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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  August 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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this morning. until we get to around noon to 2:00. that is when the storms are going to start bubbling up inland. then they will move to our coastline between 2:00 and 3:00. and will continue through sunset. we're reaching highs today around 93 degrees so it's going to feel like 100 once again. so the good news of course, out of that forecast -- >> the good news. >> it's dry this morning. how is the commute looking? >> so far so good. we do have that crash on the howard frankland but that is cleared. corey dierdorff is bringing us these live pictures. you can see there the tow truck is gone, the debris is gone. all four lanes on the howard frankland heading into tampa back open. just 6 minutes to get across the bridge this morning. less than 10 minutes across the other two bridges. fhp reporting a crash on i-4 just east of i-75 we have a camera there, i'm not seeing anything. this was reported in the westbound lanes. those are the tail-lights heading there towards tampa.
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or breakdowns on i-4, just 22 minutes from lakeland to downtown tampa. the veterans expressway still in the green but not for long. this road really starts to get busy. right now though 17 minutes from 54 to 275. 6:01. right now manatee county deputies want to you watch for this missing 11-year-old boy. nathaniel garza was last seen at a school bus stop yesterday morning on 14th street west in bradenton. he baby blue shirt and black shoes. we're told the 11-year-old has run away before. if you see him call manatee county sheriff's office. breaking news overnight -- two people shot in st. petersburg and as of now no arrests. >> police say two men were found shot in a car at the public library on 9th avenue north. abc action news anchorlins listens is out there now, lindsay logue is out there now, what are police telling you? >> good morning.
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at this public library, both survived. that is going to be incredibly helpful for this investigation. that means they can tell police exactly what happened around 11:00 last night. when we got here our cameras captured the tow truck driver pulling out of the library lot and on the back of the trailer the car that the two men were found in. police got a call before 11:00 last night after two people who had been shot were in a car toward the back of the parking lot at the library on 9th avenue. as of now are alive, in the hospital, but they have not said anything else about the investigation. whether they are looking for a shooter or if they think this crime was between the two victims. a question we will certainly be asking police this morning. we do expect an update from them in the next couple of hours when we get that we'll bring it to you of course. lindsay logue, abc action news. in about a half-hour -- a half-hour earlier st. petersburg police say a 25- year-old man died, with a
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hospital. detectives didn't say where this happened, only that they were headed to the scene overnight. we're getting a fir look at the florida state university student accused of two gruesome murders. we warn you, details are extremely disturbing. deputies saw austin harrouff stabbed a couple to death martin county and when they arrived at the home they say the 19-year-old was biting off pieces of the man's face. >> he beat her up and then i ran over there. i'm bleeding. >> reporter: that is the newly released 911 call from a neighbor who rushed over to help the couple and ended up being stabbed himself. deputies say austin harrouff killed 59-year-old john stevens and his 53-year-old wife in a random attack. we're also just learning that harrouff's condition is deteriorating. he's in the hospital now. doctors now say he's in grave condition and he may not survive. all we know about what happened
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police dog to arrest him. police say a man was driving dangerously when he crashed his motorcycle in st. petersburg last night. they say 28-year-old gregory bringson hit a curb on 17th avenue south, the dirt bike style motorcycle kept going hitting a 19-year-old woman on the street before crashing into a utility pole. crews took her to the hospital with minor injuries. brinson has life threatening injuries. apparently didn't have on a helmet. we're waiting to find out about a crash involving a ca and motorcycle in tampa. this happened at busch boulevard and brooks street last night. paramedics rushed both drivers to the hospital. so far no word on their conditions. take a look at the man you see in the video. keep watching. you'll see him in a second. currently police are hoping that somebody will recognize the guy or know something about what happened here. they tell us on monday this guy stuck a gun in a worker's face at a subway sandwich shop on
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register and she went back to the office, locked herself inside and called police. the robber tried to open the register himself but couldn't and left without cash. the search continues for a cat killer. a man hopes to bring him to justice with a big reward. since may florida highway patrol says seven cats have been found dead on the howard frankland bridge. all of them had been tossed on to the bridge in the middle of the hump in the northbound lanes. animal rights advocate he's offering up $5,000 to anyone who has information on who is killing the cats. >> anybody that is abusing an animal is ultimately going to end up abusing a child, a spouse, a human being and we just can't tolerate that. >> a driver did rescue one cat that was tossed out of the bridge last week. that cat had scratches, otherwise ok. anyone with information should call the fhp. the lee county school
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school year after a sex scandal at south for the myer high school. the lee county school district now fired varsity football coach anthony dixon after reports of students having sex in a bathroom in may. another employee ninthan ojibwe was removed from his role at coach but will continue to teach p.e. an interim football coach is to be announced. univision is buying gawker media for $135 gawker filed for bankruptcy after losing a $140 million judgment to hulk hogan in a privacy case. hogan sued the web site for posting a private sex tape with him in it without his permission. happening today -- the city of bradenton is going to decide whether to keep the controversial red light cameras or take them down. the city council will debate the issue at a meeting this morning, that starts 8:30. the city's contract with xerox, a company based in colorado expires this week. the bradenton police department says accidents at intersections
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figure out why but they say accidents caused by people running red lights have gone down in the past two years. there are seven red light cameras in bradenton that have been there for years. also in bradenton you have a chance to shape the future of the riverwalk there. the city is asking everyone to weigh in on an extension plan for the eastern section of the that walk. the riverwalk is home to an annual regetta, a free event that attracts about 100,000 people. the city is proposing moving glacier gates avenue east. riverwalk meeting is tonight at 6:00 at marriage and family works along manatee avenue east. still to come -- pinned against a patrol car. the way the police department found out about this video that opened up an investigation. >> later, a police cruiser hits a little girl leaving her fighting for her life. the one thing she was trying to
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6:10. a police officer pins a woman against a patrol car with her feet dangling. >> it's creating a firestorm on social media. it was just posted to twitter monday. police in washington, dc are now investigating. if you keep looking it looks like the officer is pushing her face towards the cruiser before he finally puts her back on the ground. the department released a
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officer's commander. another video prompting an investigation. this one here. cleveland police say they are looking into what is happening in this video from last thursday. apparently shows an officer hitting a handcuffed woman after she spit on officers. after the officer hits the woman you can see her fall to the ground. police say they arrested her because she was kicking officers and through soda can at them. if you get the kids ready for school no weather-rela problems to speak of. we're going ohave the regular round of afternoon showers and storms beginning around the time the kids are starting to get out of school. so given this time of year i still give us an "a" but we're going to make to it a high of 93 today. it's going to be hot out there. and so we want to be sure that the kids have the water bottles as we send them to school. 6:11. coming up -- a new length
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victims in mexico. the victim is the son of drug lord el chapo. >> celebrity help for victims of deadly flooding in the
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6:14. new this morning, a 5-year-old
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officer in his patrol car. crews rushed that child to a hospital in phoenix just last night. investigators say around 7:00 last night the phoenix police cruiser struck the girl as she was running across the street to get ice cream. we are learning a judge denied bail for the man accused of killing a mosque leader and his assistant. police arrested oscar morel monday for the murders. they say he shot the imam and friend from behind saturday as they were leaving a prayer service in new york city. prosecutors are assassination. this morning investigators are still looking for a motive but haven't ruled out the possibility of it being a hate crime. investigators now say the son of mexican drug lord el chapo is one of 16 people kidnapped in puerto vallarta. officials say 29-year-old jesus salazar, son of joaquin guzman was kidnapped from an upscale restaurant. they also think the kidnappers took a second son but they have not been able to confirm that just yet. they now say the victims and
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two rival drug cartels. the mass abduction happened monday in the resort city. look at new video from southern california showing a house going up in flames. this is just one of at least a dozen buildings destroyed by wildfires there. among the ruins in san bernardino county an historic diner, officials have evacuated more than 80,000 people and closed part of a nearby interstate. that fire now has grown to 15,000 acres in just one day. firefighters say i directions. today folks in southern louisiana will start their recovery process from the worst flooding in that state's history. the governor now has a curfew in place following reports of businesses being looted, massive flooding damaged at least 40,000 homes and has killed 11 people. the state faces a long term challenge in finding housing for all the displaced
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for that region today. 6:16. singer taylor swift is helping with the recovery effort from the flooding. she's donating $1 million to the state's flood relief effort. swift says louisiana residents graciously welcomed her when she kicked off the u.s. dates of her 1989 world tour last year. taylor swift is nope for being very generous. this makes fans love her even more. >> and they need all the help they can get there. >> and maybe other stars will donate as well. as far as concerned unfortunately there's not great weather for them over the next couple of days. they are going to at least see off and on rain, they had heavy downpours in the area this morning. that is now tapering off moving to the north but wider picture shows that there's still more rain as that front i was telling but yesterday started to fizzle out but there's still enough energy it's going to continue to bring some moisture into the area for the next couple days. really won't be until early next week before they start to dry out considerably. so it's going to take some time
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down. now as far as our weather is concerned we're looking great this morning. nice and dry, no surprises to our forecast today. the timing of our rain and storms will be much like yesterday. it will start on the east coast of florida, right around noon and you can see just those little bits of green starting to develop but rain is unlikely in our area. once we get to 2:00, 3:00 we'll start to see the scattered showers and storms building across the area, by 4:00 starting to work their way off- shore. then they will be more widespread through sunset with those heavier downpours and a lot more thunder and lightning but we taper off pretty quickly after sunset. so our heaviest rain and most rain will be most likely between 2:00 in the afternoon and 6:00 in the evening. so no big surprises in the forecast through the end of the week. a very similar pattern, a lot of heat and humidity, temperatures in the low to mid- 90s. feels like 100 and then we get to the weekend, we get the reverse pattern going into gear so what that means is that
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along the coast. then the showers and storms will move inland through the afternoon. monday and tuesday of next week looks like the rain chances are going down a little bit as well. janelle, so far this morning it's been a bit of up and down for the commute. where are we now? the crash earlier on the howard frankland, that is cleared. corey dierdorff is driving around for us checking out some trouble spots. right now he's on 50th street street. reports of a depression in the north of columbus drive. reported in the northbound lanes. he's driving around, if he sees anything he will let us know exactly what is going on. let me show you my map where fhp is reporting this depression. again on 50th street just north of columbus drive. not seeing any delays yet. just seconds ago i was hearing of a crash a little further south near palm river road. we're checking that out and i will give you updates here and of course on twitter
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more cars starting to get on the interstates but still up to speed on i-75 through brandon. just about 10 minutes to get from apollo beach up to i-4. it's really scary to see your child in the talons of a peacock. >> peacock attack. a florida toddler injured after that bird jumps on his head. where it happened that is really shocking. the mother saying they should not be allowed there. >> a florida teen rushed to a hospital after being struck by lightning at school. >> first at 6:20 -- a preteen hunter from utah is getting backlash after pictures of her kills were posted on facebook. geo benitez with details. >> reporter: in our "gma first look" a 12-year-old hunter from utah under fire after posting these images on social media. posing with a giraffe, a zebra, all killed while hunting with her dad in africa. >> it's something that i
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i've been able to experience. >> reporter: arianna gordon and father eli took the hunting trip last week. one of many over the past five years. they say all hunts were legal. but on-line outrage, some calling her "sick," an"animal hater," even threatening her life. some are defending the father -- daughter duo writing "let the haters hate, hunt away arianna." >> we're proud to h >> we'll hear more from them coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma first look," geo
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6:25. wednesday morning. a 14-year-old in orlando is rushed to a hospital after he was struck by lightning at his school. >> police say that teen was standing near a treees when that lightning struck. the teen is in stable condition. no word on why he was allowed outside in a lightning storm but they can come up rather quickly. a mother in orlando wants officials at a public park to get rid of the peacocks there. >> she says one of the birds attacked her 2-year-old son. laura brown says as soon as she got her son out of the car at magnolia park in apopka a peacock landed on jackson's
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she had to rush him to the hospital. now she wants the peacocks gone. >> the peacock was on top of his head with his talons, like flapping its wings, i went over and it still didn't get away from him. >> an orange county spokesperson says she was not aware of the attack but apologized for it and says she plans to investigate this morning. we've heard numerous stories about peacocks. they can be aggressive. >> they are species, nonnative. they make a mess in my neighborhood. >> and they will come after you. >> they do. >> can be imagine on your child? >> gosh, no. >> the peacock is lucky it's still standing. >> right. speaking of kids as well, i know a lot of you are getting your kids ready for school this morning. if you're wondering if those after-school sports are going to hold because of the showers
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coverage today. so you may want to check with the coaches because we may have some delays or cancellations due to the showers and storms rolling on through. the timing will be very similar to what we've even lately and the highs are going to be in the low to mid-90s again today. so it's going to be hot out there for kids. janelle, what is going on with traffic? we're watching the roads and hundreds of cameras across the interstates looking great here, 275 througdo heading there now, on 50th street. more on that coming up. 6:27. coming up at 6:30 -- laying out the future of florida. the industries an event in tampa is looking to build, giving a boost to the state's
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cameras in one city may soon disappear. the controversial debate set to end today and the one thing that is rushing that decision. >> a big campaign shake-up while you were sleeping in the race for the white house. the major changes donald trump is making and the reasoning behind it. thank you for joining us on this early wednesday. >> we're also following a crime spree. nearly a dozen break-ins in one community alone. that is coming up in a few minutes. first check of traffic and weather together. >> we have a cra captain al on scene on 50th street, more on that coming up. >> shay with a look at the weather. >> things are looking pretty good, consistent with what we've even lately. no surprises today though we'll have some changes by the weekend. more on that in a bit. tampa now 77 degrees, clearwater is coming in at 79. 78 in st. pete. we have mostly clear skies across tampa bay so you don't have to worry about rain if you're headed out early this morning. and as we're working our way through the afternoon the
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we've seen lately, around noon rain unlikely but we'll begin to see something bubbling up inland shortly after that. most of our rain is between 2:00 p.m. and about 8:00 at night. and it will be heaviest during that time and most widespread then. 93 degrees as the high today. it's going to be feeling close to 100 with those showers and storms as they start to bubble up, the temperatures will come down. it will get a bit more comfortable. what is going on? >> very busy in the traffic center this morning. corey dierdorff is on the scene of a crash. this is 50th street at palm river road, reports of a crash here blocking the southbound lanes, a lot of activity out there now. if this is an area you use for your morning commute you might want to avoided this. captain al is flying over the scene as well. what are you seeing? >> reporter: good morning.
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driver's side a moment ago. the people on scene got it righted. i expect they will be pulling it out of the way. looks like the concrete truck at the top was involved as well as that vehicle there. this is southbound 50th street just south of the selmon expressway but before you go over the bypass canal and get to palm river road. all lanes are blocked now, it's backed up, all the way back to adomo drive. like you see there's a wrecker on scene so hopefully one lane we are checking cameras all across pinellas county. 275 through st. pete looking great here, up to speed from the sunshine sunshine sunshine skyway to the bridge. there's a parade in ybor city, expect road closures in the area. from 1:00 p.m. today to midnight. use nebraska, palm avenue and
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happening today -- whether you love him or hate him seems they are about everywhere. much talked about red light cameras. >> the city of bradenton is going to decide if they will stay or come down today. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is live in bradenton. we understand the decision has to be made quickly. >> reporter: that's because the contract with the company that runs those cameras actually runs out this week. there are about seven of the cameras posted all around town and pretty soon they could be the police department says accidents from people running red lights have gone down in the past two years because of these lights. now, the city council will be meeting this morning to discuss if they truly have been effective. for some they are a safety net. for others simply a money grab. >> i hoped they would not renew the contract. i think it would be good to just get rid of those. >> it's going to help traffic
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the gun in the other direction. i mean you see traffic accidents all the time. >> reporter: that meeting kicks off at 8:30 this morning. of course the city council expecting a lot of feedback from the community. we will be at that meeting and we'll have much more during our 9:00 a.m. hour of news. for now reporting live in bradenton. rodney dunigan, abc action news. we're taking action for you this morning. tracking future transportation officials on how they will impact the bay area. today an event is going to examine the economic impact for port tampa bay. building florida's future conference starts today at the port. it's a forum for businesses and transportation businesses, such as trucking, rail lines and airlines. breaking overnight -- donald trump overhauling his campaign for the second time in two months. announcing a new campaign ceo and new campaign manager.
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the trump campaign. changes come as polls show the republican nominee is trailing hillary clinton nationally and in key battleground states including florida. the new monmouth university poll finds trump losing ground in florida, in a four-person race clinton leads trump 48% to 39% with 6% going for libertarian gary johnson and 1% for green party candidate jill stein. the poll finds just 19% of minority voters in florida will vote for trump. hillary clinton will campaign today in the key battleground state of ohio where she plans to talk about tax fairness at a rally in cleveland. yesterday at a voter registration event in philadelphia she pledged to tighten gun control laws to keep americans safe. fed up with burglaries, riverside height community members are calling for increased patrols there. nearly a dozen break-ins have been reported the last two months. neighbors say thieves have stolen from cars, garages, homes, even mailboxes. neighbors say they are
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see there the thieves are even finding their way around those. >> the neighbors, when they got broken into they had a couple of security cameras, the guys realized if they turn the breakers off to the whole house at night the cameras turned off. >> tpd says officers are assigned to the area and do frequent patrols but a lack of staffing is making it difficult to catch the crooks. they say while it appears to be a rising trend numbers show bring-ins in that -- break-ins are actually down in that community so far this year. good news supporters of a florida program that helps parents pay for private school. an appeals court agrees with a decision to throw out a lawsuit against it. the program proifs income based vouchers for parents that want to take their kids out of low- performing schools. the florida education association filed a lawsuit against it. saying taxpayers shouldn't have
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it's unregulated, but the court says the group has no legal right to challenge the vouchers. we're off to another dry and beautiful start to the day. the temperatures in the upper 70s this morning. winds out of the east at about 5 to 10 so if you're planning on a round of golf today you have at least through noon before the showers and storms start bubbling up. most areas won't see any rain until 2:00, 3:00. then it will start to become more widespread. 93 degrees as the high today. certainly a hot and steamy one, weather pattern and the timing of the rain is going to change. more on that coming up in the 7- day forecast coming up. >> we're looking at the veterans expressway. starting to slow down a little bit, 19 minutes from 54 to 275 but in the middle there you can see 13 minutes from van dyke to 275. captain al is still flying over that serious crash on 50th street. we'll talk about that coming up.
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life. still ahead, the reason winning a silver medal wasn't the highlight of his day. >> later, a new development after milwaukee police officer shoots a man who was reportedly threatening him with a gun. the heightened danger that
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to the olympics -- will
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day of my life. even though he missed winning gold by just 10 centimeters. that is because of this there, after winning the silver he walked up to the stands and proposed to his longtime girlfriend. by the way she said yes. clay is the fifth athlete we know of to pro-pose during the olympics. >> you got the whole world watching there. by the way american christian taylor took gold the triple jump. first lady michelle obama congratulated both of them on their achievements with the two medals. look at the totals now. usa in the lead. major upset last night in the semifinals of beach volleyball. americans carrie walsh jennings and her teammate lost to the brazilian team. the americans will now play for bronze tonight. yesterday america's
6:42 am
the record for most gymnastic gold medals in a single summer games. she dominated in the floor exercise winning by nearly a half point. her teammate aly raiseman took the silver. into 6:42. still ahead -- hepatitis a outbreak making 200 people sick. the specific food they ate connecting all of their cases. >> fire breaks out on a tour boat, the desperate measur
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good morning. have an accident or had one southbound u.s. 41, 50th street just south of the selmon expressway before you cross the bypass canal on to the light of palm river road. involving the concrete truck and another vehicle. the other vehicle is rolled back over and on to a wrecker. it left about five minutes ago. you can see southbound residual backup but really only now being -- keep in mind it may be a little slow. adamo drive also picking up volumewise westbound toward 50th street and then on to downtown. otherwise no big problems. roars of a serious crash in pinellas. 83rd street north at park boulevard. we're hearing reports that the entire intersection is blocked.
6:46 am
avenue instead. just give yourself extra time if you're heading out the door and your morning drive takes you through that intersection. elsewhere across the bay area not too bad on the interstates. here's a live look at i-275 right at gandy. still pushing 70 from the sunshine skyway all the way to the howard frankland bridge. and checking your drive across the bridges, looking good, 9 minutes across the courtney campbell, 6 across the howard frankland and just 8 to cross the gandy bridge. you were it's a little plah out? >> you're not going to feel it but temperatures are maybe two degrees lower in cases. nothing that is that noticage but certainly a beautiful start to the day as you just saw on the rivergate tower tampa camera. plenty of sunshine today and that is how we get up to 93 degrees as a high. so we're starting off in the mid to upper 70s this morning.
6:47 am
feel like 100 because of all of those dry hours today, combined with the humidity it's going to feel steamy. our showers and storms don't really start to bubble up until after noon today. they will be more widespread across tampa bay between 2:00 and 4:00 and continue through sunset before tapering off off- shore. this is a very similar pattern to the weather as what we've seen lately. then we're -- so based on that, we're continuing into tomorrow and friday. these we're talking lots of sunshine. with the late-day storms not really reaching the coast until 3:00, 4:00 you have a lot of dry at the beaches and water temperature now up to 87. that is through friday. then that beach weather changes for the weekend as we get the reverse flow happening where we get patchy coastal showers in the morning. then those storms moving east through the afternoon and into the early evening. so this is our west-to-east flow that kicks in to gear saturday and sunday.
6:48 am
rain beginning as early as daybreak along the coast. then that extra cloud cover throughout the early part of the day also keeps our temperatures a bit more reasonable with highs only near 90 degrees. it's still going to be hot and steamy though dan no matter how you look at it. >> thank you. 6:48. the black milwaukee police officer who shot and killed a black man saturday night is now the threat of -- now the target of threats. that shooting sparked two days of violent fiery protests. the officer's photo and name have been facebook. one commenter asking for a gun so he could shoot that officer. the milwaukee police officers are investigating the threats. meanwhile this morning the aclu is demanding milwaukee police release the officer's body camera video which shows saturday's shooting. city leaders have said that the video clearly shows sylville smith having a gun and turning toward the officer when he was shot. the aclu says it wants the public to see the video so they can judge for themselves. new video of the aftermath
6:49 am
injured two people in nevada. one man jumped from the burning boat. four fire engines responded. a man hurt his back jumping from the upper deck. another person suffered smoke inhalation. the coast guard is now looking into what started the fire. that paddleboat can hold 300 people but wasn't offering tours at the time because of low water levels. governor rick scott will be in st. petersburg today to discuss the future of the military in florida with other leaders. the florida chamber foundation organized this military and veterans opportunities summit. leaders from the military defense industry and economic experts and policymakers will all attend. they are trying to determine what challenges florida will face the next 15 years and what to do about them. today bay area leaders announcing troubling trends in health issues here. the rate of sexually transmitted diseases is above the state and national averages. substance abuse or binge drinking is a problem for nearly one of five adults and officials will call for
6:50 am
care coverage gap. a news conference set for 11:00 this morning at st. pete city hall. you may need new health insurance if you get insurance through known as obama care. aetna announcing its leaving florida and 14 other states because it's lost $430 million since exchanges opened in january of 2014. aetna is just the latest insurer to pull out of some state exchanges. united health group and humanna announced earlier this year they will reduce their obama care coverage in 2017. here at abc action news we're committed to getting you back to work with a good-paying job. starting this week we're teeming up with the pinellas county education foundation and career source to take action for your future. for four weeks you have free access to future plans career survey. head to to see it. a consumer alert. another piece of furniture recalled because it could fall over on your kids. manufacturers recalling these
6:51 am
exclusively at walmart. they say you should stop using them immediately or attach them to a wall. you can get an anchor kit from the manufacturer. health officials in hawaii now know what caused nearly 170 people to get sick with hepatitis a, saying it was caused by frozen scallops served raw at a sushi restaurant chain. the scallops same from the philippines. 10 restaurants were ordered shut down until the problem is fixed. mcdonald's hoping the olympic games will inspire kids to get moving. they are offering a fitness tracker in every happy meal. it's called a step it tracker. kids can wear it on their wrist. a lot of people on social media -- probably sitting on their coaches calling out the fast food chain claiming it's hip critical to sell something -- hypocritical to sell something in the same bag as burger and fries. but the general manager of mcdonald's says it fits with
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trinity cafe in tampa in for a treat today. the upscale restaurant is taking over meal service today. chef and servers will be serving a three-course meal. they serve hundreds of meets for the homeless a day, 52 weeks a year. a new study is proving more money could really mean more problems. a study finds people who report loving money don't make the best financial decision. researchers say greedy people were less likely to save money or contribute to retirement plans. and people who love it least make better investment decisions. you won't be able to see the buccaneers at 1 buc place now. they are in jacksonville now. holding a joint practice with the jaguars today and tomorrow before the preseason game saturday. the bucs have only one more practice open to the public at 1 buc this year. it will be a joint practice were the cleveland browns next wednesday. the bucs play their first home preseason game against the browns on august 26th. 6:52. your morning sprint counting you down to "good morning, america." >> starting with two shootings
6:53 am
apart. >> the first left a 25-year-old word dead. no word yet on suspects. >> the send case, a double shooting outside of a public library, that investigation into its eighth how in our. police say two member were found in a parking lot with gunshot wounds. police say they were taken to the hospital for treatment. police haven't said if they are looking for a shooter now but we expect to get an update on the developing story a little later this morning. >> we're hearing the disturbing 911 call from a man in martin county who walked in to find his neighbors being attacked. that man stabbed himself. neighbors dead. deputies say 19-year-old austin harrouff killed michelle mishcon and john stevens in their garage and bit off part of stevens' face. harrouff is in grave condition now, may not survive. the city of bradenton is set to discuss they will keep the controversial red light cameras or take them down. the city has seven red lights cameras been out for several
6:54 am
that operates them expires this week so a decision needs to be made quickly. >> a florida appeals court striking down a lawsuit against vouchers for private schools. earlier this year parents traveled to tallahassee to support the program. florida education association though fought to get rid of it but the court says that group has no legal right to challenge it. the mayor of bel air bluffs will serve up free coffee starting 8:00 this morning, part of the grand opening celebrations for a new coffee location. the new cafe on will be the 10th location in the tampa tampa bay area. there will be certificates on the web site, one lucky person gets free coffee for a year. the contest ends at midnight. good morning, a heads up in pinellas county, a serious crash with some roadblocking, 83rd street north at park boulevard, so give yourself extra time to make your way through there. also seeing slowdowns on i-275, this is around fowler, pretty typical for this time of morning and i'm checking
6:55 am
275 southbound is our slowest spot, down to 33. veterans expressway and i-75 southbound still in the yellow. actually, we're heading up to captain al now, how is it where you are? >> reporter: good morning, headed to park boulevard west of wagon wheel flea market where the road closures are. in the meantime we're on the gandy bridge looking at gandy at 4th street, that new overpass, not using it yet but it's going to be great relief for commuters. the news there. 77 degrees in tampa. 79 in largo. 80 longboat key. similar start to the day than what we've seen lately. as far as the commuting weather goes fantastic to start the day. even if you're headed out for lunch today, rain unlikely. but it will be getting steamy by then at 88 degrees. 93 is the high with a regular round of afternoon showers and thunderstorms that could make for a wetter afternoon
6:56 am
chuters in buenos aries got a surprise on their way to work. a full opera company in the subway station. >> the opera director wanted to hold rehearsals there because he wants opera to be part of everyday life. a lot of commuters who stopped to listen said they never heard opera today. the entire city is holding an initiative to bring arts to more people. >> it's one way to >> cool. >> fantastic idea. stay tuned. "good morning, america" is next. >> keep up to date on the air, on our mobile app, facebook and twitter >> and shay and janelle back in
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, six children injured at an amusement park. >> we got a report of a small child that was electrocuted on one of the rides. >> rushed to the hospital, shocked and burned by a ride. emergency aid rushing to the scene, now part of the park is also new overnight, a major shake-up at the top of the trump campaign. the republican nominee announcing a new manager, a new errani and what donald trump is now saying about reports he's getting debate advice from oused fox news chief roger ailes. big game backlash. the 12-year-old hunter under fire for killing and posing with zebras, giraffes and more. >> i'm a hunter and no matter what the people say to me, i'm never going to stop.


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