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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  August 17, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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abc action news takes you to st. petersburg to find out if any suspects are caught this morning. >> we're following up on a disturbing scene scene in martin county. we're going to play part of the 911 call. >> manatee county deputies want you to watch for a missing 11- year-old boy. this is nathaniel garza, last seen at his school bus stop on 14th street west in bradenton. wearing blue shorts and baby blue shirt and black shoes. we're told the 11-year-old run away before. if you see him call the manatee county sheriff's office. thank you for joining us for abc action news this wednesday. shay is in for ivan looking at traffic and weather together. >> first janelle, you're watching a wreck on the howard frankland causing some tie-ups out there? >> yeah. right now traffic is light so there's no major delays but corey dierdorff is on the scene of the serious crash at the howard frankland bridge. what is happening out there? >> reporter: good morning. definitely not a good way to start the mid-week. you can see that car there, a
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rolled over, driver transported to the hospital. this is just on the tampa side of the howard frankland bridge right after you come off the bridge. and physically get to the little causeway portion before westshore. you can see the two inside lanes closed now, fhp doing an investigation. we're not sure how long this is going to last. not really causing delays. we'll stay on top of this and let you know as soon as we do when the road will reopen. i've been watching this crash on our cameras, you can see it here, two inside lanes block, traffic seems to be getting by fine. about a mile back i've been checking the cameras, waiting to see if we're seeing any backups. in these cars headlights coming at me are heading northbound. you can see no delays on the howard frankland. let's check drive times across all three bridges so we can see exactly how long it's taking to get across. not bad, we're still in in in
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>> right now the roads are dry so we can't blame wet roads for the crashes. the roads have been dry in the mornings the last couple of days. we're in the pattern where we have the dry starts to the day which has been nice and pleasant, right? temperatures right now around 77 degrees in tampa. 76 lutz. 75 bartow. 74 brooksville. 81 longboat key. so you're starting the morning much like we have lately, then this afternoon you're going to see those showers and storms developing, most of them not until about 2:00. then continuing through sunset, we've got about 40% coverage today so not everybody is getting wet but everyone is definitely going to be hot because we've got highs in the low to mid-90s today. it's going to feel close to 100 again. breaking news at 5:30 -- a -- or 5:00 -- a double shooting in st. petersburg as authorities find two men just feet from a public library.
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lindsay logue is live at the scene on 9th avenue and 37th street. what is going on? >> reporter: good morning. the parking lot now is dark, empty and incredibly quiet. a much different scene than what we saw even just a few moments ago. this is video from the last half-hour. you can see a tow truck as it pulls out of the parking lot at the public library. and on the back of that tow truck, the car that the two men were found in. police got a call before 11:00 last night about two people who had been shot. they were in a back of the parking lot here at the library on 9th avenue. as of now police say both men are alive, are at the hospital, but they have not said anything else about the investigation. whether they are looking for a shooter or if they think this crime was between the two victims. a question we will be asking later this morning. we do expect an update from police soon. as soon as we get that we'll bring it to you. live in st. petersburg, lindsay logue, abc action news. just about a half-hour
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say a 25-year-old man died from a gunshot wound. that man was dropped off last night at bayfront health where doctors pronounced him dead. detectives are still trying to figure out where he was shot and who shot him. we're following a few crashes overnight, the first in pinellas county. police say just before 10:00 last night a 28-year-old man on a dirt bike swerved to avoided a car at an intersection when he ended up hitting the curb instead. officers say he landed on the sidewalk near 7th street south and 17th pete. the motorcycle kept going, hit a 19-year-old woman on the street before crashing into a utility pole. the rider had no helmet. and now facing life threatening injuries. the woman who was hit is going to be ok. hillsborough county, tampa police are working to find out how a car and motorcycle collided last night. both drivers were rushed to the hospital. so far no word on their condition. one man hopes a reward will
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the howard frankland bridge. since may the highway patrol says seven cats have been found dead on the bridge. all of them in the middle of the hump on the northbound lanes. animal rights advocate says he's offering $5,000 to anyone with information on who is killing the cats. >> anybody that is abusing an an animal is ultimatelae going to end up abusing a child, a spouse, a human being and we just can't tolerate that. >> one -- when she saw it tossed on the bridge last week. that cat had scratches but otherwise is ok. anyone with information should call the fhp. we're hearing the disturbing 911 call from a man in martin county who walked in on his neighbors being stabbed to death. the man tried to help but was
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>> deputies say 19-year-old austin haroof killed a couple in their garage. the first deputy on scene says haroof bit off part of the man's face. deputies say a stun gun and canine had no effect on him and eventually pried him off the victim and took him into custody. the neighbor tried to help, is expected to survive. so far there's no known motive for the attack. a judge denied bail for the man accused of killing a mosque leader and his assistant in new york city. police arrested oscar morel yesterday for the murders. they say he shot the imam and his friend in the back saturday as they left a prayer service. this morning investigators are still looking for a motive but haven't ruled out the possibility of this being a hate crime. investigators now say the son of mexican drug lord lord el chapo was one of the 16 people kidnapped in puerto
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taken from an upscale restaurant. they now say the kidnappers and victims appear to be from two rival drug cartels. the mass abduction was monday in the resort city. 14-year-old orlando student is recovering after lightning strike that happened at school. that student was standing in a parking lot next to a tree during lunch hour yesterday when the lightning bolt hit. that school is on the campus of first baptist church of orlando. paramedics say the student was lethargic but alert when to the hospital. a judge tomorrow will decide whether to approve the sale of gawker media to univision. the spanish language channel is offering $135 million for gawker. gawker filed for bankruptcy in the aftermath of the hulk hogan lawsuit. hogan won a $140 million judgment against the gossip site for posting video of hogan having sex with a friend's wife. you have a chance to shake the future of the riverwalk in bradenton. >> the city is asking for everybody to weigh in on an extense plan for the east
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the riverwalk is home to an annual regatta, a free event that attracts about 100,000 people. the city is promising -- proposing to move glacier gates park from manatee avenue east to a spot on riverside drive east along the manatee river. the city also wants to remodel the playground. the riverwalk meeting is tonight at 6:00 at the marriage and family works building on manatee avenue east. drivers in bradenton may soon not have to worry about red light cameras watching over them. city cown is expected to decide this morning whether to keep the seven cameras or take them down. some drivers say they reduce accidents, others believe they are just an easy way for the city to make money. a nice dry start. temperatures are going to be rising to the upper 80s by noon but the showers and storms hold off until about 2:00 and they
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that is going to allow us to make it to highs around 93 degrees. 5:09. coming up, tens of thousands without power, even more with flooded homes. we find out which celebrity is coming to the rescue with a large donation. >> a warning if your house is on the market. the video you have to see
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good morning. we're following breaking news.
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crash on the howard frankland, northbound as you approach tampa, just coming into tampa, two inside lanes are blocked, you can see the tow truck there on scene. we know at least one person was taken to the hospital. corey dierdorff is on the scene bringing us these live pictures. he'll have more coming up in a live report. 5:13. we have all new video, that is a house going up in flames in southern california. it's one of at least a dozen buildings destroyed wildfire there. among the ruins in san bernardino county an historic diner. so far more than 80,000 people have been evacuated, part of a nearby interstate is also shut down. the fire has grown to 15,000 acres in just one day. the firefighters say it's still spreading this morning in all directions. flooding continues in louisiana. we have been bringing you the latest video the last few days of this devastating flooding. officials calling it the worst in state history.
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at least 40,000 homes are damaged. >> at the height they had water almost chest height so we're heading up there now, i think water is out of the house and we'll start moving stuff out. just doing as much as we can before it gets too hot or we got to do other things. >> tens of thousands still with no electricity. some people are under curfew because of scattered reports of looting. and some are still waiting for help. one celebrity is hoping to l victims. taylor swift promising to donate $1 million for relief efforts. the star says fans in louisiana graciously welcomed her when she kicked off her u.s. leg of her "1989 world tour" last year and she says it's heartbreaking that so many people are forced out of their homes. flood warnings are still in place, likely for many days to come, looks like they are catching a break from the rain now. >> yeah, they have had some
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news. but yeah, they were looking at 2 to 3 inches of rain this morning which again creating additional issues but with it letting up a little this morning and throughout the next couple of days it will be more hit or miss. this should show some improvement but still concerns for flooding will continue and it won't be until early next week before we really see any significant drying. so we'll continue to monitor the situation but it's really not going to greatly for several days. as we look at our weather, nice and dry as we start the day. we're in a very similar pattern we've been in for the last several days, so you can pretty much count on when the rain is going to come and go. it's going to start again today around 2:00, 3:00. and you can see that on futurecast. right through noon we're nice and dry but we're beginning to see those little green specks showing up around the i-95 corridor. that will then start to build
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widespread, through about sunset before tapering off, off- shore so. it's the east-to-west flow, that is what we call this, weather pattern we get stuck in during the summer where it gives us the rain most likely from about 2:00 in the afternoon to 6:00 in the evening. this continues for us through the end of the week. and then once we head into the weekend we start to see some changes where we get the reverse pattern. what the reverse pattern does is it gives us a chance of rain earlier in the day. so if you're thinking hey, are sa awesome beach days? it's not going to be quite the same where you're guaranteed the dry beach hours early because that is where the storms are going to originate, even as early as the morning and then the storms will be pressing inland through the afternoon. so the beach weather might not be quite as fantastic but the temperatures will be a little bit lower and the coverage is not extreme. only 40% coverage so certainly not a washout. i would still head to the beach, just watch for the storms that are going to be building in the gulf.
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problems and headaches. we have issues out there, a serious crash at the howard frankland. corey dierdorff is there now. that looks like a serious crash. >> reporter: good morning. this is just on the tampa side of the howard frankland bridge, right before you get to the kennedy westshore exit as you come across the causeway portion here and you're no longer above the water. o crews trying to upright this vehicle. we know one person was taken to the hospital with serious injuries and we have seen the crews here removing a couple of things from inside the car including a military hat and american flag. kind of a sat moment as they folded that flag on the -- sad moment as they folded that flag on the side of the road. as you come across the bridge go ahead and move over, give the crews a little room as the
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soon as we get it. >> i want to show you what the crash looks likes from the fdot cameras. you can see pretty clearly how the two inside lanes are closed but look how wide open the other two lanes are. it's still early so we're seeing no delays from this. if you are thinking of taking one of the other brings, you're in good shape. all three bridges, all in the 60 mile-per-hour range. so looking good there. less than 10 minutes to get across all three bridges. if you are heading to i-4 maybe starting off area heading over into tampa no problems out there on i-4 now. just 21 minutes to get from county line road to downtown. just seven minutes from 75 to 275. 5:18. the first defendant in the armed takeover of an oregon wildlife refuge this year will spend two and-a-half years in prison.
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the conspiracy case. he was in one of 26 standoff defendants charged with conspiracy. he admitted to impeding federal employees through threats, intimidation or force from working at the refung outside of burns, oregon. before you host an open house hide your valuables. this is video here of a home in texas. the woman in the video appears to be a potential buyer but turned out to be a thief. the whole thing caught on the home security camera. you see that woman there through at some point puts some things in her purse. the homeowners say they noticed medication missing and checked security cameras and spotted who was responsible. they say it's important to remove valuables before putting your home on the market. >> we want to secure the items we can't live without, preferably out of the house. >> and keep important documents and spare keys in a box that you can take with you while
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etc. 5:20. still ahead -- a big mess in one aisle of a sam's club. what -- your heart will stop when you find out what is beneath all the water jugs. all new this morning, another amusement park mishap. what happened this time in connecticut hurting several children? >> first days before it gets released the samsung galaxy note 7 is getting rave reviews from the expert. here's abc's kendis gibson and diane macedo. >> reporter:in bytes" -- samsung's new smartphone appears to be a hit. >> the "the wall street journal"'s joanna stern calls the galaxy note 7 the best android phone she's ever tested and requesting usa today's ed begue says it poses a noteworthy challenge to the i- phone. it is released friday. there's a fleet of self- driving cars in five years --
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steering wheel and pedals. mcdonald's is using technology to promote fitness among its customers. they are giving away colorful activity trackers in its happy meals the next few weeks. the company says the wristbands are part of its effort to get kids active.
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a run of the mill's trip to a sam's wholesale turned into a scary ordeal and sent a 4-year- old to the hospital. he was in a sam's club in virginia when that happened there. a pallette holding gallons of water came crashing down from the top shelf. that little boy was caught underneath. people in the store say the child was conscious and crying when emergency crews arrived. a witness says the pallette the jugs were on was double stacked so. far sam's club is not all the rides at a connecticut amusement park are going to remain shut down until inspectors can determine what shocked people on one of the rides. >> at least people were shocked at that park yesterday afternoon. it happened on a ride called the scramblebler. the operator says he felt a tingling sensation when he hit a button to bring the ride to a stop. six people were taken to the hospital but no injuries appear to be serious. will they stay or will they go?
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keeping the city's red light cameras. ahead in a live report, why that call has to be made right away. >> breaking news on the howard frankland bridge. a serious rollover crash has two inside lanes blocked. you can see it there. not really backing up traffic right now, coming up, a live report. z22pvz zy6z
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breaking overnight -- two people shot in a car just feet from the public library in st. petersburg. abc action news is talking with investigators this morning now we're trying to find out if they are looking for any suspects. the two men shot are in the hospital right now. take a look at the to help manatee county deputies find this missing 11-year-old boy. nathaniel garza is missing from bradenton. last seen at his school bus stop on 14th street west. we're told the 11-year-old has run away before. if you see him call the manatee county sheriff's office. and watching a breaking traffic alert. a bad crash on the howard frankland. >> shay and janelle looking at tit together. >> we're seeing the crash on the cameras. and corey dierdorff is on the


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