you about, especially u.s. 19 but here he is on ridge road and seeing a lot of rain coming down there. so definitely want to leave extra time if you are heading
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we're also checking our cameras, you can see the rain coming down here i-275 at gandy, also starting to see the rain on the howard frankland now. i did check your drive times across all three bridges and we're still less than 10 minutes to get across, but as you can see could be some visibility concerns as you drive across the bridge. we've been talking about u.s. 19 through pinellas county as well, starting to see crashes pop there, northbound u.s. 19, one at roosevelt and one at bryan dairy. and a couple of others, in seeing any wet roads but we have a crash at linebaugh avenue and sheltdon. this is a car trapped under a tanker and seeing a huge slowdown on linebaugh so give yourself extra time. also that crash we've been watching at memorial and kelly. 6:33. people across tampa bay are preparing for more heavy rain. >> the past few days sandbag sites opened up in hillsborough, pasco county and citrus county. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is live at a site on
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homosassa. it's expected to be really busy there this morning. >> reporter: it certainly will be busy. the rain is really starting to come down in this area. this site officially opens up at 8:00 a.m. crews already here and ready. you can see the sandbags piled up. to my right you can see the sand piled, they are expecting a lot of folks this morning, again when the site opens at 8:00 a.m. the local emergency management warning folks we're going to be getting a lot of rain over the next few hours and also possibly flooding soth warning businesses and also residents of course to be ready. we have a full rundown of all the locations in the bay area where you can go to get the sandbags if you need them, simply head to, something else to tell you about -- also aaa sending a warning to drivers, of course never drive through any standing water that can definitely be dangerous. a few tips with your tires. make sure you have enough air pressure and also make sure they are not worn down, that can be dangerous if slick.
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are working -- windshield wipers are working correctly. that is a tip from aaa. and we'll have another live update on the news at 9:00 a.m. for now reporting live in citrus county, rodney dunigan, abc action news. travel advisory this morning for anybody flying out of tampa international airport. on delta airlines. >> the company says it's experiencing a computer outage. abc action news has details. >> reporter: for a monday morning, this is not the news travelers want to hear. all flights coming out of departures of delta airlines grounded for the time being so travelers can expect delays through this morning and possibly throughout today. as you can see behind me the crowd at the delta airline check-in counter continues to grow and so is the frustration.
6:36 am
computer outage. passengers are taking to social media sounding off on twitter, the company states "our systems are down everywhere, hopefully won't be much longer." delta now encouraging all its customers to check the airport's departure schedule before arriving to the airport today. we checked that list just a few minutes ago. we found only two delayed flights listed, one arrival and one departure. that departure, a night to los angeles delayed -- flight to los angeles delayed until 7:50 this morning, on arri flight coming in 6:45 this morning. though delta has yet to give us any specifics to what this computer outage is all about we do want to mention they say all en route flights are operating as normal. live in tampa international airport, ryan smith, abc action news. these delta problems popping up across the country. look at this -- these pictures just coming in to our newsroom from our sister station in
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that read "please see a delta agent or check-in and bag drop." good idea to call delta directly to double check before you head to the airport. hillary clinton is coming here to the bay area today. she's heading to st. pete, her campaign says she's going to outline what they are calling her plan to make the biggest investment in good-paying jobs since world war ii. this is her schedule today. clinton's republican rival donald trump scheduled to campaign in michigan today. heading to detroit for a lunchion with nonprofit nonpartisan group that focuses on government and social issues. a group plans to protest while he's in town. they are building a human wall. trump praised governor rick scott during his last visit to florida and the governor is going to be in sarasota today
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he'll be at intertate polymer group, calling itself one of the largest tape and film manufacturers in north america. the governor will be there at 10:00 this morning. deputies say bike theft is a growing prop pro be in our communities and hoping -- problem in our communities and hoping you can protect yourself today. the sheriff's office is offering free bike registration, say it's the best way of getting your bike back if it's ever stolen or lost. we're talking heavy rain. not the best day to be on a bike or even in a car as we continue to see coastal rains that have now moved inland. so we're impacting with tampa here across the major highways. we're already tracking some major crashes. and look at the very heavy rainfall now moving into hillsborough county as well. we'll continue to track the rain and the flood potential coming up in the next couple of days.
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we can see the rain coming down on our d.o.t. cameras, what is looks like at i-275 and 54th avenue north. right through the st. pete area. this is where we're seeing a lot of the rain starting to fall now. not really affecting your speeds too much. a little slower than normal but still in the green both northbound and southbound on 275 from bridge-to-bridge. a lot of crashes out there, we'll talk about those coming up in a few minutes. 6:39. coming up -- a new place work out. the all new upgrades rolling out in the tampa area ymca. >> rescuers save several stranded dolphins. how people on the beach are
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the ymca is rolling out renovations. the bob sierra ymca northdale is having a ribbon-cutting ceremony today for three new fitness studios. there's areas for group exercise, cycling and more. there will be community programs including diabetes prevention, parkinson's and group for cancer survivors. rescuers say dolphins stranded in massachusetts over the weekend, the international fund for animal welfare says approximately 10 dolphins were
6:43 am
help. rescuers had to cart them up the beach into a vehicle and then take them to a safer deep water release point. people visiting the beach are being encouraged to keep their distance if they see stranded dolphins and keep their voices down so as not to spook them until rescuers arrive. 6:43. still ahead -- tragedy shuts down a water park. now investigators trying to figure out what went so wrong on what is billed as the
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welcome back. we're tracking heavy rain this morning. in fact just approaching now 75. it's been impacting with 275 and along i-4 as well but are, this rain is going to continue to make eastward progress. look at the downpours. this is tropical stuff from homosassa, letting up a little to the west as everything parkway now getting hit with moderate to heavy rain. that continues further to the south where we have the -- in fact more heaviest rain now from westchase, that is across the bay and now impacting western hillsborough county down towards the gandy as well. howard frankland seeing some rainfall. the heavier rain now moving into south tampa and into downtown areas within the next five to 10 minutes. though as i take you further south, look at the downtown st. pete seeing some light rainfall and we'll loop this a little,
6:47 am
a little break to the south. the focus then continuing to the further north. the further north you go, in fact the closer you get to the area of low pressure that hasn't moved that much this weekend, which is why the nature coast has been pounded with tropical downpours. upwards of 4 to 8 inches, in addition to what already has fallen, likely fall the next 24 to 48 hours, that is we have the flood watches in effect. still going to rain down south, just not as heavy as we have been here so we'll be able to take the additional rainfall that is coming. today, put this in motion now, for tomorrow we'll begin to fill in across the rest of the area an then finally by wednesday we'll be able to push this area of low pressure that has been stuck with us the last couple of days further to the east. by the way a bit of a break through the midday hour and storms fire to the east. we'll have lightning as well to contend with as we head through later today. the low by wednesday heads to the west, area of high pressure moves in and what that means for us, we'll be able to warm things up in the low 90s and
6:48 am
thunderstorms. that from wednesday to the end of the weekend heading into the next weekend. for the next couple of days, a wet go of it. i think we'll have more later on this evening and then for the morning commute tomorrow we're going to have similar conditions. it's already been busy. corey dierdorff is checking things out on the roads. on little road over in new port richey. you can see the rain still coming down a little lighter than he saw a few minutes ago. look at the wet roads people are dealing with. we're also starting to see the in county, we can check our cameras behind me here, the tampa side of the courtney campbell causeway, some light raindrops on the lens there. our maps show us exactly where we're seeing wet roads and not only wet roads but the blue where we're seeing standing water or ponding so u.s. 19 and alt 19 from tarpon springs all the way through palm harbor into clearwater, a little further south on u.s. 19 we have a couple of crashes in pinellas county, northbound u.s. 19 at roosevelt, last
6:49 am
before you get to roosevelt. two big crashes in hillsborough, one at sheldon and linebaugh, you can see a big backup heading eastbound on linebaugh. this is a car reported stuck underneath a tanker truck. so you can expect some delays to linger there. also still have this closure, memorial highway closed now in both directions at kelly road. in town 'n country. alternates there hillsborough avenue and the veterans but look how slow hillsb so if you're heading in this direction you want to give yourself extra time to make that detour. 6:49. we know the boy killed in a kansas city water park is the son of a state lawmaker. >> state representative scott and his wife released a
6:50 am
slide. the riders can reach speeds of more than 60 miles per hour. that park is closed today while the child's death is being investigated. detectives in california are looking for the person who fatally shot a 20-year-old man who was playing pokemon go. calvin riley was playing that game with a group at a park saturday night. witnesses say someone came up behind him and shot him and ran off. no confrontation, no words before the shooting. he received first aid but died. so far no arrests in this case. tell me what we want - ( indiscernible ) -- >> protests continued for a third straight day in chicago over the deadly police shooting of an unarmed black teen. last week dash cam and bm video of police firing at 18- year-old paul o'neal as he crashed a stolen car. he crashed the car and ran off. he was shot and killed after a
6:51 am
moment o'neal was actually shot. police claim that the officer's body cam wasn't working which has protesters calling it a coverup. back to school for thousands of bay area students this week. in some counties school starts wednesday. another ho year has a lot of parents on guard for bullying >> it's now a crime punishable by state law. pinellas, hernando and pasco school districts have anti- bullying policies on their site. dr. leslie rinaldi says regardless of the school's policies it's stilt our responsibility as -- still our responsibility as parents to step up if we think something is going on. >> if we believe our child or another child is becoming abusive we have a responsibility to step in, calling other children's parents, tell the school we
6:52 am
to stop abusive behavior before someone is harmed. >> experts say sudden changes in your child's behavior and unwillingness to discuss their social lives is a sign something is wrong. again they say the key to preventing or stopping bullying is to keep an open line of communication with our kids. you probably noticed lower gas prices if you were out over several cents in the weeks. if you filled up this morning in tampa bay you notice you're and the national average is $2.12. for the cheapest gas go to, click on the traffic section and click on "gas prices winn dixie is hosting a blood drive. it's from 2:00 to 7:00. for donating you'll get a $10 gift card.
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help save lives. we have a new warning. thieves have a new way to steal your money. hacking into your cell phone account. to buy expensive new phones on your dime. this kind of cell phone hacking is on the rise. there were more than 2,600 cases in january of this year alone. that is more than double what was reported three years ago. one couple says after their phone was hacked they were left with $11,000 in fraudulent account because they said they had gone in and checked a couple different times if i had anything available. >> experts say the crime its relatively easy, because thieves don't need a lot of information. to protect yourself experts say call your carrier and set up a special pass code or pin number. if you want to cheer on the tampa bay lightning this fall you can and do it without having to buy a bunch of ticket packages starting today. single game tickets for home
6:54 am
will go on sale starting 10:00 this morning. tickets will only be available on line attampa bid --, not the amalie arena box office. morning sprint counts you down to good morning good morning, america. if you are flying on delta today check your flight's status before you head out. delta says all flights are grounded after a computer outage. th are down everywhere. starting 8:00 this morning sandbag sights will be opening in citrus county. as people there prepare for possible flooding. emergency management officials actually urging residents and businesses throughout the bay area to be on guard for this. other counties have sandbags available and we have a full rundown on all the locations at hillary clinton is coming to tampa. excuse me, st. pete today. she's touring three daughters brewery first and then she'll
6:55 am
3:30. she'll outline with a the campaign calls the biggest investment in good-paying jobs in the u.s. since world war ii. find out who -- how to get seats, the information is on a 17-year-old boy is being called a hero for rescuing a 71- year-old man who drove into a pond. it happened in palm harbor late yesterday afternoon. the florida highway patrol says daniel vinoich of holiday lost control of his car when he had severe muscle sp back and neck. thanks to the teen he was not seriously hurt. it's turning out to be a messy commute on the roadways. you can blame the rain for a lot of this. look at the backup developing on 275 over in pinellas county. this is just north of 54th avenue north. we have reports of a crash here. could be the reason for this delay here. to just give yourself extra time if you are heading to the interstate. still following this two serious crashes in hillsborough. you may want to avoid linebaugh at sheldon, reports of a car
6:56 am
clear that up. also have this crash here that is shut down memorial highway at kelly. you're going to want to use hillsborough and veterans to make your way around that. heavy rain that moved off the gulf made at this time downtown tampa as we check in on some pockets of very heavy rain about to impact harbor island, rest of downtown tampa getting in on pockets of very heavy weather as we put you down to the south. this is the area we're tracking. nothing severe but we are seeing a little bit of by the way, we're going to continue with that rain off and on, periods of heavy rain through the day. "good morning, america" is next. >> keep up to date on air, mobile app, facebook and twitter.
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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air a massive computer outage grounds delta air line flights all over the globe. frustrated travelers trapped for hours. what is taking down these systems worldwide. tragedy at a water park. a 10-year-old killed going down world. the park shut down and his family speaking out about the incident as investigators try to determine what went wrong. donald trump tries to get back on track. the abc news poll shows real trouble for him as he launches a new attack on hillary clinton. >> honestly, i don't think she's all there. >> will his big speech revealing his plan for the economy turn around the race today?


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