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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 15, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, several breaking stories overnight including the historic flooding in louisiana. tens of thousands of people rescued after more than 20 inches of rain and it's not over yet. >> a wildfire forces thousands of people to evacuate in northern california destroying homes along one mansur visits by getting in his pool as the flames engulf his yard. >> more unrest in milwaukee. cars burned. at least one person shot and a police officer hospitalized. a second night of protests following a deadly police involved shooting. and people running for safety at one of the country's busiest airports, officers came in with guns drawn as all flights were grounded. we have the latest on what
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good monday morning. it's been a busy overnight hours for us following several breaking news stories starting with the epic floods in southern louisiana. expected to get worse today. >> overnight the number of people being rescued nearly tripled in size to to 20,000. parts of the area received over 20 inches of rain since friday. >> a boat full of people making its way through a flooded street. only car roofs peeking above the abc's ray raimundi has the latest. >> reporter: this drone video giving a snapshot of parts of baton rouge, louisiana, submerged underwater. u.s. national guard helicopters swooping in to rescue this man and this little boy from the rising floodwaters, just 2 of the more than 20,000 rescued in southern louisiana. the federal government officially declaring louisiana as a major disaster. >> obviously this remains a very
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flooding and it remains ongoing. >> reporter: cars submerged underwat underwater. dramatic rescues like this. >> get my dog. >> your dog? >> get my dog. >> this man rescuing a woman after her convertible sunk underneath the rising water. this highway now ache makeshift river with abandoned cars. of interstates are flooded. >> we've been here for about 30 hours now. >> reporter: the national guard moving in to rescue those trapped. more than 10,000 people now in shelters. this woman lucky to escape the floods with her two daughters. >> i just wanted to get out. i'm like it's not going to stop. once i saw it coming up my steps. we got to get out. >> reporter: in the midst of the disaster extraordinary acts of
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glad to see you. >> neighbor helping neighbor some delivering water. others passed out food. ray raimundi, abc news, new york. the region's rivers are cresting which means more flooding is likely. the storms are still active and moving up from the gulf of mexico bringing in more heavy rain today as well. >> clearly we're in the thick of a busy weather pattern. accuweather's paul williams tracking it all. good morning. >> good morning to you, as well, diane, kendis. high pressure will kee steamy throughout boston, new york down towards d.c. here's what's in the wing, afternoon evening thunderstorms from richmond all the way towards columbus covering the ohio valley and it reaches down towards the deep south as well. in fact, this is widespread rain that's going to be in the misery of heavy downpours. gusty winds as well. winds axccelerating up to 45 to 60 miles an hour. the other breaking news
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clayton fire threatening towns in northern california. forcing thousands of people to evacuate. officially ten homes have been destroyed but eyewitnesses report seeing others on fire. commercial buildings and a post office burned and another 1,000 structures are in danger right now. one resident taking shelter in his swimming pool. >> just about 20, 15 minutes or so. got intense, sparks and fire blowing. >> acres and we're told it is 5% contained. that same area was devastated by a wildfire nearly a year ago. a second day of protests in milwaukee ended with shots fired and at least two people injured, one rushed to the hospital after being shot, the other was an officer injured after his patrol car was pelted with rocks. it marks the second day of unrest in the city, though there was less widespread destruction of property than we saw in
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protesters are angry over the deadly shooting of a black man but police say the man had a gun and they have the video to prove it. a shooting at new york's jfk airport shut down operations and sent people for cover. a loud noise with a reported use of gunfire at american airlines while officers were seen running through with guns drawn you see people dropping to the ground. the terminals were evacuated and a nearby highway was shut frightening scenes at jfk but the gunfire was never confirmed and there were no injuries. donald trump is looking to get back on message today as he lays out his vision for defeating isdefeat ing isil. this after tangling with the media. a blistering op-ed suggests a landslide defeat is possible and comes after trump blasted "the new york times" for an article about turmoil in his campaign. >> the newspapers are going to
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taking their press credentials away from them. >> reporter: trump's campaign manager is the focus of another "the new york times" article. investigators in the ukraine told "the times" they found secret ledgers showing $12.7 million in undisclosed cash payment designated for paul manafort. his lawyer says he hasn't received any such payments. and vice president joe biden is hitting the campaign trail with hillary clinton f his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania, scranton has been a democratic stronghold but trump is hoping to capitalize on their stagnation and anger over illegal immigration. clinton's support among the working class there has been eroding so she's hoping biden can help. to the olympics and simone biles in action again today looking to build on her third gold medal performance. >> biles came out on top in the vaults last night. she now has two more events to g. the balance beam today and
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be the first american gymnast to win five medals in a single round of games since 1904. >> history in the making. olympic three-peat for usain bolt in the 100 meters. he is the first man or woman to win the event in three straight olympics and have you seen this photo. bolt even before the final, this is a shot of him pulls away from his opponents in his semifinal heat. now, while bolt the, what, me worried look on their face. the others look stressed out. >> it's not like he was in the lead the whole time but sort of pulls ahead at the end. to have that much confidence when you finally get out in front, great, great photo. speaking of the greatest the medal count, shall we?
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overall and americans lead in the number of gold medals with 26. >> the american games in rio. still ahead, more news from rio. gold medalist ryan lochte talking about getting robbed at gunpoint. a girl's family's quick thinking saved her from a lion. >> a pilot forced to ditch his plane in the water during an air show. how the people on the beach came
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four boaters including a child had to be rescued after their boat capsized off the gulf coast of florida. when the coast guard arrived they were clinging to the hull of the overturned boat with their life jackets on.
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mourning the loss of a police officer. officer tim smith who would have turned 31 today was shot to death after he left his patrol car in the town of eastman in south central georgia. police are looking for this man. raheem deeds should be considered armed and dangerous. three couples were victims of a plane crash in alabama. they were returning from a dental convention in florida when their plane went down. investigators say the pilot issued a distress call b the tuscaloosa airport. now to a dramatic crash landing in england. a small plane was forced to touch down along a beach during an air show. the plane hit the water hard and flipped upside down trapping the pilot but onlookers came to the rescue and turned it over. the pilot walked away with no serious injury and the plane seemed to be relatively unscathed, as well. twitter may bring its football games to apple tv. the mini blogging service
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games, now twitter is reportedly in talks to put its app on apple tv which would let millions of that device's users watch the streams. "suicide squad" held on to first place at the movies despite a huge drop-off from last week. "suicide squad" took in about $44 million. the raunchy "sausage party" surprised with 34 million and "pete's dragon" from our parent company had $21.5 million. when we come back, in the middle of the night, hear why these guys have a red cooler to thank for saving their lives. mama bear jumps into action after her cubs take a tumble
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allergies distracting you? when your symptoms start... doctors recommend taking ...non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season. claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy 24 hour relief... for fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do every day. live claritin clear. it's momma to the rescue at katmai national park in alaska. she's popular with inter followers. she and her cubs were fishing when the cubs were swept away over a small waterfall. well, after a glare at the careless kids she takes a different route down to the pool and fishes the cubs out of the water. >> drivers should watch out for road flooding in a large region of the country from the gulf and the deep south all the way up to the ohio valley and great lakes. wet roads likely in the upper plains and rockies. >> where we will airport delay,
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likely. a nightmare for a family in idaho watching in horror as their little girl was swooped up by a mountain lion. >> just like we saw the mother bear this is a different momma bear that jumped into action. see what happened. a harrowing tale of child versus the wild. >> we didn't think we were in danger of the just thought it was passing through but now we know it was actually stalkering the kids because they had come up for dinner. >> reporter: kelsey was out mp green canyon hot springs. >> it was after dinner i took her and her cousins to the tent. >> reporter: kelsey wandered off a mountain lion tried to carry her off. her mom jumped in immediate. >> i >> grabbed her with its teeth and flipped her over and we were there screaming running at the lion and scoop her and she just clinging to me. >> reporter: the mountain lion
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her mother scream left scratched and bruised but alive. >> big scare for the whole family. to lift little kelsey's spirits the family has given her a new nickname. puma princess. police in new york are questioning a man in connection with the shooting death of an imam and another man as they left a mosque. the man was seen in the area where the shooting took place and surveillance shows the gunman approached them from behind opening fire and walked away. they re suspect saying the motive is still unclear. neighbors believe it was an anti-muslim hate crime but police have not yet confirmed a motive. who needs a life preserver when you need an ice cooler. three men clung to a cooler and seat cushion and cries for help were heard on shore and a fourth tried to swim to shore. none of the four had been wearing a life jacket but luckily for them they had that cooler. frightening moments for a
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three teammates victims of a gunpoint robbery. the group was in a taxi heading back to the olympic village early sunday morning when armed men posing as police pulled them over. lochte says the gunmen told the swimmers to get on the ground and he initially refused. >> and then the guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it to my forehead and i put my hands up like, whatever, he took our money. >> well, lochte tweeted his thanks to family, friends and fans for his concern. the most important thing is he and his teammates are safe and unharmed. >> kind of strange that the international olympic committee actually denied the story just a short while before the u.s. olympic committee came out and confirmed it? >> now we're hearing from them directly. time now for sports and some
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>> let's go to espn. good morning, america. kevin connors, john anderson. i was wondering at some point watching the 100 meters if usain bolt was going to burst into flames he was so fast. >> he is fast and little slower but at 29 you're allowed to do. here i will re-create the 100 mooets da -meter dash. mookie betts off zack greinke in the first. two-run it's 2-0 and then he plowed a three-run homer out there. fenway all his home runs were over the monster. there's a three-bagger thank you very much. goodness me. 4 for 6, 26 homers on the year, 3 homers and 8 rbiss red sox won huge. >> cardinals and cubs, cubs led 3-1 till eighth when stephen
4:20 am
rondo lch rondol, jumping for joy. what do your teammates do after that? completely change the game and give your team a win? you get to the dugout and they give you high-fives and chuck water in your face. that's a compliment now. what did i do? you apologize. now it's nice job. >> well, there's all kinds of ways to show that you're nammered with someone and your appreciation. >> if i had water i would throw it on you now. in i america. can i get some water? >> i like that idea. >> don't you dare. up next in "the pulse," the big question at the medal ceremonies in rio, what are those trophies that the athletes are getting? >> ah, yeah. and the michael phelps face forever etched in ink. with myself, with my life.
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? all right, time to check "the pulse" starting with a major olympic milestone for the u.s. >> when simone manuel won the 4x100 medley it clinched the 1,000th gold medal for the olympics dating back to 1886. >> that promised this tweet from phelps. world record for ledecky. three number one finishes for biles. that's how team usa gets america to 1,000 golds, way to make history. >> boom. fans around the world are noticing a break in tradition at the rio games. something is missing at the awards podium. >> instead of getting flowers this year winners are getting this little guy. it's a figurine of the rio olympics logo and it doubles
4:24 am
well deserved medals. organizers thought it would be nice to give the athletes something that won't be thrown away. >> they triggered a guessing game on social media with speculation ranging from a pa paperweight to a happy meal toy. >> it does look like that. michael phelps' intensity will live on on the leg of one of his fans. >> remember that death stare that he put on the south african chad le clos? a man named so much he tattooed that stare onto his right leg. that's his leg right there on the right. he said he wasn't even a fan of phelps before the games but his performance this time around inspired him so much now he's going to look at that for the rest of his life. >> pretty good, the toronto man said he didn't even like swimming much less michael phelps before, but he was impressed and decided to etch it forever. >> great job by the tattoo artist.
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good morning on this monday. some of us back to school and you enjoyed a little longer vacation. this morning pretty average. afternoon thunderstorms. nothing unusual. rain chances tip cattle for this time of year. it's just the timing of where they d up. we'll have changes by middle to latter part of the week actually reversing our forecast as far as where the storms fire. for now let's talk about temperatures. we check in the upper 70s to around 80 degrees. titan doppler radar pretty quiet though again numerous thunderstorms yesterday. thankfully we had cloud cover over tampa st. pete and even with that we had thunderstorms. reason i say that is because we had a little help with this
4:28 am
that. sometimes that will trigger additional lift. we had that yesterday. in fact numerous severe thunderstorm warnings from, over at 95 and continuing to the north with frequent lightning and heavy rainfall there. that low moves away but still a southeast flow continues to have showers and thunderstorms developing along 95 and pushing west. then again everything moves over to the other side by the middle and latter part of the week so. plenty of sunshine, the storms by noontime, we'll see showers developing east across our interior counties. that is where we're going to rain first. then lastly along the coast as everything heads over in that direction. as far as temperatures, it is going to be hot today. even on the coast, temperature in the low 90s. it will feel like about 100 to 105. 93, lots of them there. crystal river, hernando, brooksville. and we continue to the south and east, apollo beach, maybe middle 90s so it's going to be
4:29 am
won't be in time. so we'll reach these highs before those clouds and storms begin to move in. from 95 to -- 75. 934 for the afternoon -- 93 for the afternoon high. boating looks good. 87 degrees with a southeast wind at 10 knots. 1 to 2-foot seas and there are the tides today. there are the times of sunrise and sunset. we're now afte so here's the extended forecast. as we take you through the end of the week. rain chances about the same. the difference will be the storms will move to the east, towards our interior, so interior counties will see showers and storms as we head through the end of the week. lastly. and we'll have overnight temperatures in the upper 70s. that's all i got.
4:30 am
more violence in milwaukee. a day after six businesses burned in protests two officers are injured. >> mourning his death. a gulfport firefighter loses his cancer fight. the action his family is taking to make sure his death is not in vain. >> thank you for joining us on this monday. i'm dan shaffer. >> deiah riley has the morning off. we start situation at jfk airport. >> there were reports of gunshots but now we're learning the reports were unfounded. police evacuated two terminals after multiple people said they heard shots fired near the departure area. officers swarmed to the scene, guns drawn. they say the evacuations were just a precaution. this morning a pinellas county music teacher remains in critical condition after police say a drunk driver ran a red light and slammed into her car.


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