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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  August 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

4:30 am >> i looked her straight in the eye and i could see that anguish. >> a witness relives a tragic moment when a 73-year-old grandmother is shot and killed by a punta gorda police officer during a training demonstration. >> he is the founder of isis. >> today, donald trump comes out one day after calling barack obama the founder of isis. what stops will trump make today? >> i will personally make sure this doesn't happen again. >> we're now hearing from the ceo of delta airlines after the outage that affected flights worldwide. how he says the company will win back customers' trust. good morning. thank you for joining us on this thursday. i'm deiah riley. >> we're now hearing from people who were at the punta gorda citizens academy when a
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killed a grandmother. >> it happened during a shoot/don't shoot scenario. the gun used had real bullets instead of blanks. michael paluska has more from a witness. >> she stood next to me as she was walking into the scenario and said, i do not know what heim doing, but this is going to be fun. those were the last things i heard from her. >> reporter: she said those final words to join wright, the president of the punta gorda chamber of commerce. the training session was exclusively for the members. she wasn't even supposed to be in the scenario. two stickers had been randomly placed throughout the room. one woman raised her hand that she'd been picked. >> mary reached behind her, picked up the book and there was the sticker inside it. >> reporter: that's how fate placed nolton in front of that revolver. he squeezed the trigger then fired three rounds into her chest. wright thought it was all an
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her straight in the eye. i saw that anguish in her eye. when she hit the floor, i hoped she wasn't feeling any pain. >> you know, why wasn't somebody else in that situation? why wasn't another cop playing that role? >> reporter: her family is shattered by the loss. witnesses say they already know what happened, they saw it all happened with their own eyes, but it's still being investigated. >> this was just a tragic, unfathomable accident. >> the police chief says in future training sessions, they will absolutely not use real weapons. we're learning more about the officer who shot the grandmother, lee cole. he joined the police department in march of 2014. during his first year, he was promoted to k-9 officer. on the night of october 30, 2015, perhaps the only
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his -- blemish now until now on his record, he had a man subdued by his k-9, and that man is now suing. tampa is one of several bay area communities with its own police community. the citizen review board reviews them. the group went through the academy to get a broad understanding of how the tampa police department operates. he says that real life scenarios including a shoot/don't shoot exercise. >> we had ammunition in our guns, but it was paint bullets. they had little pellets in the end that would leave a mark where they hit so you can tell where you hit. the officers did not have ammunition in their guns. >> during the entire exercise, she says tampa police never pointed guns at the class.
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presidential nominee donald trump will continue his tour in florida. later this morning, he'll speak with the national association of home builders in miami beach. trump called president obama the founder of the islamic state. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder he's the founder of isis, okay? he's the founder! >> tonight at 7:00, trump will hold a rally in kissimmee. today, the florida renewal organization says trump will make an appearance. gay rights advocates will hold a protest for what they call an anti-game religious group. it's set for 11:00 until 1:30
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calling for an end to hate perpetuated by donald trump. hillary clinton is pushing her plan to create jobs. she talked about donald trump's history of controversial comments. >> every, single one of these incidents shows us that donald trump simply does not have the temperament to be president and commander in chief of the united states! >> tonight clinton will be in detroit where she will lay out her plan to help working families. we'll learn more about why a man used suction cups to scale trump towers. the man says he wanted a personal meeting with donald trump. he spent three hours scaling 21 stories of the building before police pulled him in inside of an open window. police took the 20-year-old to
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psychological evaluation. this is just another incident of what has become a three-ring circus of a political season. cameron polom explains how this election could be one for the history books. >> this is celebrity politics. >> political science professor susan says the climber that caught the world's attention wednesday is just the latest stunt in a political season unlike any other. >> everybody knows that if you climb trump tower, you will make not only national news, you will make international news. >> reporter: she says the headline-grabbing images distract from an already issue- light election. >> issues are something everybody says they would like to see, but they can't stop watching. >> reporter: the world watched as the self-proclaimed trump supporter made his way up.
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ridiculous and dangerous and regardless put trump's name back into the limelight. clinton hopes to steal some of that where the issues will be front and center. >> i expect you'll see her make more commentary about forgiveness of student loans. >> reporter: clinton hopes to snag up as many bernie sanders supporters as possible. no matter what catches the headlines leading up november, one thing is clear. >> it is a fascinating race and one we'll have to rewrite the political science textbooks about. how's that bus stop weather looking? >> it looks good. we're looking at temps in the upper 70s right now. what a storm yesterday or several going late in the day.
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to be stronger in terms of the intensity. titan doppler radar is quiet now. yesterday we had the storms roll through and that tree down, that giant tree there in sarasota with ponding all over the place. we show you the visibility. the dew points get close to the temperatures. we'll monitor that and see pockets of patchy fog out there. there's your bus there, james, with temperatures in the upper 70s as we pick up the kids dry, but by the afternoon, another storms. we want to get a look right now at your morning commute. of course it is the second day of school for a lot of kids in the bay area. so we'll get a check of traffic coming up with janelle at the top of 5:00. we're hearing from the ceo of delta airlines since a computer outage affected flights worldwide.
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from a small fire caused a outage that knocked critical computer systems offline. it grounded thousands of flights worldwide leaving passengers stranded. it delayed hundreds more flights. now ceo ed bastion is addressing critics who complained of poor communication with passengers during the crisis. [no audio ] >> bastion says his company will with frustrated customers. they will use action to do that. this year, delta is spending $150 million on technology upgrades like the better mobile app. the new school year is off to a rocky start for one bay area high school. more than 65 families were stuck waiting more than eight hours. many have to return this morning. school officials say the long lines and delays are normal on the first day of school due to
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to register. if you are looking for a job, mercedes-benz is looking to hire people for its sales team. the managers will do on-site interviews. nba player maurice speights will make a huge donation. he will donate $25,000 to childs park recreation and fitness center at 13th avenue south known affectionately as mo buckets from his time in philadelphia, wants to give back. what a way to do it. nearby locals are being forced to evacuate. >> we have an update on the tennessee ferris wheel that three young girls fell out of about 40 feet in the air. the company that runs the ferris wheel has had a previous accident. that's coming up at 5:00. >> i have my top three things
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first pre-season game against
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an ohio woman is in stable condition after the semi truck that she was riding in sparred into a house. -- smashed into a house. theresa gill was riding in the passenger's seat at the time
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vehicle for two hours. the semi driver was able to get out on his own. luckily, nobody was in the house at the time of the crash. the crash is under investigation. we have new information now about the shooting in ferguson, missouri, that happened on the two-year anniversary of michael brown's death. a group of more than 75 protesters were out there and a speeding driver hits him. the driver says she didn't see the man didn't mean to hit him. she called 911 after getting a safe distance away from the crowd. the man was taken to the hospital in a private car. police say they don't know who he is or what his condition is. it's something we buy to keep our families safe. now there is a warning. baby monitors could be doing the exact opposite. a houston mom was shocked to find out somebody hacked the monitor in her children's move. the family's every move was being streamed online for all
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video online and alerted the mother in houston on facebook. >> people are watching my kids in their home dressing, sleeping, playing. it is your parents' worst nightmare. >> the mom thinks hackers accessed the cameras through a video game her kids are playing. if your camera is connected to the internet, it is vulnerable to being hacked. the parade is magic kingdom's longest running nighttime parade and it's going away. china's celebrating a beer festival in china. 1007 robots did dance moves to break the world record for digital dancing.
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the record. fans of the hit show "game of thrones," you recognize that music. the show's composer will conduct an 80-piece orchestra march 12th, and tickets go on sale later this week. >> going out on a limb, i think that might be well attended. chipotle's business is down significant still after last ye's they are hoping free beer will get people back into the doors. the by one get one free deal is only offered in some states and florida is not one of them. the perseid meteor shower is tonight and usually produces between 50 and 100 meteors an hour. this year, nasa is expecting 200 meteors every hour. we could only see it if it's now clear.
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>> yeah, they are calling it a hurricane instead as we talk about a lot of them per hour. midnight to 5:00 a.m. will be the peak time. the reason for that is the giant magnet that is jupiter is putting the stream right over us here. that will translate to a spectacular show tonight. there could be a few clouds out there, right? i think we'll get a good view as we here. right now, it is mostly clear right now. temperatures are in the mid and upper 70s right now as we check into the rest of the tampa bay area. for the most part, mid and upper 70s. a lot of rainfall came with thunderstorms and it gave us free lightning and significant wind as well. we had damage farther down to the south. they tend to culminate across the west coast and stronger.
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miles. there will be pockets of low are visibility because of rainfall out there. winds are calm, skies are clear, setting the stage for that. southeast storms fire east and then move towards tampa by the evening hours. so it's one of those deals where you still have storms well into the evening and certainly after sunset after 8:00, 9:00. plenty of sun shine and then the storms tend to fire east of us. if you are watching us from highlands county, by lunchtime, you are already seeing the showers and storms. the rest of us are along the coast. we'll have to wait a little longer about 6:00 to 8:00. about 91 for the daytime high. keep in mind, the humidity fields warmer than that. rain chances staying around 40 to 50% heading into the weekend. we're going to get a look right now at your morning
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selmon. why nell martinez -- janelle martinez will have more coming up. the united states maintains a nine medal lead over china and a one gold lead over china after winning one in the pool last night. japan, russia, and great britain round out the top five. today, the rays have the day off, but tonight the buccaneers play their first game of the pre-season against the eagles in philadelphia. tom korun sports report. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. wednesday will be a day melanie margalis will remember for a lifetime. the clearwater swimmer was part of the 4 by 200 relay team that qualified for the final tonight. that team ended up winning the gold. she did not swim in the final tonight, but she did swim, as i said, in the prelim, which should have earned her the right to a medal.
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after all, she finished fourth in the women's 200im, so that would be redemption. a big night tonight for george cutter. his first nfl game as a head coach. yes, his check list of things to look for tonight, here's my top three. at the top of the list, poise. this team has been so penalized last year. that trend has got to reverse itself. so far, i have to say the jury is still second, the defense last year couldn't get off the field if their life depended on it. that has to be fixed as well. finally, i'd like to see if defensive end noah spence is as advertised. he look goods at the camp, but let's see what the kid can do in live action tonight at 7:00. the blue jays last night in toronto. blake snell got into trouble. two men on and two strikes
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snell serves up a lollipop. it's just cranked out of the park. the blue jays end up taking 2 of 3 in the series. final last night, 7-0. that's your morning sports update. enjoy your day. coming up, the kansas water park where a 10-year-old boy died last weekend is now back open. his visitation is today. we're also going to hear from visitors who were uneasy about going ba yesterday. >> donald trump said the presidential election is rigged. now governor rick scott is weighing in and saying the
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all right. we'll check in on the temps right now in the mid and upper 70s. warm and humid out there mostly clear skies. most of us are in the 70s. don't have to worry about rain. plenty of sun out there early. we may have to deal with a little patchy fog. zephyr hills reporting visibility. a lot of rain yesterday, so we'll see pockets of reduced visibility. potentially janelle will be up and will team with you to keep you posted as far as any issues. upper 70s at 6:58 followed by afternoon storms with high temps today in the low 90s.
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of abc action news still ahead. >> a major battle is brewing over the controversial g fsa testing and why parents say something has to change coming up.
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 when i looked over at the police chief i realized that this was not a game anymore. >> hear the frightening moment a practice drill turned into a tragic death. we look into the officer's past who pulled the trigger. >> i guarantee that it is in your interest to honor this request. >> one man's request on a youtube video wasn't quite enough, so he scaled the side of trump tower to get donald trump's attention. could face now after his dangerous stunt. good morning. happy thursday. thank you for waking up with us. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm james tully sitting in for dan shaffer for the second day. tracking traffic and weather, are things looking okay? >> yeah, things are looking


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