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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  August 16, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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y236ay yy6y friends and family of a popular pinellas county teacher tried to deal with her sudden death this morning, killed police say by a drunk driver. ahead in a live report, how they are dealing with the loss. >> then, a child just inches away from a school bus as he falls into the street.
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the moving wheels. >> this is happening now, pretty amazing. a casino imploding in las vegas. can you see it? >> yeah. >> it just -- what is it, 17 stories? there it goes. that is absolutely amazing. we're watching it now. it's coming down, this is the final phase of the monte carlo riviera, the first tower actually went down a couple of months ago. >> it was 24 stories. this we just lost our connection there. >> that was pretty cool. >> making way for an expansion of the las vegas convention center. which is going to be huge. >> i've never been a vegas. we have a trip planned as a family and look forward to checking it out. >> the weather will be perfect. >> i am sure not much will have been built by the time we get there. 80 degrees in tampa now.
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79 in st. pete. we have clear skies across much of the area so a nice dry start to the day. planning on taking the dog for a walk or jogging, things are looking good for you. wherever you're headed on the roads it will be nice and dry to start the day. by noon we'll start to see a few interior showers building and then they will become more widespread, working their way along our coastline from about 2:00 to 6:00, we'll see the heaviest rain. we'll be topping out at 92 degrees today. factor in feels like 100. got to love this time of year, right? >> yes. or no. it's going to smack me in the face when you walk out the door. >> and frizz up the hair. >> makes it tough. are the roads tough? >> no, they are looking great so if you're heading out the door now you shouldn't have any trouble. corey dierdorff is driving around for us behind the wheel of our live drive cam. he's on 275 around sligh. the lanes wide open, no crashes or breakdowns.
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earlier on 275 near the howard frankland, that has already cleared. also checking the cameras along i-75 around fowler avenue, looking at just 10 minutes to get from the apex to i-4. let's check drive times on i-4, 22 minutes from county line road to downtown. 15 minutes from county line road to 75 and just eight minutes from 75 to 275. back to you. we're following this breaking news in the last few minutes. austrian police telling us a man attacked passengers on a train with a knife. so far we know that man hurt two people, right now we're trying to find out who that man is and if he's in custody. we'll bring you updates as we get them. caroline sine, a well known pinellas county teacher passed away. police say she died of her injuries after a drunk driver slammed into her car this past weekend. brice macleod is facing upgraded charges. abc action news reporter rodney
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elementary school. i cannot even imagine what a tough day it's going to be today. >> reporter: this is definitely a tough situation for those here. in fact i spoke with the principal. she says a grief counselor will be on hand to help students and staff who need it today. in the meantime investigators will be holding a press conference at 9:30 this morning to detail us on the very latest on this case. >> it is difficult but it's something that you just kind of learn to do the more years you are in this position. you what you do, you become a family, you take care of each other. >> reporter: of course family, friends and co-workers of caroline sine are heartbroken this morning. her boyfriend, sean hankins, also in that car in critical condition this morning. at bayfront hospital. brice macleod in court yesterday given bond of $50,000. that is expected to be increased with the upgraded charges. caroline sine's co-workers
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elementary school rely on each other to get them through this very difficult time. >> we will get through this. we will help the children if they have questions get through this. >> reporter: a bit more this morning on brice macleod. we've learned he has a history of drinking behind the wheel. his past includes cases in manatee and hillsborough counties. back here live, of course this is a very sad day for everyone here. co-workers in for this teacher's speedy recovery but this morning family members are simply planning a funeral. for now reporting live in pinellas county, rodney dunigan, abc action news. >> so heartbreaking, thank you. now we go to a terrifying close call especially concerning for parents sending kids back to school. a boy hurt after falling into the path of a school bus in manatee county. it happened in the bus loading area of braden river middle
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fell and the bus's rear tire ran over his backpack. his family took him to the hospital to get checked out but fortunately his injuries are minor. family and friends of mary knowlton will come together to afternoon to celebrate her life. the punta gorda woman accidentally shot and killed last week during a civilian police academy. her visitation begins 1:00 at the first united methodist church of punta gorda. the service follows at 2:00. this morning hundreds will say a final farewell in gulfport to a firefighter there who lost cancer. >> we have followed pete huffman's life for more than a year as he's attempted to change some florida state laws. florida is one of only 14 states that doesn't give firefighters medical benefits if they can't cancer an exposure to toxic chemicals on the job. huffman spent 35 years fighting fires. his funeral begins 10:00 at the pinellas park performing arts center. it will be followed by a procession to calvary catholic cemetery around 11:30.
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protests the situation much calmer overnight in milwaukee. the city implemented a 10:00 curfew for anyone under age 17. the wisconsin governor scott walker also ordered more than 100 national guard members on standby in case more violence broke out. the milwaukee police chief says officers made six arrests last night, there were some heated confrontations but no property damage. the violence began saturday after a black police officer shot and killed an armed black man who was fleeing from a traffic stop. there will be a ribbon- cutting today for the new high school. it's set for 4:30 this afternoon. the school underwent a 65 million dollar renovation, now split into several buildings. the school also has a spacious court yard with arches and stairwells leading into each building. students at largo high started classes last week. 5:37. in democracy 2016 -- donald trump yesterday outlightning his plan to combat radical islam. the republican nominee says his plan is similar to one the
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the mafia. trump promised to keep guantanamo bay open and try foreign combatants in military commissions. he also said america needs more human intelligence on terror groups. his plan continues to use drone strikes but adds capturing high value targets to gain information to dismantle their organizations and anyone who gave support to terrorists would face serious consequences. on the democratic side president obama is urging democrats to campaign aggressively for hillary clinton over the next 80 days. yesterday he took a day off from playing golf on his martha's vineyard vacation to raise money for the democratic nominee. he president warned supporters against becoming complacent despite her lead in the polls. saying democrats need to "run scared"until the day after the general election. if you are looking for a job allied university is holding a recruiting event today at the holiday inn express on rocky point island.
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this afternoon. it's to hire security officers for several accounts in the bay area. and we are committed to getting you back to work with a good-paying job. >> we're partnering with the pinellas education foundation and career source to take action for your future. during our four-week campaign going on now you have free access to the future plans career survey. matches your interests and strengths with jobs in high demand now. head to to find out more. and you'll find a link to the test on the page. it's warm and dry now. temperatures near 80 degrees. if you're walking out the door in tampa and by noon we'll start to see a shower or thunderstorm developing inland but still dry, closer to the coast and i-75 corridor at that time. it won't be until 2:00, 3:00 we'll start to see the rain becoming more widespread across the area. that is going to continue until about sunset before the storms
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but feels like 100. i'll have the 7-day forecast coming up in a bit. still to come -- a warning for pregnant women after a disorder is connected to a common drug store medicine. what you need to know if you're expecting or know someone who is. >> and victims sharing what happened after falling from a
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welcome back. 5:43. you are looking at a live picture at i-75 and fowler. as you can see traffic is moving quite nicely. janelle will join us shortly to give us the latest update on the roads. if you want to earn extra money before the holidays or need a part time job listen up. amalie arena hosts a job fair today to fill opens for upcoming positions include retail concessions, raffle sellers, security and even more. to apply all you need to do is visit the arena's promenade level between 3:00 and 6:00 this afternoon. make sure to professionally dress and bring copies of your resume. always a good idea. family and friends will say final goodbyes to a new york city woman killed while out running near her mother's home in massachusetts. a burial and mass is scheduled
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marquotte. her body found august 7th near woods in princeton. state police say they received more than 600 tips but they have not made any arrests. she graduated from boston university and worked as an account manager at google. this morning we're hearing from a 10-year-old girl who fell about 40 feet out of a ferris wheel in tennessee. three girls all under age 16 were riding that ferris wheel last week, the cart they were in tipped over and spilling them out. the injured is 6-year-old briley reynolds, suffered a traumatic head injury. her 10-year-old sister broke her arm. >> me and my sister were crying and we were just like -- trying to hold on to stuff and didn't know what to do and thought -- i thought maybe it would tilt back the other way.
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- >> you could hear more of the interview coming up on "good morning, america." we now know what caused a frightening scene in jfk airport in new york city sunday night. >> passengers ran for cover and armed officers swept the terminal after reports of gunshots fired. >> we got a call of shots fired lower level. strike teams head to the location. >> authorities swarmed the area but found no evidence of gunfire. now they are saying the panic was caused by travelers watched usain bolt win his third olympic gold medal in the 100 meter dash. >> the timing matches to when the 911 calls started to pour in about gunshots in the terminal. it took about three hours to get the airport back to normal. if you're headed out the door now things are nice and dry so looking good and looking much like what we've seen lately. no big surprises in the weather today. we do continue to have an east-
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warm and dry this morning when the showers and storms develop on the east coast of florida and slowly work their way to our inland counties around noon. then to our coast and become more widespread between 2:00, 3:00? the afternoon. then tapering off around sunset. so it's very similar timing to what you've seen lately and we're looking at about 50% coverage today so good amount of us are going to see a shower or thunderstorm at some point but it won't stick around all day long. as far as this kind of trend we've got the same east-to-west flow again tomorrow you're planning for your kids' after-school sports around 3:00 is when the rain and storms really start to bubble up. temperatures even tomorrow will still be in the low 90s and i would say that you want to check with the coaches and find out whether or not you're going to have any cancellations as those storms start to bubble up. even at 6:00 we'll still continue to have the storms across the area, they will start to taper off closer to 7:00, 8:00 for today and tomorrow. now the coverage of the showers
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over the next several days after tomorrow, but -- or after wednesday that is, that would be tomorrow. so -- i'm getting my days mixed up. haven't been on the morning shift in a while. it's not until saturday and sunday we see the reverse trend, a west-to-east flow, that means a chance for patchy coastal rain in the morning. like i said janelle, we're nice and dry to start the day today. how are things looking on the roads? the roads are dry. we have haven't had wet roads in the morning in a long time. in the wesley chapel area, we southbound i-75 at state road 54. reports of a crash with some debris in the roy, not seeing much slowdown here but again give yourself extra time. checking state road 54, looking great heading towards the interstate and bruce b downs looks good. just a little slow just south of i-75 so just be aware of that. maybe leave yourself a few extra minutes. buckle up, we're going to take
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all in the green, a pitstop at mlk with the camera, lanes wide open there in both directions. heading to malfunction junction which is functioning fine at the moment. that entire drive taking 13 minutes with an average speed of 69 miles per hour. back to you. time now is 5:49. tsa is reminding people that firearms are not allowed in carry-ons in airports. the agencies found a record number of guns in carry-on bags in a in fact from august 5th through 11th the tsa found 78 guns. tsa says in many cases travelers simply forgot they had weapons with them. the previous record was 74 guns in may of this year. one of the most common over the counter drugs could change your unborn child's personality. a new study found a link between taking acetaminophen and having a child with behavioral problems. it's of course the active ingredient in tylenol and
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was safe for pregnant women. half of all pregnant women in the u.s. actually use it. the new study linked it to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children. coming up on "good morning, america" a doctor will discuss when and if you can still take it while pregnant. 5:50. news that you shouldn't take sitting down. so maybe i'll do that. listen to this -- the american heart association says sitting may actually lead to heart disease and diabetes. >> it's actually very seri yes. kill you. a new study find that even exercise won't save you. that's pretty scary. the amount of sitting the average person does each day outweighs the benefit of activity. prolonged sitting which is eight hours a day or more increases your chance of developing type 2 diabetes by 90%. 5:50. coming up, thieves are hacking into your financial information. one of the hotels they hit is
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>> running into history. the 21-year-old american winning the u.s.'s first medal in the men's 800 meter race in
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breaking news -- austrian police say a man attacked two
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vienna. now learning it's a german national. they say he seemed mentally confused, both victims teens in the hospital now. police say this has no connection to a deadly swiss train attack on saturday. if you took a summer vacation you could be at risk for identity theft. security experts believe hackers used malware to access bank accounts and credit card information at 20 major hotels including the intercontinental in tampa. the list is long. the hack may also affect westin hotels in fort washington, dc, snowmass, philadelphia, pasadena and minneapolis. hackers may have also accessed starwood hotels in miami, nashville, san francisco, virginia and vermont. several marriott hotels also hit by the breach in boca raton, dallas/fort worth, chicago, san diego and minneapolis if you stayed at one of these hotels between march and june please monitor your credit card statements very carefully. >> scary to think about.
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because like -- i'm an adult traveling alone. >> experts say the best way to protect yourself is to update laptops and smartphones before you travel. also use a credit card, never debit. when checking into a hotel. fraudulent charges cannot be disputed on your debit card. yesterday the u.s. team failed for the first time to increase its medal count in the olympics. the americans had to settle for silver and bronze medals instead. the u.s. still leads though gold. that is 29 more medals total than china and 46 great britain in third place followed by russia and japan. the men's 800 meter race, ncaa champion clayton murphy made last night's final. on the final turn murphy in fourth place but manages to go strong and wins the bronze. the united states' first medal
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kenya's david radisha repeats as olympic champion. in the men's pole vault, american sam kendricks was one of the final three in the men's competition. his third chance to clear 19 feet 5 inches, clears the bar -- but his chest just knicks it. and knocks it off. he does come off winning the bronze medal. brazil's thiego braz desilva won if you're a ride enthusiast today's national roller coaster day. >> you love it dan. >> i used to. >> busch gardens is debuting its newest coaster ride. i will not be making an appearance on the ride. earlier this year the theme park wants to you post your favorite roller coaster videos and photos on facebook and twitter with hashtag
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following a gruesome breaking news story. a man accused of attacking a couple and biting a man's face. a good samaritan who discovered
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boosted punishment for the man say killed a teacher while driving drunk. >> final goodbye to a beloved firefighter. his lasting legacy to save and inspire other first responders. first we begin with breaking news. an armed robbery overnight in sarasota county. deputies just sending us these surveillance images minutes ago of the man they say held up a 7- eleven in venice. they say he jumped over the counter and threatened the clerk with a knife. happened just after 3:00 this
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store on tamiami trail. that man ran off, if you recognize him call the sheriff's office. we're also following breaking news from martin county. that is just east of lake okochobee, a gruesome story, if you have children in the room you may want to ask them to leave. >> deputies are evaluating a man they say attacked a husband and wife at their home overnight, a neighbor called 911 after getting stabbed while trying to break up a fight between the man and the couple. when deputies arrived they found the suspect actually biting o a husband's face. it took multiple deputies to pull the man away after a stun gun and k-9 officer were unable to get him off the victim. and we just confirmed sadly the husband and wife are dead. investigators are trying to figure out the motive and determine if the attacker may have been on drugs. if you're headed out this morning to go for a bike ride or jog, temperatures are


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