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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  August 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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morning. this is the mug shot with captured at the top. he has been waiting three years to put this sign up. >> one sentence. you know. it was the state attorney's office. >> reporter: one sentence, one e-mail after three years of waiting. the news is a shock. >> when i saw that e-mail, i yelled. and apparently i yelled so loud that she heard me from inside her car in the garage. >> reporter: wade angel and his wife have gone through every emotio wrong way driver that is charged with killing their son had been captured in spain. >> this morning was like my wife and i cried. we lost him again this morning. but this time he is in jail and hes not getting out. >> reporter: christopher pontz had been on the run since may
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ankle bracelet and disappearing. spanish police arrested him at a bus stop. >> they opened me up with a zipper all the way down. >> reporter: robert newbury is just getting his life back together. he was hurt when pontz smashed into them on i-275. >> it was a rough recovery. i ended up with a rod in hi left honda. >> reporter: he will be brought back to the u.s. to face justice. >> i vacation, mate. we've gotcha. >> reporter: hid dad believes he won't be the only prosecuted. >> hopefully now they will do the investigative portion of it, working backwards and found out how he got that passport, who paid for it. >> reporter: the angels have a family gathering with friends, celebrating the capture of ponz this evening at their house. it will take several months to
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from spain. live in wesley chapel, i'm carson chambers, abc action news. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> good evening, everybody. it's back to normal. that means strong storms across the anterior counties. the last hour, this is the area from tampa and east of the trinit to north. because of that, the area lakeland west to downtown tampa, that corridor right there will be the folks that will pick not the heaviest storms in the next two to three hours. these are slow movers. most of this rain will not make it back towards the coast. at least until midnight. isolates storms hour by hour. and then tomorrow and into the
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increases. we will detail that coming up. we are getting the rock at the police officer who accidentally killed a woman during a demonstration last night. this is officer lee cole. he shot and killed mary nonton at a police academy. he did not realize that the gun had live ammo inside. new tonight, bay area law enforcement revealing what procedures they have kinds of events. today st. pete police showed us the guns that they used during the exercises and how it's possible to have live ammunition in them. >> they don't allow for the firing of any type of real ammunition.
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office say they use an electronic simulator during the training academies. they also have a triple check safety protocol in place. the fdle is now investigating that case. details are emerging about the man who died in a road rage incident this morning. he was convicted of killing a man in 2001 after punc man in the head. he eventually died from the punch. we talked to a witness of the incident 15 years ago. >> they talked for 10, 15 seconds and then tim happened to look off to the side and the guy sucker punched him and knocked him out. he fell on the concrete. >> durham spent 11 years in prison. today he got into another road rage case where he and another man got out of his cars.
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the state health department confirming the 22nd locally transmitted case of the zika virus. 14 new travel related cases. none of those were in the bay area. it i point the local zika outbreak is still contained to miami's arts district. all county health departments in the state are offering free assessment and testing for pregnant women. researchers linking the zika steak to anothe abnormality. there are 7 cases of children born with joint deformities. it may have to do with the cells that control muscle functions. researchers are causing the problems congenital zika syndrome. tonight pasco county commissioners now backtracking on an ordinance that put tougher restrictions on where sex offend ares can live. eric waxler explains why one
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they're here. we're going to have to integrate them into society. >> reporter: patrick le duke is representing three men who are registered sex offenders. he has challenged the county ordinance that says where they can live and where they can go. he says the so-called child safety zones now taken out of the ordinance were too vague. >> they included private parks and public parks. what is at every mcdona feet. what is included. >> reporter: the sheriff's office keeps tabs on the sex offenders with visits every few months. >> all it did was kind of clarify the area where children congregate. it's not someone's driveway. it's where they congregate where there's a playground with one or more structures as far as a swing, slides. >> reporter: le duke says the
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all the same over florida or if counties like pasco can do what they want. >> if pasco can do this, why can't hillsborough county make it 5,000 feet? violations would only be civil matters like a parking ticket. and living restrictions don't help any way. >> they don't protect children. they actually make the guys such that they can't reintegr they end up rio fending. >> reporter: that attorney representing the sex offenders says he thinks this would not have held up in court, the ordinance. and that's why leaders decided to change it. he says that two of the men who he was representing will likely pull out of their lawsuits. but that he will move forward with one of them who is simply trying to move in with his parents who live in lutz but hasn't been able to because of the ordinance. reporting live in pasco county, eric waxler, abc action news. >> thank you, eric.
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to keep their kids from repeating the third grade. the students being held back because of low or no scores on the state tests. it is against the state department of education and seven school districts. students are required to make a certain score on the fsa reading test to move on to 4th grade no matter how they perform in the classroom. thousands of bay area students headed making sure that the first day of class went smoothly. don't forget as the new school year begins, we're still holding our to school supply drive. this year abc action news teaming up with hudsons furniture to double the donations that you make. drop off donated school supplies at any local hudsons furniture store. the drivends thihing that you need for the new school year
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first day pictures on and on our free mobile app. we're getting our first look tonight at raids targeting isis supporters in germany. it's part of a long running investigation. and no arrests have been made. but in a separate case, authorities arrested a man suspected of involvement with violence in syria. sue says that she was with her 1- the joe's creek park on sunday. bolt is his name. the dog got out of his collar to chase a rabbit and a gator snatched him. there are several holes around the park and she wants people to know about the gator that is roaming there. >> the screams is what you can't stop hearing. him yelping. >> the county says the area is
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as a foot wide. we found out that the county does not plan to move the gator because it is not considered a nuisance and they don't have a good description of it. still to come, targeted at the dry-through. the dangerous substance that ended up in a police officer's drink and how he is doing tonight. plus -- >> reporter: snakes are making their way into bay area homes. up next, the reason you're more likely to encounter the scaly problem. and no one no. after denis' forecast, a would- be robber's odd response when the clerk refused to give up the cash. looking outside, still pretty threatening. at least on the left side of your screen. the storms continue to develop. we will take a live look at
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>> new at 6:00, a tampa man serving federal probation for dumping waste into a spring.
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of 2012 and december of 2013, he and others would pump waste from aseptic tank and then dump it into a stream that ran from east lake in palm river. the court ordered had i am to pay $25,000 and pay the fish and wildlife federation another $25,000. a new warning for anybody who has thought of putting their home on airbnb. a tenant used a home to film an adult movie. this is the damage left in the san francisco area. she rented the room to a woman who claimed to be a real estate agent. they were using the space to make a porno. >> as the places fell into place, that she was more than likely using my bathroom as a business to take photos of herself. >> to make matters worse, they left the water running in the
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damage. she left behind adult toys and a shot sheet for her movie. airbnb is working to cover all of the cost of the damage. a subway employee in utah behind bars after he spiked a cop's drink with meth. investigators say he picked hundred his order from the drive-through yesterday and headed back to the station. on the way the officer realized something was terribly wrong. >> he described that he was actually -- it was a labored effort to get his foot from the gas pedal to the which is terrifying really. >> police looked at surveillance video and saw only one person had access to that drink so they booked the 18- year-old on a felony. the police officer is out of the hospital but likely won't be back at work for a few days. recent rains along with birthing season means that more snakes are slithering around the bare area right now.
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call after call. they're everywhere. abc action news reporter jacqueline ingles is taking action to keep your family safe with what you need to know to keep these critters out of your yard and out of your home. >> reporter: these are snakes, baby snakes. yes, babies captured over the last 48 hours by this trapper. he is finding them in garages, kitchens, pretty much everywhere. >> the snakes hatching. >> reporter: these eastern diamond back and cotton mouths are actually giving birth. couple that with recent heavy rains and you may have an unwanted houseguest. >> water drives them out of the marsh area looking for drier ground. so they get up into the garages. they get up on to the porches. >> reporter: there are steps to take to make sure that the critters don't get in your house. like keep your garage door closed, make sure that seals around your house don't have any cracks or breaks in them,
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and windows. you can also have your lawn sprayed with snake repellent. >> it's not harmful to pets or people or children. it's 100% organic. and it will be cause any harm to anybody. >> reporter: it lasts about four to six weeks and will run you a couple hundred bucks. in pasco county, jacqueline ingles, abc action news. now the most accurate weather teak in florida, abc action weather. >> after all of that rain for so many days, what a great day to go back to school for kids. >> it was. wendy and i have talked about this for a couple years. i know as a mom you dread this day. >> yes. >> here is what we've got here. >> kindergarten. >> first day of kindergarten in her uniform. i was emotional. she was perfectly fine. no crying from her. all the crying from me. >> i think a lot of moms felt
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look at the circles right now. it is coming down. there is the area of rain that we have been tracking for 90 minutes or so. this is what we're supposed to see. it's not unheard of in august. it was a borderline tropical system. what we're seeing right now is exactly what we should in the middle of august. afternoon and evening thunderstorms. temperatures in the 90s. and most of the rain after 3:00, 4:00. which means your mornings and mid afternoon, you're good to go. that won't change. right now look at all of real-time lightning strikes. this is decent lightning from just west of dupris gardens and pasco county. this is moving from south to north. just beginning to get its act together from temple terrace to valrico, bloomingdale and over to the plant city area. that will fill in over the next hour as well. from ruskin to apollo beach, that is the area that has all of the rain right there. the lightning extends into
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all of this is moving from south to north. i think this entire area from lakeland down to east of i-75 is where the bulk of the rain will develop this evening. it will wind down by 9:00, 10:00. temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s. that's more like it. more in store through the weekend. if you haven't had a chance to get yard work done or you want to get outside and enjoy our florida sunshine, now we're good to go. you just 4:00, 5:00 so you don't see this. the pattern will not change. the beach is beautiful until 5:00 or 6:00. today a transitional day. tomorrow through the weekend more of the classic east to west wind field which means that the storms will push back towards the coast in the evening. it will happen tonight but they will weaken by the time they do so. the mornings are beautiful. until 2:00, 3:00.
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middle of next week as well. by 8:00, they get stronger and then continue to move west. so you notice if you're going anywhere near the cove, you don't have anything to worry about in terms of rain until well after 6:00. same thing for friday. from 5:30 to 10:00, that's when the storms will pop. regular florida weather, right? high temperatures to back where they should be anywhere from the upper 80s to the middle 90s. let's take a look most accurate 7-day forecast. the next two days is the highest in terms of coverage. the timing doesn't change. looking ahead to the weekend, more sunshine, less storms. the high of about 91, 92. and early next week, a little more moisture returns so we bump the rain chances back up to 50% to 60%. this robber does not like to hear the word no. >> he never said a word.
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who was behind bullet proof glass. he pointed at the cash register indicated he wanted money but the clerk refused so the masked man gave the clerk a finger before just walking away. >> tough guy. still ahead, clearwater's melanie missed an olympic medal last night but her chances for a gold tonight are pretty good.
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>> hello, folks. the buccaneers have made march way to philadelphia for the opener against the eagles. what might the coach be looking for tomorrow night from the team? here is my top three.
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this team was so severely penalized a year ago that trend has to reverse itself. so far in camp, the jury is definitely out. >> penalties is ongoing. trust me when i say we are working on it. those guys are hearing about it. >> second on my list is the buccaneers defense on 3rd downey spence, i want to see results in live action. all right it was especially sad today to talk about the passing of espn anchor john saunders. we started out in the business back in the mid-'70s. he was the constant professional in his 30 years at espn. he was the calm in every storm.
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caused his death. clearwater's melanie margalis just missed out on a medal last night. tonight she is back at it and a great chance to win the gold with the four by 200 freestyle relay team. their preliminary time about two seconds faster than australia. that event is set for 10:55 tonight. i'll tell you what, it looks like drew smiley has turned the corner. he has got two wins under his belt and four >> thanks, tom. all of the top headlines are on >> and we will see you back here at 11:00. have a great night.
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tonight, breaking news. tense moments on the campaign trail. the secret service rushes the stage at a hillary clinton rally. as donald trump tonight stands by his words aimed at, quote, second amendment people, that they could do something. and late today, this image. a man climbing trump tower. police watching. also tonight, the police officer who discharged a live round during a practice drill, killing a wife, a retired librarian. the news conference late today. severe weather at this hour. a tornado just confirmed here in the northeast. and the flood worries tonight across the south. the webcam warning. parents who thought they were protecting their twin daughters, strangers then hacking into that camera. gold rush. michael phelps, and that moment with his rye value.


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