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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  August 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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live from the station taking action for you this is abc action news. now at 6:00 he's accused of smashing into a business the millions invested to reopen a popular family sxot and why this could be -- family spot and why this could be the beginning of more to come. trying to i pick up the -- to pick up the pieces after someone broke into his shop. >> more on the surprising way he got caught.
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service and this is what happened. this young man parked his bicycle right here outside of this gate. this gate was locked and closed. that's when he decided to hop over the fence and smashed the glass out. goes inside and ripped the alarm panel off but the alarm did still sound. before the police got here he took two sets of keys off the wall went to this dodge charger closer up of some of the scratches on it. he drove it through the back fence of this business. but decided he wanted a car without damage so he brought that one back. the second set of keys were for a chevy mustang, very nice car. he drove it through the fence. you can see a picture there. he parked it a few blocks away.
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he realized that somewhere along the way he had dropped his wallet. police had already found the wallet and when he came back to retrieve it the officers stopped him and found out he was the suspect. rodney has now been charged with several charges. the business owner says he's got a window and an alarm repair but the chevy has no marks on it. >> thank you. sad news tonight a teenager is dead after a fatal crash. troopers say it happened early this morning. the driver and two passengers, one who died. francisco domingez. alcohol
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drivers. first yadixa rodriguez is facing receive ram charges after she -- several charges after she veered into oncoming traffic. a passenger in the other car was the only person injured. and this man bruce green also receiving a dui after police arrested him driving the wrong he was pulled over by police after they noticed him going the wrong way. no one was injured. and a ped struck by a car and -- and a pedestrian struck by a car and dies. northbound 50th was shut down for hours. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather.
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are starting to see showers pop up on doppler radar. especially towards the orlando area. they are getting slammed right now. we just had expired a special marine warning that took place through tampa bay through old tampa bay. we've had these storms move through pretty quickly from the southeast to northwest and this one here looks like it's due to hit shore acres. warnings and watches go. but we do still have some of those storms out there. in tampa 89. 77 with rain in st. petersburg. as it has cooled off with the shower coming down. 90 from tampa. we'll do it again tomorrow. the rains are going to start a little bit earlier in the day.
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doppler radar coming up in 15 minutes or so. >> thank you so much, bill. new business owners has the opportunity to address some of the challenges that could come along. score a nonprofit group hosted a three-hour work shop. some of the focuses were small business successes and failures and the cost of starting up a small business. >> one of the biggest challenges that we've the people who come here. almost 15 people here today. is basically getting funding. that's the big question. how do i get funding. and that's not an easy question to really answer. we provide a lot of the basic information for them and starting an organization that they need to get going. >> they provide free mentoring
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nationwide. while the country is rooting on our olympians tampa is hoping to help our local athletes. >> this day is years in the making. >> and just like that an 80- year-old pool is back in business. >> we all should be proud of this. >> kids are swimming, adults lounging, and life guards watching just like 1930s. it reopened in the early 2000s and then in 2009 the pool started leaking and remained closed. but this year they renovated the pool and had it reopened this weekend. >> anthony is and loretta have tons of memories here. >> we met 61 years ago. he was coming up those stairs over there.
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said i'm going to marry that guy. >> and she did. >> i tell my grandchild this is where i met your grandfather. >> and now those kids can enjoy the pool just like they used to do. the mayor says this is one example of how they are invested in the community. >> teach them how right decisions. >> and the memories now forming will last a lifetime. >> we still have friends that come out here. >> awesome story there. in tampa collectors had the chance to bid on hundreds of unclaimed items. listen to some of the items.
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18 carat gold necklace along with trading cards all up for auction. >> there's a lot of money being spent for a great cause. >> 100% of the proceeds goes into an account for the person who didn't claim the property. about 70,000 individual items were sold. an item can it remains unclaimed for five years. fighting to live. a woman attacked by an alligator. the one move she made that led that gator to strike.
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right now to a woman in critical condition after a gator attack. adrian banker has the story. >> a woman fighting for her life after an alligator nearly bit off her hand. >> her hand was pretty much >> the 49-year-old woman was vacationing at a campsite when she was attacked. >> this woman apparently dropped a can into the water. she was standing on the dock and as she reached in to retrieve the can that's when she was bitten. >> horrified witnesses jumped in to help. >> put her left hand on the
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the can. and when she did that she caused a ripple in the water, splash and there was a gator right from. >> the woman in critical condition undergoing surgery as doctors try to save her hand. >> it was a very severe almost full amputation of the hand. new information tonight on a poll showing the number of american marijuana smokers has doubled. recreational marijuana is now legal in several states. more states are voting for legalization in november. in the state of florida the use of recreation l marijuana is illegal. bsh recreation -- recreational marijuana is illegal. the invitation open to everyone in the public. including a chance to look at
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they had give aways and even more. >> an opportunity to serve the citizens. and we've been doing that in an efficient capacity for the last 100 years. >> the lakewood fire department also restored its first fire engine. the official opening is august 16th. history in the bronx. less
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y22rfy yy6y and how about taking a dip in the pool. that's what dozens of dogs did today they took over fossil park pool. it marks the end of swimming season. today only furry friends allowed to cool off. the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> that was a nice dog there. >> quite impressive. >> good distance there.
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the olympics and the swimmers. >> how could you not be inspired by michael phelps. dogs at the pool, you've got to love that. dog days and we're seeing those afternoon showers we're normall accustomed to. it was on the radar from this morning with our future cast and that's what we're seeing right now. from the river gate tower camera you can see let's show you that. boom. right there. also seeing some showers through tampa bay. some lightning strikes and out towards plant city as well. all of this shooting up from the southeast and is going to continue to do so throughout the evening hours. not a huge event but if one of those gets over you you can see storm activity.
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-- here in tampa by about 6:28. this continues to track to the thort and west. into that -- the north and west. the rains will be lingering through the evening and we'll see clearing into the overnight and then dry and hot to start off your sunday. up to 92 today. no rain officially at the airport yet. but we are still waiting to see as the storms pass through. here's a radar right now. a composite picture. 90 in tampa and clearwater. 78 in st. petersburg where the rains have come through. sarasota at 77 degrees where the rains have cooled things off. 94 in bartow. it feels like 101 degrees. seeing a lot of rain to the
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brought us all of our showers and gray weather last weekend. it's dumping a load of rain on louisiana. we're going to see some storms lingering tonight and clearing into the overnight hours. by 8:00 we'll see things moving through. 11:00 we'll see a random shower around spring hill and then it will move into the gulf of mexico. storms by 2:00 tomorrow and pretty things will eject to the gulf by 6:30 or 7:00. we'll move that timing up and hold on to that earlier timing on monday as well. here's a look at your evening planner. temperatures to go from # 8 into the low -- 88 into the low 80s by midnight. 88 on the water. expect winds to turn southeasterly.
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the extreme category. the sun will be up on the button at 7:00. here's the most accurate seven- day forecast. 40% chance of showers tomorrow. we'll hold on to pretty much the same thing right into the workweek as well. p maybe a -- maybe a better chance of rain on tuesday. this is what we expect during the summer as we finally get back into the summer pattern. all quiet now. if anything breaks we'll let you know on at 11:16 this morning the yankees released alex rodriguez. the yankees called up tyler austin. and rookie aaron judge. boy does the move releasing a-
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great? especially after twha did to the rays today. first hit as well. next batter and four pitchers later is aaron judd. right to deep center. blast off the glass of the center field restaurant. and we have ourselves history. first time in history teammates hit back to back home runs in their first major league at battle. yankees not any morement brad mel -- anymore. brad miller up. aaron hicks goes deck shopping. 3-1 blast. yankees take the lead and go on to win 8-4 over the rays. third straight loss for tampa bay. >> we didn't make many good pitches today there's no
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too many pitches that are capable of hitting the ball ou of the ballpark -- out of the ballpark and they did. according to rick from the times expected to play one of the big free agent money acquisitions physically unable to perform list. jarred been dealing wa back injury and hasn't -- with a back injury and hasn't he signed a five-year deal back in march. he's guaranteed $14.5 million. after he got back to the practice. first practice since the eagle's game. they will have two joint practices this week with the jaguars. the wag yars -- the jaguars are loaded on defense.
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two good receivers two good runners. you know border is a solid quarterback. he's a high pick in the draft. there's no teams in the nfl that around a good challenge. >> here's what we'll have tomorrow before an open practice to the public on monltd. abc action news -- monday. abc action
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thank you so much for choosingbc action news and news continues on >> we'll see you back here
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welcome toworld news tonight." delying and dangerous heat. in the gulf coast four months worth of rain. in a single day. at least two killed in the historic floods. the national guard on the scene. more than 1,000 rescues. >> by 10:30 it had gone about 100 feet. i mean it was fast. >> the state of emergency not over yet. the rivers are quickly rising. tonight 50 million americans under heat alerts. it feels like death valley but it's new york city. up and down the east coast triple digits. the extreme heat sparking a deadly lightning strike. donald trump's new attack. what he wants his supporters to do on election day and not just


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