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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  August 11, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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she volunteered with the class. >> the reason administrators decided some kids will repeat a grade and why parents ran it right back. good morning, i'm james tully sitting in for dan shaffer. >> i'm deiah riley. [ all talking at once ] [ laughter ] >> we want to check in with these two to get you out the door. any problems on the road so far? >> no major problems out there so you are looking good are heading out right now. >> i'll tell you what, it's just like yesterday. in fact, a little more sunshine with clouds by the afternoon but back into this summer pattern here with afternoon thunderstorms. certainly, you usually can't escape it. not everyone will see the rain right. that's why we call it scattered. the coverage will be about 50%. it moves out toward the west as it did yesterday. the tree down in sarasota as
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and that's the way it will remain. by the afternoon, we'll go back into the low 90s. 1:00, so recess is looking good. lunch outside looks good. hot, right? it will feel like a hundred. we'll get back into the afternoon thunderstorms. so for the classroom, we'll see what we've got going on here. blue skies in the morning and by the afternoon, about 91. i'll give it a "b" and have more of a con an "a" for me is no storms, lower humidity. we'll keep it at maybe a "b- plus." >> my kids will give it a c- minus. they were standing out there baking in the sun. >> it's hard, this routine thing, getting it down. looking great out there on 275. no crashes or breakdowns. a lot of the overnight construction is cleared so you
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in brandon. no crashes or breakdowns checking on state route 60 and opening up our cameras on i-75 with the lanes wide open. no crashes or breakdowns. you are looking at a smooth ride all the way up to i-4. checking your drive across the bridges this morning. still looking good under 10 minutes for all three. the courtney campbell at 9 and 8 minutes across the gandy bridge. florida school districts are starting off the school year with a lawsuit. >> a group of parents are demanding they were held back because they opted out of taking the fsa test. we are live in veterans elementary in pasco, one of the districts involved in the lawsuit. >> reporter: james, in fact, pasco county is one of seven counties statewide being sued as a result of this. school doesn't start until monday but of course
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a lot of the parents are simply concerned that their students are being treated unfairly. 14 parents are hoping to get an emergency hearing from a judge to get their kids to move on to the fourth grade. some of the kids who opted out of the florida standard assessment test are honor role students. the families argue the rules are confusing and school districts are not interpreting them all the same. just this year, we spoke with a local hillsborough county parent who explains kids would simply opt out of the test. >> we don't feel that a test should be used to be tied to whether or not a child is going to go onto the next grade, whether they are going to be put in remediation for reading or math. >> reporter: the parents involved in the lawsuit also believe it's not fair because other students who take the test can do poorly are allowed
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the districts named in the lawsuit include pasco, hernando, orange, osceola, sarasota, broward and seminole county. parents also say they are concerned if their kids are held back because of this test, it will affect their education going forward. this is a story we will continue to follow. for live, we're reporting live in pasco county. rodney dunningan. the police department doesn't want what causing a woman's death swept under the rug. that's why she are holding a news conference. 73-year-old mary nolton was chosen at random to volunteer for the training exercise on tuesday. officer lee cole mistakenly shot her and killed her.
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nights before about bad things from the police in this nation after all of the shootings and she wanted to show her support. she wanted to make it clear to them that she supported them. >> the big question the family has this morning is why the officer pointed a gun at her in the first place. the officer involved has led these exercises many times before even using the same revolver during other simulations. we're going to monitor the news conference at 10:30 this morning, and we'll keep you up criminal charges for putting visitors at a disney world park at risk. he tried to bring a gun into magic kingdom on monday. when park police confronted him, he said he was an offduty police officer and showed i. d. when the police showed up, they found out he was let go in 2013
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impersonating a police officer. former gawker editor is set to appear in court in st. pete this afternoon. court officials say he'll explain why he thinks his assets shouldn't be used to award hulk hogan. it will force the web site into bankruptcy. the company will still try to reduce that award amount. donald trump is coming to central florida to speak some aren't happy that he's attending the american renewal project meeting. >> lgbtq members say they are spreading an anti-gay message. before speaking to evangelical leaders in orlando, trump will be there tonight attending a rally in kissimmee. monday, hillary clinton held a rally inside of the adjacent exhibition hall. tickets for trump's event are available at his web site. the rally starts at 7:00.
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clinton, she is campaigning in the battleground state of michigan and talking about how it would create jobs for working class americans. it would talk about rebuilding roads and bridges which some economists believe would add up to millions of jobs nationwide. a round table discussion for discussing and contrasting the economic plans presented by clinton and trump. the talk will be moderated by a lot of people are frustrated with this year's election asking the question, when will it be less about the candidates and more about the actual issues at hand? we reached out to political science professor dr. susan mcmanus. she says most of the election's headlines aren't about the political problems the country is facing, but she says it's not just the candidates to blame for the whole media
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>> reporter: she says the focus could turn as we get closer and they will have to share fundamental issues that the public is facing. we're seeing more of that this week. one of the headlines we've seen. donald trump claiming that the election is rigged. now we're hearing florida's governor rick scott on this. he didn't give a straight answer about whether he disagrees with trump. he did say that people could play games in the upcoming election. when games, governor scott brought up cases where people were able to vote despite being convicted felons. the presidential election is not the only election we're keeping a close eye on. >> coming up at 6:00, we'll see if incumbent marco rubio will
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before the cma awards. if you'd like to pay your respects, the celebration begins at 5:00 at mahaffey theater. the tampa bay buccaneers will play their first pre- season game in philadelphia. jameis winston is hoping to build off of a decent rookie season. the bucs won't play at home until august 26th when they host the cleveland browns. as an will be just fine. one of nature's most beautiful celestial sights is expected to peak tonight. perseid shower, right? >> tomato, to-mahh-to. if you are downtown with all of
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the viewing is in good shape. we'll talk more about the forecast before that happens. we'll have afternoon thunderstorms for you. still to come, a local father says he's come up with a way to speed up the student pick-up line and how it's being used at local schools still ahead. >> close friends say a boy was decap kateed at a kansas -- decapitated at a kansas city water supplied, and we'll see if it reopens again.
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going to i-275 overlooking downtown tampa. you can stop at meyer house and see how beautiful that looks this morning. the traffic is picking up slightly. we'll check in with janelle martinez as many are checking in with the second day back. deiah? >> 16 minutes until 6:00 right now. a campus water park where a 10- year-old boy died last weekend is now back open. caleb schwab was killed after a 168-foot high slide that's certified by guinness as the world's tallest. the ride will be closed for the rest of the season. many people at the park yesterday said it wasn't an easy decision to go back to the water park. >> yeah, definitely. i was kind of nervous about, like, coming at all or which rides we'd go on or just not knowing, i don't know, like,
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guess. >> visitation for caleb is going to be held tonight. his memorial service will be held tomorrow at the same church. authorities have yet to explain why caleb or how he was killed when he was on that ride. an alarming past after three children were hurt on a ferris wheel. we'll show that you in a moment. those girls are still recovering. a 6-year-old suffering a traumatic brain two others, we understand, are in stable condition. we are learning more this morning. the company that owns a ferris wheel was involved in an accident in 2013 why five people were thrown from a ride in north carolina. the fair says they were aware of the history but launched a contract with the company anyway. mechanical failure is being blamed for the recent accident.
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we don't have to worry about rain gear. we're clear, dry, warm and humid certainly. by afternoon, we get into the showers and thunderstorms that we love and know so much. i'll show you on futurecast what i'm thinking here. mid and upper 70s as we head until this morning. the temperatures right through the morning commute, and we'll start the warm-up that will set the stage for another round of showers and storms. titan doppler radar is quiet right now. low pressure and heavy rain has moved well off to our north and west. high pressure has actually moved in. the center of which is to the north and east. that sets us up on a southern end with a southeasterly flow. spotlight storms that end up -- so the storms that end up developing migrate towards the coast. so that will set the stage for another round of showers and storms much like we had yesterday like 50%. a chance of storms impacted with highlands and polk county
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everything pushes towards the west where we had our other breeze and things collide here. we'll have another round of showers and storms with frequent lightning and heavy rain that comes with the storms this time of year. as far as temperatures, upper 80s along the coast with our sea breeze keeping us cooler there. we'll get back into the lower 90s making it feel like 100- plus, will be the humidity that will set the stage for more thunderstorms heading into tomorrow. temperatures through the weekend, typical stuff. low 09s, each and every afternoon continuing into the early part of next week. we'll talk more about the tropics as well and check in on the atlantic basin in a few minutes. first, it's tuesday for the kids but for us it's thursday. >> it is. driving around for us is corey dierdorff. what are you seeing for us? >> i'm south of bush boulevard and checking out the traffic
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interstate all the way from pierce boulevard all the way down into downtown. looking great. you will run into small areas of patchy fog, but nothing that will really slow your drive down. this morning, most of us hanging out on the street lights. janelle? >> ivan, checking cameras over in pinellas camera all along 275 and no issues there. up to speed in both directions. this is what it looks like at i-275 and roosevelt boulevard. we'll check at some of the major roads in the bay area. starting out from tampa to east bay. still in the green on the veterans expressway. 18 minutes from 54 to 275. looking great from dell mabry. four minutes from fletcher down to waters. many of you are now in the second day of school of the school year. parents are probably more happy
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some districts haven't started yet. >> officials are talking about the prep they are making and will be covering information about transportation, teacher recruitment and a lot more. >> that announcement is at 10:00 this morning. we'll bring you more on air and online. a tampa entrepreneur is trying to make the dropoff and pickup easier with the help of an app. it's called pit my kid. >> the app allows manage the dismissal plan and letting them know if a different person is coming to pick them up. it monitors each child as he or she leaves the campus. it's available for android and apple devices. the first pasco county school to use the app. back to school coverage continues next week. you can look up all of the school-related stories on to school and also on your abc
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all want to do the right thing when it comes to raising our kids. we're learning what you can do to avoid a reaction to peanuts. coming up, looking for an upset. the rare event occurring to three-time gold medalist kerry
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a peanut researcher looked at an approach for older children who were given peanuts in a controlled setting. given kids peanuts in a controlled environment seemed to work with overcoming the allergy. chipotle is still suffering with slumping sales after a health scare last year. so they are hoping free beer will help. six days of competitions at summer olympics. team usa is sitting atop the leader board. >> japan, russia and australia round outp top five. in large part of what happened
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show what you's going on with that as well. so team usa men's basketball team is getting quite a scare from australia. at one point, australia led at the half. carmelo anthony knocks down this one. they take the lead this he would never relinquish. april walsh pushed to switzerland and the second was the second one walsh jennings ever dropped in paraolympic career. this is something worm following. it's very interesting. water in the second olympic pool turning green last night. >> yeah, now we know why. rio officials say airborne algae blooms are getting into the water. >> a spokesperson says there is
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level and the aquatic center has already run out of the chemical to treat it. >> they say it does not pose a health risk to the athletes. >> anybody can florida can tell you the issue, right? how many of our pools have gone green sometimes, no question there. really widespread for the bus stop it is dry warm and humid. 91 for the daytime high. it will remain that way right through the middle part of the day. still ahead this morning, an armed carjacking caught on camera. deputies releasing the new video of the two people that they are looking for and also the neighborhood where they
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first day of school, but dozens of families at one high school didn't. one thing they waited hours to do and the reason this issue may extend into today.
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 now at 6:00, we're following breaking news right now. this apartment explosion and fire sent nearly two dozen people to the hospital. also, several others are unaccounted for right now. >> plus, investigators are about to reveal more this morning about the deadly shooting at a police academy. the lingering question some family members are still asking. thanks for being with us this morning and waking up with
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on that tragic accident, including the help that's now on the way for people in that crash and saw it all happen. first, traffic and weather together. a second school day for many counties, which means a second day may look different. >> if it was me, i would leave a good 10 to 15 minutes early to make way for all of that traffic. >> weather is not going to be a problem this morning. by the afternoon, we'll get the summer thunderstorms cooking again. >> we have a lot of those, right? late day yesterday with the pattern we're in now. the southeasterly flow will develop, and fire along the peninsula and moving over to the west coast later this evening. mid and upper 07s right now. no worries as far -- mid and upper 70s right now. no worries as far as that. temperatures climb up from the 80s into the low 90s. keep in mind, usually this time of year, we add about 10 to the high. that will be the feels-like temperature and rain chances
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similar conditions setting up as we head through tomorrow as well. all right, janelle, let's check in on the forecast or traffic. >> the forecast for traffic. if only we could do that. >> weather and traffic together. there we go. >> the roads are looking great right now. corey dierdorff is driving around on the courtney campbell causeway. no issues on the bridges this morning. all three crossings from pinellas into hillsborough and back the other way looking great this morning. less than ten minutes to get across. we're checking our cameras all along i-4. this is what it looks like in the lakeland area. no crashes or breakdowns into lakeland and downtown tampa this morning. a check of the toll roads looking great. 54 to 475, that is not going to last much longer. as you know, traffic starts to build in about 15 to 20 minutes or so. six minutes from i-75 to


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