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tv   ABC World News  ABC  August 20, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." the swimmer at the center of an olympic scandal. ryan lochte facing questions tonight. >> did you admit that you lied finally? >> seen back home for the first time. what really happened at the gas station in rio and why his teammates are now pointing the finger at him. the new donald trump? his appeal to african-americans, saying they should vote for him because they've got nothing to lose. >> you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. pregnant women told to stay away from one of the country's most popular vacation spots because of zika. families going to extremes to stay safe. and the warning, there will be more cases. the overturned boat, the family tossed into the river. the frantic race to save a little girl.
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water. please, god, send someone now. and going for the gold. from the win that almost never happened -- >> it's going to be the u.s.! >> to a first-time shot at the prize. e finish line so close for team usa. good evening and thank you for joing us on night. i'm cecilia vega. as we come on the air, there is growing fallout over that all four american swimmers now back home on u.s. soil, and tonight for the first time we are seeing the gold medallist at the center of this international controversy, ryan lochte, right there in his hometown of charlotte, north colina. two of his fellow teammates who were with him that night at that gas station now revealing what they say happened, and they are pointing the finger squarely at lochte. also tonight we are hearing from
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americans as it all went down. we have a lot of fast-moving developments tonight, and abc's matt gutman starts us off right there in rio. >> reporter: tonight, ryan lochte on camera for the first time sin he brazilian police called a fabricated version of the now international incident at this rio gas station. now two of the quartet of swimmers in this now infamous video blaming lochte for inflaming a standoff that had them hauled stations in rio. questioning lochte's version of events. >> he cocked it, put it to my forehead. >> reporter: police have accused him of lying and after a week of silent solidarity with lochte, both gunnar bentz an d jacoerow apologizindenly cont his story. the uov >> reporter: not according to them. pulled io the gastation.s they bentz writing, "we foolishly relieved ourselves on the back side of the building behind some bushes." then saying it was lochte who
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metal advertisement. bentz adding he was unsure why. walking back to the taxi they were confronted by attendants. you see one of them pick up that poster. conger's statement says the attendant hailed two armed security men. "there was a heated exchange among others. at one point a weapon was pointed at me." that's the point bentz writes that lochte inflamed the situation. "again, i cannot speak to his actions, but ryan stood up and began to yell at the guards. after jack and i both tugged at him in an attempt to get him to sit back down. bentz says a customer at the station, fernando deluz, offered to help and diffuse the standoff. lochte released his own tepid apology on friday for, q, not being more careful and candid in how i described the events. that good samaritan that you see here trying to mediate. we spoke with fernando deluz today. >> no police, no police, please, please, no police. >> they were saying no police. >> yes, yes.
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telling us that lochte was almost incoherently drunk and it wasn't $400 that they gave those security guards as lochte had said but about $50. and lastly, that at no point was a gun directed at those swimmers. now, lochte gets a chance to tell a new version of events tonight speaking to brazilian tv. cia? >> matt gutman leading us off, thank you. weant to turn next to the race for the whiteouse and the nominee with a new pitch to rican-erican voters, saying, quote, you're living in poverty, you have no jobs hillary clinton calling his words ignorant. here's abc's mary bruce with the fallout and the firestorm. >> reporter: donald trump meeting with his hispanic advisers today as he ups his outreach to minority voters and asks african-americans this stark question. >> what do you have to lose? >> reporter: speaking to a mostly white crowd in michigan on friday trump urged african-americans to give him a chance. >> what do you have to lose? you're living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no
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>> reporter: and made this bold prediction. >> that the end of four years i guarantee you that i will get over 95% of the african-american vote. i promise you. >> reporter: but the latest polling shows trump with just 2% of the african-american vote. the comments sparking swift criticism. clinton tweeting, this is so ignorant, it's staggering. >> more than 75% of us are not living in poverty. we are emplo we are working hard americans who are contributing. we're not looking for free stuff or handouts. this will hurt him among african-american voters. >> reporter: trump's surrogates coming to his defense. >> it really doesn't matter what he does, he's going to be criticized but the important thing is he's starting to reach out. >> reporter: this as trump is trying to turn over a new leaf, including that rare admission of regret. >> you don't choose the right
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and believe it or not, i regret it. >> reporter: clinton pouncing today in a new video slamming trump for not explaining what he regrets. >> i don't regret anything. >> i like not to regret anything. >> reporter: and there will likely be a lot more where that came from. clinton's super pac announcing by nearly five to one.rump's pac cecilia? >> mary, thank you. be sure to tune into tomorrow morning in the lineup with george stephanopoulos. he is sitting down with donald trump's new campaign mana key annconway, and hillary clinton's campaign manager, robbie mook. that is a great lineup in the morning. nexto the zika crises here in the u.s., a new threat zone tonight. one of the most popular vacation beaches in america. the mosquitos spreading the disease now jumping to another part of miami, and the cdc is now warning pregnant women to consider avoiding travel to an entire county in south florida.
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measures some families are now taking to stay safe. >> reporter: tonight south florida on high alert, two zika hot zones identified in miami, and health officials now investigating eight other cases ouidthose areas. >> we're certain there will be more infections identified. >> reporter: the cdc warning pregnant women and their partners avoid travel in those two hot zones and anywhere in miami-dade county. t the are an estedret wome i mii. amanda and her husband are expecting their first child. >> all it takes is one mosquito bite and it can affect the rest of our lives. and we're just not willing to take that risk. >> reporter: she's taking extreme measures to stay safe. scaling back to part-time work so she can avoid being outside and covering up and spraying down every time she leaves. her husband, just as careful, even for a quick dog walk.heeci
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>> it seems like an easy decision. >> reporter: lauren allan is six months pregnant and going even farther. >> i am not leaving home with the exception of for doctor's appointments or if there were an emergency. >> reporter: she's even talked about moving if zika is found in her neigor >> if one of them were in my ke me considerucmo would really strongly the idea of leaving town. >> reporter: expecting moms in miamte mthey want specifictails they can make informed decions. cecilia? >> a lot of expected moms are frightened right now. thank you. overseas tonight a sad turn r e little bho becam the frightened face of the syrian civil war. you will remember 5-year-old omar pulled from his home after it was destroyed in an air strike in aleppo. tonight we have learned that omar's older brother ali has died of his wounds, now adding to the count, at least 100,000 children lost in that five-year-long conflict. we want to turn to the
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tornado sirensoing off, funnel clouds, heavy rain, and wind also. near wichita, kansas, heavy there, too, flash flooding as well. people wading through the streets after being caught off guard by the rushing water. in hard-hit louisiana, a new flooding that homeowners on the lookout for alligators in the water. abs rob marciano tracking it all. >> reporter: it's tonight a tornado reported outside grand rapids. winds whipping through wyg, michigan, knocking over this car and snapping giant trees. roads blocked by debris and downed power lines igniting. tornado sire blaring in the rain and wind. that same system triggering wat- mulvane, kansas overnight, dumping ov i in a matter of hours. more than 30 people rescued from
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the upstairs apartment there behind the car -- across the street from the car wash along the creek. >> reporter: all of this one week after massive flooding in louisiana where tonight there's a new concern amid the cleanup. alligators escaped from their peuring thflooding, and fa five have been retrd so this as residents are finally returning home, hoping to salvage what's left. >> the house is a total loss. >> reporter: jim jobes enduring his 11th flood, rebuilding each time. >> my house was as nice as it's m losing i and i'm sorry. i just can't take this. >> that is a tough situation there in baton rouge. you are just back from that area and you're still monitoring high water in louisiana. >> painfully slow to recede. we have a serious flood threat tonight. austin and s antio getnto
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the next 36 hours could see eight or more inches of rainfall here. asflood watches are posted. farther north we've seen the severe weather, this front slowly pushing to the east. we'll see storms today, tonight and tomorrow eventually across the i-95 corridor. day of seeing records in hird portland. 100 degrees just touched that elevated fire threat for the pacific rthwest. 30 large fires burning out there so we'll continue to monitor that situation as well. we want to turn to a consumer alert now for college students and their parents, already so strapped with high tuition bills. tonight the irs warning of scammers demanding immediate payment for a fake federal tax and as rebecca var jis reports, they sound very convincing. >> reporter: tonight an urgent warning to american families, beware of calls like this. >> this is an automated message for you by the international revenue service. >> reporter: the new scam.
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he knew where i went to school. he knew the area that i lived in. >> reporter: the thieves, irs impersonato impersonators, demanding payments over the phone for fake taxes like the federal student tax. >> i needed to pay the money right away or else i would be taken into court. >> reporter: in just three years, american families conned out of n5 eaphone scams. california, new york and texas among the hardest hit states. the real irs reminding taxpayers tonight it will never call to demand immediate payment over the phone, ask for your credit or debit card numbers over the phone, or threaten to bring you to local police. and one more telltale signt's a scam, the person on the other end of that line is demanding payment via itunes or other gift cards. the real irs will never ask you to settle a bill using gift cards. ever. cecilia. >> a good warning, rebecca,
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the gold medal count is still growing. team usa soaring ahead, an unbeatable lead at every single level, but tonight, we are also celebrating the fastest man on earth. >> usain bolt! >> reporter: the world's fastest man tonight celebrating a new title, one of the all-time greats. usain bolt tieing the record for most golds in men's track and field. >> the triple triple! >> reporter: after his final race, that salute, three fingers for winning golds in three consecutive olpi >> it's going to be the u.s.! >> reporter: americans bringing home the gold, too. for the u.s. women's 4 by 100 relay team, it almost didn't happen. >> disaster for the united states. >> reporter: after a botched handoff, saved by a do-over, granted by a judge. their first place finish making allyson felix the first woman ever to win five gold medals in track and field. >> they haveee >> reporter: the men's four by 100 relay not as lucky,
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handoff well before the exchange zone. no save from the judge for them. but from an unprecedented six gold medal for the u.s. women's baetball f olymc anaking the gold. team usa is coming home winners. >> and five-time medallist simone biles will carry the u.s. flag into tomorrow night's closing ceremony. tonight biles calling it an incredible honor to be s "world news tonight." two dangerous inmates ca from a maximum security jail. the tip to authoritieshow they tracked them down. and troubled waters.erns atf america's treasured attractions. also ahead -- >> i have a baby stranded in the water. please, god, send someone now. >> the race against time, the c, stayed alive until they found
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next a frantic search for a little girl after a family's boat overturned. saved by a life jacket. here's abc's mars see gonzalez. ter.ave a baby tran th please, god, send someone now. >> reporter: tonight from that desperation -- >> she's got a baby i >> deep relief. a toddler trapped under this boat after it capsized in central florida,nc, surviving ir cket for nearly an hour. >> god was with us. god was with us. >> reporter: tammy was on the boat on friday night with her husband and two young daughters, 9-month-old charlotte and 23-month-old kennedy when the boat hit something and flipped. >> we heard kennedy crying.
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crying was coming from. >> reporter: coco police and a passing boater also jumping in. finally finding the toddler in that air pocket, her life jacket keeping her afloat. >> thank y f saby. and saving her world. i can't imagine. i just can't imagine. >> reporter: and police say she and the rest of the family were taken to a hospital as a precaution with little kennedy last listed in good condition. cecilia. >> marci, thank you. and coming up, armed, dangerous and elderly? no, this is not senior citizen. it's a mask and a fugitive on the run. how police finally caught on. and don't play with your food. that rule apparently does not apply to killer whales. ? is depression more than sadness? ? it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ? ?
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to the "index" now, a tip to police in south carolina led them to two escaped inmates. they are back behind bars tonight after slipping through a chain link fence on friday. one, a murder suspect, the other facing drug charges. they were tracked down after someone tipped off police to two sets of footprints in the nearby woods. and now to another wanted fugitive, this one hiding in plain sight. the elderly man you see there, he is really a 31-year-old suspect faci police say he had been on the run since april wearing that rubber mask. when they arrested him, he was still wearing the disguise. and a health warning tonight. inspectors are monitoring that blue/green algae in water ways that connect to niagara falls. it can be harmful to both humans and animals. visitors are being urged to avd er notice. ro mother nature you do not often see.
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you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. finally tonight, while so many americans are planning that just got back, not there to see e beheto sa e ece of american history right there in havana. abc's ron claiborne takes us inside. >> pretty bad shape though, the house? >> reporter: walking around the
6:57 pm
ernest hemingway's is a journey into the past. for the past ten years, bob vila has been helping to save this old house outside of havana. >> all of the windows needed to be replaced. >> reporter: where hemingway lived from 1940 to 1960, even wrote some of his most famous works like "for whom the bell tolls." >> his papers, his personal books, 9,000, his photo albums, his correspondence, everything was in this house. >> reporter: ernest hemingway left cuba in 1960 fully intending to return and resume living herwi but he died before he could come back. >> six years ago, it was just cracks and failing plaster and stuff. very bad condition. >> hi, i'm bob vila. >> reporter: vila is known to millions from his television show where he dispensed advice to viewers on how to repair and upgrade their own homes. the team of americans and cubans has been refurbishing the main hemingway house and building a repository for some of the treasures found inside,
6:58 pm
moldering in a basement. >> this is the plaza vieja, the oldest square in havana. >> reporter: for vila, this project is personal. he's cuban-american, born in miami to cuban parents. his father and mother left after fidel castro took power and never came back. >> it was, i think, a big motivation to have the opportunity to reconnect with this place and it's been a good thing. >> reporter: vila's goal now, to refurbish its look and save priceless american literary treasures. to make it feel once again like and created great american literature on cuban soil. ron claiborne, abc news, havana. >> our thanks to ron for that and thanks to you for watching tonight. "gma" and "this week" in the morning. we'll see you right back here tomorrow night. i'm cecilia vega.
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