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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  August 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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lakes and coal stole electronics and a rifle and other items. anyone with information is asked to call police. citrus county, another accused burglar is in jail after messing with the wrong guy. a homeowner caught seth kirk breaking into a shed. but instead of just calling the cops, neighbors and held him up to. a man is dad after crashing his car on highway 27 in haines city. police say 68-year-old anthony drove off the road, hit a light pole, spun into an open field. it i point, police don't believe that drugs or alcohol played a role. he was only -- he was the only person in the car and no other vehicles were involved. also happening now, firefighters are working to figure out what sparked a fire this morning in valrico.
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the scene, they were greeted by heavy smoke. the people who lived on the home on bloomingdale avenue were not there but firefighters rescued six dogs. it was a big first day for thousands of kids in pinellas county as they headed back to school today. they found their crumbling old school building brand-new. >> right. largo high school got a big not just the building either. lauren rozyla shows us the new programs that will help students great start. >> reporter: i want you guys to take a look at the beautiful new campus. there are areas where students can eat and collaborate. but that's not actually what the school says they are the most proud of. as pinellas students head back for the first day, students at largo high school can't believe how different the school looks. >> it's really cool. the first time i stepped on it,
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college. i guess that's what they're going for. >> reporter: last year, he was stuck in portables as he waited for construction to finish. >> very cramped. >> reporter: largo high school was built in 1957 and was one of the most outdated schools in pinellas county. now they have redone almost every building. it took three ard 3 miio now we have this new campu it's just like eye opening basically. >> reporter: the biggest points of pride for students and staff are the new tech programs added this year including automotive and welding. students who graduate these programs get a certificate and are almost guaranteed a local job paying at least $10 ur and local companies are signing on to help train students. >> we have had a number of community around largo that came to us and said, hey, we need workers and we el you do apprenticeships. >> reporter: as they enview the new buildings, students and
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students will have more marketable skills when they graduate. at this point you can't use school choice to get into the high school. but they are working to open up a few extra spaces in the next few years. lauren rozyla, abc action news. and hundreds of kids in tampa are now back at school with all of the essentials thanks to backpack school supply drive. employees at brisk donated the supplies for children in need. the donations went to the hillsborough education foundation. the we teamed up right here at abc action news for our hudson furniture back to school supply drive. speaking of our back to school supply drive, you still have two more days to donate. hudsons furniture will double the donations that youffsupplie hudsons furniture store. the drive ends this friday. check out our back to school section on there it is. our free mobile app as well. we've got everything that you need to get ready for the first
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supply lists to lunch menus to coupon that's can help you save money. happening right now at 5:30, university of central florida student is use -- is suing the school after she was accused of sneaking a cell phone during a test. taylor claims that the punishment was egregious. she was barred from attending classes for two semesters after the incident. she filed a lawsuit in july. she says her assistant professor and head department assured her that her punishment would be failing the course and taking a workshop on academic integrity. she is now on probation for the rest of her under graduate career. we confirmed that a tampa man died while diving with his family in the keys yesterday. antonio ramirez got in trouble in about 60 feet of water. he was barely breathing when family members pulled him from the water. an autopsy will be performed to
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new evidence helped crack a 39-old cold caut florida. two agencies tracked the suspect hundreds of miles away. debbie clark was murdered back in 1977. and now 75-year-old allen bragman her former boyfriend is charged with the murder. they found finger prints and hair that matched his on clark's body. >> it's pretty remarkable. these don't hear about. you read about it or you see it on the news. but with today's technology, with today's science, i think it's something that you're going to see more common than not. >> his lawyer says he wasn't involved in the death and his dna was at the crime scene because he owned the apartment. he waiting to be brought back to florida to face charges. > w the accurate weather team in florida, abc
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>> how are you in everybody? still tracking storms. they're getting heavier and widespread central pinellas and manatee county. lightning still out there. storms closer to lutz and northern manatee as well. these are moving south to north. more storms will develop over the next few hours from lakeland down to fort meade and back east to plant city. there are the storms in about 1 it winds down. we start off dry. more storms are in the forecast. and i think coverage will be greater over the next few days. we will time it out for you in a few minutes. the tar pins springs community and dozens of kids are trying to heal after losing a mentor. 26-year-old ortiz was killed in a motorcycle accident. a story you will only see on abc action news, cara shows us how they are working to keep her memories alive. >> she was one of the most
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reporter: at only 11 years old, john already knows the powerful impact of having someone who is a positive influence in your life. >> she hewa best people i have ever met. i miss her. >> reporter: he is one of the dozens of students in the past year that. lelani mentored. >> she changed my life by telling me that whenever i thought that i couldn't do it, she helped me know that i do it. >> reporter: ortiz died less than two weeks ago in a motorcycle accident on the courtney campbell causeway. before her story fades from the headlines, the many young people she touched are determined to keep her memory alive. >> we think that she needs to have something that is really good because she was a very special person. >> reporter: wisener and his mom came up with the idea of
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love today garden and spend time outdoors. >> she was a big impact to cops and kids and the community. if the children had anything that they wanted to talk about that they couldn't speak with their parents or any other member of cops and kids, they could go to ms. lowe at any point in time. >> reporter: it will be a park like setting that will be a place for comfort for anyone and for the kids here to know that ms. lowe is still watching over them. >> thank you for keeping me safe and thank you for being a part of my life and >> reporter: in tarpon springs, abc action news. >> and covering sarasota county tonight, drivers downtown may soon have to pay for their parking spots. the city is considering putting in 500 parking meters. they are exploring options so people wouldn't have to carry change. a warning for duke energy
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the scammer calls, telling the customer that the account is past due and service will be disconnected. the customer is asked to purchase a prepaid debit card to make a payment. that's a red flag. the scammer asks for the pin number which grants instant access to the card's funds. the company says you can better protect yourself by making the payments online. usf researchers have made a discovery that big problem in our fight to stop mosquito born diseases. stressed another birds are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes. when birds are distressed, they release a hormone that makes them more attractive to mosquitoes. road noise, pesticides and pollution stresses out birds. that could be increasing the spread of mosquito born diseases. researchers also say people release that same stress
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attractive to mosquitoes. an undercover drug operation in tennessee takes a dangerous turn, leaving a special agent dead tonight. a man shot and killed tennessee bureau of investigation agent frazier during an vex. he met someone to buy drugs. that person tried to rob him and shot and killed him. >> agent frazier was exactly what we look for in a tbi agent. he was hardworking, enthusiastic, and dedicated to making tennessee a better place to live. >> authorities charged 23-year- old brendan burns this morning with the murder. burns chose to be arraigned via video instead of in person. right now we want to send a big thank you out tonight to all of you for liking us on facebook. check it out. here it is. we have half a million likes. thank you to our ns. not too shabby. if you would like to join the
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like our page, just go to abc action news' facebook page. dietary supplements are aimed at keeping us healthy. but the ingredients in some could send you to the emergency room. a battle of blue versus green. the reason that one of the pools at the rio olympic games is a green color. i'm carson chambers in wesley chapel where three years
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>> all right. you have to look at this. an almost pick diving pool in rio turned green. really, really bright green. they say the reason is algae. the water tests show no risk to divers and they expect the water to be blue and clear again today. the other blue pool is where they play water polo. some divers say other than it
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them off or affect their eyes or skin. let's get a rundown on the medal count. we have it broken down by the leader boards here. usa at 28. china right behind them with 20 medals. ashley. rush for the usa, thank you. new tonight at 5:30 you may take dietary supplements to keep you healthy. they're not as safe as you think. 23,000 people a year go to the emergency room after supplement. abc action news reporter deiah riley explain 15 ingredients found in supplements that are potentially harmful. >> reporter: supplements are easy to get than prescription drugs and are nat rat and safer, right? 50% of americans believe that supplement makers test their products for effectiveness. and 38% believe that supplements have been tested for safety by the fda. >> for the most part,
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they don't have to prove that they work as advertised and they don't have to prove that the package contain the ingredients that they say they do. >> because the regulations are so weak, dietary supplements can be contaminated, ineffective, spiked with illegal or prescription drugs and have harmful side effect snooze in response, the council for responsible nutrition says that supplents are adequately regulated and are safe. consumer reports has identified 15 supplement ingredients to avoid. for example, people use this for obesity, sexual dysfunction and depress. but it can raise blood pressure and herate, cause headaches, panic attacks and kidney problems and possibly even death. consumer reports found that the 15 supplements found in
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as gmc, costco, cvs, wal-mart. consumer reports cautions that many supplements can interact in dangerous ways with prescription drugs. so tell your doctor what supplements you' taking before you start a new prescription. you can get consumer reports' oid on our website and tl he fv i'm deiah riley news. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> all right. out early with the kids as they went back to school this morning. thankful that it wasn't raining. >> yeah. it was a beautiful day. polk county starts on the 15th. got a little longer. most of the area is back in so we can complain about how hot it is. >> it always is something. >> it is. we showed you last half hour,
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ominous looking sight. but the storms today is what we're used to. the four or five days of rain is unusual, unless there was a tropical system around which is what it was. if you look now right along the sea breeze boundaries, the ey'rslow-movers. g their ac. we will be looking at this until midnight toght. this is fizzling out. although there have been a few lightning strikes around the bay. that will continue. will be winding down as everything else is ramping up back to temple terrace. that's where the heavy storms continue to very, very slowly creep to the north. because they're such slow- movers there could be oofl issues. not like the last several days, but in our area you can see tw rain is heavy enough. taking a bigger look. you see all of this rain in the gulf. don't worry about that. that won't get us.
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boundary right there will likely increase storms over the next half hour to an hour in eastern polk and hillsborough county. today we hit 91. it's about right. we should be aabt 90. after three or four days below normal with all of the clouds, today things got back to they should be for the middle of august. thunderstorm in tampa at the airport. 87 degrees. the winds are gusty. dew point 75. the normal is 90. the record is 97back in the early '50s. sunny skies in st.pete right now. dew point 75. sarasota, sunny skies and 91. the dew point 77. feels like in sarasota about 103 degrees. so we are back to what we typically see in august. heat, humidity, and strong storms developing along the sea breezes. what you're getting today is what we're going to see neth fos
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this week as we tap more tropical moisture. 6:00, there's the line we were talking about. after the next two hours after that, it's not going anywhere. expanding a little bit down to lakeland and bartow and pasco county as well. by 9:00, 10:00, it winds down as it tries to um can back towards the beach. the pattern will not change right through the weekend. so if you look at futurecast, expect to the afternoon, sunny. saturday and sunday, same deal. friday afternoon may be the stormiest day in terms of moisture. we will watch it but either way the heaviest will be in the corridor from around lakeland back to plant city and right on down to east of bradenton and over towards ruskin. hour by hour forecast. tonight, there your storms. about i midnight, they're gone. sunny skies for the second day of school.
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i do think that rain chances will be slightly higher tomorrow andriy as opposed to the weekend. if you're planning your weekend now, do it. the mornings will be great. the afternoons will be great. you can get the yard work done, with temperatures back in the lower 90s. keeping your children safe from sex offenders. how the laws are changing in pasco county to do just that. at 6:00. the one thing that this man is accused of doing in this video that makes download the new abc action news app for your mobile phone and tablet. eah for abc action news
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>> we want you to take a look at this unbelievable video.
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cruelty. >> a kitten is being used as bait for a dog attack. he says it shows a man encouraging his two dogs to attack the kitten. someone found the kitten dead on the same street the next day. dog rescue groups are offering a $1,500 reward for information leading to an arrest. here is wendy ryan with a look at what is coming up at 6:00. >> thanks, ashley. another local zika case confirmed just today. an abnormality linked to the virus. plus these top stories. >> reporter: a man wanted for killing one, injuring two in a wrong-way crash is found in spain tonight. the change to the law and one man's fight against it. snakes are making their way into bay area homes. up next, the reason that you're more likely to encounter the
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>> live from the
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action news. >> keeping sex offenders away from your children. all new at 6:00, the just made changes to a pasco county ordinance and the reason one legal expert says the law would not have worked in the first place. bus first -- >> this time he is in jail and he is not getting out. >> new at 6:00, a bay area father talking publicly for the first time after authorities overseas capture the man accused of kil wrong way wash on 275. good evening. i'm jamison uhler. >> and i'm wendy ryan. at 5:00, we told you how spanish authorities just ended christopher pontz's run from the law. >> now carson chambers is live with the news that one father has been waiting three years to hear. carson. >> reporter: well, guys, we're actually in the victim's father's front yard. he put up this big sign today.
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morning. this is the mug shot with captured at the top. he has been waiting three years to put this sign up. >> one sentence. you know. it was the state attorney's office. >> reporter: one sentence, one e-mail after three years of waiting. the news is a shock. >> when i saw that e-mail, i yelled. and apparently i yelled so loud that she heard me from inside her car in the garage. >> reporter: wade angel and his wife have gone through every emotio wrong way driver that is charged with killing their son had been captured in spain. >> this morning was like my wife and i cried. we lost him again this morning. but this time he is in jail and hes not getting out. >> reporter: christopher pontz had been on the run since may


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