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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 9AM  ABC  August 13, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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. right now, abc action news weekend edition. the mom of the 6-year-old who beat his baby sister to death out of jailo thenning. what her neighbors are saying about this unthinkable crim in florida getting scammed out of $40,000. how officials say the criminals are getting your money. >> and is pokemongo being used by spies? why the pentagon is now banning the popular game. . >> it's the day game of
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for. how to get tickets to the concert experience. . >> does your student have an artistic side? where they can thrive and classes are starting soon. we will tell you about that. . good morning. thank you for waking up with us. >> thank you for being with us. hopefully jake drops a couple quarters in the juke box. we are talking back to school. a lot to we have your top stories. first, we have to check in with weather. bill logan has the forecast. >> you say it like it's an odious but necessary task. >> we all care. we want the sun. and we get it today. last weekend we were talking about nasty stuff. it's moved away from us. this is what the live radar is looking like now. where did all that wetness go? it's out to the west.
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southern louisiana. they have flash flood watches out there as this just sits and spins and spins. all of that moisture sticking with them all weekend. we get some later in the day. for right now absolutely beautiful. temperatures warming into the 80s in tampa and clearwater. still 78 in st. petersburg. loads of sun with those winds coming in out of the southeast. we will be up to 91 by later on today. then the rains me i will tell you about it in more detail in just a little bit. staying on top of breaking news we have been following all morning long. one person is dead this morning after being hit by a car. it happened on broadway. with in the last 45 minutes that road has reopened to traffic. right now in new mexico a police officer is dead and three suspects are in custody. the 45-year-old officer jose chavez pulled over a vehicle during a traffic stop yesterday
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and shot at his car and killed him. the suspects ran, car jacked another vehicle and then shot that driver. that victim is in the hospital this morning. the suspect who was driving the stolen car crashed and then gave up. right now at least two people are dead. heavy rain and floods pounding the new orleans area and parts of mississippi. this morning dozens of people are still stranded in their homes by this waist high water. take a clos these are absolutely stunning. louisiana's governor declaring a state of emergency. rescue crews in boats trying to get around and save as many as they possibly can. there is more heavy rain expected this weekend. so we will keep you posted. six people are dead in northern virginia following a plane crash. the small plane caught fire shortly after it crashed friday. it's unclear where the plane was coming from. authorities are saying that all
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the federal officials are helping state and local authorities with the investigation into the cause of the crash. a spirit airlines flight making an emergency landing sent six people to the hospital. airport officials say that smoke in the cockpit forced the flight back to the airport. this morning spirit saying that the problem was an air conditioner. passengers on a flight said their air craft dropped 100 feet without warning on a flight from boston to sacramento. it was forced to dakota. severe turbul ence sending people around the cabin. throwing some into the ceiling. 24 people had to be rushed to the hospital. a mother charged in the death of her 13 day old daughter is back at home. cathryn seal posted a bond to get out. it was set at $100,000. the sheriff said that her 6- year-old beat his newborn
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leaving her three children in a locked van for 40 minutes. when she came back it was full of blood. the baby had been thrown around like a rag doll. the neighbors can't believe what happened. >> i just -- unbelievable. don't know how things like that can happen. how a 6-year-old can turn that bad that quick or i don't know what was going through his mind. >> investigators say she ran another errand before home even after she saw how injured her daughter was. she then called a nurse down the street who called the police. the sheriff said she showed no emotion about what happened to her infant daughter. the legal team for the teenager known as dr. love said they are considering an insanity defense. police saying that he pretended to be a real doctor in west palm beach, even though he didn't go to medical school and didn't have a medical license.
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still be committed to a mental hospital. of course we will continue following this case. we should learn more about their plans on monday. that's when love robinson is expected back in court. right now pulse nightclub victims and their families able to apply for the one orlando fund. there is about $23 million in that fund right now. application forms are on the website. victims of the attack and their families have until september 12th to submit payments start on september 27th. duke energy officials are warning of a new scam aimed at business owners. they say the scammers are calling claiming to be from duke collecting an unpaid bill. of course they aren't. they threaten if the payment isn't made immediately the power will be turned off with in the hour. so far the scam has cost florida business owners 40 grand. officials say that the scammers so high end that when the number on the voicemail is called it sends them to a
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customer service. take a listen. >> thank you for calling. duke energy's business and industry line. >> i think it's a very realistic . >> and very frustrating. more than 400 businesses have fallen for this scam. duke officials say they would never threaten to turn officer off the power with in the hour. if you get this phone call use duke energy using the number on their website. breaking news. this is just coming in. this man was arrested for driving the wrongway police say that bruce green was driving southbound in the northbound lane on veteran's and memorial. he faces dui charges this morning. crews in pasco watching a depression that opened up in hudson. it started under a driveway. workers out pulling up the concrete slabs to get a better idea of what they are dealing with. officials saying that the homeowner in this case will be responsible for repairs. the reason, this depression opened up on private property.
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dip? the city of tampa is reopening the historic pool in ebor at ten this morning. this is following a $3.1 million renovation. the citien closed the pool in 2009 because of cracks and leaks. the city also added a heater so that the pool can stay open all year round. something that james has said he doesn't need because --. >> i'm not sure. >> pennsylvania boy. >> i'm getting used to taking a dip in 88-deg >> that's how we like it. >> i'm fine. i'm still here. more coming up on the news weekend edition. from cool options for lunch boxes, tablets, cell phone trackers for kids, we have steve greenburg live to talk about these fun items. the theme being back to school. do you have an artistic side or make your student does?
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classes coming up . we will tell you how you can get involved in just a few minutes. >> and as we listen to the tones of blinding me with science we give you some science. we take a look at our weekend planner. looking pretty good. it'll be more like normal this weekend with sun and clouds. warming up to 92 with showers later today. about a 30% chance. looking for a 40% chance on sunday. all in all a
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. kid all over the bay area, most of them are back in school. that means back to reading, writing, math, not my strongest. >> that's why you are here.
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the patel conservia torry gearing up for new shows this fall. >> it's pretty great. jake peterson is live and kids, even adults are all signing up for these classes right now. >> reporter: yeah. they are. there are tons of things you can do. guitar, ballet. show stoppers, you know i don't have much of a musical bone in my body but i know who do. good morning to you. >> how are you today? >> reporter: you are one of the directors here of education. what is this experience all about? really it's -- from kids to adults really right? >> we say from two to 82 is a good way to think of it. we offer classes in dance, theater and music for the very young to the oldest and everything in between. >> reporter: and they get really cool experiences. you can be on stage. you can work the lights. tell me about that. >> we have a program and so
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spotlight for this show. they can learn to run the lighting board. they can help with mic checks and being able to get -- learn how to mic another student. that sort of thing. >> reporter: and i know you are in one of the current shows right now. why did you love it here so much? >> it's just like a big family. you get to love and meet new friends and you get to make so many new experiences like being in this show and working with scott daniel our direct ear. it's an amazing opportunity. i wouldn't be inhi it's a great experience to be able to be here. you get to do so many things you wouldn't be able to do at your high school or anywhere else. >> reporter: and if you want to get signed up what do you need to do? >> our website is always a great place to go. that would be the first place to go and then if you want to do it by phone or visit us you can do it any of those three days. >> reporter: and james ashley i know you have musical talent.
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>> i will play chopsticks on the keyboard. >> you don't know this? i was -- quite the tap dancer back in the day. >> we have -- we have to plum the depths of this. what are you bringing to this? >> i played piano. >> you play piano, i will tap dance. >> make costume us and put on a >> biggest mistake and regret was quitting. >> ladies love a man who can play. >> wish i thought of that when i was 15. >> it's a beautiful day and saying i don't want to practice. the recital is in three months. hope you can win that argument at home. i will go for the beach. at least with this picture. absolutely beautiful. blue skies, just a few high clouds. we should have a great sunset
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rain clouds that will push through just about that time. let's look at the weather headlines. back to the typical summer tim pattern. looking for the rain to come later in the afternoon. it'll be clear and hot to start though. temperatures from the low 80s up through the upper 80s. nothing showinup locally on titan. it's all still back here. into the southern portions of louisiana and mississippi. we did have a couple of storms pull through last night. they were very widely scattered. only about 30% coverage. that's what we are looking for today. temperatures have risen nicely. we are at 82 in clearwater. 80 in apollo beach. still holding on in the 70s in brooksville and avon park.
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international. there is that low pressure. this is what we -- just -- dealing with last weekend. this is what was bringing us all the rain. it's moved out to the west. we will see that heat index for us today. go up to about 101 and then that 30% chance of storms will come later. they will move in from the southeast with the southeasterly winds and then kind of pull off to the north and west. by about seven we could see some of those showers through the peninsula. back in through and pasco. tomorrow looks like we will start things off earlier. about two or so and then the storms will pull through in through the midafternoon and early evening before we finally get rid of them about eight. a little bit of an earlier start for the rain tomorrow. now these are the dog days of summer and we have had a lot of folks commenting and questioning about this as we take a look at the dog swim
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the first session from 9:30 to 11. dogs get in for five dollars, humans free and then another session after they skim some of the hair away from 11:30 until 1:00. 85 degrees is your gulf florida temperature. should be's great day for boating. winds turning the southeast to south later on. two foot seas, light chop. high tide at 9:15. low at 5:20. here is a look at florida's most accurate seven day 40% for tomorrow. and then we will hold onto that 40 to 50 portion chance through the week. back to that normal sort of summertime pattern. the most important break down, the weekend. mostly sunny earlier. late day storms. they won't start until well into the -- the late afternoon, early evening. they will start a little quicker on sunday. that is florida's most accurate seven day forecast. you can check it out online at
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that dog park let me know about it. james. he is the insider, the author of gadget nation, he is steve greenburg and he is here to talk about these items with a back to school theme. more than half of the viewing area is back in the classroom. not today but soon. >> working to older kids. the first is a must have. this is ca it's a cell phone for kids. you can program in about 20 phone numbers that people can call in or call out. you can control whether it's used like after school. the parents have control. it tracks them. you can track where they are and if a child hits the emergency button you get a text message with their location. you also get a phone call from them. it's a great way to monitor your kids and also give them
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it's my kids next lunch box. they aren't boxes anymore. theater are little backpacks. they are easy to clean. you write your name. they are insu latd. they have kind of a gel built in. you can put them in the freezer and they will stay cold. designed to keep it the temperature all through the day. these are the ice tech freezer bag lunch bo apple buddies ones backpacks. next to fill them you have to find a cool food to give kids. this is the hot thing. these are zoodles. they are very in right now. you can make them yourself. this is the first electric -- i will put some zucchini in there. >> reporter: one second. where is your mic at? all right. all right. that's fine. >> not hearing me?
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>> we will make zoodles. live tv does this to you sometimes. >> reporter: we have some over here. can you come over and -- >> zoodles? my favorite. >> reporter: you like them? you are a fan? >> he is a fan. >> look at that. here they are. >> reporter: have some. there you go. >> there we go. >> reporter: there you go. we are making fresh ones now. >> these are the ribbon version. >> reporter: makes having vegetables a 15 to 20 seconds, put some sauce on them. >> when you realize your metabolism is going away vegetables are fun. we will make your i-pad or tablet unbreakable. >> this is basically -- it's designed -- i will make it play here so we have video. there we go. basically it has bumpers around the sides, it's like military grade. >> reporter: can we try it? >> if you spill ont. >> reporter: look at that.
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>> still working just fine. you want to beat it up. >> reporter: can we? here ashley here, drop this. come out front. >> where am i supposed to drop this? >> reporter: go head. >> this --. >> drop it. >> not on the pillow. on the floor. >> all right. all right. >> go head. >> yeah. >> reporter: it's still there. >> it'll make it. >> this is a -- from the led cafe string light. you dress them up, put tm dorm room more special. >> reporter: last thing. >> the dorm room as well. this is -- a -- this is called -- this is tablift. you put it in here. we are using a cutting board. when you are laying in bed you can sit and watch. >> reporter: use your imagination. we will never be in this situation together. >> you get the idea. >> reporter: we will pass it over. now i can watch what i want. this is great.
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about $40. >> reporter: steve. >> my book is gadget nation. >> reporter: we will be back
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it's saturday, time for our rescues in action and time for the animal lovers dream rescue to join us and you brought along one of your latest fosters. this is alfred. >> this is alfred. he is a o -year-old black lab mix. he has been with us r about six months. >> he is kind of chill. >> he is very chill. he is a very easy dog. loves cats, dogs, kids. gets along with everybody. >> you have had a number fosters since you have worked this and he has been easiest. >> he is very easy. he was adopted out. he was returned to us due to the family's -- some health issues. they returned him. i have had him ever since. about six months. >> if someone wants to find out more about him how do they do that? >> animal lovers dream rescue. aldr is also --.
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find out about alfred and all the other fosters. >> he is a senior dog. we are waiving the application fee. >> it's the aarp discount. >> he is looking for just a retirement home. he wants to just live out his last years. >> if you have some room in your heart and home look at that boy. >> he is easy and good. >> he would love to come home with you. thank you for coming in. >> thank you.
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. its its week two of the beach. admission is free. voting in full swing for dancing the stars. go to dancing for to see this year's star dancers and vote for our very own james tulley. it's a dollar per vote and the
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brought to you by hyu nda i of newport richey. live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. >> glad you are waking up with us. just about 9:30 now and here is what we are watching. the mother charged in the death of her 13 day old daughter posted a big bond to get out of jail. kathleen steel posted the her 6-year-old beat his 13 day old sister while steel went into a store leaving her three children in a van for 40 minutes. the mother showed little to no emotion about what happened to the baby. duke energy officials warning of a new scam aimed at business owners the scammers calling, claiming to be from duke, they threaten that if payment isn't immediate immediately the power will be
9:31 am
at least two people are dead as heavy rain and flooding pound on new orleans and parts of mississippi. dozens, stranded in their homes by waist high water as you see right here. louisiana's governor declaring a state of emergency. rescue crews in boats trying to get around. more rain expected this weekend in that area as we turn it over to ashley and bill. worst may yet be to come. >> we have seen some flooding like that. >> maybe just about this time last year we were getting over it after a stubborn system. this is the same system that was here last weekend. it's moved back to the west. behind us we are looking good. in front of us, circle on apollo beach showing a beautiful picture. live shot from apollo beach. just a few high clouds out there. no rain. a lot of people going to make it out in the boat this morning
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like i said nothing showing up here. we had a few quick moving showers last night. what we are really watching is this out here into southern louisiana. portions of mississippi. that's still seeing the bulk of the rain associated with that same system that was here last weekend. it's moved back off to the west. we have 81 degrees right now in tampa. 82 in clearwater. st. petersburg still holding on into the 70s. 78 there and very nice if you are thinking about heading out and enjoying some of that nice weather. we have more of that typical summer stuff on the way for you today as temperatures push into basically the 90s. once again today and tomorrow. we will look for about a 30% chance of showers later on today. 40% tomorrow and into the workweek. more details on the action weather forecast including a lit of an interesting forecast for downtown saint pete later on this evening. we will becoming up in less
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another wrongway driver this morning facing dui charges. this is the second today. police say this woman was traveling westbound on the inside lane of illsborough. she hit another vehicle. she faces several charges including dui. let's turn to the race for the white house. what are we going to talk about next? how about tax returns. clinton releasing hers and increasing the pressure on trump to do the same thing. the clinton's made $10.6 million. now that's -- dropping from the year before where it was $17 million. hillary started campaigning and stopped giving paid speeches. pennsylvania, shaping up to be a must win state for trump. pomps show him trailing clinton by ten points there.
9:34 am
several critical battleground states including florida. this coming from the wall street journal poll. clinton leads trump by 14 in colorado. it looks like tim kaine is working out for her. she leads in virginia by 13 points. caught on camera. a dangerous high speed chase out of houston texas and it only ends when that black right there crashes into a car with a family insee you. the chase lasted an hour going through several different highways. police say the driver of that truck was speeding away from a burglary. the car that the truck hit had children inside. we still don't know how that family is doing this morning. we will keep you updated. a bomb shell ruling for one of the characters in the documentary making a murderer.
9:35 am
overturned for steven avery's nephew. he was the prosecution's star witness. the wisconsin judge ruled his confession was forced. we saw some of that in the show. avery's lawyer is going for an appeal. vw is under fire for its keyless security systems. a group says they can hack it with a device that costs just $40. this the company said other systems also at risk. if hacked people can get access right into the car. how about that pokemongo craze? it's not fascinating everybody. especially lawmakers. the pentagon banning the app from government issued fob phones and devices. a memo claims that the game can be used by spies to pinpoint locations and information.
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go watch his son in rio compete in the olympics. ellis hill leaves on monday. he struck up a conversation with a woman he was driving through uber. after hearing he would only be able to watch his son compete on tv she set up a go fund me and he is now going. his son competes on thursday. this grandpa has some moves. get ready for this. a teen watching team usa his papa made his grandfather famous with one tweet and it's for that. he tweeted a few pictures of how his grandfather responded when a man on his train offered to take his seat. he respectfully declined then pulled off that stunt. he grabbed a pole, hoisted his legs in the air running parallel to the ground. he took britain's brother to
9:37 am
take all three of his grandsons to the next olympics. . game of thrones fans this is for you. we are in the middle of that long wait between seasons. >> it's the worst. >> i can't wait a week. i can't wait a year. that's for sure. the live concert experience is coming to the arena in tampa march12th of next year. tickets go on sale in 23 minutes. through the box office and prices are reasonable. they start around $35. that's -- i would go for it. there will be a composer for the show. you can get me a nice birthday present. >> i will take the hint. this is news on national filet mignon day.
9:38 am
perfect steak? >> if i like to think so the answer is probably not. the expert chef from bern steak house is here. how to make sure you are getting the perfect steak temperature and which other cuts may be more affordable but just as delicious. my stomach is growling.
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. good morning everybody. it's a trip to the windy city without the air fare. hospital starlight gala is called an evening in chicago. tickets are going on sale now and the proceeds going to pediatric care. why the chicago theme? because the band chicago is traveling to the tampa bay area for this special event. taking center stage la with hits their 25 platinum records. guests hoping to hear chicago's mega hit song you're the inspiration and saturday in the park. already sold out and here to remind us of why its not about the party but the cause it funds we want to welcome scott childers who is in charge of the florida hospital foundation and the chair of the event. thank you for coming in on this
9:42 am
wonderful which is how the money raised goes to help the hospital. scott can you tell our viewers how it'll be benefiting the projects at the hospital? >> it'll be benefiting pediatric, especially in the emergency departments and the five -- regional hospitals. we are really excited about the difference it'll make for our little patients when they come into the department and we are just so grateful to the community that's helping us achieve our goals. >> and these are -- they are little changes but they add up and they make a big deal for the patient experience. you know you -- you have all the pressure is on as the cheer. how much money are you hoping to raise? >> we are going to try to raise as much as we can. to benefit the pediatric areas of the florida hospital for the west coast regional vision. that will greatly benefit the children and babies in our area. >> we aren't talking about one hospital but six to seven?
9:43 am
>> the theme this year is chicago. very cool. >> yes. >> what can folks expect when they go to the event? >> its going to be a very exciting night. having the band chicago preform live, what a fantastic event. the decor, the hotel will be like you are walking the streets of chicago. we will have actors in chicago clothing and even our appetizers will have a chicago home dish pizza? a wonderful night to raise money for the pediatric care. >> welcome to the florida host family. just relocate from kansas? >> louisville. >> kentucky and what do you think of the community support so far? >> i love it. it's -- wonderful opportunity for me to come to such a great opportunity and the opportunity to join the florida hospital
9:44 am
tampa. what better place to bring your family and enjoy life a little bit. >> and we tease you that the pressure is on but you have -- a relatively easy job in the sense that the community support is always present. >> absolutely. we have a wonderful committee and they are all working so hard. i'm so proud of them. it'll be a wonderful event. >> thank you for coming in on this rainy morning. we appreciate having you here. >> thank you for having us. >> here is more information on the event if you would like to be a part of it. it's on . tickets already on sale now and the sponsor ship is also going fast. for more information on the event and how you can be a part of it you can call them at 813-
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. 15 minutes right now before
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the hour of ten. yeah it's a beach day. folks getting in the drink out there off the main sail beach inn. a great day to enjoy that water which is actually dropped in temperature now back down to about 85 degrees. i'm sure with all the sunshine today we will see it go up just a little bit. what we are seeing go up are warnings and watches for floodwaters as the rain comes down. that's the same system that was sitting just about here last weekend. it's kind of pulled across to the other side of the gulf and is southern parts of mississippi and louisiana. we don't have that problem. we have warmth. right now 81 degrees in tampa and apollo beach. we will take that future cast through for the next 12 hours. kind of let you see the way the storms blame by about five. we will start to see some of the rain showers from the middle of manatee working down toward fort meyers.
9:49 am
southeast hillsborough and all of this will pull back toward the west coast until if all drains out later into the gulf by 11 or so. what on earth is this? yeah. must be fetish congoing on in st. petersburg. starting at noon going through the early hours of the morning today and tomorrow. by about six we could see some of the showers through but into the later evening hours it should be nice outside with the temperatures dipping down in to the low 80s. we are in as i said. that gulf water temperature at 85 degrees. should be a good beach day as we push up to about 88 to 89 degrees along the coast. a little warm erin land we are looking for a high of 92 degrees today in tampa. same thing tomorrow and it's sizzling as we get ready for steak. i'm heading over there guys. >> we cannot wait to have you. today is a good day. it's a good day. it's national filet mignon
9:50 am
here. we have chef hob with us. we have been waiting for this pretty much all morning long. we want to know how you make your perfect steaks. how do you cook it so perfectly? >> you ready to reveal the secret? >> yes. >> indeed yes. let's do it. >> the best way is the dry edging of course. when you cooking the steak. >> butter. >> minimum -- [inaudible] with our steak. salt and >> just salt and pepper. you have that pan really hot right now. what is that at right now? >> i would say --. >> medium? >> medium, high. >> i won't stick my hand in it then. >> when you cook it put it down. let it sit there for a few minutes. if you keep turning it will loose some of the juice. it'll create more crust, heavy crust and you will loose the flavor . you have to be patient.
9:51 am
turning it. you want to leave it in one spot for how long would you say? >> about five minutes. >> about five minutes. >> a lot of people would think that would burn. >> you magicly appeared. >> that's the fastest i have seen him move between studios. i don't normally carry knives but i did for you. i brought you a steak knife. i also got you a fork. >> sweet. >> what is the color that you are looking for if you are -- kind of you want that char, that crust? >> very nice crust on the bottom. you will see most -- at least half of the meat turning gray before you turn it over. >> nice marbling. you want to tell us about the sauce? >> this is -- right here is -- chipper cut of meat. short rib. usual good for braise or roast, a longer time.
9:52 am
the filet maybe one day you are -- looking for other cuts of meat that you said you just cook a little longer and can still taste. >> i have to try it here. >> and -- this is -- even more better. you will tell yourself when you try it. >> all right. >> it's cook longer. the flavor infused. >> we are cheating because this is short rib and it's a cheaper cut and he will pour the sauce on here. >> what kind of sauce is that? braising sauce. >> just leave it on and cook it more. >> while james and bill are digging in to that what is this other dish that you have here that's another cut of meat? >> this is filet. >> that's the filet. >> medium rare. >> okay. >> short ribs here. >> for anyone who said they eat their meat well done. what would you say to them? i'm a medium rare person myself. what do you say to the well done people out there?
9:53 am
>> don't go to berns. >> right. >> we will cook to anyone's desire but we have some that order well done tuna. to me that is like a tuna out of the can. if you cook it that --. >> you loose the flavor. >> if you cook it that far you loose -- you kill the flavor. >> try at least medium if you are a well done person. you can take a chance. >> how is it? >> this is great. >> i can't. my mouth is full and it's delicious. >> it's >> the short rib is a great call. >> how did i not get a fork. >> all right. we will take care of that after the show. >> chef this is fantastic. >> this is really good. tell us if you are going to bern steak house you get the filet. it's one of the best deals in town. tell us about that? >> our meat is the best deal in town. the way we age them and take care of them. only 25% on most of the cuts of the meat. >> make sure its trimmed.
9:54 am
a little bit of marbling. >> all trimmed. sometimes it's not the nicest cut. have two, three pieces but you have nothing to loose. >> where are my manners? >> here you go. >> i have to celebrate. chef hobb. it's your favorite holiday. it's the filet. i'm giving it a try. >> happy filet day. >> make one at home for a special person or short ribs, they aren't bad. >> she can't speak. it's just to good.
9:56 am
9:57 am
. that's one of those shows where -- ford -- with us because their mugs full of steak here on national filet day. >> we have great looking forecast for you. the broney cast is going on today. >>th lovers of my little pony. looking for that -- maybe -- let's call it a -- a 30 to 40% chance of showers today and tomorrow. should be a great weekend to get out and cook out and -- fire up the grill and maybe do some filet. i know we have some good filet here. >> you can look at the rain chances. i'm looking at that short rib. we have bern steak house.
9:58 am
>> still cooking. >> it -- you liked it? where are you bill? >> that's not the right word for it. >> that is for you. >> is that short rib? >> you aren't going to feed him? >> i had like six during the break. this is good stuff. >> enjoy the day. go out and make something for the special person in your life and enjoy the rest of your saturday. we are back bright and early -- i would say sometimes dark and early tomorrow morning. i will see you then. >> i will
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announcer: "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponre nationwide. jack: hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." you could easily get the wrong idea about today's scary sounding animals. aren't they real aggressive? some of them are lethal. this thing looks deadly. it's no wonder they're called cold-blooded. whoa. but the truth is, there's a huge variety of cold-blooded creatures. looks like two big boulders in there. and most aren't dangerous at rex: the only thing they're actually horrible towards is little black ants. jack: today we'll find out what it really means to be


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