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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  August 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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after hearing that he had a previous dui arrest. a brand-new school already overcrowded. i'm paul lagrone. >> and i'm laura harris. we're talking about citrus ridge elementary school. some students even getting turned away today. ryan raiche finding out why it was so crowded on day one. >> reporter: on this second day of school, this second grader is hopeful. >> just try very hard. >> reporter: james mason still doesn't know if citrus ridge academy will have a seat for him. he and his family just moved here from philadelphia and zoned for this school in davenport but kids are getting turned away. >> it is frustrating but i'm trying to be patient and go with the floor. >> reporter: the school has capacity for 1400 kids k through 8th grade.
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the limit. parents like jacqueline sanchez are left scrambling. she finally got a special form to see if another nearby school will take her child. >> i was coming here for three weeks, twice a week to make sure that he came here. and it was always a situation where he wasn't able to -- he was not able to start here. now, you know, i have to go somewhere else. >> reporter: tonight the district is apologizing for the experience. saying the overwhelming demand for the new school in a growing part of town is what caused the issues. >> the students enrolled and present here today will have a spot at citrus ridge but the numbers are over what the capacity for the school can handle. >> reporter: the district will consider adding porible classrooms to accommodate. james and his family are still crossing their fingers. >> fingers, toes, everything. >> reporter: the superintendent will meet with her staff this thursday to figure out the best way to move forward. it will likely mean portable
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with hiring more teachers and moving kids to nearby schools. ryan raiche, abc action news. >> thank you, ryan. in the meantime it's back to school next week for kids in sarasota county. to get your child ready, i want you to check out our special back to school section on our page right there. you can even get it on our free mobile app. we have everything that you need from school supply lists all the way to lunch menus. now the most accurate weather team action weather. >> how are you doing, everybody? the worst is over. for a 45-minute stretch we had nasty lightning. really the line cut south of lakeland all the way across the central viewing area. things are winding down now. hour by hour, while there will be a few more isolated storms this evening, coverage is only 15 to 20% of the area picking up rain from now to midnight. waking up to clear skies.
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forecast tomorrow. changes by the weekend and a new tropical storm. yeah, we have a lot it talk about in a couple minutes. >> thank you, denis. breaking developments in the deadly louisiana flooding. new images coming in of the devastation there. the death toll has risen to 10 people. 40,000 homes damaged. the flooding threat may be spreading at this hour since the swayl enrivers are sending flood waters downstream at this hour. fema says flood waters will continue to rise for several more days. and even in places where the flood waters are receding, many of the roads are still impassable. red cross volunteers from central florida on the way to help out. this is the largest relief effort since hurricane sandy. >> everything that i had is gone. everything. everything. >> it's like the end of your life, the end of your world. having to start over like that. we worked so hard for it.
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emotions have hurricane katrina. president obama has already declared a flooding emergency, a federal disaster area that will bring up money to help the folks out. through are new questions whether the zika virus will spread in louisiana because of all of the flooding. standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. although it's a concern right now the cdc says zika mosquitoes can also be washed away by the flood waters. there have not been any local cases of zika in louisiana. in the meantime, there new travel related cases of zika in florida tonight. one is in hillsborough county which brings the total to 14. take a good look here. a huge turnout today in pinellas park to honor a firefighter who died of cancer as he was leading the charge for medical protection for his fellow firefighters. pete huffman died thursday. they passed by the house where
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they were followed by hundreds of firefighters, family and friends. he worked in the fire service 35 years before being forced into retirement for his -- from his cancer diagnosis. doctors believe that the disease was a direct result of years of being exposed to all of the toxic chemical. he fought for legislation to get better cancer protections for firefighters. >> we need to fix the system. we need to everybody, civilians alike, because we need to come together as a country. and if i can help a little part in that, that's where my calling is. >> lieutenant pete huffman's family plans to carry on his fight for new laws. they are creating a scholarship at st. pete college to help firefighters fulfill their dreams. take a close look at your
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deputies are looking for the man in the baggy pants. he robbed the bank in the middle of the day. he worked into the credit union and told the teller he had a gun. he man got away in a toyota sedan, silver, with tinted windows. a man accused of punching another man on a local bus is out of jail tonight. according to arrest documents, chester harris got maddon sunday morning when a fellow passengerred yawned without covering his mouth. he felt disrespected because the other man had bad breath. he cursed at harris when he asked him to cover his mouth. so harris punched the other man. a crucial test for the green algae problem playing the treasure coast. officials testing water and the air down there looking for potential toxins.
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blue-green algae surfacing at seven different sites along the st. lucie river. the county will test sand from bathtub beach and south hutchinson island. a new survey giving florida mixed reviews. it ranks washington d.c., california, nevada, all ahead of florida when it comes to what they call a richer life. the only place worst off, new mexico there at number 10. florida at number what does this survey really mean? let's put it into motion for you tonight. according to this website, richer life is essentially quality of life. they're looking at jobs and income. housing not so bad in florida. neither is the lifestyle score. florida getting low rankings when it comes to health care. this website calling it one of the worst states for employer contributions. it also gets low safety ratings
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and the household falling low on the rankings here. less than three quarters of the rest of the united states. laura. >> and here at abc action news we're committed to getting you back to work with a good-paying job. starting this week, we're partnering with the pinellas education foundation to take action for your future. during the four-week campaign, you will be given free access to the career survey. that matches your interests and strengths with jobs that are in demand. to as you prepare to send your older children off to college, we're getting our hands on troubling numbers about what young people are really doing when they're partying. it turns out college students are more likely to be heavy drinkers than other young adults not going to school. we're talking about 38% of college students binge drink. students are less likely to smoke cigarettes than others in their same age group. but neither group was more
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actually experiment with drugs. talk about a good first day. the start of gator hunting season tonight. and one hunter already caught himself an 8-footer. >> there it is right there. and he did it with a special technique that he says works every time. he pretends that he's a baby alligator. robert is known for his popular youtube channel deer meat for dinner. he is donating his hunts to other families in need. within an hour he got a but the gator doesn't go down without a fight. >> these are apex predators that are not signed up just to commit suicide. i've had huge chunks taken out of the bottom of my boat. >> gator hunting is heavily regulated giant fish and wildlife. it lasts ten weeks. >> the worst thing that i have ever seen in my life. and i couldn't do anything.
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distraught after an amusement park accident changed their lives. you will hear from the little girl and the one thing that she says kept her from getting more seriously hurt. >> reporter: save ballast point. these signs all over. why neigighbors think their
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>> tonight we're updating you on two accidents at two popular theme parks that have caused concerns across the country. >> country. >> a girl is tellg of the story. kayla reynolds says she feels lucky to be alive. >> falling on the ground. my arms saved me. >> you're going to the fair. you think it's safe. you expect there to be certain standards, thinking that your child will go on a ride that they're going to come off of. >> it can happen to anybody. that's the scary part about it. >> kayla was on that ride with her 6-year-old sister and an
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happened. doctors say brili suffered a traumatic brain injury. authorities are saying what happened is an accident of course and safety inspectors are blaming mechanical failure. this is the second accident tied to the same company that runs the ferris wheel. in 2013, self people were hurt in north carolina when the vortex started spinning as people tried to get off. also new details coming out about the water slide accident that killed a 10-year-old boy in kansas. police say the boy and the weight requirements set by the water park. officials say their total weight was 545 pounds. the minimum weight required set by the park, not a government agency, was 400 pounds. as kids go back to school, community leaders are getting together to improve health and wellness in the tampa bay area. the tampa bucs got together at
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about ways that play 60 is working to improve health and activity in local schools. darrell brooks was there. day 11 of the rio olympics is underway with more medals coming home to the united states. here is a look at the updated medal count. 81 total for usa. china with 48. and then great britain with 43. russia and japan rounding the top five. jim ryan joins us from rio with a closer look how simone biles would youd the crowd today. >> reporter: the gold rush continues as simone biles makes olympic history again, becoming one of the most decorated athletes in rio. the all-around champ earning her fourth gold medal in the floor exercise. she becomes the first u.s.
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gymnastics. aly raisman took home the silver. the usa men's gymnastics team also scoring big. lava only got to come to rio because a teammate was injured and had to withdraw. then he did it again. he flipped his way into second place in the high bar finals. it was redemption for him. he fell on the same event during the team competition finals. sam missed a medal by of a point, landing in fourth. a show of dominance in the 200 meter, all five americans competing in the semifinals advanced. web, gatlin and merit all move forward. bolt also hit the track and left the competition in the dust, winning his heat. more gold for team usa at the men's triple jump. christian taylor defending his
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engaged. high drama in the 500 final. tumbling to ground after she clipped her heel. the pair then hugging before she is taken away in a wheelchair. teammate shelby also made the cut after placing in her heat. finally out of the pool and into the brackets, team usa's women's volleyball team defeated the semifinals. >> those olympic athletes every year amaze me. >> incredible. >> wow. what also is amazing me is that the rain came and then it went in like ten minutes. >> it was crazy. a lot of lightning and a lot of people saying it was some of the worst lightning they have seen in weeks. now things are winding down. if it would have been at night, it would have been awesome. that is a great looking shot
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there and rain. but that rain is moving away. so if you wanted to head over to the beach and catch a sunset, you will be fine. the weather will actually be very nice along the cove. in fact, it already is across most of the area. the last two, three hours, watch it as we put it into motion. there is the line as laura mentioned just racing across the area. a 50 miles per hour wind gust around st. pete at 4:15. now all that is left is light rain down to largo. that will shortly. moderate showers and thunderstorms around frost proof and sebring as well. i doubt they hang together much longer. certainly they won't get any larger like the line that blew on through the last few hours. where the rains have fallen, you're down to the 70s. where you haven't seen the rain, you're in the low 90s. ruskin 92. today tampa hit 94. so, again, well above normal.
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look at sarasota. another record, 97 degrees. tampa right now at the airport, still rain lingering. last report, 79 degrees. the dew point is 75. as i said, we hit 94. that's 4 degrees above normal. the record is 97. 56 years ago. we were flirting with record highs again. st. pete, clearing skies now and 79. the rains have moved on through. sarasota, still hot though. no rain there. sunny and 90 degrees. there's the satellite. you wake up, sunny outside. most of your afternoon, sunny. by 3:00, you hear the thunder rumbling and it rolls on through between 3:00 and 8:00. this evening, a few isolated showers. not many. you may go look at the beach and see the thunder and lightning off shore. tomorrow morning, you will wake up to warm, dry conditions. the afternoon, the storms don't arrive until 3:00, 4:00. in fact, tomorrow almost identical forecast to what we had today. look at the timetable. 4:00, the storms are stacked
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lightning with them and gusty winds. they will only last half an hour to 45 minutes. maybe a second round. weaker moves through 7:00, 8:00. just like tonight. thursday, no changes. same pattern. but by the weekend, instead of an east to west flow, the winds come around out of the gulf and we start to see morning showers along our coastal areas. that starts on saturday and again lingering into the early part of next week. not on wednesday though. another sunny, hot day with until the rains roll in. when they do, you will drop about 15 degrees in 15 minutes. the tropics high likelihood that it doesn't bother anybody. it goes into the atlantic with the fish. no threat to the u.s. a few more storms this evening. otherwise a nice evening. temperatures cooling off into the 70s. wake-up time in the upper 70s.
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by the weekend, that's when the changes arrive. instead of the late day storms, you will see morning rains along the coast. instead of everything coming to our beach, they will move east through the afternoon. >> denis, thank you. still ahead tonight, the deadly flooding in louisiana may have you thinking about how to best protect your property. so we're taking action for you, helping you figure out if you should get flood insurance, even if you don't live along the water. what you should know tonight. download the new abc action news and tablet. just search for abc action news
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>> wow. look at that. one of the most icon i am hotels in las vegas is no mo it only took a few seconds. the rivera hotel and casino came down early this morning. the dust from the implosion swallows up a reporter from our sister station in vegas. it was so thick that he had to toss at that back to the anchors in the studio. >> how would you feel in a bear showed up at your front door? for one florida family, that's exactly what happened and the mom live streamed the entire thing on her facebook page.
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video. i just put it -- did the live thing and he gave us a show. >> the bear even putting on a show for her friends. slapping the window there. angie's 3-year-old noticed it first saying there was a polar bear outside. here is wendy ryan with a look at what is coming up next at 6:00. >> thanks, paul. we take a closer look at drunk driving arrests. surprising trend that police are seeing and the reason behind it. plus this -- >> and country club has submitted plans for rezoning with the city. why neighbors in ballast point
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>> live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. now at 6:00, the family of a school teacher killed in a drunk driving accident demanding answers when they learn that the driver had a history of driving drunk. i'm jamison uhler. >> and i'm wendy ryan. many people saddened. this woman right here, caroline sign died last night after being hit by a drunk driver over the weekend. >> we're learning that driver, bryce mccloud has a history of driving drunk. advocates fed up saying he never should have been behind
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action to prevent repeat offenders from driving drunk. ryan. >> reporter: the deadly collision happened at this intersection at 40th street north and park boulevard early sunday. mccloud blew through a red light, police say drunk and they add he has been convicted of dui before. police say bryce mccloud's decision to have a few drinks at dinner and then drive killed caroline sign. >> it's just sickening. mothers against drunk driving. she says the suspect's driving record makes this tragedy even more frustrating. >> he hasn't learned only. >> reporter: repeat drunk driving arrests are on a downward trend. over the past two years, we tracked a drop in drivers statewide arrested for their


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