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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  August 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a boy admits he beat his newborn sister to death. why he and the infant were left alone and what their mother did
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a slender like this and a slimmed are down. now at 11 details about a six euro boy telling details how he killed his newborn sister. things for joining us i'm ryan. >> the sheriff says the little boy will not face charges. >> but his mom is in jail facing years in prison. and all-new two new action news reporter is going over the details of the arrest. >> he joins us live.>> we are told that this woman kathleen steele left her three children inside a locked van while she went inside this cell phone store. over a half-hour she was
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older brother.>> by numerous witness accounts, kathleen steele was in>> bob galtieri says that lack of attention turned into deadly monday. spec she turn the car off, lock the doors, roll the windows up and went inside the business. >> investigators say steele was inside cpr cell phone repair in st. petersburg for nearly 40 minutes. kathleen l old and infant daughter outside in a van. investigators say at some point baby kathleen began crying. >> the six-year-old removed baby kathleen from the car seat and began flicking her multiple times back and forth and he said he slammed the baby. >> when still returned the six wrote told his mother baby kathleen was in distress. steel ignore the child and ran another aaron before returning home. that's when detectives say she
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instead of calling 911 she called a neighbor who is a nurse. >> it was clear to the nurse that the baby was already dead and she called 911. the six-year-old in admitted what he did and demonstrated it on a dog. deputies arrested steele, the sheriff said the six-year-old and three-year-old brothers are in the custody of child protective services.>> because of his age, the six-year-old will not be charged and will go he and his younger brother will remain in therapy-based child care for the time being. we posted that entire press conference with the sheriff of pinellas county on our website as well as on facebook care for the time being. we posted that entire press conference with the sheriff of pinellas county on our website as well as on we're learning that kathleen steele is no stranger to the
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through difficult circumstances to have children. after 12 years of trying, steel and her husband managed to concede e boy accused in this attack. the father admits even back then, he was worried.>> >>reporter: i was nervous. we were server is about having another one.>> philip steeled died of cancer in 2011. steals youngest two children were born using his frozen follow the story and you can read the details on our website right we're getting some chilling new video from the corner. this photo showing officer lee for in that deadly training exercise just seconds before he shoots and kills 73-year-old mary knowlton. this one showing knowlton as she is about to play the victim. the police chief unable to explain how the gun was loaded
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tonight, still looking at heavy rains across part of our viewing area. they are not giving up, in ft over the next couple of hours, we will continue to see showers even a few thunderstorms heading towards brandon just after midnight. and 1015 minutes. there's a look at future cast. not until 2:30 am before this finally clears the area. clouds lingering until about three or 4 am. this will be an issue for folks opening to see the meteor shower overnight. there will be breaks but still more clouds and sun. hour by the such a will return in abundance by tomorrow morning and more storms by late. we will talk coming up in the weekend forecast. police to permit says an officer who resigned last week violated policy for shooting at a moving car in late june. officer adam wall also under investigation for violating department policy for conduct on social media post. those posts were about a man
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two officers from another department were actually fired or similar posts. high energy doesn't even begin to describe the trump rally that just ended in kissimmee. thousands packed the arena to listen to the celebrity turned politician. moy that speeches sounded the same but the atmosphere was quite different.>> >>reporter: over the past several months this one seemed rowdier than usual. a out. that's to be expected. tonight donald trump stayed on message>> goodbye. one by one.>> protesters waited for the right member to have called donald trump. security escorted them out but the anger in the room was palpable. >> with education. >> we need florida to win the white house and will be spending a lot of time here. trump spoke for an hour in
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as the others. this one he added props to explain where the country would be headed under hillary clinton. >> are we liking these cards? >> he focused on bringing jobs back to the us from mexico and china and building the wall which he talked about for nearly 10 minutes. then he added another element. blaming barack obama for the creation of the islamic state.>> it's better to know the person that you are getting involved with an somebody that pu >> supporters say they like trumps take no prisoners attitude. >> a message of common sense.>> donald trump hit the topics tonight and got applies for talking about the wall, the one person he talked about very little tonight was his running mike pence. r. he talked about him for a few minutes. >> hillary clinton stumped in kissimmee after stopping in tampa. that appearance getting attention because the father of the orlando nightclub mess
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open fire in the pulse nightclub. clinton did not know that the father would be there. >> the owner of the pulse nightclub and the sister of a victim joining the anti-gay- rights advocates and announcing donald trumps speech in orlando at a pastors conference. they claimed the conference features a lineup of notoriously intake a speakers. marco rubio is scheduled to speak tomorrow on the two-month anniversary of the massacre. rubio said in a statement that the meeting is it's actually a celebration of faith. it was a jailhouse rock, but this is 2016. and 30-year-old florida man working during his first court appearance. calvin griffith faces charges for breaking into a high school in stealing and employs car keys and car. gainesville police looking for two women you see in this road rage incident behind me. it's caught on tape. the black pickup follow the
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pulled out a gun and pointed it at the other driver. you see her there. the victim hasn't been identified, plus take a look at this incident from los angeles.>> >>reporter: the driver of that dark colored honda firing at a family with a child inside that issue be. this happened after the suv got when chilled wiper fluid on his car. luckily no one was hurt. la county sheriff department still looking for this near st. louis a man in a minivan getting out to yell at a driver of that red car there. he had been trying to open the door and kicking and punching the vehicle. he had his stores like an angry man could not get him. witnesses say the driver of that red car was an elderly man who appeared very shaken up by this whole encounter. jacksonville zoo announcing a new member of the zoo family there on facebook. take a look at the new baby a noble. the baby male named boo deer is
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both doing fine. it's the eighth endangered bonobo born at the zoo and only more than seven sues in the us. rodents, maggots and roaches, almighty very popular sports bar for race fans posting all three in tonight's dirty dining report. a third accident at an amusement park this week. a boy falling off a roller coaster.>> questions about whether he should have been a light on the right at all. spec work does pay off. the surprising pay off the boys are getting from mowing lawns
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it's one of the most popular sports bars in the bay area known as the official gathering spot for tampa bay rays pants. tonight this was shut down and
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our team learning tonight inspectors forest for's on central avenue to close today after finding evidence of rodents, roaches, aunts, flies in maggots. according to the inspection report, inspectors saw over 40 life roaches, too many roach droppings to count, 60 road and droppings, along with and supplies in maggots. the state also demanded them to stop using salt and pepper shakers after finding those rodent greater units. i spoke to eddie peters the marketing manager tonight and he sent me a statement which reads: the health department found some small issues that were immediately addressing and we will correct. we are doing everything necessary to not only alleviate those, but to prevent them in the future and we will continue to be a high standards restaurant.
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statement. if you want to see more of this go to abc action an accident in an amusement park today's sparking safety concerns. that's three accidents this week. today, a three-year-old boy falling off a wooden coaster. in pennsylvania, authorities say he was writing with an older brother at the time. the younger sibling was reportedly conscious and talking before taken by helicopter to the hospital. no word on his condition tonight. were white a three-year-old was allowed on that ride in the first place. on sunday schwab was killed writing the worlds tallest waterslide, the 168 foot slide remains closed in kansas city. on monday three girls in tennessee suffering serious injury after falling from a ferris wheel in tennessee. there are more than 400 amusement parks in the united states attracted more than 330 million visitors per year. there is no federal agency responsible for oversight.
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affect your heart health later in life. that's not good for the future generation of americans. more than nine out of 10 us children and teens have poor diets. more than half of kids don't get at least 60 minutes of physical activity. it's a formula for poor heart health later in life. parents should make sure kids live a healthier lifestyle right now. on the other hand a new study finding people are living healthier lifestyles thanks to the affordable care act. the research published in the journal of american association. what started as punishment has turned into more inspiring for for brothers in kentucky. it started when one of the boys was smarting off to his mom so she made him go mow the lawn of an abandoned home in their neighborhood. >> roback i cut that yard, and i started liking it so i went around cutting yards.>> he just going around blowing everybody shards for free. getting too many requests to even keep up. his dad made his reluctant brothers tagalong and help.
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the boy say they do it because they love the feeling they get helping others and seeing people smile. a nearby temple cave the boys a brand-new more so they can keep up the good work. a group rescuing a leopard from drowning. the feline falling from a 60 foot well in india. a team of rescuers low what a great into the well for the leopard to jump in and then bring it up. the big cat was checked out and released back into the wild. this is a great story about persistence paying off. a flight attendant adopted a stray dog more than 7000 miles away because the pop waiting outside the hotel where they first met. olevia siever says she met the stray on a business trip in buenos aires. she stopped to feed and play with him and then he stepped outside the hotel waiting for her the next morning. he ended up staying outside that hotel for six months even though she would lead and not return for months at a time. after the last trip she decided to take it off with her to germany. the annual meteor
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some of the brightest shooting stars. nasa says you can see more than 200 meteors an hour which is double the normal rate. crazy if you can see it.>> right now it's not looking good but i think between 2 and 3 am. the moon sets that one so it's too bright anyway until 1:00. from around 4:58 am, yes. that might be folks getting up in the morning before sunrise, you might have a chance so. check out this video from earlier on today. sometimes you have to make do.>> my zipper completely broke earlier this evening but before the 5:00 show. i pendant with safety pins and went back on the air and nobody saw me from behind think goodness.>> that's the second time that's happened. >> i went home and somehow i was just going to put on another dressed and my husband don't ask me how, he fixed it. he took the safety pins out, he played with the zipper and
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site i guess. the dress makes another appearance. >> we talked about the meteor shower. the peak time, this is why i think the weather will cooperate. the closer you get to sunrise. probably 2 am to 4 am is the best time. if you are an early riser, before the sun rises you go outside and see meteors. as we set may be as many as 200 per usually it's one of the most impressive meteor showers of the year. right now, we are still looking at rain. if you live in citrus county and into warp pascoe, you have more clearing and when the brakes, we have to get rid of the rain. the rain continues. we're watching a 5:00 three 630. we are talking about this lingering until midnight or 1:00, in fact interior counties have picked up close to 3 inches of rain in eastern manatee, eastern hillsboro and even northwest of lakeland close to 2 inches of rain.
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more of the same pattern. sunshine early, storms in the evening, late afternoon interior counties. temperatures of cold into the upper 70s thanks to the cloud cover and the rain. it did make it to the coast but it weekend by the time you did. rain in clearwater right now at 81 degrees. there's the satellite is you see we are looking at that rain. they got heavy in the late afternoon early evening interior, blueback for coast and now we are getting a little bit of energy still sparking up the storms in southeastern hillsboro county. you look at future cast, you go to 4 am, pipe and we are good to go and the clouds have cleared. if you are lucky, if you don't want to get up early, if you want to try 1 am because you are a knight l, you might lockout but most of the area has a better opportunity by the time you roll into four or 5:30 am. what you had 6:00 in the morning and probably gets to light with the sun. still a chance, i think the call cover will definitely
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skies all day. not just all day friday but right through saturday sunday into next week. it's that summertime pattern that gives us the late afternoon and early evening storms. if you have plans of going to the coast anytime for the next several days, your beautiful. the thing to worry about with rain until maybe seven or 8 pm. same thing on friday and then it's out of here earlier by friday. 10 or 11:00 i think the range should be over. saturday sunday and most of next week, with the additional sunshine and the storms not arriving until late, we will be hot with high temperatures back in the low or mid-90s. normally we should be about 90 or 91, and we will go upper 80s to around 90 by the beach, low 90s from downtown to date city, and midshipman 90s as you go into southern polk and highlands county. southeast winds at 5 to 10 kn, sees one to 2 feet, water to mature is 83 degrees, light chop, uv index will be about as high as it can be in the summertime between 11 and 12. the upcoming tights again, the
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if you're out there even as late as maybe 6:00 tomorrow morning, you could see a few of those meteors. either way, the direction, it's up. just look up and they will be all over. here's a look at the hour by hour forecast. storms are out by 2 am. 3 am we go partly cloudy and we say partly cloudy to mostly clear by first thing in the morning. a look at florida's most accurate 70 forecast rain chances at 50%. first thing on friday evening, but the mornings right through the weekend will be beautiful. warm, clear and temperatures in the low or mid-90s and as far as i can tell, not just this weekend but it will continue right on into the middle of next week. be sure to check us out on facebook on any last minute changes to the cloud cover overnight if you go meteor gazing. coming up the buccaneers had a first-quarter to forget in philly. john sable read's and the
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things for stopping by. like it or not there's a reason why they play the nfl preseason. tonight's first quarter of the buccaneers eagles game, it's the perfect example of why. probably the worst start for coders first game as a head coach. opening kickoff that's kenny bell, this all of last season with an injury and he might be's the real season, might get cut after play like that. fumbles the opening kickoff, and the eagles take over inside the 20. that's ryan mathews scoring. you cannot lose a fumble in the first play the game. it won't help your cause in making the team. the eagles take over on that turnover and then janus winston fumbles there. that's also not good on a sac thereby. then chase daniels inside, he scores the touchdown just like that 14 nothing philadelphia but winston and the offense
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shepard finds the pain. mr. automatic roberto acquire was never missed the next point in his career in college football, guess what, he does here. first time he's done that in a long time since high school. that's not good, 14 to 6 eagles. here's a bright spot. the defense played well. isaiah johnson picking off carson, nice return to the 40. that was the big plus for the buccaneers. that defense was outstanding tonight for the six turnovers in the game, first for the eagles, the bucs lose 70 tonight but the defense played great and winston played pretty well besides the fumble. a lot of work to be done. not what i had in mind. but for the start, this her rent to start fumbling the opening kickoff, you can have that. missing an extra point. not good. five turnovers in nine points you can't win like that.>> if i
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them the ball inside the tent, they don't score. at all. i'm talking about first team, second team, 14, 13, and the defense looked amazing that they did, let's go inside the numbers. to buccaneers turnovers but they still turn it over. two interceptions by third string by mike to lenin. this is the preseason so no reason to freak out buccaneer fans. we still have three more of these to play. next up out of those three, the check wires in jackson file on the 20th. swimming is taking center stage at the olympics. michael phelps medal count is now 22 after tonight's 200 m individual medley so phelps wins that one. on though when inside mark ellis wasn't the only the area winner or swimmer in rio this
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swimmer jordan oj had a busy thursday in the water down in the limits. he swam for st. lucia but ill of a journey is over. he didn't qualify in the semi finals this afternoon in the 50 m freestyle. what a journey for the former tampa spartans. excellent college career by a trip to the olympics. he is one of five athletes from st. lucia in rio this week. congratulations. here's your up-to-date medal count after tonight's individual medley. usa leads everyone in gold medals with 15 if you're scoring at home, michael phelps now has four gold medals in rio and the first swimmer ever to win the same event which was the 200 m medley at four straight olympics. 30 minutes after his 200 phelps advances the 100 m butterfly semi final which is tomorrow. were back after this final
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to start to the day, temperatures low 90s any storms that pop-up will be after seven or 8:00 tomorrow night and if anybody's going out to do meteor hunting late tonight,>> continuing coverage>> continuing>> have a good night and we will see you back tomorrow night. z22szz zy6z
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z22rfz zy6z
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? >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- andy garcia -- "ben-hur's" jack huston -- from "mr. robot," rami malek -- and music from the go-go's with cleto and the cletones. and now, by all means -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming.


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