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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  August 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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similar conditions setting up as we head through tomorrow as well. all right, janelle, let's check in on the forecast or traffic. >> the forecast for traffic. if only we could do that. >> weather and traffic together. there we go. >> the roads are looking great right now. corey dierdorff is driving around on the courtney campbell causeway. no issues on the bridges this morning. all three crossings from pinellas into hillsborough and back the other way looking great this morning. less than ten minutes to get across. we're checking our cameras all along i-4. this is what it looks like in the lakeland area. no crashes or breakdowns into lakeland and downtown tampa this morning. a check of the toll roads looking great. 54 to 475, that is not going to last much longer. as you know, traffic starts to build in about 15 to 20 minutes or so. six minutes from i-75 to
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expressway and five minutes from the dell mabry. following breaking news here. washington d.c. fire officials are searching for five to seven missing people after an explosion and this. take a look at this dramatic video of the fire. someone escaping from this apartment building in maryland. the fire, though, is injuring, we're told, as many as 25 people overnight, including two firefighters. they are expected to survive. no word on the status of the other victims or what caused this fire. we're expecting to get an shooting death of a mother and grandmother during a citizens police academy. >> the punta gorda pd will hold a news conference at 10:30. 73-year-old mary was shot in a scenario for use of force. the officer that shot here is officer lee cole. the training exercise is for members, and they are bringing
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volunteer. she was shot three times in the chest with real bullets instead of blanks. >> when she went down, i looked her straight in the eye. i saw that anguish in her eye. when she hitted floor, i hoped she wasn't feeling any pain. >> the chief says the gun had been used previously for other citizen academies. officer cole is on administrative leave. the fdle is investigating. the victim's family wants to know why a gun at her in the first place. >> we're learning more about the officer lee cole. he joined the police department in march of 2014. during his first year, he was promoted to k-9 officer which he called a dream come true. the night of october 30, 2015, perhaps the only blemish on his record until now, he had his k- 9 officer subdue a man who ignored an order to get down on his knees. that man is now suing but the
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not violate policy. mary dahmer is a member of tampa's police citizens review board, a group that reviews internal affairs cases involving tpd officers. all of them went through the academy to get a broad understanding of how the tampa police department operates. dahmer says her training included real life scenarios including the shoot/don't shoot exercise. she doesn't understand how the accident happened. she says during exercise, tampa police never pointed guns at their class. we've got a crime alert for enthusiasm morning. pasco count -- crime alert for you this morning. pasco county surveillance was released yesterday and says the man and woman stole a woman's honda odyssey tuesday morning at a convenience store on florida avenue in holliday. the pair took off in the back
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happened, call the pasco sheriff's office. getting ready for your ballot in hillsborough county. early voting runs through october 28th. this monday, election service center in tampa is one of 16 places in the county where you will be able to vote early. today, the official will start setting up ballot scanning machines, something very important. heads-up, you might want to check wait times for early voting sites online. we'll be posting the link open up. we're learning more about that bizarre stunt yesterday at trump tower in new york city. the 20-year-old man from virginia climbed 21 stories using suction cups saying he wanted to talk privately with donald trump. authorities later yanked him through a window before he could scale all 69 stories money you can see that happening right there, grab him, and take him right over.
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psychological evaluation. abc action news political analyst calls the crime the latest stunt in a political season unlike any other. the political science professor says the headline-grabbing images do distract from an election that's already affecting the country. she says social media is driving the rhetoric more ever but expects more substance the closer we get to november. >> this is an era of celebrity politics recordless of whether it's hillary trump. >> we'll have more on the religious message they are trying to send with this campaign stop coming up at 6:30. the tampa area business women are holding a discussion on hillary clinton's job plan. the democratic nominee revealing her plan during her recent visit to florida. she calls it the largest investment in job creation since world war ii. the focus is on clean energy and small business.
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a lot in the tampa area are in the second day of school. some counties haven't even started yet. the first day of school in polk county is on monday. today, officials have planned a news conference and they will talk about the preparings they are making. they talk about transportation, teacher recruitment and opening of a new school and a whole lot more. that announcement happens at 10:00 this morning, and we'll bring you any information you can use from it. a new school year off rocky start for one bay area high school. 65 parents were stuck trying to register their children. frustrated moms and dads waited more than eight hours. the long lines and delays are early on the first day of school due to the amount registering on that day. they always remember
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avoid these delay issues. if you are still buying school supplies, we hope you'll pick up a few extra for some bay area kids in need. we're teaming up with hudson's furniture for the school supply drive. drop off supplies at any hudson's and they will match what you drop off. still to come at 6:00, a big rig slams right into a home. the one thing res uers had to do -- before pulling the person who was trapped for hours out. >> a man accused of tying his daughter up and what he was trying to stop her from doing and the reason he foregoat
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flu video this morning showing a -- new video this morning showing a semi truck slamming into a home. >> there was a woman in she's now in the hospital in stable condition. she was trapped in the vehicle for several hours because rescuers had to stable the home before they could get her out. the driver was treated at the scene. luckily, nobody was inside of the home when the truck crashed into it. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. a daytona beach father is facing abuse charges for hog
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he says his daughter's tried running away a few times so to keep her home, he wrapped her hands and feet in duct tape and fell asleep. a few hours later, the teen escaped and went to a neighbor's house. hubbell is being held on $10,000 bond. sunshine early on. of course we're still about 40 minutes away from sunrise. 7:00 a.m. we'll climb back into the low 90s and then late day thunderstorms will continue to pop up. we'll talk more timing and check the tropics coming up. suing "pokemon go" and the reason one woman is fed up with the people playing the most popular game in the world. >> get ready for cosmic fireworks display. tonight's the night. tonight, we'll tell you what makes this even more
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. lit breaking news in florida senate race. a new poll found senator marco rubio as he seeks re-election up by 3%. we want to delve deeper into the numbers and tell you why rubio is leading in a few minutes. a grieving community just outside boston is coming together to mourn the death of a young woman brutally murdered
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weekend. 27-year-old vanessa marcot's body was found strangled, traumatized, and burned. now people who know her family are worried about her father because vanessa was his only child. >> whether it was her athletic ability, landing the job at google, he's been there. >> police still don't know right now if the attack was random, but they say they have been flooded with anonymous tips. robbers beat a man in rio. the thieves getting away with a man on copacabana beach. luckily, they didn't take his bronze medal that he had just won in judo. the water in a second olympic pool is now turning green. rio officials say it's turning green because airborne algae blooms are getting in there. there is a problem with the pool's ph level and the aquatic
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the chemical to fix it. they say it does not pose a health issue for the athletes. a woman is suing "pokemon go" because she's been inundated by "pokemon go" players ever since her home became a site of the a pokemon gym. people have been crawling over her fence to get into the home's property. the lawsuit has not been certified by the court, which determines whether or not it if you don't know already, the game sends players into the real world to search for the digital monsters known as pokemon, which appear on their smartphone screens. if you would like to wish upon a shooting star, you'll want to head outdoors after midnight tonight. >> that's because that's the time the perseid meteor shower reaches it peak. to see the meteors, you need to get away from city lightsth
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the question, ivan, is, will the skies be clear enough? >> i think it's because there will be so many and so bright here. get out and enjoy that. it's happening between midnight and dawn. again, 160 to 200. it's jupiter that's calling the shots here with the big magnet with the gravitational pool. it's pulling the stream closer to us. by the way, what you are looking at tonight, that was set in 1862. you look up at the sky and you are basically looking at past light, right? 77 in tampa right now. looking good at doppler radar. you've got the low out to the west. the steady, heavy rain. yesterday's storms with the heat and humidity with more on that. the southeast flow will generate north east and west
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warming up as well. we'll see the showers and storms by 1:00, 2:00, and 3:00 and push the late day along the coast. that development did go inland a few days ago. the rest of the atlantic with a few waves out there but nothing imminent as far as development. we'll call it clear high thames this afternoon. about 40 to 50% saturday into sunday and into the early part of next week. the interstates are looking great. we do have a crash in largo. corey dierdorff is heading there right now. he's behind the wheel of a live drive cam. he's on ulmerton road. it's crowded out there. a lot more cars out there.
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with the extra cars and extra school buses. let me show you where the crash is. as soon as corey gets there, he'll let us know what's going on. it's on ridge road. sororities of a trauma alert and also reports of some lanes blocked there. so avoid ridge road if you can. 113th street looking great in both directions. seminole boulevard is running a little slow just a while ago down to 19 miles per green. it could have been slowdowns for people trying to avoid the crash. corey is heading there. as soon as it gets there, we'll let you know exactly what is going on. just a reminder, we have construction going on, on bay shore and tampa. this is causing a slowdown right at barcelona streets. so if you are heading out the door or to work, you might want to leave early. back to you. 19 minutes after 6:00
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back open. people who showed up are still very uneasy. >> and an alarming past problem after girls are hurt on a ferris wheel leaves some to question why it was chosen. the girls will get you updated. first, wikileaks has information on a staffer's murder. why is that offer fueling today's -- theories in today's gma first look. >> reporter: a new interview with wikileaks founder julian assange is re-igniting conspiracy theories about a murder of seth rich. >> he was murdered. >> reporter: although assange would not say whether rich was a wikileaks source, the organization is offering a $20,000 reward.
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robbery on july 10 near his washington washington home. while we're told there is no indication that death rich's death is connected to his employment at the dnc, he may be connected to the tranche of e-mails leaked by assange's group just before the democratic convention. we'll have more on the investigation coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your gma first look.
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. >> at 6:25 right now, we have an update on a kansas water park where a 10-year-old boy died. >> the water park is now back open for visitors. caleb schwab decide when the water slide killed him. the rest of the season. many people who were at the park yesterday say it was a little tough relaxing knowing what happened last weekend. >> yeah, definitely. i was kind of just nervous about, like, coming at all or, like, what rides we would go on or just not knowing, i don't know, like, being a little hesitant, i guess. >> visitation for caleb will be held tonight. authorities have yet to explain
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ride. an alarming past emerging after three children were hurt falling from a ferris wheel in tennessee. >> the crime scene tape is still out there. a 6-year-old suffered a traumatic brain injury to two others who were in the cart. they are both in stable condition. >> the company that runs the ferris wheel is involved in an accident in 2014. at that time, five people involved in the accident. they were aware of the history but launched a contract anyway. mechanical failure has been blamed for the accident. we're about half an hour away from the sunrise. temps are in the upper 70s. we're in good shape this morning. by the afternoon, showers and storms once again about 50% coverage. we'll talk more about that coming up in the next half hour.
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minutes to get from the apex to i-4 on i hill 75. we're foul -- on i-75. we'll have an update on a crash we're following in a couple of minutes. a group of parents are filing suit against the state over the fsa and say their kids are being treated unfairly by being held back. >> it just doesn't seem real. is gone. >> heartbreaking words from the son of a woman killed at a police academy. the message he has for the
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filing suit against the
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their kids are being treated unfairly by being held back. >> also now at 6:30, another fight against controversial student testing that rodney just talked about a second ago. we're also going to tell you more about the hulk hogan lawsuit and why one person who was held responsible is now fighting back and doesn't want to pay up. we've got details on coming up. thanks for joining us. we want to get you out the door with a look at traffic and weather as you head out. how are the roads? >> we have a serious crash in largo. we'll talk about that coming up. >> clear skies out there with a lot of sunshine early on. temps right now are back into a typical summer pattern with afternoon storms.
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10:00 a.m. keep in mind the humidity is with us. we'll talk about heat indices with temperatures by the afternoon reaching lower 90s. southeast flow will continue to favor those west-moving storms by the late part of the day. 5:00, 6:00 we'll begin to see those bubbling up and some this time of year will produce hefty rainfall, frequent lightning and severe wind gusts. very isolated. let's check in with janelle at the traffic center to >> we have a serious crash in largo. first, corey dierdorff is driving around for us. he's on the road and no crashes or breakdowns on 275 and st. pete with ulmerton looking good this morning. all right, let's check on the crash. looks like my maps skipped ahead on me. we're seeing road blocks on ridge road.
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want to avoid that intersection if you can. captain al is heading there. first, a quick look at the drive times on the veterans expressway. 18 minutes from 54 to 275. seven minutes from waters down to 275. if you are in the wesley chapel area trying to decide between 75 and 275, look at that. both in the green, although 75 is moving a lot quicker right now. let's check in with action air captain al, good morning. >> good morning, janelle. we had to reroute a little bit. we are headed over there through ridge and you can see it heads right into fourth street. as you can see all the way across, that's on the right clear water beach and the round about. no problems here. the courtney campbell no problems there. we'll head down to largo, though, to look at that accident. now back to the desk. new this morning, another
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>> a group of parents is filing a lawsuit against the state and several bay area school districts. we check in with rodney dunningan in pasco county. rodney, the families involved say their kids are unfairly being held back. >> reporter: deiah, in fact, some of these kids were honor roll students who won't be moving on to the next grade because they did not take the state test. pasco county is one of seven county districts that are actually involved with this lawsuit. the parents rules are simply confusing and school districts are not interpreting all of them the same. the districts named in the lawsuit cloud pasco, hernando, orange, osceola, broward and seminole county. the parents believe the student should advance to the next grade based on the entire school year's body of work and not just the standardized test scores. one parent opted his kids out.
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frustrations with the entire process. >> we don't feel that a test should be used as a high stakes test that is tied to whether or not a child is going to go on to the next grade, whether they are going to be put in remediation for reading or math. >> certainly a major concern for parents out there. the 14 parents involved are hoping to get an emergency order from a judge to allow their kids to fourth grade. of course they are afraid that this will have a major impact on their kids' future. back out here live, here in pasco county schools, getting back in session on monday morning. this is yet another major issue that administrators have to deal with as we start into this new school year. for now, reporting live in mass
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punta gorda police are set to hold a news conference and grief counselors are helping out witnesses at that time as well. for the first time, wooer hearing from one of the children of the 73-year-old woman who was killed. 73-year-old mary knowlton is speaking about the reason she took part in the event was to help the public get to know officers and their decision- making. knowlton's son says mary volunteered to show support he has this message for officer lee coel who accidentally shot her. >> i know this guy that did this is probably not even able to live in his own skin right now. i want him to know that we know that i'm sure he didn't intend on this happening, and i forgive him. >> the revolver officer coel used was supposed to be filled with blanks but instead had
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the man who wrote an article about the hulk hogan sex tape is trying to avoid paying the wrestler. court officials say he will explain why he thinks his assets shouldn't be used in the award for hogan whose real name is terry bolea. the company will tray to reduce the award amount. wqyq radio host dave mckay will come to celebrate his life. you saw him here every year for the cma awards. he passed away suddenly last thursday. if you'd like to pay your requests, it begins downtown st. pete. donald trump is coming to central florida. he will be speaking to a group of evangelic at christian pastors in orlando. senator marco rubio is drawing
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saying it spreads an anti-gay message and the activists are planning to protest outside of the meeting today. trump will be in kissimmee tonight. he's holding a rally inside of the silver spurs arena. three days ago, hillary clinton held a rally inside of the park's exhibition hall. tickets for trump's event is available and starts at 7:00. clinton will be campaigning outside of detroit, the first visit to michigan since she sanders. she says she will lay out her economic plan and how it creates jobs for working class americans. some economists believe it could create up to 10 million jobs. temps right now are in the 07s. we'll stay that way into the morning. by the afternoon, we'll warm things up and thunderstorms beginning to move from east to west. high temps about 91 with a heat
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we got word of a crash 275 southbound just past osborne. looks like it is right out of camera range. look at this coming to a complete stop right here. if you are heading to 275, just be aware we had a crash blocking one outside lane. deiah? >> thanks, janelle. coming up three days later, delta airlines recovering from the global flight outage. the change the airline is making to keep it from happening again. researchers to fight zika is dried up. they are waiting on the white
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a power oughtage affect -- outage affected delta airlines flights all over the world. >> this all started on monday when an electrical system failure caused a power outage at delta's main operations center. it knocked critical computer systems offline. delta says this year it will spend $150 million on technology upgrades to keep it from happening again. chipotle restaurants are struggling to win back
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coli. they are hoping free beer will help bring customers back in. still ahead this morning, deadly road debris leads to hundreds of crashes every year. coming up, we'll look at the mistakes you could be making. plus, your smartphone is making the car line at your child's school easier. the mobile app that one bay
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good morning, everybody. we're watching a crash and we're seeing delays here on southbound 275. let's open up our cameras. we can take a look at what's going on leading up to the crash. we don't have the actual crash on our camera. this is what it looks like leading up to it. looks like it might have gotten the crash off to the side because cars seem to be moving better right now. let's check your drive times on 275. 24 minutes from the 4. 12 minutes if you are starting off at bush to get to i-4. the good news is once you get to downtown it's taking six minutes to get to the howard frankland bridge. captain al, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, janelle. good morning, central pinellas county, largo, father send, all of that area nearby pinellas park. you can see the low clouds i was dealing with earlier.
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right now. you can see through it and creates some kind of a problem. there was an accident north of waltingham. right now, you are looking at ulmerton road. 19 is getting busy, but no delays otherwise. here's ivan with the forecast. the slight level there on the ground with clear visibility. however, the pockets that we have been tracking here are now down to half a hail. zephyr mills is the usual spot. abundant humidity and temperatures are in the 07s right at the -- are in the 70 70s. you work your way down to the south. give yourself a little extra time and generally, we're in good shape. mid and upper 70s right now. titan doppler radar looks good by the afternoon.
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lift and then we set the stage with clear skies for another round of showers and thunderstorms. the storms from east to west and you can see specifically how things will transpire today. the morning look goods and we'll have the showers and storms beginning to build up by noontime across i-95 and work their way west towards the beaches by later on this evening much like they did yesterday along with that. we'll have frequent lightning, heavy rain pockets as far as the temps, before the rain arrives, it will feel like 100-plus. the weekend is not bad at all with the high temps 92 for both saturday and sunday. let's go now to an update on the zika virus. we are up to 21 locally transmitted cases in the state of florida. they will talk about solutions. senator bill nelson and representative patrick murphy
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pushing for prevention. they met with researchers and leaders to find out what's being done to stop the spread of the virus. >> they've run out of mosquito control funds. they need assistance from the state, from the feds. >> governor rick scott so far has allotted more than $26 million to fight the zika virus. he says he's meeting with locals to see if they have resources. breaking election news we told about you last half hour. a new poll shows you senator marco rubio in the florida senate race. he leads patrick murphy by 3%. the big take aways, rubio leads among men and independent
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is against most republicans. a parent will tell you the car line at most schools is somewhat of a headache. the dropoff and pickup process could get easier. >> it's call part of a app that's called pik my kid. the school tracks the information and monitors each child as he or campus. >> they know what when they get there and they hit it on their phone, they know that the student inside knows they are coming out. it becomes a quicker transaction. it's less about the parent trying to find out where it is and the kids just walking out to get in the car and leaves. >> if all goes well with the new system, there is a chance it could be used district wide.
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devices. pasco and polk counties go back to school on monday. sarasota goes back on monday, the 22nd. we have a county by county breakdown with vital resources to help you adjust to the new school year on our web site. many car crashes are caused by debris on the roads. the study by aaa looked at crashes from 2011 to 2014. during that time, more than 200,000 crashes involved debris. that debris has caused 39,000 injuries deaths. aaa is calling on drivers to properly secure any loads before hitting the roadways. a consumer alert for enthusiasm morning. it's something you buy to keep your family safe, but now a warning thattier baby monitor could be doing the complete opposite. a houston mother was shocked to find out someone hacked her monitor and was being extremed
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alerted that mother through facebook. >> people are watching my children in my home dressing, sleeping, playing. it is a parents' worst nightmare. i feel like i failed protecting them because they were in the house. >> the hackers accessed the camera through a video game the children were playing. if the camera is connected to the internet, it is vulnerable to being hacked. peanuts. older children exposed them to small amounts of peanut protein. giving kids peanuts in a controlled environment seemed to work. some had mild reactions that were easily treated with over- the-counter medications. the study is providing new hope for curing what is becoming more common, potentially deadly allergies. happening today a bay area
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fair. the dealership is looking to hire people for its sales team. no appointment necessary. managers will do on-site interviews. it's 6:52 right now. this morning, team usa is leading the medal count in rio. team usa, we lead 32 medals overall. 11 of those are gold. right now, australia has 12. much of the u.s. success is thanks to dominance in the pool including last night. katie ledecky anchoring the team that won by a full body length. the u.s. didn't have as much success in the men's gymnastics all around. we finished seventh. the winner was from japan. he won the gold by less than a tenth of a point.
6:53 am
favorite to win today's women's all around competition. >> you better believe it. you've been waiting for football season to begin. the wait is pretty much over. it's pre-season football but still football. the bucs are in philly to take on the eagles. quarterback jameis winston is hoping the hard work helps them build off of a decent rookie season. it also debuts the bucs' new head coach. the bucs play their first pre- season game at homecoming august 26th. today, nba player maurice speights will donate $25,000 to child parks recreation and fitness center. speights wants to enhance the city's youth programs. fans of the hit show "game of thrones," you know that music.
6:54 am
conduct an 08-piece orchestra at amalie august 12th. the morning sprint counts you down to "good morning america." >> wear learning more about a punta gorda police officer who accidentally killed a grandmother during a training exercise. during his first year, he was promoted to k-9 officer. he accidentally killed mary knowlton during a training exercise. breaking overnight, destroys an apartment complex in silver springs, maryland outside washington, d.c. at least 30 people are hurt, including two firefighters who have heat exhaustion. up to seven people are still missing rate now. fire crews say natural gas is fueling the fire, which caused the apartment building to collapse. pasco county deputies are asking for to you watch these two people who they say car
6:55 am
deputies found the car, but the pair took off in the back of a pickup truck near the holliday lakes estate. some florida school districts are starting off the school year with a lawsuit. some parents say their children were held back because of their refusal to take the fsa test. off taroky start for one bay more than -- off to a rocky start for one bay area high school. some parents waited for eight hours which is typical on the first day of classes. good morning, everybody. if you are heading out the door, you might run into areas of fog when you are on the road. seeing it is a little hazy where we have a crash at i-75 northbound just before you get to i-4. it's blocking the outside lane here.
6:56 am
delays could build. captain al, how are things where you are? >> reporter: hey, good morning, janelle. found an accident here southbound of u.s. 19 involving a motorcycle and a car. however, you can see the rider of the motorcycle in thatbly shirt there is apparently okay. they do have a little bit of a backup since that one outside lane is taken. about an extra ten minutes to here's ivan with the forecast. >> visibility runs are in good shape. as you head across northeastern hillsborough, you are looking at three-quarters of a mile. patchy and dense fog this morning. about 89 at noontime. we'll get back into the summer afternoon thunderstorms. stay tuned. "good morning america" is coming up next. >> keep up to date on air and online. we'll see you in a couple of
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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air. a massive explosion rocks an entire apartment complex. >> it appears there was some type of explosion. the debris is covering the entire road. >> residents climbing out window, dropping children to safety as hundreds of firefighters battle the three-alarm blaze. hospital. the search for survivors is on right now. a s.w.a.t. team takes down a suicide bomber near the u.s. border. the isis supporter planning to attack a major city. a dramatic confrontation overnight. >> hillary clinton doubles down accusing donald trump of inciting violence against her and the moment this man scales trump tower looking for a meeting with the republican nominee. big wins for the golden girls of team usa. >> she's a full second ahead.


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