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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  August 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a mom charged in the death of her daughter. all new tonight what is next for the kids and if the warning signs were there. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm wendy ryan. >> i'm jamison uhler. abc action news michael paluska has been trying to track that mom down. >> he is live for us with more on why they have the sheriff calling it the worse that he has ever seen. they are saying that it all happened here. saying that the mom was inside the store for 38 minutes. the brother beating up his sister.
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>> you are charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child. do you understand the charge? >> yes. >> those were the only two words she said to the mother of three charged with the death of her 13-day-old daughter. that dale beat his sister to death. >> and i slammed her down like this and he pushed her up into the ceiling. >> reporter: no on the door, but they solicited the woman in what they assume will be a high-profile case and good for their firm. >> i'm not really going to answer any questions about ms steel. i find hertive stat -- i find her devastated on this. >> reporter: the next door neighbor commented on the case. >> it's unbelievable. i don't know how things like that could happen. how a 6-year-old could turn that bad that quick. >> reporter: steele was
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documentary i'm pregnant and 55 years old. she told the show producer that she wanted as many children as possible. ed for >> and i told her listen, putted that zipper in because we're going to do it again. >> reporter: she could barely handle the three kids that she had. >> and being alone and trying to raise those three kids and wanting another one is unbelieve what will she was having a hard time with what she had. >> and her to wear an ankle monitor. she is not allowed to go around any child including her own children. we are live here in pinellas county michael paluska abc action news. programming news in the last few -- breaking news in the last few hours. an international flight sented six people to the hospital. it forced that flight back to the airport.
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an air conditioner. passengers are saying that their flight dropped without warning. tossing some passengers into the ceiling. the flight was forced to land in south dakota. new tonight they are considering an insanity defense. love robinson pretended to be a real doc not go to medical school. even if he is found not guilty he could be commit today a mental hospital. we will continue to follow this case and we should learn more about their plans on monday when love-robinson will return to court. good evening everybody, we've been tracking rain throughout the afternoon and evening.
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quickly and overnight tonight, the skies will be clear and warm. but it will be dry. the second half of the day is another story. >> all right thanks. the first in the world of hacking. three attacks, 30 minutes apart against three substations that are serving their power grid. and that it will be the computer code that will make that infrastructure vulnerable and the same code of their code that they would have admitted to be on hundreds and thousands of the computers that will be controlling their infrastructure. duke energy business owners warning owners of a brand new scam tonight. cameron polom is live with the realistic sounding threat.
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people, cameron? >> reporter: jamison, it is ridiculous. they are claiming to be from duke energy. but the recordings that you're about to hear will give you an idea on why so many would fall for it. and businesses like the restaurant depends on a lot of things to be successful with food good and employs possible, power. >> and so everything that we have inside will be run by the electricity, all the priors that are runly the electricity and all the drills. and of course the light. >> reporter: they are taking advantage of that dependency as they would say that sophisticated crooks have taken more than $40,000 from hundreds of businesses around the state. and that it all starts with the voice mail. >> and now that you need to
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one of those calls that the phony representative would threaten to disconnects service in one hour if they don't send payment. once they call back that they immediately appear he just a minute >> thank you for calling duke energy business. >> reporter: they say that it sounds official because it is. the scammers have recorded their actual customer service line. >> and how much do i owe? $874.92. >> repo victims they need to make an immediate payment or their service will be cut off. he says he understands why so many people fall for it and see how some businesses might pay up. >> it is very realistic and deceiving. >> officials tell me that the scammers will tend to target small businesses like restaurants. and they call during the
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owner would be desperate to keep the lights on. you are asked to call duke energy using the phone number on their website. in tampa tonight i'm cameron polom abc action news. >> cameron, thank you. today marks the two-month anniversary since the attack in orlando. the one orlando fund has raised more than $23 million for the victims a mom is fighting to get her daughter a ride on the school bus. the school district has a different address for the family much closer to the school. and so she is banned from using the bus. she just cannot pay for private transportation. that she'll return to school on monday with the proof of the real address, but until then
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watch in hudson. workers were out pulling out the concrete slabs. they tell us that the homeowner will be responsible for the repair since it is on private property. tomorrow morning, the city of tampa is reopening the pool at 10:00 a.m. and this following a renovation there, pool in 2009 because of cracks and leaks to stay open all year long. there it is. next, how they finally got that driver. and plus hackers are saying that they could get into millions of cars dating back to 1995. coming up, we'll tell you if your vehicle is at risk. a texas grandpa is showing that he's no old man.
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offered him his seat on the
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the driver sped away from the burglary scene, but in the end they slammed inside, including children. tonight, we don't have any word on their condition. a lawyer who stars of a documentary is thrilled. dassi is avery's nephew. and he was the prosecution star witness in avery's trial as they ruled his confession was
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he'll win once the case goes before an unbiased court. in democracy 2016, hillsborough releasing her tax returns, increasing the pressure on donald trump to release his. their adjusted growth income was $10.6 million last year. giving away a million to charity. their income dropped from the previous year because she stopped giving paid speeches. and they show him trailing clinton there. where she would lead him by 44% to 36%. and she leads by nine points. which looks like tim kaine who is also the former and current governor is paying off.
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important recalls to tell you a. recalling several bread brownie and muffin mixes because they could make you sick. recalling some flavors because they may have e. coli in the mixes. if you have any of the recalled flavors, get rid of it immediately as we have posted all the details online. >> and because lead inside of it. we have posted product details on our website and action news app. more than 340,000 vehicles are being recalled for the third time as they found that rust could cause the arm to separate.
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say that they could hack the system, which will affect millnscars. ri that people could get access right into your car. they are s on interstate 70. the large glass panels will weigh with about 100 pounds each and they will light up as people tail drive on the the panels will help and transportation officials ni missoupedestrian bridge.
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re fascinating everyone. the pentagon is banning the app from the government-issued phones and devices. the washington times says that the the memo by the pentagon officials say that the games could be used by spies to pinpoint their location and information. some generous strangers and uber drivers in philadelphia that are going to rio to watch their son compete in the olympics as they would head out on monday as it is all happening because they would happen to strike up the conversation w uber. after hearing that he would be able to watch their son compete in that shot put on tv that they would set up the gofundme account. in two days they surpassed that goal of $7,500. his son by the way would compete on thursday. and talk about a cool grandpa, as he calls them. we'll show you why as they would tweet a few picks -- pics
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but take a look at it, he declined and pulled off the stunt as they would perform. grab the pole and then hoist them into the air. they took their brother to two previous olympics as they would take all three of them to the next olympics, which are in tokyo. michael phelps is passing swimmers everywhere, even the deer in san francisco. take a look as they would plunge into the water next to kids who taking a swim lesson that they were able to get that deer into shallow water and where they ran away. if you heard that crash it was these two. [ laughter ] >> that is not me. but the director is in my ear, blaming me, but it is these guys. i'm innocent.
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>> you need to check something on here as we have cool pictures from earlier today. now this is from lake wales, that is a shelf cloud as it was coming in earlier. this one is from tony in sun city center with a double rainbow right there. we've got another one. this one from tamara miller in the sebring area earlier this afternoon as storms rolled in. lastly christina sanchez, this is the mcdill region. again more storms rolled in today. some pretty co thanksfor sharing. we'd like to update 24/7 no matter what the weather is going on. over the next few days it'll be pretty active with some radar updating that as well. that it will be late afternoon and early evening. 11:00 at night everything will wind down and that's a pattern that a lot of us don't mind because they will give us the sunshine most of the day and then the storms will arrive late afternoon and early evening, but at least you know that you have the morning and it will be rain free to get
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right now. tampa at the airport, partly cloudy skies clearing in st. pete. and in clearwater with those temperatures in the upper 70s to the lower 80s. here is a look at their southeast satellite picture and that classic summertime pattern with the southeast wind that means that the mornings will be good and their early evening hours, by the way that it will be peaking last night with clear skies this evening. right now that you probably could go outside and catch deal that they will usually ramp up and move back down again as they could see some of the meteor showers with the clear skies that you're seeing with future cast. by tomorrow morning, the skies will remain clear and those temperatures will be remaining warm as we are in the upper 70s to the lower 80s come wake up time as they would only go up from there and take a look at their forecast through tomorrow afternoon. but notice those changes that we have been talking about with that drier air coming in, which doesn't mean that we'll change
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the middle of next week the earliest. by 4:00, not a lot. even by the afternoon into the evening, nothing more than a few stray showers. so what was 40% to 50% coverage today. tomorrow is only going to be about 25% to 35% coverage. and a little higher interior counties. sunday morning exact same set up. you'll notice maybe a few more clouds beginning to roll in and because that is more moisture coming in. because of that watch what happens with the late afternoon and early ev widespread. we will bump down their rain chances just a touch tomorrow and up a little more by sunday. but still that it will be about that 30 to 50% spread that will be pretty much normal for the middle of august. heaviest will be interior lesser along the coast. pretty much status quo for this time of the year. hurricane condition, new advisory came out today from the hurricane center from noah pretty much saying that there will be a little better
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to 17-name storms. but right now that they will tell us that if you were a betting person about 50% of that more than likely would be in that normal range that they were not anticipating things to get too out of hand for the next few weeks. but come early september through the middle of october, that's usually when things will be starting to crank up. that it does not mean that it will be an issue for us, but that things will be active. for the next five days, no development is expected, which will be one less thing to expe feet with the light chop out at the bay. tomorrow it will be at 12 with their upcoming tides and your sunrise and sunset. and a look at their hour-by- hour forecast. temperatures are dipping down into the mid to upper 70s. but look at their seven-day forecast and their most accurate will be a 40% to 50% chance for rain on sunday and monday and only a 30% to 40% on saturday. next week just like this weekend with those highs where they should be and the rain
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dennis. coming up, a yankee finale for alex rodriguez. could they spoil their final game? an update straight ahead in sports with john sabol. z22rnz zy6z
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z22rvz zy6z
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thanks for stopping by. we love them or loathe them. alex rodriguez will go down as one of the greats. tonight was his final game against the rays, of course. there's one thing you need to know about a-rod, loves the dramatic. dark clouds overhead, delaying the game for an hour tonight. once the game got started it didn't take long for the longoria busted out the 26th of the year. bottom of the 1st, alex rodriguez is first at bat facing chris archer. right to center field and the ball rolls all the way to the third with an rbi double for a- rod. good for third all time. and also career number three against archer. now we'll go into the 6th on cast treatment castro. yankees will take a 5-3 lead.
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and abruptly ending his 12-year run and career in yankee pinstripes. classy move there as they go on to beat the rays tonight 6-3. with the talk still will he play again? he hasn't used that r word retire. after tonight's game he wasn't about to commit about playing again at least not yet. >> it was overwhelming. i mean that i put these fans through a lot and it feels good. >> now it is all about tonight. wearing this uniform is so special to me. and these pinstripes are the best. well if this is the end for alex rodriguez he finishes fourth on the all-time home run list with 696 bombs. he has not said he's retiring, but of course he also said that he doesn't want to play again. we'll wait and see, he cannot make up his mind.
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a -- another shot at 700 home runs. the yankee wills release him -- yankees will release him in a couple of hours. >> but after that dismal first quarter, the buccaneers are thankful that it is the pre- season opener, not the regular season opener. bucs night started with the opening kickoff. and the the eagles then recovered it, eventually scoring a few plays later. but the next bucs possession wasn't much eagles score again. their 17-9 loss. defense was a real bright spot according to four sacks. the fumble on the first play of the game like bell didn't isn't going to help his chances of making this team, at least not as a returner as they said this afternoon that despite his fumble that he did some good things against the eagles. >> kenny bell as far as offense goes, he beat his man
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the ball thrown to him. probably five plays in the game where he got open and he did his job and that it is one pre- season game. we've had 11 other practices. and the next two weeks we're going to go six times, six days in the next two weeks against other teams. and so there is still plenty of evaluation to go. all right, on to rio now with the biggest upset of the 2016 olympics went down this afternoon with the u.s. women soccer. sweden shocked team u.s.a., winning 4-3 on penalties. first time since women's soccer was added to the olympics years ago. the united states won't play for a gold medal. in fact that they will not even be playing for a medal losing here in the quarter finals. finally michael phelps failed to wane gold tonight, but u.s.a. at 47 total medals. 18 gold, katie ledecky won the world record. we're back after this final
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if you remember last weekend that the weather stunk at the beach. this weekend that it will be perfect. >> we'll take it. continuing coverage on the top story on >> have a great night and a great weekend at the beach
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, salma hayek -- from "pitch," mark consuelos -- snoop dogg -- and music from grouplove. with cleto and the cletones. and now, more than likely, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching.


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