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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  August 11, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 when i looked over at the police chief i realized that this was not a game anymore. >> hear the frightening moment a practice drill turned into a tragic death. we look into the officer's past who pulled the trigger. >> i guarantee that it is in your interest to honor this request. >> one man's request on a youtube video wasn't quite enough, so he scaled the side of trump tower to get donald trump's attention. could face now after his dangerous stunt. good morning. happy thursday. thank you for waking up with us. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm james tully sitting in for dan shaffer for the second day. tracking traffic and weather, are things looking okay? >> yeah, things are looking
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otherwise, we're looking good, clear and dry with the wind coming out of the southeast today. that will favor, again, the late day thunderstorms. hear that thunder out there? things will transpire the same today. we'll have little pockets here but mostly clear this morning. we're not going to have too much with the fog. we'll climb our way out of the 70s, 80s, and back to the lower 09s with the afternoon -- lower 90s with the afternoon sh it takes a while for the east coast winds to get here and when it does, we'll watch that more closely. janelle? >> reporter: some of the construction i mentioned is right on hillsborough avenue underneath the veterans. corey dierdorff is driving the express car right now. traffic is light this morning. not really causing any major delays. looks like the veterans is down to one lane there.
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the construction on the veterans. if you drive that road all of the time, you know that it's there. we're also checking the bridges for you this morning. no problems across all three bridges. this is what it looks like when you come off of the howard frankland. checking your average speeds on the majors. the veterans, look at that 62. the average speeds are still in the green. 275 and i-75 southbound towards i-4 in the green as >> thanks, janelle. we're going to hear from punta gorda police who will update us on the tragic shooting. an officer shot and killed 73- year-old mary nolton as she was taking part in a training scenario that was part of the officers shoot or don't shoot. the revolver was supposed to be
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had real ammunition. the police chief says they used that same weapon before for other citizen academies. other people who were there described what they saw when the gun went off. >> when she went down, i looked her straight in the eye. i saw the anguish in her eye. when she hit the floor, i hoped she wasn't feeling any pain. >> just a tragedy. you are looking at the officer's history. he is on administrative leave right now while the fdle police department in march of 2014. during his first year, the department promoted cole to k-9 officer, something cole called a dream come true at the time. october 30, 2015 his k-9 officer named spirit subdued a man who ignored his orders to get down on his knees. that man is now suing. the police department says cole did not violate policy. this wasn't the first time taking part in the training
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playing in the shoot/don't shoot scenarios. scenarios like the one in punta gorda also happen in the bay area. tampa is one of several local communities with a police academy. mary dahmer is part of the police citizens review board. it reviews internal affairs department. all of them went through the academy to understand how the department operates. dahmer says the training included real life scenarios but punta gorda accident happened. she says during the entire exercise, tampa police never pointed a gun at the class. a girl ran away from home and police were back to arrest her father for child abuse charges. he is in jail for hog tying his daughter and punching her repeatedly. when police got to the
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and hives on the wrists. they went back after 911 calls from concerned neighbors who saw the girl running down the street. as for the latest on the zika virus now. up to 21 locally transmitted cases as lawmakers meet with they met with researchers to find out what's being done to stop the spread of the zika virus. senator nelson has urged congress to send more money to florida to deal with the outbreak. >> they've run out of mosquito control funds. they need assistance from the state and from the feds. >> governor scott so far has allotted more than $26 million in state funding to fight the virus. he says he's been meeting with local leaders to make sure they
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10,000 more zika prevention kits from the federal government to give to pregnant women, but he hasn't heard back from that request. one man took quite the climb, all to try to meet donald trump. >> this right here. that is what new yorkers saw when they looked up at trump tower yesterday. you can see that 20-year-old man scaling the building using suction cups. >> this is really something. it went on for a couple of hours. police were finally able to removed a window that they leaned out of a window and yanked him inside. we're thinking they removed it. it could have been broken. either way, he made it to the 21st floor, and you see officers dragging him in there. >> the man from virginia posted a youtube video said he wanted a private audience with trump to talk about an important matter. authorities were in communication with him for most of the time that this was going
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top to talk to mr. trump. >> they didn't think he was dangerous, but the stunt they say was both dangerous and ridiculous. donald trump tweeted about it complimenting the new york city police department for protecting people below and saving the stuntman. people who have climbed other structures in new york have faced charges for reckless endangerment and trespassing. disney world isse disney world is losing one of its longest running events, the nighttime parade. the dazzling slopes lit up with half a million lights synchronized to music. it will go to disneyland in california. it's not just some bay area students heading 0 of to school. >> some parents are now coming back for a second day.
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day. that was the struggle at brandon high school. more than 65 families waited more than eight hours. many still have to come back to get the job done today. they always recommend registering your child before the first day of school to avoid issues like these. >> we have all of the information you need with just one click. you can find your county and you are good to go. if you supplies, join us to make the school brighter. just drop off donated school supplies at any hudson furniture stores. you have this friday to donate and hudson's will match what you drop off. that runs through tomorrow. if you are looking for a job, mercedes-benz runs from 10:00 until 4:00. the dealer shp is looking to -- the dealership is looking to
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dental insurance, paid vacation and employee vehicle purchase program. we have more right now on the abc action news mobile app. back to school on day two with the forecast that checks in just fine. it'll be dry, though. late day showers and thunderstorms, though, will continue to develop. temps this morning in the upper 70s. we'll be about 91 for the daytime high. the storms should fire around 4:00 or 5:00. most of us will the buses at that point. we'll have the extended forecast as well coming up in a few minutes. breaking overnight, the fire you see right here consumed an apartment building. at least 25 people are injured. coming up, we'll show you new video of people escaping the flames. the "pokemon go" game isn't fun for everyone. what's gone wrong ever since the game debuted for one woman that has her now suing the
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welcome back. 5:13. take a look, app, not a lot of problems going on. wheat check in with janelle for a traffic update in just a few minutes. dramatic new video this morning with a raging fire near buffalo, new york. people living within a 10-block radius of this abandoned paper
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the fire began around 7:00 last night. it was being used as a tire recycling facility. investigators think this started during a mulching process. so far, good news, no reports of any injuries. breaking overnight, as many as 25 people are hurt including two firefighters after this broke out in an apartment building in maryland. officials say not everyone is accounted for. we just got this video in from the scene. crews used ladders to rescue people from windows. the fire quickly spread to the two injured firefighters suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. right now, the cause of the fire is under investigation. back here at home, standing water from all of the recent rain we have had is creating problems now. pasco fire officials are reminding everyone it can be a hazard the longer it sits.
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with -- mosquitoes. it's extra important to get rid of standing water around your house with zika being an issue. one location is going to stay open in new port richey. you can find more tips about getting rid of standing water and sandbag locations on ivan? we're back to the whole summer pattern. >> more standing water and we're back into our typical summer. it's nothing unusual now. heavy rain. that area of low pressure has stuck and moved away from us. dry, clear, a lot of sunshine. you want to warm up just fine today in the low 90s. that's where we should be this time of year. the heavy rain continues well off to the north and west with that low. yesterday, this was, of course, the thunderstorm activity that marched its way from east to west with a southeast wind and deposited a quick 1 to 3 inches. so we had problems with the
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with isolated, strong, severe wind gusts that can't be ruled out with this pattern here. this can't really mature as we approach the area. the radar in the next couple of days and otherwise back into it, right? a lot of sun and afternoon storms. watch the clock here through midday between 12:00 and 1:00 we're in good shape. by then, though, right along the east and then the storms continue to develop as they march their way toward the west meeting our westoa winds are coming in complete opposite directions. you get a lot of lift. when it goes up, you get stronger storms squeezing out that tropical moisture on top of us here. upper 08s and low 90s anywhere from 40 to 50%. through the weekend, temps in the 09s and the overnight lows -- the 90s and the overnight lows are in the upper 70s. we're in good shape, i think,
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day of school for a lot of folks. the drive outside looking good as well. corey dierdorff is driving around for us behind the wheel of the live 5 car. you can tell by the cones you see out there, but it is a smooth ride as far as no crashes or breakdowns. just about 12 minutes to get from van dyke to 275. we're checking the drive an 275 right around bush. look at how wide open the lanes are. no issues out there. from here to downtown tampa. just about five minutes to make that drive. just a heads-up if you drive bay shore and tampa, they are doing some repaving out there. i got stuck in this a little yesterday trying to pick the kids up from school. during the high traffic times, the morning rush hour, afternoon rush hour can get busy so leave yourself a few extra minutes there. your drive on i-4 this morning looking great, still in the green 23 minutes from county
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grieving community came together to mourn the death of a young woman brutally murdered while jogging over the weekend. 27-year-old vanessa marcot's body was found sunday afternoon. investigators say she was strangled, traumatized, and burned. people who know her family are worried for her father because vanessa was his only child. >> whether it was pool or athletic ability >> police don't know if the attack was random but they are being flooded with anonymous tips that they hope keep coming in. "pokemon go" has had problems. one woman says she's suffering from an invasion of privacy. the woman claims she has been inundated at her home ever since her home became the site of a pokemon gym. people have been crawling over her fence to get in her home's
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the court which determines whether or not it will be seen. people go into the world and search for digital monsters which appear. coming up, a crime caught on camera. authorities say the guys you see in this video here are dangerous. they want to catch them before they strike again. >> also, parents are furious their kids were held back in school and how they are going after florida schools and one part all being centered around. >> first, apple is planning major changes in the next generation of mac book pro. here's kendis gibson and diane macedo. apple is planning a major overhaul for its mac book pro. >> it will include improved graphic processors. the tech giant is looking to reverse slumping salesp. >> and an updated version of the play station 4.
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resolution for gaming and media. it may be called the ps4 neo. it's expected to be unveiled next month at an event in new york. ordinary citizens now have a new way to communicate with president obama using a chat bot on facebook messenger. >> so the white house facebook page has created one that will guide users to send a message. it is the first of its kind for any government. >> like a high-tech way of sending a message to the president. >> those
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this morning, canada's national police say they stopped a suicide bombing from happening by killing the man accused of planning it. we just learned overnight authorities killed aaron driver in a police operation in southern ontario. the driver in his mid-20s was under a court order not to associate with any terrorist organizations. police say he was planning a suicide bombing in a public place. two criminals, one set of security cameras, and it caught them. in pasco county, deputies need your help to find these two people who they say car jacked a woman at gunpoint. we'll take a closer look. detectives say the man and woman stole another woman's honda odyssey in a convenience store on florida avenue.
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pickup truck. if you know more about these two people and who they might be, you want to call the pasco sheriff's office. coming up, we're getting a look at a man authorities say they arrested at disney world and what he tried to bring into the mark that could put everybody in danger. >> another round of complaints regarding the state testing. coming up in a live report, why parents say their >> and good morning, everybody. you are looking live right there at 275 right through downtown. it looks like you might have a school bus on the road the second day of school. so watch out as school buses leave early.
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it just doesn't seem real. the greatest light in our life is gone. >> his 73-year-old mother was shot and killed by a punta gorda police officer during a citizens training session. coming up, he shares a conversation he had with his
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she volunteered with the class. >> the reason administrators decided some kids will repeat a grade and why parents ran it right back. good morning, i'm james tully sitting in for dan shaffer. >> i'm deiah riley. [ all talking at once ] [ laughter ] >> we want to check in with these two to get you out the door. any problems on the road so far? >> no major problems out there so you are looking good are heading out right now. >> i'll tell you what, it's just like yesterday. in fact, a little more sunshine with clouds by the afternoon but back into this summer pattern here with afternoon thunderstorms. certainly, you usually can't escape it. not everyone will see the rain right. that's why we call it scattered. the coverage will be about 50%. it moves out toward the west as it did yesterday. the tree down in sarasota as


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