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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  August 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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store on tamiami trail. that man ran off, if you recognize him call the sheriff's office. we're also following breaking news from martin county. that is just east of lake okochobee, a gruesome story, if you have children in the room you may want to ask them to leave. >> deputies are evaluating a man they say attacked a husband and wife at their home overnight, a neighbor called 911 after getting stabbed while trying to break up a fight between the man and the couple. when deputies arrived they found the suspect actually biting o a husband's face. it took multiple deputies to pull the man away after a stun gun and k-9 officer were unable to get him off the victim. and we just confirmed sadly the husband and wife are dead. investigators are trying to figure out the motive and determine if the attacker may have been on drugs. if you're headed out this morning to go for a bike ride or jog, temperatures are
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upper 70s to about 80 degrees. it's nice and dry as well so you don't have to worry about any wet roads for the commute this morning. we'll check with janelle in a moment and see if there are any other tie-ups. as we work through the day we'll be up to the upper 80s by noon. that is where we'll see an isolated shower or two beginning to bubble up inland but we won't really see the majority of our area with showers and storms across it until about 2:00 to 3:00. so you've got a good amount of dry hours today and certainly hot temperatures. 92 as the high with coverage of afternoon showers and storms. i do think the evening commute could be a little messier than the morning commute but you tell me, how are things looking? >> looking great. the roads dry. corey dierdorff is driving over the courtney campbell causeway heading into clearwater. no crashes this morning, your drive across the bridge just nine minutes and looking good on the howard frankland and the gandy bridge as well. the only crash we're watching is this one in wesley chapel, southbound i-75 at state road
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causing any delays. 54 through wesley chapel looking great as well. checking your drive times on the toll roads, starting with the veterans expressway, 18 minutes from 54 to 275. a lot of the construction from overnight has cleared. the selmon expressway also in the green, six minutes from 75 to downtown. heartbreaking update, a pinellas county music teacher has died after investigators her car. >> now that driver is facing much more serious charges. sadly doctors took caroline sine off life support last night. her boyfriend sean hankins still in critical condition at the hospital this morning. officers say brice macleod was driving drunk when he ran a red light and hit that couple early sunday morning. officers now plan to upgrade his charges to dui manslaughter. macleod was convicted of dui in
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the public. schools are trying to help with the grieving process and another update coming up at 6:30. a beloved firefighter will be laid to rest today in pinellas county. >> pete huffman was a 35-year veteran of the service and the family hopes his death will pave the way for other firefighters to be better taken care of in the future. anchor james james in clearwater. this is a tragic sto >> reporter: it is, hundreds will gather to honor pete huffman later today. a funeral procession will conclude where i'm standing at the calvary catholic cemetery. as i mentioned it's a tragic story and has taken a tremendous toll on the huffman family. cancer forced him into early retirement after he spent the last 17 months in treatment. doctors convinced his long career fighting fires, exposure to toxic chemicals contributed to his diagnosis but as
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to cover his chemo treatments, that cost $18,000 every time he went in. before he died huffman pressed for florida to pass a cancer presumption law making sure that firefighters are guaranteed benefits if they get cancer. his family knows even if the law is passed tomorrow it won't help them but still want to see it passed. >> i would be very proud. our son is a firefighter and yes, it's too protect him, protect the firefighters that are working now, protect the ones that are coming in. >> i think just to have a little something in order to protect them and their names as well is truly beneficial. >> reporter: no matter what happens with the law pete huffman's family knows there will be a lasting legacy because they are establishing a scholarship in his name at st.
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fighting fires for a career. live in clearwater, james tully, abc action news. >> thank you. happening tomorrow -- a city is deciding whether to keep the controversial red light cameras or take them down. bradenton city council putting the issue on its agenda for wednesday morning. the city's contract with xerox, a company based in colorado expires this week. the bradenton police department says accidents at these intersections have act why but they say accidents caused by people running red lights have gone down in the past two years. there are seven red light cameras in bradenton. we're learning about the first case of travel related zika contracted within the united states. someone in el paso, texas testing positive for the disease after visiting miami. here in florida nontravel related cases are up to 30 this morning. the number of infections from travel outside the country now
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nightclub during that massacre a little more than two months ago. >> survivors talking about how they are trying to move forward. in an mtv special called "true life, we are orlando." >> something like this happens you get connected to people. >> those are two of the men who survived the shooting. meeting for the first time. 49 people died, more than 50 more were hurt in the pulse nightclub massacre. while they may be getting better physically they have a long way to go in the healing process. talking to other survivors helps. >> we just went through the same thing. we feel each other's pain. i know what you feel. and other people don't know. >> we're here, we're alive. thank god. >> since meeting for this show angel and tony have been
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he actually took his first steps since the attack. st. pete police need your help to find this woman. caught on camera cashing counterfeit checks at three different sun trust banks back in march. in total they say she's made off with more than $12,000. if you know who she is you are urged to call st. petersburg police. it's officially alligator season in florida. the state's annual hunt started yesterday. florida fish and wildlife commission giving out 5,0 take two gators. gator hunting season runs until november 1st. today there's a ribbon- cutting for the new largo high school. it underwent a $65 million renovation. the school has a spacious court yard with arches and stairwells leading to each building. students at largo high started classes last week. that ribbon-cutting set for 4:30 this afternoon. reminder where you can find everything you need to get
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head to we have county county resources and our coverage continues monday as sarasota county heads back to class. she banged it into the ground a few times. >> disturbing attack on a 72- year-old woman. still to come -- the one thing police say caught the attention of that attacker. >> later investigators arrested a man for the murders of two muslim leaders in new york.
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6:11. a man attacks a 72-year-old woman in south florida, to steal her jewelry. >> now police have just released the surveillance video from last month. and hoping that someone can visiting from new york, went to wendy's in pompano beach. she leaves and the suspect attacks her, throws her to the ground and steals her gold new england last. the suspect ran off. authorities are now offering a $3,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. look at this video. cameras also capturing this moment when a fort myers mail carrier actually tosses mail into the trash. >> an angry restaurant owner sharing this security video
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-- a fort myers realtor said he paid thousands of dollars to mail them only to see them tossed in the dumpster. postal inspectors say agents are now investigating. check out this forecast if you're headed out the door this morning. temperatures are near 80 degrees. we're nice and dry so you don't have to worry about getting wet as you're taking the dog for the walk this morning or heading out for a jog or bike ride. whatever you might be doing things are nice and dry through noon. then we'll begin to see a few showers bubb to our coast, will become more widespread, 50% coverage today, we top out at 92 degrees. i'll have the 7-day forecast coming up in a bit and show you when that pattern and timing of the rain is going to change. 6:12. also coming up -- officials now believe a wildfire that has so far destroyed nearly 200 homes is arson. the crime spree this may be part of. >> plus, farm tools to defend a home. the nearby weapon a man had to
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welcome back at 6:15. new developments this morning, police have now charged a man for the deaths of a new york city mosque leader and his associate. they started to question 35- year-old oscar moreiel of brooklyn sunday after he hit a bicyclist with his car 10
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it was not until last night that they charged him with murder after investigators say they found a revolver at his home. they also found clothes similar to those worn by the gunman captured on surveillance video. this morning investigators believe a devastating wildfire in california was set on purpose. the flames as you can see destroying nearly 200 homes forcing more than 4,000 people to evacuate and causing over $10 million in damage. police arrested year-old damon pashlik. police didn't say exactly how they tracked him down but are linking him to numerous other w50eu8dfires in the same county over the last year. we now know it was an olympic celebration, no the gunshots that caused chaos in jfk airport sunday night. >> we have a call of shots
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terminals in new york city but they didn't find any evidence. that is because no one ever fired shots. instead it was a loud celebration at one of the sports bars, people cheering for usain bolt's third gold medal in the 100 meter. still frightened passengers ran for cover evacuating the terminal. it took about three hours to get the airport back to normal. good news from milwaukee this morning. violent fiery protests did not break out for a third straight night. police curfew overnight for anyone under age 17 in an evident to calm tensions -- effort to calm tensions. the milwaukee police chief says officers made six arrests last night, there were some heated confrontations but no property damage. the violence began saturday after a black police officer shot and killed a armed black man who was fleeing from a traffic stop and then threatened that officer. a nebraska man using a
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home. he grabbed a pitchfork. the omaha man says he came home to find his home ransacked, then heard the sounds of a man moving around his house. so he grabbed what was closest to him. >> when i went out the front door looking for something to protect myself with. i had a pitch fork outside the front door so i took that with me. >> the homeowner says he caught one the man in a nearby alley but let him go after the guy grabbed a pipe. he says the man dropped a with stolen food, silverware and beer and that intruder didn't make it much farther, cops caught him as he ran across the street. police arrested and booked him for stealing. the death toll from flooding in louisiana now up to seven. crews pulled the latest victim from floodwaters in baton rouge. it looks like more devastating flooding may be coming to that area. right now more than 10,000 people living in shelters forced out of their homes by rising water. crews had to save more than
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and shay is tracking another front heading in that area, this could bring more rain. it's so unfortunate. right now it's nice and dry in baton rouge but as we look out wider there's a front that is stalled out. it will eventually pick up some speed and help to bring in some more widespread heavier downpours throughout the day today. so not very good news for the heavier rain that will be heading in that direction. we'll continue to keep you posted as we move through that as far as our weather is concerned, nice and dry, all of our area roads and bridges are rain-free from top-to-bottom, left-to-right. we have that east-to-west flow today, that means we start on the dry side, we'll see showers building around or shortly after noon. by 3:00 we start to see the rain working its way across our coastline. and then eventually by sunset the rain moves off-shore and tapers off. so with about 50% coverage a lot of us will encountary shower or thunderstorm at some
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likely the rain will occur between 2:00 and 6:00 this afternoon. hopefully that will help you with your plans today. as you can see our chance of rain is going to remain on the higher side today and tomorrow. then it comes down through the remainder of the week. janelle, how are things looking for the morning commute? so far so good, roads, dry. that is always a good way to start the morning. corey dierdorff is driving around for us. he's on ulmerton road heading eastbound. says traffic is starting to pick up a little bit crashes or breakdowns. if you're heading to 275 on ulmerton you're in good shape there. also checking 275 around gandy, look how wide open the lanes are. up to speed from the sunshine skyway all the way to the howard frankland bridge. checking the drive times on some of the major roads in our area, we're starting to slow down just a little on u.s. 19, this is southbound from tampa road to eastbay. 13 minutes. 17 minutes, still in the green on the veterans expressway from
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and just a minute slow on dale mabry, four minutes from fletcher to waters. back to you. still to come -- a husband sacrifice. brave final actions of a florida man when a beach trip turns tragic. first one of the victims in a ferris wheel accident is talking about the incident. three young girls fell from their goandla last week and plummeted 30 feet to the ground. steve osunsami exclusive interview. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma first look," the 10-year- old says she's lucky to be alive after falling nearly 40 feet from the cabin of this ferris wheel at the green county fair in tennessee. >> i was really scared. but mostly for my sister. >> reporter: she tells us about the moment when she, another girl and her 6-year-old sister were thrown to the ground after their orange ferris wheel basket got caught on another
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>> scariest thing i've ever seen in my life. i couldn't do anything. >> reporter: in a statement this morning the company that runs the ferris wheel is responding to the accident in tennessee -- by no means do we take this lightly as our main concern is the safety of the families who visit our midway each week. >> it can happen to anyone.
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6:26. a fort myers woman is mourning the loss of her husband after he sacrificed his life to save hers. >> he saved her from drowning pulling her from a strong current. kendra and sherrod smith were vacationing in miami this past weekend, both got swept in a rip current. when lifeguards came to rescue them he told them to save his wife first. lifeguards sadly he didn't survive. kendra says she will never ever forget what he did for her. >> i would have never guessed in a million years we were going to have fun, and the next thing you know, he's gone but he'll always be my hero. >> the couple had been married for only two years. such a sad reminder to be aware
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currents. if you're headed out the door this morning or getting rids ready for school we're dry out there so no concerns weatherwise as we start the day. definitely on the warm side, upper 70s to low 80s now. we'll be in the mid-80s by lunchtime and that's when we may start to see a few inland showers or thunderstorms bubbling up. it won't be really working its way along our coastline until just in time for the kids to head home and that is when we start to see the rain more widespread. 92 degrees as the high. 6:27. coming up in a couple of minutes at terrifying close call at a school bus loading area. a boy nearly run over outside his middle school. what was caught under those
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grief counselors on hand today at sexton elementary
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deal with a sudden loss of a very popular teacher. ahead in a live report i'll have the very latest details on the man charged in the case. plus, mourning a fallen firefighter. the plans set to remember his sacrifice today and the lack of protection for first responders he fought to change. >> highlighting transportation in tampa bay, the way officials are trying to raise support for things like street cars to make your commute easier. thoak for waking up with abc. >> good let's look at traffic and weather. janelle, any issues? >> no, i think everyone is getting used to the back-to- school thing. nothing major now. >> the weather seems to be cooperating. >> the weather has been looking great this morning. in fact we're dry, warm, 80 degrees in tampa now. 77 in lakeland. spring hill 78 degrees. siesta key at 80. so it's warm, it's dry, it's pretty much as you would expect it to be so as you try to get the kids to school this morning
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weatherwise. definitely want the lightweight clothing on because we're topping out in the low to mid- 90s. going to be hot and steamy, showers and thunderstorms will be bubbling up inland around noon and be more widespread after that. so just as kids are getting ready to come home from school we'll see more widespread showers and storms. so might want to pick them up from the bus stop or at least leave them with an umbrella if they are going to be walking home today. as far as the traffic goes you said so far so good but i know things can change quickly. >> things change quickly. nos to see that traffic and all the congestion pick up. so far so good on the howard frankland, corey dierdorff checking that out now. a lot of cars but still no crashes or breakdowns. and still just seven minutes from pinellas to hillsborough. less than 10 minutes across the other two bridges. we are watching a crash in pasco eastbound state road 54 at the collier parkway, this is in the lutz area. reports of some roadblocking
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anything here slowing us down. a little bit of slowdown around u.s. 41 so give yourself extra time there. a quick check of drive times through the downtown area. captain al in action air 1, good morning. >> reporter: good tuesday morning. this is what i consider the busiest stretch. 275, that traffic coming from the apex or getting on at beers and fletcher, that is usually where they come, fromp land o' lakes, and the merge with -- no problems to speak of. a lot of volume but everything is pretty much or pretty close to speed limit. back to you. 6:32. updating breaking news on florida's east coast. deputies investigating a gruesome and shocking deadly
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martin county. a man is seen biting another man's face. deputies tried to use a stun gun and police dog to pry him away, neither worked. took multiple deputies to pull that attacker off. within the last 30 minutes deputies revealing that husband and wife likely died from stab wounds. a neighbor was also stabbed while trying to intervene. investigators are now looking into why the attack happened and if that man was possibly on drugs at the time. grief counselors will be on hand today in john sexton elementary school in pinellas county. >> dealing with the tragic loss of a popular music teacher, caroline sine police say killed by a drunk driver. >> abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is live at the school. we can't imagine how hard this day is going to be. >> reporter: as you know this is a pretty hard blow for everyone at the school here. this young teacher had only been teaching here for two years but she made a major impact on everyone she met. in fact the principal tells me
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can do to remain strong for the students. >> we're all very close and supportive of each other. so we'll be ok. we'll pray and stand together and we'll make it through. >> reporter: loved ones of caroline sine who were praying for her recovery unfortunately are now planning for a funeral. her boyfriend, sean hankins, also in that car still in critical condition this morning at bayfront hospital. brice macleod in court yesterday given a $50,000. that is expected to change with upgraded charges. macleod's attorney says he feels for the victims as well. >> it's very unfortunate this had to happen. i know mr. macleod personally, i know he's very remorseful and very sorry to hear about what happened. >> reporter: however, brice macleod does have a history of drinking behind the wheel with past cases in manatee and hillsborough counties.
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investigators plan on having a 9:0 press conference with the pip -- 9:30 press conference with the pinellas park police department. we'll be at the press conference and bring you the latest in our 9:00 a.m. hour of news. for now reporting live in pinellas county, rodney dunigan, abc action news. a terrifying close call especially concerning for parents sending kids back to school. a boy hurt after falling on to the path of a school bus in manatee county. it happened in the school bus loading area of middle school. troopers say 4:30 yesterday the 11-year-old fell and the bus's rear tire ran over his backpack. his family took him to a hospital to get checked out but fortunately his injuries are minor. today hundreds will say a final farewell to golfport firefighter who lost his battle with cancer. we told but pete huffman more than a year ago as he tried to change state law. from is one of -- florida is one of 14 states that doesn't give firefighters medical
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from being exposed to toxic chemicals on the job. huffman wanted to change that. his funeral is 10:00 at the pinellas park performing arts center. followed by a procession which could include as many as 500 fire trucks to calvary catholic cemetery around 11:30. today hillsborough county transportation officials are hosting what it calls a state of transit event. it's aimed at highlighting the importance of transportation in the region and updating progress on existing projects. the event will be held health, 124 south franklin street in downtown tampa. set to run from 10:30 to noon. there will be free street car service this is morning in support of the event. in rio, team usa continues to lead the medal count. no golds for the americans yesterday but u.s. did win silver and bronze. here's a look at the totals now. u.s. leads china by 29 medals overall.
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than china, russia is fourth place followed by japan in fifth. and the total medal count, what a finish in the women's 400 meter race last night. watch this, alison felix of the u.s. and shaunae miller of the bahamas neck an neck. miller goes for gold with an all end dive. beats felix who took silver by just 7/100th women's gymnastics, simone biles stumbles and claims the bronze. lauren hernandez of the u.s. would land all her flips to win silver. the netherlands took the gold. coming up -- a push to make broadway more affordable. the one thing that drives up ticket costs and the way one creator of a hit musical is fighting it.
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grocery store. the amount of planning that went into this surprise and the timing making it extra special
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the creator of the hit musical "hamilton ""wants to make it more afford to believe to go to the theater. >> the tickets start at $189. that sounds expensive but
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them for anywhere to $500 to $2,000 each. manuel miranda is teeth up with new york senator chuck schumer to cut down on ticket bots, what scalpers use to snap up tickets on-line and resell at a huge markup. the new bill would slap a hefty fineon thison those who use the software. up to $16,000 per ticket. ? happy birthday to you? >> a woman who was low on cash on her big day was just the first person surprised by good samaritans at an oklahoma city grocery store. they not only sang for her but paid for her groceries. >> she started to raise money in july for the random act of kindness. it helped 15 people with their bills. great story. >> it is. >> they hope to it do it again. it's not the first time.
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the country. hopefully some of this nice weather spreads. we are off to a dry start to the day. so if you need to get that lawn mowed you don't have any excuses dan shaffer. 92 degrees will be the high today. so get that in early. then you can take a dip in the pool. storms will start to bubble up inland around noon and then they will become more widespread and across our coastline after that. the rain tampa bay from 2:00 to 6:00 so it could end up with a wet commute but at least for this morning's commute things are looking pretty good. weatherwise. how are things otherwise, janelle? so far so good, we're checking cameras all across the interstates, i-4, i-275, through downtown looking great here, coming up we're going to check the drive on i-4. still ahead -- amalie arena is hiring. the specific jobs up for grabs now to get you ready for hockey
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good morning. we're watching the drive on i- 4. this is macintosh road. i'm starting to see that slowdown as you head in towards tampa. we can look at the same area on my map and check out the slowdown here. about 31 there. that is on u.s. 92, this is
6:46 am
i-4 moving better despite a little bit of congestion we're seeing there. checking your drive times on 275, not too bad. this is about the time we start to see more slowdown, more cars hitting the road. 19 minutes from the apex to i-4 but once you get to downtown it's taking just five minutes to get to the howard frankland. let's check with action air 1, captain al, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. good tuesday morning, st. petersburg, a for you. i-275 right there west of tropicana field. i-175 and i-375 at the top. you can see those roads all going into downtown st. petersburg, no problems to speak of. did have a report of police activity on the 17th street north and 13th avenue, can't find anything now so maybe that is all dissolved. otherwise 4th street as well as 275 all the way to the howard frankland -- 34th street as well as the howard frankland i
6:47 am
fantastic. starting warm and dry. rivergate tower tampa camera showing you a gorgeous start to the day over harbor and davis islands. and downtown tampa, just looking really nice. as we're starting off this tuesday morning. 92 degrees will be the high today so it's going to be another hot and steamy day ahead. we're continuing to have an east-to-west flow which means we start dry and the showers and storms work their way from the east coast of florida across the state so it will be highlands and polk, you can see the rain first and that will be developing right around noon to 2:00. then the rest of the afternoon will see the showers and storms working their way west. if you happen to be checking in on your stormshield app and you see rain just off to your east you know it's headed in your direction today. that remains the case through tomorrow and thursday. on friday we start to see changing pattern and by saturday and sunday it really settles in. what that means for the weekend
6:48 am
for coastal patchy rain in the morning and then the storms will be moving inland through the day. so the reverse flow helps to keep our temperatures just a few degrees lower. a little closer to average. check out this video which just came in to our newsroom. the monte carlo tower came down this morning. it was the last piece of the hotel riviera, that hotel used to host some of the biggest vegas acts including liberace and frank si "oceans 11" and several other movies. we're learning the man accused of killing a st. augustine priest is due back in court september 16th. steven murray appeared in a georgia courtroom yesterday where prosecutors confirmed he will face the death penalty. investigators say murray kidnapped father rene robert last april forcing him into the trunk of his own car. investigators found the car in south carolina and arrested
6:49 am
back to the father's remains by murray in augusta, georgia. a man accused of pretending to be a doctor, the court trial is being delayed. to november, so his attorney can consider an insanity defense. the attorney for malakai love robinson says a recent mental health evaluation of his 19- year-old client has him considering a insanity devils. he was arrested in february after deputies say he pr stole $35,000 from a patient. love-robinson denied the charges saying he never said he was a medical doctor. in democracy 2016 -- donald trump laid out his plan to keep america safe from terrorists. yesterday the republican nominee explained he would use extreme vetting to make sure only immigrants who share america's values are admitted into the country. he also said he continued to use drone strikes against radical islamists and proposed
6:50 am
needed information to dismantle terror organizations. vice president joe biden campaigned for presidential candidate hillary clinton yesterday in his poboyhood hometown of -- boyhood hometown of scranton, pennsylvania. he says the first female president would add a major impact across the country. an update now on early voting which began in hillsborough county yesterday. yesterday. a turnout for the first day significantly higher than the first day of early voting for the 2012 or 2014 primary elections. early voting opens in all bay area counties by saturday. if you don't plan to vote early election day is tuesday august 30th. if you're looking to earn extra money before the holidays, or want a part time job you will want to head to amalie arena. the tal tal hosts a -- tampa
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today for the upcoming season. to apply just visit the arena's promenade level between 3:00 and 6:00. here at abc action news we're committed to getting you back to work with a good-paying job. starting this week we're partnering with the pinellas education foundation and career source to take action for your future. for four weeks you have free access to future plans head to if you took a summer vacation you could be at risk for identity theft. security experts believe hackers used malware to access bank accounts and credit card information at 20 major hotels including intercontinental nenl in tampa. the hack may have also arrested marriott and westin and other hotels in many locations across the country. if you stayed at one of these hotels between march and june monitor your credit card
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protect yourself, update laptops and smartphones before you travel and use a credit card, never a debit card when checking into a hotel. the tsa is reporting a recordbreaking week and it's not a good one. agents finding the most guns in carry-on bags in one week ever. tsa found 78 guns between august 5th and 11th. of those 68 were loaded, 21 had a round in the chamber. may of this year. a new apple patent could reveal a long rumored waterproof feature on the i- phone. the company was recently granted a patent that highlights editing tools used for underwater photography. that hints apple may have potential plans for waterproof on or water resistant gadgets. apple is expected to announce the i-phone 7 in september. researchers at mit are
6:53 am
connections. they are temporary, have a metallic color and researchers call them duo skin. some of the tattoos can sense body temperature, others can be embedded with led's for lighting effects. today there's a groundbreaking ceremony for a new performing arts stage in pasco county. it's part of a $2 million improvement project but the land o' lakes -- for the land o' lakes community center. groundbreaking is 8:00 a.m. cons complete by january. if you're a thrill ride enthusiast today is national roller coaster today. >> some of the best are right here or within a short drive. busch gardens of course debuting its newest coaster cobra's cruise earlier this year. the theme park wants you to post your favorite roller coaster videos and photos on facebook and twitter with hashtag coastercrusade.
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you down to "good morning, america." >> abc action news bringing you the news, weather and traffic you need to know before you head out. starting with the death of a well known pinellas county teacher and police say a drunk driver is to blame. that driver, brice macleod, now expected to face upgraded charges. family friends and co-workers of caroline sine, heartbroken. her boyfriend sean hankins also in the car is still in critical condition at bayfront hospital. investigators are holding a 9:30 news conference this mo this morning hundreds will pay their final respects to a gulfport firefighter who died from cancer. pete huffman tried to get a state law in place that gives firefighters medical benefits. his funeral begins 10:00 at pinellas park performing arts center. we continue to follow this breaking news, deputies investigating a gruesome shocking deadly attack on a husband and wife in martin county. authorities found a man biting another man's face overnight.
6:55 am
death. a neighbor was also stabbed while trying to intervene. a boy is hurt after falling into the path of a school bus in manatee county. it happened in the school with us loading area -- lsu bus loading area of braden river middle school yesterday. troopers say the rear tire ran over the 11-year-old's backpack. his family took him to the hospital to get checked out. a youth empowerment wn raymond james stadium. it's from 8:00 to morning to noon. guest speakers include buccaneers linebacker derrick brooks. good morning. we are watching cameras all along 275, we were seeing some backup around busch boulevard but right now seems to be moving a little bit better, just seven minutes from here to downtown. that is just about two minutes
6:56 am
minutes from county line road to downtown. captain al, how is it where you are? >> reporter: good morning, clearwater, and good morning, abbeville. southbound u.s. 19, from eastbay everything moving smoothly. you can see it's dry, upper 70s to low 80s. as we move through the day the showers and storms don't start bubbling up until no closer to our coast until 2:00, 3:00. 92 is a high. deep sea researchers spotted this stubby squid, almost 3,000 feet under the ocean's surface. >> and this species spends its life under debris on the ocean floor with its eyes poking out to spot food. >> looks like it's from a pixar movie. >> or a stuffed animal.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight a search for survivors under way after deadly floods hit the south. 30,000 rescued. the national guard pulling people to safety. now rivers are on the rise as the midwest faces twisters overnight and severe weather moves east. on terror and immigration. >> i call it extreme, extreme vetting. >> how trump says he will keep america safe from isis and will his reset last as vice president joe biden hits the trail with hillary clinton calling trump's ideas dangerous. we have an abc news exclusive. the 10-year-old girl who fell from the top of a ferris wheel speaking out after that terrible dent. >> i was really scared but


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