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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  August 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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an off duty officer saves a three a pinellas county music teacher fighting to live. the man facing charges. thank you for joining us, everyone. a hillsborough county detention deputy is being held a hero for jumping into action while off duty to save a child from drowning yesterday at a water park. >> karen joins us live who just
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>> reporter: an amazing story. what happened there was called a miracle, he was at flash harbor with his wife and three children with was holding on to his three year old son when he heard a woman screaming for help. he saw someone trying to pull a child from underneath the water. he hand z his son to a complete stranger so he could dive in and rescue the toddler. the boy wasn't breathing and foaming from the mouth. he started cpr woke up and was taken to the hospital and is said to be doing just fine. >> i'm still in shock. he is alive. if it happens again i would do it the same way. >> he's been a detention deputy with hillsborough county six years. the family of the three year old
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to be interviewed. they said it's a reminder to keep close watch on children all the time because it only takes a couple seconds to lose sight of them and something terrible happen. a schoolteacher in critical condition tonight after police say a drunk driver ran a red light and slammed into her car. the music teacher and passenger are in his name is 36-year old shawn hen kins. police arrested mc cloud who ran a red light at park boulevard around 1:00 this morning and he's facing two charges with serious injuries but they could be up grated. we're keeping a close eye on the story and we'll keep you updated. another wrong way driver making the news this weekend making it the third case.
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car after he started driving southbound in the northbound lane of anderson road. one person suffered minor injuries and another was sent to saint joseph's main hospital. he was arrested and charged with a dui. sad news tonight. former florida supreme court clerk dies at the age of 85. he made his mark after helping the cords through troubled days in a memorial is being planned. a pedestrian in critical condition after being hit by a car on the 4100-block of hillsborough avenue. right now i-275 near 62nd avenue north is back open. troopers shut down the road
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no information has been released at this time. . a plea to find a dog left on a busy highway. thank goodness the dog is okay. i have posted these photos on my facebook page and we hope you share them in hopes of finding out what happened. troopers found the dog in poke could bety. if you have any information on how this dog got there who who owns it call fhp. for that dog in the highway. we in tampa right in the middle of two major storm cells. the radar down to the south is seeing heavy thunderstorms moving to pie island and fort myers. all of this moving north at 15 miles per hour. we go north and see showers out here in the gulf of mexico. a couple small cells around rus
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boomers including a huge cell of thunderstorms working up towards the big bend area and over towards sugar mill woods. we have seen a few showers move through pasco county. right now we're mostly dry. clouds around in tampa where it's 87 degrees. 85 in clearwater. sunshine and 83 as we move into the evening. as we move through the evening we the lower 80s and a few clouds around but no rain as you start the work week. will there be more showers in time for monday? >> chances are good and absolutely 100%. they put their lives on the line every day. hundreds of community members gathered to give back to law
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blue event had several purposes. the beach off gandhi boulevard had your typical sunday feel this afternoon. until dozens of jeeps started taking over. >> we're out here giving out free meals. >> i've met these people through driving the same vehicle. >> these people organized the event after the officer killings in dallas. >> the officer's dangerous. it can happen around here. >> a group member says it was their duty to show support. >> i made a post a month ago saying after all the events it would be nice to do something and it blew up with comments and likes. >> they decided while they're here to clean the beach. several group members are police officers. >> we want to show them they have our support. >> it worries us every time we hear something. >> david myers says it's
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respect. >> we try and pay back and show them how much they're appreciated. >> they're helping people passing by. patrick is making a stop in the bay. that organization who helps intre neuros build and launch businessesn entre penurs. at the heart of our campaign is our future plans hon line survey. abc action news viewers will be
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cost. participants receive a confidential summary of their reports by local offices at career sources tampa bay and review the sources with you for free. head to our website, for more information. still ahead at abc action news at 6:00. shutting down pokemon. the pentagon taking aim at the popular game. plans on banning the app and why it boils down to national
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the pentagon is
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pokemon go app. they claim it can be used by spies to pinpoint information. usf fans the jumbo trons are fully separational and there are explosions in yankee stadium. see how many homes they hit
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a texas homeowner sharing his scare. a 9 foot alligator when he opened his garage, 300 pounds waiting for him. he was not happy when they to remove him. they eventually got the big guy out. >> talk about a surprise. orlando has been named the nation's most pet friendly city according to wallet orlando ranked at the top because of its large number of veterinarians and pet businesses in the area. other cities were las vegas and st. louis.
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second, tampa third, not bad. >> what surprised me though was the vets. more vet narns why? >> because of the tourists. a lot of people coming in that board their pets. it's a big business. we have some storms out there but not around the beaches. really nice beach day for the most part. as we have seen rain moving through it's moved folks back away from the sun. nice view on anna marie island. that's a great place to be on a sunday. beautiful blue-green water and blue skies and a few clouds around as we take a look at clear water harbor and our weather headlines. we will see rains lingering this evening and clearing out into the overnight hours and more storms back again on monday. taking a look at your almanac for today, up to 91 at tampa international airport.
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we have seen cells move through. top of the broadcast now we're near the record of t 97 with three degrees above the normal of 87. we do have some showers moving through the panhandle. lafayette county is under a severe thunderstorm watch but nothing around our neck of woods except for cooling temperatures. 75 for brooksville. 91 in avon park. tampa at 87. 91 for bray den ton and 83 in st. peters burg. how much of a temperature difference is that. 15 degrees cooler in spring hill right now than we were yesterday thanks to the rain moving through. hudson about 11 degrees cooler
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weather as well. 74 in gainesville. 87 in jacksonville. look at the heat into the northeast. all the way up i-85 and i-95. speaking of which, that's the temperature right now in boston. feels like 111 degrees. in new york it was hot at the new yankees stadium. feels like temperature of 105 degrees. the heat is on through the east coast and they with rain moving through. along a front that is taking the moisture along the northern gulf coast further north. we're still stuck in the same sort of summertime pattern. showers ending tonight and still will be humid overnight and we'll watch as we see lingering showers moving into the gulf and back again tomorrow. right through the center of the state they will pull back towards the west coast. by the beginning of your commute home tomorrow afternoon could
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showers further south along i-75 and the rains will linger into the middle evening hours, about 4:00 or so we will see them move into the gulf. same thing on tuesday as we look for even more moisture and for the middle of the work week. looking for an overnight low of 77 or 78 degrees after we go down through the 80s. gulf water temperature currently at 87 degrees. we're watching for the wins to turn it will go 15 knots to 10 knots later in the day. moderate chop on the waters and you have index in the extreme category. a high tide of 213 and the sun is up at seven and will set tonight at 8:09. will be gorgeous as well. here's a look at florida's accurate seven-day forecast. you will see the picture of consistency here.
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the daytime boo the low 90s where the rain doesn't fall and could get into the mid 90s. where the rain does fall we will see highs of 88 or 89 degrees. overnight lows staying consistent. no real changes to this forecast unless we get something bumping up in the tropics and everything there is clear in the atlantic basin. if anything changes we'll let you know about it at abc action and i'll tweet it out -- -- the new york yankees are celebrating their 1996 world series championship team all day yesterday. they were honored before the first pitch and the best closer of all-time honored before the game.
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season. 2-0 and guys in the navy tops. rays looking to get the run back in the fourth and corey dicker son provides three runs for tampa bay. rays take a 5-1 lead and that opened the flood gate for the offense. he got the rays on the board with an rbi double right center field gap and susa scores and wilson comes on down. rays win 12-3 and avoid the sweep. rays also hit four home runs today. both teams combine for 15 homers in three games. longoria the player of the game with four rbi. >> he's the guy you want on base. he has the knack for knowing
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extra and then when to take the base hit the other way. right now he's seeing everything really well. the college football and nfl season is fastly approaching. teams are having picture day. you might notice something different in this picture. that massive score board behind the bulls offensive line -- fans are greeted with two gigantic video boards at the opposite end of end zones game. other video boards are being installed to the left and right of the school boards. fans will finally get to see these new hd score boards in action during an actual game on the 26th against the cleveland browns. usf fans will see them on september 3rd. usf head coach is impressed with
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>> big time. it's big time. that score board is big. but it's nice if you think about it. how colorful it is and how nice it looks up there. i thought it's a great addition to an already nice stadium. right after michael phelps earned his 123rd medal simone biles became the first gymnast to earn three gold medals in the olympics. the total count is now leading with 26 gold and 66 total. also the usa basketball team beat france today by three points to advance to the quarter finals. stay tune, we'll be back
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we have breaking news right now. we hope we will go to live pictures. police are currently on the scene of a crash occurring at the intersection of dr. martin luther king jr. boulevard. it was a vehicle and bicyclist crash. the bicyclist is in critical condition. we are takg forecast that is showing showers ending tonight. we'll go down to 80. tomorrow kicks back down to 77 and looking for a 40% chance of thunderstorms which will affect you on your way home from work. no problems getting to work. janelle and ivan will have that for you. thank you for choosing abc
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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news right now. a massive rescue operation under way. historic flooding destroying entire towns. more than 7,000 people pulled to safety, including this incredible underwater rescue. and tonight, many still stranded. robbed at gunpoint. gold medalist ryan locthe, in a dangerous stickup near the olympic village. >> he packed it, put it to my forehead, said get down. >> rio's darker side revealed. the real danger at the games. boiling point. an american city erupts in violence after police shoot a black man they say was armed. tonight the governor calling in the national guard.


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