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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  August 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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chances are right at 20 to 30%. abc action news starts now. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: we're watching new cases of zika this morning. the virus has reportedly jumped from mainland miami to miami beach. a flasher on campus spotted several times. exactly where and when incidented starts is -- the incidents started is coming up. [unintelligible] >> abc action news is taking action for a local family. how our exclusive reporting reunited this family torn apart because of the cuban government. good morning. thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm dan shaffer. >> good morning, i'm deiah riley. we start with the latest on the zika virus. >> it has reportedly jumped from maybeland miami county to
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there are a handful of cases that were likely transmitted locally. yesterday, the florida department of health only confirmed that two more people contract the virus locally in miami-dade county. that two more people contracted the virus locally in miami-dade county. before this, the only known cases were north of downtown miami. sources are being warned to avoid the area. >> we asked the about the wynnewood walls because i heard from a friend that it's pretty there. she said i wouldn't go there because of the zika and not even the locals are going there. >> we have travel guidelines for pregnant women to be announced as soon as today. federal health officials are looking for volunteers to be infected with zika this winter when mosquitoes are not
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volunteers to be studied in baltimore. vaccines are also being researched by a pennsylvania- based company. today, there will be a conference about usf about the zika virus. they are expected to attend. university health experts are set to give a tour on mosquito lab. it is designed to begin studying the virus. breaking overnight, tampa police investigating a deadly shooting. right now, little information is known, but we know what happened on nasa street west of west boulevard. a man was fatally shot. so far, there is no word on any arrested. there is a crime alert on the campus of usf this morning. campus police are looking for flashers spotted.
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description was spotted two more times after 9:00. officers responded but didn't find any suspects. a 72-year-old man had been drinking all day before shooting a gun in his house and getting into a standoff with authorities. it started last night at a mobile home park. deputies say that man had an argument with his wife when he fired his gun. p the deputies arrived they found his wife outside, and they evacuated nearby homes. >> three shots were fired from a 9 millimeter handgun. after that time, he retreated and stayed within the house. >> the deputies were able to get him into custody late last night and took him to a hospital for a mental health evaluation. now to the latest on the u.s. swimmers detained in rio. gunnar bentz and jack conger
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united states. both sides are insisting surveillance video backs up their stories. brazilian authorities want lochte and feigen to be indicted for fabricating a story for being pulled over with i men dressed as -- being pulled over by men dressed as police. surveillance video you see right there shows the guards making the swimmers get out of a taxi and demanding money to pay for the damage. legal experts jeff schwartz believes this will all end diplomatically. >> throw them out of the country and tell them they are never welcome again. the other three would be told they would never be allowed to enter the country again. that's the most probable result here. >> short says what transpired between the swimmers and security guards would more than likely be viewed as a robbery in the united states and that's
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lochte's extradition. police are looking for this man. they want to talk to him about a beating of an 81-year-old man. alfred wattton was found unconscious in his yard. his 2014 red kia sedona was stolen. cordero was the last person seen with the elderly man. if you know where he is, call tampa police. it is the moment a cuban family thought would never happen. for two years, a mom and were separated from their daughter. the family was finally reunited at tampa international airport. >> reporter: there are no words to describe what it must feel like to see your daughters after two years apart. it is simply pure joy.
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dad for the first time. they are surrounded by cameras but lost in embrace. exactly two years and a month ago armenio fled cuba and becoming an enemy of the state, never knowing if the risk to leave would cost him his family. as we witnessed firsthand in may, the government doesn't take lightly to people speaking out against the castro regime, and the gorn kept his daughters on the island forever. during our trip to cover the first american cruiseship arriving in havana, the mother and father asked us to take a recorded message to their daughters, a hand drawn map and a little luck led us right to their front door. after our report, congressman jolly vowed to bring the girls home. >> we'll make sure we get them
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>> reporter: two months later, he made good on it. this is the first time the 12 and 20-year-olds have ever been outside of cuba. this is something they will happily take on with their parents by their side. [speaking spanish ] >> that was michael paluska reporting. the girls say the first thing they want english and start school. checking in now with ivan and the forecast. waking up with sunshine today, hopefully, ivan. >> yes, eventually. we'll get there a couple of hours and change. then we'll get some bright blue skies out there with a fantastic morning. rain chances are going down the next few days heading into the weekend. so nice timing, right? upper 70s, clear skies out
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mid and upper 70s right now. we'll have a high of 92 this afternoon. what we've done the last couple of days with the rain coverage about 30 and diminishing through the weekend. we'll have more on that and the tropics as well. we want to get a look at part of your morning commute. this is i-275 at west shore boulevard. looks like no problems to report in that particular stretch. janelle will have a full look at your commute coming up at 5:00. in democracy 2016, it is a first for donald trump who showed a more humble side, and some saw it as an apology. the new leadership takes over his campaign. they denied trump was behind in the polls. yesterday, his campaign manager said trailing is not a bad thing. many are surprised that trump admitted when sometimes he's speaking he says the wrong thing. >> believe it or not, i regret it, particularly where it may
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>> trump's new campaign manager says they will hold his first debate prep session more than a month before the showdown. they've already selected someone to play hillary clinton. they won't say who. today, look for the first trump tv ad set to air in five battleground states including florida. a new book about former president bill clinton and colin powell advised hillary clinton to use a personal e- mail account when she took the job. the book was written by joe connison. he writes he told clinton he used personal e-mail on the job. the fbi ultimately ruled that clinton did not intend to mislead anyone. a florida mother left a baby girl alone in a car seat for at least 30 minutes while she grabbed something to eat.
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911 saved the girl. she claims it was an accident. 4:40. riots broke out in milwaukee after a fatal police shooting last week. now there has been a deadly shooting near a milwaukee police station. what led up to the latest incident and what did the gunman do immediately after? >> it was so terrible. it was just the scariest thing in my life i've ever been through. >> otters are awfully cute, but they have attacked teenagers in california. the treatment and why wildlife experts say attacked. >> and the starting quarterback for the season opener? i'll h have that for you coming
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16 minutes till 5:00 right now. chicago's new police superintendent wants to fire seven police officers for falsifying information in the laquan mcdonald shooting. he wanted to fire three more but they already retired or left the force. local activists called the move courageous they fear those who retired will never be held accountable. jason van dyke shot the teen 16 times and is now charged with first-degree murder. a cleveland police detective caught on video punching a woman in the face is now on administrative leave. she spits at one detective and a second punches her. she then falls to the ground.
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face. a louisiana school devastated by historic flooding is shown. everything was coated in this elementary school. no word on when the classes will resume there. obviously, a huge clean-up. 20 louisiana parishes are declared disaster areas. today, a tampa man will hit the road on his way to louisiana. he's taking two trailers full of donations to the areas hardest hit. cameron polom shows us wh man is making this his mission. >> shoes? >> when you see it on tv, you think of how bad it is and all you do is cry. >> reporter: tonight, some people are putting their tears aside and giving all they can to relieve the pain felt by the devastating flooding in louisiana. >> it looks bad. a lot of them don't even have a house anymore. >> reporter: flooding has damaged nearly 40,000 homes and
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emergency shelters. formica neil, these images hit close to home. so he's taking a trailer there. >> a comforter. >> loaded with everything from bottled water and food to toys and car seats. >> it really, really breaks my heart to see people losing everything. >> i know if florida got hit, i guarantee louisiana would be giving back to us. >> much-needed hope to those drifting in uncertainty. in tampa, i'm cameron polom, abc action news. people with allergies know the epi pen is a lifesaver. over the last couple of months, the price has skyrocketed because a similar product has been recalled. the cost used to be more than $100 a few years ago.
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doctors and patients say the pharmaceutical company that makes it is taking advantage of the monopoly and allergy medicine market. >> i'm having a hard time understanding how the drug company can allow this to happen. it's not just a drug that can help them feel better. it will truly save their life. >> when asked about the price increase, the drug company blames it on changes for health care insurance. the company says it offers coupons for $100 off on its web site. the future of five polk county schools thursday evening, parents learned what each of those schools is doing to improve their grades. boone, kathleen, dennison, and west wood middle schools are considered failing because they have been given d-grades. at dennison middle school, parents sounded hopeful that a
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>> that's why we're committed to doing the work and sharing the information of what it's going to look like and what we're going to be doing within our schools. we'll continue to focus on improving our entire district. >> reporter: the state district. >> the state has submitted a new plan. today, governor scott will be in tampa to announce jobs. at 10:00 this morning, he with ill make the anno ? [music] ? good morning. >> i'm awake. >> that'll wake you up. metallica releasing its first album in eight years. it will be november november
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download. tonight, multiple grammy winner seal will perform. last november he released his ninth album and tonight's show starts at 8:00. how is the weather looking, ivan, for us going out to party? >> it doesn't always matter. >> that's true. >> in fact, we're looking good. i think rain chances are going the other way, lower the next few days. we'll have a lot of sunshine and then a few afternoon storms. still today flow, so storms inland and over to the coast. coastal morning showers and then inland afternoon storms. the tropics, as we've been talking about, are becoming more active. we may kick off a few more names as we go through the week. this was, oh, the showers and storms developing yesterday as
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this boundary here, believe it or not, that is the outflow, right? the winds that come off of thunderstorms well across georgia has made it all the way through. sometimes these will interact with thunderstorms and make them blossom. nothing out there right now. so we're looking good. titan doppler radar coming through. we'll see the showers beginning to pop up by 2:00, 3:00 and we'll be pushing that to the west. that will allow for some heftier storms as we saw the tomorrow and then into sunday, southwesterly flow will bring us the morning coastal showers. not all of us are going to get wet. and inland after nan storms. there's -- afternoon storms. there's fiona to the north. it is a vigorous tropical wave for the next few days. for us, local forecast looks good saturday and sunday and continues that early next week. let's get a quick check on
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tampa side of the bridge. looks good on the big bridges so far. janelle is checking her cameras, and we'll get an update from her in a second. tonight, the rays start a two-game series and the bucs get ready for the next pre- season game against the jaguars. tom korun has more. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. i know it's only been a couple of days of practice, and none of it the buccaneers break through the power poll, i think they could be selling the buccaneers a little short. the bucs were impressive in the two days of joint practices, but this was a little scare into the buc. down with a slight ankle sprain. mccoy says he's fine but we know ankle sprains have ruined
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>> i'm a competitor, so i'm going to go hard. missing opportunities, it bugs me. >> reporter: a story from gainsville, luke del rio has been named the starting quarterback. he was named the starter for the team's opener on september 3rd against umass. the new starter will be the backup. that's your morning sports update. enjoy your day. call the kids and tell them how high i'm gonna get. >> an alaska man is blaming his kids for freaking out and calling 911. what he says he did to the cat after eating pot brownies. >> a rocket launched from cape canaveral this morning. a mission aimed at stopping collisions in space coming up
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y22rfy yy6y we're heading out with good weather here. dry and temperatures in the 70s about lunchtime and 87. rain chances about 30% as we head home. temperatures are around 92 on the weekend forecast and the seven-day coming up in the next hour. there's a lot more news still ahead including a flasher spotted several times on the usf campus. >> who police are looking for coming up.
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from the zika virus. mosquitoes are spreading the virus in miami and the effort
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5:00 am breaking overnight, a suspect is in custody after a situation in pinellas county. what happened before the man reportedly started firing shots in a mobile home park? officials worry that zika is spreading to more mosquitoes in florida. a tourist hot spot may be the new ground zero. breaking news in west tampa. investigators are investigating a deadly shooting. thank you for joining us on this friday. man who appears to have died from a gunshot wound. police don't have information or a motive or a suspect. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. a little light out there on the surging moon as we check in on temperatures in the upper 70s to around 80. the rain chances are going to be going lower the next few days. one of the headlines here is we check in on the forecast


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