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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  August 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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people out there and could add more installers, definitely heading in the right direction. >> reporter: florida voters could soon pass amendment 4 which allows customers that install solar panels tax breaks. those against the amendment said the government should not providing these tax breaks, saying it infears with the free market. even so, solar companies are seeing more potential to hire. >> any time there is an opportunity for the costs to go down, >> >> reporter: if you are looking to become an installer, you don't need a college degree. as of last year, the average salary was $37,000 per year. >> every day, a new project. >> >> reporter: florida will vote on amendment 4 november 8th.
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>> >> here at abc action news, we arist committed to getting you back to work with a good paying job. we are partnering for your future. during the four week campaign, we'll give you free access to the career survey, matching your interests and strengths with jobs in demand. early voting kicks off today across the bay area. hillsboro county, more than 40,000 people mail. most sites throughout the bay area will be open until august 28th. if you don't plan on voting early, election day is on tuesday, august 30th. good evening, everybody,s heaviest storms have moved off shore, but there are still a view that continue to develop along i75.
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anywhere from sarasota, in the next half hour to an hour, you will see storms in extreme southern pinellas. temperatures upper 80s to low 90s, 95 in tampa. with all of the heat, you are bound to see some storms. later on, they begin to clear out nicely, you will wake up to clear ties tuesday morning. outside of a few storms, we are good to go. that continues through the rest of your workweek coming >> >> an update on video, we first showed you last week from safety harbor. pinellas county deputies keeping thieves from breaking in. family member recognized the clothing one of them was
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coverage. >> >> lorenzo hardy accused of an armed car-jacking that happened last week. he was last seen driving a red kia soul. >> >> cyber security warner, bank accounts, identities at risk. 20 major hotels in 10 states may have been hit by sophisticated hackers, one of those in tampa. live with more on what customers can do to keep valuable information safe while they are out there traveling. >> hackers are credit card account numbers and expiration dates, all information needed to check into most area hotels since we have learned intercontinental tampa bay on kennedy and west shore, targeted earlier this year, impacting thousands of tampa travelers. hei hotels and resorts say
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swiped information. hotel guests we spoke with said they were not told about the hack. >> the widespread breech could date back to as early as march 2015 in some locations. >> >> credit card data, the card number, the cvv and expiration dates, these records are being literally sold and resold on the illegal side of the internet. >> stew know before, a clear water firm specializing in cyber security. he said this method of hotel hack is nothing new and could have been prevented. they should have learned from the earlier hacks that had been done and how it was done. >> he suggests travelers update laptops and cellphones before the trip and use a credit card, never debit when checking into
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fraud lent charges cannot be disputed on your debit card. if you stayed at the intercontinental between march and june, monitor bank statements for unusual activity and freeze the account. >> no bad guy is able to open an account in your name. identity theft will be a lot harder for the bad guys if you do that. >> company officials telling me they are currently in the process of revamping their network security system to improve payment systems for their guests. an estimated number of how many customers this data breech impacted, a company spokesperson tells me that information will be coming out later this week. ryan, thank you. >> >> tensions remain high in milwaukee after another night of protest. new video show as group of
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store early this morning. chaos sparked after police shot and killed a 23-year-old man police say was armed. 17 people have landed in jail. >> i have said publicly before, stop trying to fix the police, fix the ghetto. >> there enforcing a 10:00 curfew for all teens. we are learning new information after a georgia murder suspect is arrested in
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accused of murdering tim smith on saturday. authorities say deeds was found hiding in the trunk of a car in nassau county. >> the officer was doing his job and he was killed as a result of that. it's very sad when that happens, but it certainly is a good day where we can find the individual that did it and arrest him. >> today would have been officer smith's 31st birthday. he leaves behind a fiance, two sons, a daughter and a son. >> >> still to come, an armed robbery in south florida caught on camera. the one thing this man did to get the attention of the unsuspecting victim.
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can you see them off shore. where are they on shore?
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theism team uncovering serious concerns inside of the state's arson lab. it could have a big impact on new and past criminal cases. >> >> investigator, jail holbrooke spent weeks going through state reports. here is what he >> reporter: when florida fire investigators gather samples to test for arson, they usually ship them off to this state lab and rely on the chemist's conclusions, but the "i-team" discovered that lab is under investigation for how they do their tests. >> this is a luge deal. it will impact every single lab test that came out of that lab. >> reporter: we found the acredittation for the florida
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laboratory is suspended. the reason? serious problems surface with how chemists have been testing surface for gas. >> as a result, i they find gasoline where nowhere else can because it doesn't exist. that ruins people's lives. >> reporter: john has been in the arson investigation industry since the 19 70s. an expert witness in many cases, saying in five florida cases he was an expert on, judges because the state improperly identified gas in their samples. >> it's a huge problem in florida. >> reporter: john filed this complaint. it's not required for a lab to be acredited, but it helps with their credibility in criminal cases. >> fining gasoline where it doesn't exist is a mistake that causes people to be wrongfully accused. >> reporter: in his complaint,
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happens in many cases. he identified fraud, saying arthur freeman, accused of using gasoline to set his boat on fire. the state lab identified gas in their samples. a judge overturned the case and the state had to pay freeman $250,000. >> they don't follow any written procedures. >> reporter: after getting john's complaint, the agency sent their the lab in january. when looking at the freeman case, the investigator found that the compounds found in the data were not chartistic of gasoline. after randomly sampling cases, they found concerns of 5:00s aresy with 14 of them. the report states the issue is not whether protocols were followed, rather, it appears to
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cools. >> when the acredittation gets pulled, that's a big deal to the crime lab. >> >> reporter: this woman said no one told us that the lab's acredittation was suspended. she said this information should be shared with other labs. >> if the prosecutors know about it, that's a really big problem. if they do know about it and are not sending it the defense attorney, it's an even bigger problem. >> problems identified could send innocent people to and guilty criminals back out on the streets. >> it's conceivable that a person who has been rightfully convicted could end up having about conviction overturned. is there a problem with the way your lab is testing gasoline? >> no, we believe we have outstanding senior lab an his. analyst. >> we believe we are doing outstanding work. >> reporter: can you sit here,
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have been affected by improper testimony tests >> basically, i would want to discuss that with you and our chief or our forensic area, because we know we are doing proper procedures, so, do i have confidence? yes i do. >> reporter: the directionor is appealing the case with the agency. meantime, he tells us they will continue to test samples for gasoline and as long as they continue as is, john says the state is headed down a dangerous pat. >> more people will be falsely accused, some wrongfully convicted. if they manage to get their convictions overturned, the state of florida will pay a lot of money. >> no word yet on how much it costs taxpayers totest again. or what the results are. >>
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of people struggling to break a car window as they try to free up two puppies trapped inside. once they were successful, the two security guards were able to give the puppies water, take them to a shelter. the puppies were locked inside of that car for more than an hour. >> somebody had to get them out. i couldn't take it no more. >> i hope people learn their lesson and never do it again. animal cruelty and has since bonded out of jail. >> >> it is still really hot out there, you have to be careful. >> 95, today, it feels like 110, factor in the humidity. and the sun, too. that can lead to some thunderstorms as well. there is one of them, looking off shore from the santa maria islands, pretty potent storms from there to the northwest of bel aire, maybe clearwater
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well. take a closer look, large area of thunderstorms, moving away. this area, right here, continues to build as it is moving off to the northwest. in fact, based on the current track, going to be moving through the meadows. at 7:11 and there is some lightning in it. at this point in timing, nothing severe. gusty wind, lightning has been the storms. right there, that's the heaviest weather that is moving onshore -- off shore, weather, if you are planning on going out for an evening ride on your boat, maybe to check out a sunset cruise, you might want to be careful. clear water north, you are good. south of clear water, the storms will be lingering for another hour or so.
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after highs in the mid-90s. tampa, 90 degrees after a high of 95. sarasota, 96 degrees before things started to cool down. now, the pattern is not going to be changing for the neck week. mornings are rain free, and after 3:00 or 4:00, you will start to see some storms. the only thing that changes is the amount of water work with. scattered storms will pop up south of i4, manatee county, otherwise, most of our metro area, hillsboro and polk county have nothing to worry about. nor will you for the first half of the day, once you hit 2:00 or 3:00, they will pop and come back to the beach. you have to absolutely get something done outdoors, the
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dicey and you never know where the storms will pop. they will not be widespread, but go figure, if you wash your car, you are probably bound to see a storm everywhere you are. for the first half of the day, not an issue, but at 3:00 or 4:00, storms pop and as was the case today, heavier storms along the coastline, if you live anywhere from tampa west, citrus to sarasota county, rain chances 50%, live east, probably 30%. if you look at the long range forecast, through the end of the week, you are seeing some very low numbers, some of the lowest we have seen in awhile. they will not be widespread, isolated at best. tropics definitely beginning to heat up. this may become a depression or maybe a storm, i think it fizzles out in the central
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probably two behind. way too far away to be worried about, but it's something we'll keep our eyes on. beachgoers, beautiful weather especially along the coast in the morning. once you hit 4:00, that's when the storms begin to pop up a look at the seven-day forecast. temperatures this evening in the 80s. temperatures tomorrow in the 90s, top out at 91 or 29, morning lows in the upper to around 80 degrees. if you notice, that's not just the next couple of days, the next six or seven, rain chances, 30-40% saturday, sunday and they will bump back up toward the end of next week. >> >> police looking for the man that robbed a woman in pompano beach. check out this video. the man caught on camera pushing a 72-year-old woman to the ground and ripping a gold chain off her neck as she
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the woman said the man yelled "miss, miss" to get her attention. >> >> still ahead, the bucs wrap up another one of their veterans for three more years. >> >> tk has that story, next in
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hello folks, -- a basketball player, but he decided to be play football in southern mississippi. no one in the pros is getting drafted and he hardly played the game, but former buck near gm thought why not bring this guy in.
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should have pretty good foot speed. he washinged hard and kept working. event youthly taking over, he signed a three year extension for $16.5 million. not a bad chunk of change. >> everything i had in life, i worked for. i came in rookies. i had to work myself up. i think work hard, a guy that has to stay humble get unhumbled. i think having things come hard, it keeps me up be every day. it keeps me on my knees. >> >> rays had the third worst record of baseball. you would never know it listening to the team owner, when asked by the tampa bay times reporter about the job, manager is doing, he said
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is ecstatic with the job silverman is doing. maybe he is grading on a curve i have never seen before. >> usf quarterback flowers has a lot of people watching him. he was added to the watch list. so, good for him. he may have a great year. >> good list to be on. >> continuing coverage of the das website. >> we'll see you right back
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y22pny yy6y tonight, as we come on, several developing stories. the deadly floods. the rushing waters, the state of emergency and, tonight, we hear from the rescuer who helped pull this woman and her dog from her submerged car. also tonight, the wildfires, out of control right now. nearly 200 homes and already destroyed. breaking now. the curfew in place tonight in milwaukee. after officers are targeted and injured, bricks thrown at their cars. all of this after an officer shoots and kills a man who police say was armed. donald trump, amid reports of turmoil within his campaign, his new plan tonight to vet immigrants to this country. and we have the list of specific questions he now wants asked. and the joe show.


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