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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 8, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air a massive computer outage grounds delta air line flights all over the globe. frustrated travelers trapped for hours. what is taking down these systems worldwide. tragedy at a water park. a 10-year-old killed going down world. the park shut down and his family speaking out about the incident as investigators try to determine what went wrong. donald trump tries to get back on track. the abc news poll shows real trouble for him as he launches a new attack on hillary clinton. >> honestly, i don't think she's all there. >> will his big speech revealing his plan for the economy turn around the race today?
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world record as michael phelps adds another gold to his record tally. >> number 19. >> and team usa dominating on the bars and the beam. >> the best i've seen her do it. >> now simone biles leading the charge for dmror ray. >> hi, i'm simone biles, good morning, america. >> can she become the first woman ever to win five gold medals at a single olympics? we're live in rio for all the action. and good morning, america. hope hyou had a good weekend. what a start for the amerans. >> team usa taking home two gold medals. amy with the latest from the olympics including the moment everybody is talking about, this swimmer making quite a statement about the russian doping scandal. >> yeah, a lot to get into. but first that breaking news, lta flights grounded worldwide overnight. some frustrated travelers sharing these photos of some
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now saying, there you see it right there, that the delays are due to a global computer outage. abc's david kerley is at reagan national airport with the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: the latest and the long line, george. tens of thousands of passengers are being affected. here's just one line national airport, reagan national airport. the line here, no delta jets are taking off. this computer outage started overnight. it is continuing at this hour. if a delta jet is in will continue and land but nothing is taking off from the ground. there was a passenger in sacramento who sent us an audio file of the pilot explaining what happened overnight. >> back in our operations control center in atlanta, a huge room, the center of the whole operation, their computers are down and if you've been trying to call and get rebooked or call the diamond desk or anything, it looks like everybody is in the same boat. >> reporter: delta says in a
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travelers to check the status of their flights this morning while the issue is being addressed. but there is no solution so far. delta now joins the other major carriers that have been hit by computer shutdowns. a year ago united had nearly 5,000 flights affected. just last month southwest canceled 2300 flights. this looks like it could be a lot worse, george. it is morning, it is rush, it is monday and no delta jets are taking off around the globe. >> yeah, and, david, i think most of us kind of failsafe mechanism in place but this is affecting every flight all over the world. how could that be? >> reporter: yeah, delta is not being specific exactly what happened with their computer system but all this information is critical to pilots. they need to know weather data, how many people they're carrying, dispatchers have to know weights. all these things are reliant on computers. a system goes down, you're not flying. >> ripple effects everywhere. david kerley, thanks very much. we turn to that tragic
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park. a 10-year-old boy killed in kansas on what is deemed the tallest water slide in the world. the park closed this morning as investigators try to determine what went wrong. abc's alex perez is in kansas city with the latest. good morning, to you, alex. >> reporter: good morning, lara. it was a beautiful day here at the park. packed with families when something went terribly wrong. this morning, authorities investigating what went tragically wrong at this popular kansas city water park. >> the mother was he's not moving. that's my boy. >> reporter: abc news learning the 10-year-old son of kansas state representative scott schwab died while riding what's known as the tallest water slide in the world here at the schlitterbahn water park. schwab telling abc news overnight since the day caleb was born he brought abundant joy to our family. we are comforted knowing he believed in our savior jesus and they are forever together now. we will see him another day. >> it still brought tears to my
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that i'm sure they felt was safe. >> reporter: this morning while the city grieves investigators are remaining tight-lipped not releasing any details of what happened sunday at the kansas park. >> our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time. >> reporter: this is what the ride called verruckt german for insane looks like from the top standing at 168 feet high it's taller than the statue of liberty and plummets its thrill seekers a jaw-dropping 17 stories in just seconds. tubers hitting speeds of nearly 70 miles per hour. commercials for the ride even asking the question -- >> are you insane? >> reporter: the slide requires a minimum inches of 53 inches and two to three riders have to be in a raft with a total weight of at least 400 pounds. sliders had to be at least 14 when the ride opened. that has since changed but before it opened many raised
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early safety tests showing sandbag dummies flying off the slide. the ride's opening delayed at least three times while the park reworked it adding seat belts and safety netting. >> quite possibly this incident is not going to be a result of a mechanical issue, more possibly a result of an human error. >> reporter: and the park will be closed today as a team of investigators works to figure here. >> thanks, alex. joined now by the president and ceo of the national safety council, deborah hersman. thanks for joining us. so many question raised by this accident. the company had taken many steps to put in safety measures before the ride opened. but what kind of questions are you asking right now? what's on top of your mind? >> you know, i think first really is to let that investigation play out. it's good that they've closed the park but we really want to understand what happened here
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they need to do the investigation thoroughly and properly will give us a lot more answers. >> they added seat belts. they added safety netting. they had weight requirements. so is this more likely human error? >> you know, i think it's really too early to tell. we really don't know what happened. very tragic event here. people come to parks, water parks, amusement parks hoping to have fun but they certainly expect a safe ride so we want to make s to a park that they do follow the height, weight and age restrictions, that they don't try to loosen up the restraints and definitely if you're going to a water park make sure you know how to swim. >> have we had many problems with water park as cross the country? >> you know, the good news is we don't see fatalities. they're so rare but we do see injury, but they're also very infrequent. we know that some of the places
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making sure that when you're around pools, if you don't know how to swim, parents, you want to make sure that you've got a close eye, close hand on your children. we see some injuries occur in pools every year and we see people die because of drowning. but certainly some serious injuries can occur on places like slides and so whether humans are involved or whether it's equipment, you really want to be careful. we see head, neck and back injuries on slides. >> this ride was are park operators taking these too far? >> you know, i think, you know, the question really is, is the ride safe? and if the ride is safe, we want to make sure that everyone who rides the ride is safe. and so taking the precautions that we need, if there are changes that need to be made i'm sure this park will be looking closely at that. but ultimate there's also some responsibility for local and state authorities to take a look
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everything is safe every time. >> okay, deborah hersman, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. so lots of questions to be answered but, boy, our hearts go out to that family. >> absolutely. so important to think about those things she said. we move on now to the race for the white house and donald trump struggling to get back on track after a tough poll number. our new poll shows hillary clinton with an eight-point lead as trump steps up his attack. abc's tom llamas tracking it all for us. good morning, tom. >> morning to you. donald trump and hillary clinton will be showcasing different economic plans this week as trump is using clinton's own words against her. this morning, as some wonder if trump's campaign is coming unhinged, the republican nominee lobbing that same attack on hillary clinton. >> she is a totally unhinged person. she's unbalanced. honestly, i don't think she's all there. >> reporter: trump seizing on this statement clinton made
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discussing her e-mail server. >> so i may have short-circuited that and for that i, you know, will try to clarify. >> reporter: the trump campaign posting this on social media portraying clchts as a robot. >> i may have short-circuited it. >> reporter: and trump having a field day with that short-circuit comment. >> she took a short-circuit in the brain and she's got problems. i mean, if we had real people, this would be a real problem for her. but i think that the people of this country don't want somebody that is going to short-circuit up here. okay. not as your president. >> reporter: trump's new attacks come on the heels of new polls that show him in a summer slump. our abc news/"washington post" poll showing many voters worried about trump. two-thirds say he has the wrong temperament. almost as many say he's
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a point former cia director mike morrell made on "this week" in regards to trump's relationship with russian leader vladimir putin. >> for mr. trump's perspective, right, he simply heard putin compliment him. he then responded by complimenting him. he never thought that he might be being played. >> reporter: trump firing back on twitter calling morell, a man who has made some serious bad calls and a total clinton flunky. and today unveil his economic plan. we have a preview. here are some highlights. trumps want to repeal and replace obamacare and limit taxation of business, all businesses to 15% and stop all payments using tax dollars to the u.n. global warming programs and also exclude child care expenses from taxation. now, the clinton campaign is already calling this tru trumponomics saying if he wins, you lose. >> thanks very much.
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matt, trump clearly digging out of a whole but what he's trying today, an economic speech, biggest issue focused on jobs and trying to consolidate republicans with a lot of ideas that have been republican orthodoxy for a long time. >> yeah, i mean i think he's much better arguing on the ground of the economic situation in the country today instead of this argument around the short-circuited situation. if i were donald trump i would not get into an argument about mental stability. it's not a ground very good for him in this. he's much better off on this but in this speech he has to do the equivalent of jim furyk's 58 yesterday which was an amazing situation set the all-time record, in order to break this pattern, he's going to have to hit it out of the park. >> out of the park and one speech alone isn't going to do it. the question is can he stay on message for a consistent series of days and weeks? at the same time, you're saying, you know, as we look at our poll. there is an eight-point lead for
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abc/"washington post" poll in the four-way race and you're paying attention to the four-way race. you think over time those -- the green party candidate and gary johnson, the libertarian candidate can have an impact. >> yeah, i think unlike years past, you know, where the third or fourth party dwindle as they get closer to election day i actually think they're going to rise as we get closer to election day. i think because of the dissatisfaction as we see in the abc poll with both major party candidates and the fact they're both unliked and means there's an opportunity for gary johnson and to a degree jill stein to grow their support. the question, george, is can they get enough support to get in that debate, that first debate in september? i think it's unlikely but that's really the threshold they need to beat which is 15%. >> it worked for ross perot back in 199. finally, hillary clinton stepped in it again over the weekend with those new comments about the e-mail server. how does she hold on, consolidate the lead she now has? >> don't go on the air.
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has done in the course of this is let donald trump occupy the media landscape which he's consistently done and consistently made mistakes and as she's disappeared her poll numbers rise and that is pretty consistent over the last eight years. as she goes off the media platform her numbers rise so if i were her cede to donald trump and let him do what he's doing. >> go to the states. local media strategy, matt dowd, thanks very much. >> never a dull moment. same thing in rio where america's olympians are hitting th gold medals in spectacular fashion and showing no signs of slowing down. amy is live in rio with all the latest. good morning, amy. >> hey, good morning, lara. and george, team usa going for gold and breaking records along the way with incredible performances in the pool and on the balance beam and this is the best part, they're just getting started. >> the united states will win gold. >> reporter: the u.s. men's swim team struck gold sunday night,
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decorated olympian of all time is back and helped bring his team to victory in the men's 4x100 freestyle relay. with this win phelps has now everyoned his 19th gold medal and 23rd overall medal in the olympic games. phelps' teammate ryan held overcome with emotion on the podium. the olympic veteran no stranger to hearing "the star-spangled banner" put a comforting arm around the gold medal newbie and in american katie ledecky winning gold in the 400-meter freestyle crushing her competition. >> canidate ledecky smashes her own record. >> reporter: favored to win broke breaking the world record and beating her closest competitor by five seconds. only 15 when she won gold at the london games now being called the female phelps. other american stars also making waves include four-time gold
7:16 am
self-proclaimed mother on a mission had her first child last year and took it in the 100-meter butterfly. cody miller also taking home bronze in the 100-meter breaststroke. and the women's gymnastics team decked out in stars and stripes dominating all the events at the qualification round. on the bar, the vault, the beam and the floor. ending the night in first place and simone biles making her much anticipated olympics debut led the charge. standing at just 4'8", the team's smallest member came out with the biggest scores. even showcasing her signature move, the biles. and on the tennis courts serena and venus williams lost their first round match in the doubles competition. >> a shocker in rio. >> reporter: but serena won earlier in the day beating her australian opponent in straight
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playing later again today on track to add to her collection. >> all right and a big moment in the pool, take a look at russian swimmer yulia efimova. take a look at u.s. swimmer lily king's reaction as she beat her time and calling out yulia for being caught occupy in the russian drug cheating scandal. a lot wonder why she's been allowed to compete. but guess what, it is on and the competition is fierce. guys. >> oh, i cannot stop watching, amy. you are so lucky to be there. great job. want to get to jesse palmer now with a look at where things stand in the olympic medal count. give it to us. >> i can't stop watching either. heading into day three at the rio olympics and today some real opportunity force the u.s. to bring home even more medals including, of course, gold. right now america's in the lead
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the top three china with eight, italy and japan right now tied with seven apiece. but big day today, all eyes on michael phelps as he competes in his first individual competition. we saw him, of course, add to his record medal tally last night with a win in the team relay but you're also going to want to keep an eye out for the u.s. men's gymnastic team, the final today looking to do what they could not do in 2012 in london and that is bring home a medal. lara, george. >> thank you. now to rob. another wildfire in the west. >> just east of l.a. want to show you this video. it's called the pilot file 1500 acres burned eight tankers on this brought in the big jets and not much in the way of contain. gusty winds across the l.a. basin and red flag warnings for the intermountain west and more dry lightning and wish they had this across northern parts of florida. flood watches and rainy week for
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>> and a lot more coming up here on "gma." the latest on that murder mystery here in new york. that jogger killed on a run. her parents are now speaking out. they've got a message for the killer still on the loose this morning. new trouble for oscar pistorius in prison, the form he olympian rushed to the hospital for injuries to his wrists. did he hurt himself? what his brother is saying about it this morning. my doctor prescribed medication- an opioid. it really helped! but it came with some baggage: opioid-induced constipation oic. awkward... sounds like you're ready for movantik! movantik? yes, mo-van-tik! opioids block pain signals. but can also block activity in the bowel, causing constipation. movantik is specifically designed for oic. do not take movantik if you have a bowel blockage or a history of them. serious side effects may include a tear in your stomach or intestine. and can also include symptoms of opioid withdrawal.
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we continue to track the heavy rain that made it all the way to 75 and we're still dealing with pockets of trenches downpours and more where -- torrential downpours, that will continue to be more of where that came from. we'll have 4 to 8 inches between today and across the nature coast. as we look at the watches, for citrus county, hernando county, pasco, four to eight additional inches which we've already gotten through the weekend, thatties we have the flood potential here and not so much further to the south but we'll continue to rain in downtown tampa as well. temperatures in the low to mid- 80s. rain chances, we'll begin to dry out as we head into wednesday. we'll get back into the more typical pattern of afternoon thunderstorms. those will continue -- we'll
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3 for today with the -- 83 for the high today with showers and storms continuing. tico reports 745 folks without
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maybe almond breeze tastes so good because it's the only almondmilk made with california blue diamond almonds. but if you ask our almond growers... almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. proud sponsor of usa volleyball. an unprecedented natural outburst seems to have taken over the country. we'll bring you more as soon as new updates come in. this house was literally invaded minutes after the mom came back from a grocery run. hi , i'm stuck in an elevator with a cow. a what ? we have a situation. everything alright in there ? witnesses say this is where it all started,
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all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk. new dannon , natural is back. welcome back to "gma." that's a look at reagan national airport. massive lines after a worldwide delta computer outage overnight. there are some reports the system may be coming back online. we'll stay on this all morning long. a major city recovering from a deadl overseas. at least 50 killed by a suicide bomb in pakistan. no one has immediately claimed responsibility. also this morning donald trump hoping to turn the tides around. launching new attacks on hillary clinton as he faces tough poll numbers. >> major economic speech coming up from trump today. amy, live in rio this morning. she is leading our olympic coverage and the women's gymnastics team, amy, what a
7:31 am
the ladies blew out the competition in team qualifying sunday. the incomparable simone biles leading that charge in the search for a second straight u.s. team gold coming up we'll talk to former olympian and member of the gold winning 1996 team dominique dawes. so much more from rio but we'll send it back to you, lara. looking forward to that. we want to start with the latest on that murder mystery here in new york. the family of 30-year-old jogger killed while running last week now speaking out. her mother blastg who is still on the loose. abc's linsey davis joins us now from queens with more on the investigation. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, lara. just one day after laying their 30-year-old daughter karina to rest both parents spoke publicly but the mother had some especially blistering words to stress her point she started off by taking off her sunglasses and telling everyone to look in her eyes as she could address the man directly that she called a
7:32 am
>> i guarantee you, you will pay forever. >> reporter: a mother's unbridled pain and anguish on full display. >> soon we're going to have a face to the piece of garbage that you are. >> reporter: on sunday afternoon kathy vetrano shared this -- >> the whole entire world knows what a piece of filth you are. >> reporter: these words are the first we've heard from vetrano's family since the 30-year-old was found dead less than a week ago. her body discovered just 15 feet away from a trail that she and her father ran nearly every day but back pain forced him to stay at home the afternoon she was killed. the retired firefighter now has a message of his own for the attacker.
7:33 am
>> reporter: on friday detectives discovered a sneaker and headphones near the crime scene and sent them in for testing in the hopes of finding fingerprints or dna evidence, meanwhile, vetrano's devastated parents laid their daughter to rest saturday. her casket was met with salutes as hundreds gathered for the funeral. even actor donnie wahlberg took a moment to remember her writing on twitter i've met thousands of amazing new yorkers while filming "blue none were as kind as karina vetrano. so many people attended saturday's funeral service so they had to set up speakers outside where people were standing. anyone with information will now get a $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. lara. >> linsey, thank you very much. joining us senior legal analyst sunny hostin. sunny, obviously family so angry. does this help or hurt the
7:34 am
the investigation because this energizes not only the investigators, the entire police department, this energizes the community. this is a plea for justice. this is a plea for help so we may get more tips being called in. i think everyone that saw that really related to that family and thought i want justice for karina too and that's why people do these press conferences. they want people to feel their private grief publicly. sort of a call to action. >> you could not watch that and have your hearts -- i mean, just break for karina's mother, for the entire family. so now what's next? what's next in the investigation? >> well, they don't have many leads but we know there may be some dna evidence and they're testing that now. remember, this was a particularly gruesome, gruesome crime. we're talking about someone that was dragged off of a jogging path, possibly sexually assaulted. her teeth were broken, scrapes to her leg. talking about something, very, very gruesome so my sense is because of that press conference
7:35 am
i think perhaps if there's a dna hit that would be helpful because someone that commits a crime like this, this is not the first time. so let's hope this is someone that may be in a dna database. >> her mother and father said karina was such a fighter and she fought so there might be a lead right there. >> there might be. i also want to mention this, looking forward to a possible trial, this kind of press conference helps because every potential juror, you would imagine, now knows about this conference and will want justice for the family. so this is the very beginning of a long process for this family but hopefully justice for karina. >> absolutely. hopefully justice for karina, sunny, thank you so much. >> o. thank you. we move on to new trouble for oscar pistorius. the former paralympic champ rushed to the hospital after injuring his wrists in prison where he is serving sometime for his girlfriend's murder and lama hasan has the latest.
7:36 am
>> reporter: good morning to you, well, oscar pistorius is back in his jail cell recovering from what are being described as minor wounds to his wrists. so what happened to pistorius? according to him it was an accident. he fell in his jail cell and injured himself threw there are some who believe he may have been trying to take his own life. one of the most famous former olympians in the world, oscar pistorius is fighting back denying claims he was trying to commit suicide. saying he had fallen losing his balance on his stumps and slipping in his jail cell but the south african media are running a different story suggesting it was a suicide attempt that he was bleeding heavily claiming there were razor blades found in his cell after the incident. with reports of an inmate describing his wounds as, quote, definitely self-inflicted. his brother karl categorically denying these tweeting i know that there are reports saying that he tried to injure himself,
7:37 am
sensational. all other crazy and unreliable news stories are also baseless. he slipped in his cell and injured himself, nothing serious. and the hospital he was treated at releasing this short statement, "the kgosi in. amp ampuruii correctional centre treated him but further sent him to kalafong hospital for treatment. he is behind bars serving six years for murdering girlfriend reeva steenkamp. battling this verdict, the prosecution saying it will appeal again arguing the sentence was, quote, shockingly lenient. while oscar's brother hammering home it was just an accident and nothing more urging people not to believe those media reports saying he himself went to see his brother in his cell sunday saying he was doing well and in good spirits. george. >> okay, lama, thanks very much. now over to lara. >> thank you, george.
7:38 am
camera controversy over a fatal police shooting in chicago. why wasn't it caught on the officer's body camera. and a-rod says good-bye. the yankee slugger announcing his retirement. the question is was he forced to quit. renee zellweger addressing speculation about her appearance. we'll talk about it all coming up on our big board in two minutes. ? ? starbucks? small-batch cold brew coffee. in stores now. strike! sfx: "boop" ? complete pair of eyeglasses,
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save money. live better. walmart. when people ask me what it's like to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know." the medals you've earned are all around you. your bronze. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you.
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welcome back. time now for our big board. our team of insiders standing b stories. sunny hostin our senior legal analyst is back and this comes out of chicago. this controversial police shooting, they released nine videos of the shooting. but one crucial video is missing, that was on the officer who was on the scene. apparently it was not turned on. that's what the police are saying right now but that has led to some to charge a cover-up. >> that's right and everybody is talking about a cover-up because nine videos released.
7:41 am
body camera from the body cam raf the officer that fatally shot paul o'neal in the back and so this was supposed to be sort an air of transparency for the chicago police department plagued by charges of racism and now you have this pilot program with body cameras that should have been very helpful but now it doesn't seem like it's that helpful because a lot of the behavior, quite frankly, that was caught is very shocking, very disturbi fatally wounded teenager. you see officers high-fiving after the shooting and you also see officers, quite frankly, pointing to the body cameras and telling the other officers to turn them off. this has led not to the transparency into the good feelings in the community but, in fact to more distrust between the trust and the african-american community. >> right. quite the opposite so based on what you just said what those tapes have shown, could the
7:42 am
>> i think it's very possible and it's clear it's against department policy to shoot at a car that's going away from the police, 15 shots were at the car and i think it's also important to notice that -- note that he was shot in the back and the supreme court has held that generally you can't shoot a fleeing felon in the back. so looking at all of that, it is possible that we could see criminal charges stemming from this case. >> yeah, we'll follow this. sunny, thank you very much. >> you bet. got to move on to a major league retirement. tough day for alex rodriguez. crying during his press conference, tearfully announcing he will play his last game on friday. take a look. >> i love this game. and i love this team. and today i'm saying good-bye to both. i never thought i could play for 22 years. at 18 i just wanted to make the
7:43 am
>> so a lot of questions given that he's so upset. was this his decision? we have t.j. holmes with us. good morning, teej. what do you make of sort of abrupt midseason retirement? >> well, it's what we've come to expect from alex rodriguez, right. in his career, nothing is ever simple and it's not this time at all either. now, we can call this a retirement. but or you can he wa be released. that might be the truth there. turns out the yankees essentially trying to move another direction and get younger, they want to get better and look too the future. when you have a 41-year-old on your books making 20 plus million a year who's batti batting .200 he is not in the plan so they were probably going to release him at the end of this season anyway. but that wouldn't have been very ceremonious and just would have parted ways but this way they brought an offer to him and said, we'll let you do this and keep your salary, and even the
7:44 am
and you can stay on as an adviser so he's essentially going to get $27 million to go away. but everybody gets to save face here a little bit. he's had a tough relationship with the yankees over the past few years and repaired that to a great degree but this way on friday it'll be his last game and riding the bench for the past month or so if you haven't been paying close attention so he said that was embarrassing for him. >> everything about alex is complicated. look at the stats. you've got three mvps, 14 all-time home run list, but, of course, the scandal include season-long suspension for the steroid use. how do you sort through it. >> one of the most pile lahrizing athletes but also one of the greatest in baseball, probably, as well. it'll take some time before people forget some of the bad and remember the good. it'll take time and depends what he does once he walks away from the game to see how people remember him. >> let's move on. renee zellweger.
7:45 am
surgery. she wrote it's not anyone's business but i did not make a decision to alter my face, have surgery on my eyes. let's talk to her friend larry hackett former "people" magazine editor in chief. this has been swirling around for some time. she has a new movie coming out in september. another bridget jones movie and this was kicked up by renee herself. >> these pictures emerge of her new appearance came out in the fall of 2014 and had nothing to say at that time. i think the idea behind this, "bridget jones' baby" and the idea she would have to answer over and over at press junkets and own red carpets did you have plastic surgery is something neither she or the studio does. she answered it once. whenever they have a question she can say i answered this one in my essay in "the huffington post" and that will be the end of it. a preemptive strike to stop a barrage of questions.
7:46 am
is tet end of it. >> people will decide. i have no idea whether or not she had plastic surgery. the photographs speak for themselves. "the new york times" ran a story. she mentions it in her essay and left the world of tabloids and bled into mainstream media and that would have been fair for people to say -- to of course athe question. this is a way to nip it in the bud. >> nice choice of words with the "nip." there are other celebrities who are taking sort of a different approach. bloom, justin bieber, both caught with their pants down, if you will. shot on vacation and don't seem to care. is this a movement sort of i'm going to live my life and if i get caught, i get caught. >> if, you know, being on a paddleboard naked is your thing i guess that's how you live your life so, you know, i guess you could come to expect it. you know, i don't know where these photographs came from. the bieber photos looks like it was someone he was with so, you
7:47 am
suppose. >> did they get caught? >> the picture of orlando, he's really paddling away there. >> he is -- well said. that's almost as good as the word "nip." paddling away there. >> thank you. thank you, t.j., thank you, sunny. great to see you all. coming up in just two minutes. anguish at the olympics. it's not just the athletes feeling the pressure it's their families. what made this olympic husband react like this. lfer. my psoriatic arthritis caused joint pain. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra... can be a sign of existing joint damage... that could only get worse. he prescribed enbrel to help relieve pain and help stop further damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred.
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7:49 am
is contagious. and once it gets going there is no stopping what you can do. get your good going. blue diamond almonds. proud sponsor of the us swim team don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ? back now with something else everyone is watching at the olympics. the stands. so many families on the edge of their seats cheering on their loved ones and they are passionate about it. back to amy in rio. amy. >> i know, so much fun to watch. this has to be actually one of the most unforgettable moments in rio. you have to check out the husband of hungarian swimmer katinka hosszu, going crazy in the stands there he is as she races for gold and
7:50 am
what, his anxiety paid off, katinka won shattering the world record and you can see his reaction there and the couple posting this picture on instagram flashing her new bling. congratulations to her. but guess what, he's not the only passionate family member in the stands. you may remember aly raisman's parents watching her. well, they are back at it again. last night they were cringing and shifting with every move as their daughter hit the uneven bars but can you imagine as parent watching your loved one, watching your kids like, they can barely look but they're so proud and so excited and congratulations to everyone who did so well last night. we even know phelps' mom very animated in the stands too. i love those lee jackson shots. they're so great to watch. >> absolutely, absolutely. it is -- it's hard to watch your child let alone at the olympics. >> twisting. >> amy, thank you. we'll check in with you again soon. but first when we come back lindsay lohan is in a stunning
7:51 am
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7:54 am
welcome back to "gma." a hot one across dallas, texas, today. heat advisories up.
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by panera bread.
7:56 am
good morning. i'm deiah riley. today hillary clinton is coming to st. petersburg. her campaign says she'll outline her plan to make the biggest investment in good- paying jobs since world war ii. at 3:30 this afternoon will hold a rally at the coliseum in st. pete. 6:30 a rally at osceola heritage park in kissimmee. tomorrow she'll visit a health clinic in miami to raise awareness about the public health threat of the zika virus. we're following a lot of rain and standing water. this is going to be in hillsborough, we also have a crash here at linebaugh at sheldon road. look at the red on this map. there's really no way to avoid it. linebaugh now is running 15 miles an hour. this is going to be heading
7:57 am
also the veterans expressway as your alternate to sheldon also moving very slow this morning. we still have the closure in town 'n country, memorial highway blocked in both directions at kelly road and look at the backup it's creating. yourality fats there, hillsborough avenue but check this out, 6 miles an hour and the veterans expressway moving slow as well. on the plan you can also see the courtney campbell causeway in the red, that is our slowest bridge now, 15, it's taking to get across the courtney frankland. 9 to get across the gandy bridge. ivan, any letup on the weather? >> no. it's just going to continue to pound. heavy rainfall. by the way the blue you saw underneath janelle's map indicating ponding so that continues to be an issue this morning. flood watches in effect for nature coast where we're raining heavily at this hour. we'll fly in and show you pockets of moderate to heavy rainfall and that moved all the way to tampa as well. we'll continue to see batches of heavy rain.
7:58 am
in fact it's the heaviest rain across the tampa bay area. several inches accumulation and it's going to be a problem for the northern counties. it's already accumulated 4 to 8 in the last several days. so more on top of that. that will lead to flooding the next couple days. continuous coverage through the
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. summer tragedy at a water park. a 10-year-olds killed on the tallest water slide in the world. the park is now closed. we have new details on the investigation. and lindsay lohan's painful secret. the star breaking her silence saying her the fights caught on camera and her message about getting out of dangerous relationships and finding real love. ? break free ? live in rio. our high-flying gymnasts making their debut. the gymnasts glowing away the competition. >> we have big responsibilities ahead of us and we're just super excited. >> three-time olympian dominique dawes to break down the competition. >> let the "gma" games begin.
8:01 am
times square country stars dan + shay live to celebrate the olympics as we say -- >> both: good morning, america. ? >> good morning, america. great monday in times square. look at all those team usa signs. a lot of excitement over the olympics. great to have paula and jesse with us and a lot to in rio. >> you don't have to be in brazil to celebrate the games. we have fans joining us from all over the america in chicago, texas, washington, d.c. and, of course, right here in new york city. but amy is there in rio. amy. >> yes, lucky me and guess what, team usa breaking records, taking home gold and her just getting started. team usa has already brought in 12 medals so far, eight in swimming alone. michael phelps doing it again as
8:02 am
record of her own and then that shocking outcome for venus and serena williams on the court eliminated after their first round. but now all eyes are team usa's gymnasts flying high aiming for that gold medal for the second time in a row and dominique dawes joining us to break it down and that wait to see those gymnasts. >> cannot wait for that and dave zinczenko is here to help you lose weight with your favorite smoothies, everything under 300 calorie, guys. >> great advice and the morning rundown from paula. >> something affecting a lot of people, the breaking news at airports around the world. delta air lines had to ground its flights this morning because of a computer system failure that the airline says began in atlanta and was caused by a power outage. the computer systems are now coming back online but cancellations expected throughout the day and delta is waiving fees for passengers who want to reschedule flights through friday.
8:03 am
young boy at i awater park in kansas. the 10-year-old son of a lawmaker died while riding the world's tallest water slide which is 170 feet high and alex perez has more on the safety questions raised in the past. alex. >> reporter: good morning, paula. you can see just how steep that slide is behind me here. the park was packed with families when something went tragically wrong. now, the son of kansas state representative scott schwab, 10-year-old caleb, died while as the world's largest water slide. the slide is taller than the statue of liberty and plummets 17 stories in seconds and opened two years ago but that opening was delayed because of questions about its safety. early tests showed sandbag dummies flying off the slide. as a result officials added seat belts and safety netting. the park will be closed today as authorities work to figure out what exactly went wrong here. >> such a tragedy. alex, thank you.
8:04 am
trying to identify the gunman who murdered a college student playing pokemon go in a busy tourist area. 20-year-old calvin riley was shot near fisherman's wharf. no apparent motive, police say. it was a random attack family and friends say and they're hoping video from nearby surveillance cameras will provide some clurs in the search for a suspect. and in politics donald trump is outlining his plan for the economy during a speech in detroit today. he is proposing the biggest tax cut since administration and also wants to make all child care expenses tax deductible. hillary clinton meantime, campaigning in florida and our new poll shows her with a 23-point lead over trump among women. and at the olympics amy just mentioned it 14 more gold medals handed out in rio today. michael phelps winning his 19th gold of his historic career as the u.s. took the 4x100 relay and thought his heart was going to explode because he was so
8:05 am
19-year-old katie ledecky, she grabbed america's first swimming gold breaking her own world record in the 400-meter freestyle so, everybody, let's take a look at the medal count, the u.s. leads with 12 including three gold, china is in second place with 8 medals. there was a stunner in women's tennis, can't believe this one, venus and serena -- >> i know. >> -- upset by the czech team in the first round doubles match and the tennis player from argentina who got stuck inside an elevator in rio for 4 minutes, he got quite a lift. that is juan martin del potro, he was rescued and went on to beat the top ranked player in the world, novak djokovic. a little trivia. what song is this invoking by aerosmith, he was trapped in an elevator, tennis, love in an elevator, guys. >> oh, crazy, crazy for you, baby. no. >> no, not that one. >> love in an elevator. >> never knew it. >> i like our medal count. >> rob probably would have
8:06 am
him come out from the weather wall. >> my head is wrapped up in "florence foster jenkins." >> and because of jesse singing. >> oh song that came to my mind, the hamster wheel spinning slowly. >> "pop news" time. >> yeah. right out of the gate, unfortunately. >> a little "pop". >> and i'm nervous to do this sitting gee side -- you're the queen of "pop news." >> i'm not the queen of "pop news." it's just kind of "pop." it's news. >> all right, all right, well, i'll stop singing and start talking and begin with "suicide squad" proving that when it comes to the box office, the squad is in it to harley quinn it. the movie snatching up an estimated $131 million in north american ticket sales over the weekend setting the record for august movie openings. the previous held by "guardians of the galaxy" debuting at 94 million bucks so good start for margot robbie.
8:07 am
all-star cast. >> you're doing a good job so far. >> i like that harlin quinn -- >> yeah, we put that in. moving along, another superhero story brie larson being marvel-ous researching her next role starring in "captain marvel" reading the classic comic book tweeting larson industries research and development even dyeing the trademark costume. fans are excited but they'll have to exercise superhuman powers of patience. "captain marvel" doesn't go into theaters until march 8th, 2019. >> i love this idea. >> she has some real range coming from "the room." >> all good things come to those who wait and wait and wait and wait. >> and wait a little more. lin-manuel miranda taking home internet gold over the
8:08 am
movie "moana." it took over disney's instagram account singing songs from "newsies" and "mulan" seen who helped him sing this -- ? no one fights like gaston ? ? in a wrestle match no be bites like gaston ? >>. ? yes he's intimidating ? ? oh, my god that is the rock ? >> and, johnson voices a character in it which hits theaters thanksgiving. >> my favorite disney character of all time, gaston. >> want to try? ? as you see i've got biceps to spare ? >> two song, one "pop news." monday morning. >> i know. >> wow. >> and we got to wrap a bow on it so finally love is forever watch this groom surprise reading dance lifetime of
8:09 am
bride along with his six groomsmen and, guys, it was showtime. >> one, two, three four. ? the boys getting loose there even dabbing on the dance floor, this mash-up was viewed 21 million times so far and not a single dry eye in the house. a little bitf that's right and setting a new bar for wedding parties all around the world. >> and the rockettes too. >> that's so great. they will never forget that and we will never forget you. >> yeah, you better forget that soon. not good. here's what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." time to walk and talk. lindsay lohan is speaking out about her relationship after a fight with her fiance was caught on camera. we've also got zero belly smoothies with recipes to help you slim down.
8:10 am
these. that's delicious by the way. all eyes on the high-flying gymnastic teams. will they repeat their gold medal wins in rio? all coming up here on "gma." "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by advil, fast, powerful and proven relief that makes pain a distant memory. ? rade, i learned we all make mistakes. but, it's all about how you fix 'em. mistakes, they're not so scary. [ school bell rings ] spend $30 at target on everything they need for back to school... and get a free $5 gift card for a little something extra.
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your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. welcome barback. here's lindsay lohan with her billionaire fiance now breaking her silence in a new interview opening up about their relationship following a physical altercation during her 30th birthday weekend. abc's paula faris has all the details. hi, paula. >> hey there, this latest
8:15 am
her, grabs her roughly from behind then twists her arm behind her back. this after recently accusing him of trying to strangle and kill her. this morning, the headline making photos raising big concerns about lindsay lohan and her russian if i an egor tarabasov capturing them in a fight on a beach in greece. the "mean girls" star who turned 30 at the beginning of july was vacationing in >> she accused egor of taking her mobile phone then she tried to make a grab at his and ended up throwing his out of the jeep. it landed in either the sand or the sea. and he went for her. >> reporter: reporter katie nicholl spoke with her in italy sean lowe han saying there have been so many lies printed about me recently. i've kept quiet for know long but now i'm squared of what egor
8:16 am
she said it's not the first time. that's the problem. but this time someone saw. >> they've been on a night out and he attacked her. of course, we'll never know the full story. the only people that know what really happened are the two people in that room that night. >> you can't strangle a woman constantly and beat the -- >> reporter: no one was arrested. lohan who first shot to fame after starring in "t trap" moved to london to live a quiet life. she said all i wanted was to get married and settle down and always wanted four kids and egor and i talked about having a family. >> she says she's become a strong woman and she didn't want to let the people who looked up to her down or her fans down. >> disturbing photos. she was reportedly still wearing her engagement ring contemplating the future of what has at times been a very
8:17 am
paula, thank you very much. when we come back all eyes are on america's gymnastics team and simone biles, of course, going for the gold in rio. we'll have more coming up on "gma." ? ? you got an early-morning-dad side, ? ?ooooks like those braids aren't easy to tie. ? nope. ? a "how do i retire at 50" side. ? hang in there, dan. t's why there's nationwide, ? ? helping to grow and protect your many sides. ? ? nationwide is on your side. ? before fibromyalgia, i was active. i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be
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8:21 am
back to the olympics and that overpowering start for the women's gymnastics team building on that gold medal performance four years ago. former medalist dominique dawes here to talk about it but first matt gutman in rio for all the action. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. to say that the u.s. women dominated in qualifying would be an understatement. they came in first, second and third. the team is anchored by a human biles and get this, she hasn't lost a competition in three years. >> she is a 4'8" -- >> reporter: this morning the smallest american gymnast has made mer gargantuan landing on rio's world stage. that human spring known as simone biles leading the american women's gymnastics team in team qualifying sunday dominating china and russia.
8:22 am
gabby douglas who dominated the 2012 london games winning gold in the individual all around going on to land her very own lifetime movie and reality show. and current team captain ally raisman at 22 now back on olympic turf after trading in her floor exercises in london for the ballroom floor on "dancing with the stars." rounding out the team, two more newcomers, 16-year-old laurie hernandez and 19-year-old madison kocian but every single eyeball in the olympic arena will be on biles. >> today she's the best gymnast in the world. >> reporter: the 19-year-old already a three-time world champion. >> we know we have big responsibilities ahead of us and we're just super excited. >> reporter: so the u.s. women are heavily favored to win in the team competition. so the biggest question is right
8:23 am
were known as the fierce five so now is it the fiercer five, the fiercest five? the only thing we know for sure they're vying for gold tomorrow in that stadium behind me. >> you'll be working on that nickname. dominique dawes joins us now a veteran of the magazine enough u.s. seven team in 1997. the women coming off that spectacular performance in 2012. the bar is high. >> it is very high. i don't know if the girls are feeling the pressure because for those who watches the they are ten point as head of their nearest competitors russia and china so they'll feel a little bit of pressure but their number one competition is themselves so team usa is versus themselves. >> seems like they're having fun with it. >> i met simone biles for the first time at olympic trials and she is unlike any other gymnast i've ever met. did not have the -- you know, the gate to the bars is up which what is myself and my magnificent seven always had,
8:24 am
genuine and looks like she's loving it. >> what do you think that's about. >> i think that's her personality. i heard she goes through some fear factors and mental blocks every now and then but is a bubbly happy kid and got to meet her sister and mom and dad and seem to be loving people but handling the pressure if she feels any at all very well. >> i imagine it must be so much fun to watch. you were a trail blazer for african-american women in gymnastics and she is now blazing a new trail, as well. >> definitely blazing a new trail. i was the first african-american to compete in the '92 olympics along with betty okino and the first to win a medal at the '96 olympic games. die abd diane durham was amazing and would have been neck and neck competitiontigs wise with mary lou retton so a gymnast like diane paved the way for me and i
8:25 am
>> what kind of advice do you give them. >> i always say have fun. they truly do love what they're doing. those five girls out there, though there's only four or three that are competing they look like they're loving what they're doing so always have a passion for what you're doing and remember, even though you turn pro or start o m 1257bgd 1 1 t like a job, don't treat it like a business. you got to make sure you still have the love of the sport and i truly hope that simone biles continues to have the love of to make a significant amount of money after winning the gold and all around gold. >> thanks for coming back in. >> thanks for having me. >> to rob. hey, george, great crowd out here. we are patriotic, excited about the olympics. these guys came from live free or die, how great is your summer going. >> pretty well. >> you want the u.s. to bring in big gold, don't you? >> definitely. >> love that outfit. >> beautiful day in new york
8:26 am
in cabo san lucas the heavy rain was monitored for potential of development by all along we were thinking just heavy rain and that certainly transpired and continues at this hour. so we're going to likely see wet roads continue and in fact heavy at times. the rainfall now falling through downtown tampa heading out towards pinellas, that, pockets of red indicating the significant downpours, lightning as well there but the issue will be the accumulation and flood watches that continue across the north. coming up, dave zinczenko is here with some great summer smoothies that are healthy too.
8:27 am
we have a crash as you come off the howard frankland before tampa, kennedy in the northbound lanes, two outside so you can imagine what this is doing to the howard frankland. i just checked drive times and it's taking 15 minutes to get across but i'm guessing that is going to increase unless they get this traffic accident cleared soon. also have a crash to tell you about in pinellas, east ulmerton road at 49th street. this map shows us where there is potential for ponding and heavy rain on the roadways, you can see it here with the crash -- where the crash is, an more
8:28 am
also still watching this crash with some backups in hillsborough county. linebaugh at sheldon, major delays there. i think your greens are going to turn blue in the next few minutes as the heavy rain continues to push east. as we check outside and look at the rivergate tower tampa camera we're probably going to see a very low visibility in the next few minutes as the pocket of heavy weather continues to push east. we've been tracking this rain all morning. it's off-shore and then came in. now it's still across the more densy metro tampa across the bridges, all bridges now seeing heavy rainfall and out towards pinellas where we're looking at pockets of heavy rain from palm harbor to dunedin to largo and st. pete beach as well. as you see this -- tropical moisture that continues pumping in the showers and storms with. an area of low pressure to our north. not going to move that much the next 24 to 36 hours. we're still going to be under the gun for heavy rainfall which is why we have flood
8:29 am
by the way, look at the temperatures, holding steady in the low 80s. rain chances though diminishing and we'll get back to a more typical summer afternoon
8:30 am
? ? ooh i want the time of my life ? a great crowd here in times square. and all across the country we have olympic watch parties happening in chicago, texas, even our nation's capital, washington, d.c. >> and we are kicking off our country music duo dan + shay and will perform for our opening ceremony and jesse is getting warmed up. >> talking smack and how he's going to do in the games. first, though, it's time for a very special summer treat not only delicious, apparently it can help you slim down. abc's nutrition and wellness correspondent dave zinczenko. one of my faves. hi.
8:31 am
called "zero belly smoothies." promises to help you shed pounds with the press of the blender button so you're telling me smoothies really can help me lose weight. >> i'm telling you this is the most delicious fastest and best weight loss weapon on the planet. it is 60-second nutrition and what you're doing here is blending up -- a unique mix of superfoods that flatten your belly, heal your digestive system and we're seeing people losing up to 1 few weeks. >> are they just eating smoothies no. >> they're having three small meals a day and -- >> supplementing with the smoothies. >> they're so full they don't want the food. >> your smoothies have a lot of plant-based protein. >> all of them. all of them, it's veggie-based protein. i've been endorsing this the last couple of years. >> look at awe. >> people love it. people love it because it's fewer calories and in many cases
8:32 am
>> what did you make. >> start off breakfast in the morning, a couple of great smoothie, gingerman smoothie and fresh off the oats. we got ginger in there and the ginger is great because you don't want to start the morning feeling bloated. this will give you 9 quick energy hit and start out with healthy fats, protein and fiber. that's -- you want to try to get that in each of your smoothies. >> ingredients in fresh -- >> the berries, almonds, almond milk. >> something more than -- almond milk. may i? >> yes. >> good. >> this is gingerman. >> this has a nice little kick to it. ginger, strawberries veg very protein powder and dash of pepper and flaxseed? a lot say flaxseed is an amazing little guy. >> a nice nutty flavor to it. it's really good >> that's the morning. then we go into -- >> preworkout. preworkout. two thing, plenty of carbs and protein. the carbs will fuel your workout. the protein is going to digest
8:33 am
kale protein detox which again almond milk, lemon, bananas are nature's power bar and then this is -- >> may i try it? >> this one is coconuts which has good old-fashioned peanut butter, shaved coconut and veggie protein powder. >> i'll tell america how they are. >> 300 calories and five grams of fiber. >> that's my favorite so far. >> t then we come to lunch. what you want is a hearty smoothie. believe it or not and the readers loved it. you know, we've got right here a sweet potato smoothie. doesn't sound great. it is delicious and a beet smoothie with a better nutritional value than even spinach. >> this one looks like baby food but i'm going to go for it. this is -- >> this is sweet potato. >> has cinnamon and it has
8:34 am
hey, mikey, she likes it. all right. >> she's tough to please. >> how dare you. and then for our sweet treat for the end of the day. >> you got to have chocolate. make sure it's dark chocolate and no added sugars. again, we've got a chocolate decadent reader favorite in zero belly smoothies and almond joy, black beans in it. >> ooh. should have told me about the black beans before i tried it but it's good. another great one. actually they're all terri >> fast, easy, delicious. >> all right and you don't have to be a chef. you push a button on your blender. >> for $50. >> and your book. >> and 9 book. >> dave zinczenko. the book again is called "zero belly smoothies." it is available now and get these recipes and i do recommend chocolate decadence, delicious and has avocado in it. on yahoo! right now we'll get over to rob. >> zero bellies.
8:35 am
even the soccer kids, your favorite olympic event is -- >> soccer. >> and yours? >> swimming. >> swimming, i knew we'd have an extra one. forecast for the northeast. beautiful weather, dry weather and low humidity. we will take it then the humidity and heat begins to wrap up across parts of the midwest as we go through time. looking for showers across the south, heavy rain across florida looking for that flood threat and hot in texas. >> a right. we're outside and not done yet. this is brought to you by nationwide and now to an unlikely but very funny duo, martha stewart and snoop dogg. we are teaming up and steaming up the kitchen this fall with a
8:36 am
snoop's dinner party." >> you won't believe what snoop and i have cooking. >> how did me and martha get together to do this show, glass of wine, herbs, tea, atmosphere. >> i can't wait to get snoop? the kitchen. >> martha, oh, yeah, she's smoking in the kitchen and she can cook too. >> our new show is rile dizzle for shizzle. >> the duo will join us for a to say snoop is an interesting dinner guest is an understatement. >> you got our attention with that one. now to the story "pete's dragon." it's been updated for a new generation and sara haines sat down with one of the stars, bryce dallas howard and you can hear all about it. take a look. >> reporter: it's the magical story of a boy and his best
8:37 am
>> reporter: first told nearly 40 years ago. ? look in your eyes and you whisper sweetly ? ? oh oh oh oh ? >> reporter: now reimaged. >> what's so great about this "pete's dragon" is that it doesn't step on the toes of the original. it's a very different story. >> reporter: the film centers on a 10-year-old orphan boy named pete living in the woods with elliott, a giant green dragon. what's the overall theme of this movie. >> i think this movie is really about finding your family and maybe your family isn't necessarily your blood. but your family can be your friends, your family did be an adopted family. this is a beautiful story of a boy who loses his family and finds another one and there happens to be a dragon.
8:38 am
>> oh, yeah, elliott and i are very good friends. we have really good chemistry. >> just wanted to make sure because i'm waiting to meet elliott. >> it's a big deal when you meet elliott. i basically have a giggle fit every single time i'm around elliott. very cool. >> i keep expecting just elliott the way i remember him from 1977. >> yes. >> this dragon is like nothing anyone has ever seen before. gets a very unique dragon and he's so awesome. >> reporter: for "good morning new zealand. >> "pete's dragon" hits theaters on friday. coming up here, hugh grant right
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
happy t o stay we're back with hugh grant. no stranger to strong leading ladies like julia robert, renee zellweger. now starring opposite meryl streep in the film foster jenkins." this is based on a true story in it meryl play's the world's famous not great singer. hugh is her incredibly loyal husband and manager and in this clip he's sharing a review very carefully. >> the consensus was she'd never sung better. her grace and brilliant personality only added to the remarkable quality of her voice. by the end of her performance the stage was -- a bow of blue
8:42 am
thunderous applause. >> bravo. bravissimo. >> steven ferrer directed this film which i could not believe is based 0en a true story. will you share with us a little about who florence is? >> well, yes, she was a millionai millionairess heiress in the 1940s. the film takes place in the '40s when she was in her 70s and ran the classical only problem was she herself felt that she could sing and she wasn't just bad, she was so hilariously bad that she could fill kacarnegie hall and things like that and never knew people were coming to laugh at her and was protected of the knowledge of that by me her husband and group around her. >> your character, so wildly loyal that he will go to any
8:43 am
make sure that she doesn't know how bad she is. >> that's right, yes. >> what drew you to that character? >> well, the whole concept of the film i think was fascinating, this awful singer and sort of whole idea of delusion, but my character was rather interesting. he's extremely loving and loyal, protective but nuanced and complex is what he's got other tough going on and you ask yourself in the film or at least for a lot of the film you're asking yours love this or is he in it for the money because she's so rich for his own career really. but hopefully in the end people realize this is real love. >> there is a real love story and it's not what you think. it is -- there are -- weird twists and turns in this elegant tale. >> yes, it's difficult to talk about them without ruining the film in yes, i shant. i feel like i have to say shant because you're so elegant. what was it like working with meryl streep and especially in
8:44 am
>> well, obviously it was a big reason for doing the film because i don't do many films anymore. you know, i've sort of moved on a built but when this came up with such a great script and steven and meryl streep clearly i had to do it. and i was terrified of her with her 19 oscar nominations, but actually she was delightful. >> did she do any -- >> race >> did she notice you were nervous, any exchange in the early days of table reads? >> she pretended she was, as well. i used to ask her every day, meryl, are you nervous for the first week, yes, yes, i'm nervous. after two weeks she said, no, i'm not nervous anymore. >> how in the world did she find that voice, because florence is, you know, makes it to carnegie hall and fills it but it's cringe worthy singing.
8:45 am
she's also a classically trained singer so she learned to sing all these famous and very difficult -- >> it had to be hard for meryl to be bad at something. perfectly bad. >> she learned them all perfectly then messed them up. >> it's been said that you may -- you just alluded to it. you might retire from films altogether in well, i had moved on slightly. i was doing other stuff in life. very involved with various political things in britain but occasionally it' l >> will you please come back to lake showbiz again. >> i'll have a towel waiting for you. >> hugh grant, thank you for coming. it's a pleasure to meet you and i'm excited. you'll love the film. it's called "florence foster jenkins" and hits theaters this friday. coming up, you better stay with us. it gets a little crazy. the "gma" games with dan + shay
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
team usa going for the gold and we're getting in the spirit with all these future olympians all around the studio. >> so many fans joining us live across the country. we're celebrating the dreams of young athletes from the field to the pool and here with a world's greatest." take it away. ? ? hmm ? ? i am a mountain i am a tall tree ? ? oh i am a swift wind sweeping the country ? ? i am a river
8:49 am
? oh i am a vision and i can see clearly ? ? if anybody asks you who i am just stand up tall look them in the face and say ? ? i'm that star up in the sky i'm that mountain peak up high ? ? hey i made it i'm the world's greatest ? ? i'm that little bit of hope ropes ? ? i can feel it mmm i'm the world's greatest ? ? yes i am mmm ? ? i am a giant i am an eagle oh i am a lion ? ? down in the jungle i am a marching band
8:50 am
? oh i am a helping hand i am a hero ? ? if anybody asks you when i am just stand up tall ? ? look them in the face and say ? ? yeah i'm that star up in the sky i'm that mountain peak up high ? ? hey i made it i'm the world's greatest ? ? i'm that little bit of hope when my bacs ? i can feel it i'm the world's greatest ? ? in the ring of life i'll reign love i will reign ? ? and the world will notice a king oh yeah ? ? when all is darkest i'll shine a light i will shine a light ? ? and mirrors of success reflect in me oh ? ? i'm that star up in the sky ?
8:51 am
hey i made it ? ? i'm the world's greatest ? ? i'm that little bit of hope when my back's against the ropes ? ? i can feel it i'm the world's greatest ? ? i'm that star up in the sky i'm that mountain peak up high ? ? hey i made it yes i did ? ? i'm the world's greatest i'm that little bit of hope ? ? when my back's against the ? i can feel it i'm the world's greatest ? ? i'm that star up in the sky yeah i'm that mountain peak up high ? ? yes i am hey i made it i'm the world's great e ? ? i'm that little bit of hope when my back's against the ropes ? ? i can feel it i'm the world's
8:53 am
8:54 am
how do you know it's officially getting hot, with three words, keith urban live. ? feel so good ? >> and friday it's a party in the park on --
8:55 am
>> presented by king's hawaiian. ? i'm so obsessed ? >> coming up friday. dan + shay here. that was so much fun just a few minutes ago. tell us about this second album "obsessed." >> we have this new album "obsessed" a couple of months ago and we're so proud of this. feels so good to have a new body of work and get on the road and play a few new singles. >> excellent. >> awesome. so obviously we're all in the you guys if you were olympians what would you compete in, dan? >> oh, my goodness. >> that's ridiculous. i would have to say swimming. i feel like swimming is always a big deal. >> you have the swimmer hair. >> i wish i had a swimmer's body. >> mo doesn't. >> shay? >> i'd just go straight for the top. try to go to basketball. my boy jimmy butler is playing. >> a man after my own heart. >> looking at the makings of the dream team.
8:56 am
here. dan + shay's new album "obsessed" out right now and our watch parties have joined us from all across the country. >> this starts tomorrow. the george, get ready, start
8:57 am
good morning. look at the maps behind me. the area shaded in blue is where we have potential for standing water and flooding. just about our entire viewing area is covered with that. this crash at the howard frankland, tampa side of the howard frankland just before you get to kennedy causing some major delays cross the bridge this morning. we have one lane taken up here, cars still able to get off at the kennedy and airport exit as they go around this crash but again seeing some significant delays across the bridges. look at this, 46 minutes just to get across the howard frankland. the courtney campbell is going to be a little quicker but still 17 minutes, gandy bridge is taking 11 minutes. couple of other crashes to tell you about, on 275, we have two crashes in the northbound lanes, so we rarely see delays heading northbound on 275 right at sligh but that is what we have this morning. also seeing some slowdowns southbound on 275.
8:58 am
pretty slow as well. look at this, at the bottom, 16 minutes from 75 to 275. a lot of rain, in fact light now it's concentrated west of 75. you don't see much but under that is tampa metro and we're talking about torrential downpours at this hour. in fact really concentrated, look at this, 275/75, impacted as well as i-4. light to moderate rain to the north and not much to we have the heaviest rain, there it is, tampa and crossing over the bridges where things are going to get quite slippery and will continue to be that way the next several of -- clearwater, largo, rest of pinellas looking quite wet. more bands of heavy rain the
9:00 am
we begin with breaking news at 9:00 did. a worldwide ground stoppage for delta flights has been lifted, after a power outage delayed all flights earlier this morning. >> it's good news. right now limited flights departing but from are still expecting to be a lot of delays out there until the system is back up and running. ryan smith is live at tia where frustration is growing. ryan, you learned the source of this outage. >> reporter: that's right. late this monk delta officials getting back to us about the cause of this saying a power outage in atlanta is what triggered those widespread delays all morning and that some of the delays continuing into later this morning.


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