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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  August 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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authorities calming things down after looting in the streets. >> >> a new place in the bay area to look for help when your pet passes away. free services they are offering and the support you don't realize you need until it actually happens to you. >> >> breaking details. water levels got so bad that at least one levy in a lafayette subdivision has been breached.
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2005. after hurricane katrina, they were working to make the levies more secure. we'll show you some of the dramatic rescues coming up. >> breaking news into the newsroom within the last hour, armed men have abducted several people from an upscale restaurant in mexico. prosecutors in western mexico say two several gunmen got out. officials were saying five vehicles were abandoned at that restaurant, but it's not clear if they belong to to the victims or the attacker. dia said 16 beam have been abducted, but it has t coirmed. >> >> the man accused of drinking, and driving, and crashing into a car went before a judge.
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at the school where she taught. carson chambers is live at that school in seat u st. petersburg. what can you tell us? >> reporter: tonight, we are learning care line is on life support. her boyfriend in very bad shape, critical condition. his back is broken in three places. sexton actually taught here -- her hands. she is a music teacher, described as full of life with a beautiful spirit. she was driving and her boyfriend in the passenger seat when a drunk driver ran a red light and hit them. e h ppened park boulevard, early sunday at 9:00 am. a judge raised the 36-year- old's bond to $50,000 in court, today.
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things on family nights, does amazing things with the kids in the classroom, so right now, it's out of our hands and we are going to hope for the best. >> reporter: a prosecutor called mccloud a threat to the public. if he doesbond out, he will at hour, he is still being let. held in jail. live in carson chambers. thank you, carson. >> >> pascual school back in class. bay onett middle school reopened after being closed down, let's head over to polk county, now, they are 1,102,000 kids in the classroom. that means there will be 500 buses on the roads, making 500
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citrus ridge, a k-8 school in davenport. >> sad update, right now out of silver spring maryland where we have been showing you the after math of this massive apartment expolice station plex. today, recovery crews pulled a 6th body out of the rubble and they believe there may be one remaining person that has not been accounted for. two of the missing are children, ages three and eight years old. because what is left of building could collapse at any time, it's making an investigation into whatcaused the blast last wednesday even more difficult. >> >> all right, we are looking at the rivergate towers and you can see mixed ies here, we have some sunshine coming through and what looks like heavier rain in the distance. in fact, as we take a look here at the radar, you can you see where some of the heavy rain is moving across the clearwater into the safety harbor area and
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roads and bridges are rain free at the moment across tampa bay making for at least a decent start to the afternoon commute. closer in, you can see a lot of palm harbor across countryside boulevard covered withrain and across honeymoon island, strong thunderstorms moving across the area. to our northern counties along the coastline, we have quite a bit of rain and thunder and lightning. but this is heading into the gulf. as we look showers and thunderstorms are located, it's drying out, a little bit of rain, patchy showers through manatee and sarasota county we have a decent amount of coverage, but a lot of what is left here on the coast will be moving out in the next 20 minutes f your kids have outdoor practice, we'll have some showers and thunderstorms through the remainder of the evening, but not a ton of coverage by 8:00. 5:00, maybe 30-40% coverage in any of the areas, inland and
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temperatures close to 93. so still pretty hot and steamy out there. by 8:00, we'll see the temperatures coming down a bit. still few showers and thunderstorms left. th we'll b for the night, again, you may want to check with the coaches, especially if you hear any thunder for your kids afternoon sports, but for a round of golf, i have the forecast coming up. >> all right, we'll check ba inmaaccused of killing a georgia jail arrested in north florida. the sheriff's office announcing the arrest via pacebook. police were searching for for much of the weekend. they caught him early in nassau count y north of jacksonville. the 24-year-old is accused ofll patrol car. smith had been a member of the georgia police department since
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>> >> breaking the last two hours, florida department of health coirming two additional people have the zika virus in miami-dade county. that brings the total number of local transmissions to 30, so far officials have tested more than 25,000 mosquitoes in florida for zika, none have come back positive. the rnor said local transmissions are only happening in an area less than one square mile >> >> go different robberies happening in plaany one of you could be in today. we have video. this first one in hillsboro county of deputies are search fog a man that robbed a circle k earlier this morning. you see him at the cash register. here he is at the register, deputies searching for him, saying he demanded cash and showed a gun.
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video showing the man with the blue and white hat on going inside, connected to a robbery at citgo. th w tueig shortly before, the man was seen walking into a wal-mart. the same guy was caught on surveillance video. the next day at a nearby 711. he is believed to have been driving a honda civic with the right rear hub cap missing. if you know police. you could earn a cash reward. >> out. milwaukee, violence broke the right, that is what is left of a gas station set on fire, next, we'll show you the changes police are putti
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starting tonight, police will be imposing a curfew for fo officers e of 17. people in police cars were damaged. in saturday's protest, six businesses were destroyed. the video you are about to see shows looters inside of one business. today, the mayor is praising people for their restraint during the protests and is still asking for calm. >> we are going to make sure there is peace, order restored to this neighborhood because there are too many good people in this neighborhood who do not deserve this. they do not deserve this.
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angry people who want to cause problems is something that we will not tolerate. >> the protest began after an african-american police officer shot and killed an african- american suspect who ran after being pulled over. investigators are saying body camera video will prove that suspect was med with a semi- automatic handgun and refused to drop >> it's discrimination, it's humiliation. america shouldn't put up with it. >> what that man is talking about is this. a news display in 0 oklahoma highway with a sign reading "it's best not to be hanging around this area after dark " the man who put up this controversial sign said he has been a victim of crime in the past and this is a warning to potential thieves, but many people think it's sending the
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whatever he wants to be but i have you the right to be angry we are all human beings. we all need to be on this earth. we all need to love each other, that's the way god intended it to be. >> deputies say this man is not breaking any laws by having this sign up. but many are hoping he will take it down. >> reporter: the trump campaign confirming they are about to launch a rapid expansion here in florida. take a look at the latest poll out today. clinton now leading donald trump in florida by five points, 45-s r biggest lead yet in a state that could ultimately decide
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president obama won florida by less than one point in 2012. i have been on the phone with the trump campaign, today and they told me within the next two weeks, they will start to open 25 field offices all across florida. they will be putting 200 paid staff members in action, essentially doubling their ground operation and they will start to air attack adds. by comparison, hillary clinton has spent millions on advertising in florida. she has 14 field offices and her campaign started to do research on voters here a year ago, but our police cal expert tells us trump's decision to go all in in florida that's a calculated risk to ramp things up down the stretch when it really counts. >> florida is a very diverse huge state to campaign in. he needs the people at the local levels to help you get registered to vote, make phone calls or door-to-door, that kind of thing.
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early voting for florida's congressional primary started today in some locations. this one in south tampa, early voting for the presidential election, that will not start until october, but it shows voters are out there exercising their voice for 84 days. it is now time for a new approach. our current strategy of nation building and regime change. >> trump is proposing a test for all muslim immigrants and visitors to the u.s., only those that support america's values will be allowed.
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suspend countries which have a history of exploiting terrorists. he said in conjunction with any cotry that shares that goal, including, he said, russia. >> we will bring in "the now"'s political correspondent what will the political tests for immigrants actually look like? is there any precedence for this? >> dates back to communist russia with all sorts of different movements that seemed to plague america. since then, the 19 60s and 70s. our immigration law has not put any ideal logical tests on the
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now, someone woe wants to take action, that could change, that's something trump is committed to doing. can he do it and not get blocked by the courts if he becomes president. that's up nor grabs. >> >> for are some of the specifics of his plan that trump outlined that stand out? >> what stands out is some of the things he hasn't said. he backed away from saying obama founded notably vice president joe biden in his rally an hillary clinton said trump's language on those terms actually was cited by the leader of hedbullah, a conspiracy theory that obama was behind isis. >> another thing he said, he wanted to commemorate an
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fight radical islam. bombing the rebels in syria, as' posed to the ones fighting for isis. all something put forward by trump that is not born out by the facts when you dig into it. but he is hoping this makes a dent in his poll numbers. >> >> thank you, mike, meanwhile, lori, you ha the hillary clinton developments on the campaign trail. >> reporter: just a few hours ago, she and vice president biden got together for a rally in scranton, pennsylvania. another one of the key swing states, both of them taking shots at done trump on twitter. biden saying it's never, never, never ever been a good bet to bet against the united states of america. that is a quote, hillary responding to biden's tweet
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lead this great country." let's take a look out our doors, it looks beautiful. >> it's steamy out there. river gate camera showing you a mix of storms and clouds. helping to cool things down, only in spots. take a look, starting to see a bit of rain coming down around downtown saint pete. this is moving inland, most of the area, if you are you not seeing rain, it will be heading across the mainly, the old northeast area. south of shore acres it's just starting to build across southerninunty, but northern pinellas county, are you still getting some of the heavy rain as we look further to the south. braidenton, sarasota, we have rain moving across i75, pretty patchy. remember how i said our
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rain is moving on shore at a pretty good pace. take a look. citrus county has a little rain along the coastline. heavier storms. you are you getting light to moderate showers, but you can you see how quickly the batch of storms moves off shore. lingering in northern pinellas county as well. as we move through the night, we'll have a chance for hit or more showers and thunderstorms at 8:00, we'll start to see it tapering o. we remain dry overnight. 7:00 in the morning, nice and dry with lots of sunshine for the morning commute, even by noon, we are just beginning to see a few of the ice lated showers developing inland. that's all in the east to west flow. we have a nice dry morning again tomorrow with afternoon showers and thunderstorms working their way west. if you happen to be looking at your storm shield app, bubble up, just look off to the east. if you see storm to your east,
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your direction. if you are playing a round of golf, you have at least until n right near 91 degrees. definitely hot and steamy. we have been talking plenty about rain, but i'm going to show you crazy heavy rain, can youing up next.
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welcome back to the now tampa bay. i would like to believe that
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people are moving here., or maybe they like the beautiful weather. >> this is a live look overlooking downtown tampa. really pretty most days. a brand-new report credits tampa as the second best place to retire. we were only outstaged by orlando. a fourth of workers have money saved for the future. we are talking zero. for these reason important that tampa got high marks in cost of living. and alot of recreational activities are available.
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look at these, images pretty overwhelming. we keep getting new video in, unprecedented flooding. another round in the u.s six people have died in the historic flooding devastating areas of louisiana and mississippi. both of the states under a saw state of emergency after two feet of rain have fallen this weekend. >> w it's hard to imagine what it's like for the people living there. thousands of homes have been flooded, many in the baton rouge area. crews have rescued 20,000 people. the water is still rising in some of the areas todd walker shows us someof the amazing rescues underway. >> for days, now, people have been rescued from rising water around louisiana. records keep br
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. i walked outside and saw water coming up the street. >>ous out of the thousands of rescues taking place. this is probably the most gut- wrenching there is a woman inside of the car, it's going down fast. they try to break the window. as the car starts to slip on the youth alive. when it doesn't look like the woman's dog will make it can be -- >> i just took a deep breath, held it and kept feeling around, eventually, i felt something furry and got the dog out, luckily, the dog was still conscious. >> reporter: the flooding in louisiana has been so bad and
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weather service doesn't know how to predict the next move machine. there is no telling when the floods will stop. for "the now" i'm todd walker. >> so far, at least three rivers in louisiana have reached record high levels. one of them broke the record by more than six feet. flood warnings have been extended until thursday. i want to bring it over ryan. for perspective on this historic flooding. >> reporter: you have seen the pictures and how dramatic they are. take a look at the rainfall estimate, large part colored in yellow. this is seven plus inches, which seems like a lot just in itself. when you go to the localized neighborhoods, we are seeing amounts over 20 inches in 48 hours. ge you perspective.
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louisiana, just outside of baton rouge since thursday, they have received over 31 inches of rain and they should only be getting 60 inches on average year, so, in just a couple of days, over half of the average rainfall for the year and here in tampa, we get about 46 inches on average per year. laura, just to give perspective. inches is about 2 1/2 feet. this is how much water right now. an you imagine poor drainage and that amount of rain ends up going up. that amount of rain has come down. this is really an incredible amount of rain. it's not over, yet. take a look at the radar, this is this rain that is coming in at the moment. it's, granted, not as heavy and widespread as they have seen, but there is a frontal boundary
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widespread range the problems are not over, yet. i'm talking tropics, we have a storm brewing in the atlantic and i'll show you where that one is heading and what is following it in the atlantic, coming up >> right now, police questioning a man in the shocking daylight murder of a new york city -- shot in the mosque. police do not believe they were targeted because of their faith, but they are saying very little about the investigation. the man theyestion something being held on an unrelated matter. $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> >> another set of eyes will soon review information connected to hillary clinton's use of private e-mail servers while she was secretary of state. the fbi will turn over its notes from an interview they
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issue. >> cnton d3 1/2 hour interview with the i last month. it was volunteer interview. it was a few days after that the fbi decided they would announce no charges should be brght clinton in this case. >> >> updated you on the so-called dr. love. we have been following this story for months. a new trail set for the doctor in west palm. robinson and exploring an insanity defense. they need more time to get aheld of hundreds of pages of his client's medical records, because of that, a judge pushed his trial to the beginning of november. the 19-year-old is accused o pretending to be a doctor and treating people without a medical license. >> >> still ahead on "the now" the vacation you took may end up causing you more trouble down the road. you are e watching "the now"
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if you have been in a hotel over the last few years, agi have suffered a major data breach. severaofs some affected, marriott, hyatt, renaissance chains, now, we are malware could have been used to steal credit card information. the company says as of now, the inde has been contained. >> >> soon, you may be able to take your i phone to beach or the pool without stressing
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recently granted a patent, highlighting tools. hundreding, -- technology would insure scenes taken underwater could maintain a blue water hugh. >> >> many of us cringen at the idea of our kids playing video games for hours on end. >> but, believe it or not, a new study su researchers say teens that regularly play individual yes game score higher than average on math, reading and science on an international exam. they are hoping the finding help formulate now ways on how the subjects are taught in school. >> >> free service offered and why more people are choosing to cream ate their pets.
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sheayaistracking something now, just as why learn of an updated report on the year's hurricane season. >> stick around to find out why later storms could be the
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>> right now, more people choosing to creaate their pets after they die. have a new company in the bay area hoping to make it easier and the one tree service you may need. >> reporter: a week from now, this quiet and tranquil area will be a place to set where you can remember the pet you
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rooms. >> nick said he is opening his center in tampa because of its strong reputation as a strong loving city. they do more than cream ate your pet. they will drive to you, pick your animal up and take it with them to make the process even easier on you. >> we will send one of our drivers to your house. he will come and help you with your pet in a loving and respectful way. >> reporter: more people right now are choosing to cremate them. >> people are -- we don't have a backyard, especially with millennials, we are more mobile than we used to be. we want to be able to take that family member with us when we leave. >> completely free. if you are having a hard time dealing with the loss of man's best friend, they have grief coselors to talk to you by phone at no charge. is there one-on conversaat we have
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for any of these services it's something that we do to support the pet families. >> reporter: they are taking all of this to a different level. they are abo let you track the creamation of your pet with updates through s let you know happening in real time. >> nicole, thank you the new center will open next week in tampa off john's road. that's near the airport. for more website. >> >> as if we have not seen enough devastating flooding, it looks like this year's hurricane season is shaping up to be worst than expected. it is a 35% chance of above normal hurricane season and a 50% chance of a normal one. either way, it could be the most active hurricane season since 2012. noah said there is a 70% chance of having between 12 and 17
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named. five of eight eight of those will likely become hurricanes. >> you have to remind people of that, because sometimes, they stay place an. there have been five named storms, including two hurricanes, alex and earl. four have made landfall. two in the u.s., in south carolina as well as in our state. the next name that will go to a storm is fiona. you will recall 2012 is hurricane sandy hit it was always called super storm sandy noah said it cost $67 billion in damage and destroyed 650,000 homes. >> >> right now, there is something the tropics, shea is tracking that, watching it for us. could it come in our area? >> it does not look like it. the atlantic hurricane season
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be, but if the storms don't reach land or affect us, we wouldn't remember this season as being an active one that's always something to keep in mind. the storms in good shape and this one likely to do that. it has a good chance of becoming our next numbered or named storm as it tracks to the west and northwestly. there are two more storms that are going to develop, likely to develop over the next 7-10 days in the atlantic and at this point, at least two out of the three look like they will remain fish storms. let's look at what is going on in our neighborhood right now, mixed sky there an anna maria island, showing showers and thunderstorms to the south and also some sunshine a little further inland, so, we are seeing a mixed bag as well across tampa bay. you can see a little rain moving off shore from clearwater beach. indian rocks beach and to the north, we are really drying out
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msstor earlier, but around sarasota. we are getting the scattered dersthunrms moving across the coastline there. it will be hit or miss throughout the next couple of steamy where we haven't seen any rain. 94 degrees in downtown tampa. crystal river, 91 degrees. brooksville where you are seeing some rain. . let's look at the next four days, similar forecast, 50% coverage of the late afternoon and early evening showers and thunderstorms for tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday, it looks like the rain cover also come down a little bit, but the temperature is remaining near 90 degrees each day with evernight in the upper 70s of dennis is in and he will have the seven-day forecast for you and track the showers and thunderstorms as they continue
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>> >> one more weather-related piece of news. officials in pennsylvania say there have been four heat- related deaths, due to the current heat wave in phily. there is a heat related warning there, right now. >> it's hot there and it's hot in california, fueling some of the wildfires, right now, the clayton fire is what this one is called has destroyed more than 100 homes, 10 times the number of first thought earlier, today. it's 100-miles north of san francisco near the lower lake coun fcinge to evacuate evacuate, right to evacuate, right now. >> >> the clayton fire, again, that's what it is called started just this past saturday. it's one of 11 large wildfires burning, right now in california. >> >> a disturbing case out of
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mother is the one that did it. the texas woman is accused of drowning them in her bathtub. the children's often said they were just five and seven years old. their fathers in prisoand doesn't even know, yet. >> how am i going to tell my brother about his kids? not her, his kids? why would she do this? why would anybody do this to their kids? just a phone call away, call me, i would these kids. >> police are saying the mother told and aquaintance that she had to move and that person started to help her pack. that person asked her where her children were, she said she killed them. that's when he took her to the police station. >> >> parents are just not getting the message that's the warning from doctors woe are working to prevent sides or sudden infant death syndrome. in a new study out today in the
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recorded every day real-life. the lead author said what they found is disturbing. nine out of 10 babies were placed in cribs with unsafe items. stuffed animals, loose bedding. two placed on unsafe surfaces. up to a third of the babies were placed on their tummies or sides. instead of on their backs. centers for disease estimate every year 30 babies die suddenly without explanation. american academy of pediatrics recommend against using bumper pads to position your baby to sleep because they could risk sufficient indication. there is no evidence they protect the babies. the study concludes campaigns to raise awareness about safe sleep for babies are not working well enough. for more information on
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safe sleeping environment, we have posted alot action on our website. >> >> maybe if he wu could all just relax a little more. stress a little less, we wouldn't grind our teeth so much. >>able perfect day to maybe skip out of work early.
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skip the chores, treat yourself to free relaxation. >> if it's not raining where you are, head outside for a walk. being outside makes you instantly feel better, according to doctors, something you can eat to help soothe a little bit, try honey or main goes. >> >> the brother of one of the brussels suicide bombers will represent belgium in the olympics, but he said he will not be talking publicly about it. >> he will take take won doe competition in rio. 32 people were killed. he will not be giving any interviews during the day. >> what could be better than winning a medal at the olympics, though? i didn't know, maybe getting proposed to right afterwards.
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chinese diver. right after winning her silver medal on sunday. her boyfriend and fellow diver went right up to you her and proposed >> and she said yes. all right, we are following breaking news coming in. german olympic team said their canoe team coach has died from injuries he got in a car crash last week. we are just learning about this. the 35-year-old underwent surgely after his taxi cab crashed in rio. germany will commemorate his death in the olympic village. the country's flag will be flown at half-staff at all sites. >> >> seven people suffered minor >> >> happier news to remember. kevin hart got married over the weekend. >> his new wife, posted these popular vote toes on insta- gram. they got married saturday in california.
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two years. he has two children from a previous marriage, a son and a daughter. they both took part in the ceremony. his eight-year-old son was his best man. don't know about you, but every time i go get chinese food, i try to use the chopsticks, it never works out. so i get the fork. >> american chinese food chain pan that the cusp of making alot of people's lives easier. >> a fork on one end, chop sticks on the other. it's not a new idea, but definitely new for panda express. >> >> a former teacher here in florida is trying to help kids with autism. >> "the now"'s tanya rogers
4:57 pm
teaching style. >> mark john and sophia, played uno with me. they have known each other for a couple of years. >> i love reading and math and art and writing. >> reporter: sophia and her friends are part of a social immersion program started by dr. rebecca after teaching segment need kids for 14 years. >> when i looked at the kids with autism that had significant deficits and social behavior and i was able to prompt those students to model after the typically developing students. >> reporter: her goal to help students on the autism spectrum succeed in general education classrooms by spending the day with their piers, learning about leadership. >> i didn't know what to expect
4:58 pm
is less people and you have a right to express yourself. >> reporter: mark and sophia improving their social skills. >> the moore i was here, the more i found out i had in common with everyone. >> it's educational-based and nobody is left behind, everybody needs to progress and if they are not progressing, we need to go back and figure out what we can do differently. or how we can support dr. morrisson is also getting. >> in the long-term, when they graduate, they will be treating those kids differently. they will have a much different outlook on the special needs population. >> >> reporter: reporting for "the now" i'm tanya rogers.
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tampa bay. abc action news starts right now. >> a beloved music teacher in critical condition. i'm carson chambers, where we are finding out about the man charged with hitting her. >> >> hillsboro county getting a lot easier thanks to new bus routes. how it can coming up. >> >> devastation across the deep south. louisiana communities under water. new tonight, how people from florida are offering help. >> >> first at 5:00, we begin with breaking news, mexican authorities say several armed men ab ducked people from a popular restaurant a look at where this scene
5:00 pm
s.u.v.'s, carrying gunmen arrived at the restaurant. located in the heart of the hotel zone. prosecutors office saying in a statement, five vehicles were abandoned at thrist van, but it's unclear whether they belong to any of the victims or attackers. >> mexican media reports said as many as 16 people were abducted. authorities did not confirm that number. we'll update that situation and bring you details later in the newscast >> a beloved music teacher in critical condition after an alleged drunk driver hit her and her boyfriend. >> tonhtrs, friends and family praying for them to recover. live at sexton elementary school where care line signs teaches. carson? >> reporter: car line gn teaches music here at sexton elementary school. her friends, family and the


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