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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  August 22, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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these surveillance cameras could be the key to tracking down a violent carjacking suspect. ahead in a live report, reaction from a edge. >> then a local restaurant compelled to take action for victims in flood ravaged lows. louisiana. the personal push to help, what even surprised the staff. a dangerous carjacker is on the loose in lakeland. the polk county sheriff's office sending a major warning this morning. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is live from the scene of the crime outside the bone fish grill on pipkin road. good morning, how is the victim doing? >> reporter: good morning.
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ok but deputies say all of this could have been worse. investigators at this hour on the streets searching for the guy. >> it was pretty shocking. not even a couple of blocks down the road. >> reporter: folks on lakeland on edge following a brazen carjacking at the popular bone fish grill along pipkin road. >> especially this early in the morning or late at night. getting out of my car all the time and making sure there's >> reporter: on the facebook page the polk county sheriff's office sending a major alert. investigators say the woman was in her car at the time, a toyota avalon shortly after closing time early sunday morning, the suspect walked up to the car with a chain wrapped around his hand and forced her out of the vehicle. thankfully she was not harmed. the suspect drove off about a mile down the way where he crashed that car and burned it. of course this is an area with plenty of businesses and restaurants, folks we spoke with this morning simply
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>> just maybe should make you more aware. i've been standing here turning around more this morning than i would. >> reporter: deputies don't have much of a description to go on. a white man with a slim build. wearing a t-shirt, shorts and baseball cap at the time. these surveillance cameras right across the street at this 7-eleven will be key in the investigation. deputies hoping that the video will provide more info on the suspect. this is another look at the grill. at this point we're not told if they plan to increase security here but obviously folks told by the sheriff's office to simply be aware of their surroundings and keep a lockout. if you have any information on this crime contact the polk county sheriff's office. live from lakeland. rodney dunigan, abc action news. historic flooding in louisiana damages 60,000 homes and that number is expected to climb. the red cross is calling the
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disaster since superstorm sandy in 2012. the devastation hits close to home for so many people in the bay area. the waters forcing relatives and friends out of their homes. abc action news reporter kera mashek shows you how one local man is getting the bay area to help out in the city where he grew up. >> reporter: the images from louisiana's catastrophic flooding are heartbreaking. >> i cried today just thinking about it. >> reporter: red cochran grew up outside baton rouge. his dad's home took on knee- thankfully he had flood insurance but many other friends and relatives and people around the state aren't so lucky. more than 100,000 people had asked for federal help since the historic flooding started. >> my brother called me the other day, said it's crazy, it's all gone. >> reporter: we asked his boss at the salty rim grill in st. pete beach if they could take donations to help. everyone at the restaurant jumped on board. >> we're just trying to show
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they've been amazed by the again russ. a donations. everything from clothing and shoes to diapers. >> it touches my soul to see the community coming together. >> reporter: amanda nelson says she knows firsthand the value of helping those in need because she used to be homeless. >> i understand the importance of the toothbrush, toothpaste, just clothes to wear, water to drink. to me it's really important. it's just -- i want to help the >> reporter: the restaurant is taking donations all week and this louisiana native will pack up a truck and personally deliver it to friends in need. >> it makes me feel like a superhero. >> reporter: reporting in st. pete, kera mashek, abc action news. >> you can drop off donations at the salty rim grill through the end of the week on blind pass road in st. pete beach. there's also a gofundme page where you can donate if you
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article on our mobile app. ivan has a look at the forecast. >> good morning. looking fantastic, a lot of sunshine, temperatures low to mid-80s. factor in the humidity and already feels like 90s. we'll be 100 to 105 later this afternoon. and the reason for that, limited sunshine, i like my sunny days but this time of year we get a completely sunny day, or mostly sunny it's going to be a steamer. the humidity up above a little too dry for showers and thunderstorms to really get going. i'm thinking 20%. yes, we're watching the tropics, a full update on that coming up. temperatures climbing back to the low to mid-90s this afternoon. and we'll stay mostly dry, rain chances back with us tomorrow so not as hot and back to typical thunderstorms. we're doing pretty well. then parking lot. parking lot on i-4. we have pretty good pictures too.
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behind me. check out these drive times, usually at this time of morning we are back in the green area, still in the red on i-4 westbound, 40 minutes to get from the lakeland area to downtown tampa. if you check average speeds it doesn't get much better passing the crash we've been talking about, alexander through plant city. still down to 31 the average speed from 75 to 275. the other interstate 75 not too bad, 40 the average speed there. looking great in pinellas, i- 275 already backed up to 65 miles an hour. back to you. deputies in manatee county are searching for the man you see there, joel canchola. they say he slipped out of a cruiser all while handcuffed. this started when he and his friend crashed a car into a tree near fifth street court in the bradenton area late saturday night. deputies spotted the men running a block from thesky and arrested joel canchola for
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charge but as they questioned the friend they believe he somehow rolled down the window of the squad car and climbed out. the escape has a lot of people in the area very nervous. >> there's a lot of kids around here. so, having my son i would be a little worried that someone is on the loose that obviously doesn't care about other people. >> if you see canchola call the manatee county sheriff's office. there's another search in manatee county. deputies looking for an armed robb t man with what appeared to be a pipe and stole a wallet. this happened saturday night on lockwood ridge road. the victim was treated for minor injuries. in hillsborough county deputies say a man showed up on a stranger's doorstep after he had been shot. it happened 3:15 sunday morning on english hills court in the area of usf. investigators haven't released the victim's name. only saying the victim is expected to survive. they also haven't said anything about a suspect but do tell us
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be random. a lake worth man is staying put in jail, denied bond after palm beach deputies say he killed his wife and took off. they arrested walter barrios after crashing his car on i-95. now detectives say the couple's 12 and 16-year-old daughters saw at least some of the attack on their mother. authorities have not released any specific details on that attack, only saying she suffered blunt force trauma to the head. back in the bay area, a 70- year-old man is charged with crashed in to two cars, one of them a deputy's cruiser. alfredo rodriguez jimenez went to the hillsborough county jail after the crash happened saturday night on north 15th street. he's out this morning. deputies say he hit a car and it pushed into a deputy's vehicle. the deputy wasn't hurt but two people in the other car did suffer minor injuries. loved ones said a final goodbye sunday to a beloved pinellas park music teacher
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driver. the pinellas park performing arts center remembered caroline sine. police say last weekend a drunk driver ran a red light and crashed into her car. the 34-year-old died a few days later. in lieu of flowers her family asks for donations to mothers against drunk drivers. her boyfriend was a passenger in the car and was critically hurt and still is in the hospital this morning. happening today -- is officially ceasing operations, a comes after univision's successful bid to buy the media company. gawker media declared bankruptcy in june after $115 million judgment was leveled against the company after the hulk hogan invasion of privacy lawsuit. hogan sued gawker after the web site published his private sex tape. >> mental illness is an excuse. there's no excuse for killing someone, none. >> still ahead -- two arrests
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professor at penn state. how the suspects are related and their connection to the man authorities say they killed. do you have too much stuff? storage units are a simple solution to find more space but coming up, the common thing that can ruin all your stored valuables.
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9:13. we're learning the suicide bomber that attacked a kurdish wedding party in southeastern turkey was just 12 years the child was from the islamic state group and killed at least 51 people on saturday injuring dozens more. many also children. many terrorist groups used children to care you out attacks like this. leaders around the world now say this shows how important it is for all country to cooperate in the fight against terrorism. right now police in connecticut are searching for at least two suspects in a house party shooting that left 13 people injured. police say they believe that gunmen were hiding behind
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early yesterday morning they opened fire on more than 100 people. most of the victims suffered gunshot wounds to the legs. a motive for the shooting is still not clear but police are investigating to see if the suspects were at the party enjoying it at some point. this morning two people are now charged with the murder of an associate professor at penn state university. state police say danielle guyer and george ishler jr. drove ronald be august 12th convincing him it was a good spot to harvest pot. allegely isher pushed the victim to the -- over the cliff to his death.
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took care of her. put a roof over her head. >> police say the two suspects waited three days before reporting him missing. his body found two days later. new developments in the accidental overdose that killed prince. pills taken from his estate were improperly labeled. a source says officials found counterfeit drugs containing fentanyl and opioid more powerful than morphine. some of the pills in the estate were falsely labeled as of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. two weaker painkillers. prince didn't have a prescription for fentanyl. now it's believed he took the pills without realizing they had fentanyl in them. ever rented a self storage unit? we have an important consumer alert. consumer reporter john matarese shows you a common thing that can ruin all your belongings so you don't waste your money.
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to salvage some of their belongings after almost everything they had was ruined in a rental storage unit that was supposed to be secure. what happened to them should be a warning for everyone else. nate browning opens his storage unit. >> the worst of it still here. >> reporter: surveys damaged belongings he and his wife stored for ninth months while their house was being built. >> those are mice droppings in our toaster. >> reporter: mice is appears, jars to baby bouncer seats. >> the baby seat was one of the first things in the pod and it actually was competely covered. >> reporter: nate's wife says she was -- >> devastated. it's our baby's belongings and it's ruined. >> reporter: when the storage unit was delivered to them -- >> probably 75% of the things covered with mouse feces and urine. >> clothing, towels. chewed up. >> what guarantees do you have if you put some of your items into storage? what happens if everything is
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most storage contracts state that the facility is not responsible for damage. so make sure you're covered by your insurance or insurance you can buy from the storage company. we contacted the storage company which told us we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. it's a standard practice for our units to have regular pest control protection and now offering the brownings a partial refunded of fees though still not engh everything they are throwing away. if you have a family heirloom never put it in a storage unit or garage, bring to it a close family member for safekeeping or safe deposit box at the bank if it's small, so you don't waste your money. 9:17. people in western michigan are continuing to clean up after a severe line of thunderstorms spawned at least five tornadoes there sunday. the twisters downed trees, snapped power lines and damaged homes. much of the damage was just south of grand rapids.
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reports i've seen no injuries. we had 16 tornado reports as a result of this. as a result of this potent cold front, the first of the season that barreled through. not just impacting michigan but portions of ohio as well and into indiana but the storm has now moved east. so things are quieting down. by the way we had actually a tornado warning this morning. already seeing damage reports from massachusetts. northwest of boston there through the this is making. that is a front. the first one of the season. of course for us it will take a long time to get here as they stall north. satellite and radar, last 12 hours, not much going. so we're in our wet season here so what is going on? well, dry air is limiting that coverage and i think for later on this afternoon it will be hard to make thunderstorms with the dry air. the storms will try to get going but are going to have a hard time doing so as we get temperatures back up into the
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storm coverage. look at the futurecast, nothing much here. so pretty dry evening setting in store. 20% would about about do it. if you're watching from polk county and interior counties, 20% rain chance would cover it. dry air is going to erode as we get the northeast fetch that comes in. that will bring us moisture and return to more typical pattern of 40% rain chances. the tropics heating up as you fiona is falling apart. no worries here. this disturbance looks already like a tropical depression. may get a name pretty quickly. 100% chance of development. the good news is, that should turn north and that is good because that storm system will eventually i think turn into, if not a major hurricane it will be a cat 2 moving up to the north. this is what we're paying close attention to the next several
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getting going. as we get dry air inhibiting its development. look at the computer model forecast. now locking in. this is what we have to watch closely because obviously they are bringing it into the united states. how it gets here is what the models don't show you at least in this graphic. the intensity remains to be seen. how organized it is, that remains to be seen. keep checking back with us the next few days. each model run will give a little better idea of what is going on with that would be hermine as gaston is already probably developing just west of africa. temperatures now because of the 10% to 20% rain chances going to skyrocket, mid-90s, already feels like that and the humidity will make it feel like 100 to 105. so stay in the shade and keep yourself hydrated. we're back to rain chances into the afternoon, tuesday and through the rest of the week with coverage 40% to 50%. and highs in the low 90s. still ahead -- a dramatic rescue of a toddler in florida.
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survived under a capsized boat for more than an hour. plus time is running out to enjoy unique beach experience
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look what some people say they drove by on this overpass on state road 408 nope as the east west expressway in orlando.
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edge. a woman and child trapped inside. this happened yesterday morning, firefighters eventually got to them. they say the 6-year-old boy was in a car seat. the family says both of them are badged up but thankfully are ok. banged. it's not clear why the woman ended up over the guardrail but officials say alcohol was not a factor. a cocoa beach family is counting their blessings, their toddler is alive after a very dramatic water rescue over the weekend. that family was out boating on when their boat capsized trapping their 23-month-old daughter under for nearly an hour. that little girl stayed alive because she amazingly found a tiny air pocket under the capsized boat. rescue divers had no sight of her and then a faint cry led them to look under the boat. >> just getting ready to leave. that is when we heard a very light cry. >> we kept praying to god and
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>> she's ok. checked out in a hospital and was released shortly after. time running out to experience the beach. i don't mean some of the best beaches in the country like clearwater beach or st. pete beach, i mean the beach tampa in amalie arena. there are four days left to enjoy the giant ball pit at the interactive exhibit set up there. the beach tampa is free but remaining tickets are only available first come first serve. coming measures. what is pushing one woman to leave florida and her husband until the birth of their baby? >> a horse charging at me 15, 20 miles per hour, pulling 1,000 pounds behind it. >> the woman speaks out about a freak accident. her horse injured, young daughter and husband, what witnesses say sent that scared
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a bradenton man escapes the back of a patrol car wild handcuffed through the window. how did he do it? coming up, what investigators think happened. >> then carjacked and abducted. the smart move by a pizza delivery driver that helped her escape. plus, an urgent warning from the irs to -- to american families sending college students back to school. the new scam you now. thank you for joining us for abc action news at 9:30. i'm deiah riley. dan is off but ivan is here with a look at the workweek forecast. >> i thought i was doing the news for a second. look at the shot, gorgeous stuff. we're looking at blue skies, 83 st. pete. 85 clearwater and 85 in tampa. that's the way most of the day is going to go with mostly dry conditions.
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shape. you'll have to deal with the heat, it's already 90, 95 as far as the feels-like temperature because of the humidity but dry air on top of us will limit our rain coverage to about 20%. not shutting it off but we get a shower or thunderstorm and it will be isolated, nothing widespread. you can see that on futurecast, as we head through the afternoon. we'll talk more about rain chances, that are going up. in fact doubling the next few days, in a few minutes. right now manatee county, the searchco man who literally slipped out of the back window of a deputy's cruiser while he was handcuffed. that is joel canchola, he was arrested by deputies for violating probation saturday night but is still on the run now. abc action news anchor james james is live at the manatee county sheriff's office. james tully. how did this happen? >> the question everyone has been asking so far. just imagine the live truck is
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though it's a little bigger. imagine -- my hand tied behind my back. what they think joel canchola did was somehow turn himself around and open up the window -- with his back to the window. the problem is normally these things have locks on them. this one in this case apparently did not. then he crawled out of the window. it helps -- according to police reports he's only 5'4", 140 pounds. this happened saturday night when joel canchola and another man he was driving with were involved in a hit-and-run accident near bradenton. deputies found them, they arrested canchola when it was discovered he violated his probation. while deputies questioned the man with him think apparently took eyes off joel canchola and he was able to escape. in its third day now for the search. there's no updates yet but sheriffs are asking for your help. if you see him report it. live in manatee county. james tully, abc action news. >> thank you.
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is on for the man who allegedly carjacked and abducted a 2k3w4r50eu6r9sy driver in jacksonville and tried to rob a dollar general. the baker county shift sheriff's office says cornelius radio wheeze iii turned himself in overnight. ruiz. police say he forced a woman in the trunk of her own car and drove off. she got away because she pulled the escape lever and jumped out of that moving car. > virus. tampa mayor bob buckhorn and members of the code enforcement team are going to outline efforts today. we'll monitor the meeting and let you know what is coming from it. a pregnant woman says she's done with south florida and growing concerns over birth
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their baby is born. >> if we have to move away and separate for six months i mean it's -- pennies in the long run. >> her husband jared is going to stay at the home in hollywood until his wife and baby return. so far no locally transmitted zika cases have originated in broward county. that is where the mains live but they have occurred in nearby palm beach and miami- dade counties. in democracy 2016 -- could donald trump be showing a new side? or is his good week just hiding the republican nominee unveiled a new appeal to minority voters. mary bruce explains his new pitch to blacks and hispanics. >> reporter: as far as the trump campaign says this has been the best week ever. >> i want a totally inclusive country and i want an inclusive party. >> reporter: trump working on the pitch to minority voters this weekend. >> the outreach to the african-
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area where the republican party must do better. and it will do better. >> reporter: despite the admission and meeting with his new hispanic advisory board the week hasn't been entirely smooth for the campaign. from protests to outrage over this comment. >> what do you have to lose? you're living in poverty, your schools are no good. you have no jobs. >> maybe in the african- american community saw it as insulting because they say most african-americans don't live in comments in communities that are more than 90% white. >> that's for all americans. i live in a white community. i'm white. i was very moved by his comment. in other words, he is trying to tell americans that we can do better. >> reporter: kelly anne conway hitting the sunday talk shows after a staffing shake-up which included the regulars nation of campaign chairman paul manafort over his ties to pro- russian ukrainian leaders,
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is pouncing on. >> manafort has been pushed out but that doesn't mean the russians have been pushed out of the campaign. the hand of the kremlin has been at work in this campaign for some time. it's clear that they are supporting donald trump. >> reporter: mary bruce, abc news, los angeles. president obama is back in washington after two weeks of sun and fun on martha's vineyard. the glow from his vacation may fade soon though. he gets back on the road tomorrow to comfort residents of baton rouge, louisiana. he'll assess the damage from the st discuss the killings of three law enforcement officers. today one of the men hoping to replace senator marco rubio in washington will be in st. pete. democratic senate candidate patrick murphy will alby: the state representative to tour a headquarters that manufacturers low voltage intelligent led lighting systems. kids back in school in sarasota. it's the first day for them. several new principals are also
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it will also be the first time students and staff at several schools step into remodeled classrooms. media rooms and gymnasiums all thanks to renovations over the last few months. we've got a warning for college students and parents. who are already cash strapped paying for tuition. the irs says beware of scammers that are demanding payments over the phone with calls like this one. >> this is a automated message from the internal revenue rv scam. victims say the scammers knew personal information as they tried to rip them off. the irs is reminding you it will never demand immediate payment or ask for debit or credit cards over the phone. happening today -- a tallahassee judge is considering blocking a state law that holds students back from being promoted to the fourth grade. a hearing is scheduled on the controversial fsa testing. it comes after a group of parents from across the state filed a lawsuit. they say schools are unfairly
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out of this test. the lawsuit includes several districts including pasco, sarasota and hernando counties. we'll keep you up to date on what comes from today's hearing. still ahead -- a texas fraternity under investigation for -- after a student dies at a weekend house party. how police believe he died and why the four students now face charges. then crocodiles sent crashing through a school window. crocodiles schalt why police say the damage done to the
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the 76
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a california man had no idea his 34th birthday celebration would be his last. that man was killed after he laid d friend's car and he was run over. the man was celebrating at a hotel in garden drove saturday night. witnesses say people at the party were drinking and a man tried to keep a woman from leaving so he tried to stop her by laying in front of the car but instead of staying she hit the gas, ran him over and drove off. he was rushed to the hospital but didn't survive. as of yesterday morning police say they know who the woman is
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four texas a and m university brothers are under arrest after a student died of a suspected overdose at a frat house over the weekend. police say they found the 19- year-old unresponsive at the fraternity house sunday morning. the four members were arrested on unrelated drug charges. the fraternity says its thoughts and prayers are with the victim's family. police in australia are looking formore men that broke into a school and let three saltwater crocodiles loose inside the school. you can see them enter the school, smash a window, shut the alligators through it and entered the school and ransacked the place. the three fifimale crock tile's mouths why taped up. >> it was concerning for their mouths to be tied shut. we were concerned for their safety as well. they were in poor shape. hadn't had water for a long
9:42 am
>> the crocodiles mesh under up to 6 feet long and they are receiving medical care before being released into the wild and police are still looking for the four suspects. for the first time this morning we are hearing the nervewracking details of what happened when a horse ran wild into a crowd in washington state that -- that spooked horse plowed into a little girl, her father and three others at a fair on friday. that is the little girl injured there. the 4-year-old was in pretty bad shape when first responders rushed her to a hospital but improved so much she was allowed to leave surprising her own mother. that woman talks about how bad her daughter's injuries are >> fraud this whole part of her face -- fractured this whole part of her face, four or five fractures in her face. >> her dad is still in icu with broken ribs and serious facial fractures. witnesses now say something, possibly a forklift spooked the horse sending it running down the midway and into the group. now to the latest on a
9:43 am
california. fire crews say they are beginning control of an arson fire that decide nearly 200 homes so far. as -- destroyed 200 homes so far. the lake wildfire is 90% contained. evacuation orders have been lifted. 82,000 people ordered to leave their homes are now starting to return and assess the damage. a preliminary damage assessment in san bernardino found 105 homes and 216 buildings destroyed. we have an update, the memory of the shot and killed after a 3-year- old fell into the enclosure lives on. the late 17-year-old ape named harambe has been showing up in some petitions to rename the hometown cincinnati bengals.
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if the h storm turns out to be something significant you don't want it named after the gorilla. keep your kids close by. let's take you to some of the pictures outside as we've been checking out gorgeous sunshine. i like this picture. this is a well, that is. look at ed as he brought us this picture. gorgeous sunrise today. we have a few days of august left. sarasota county back to school this morning. without incident farce the weather is concerned. very dry. for pickup this afternoon we'll be in good shape with more sunshine. the issue today, bring extra water bottles, temperatures will be in the mid-90s and the
9:45 am
105. look at the satellite and radar in the last 12 hours. not much doing. as i mentioned not zero percent rain chance but 20. we have dry air on top of us limiting our shower and thunderstorm coverage, if anything we'll begin to see a few pop-ups later this afternoon across the interior but coastal showers trying to sneak in. look at this, one shower here i found, along the area to northern pinellas, just a light sprinkle but that will cool you off a little, will dissipe afternoon storms but coverage very limited, most of us staying dry so we won't have to worry about rainfall today. it will change tomorrow as we get back into a northeasterly flow and that will bring more moisture and bring rain chances from 20% to 40% to 50% through the middle part of the week. we'll continue to talk about the tropical waves, one we're concerned about, this one here, we'll keep a close eye on it, by the ends of the forecast, we're talking this weekend it will be impacting with the
9:46 am
round of the computer model forecast and shay and dennis will bring you that this evening. tune in for that. a lot will change the next few days. temperatures this afternoon, mid-90s, 100 to 105 as i mentioned. a hot day tomorrow with more cloud cover, higher rain chance, we'll begin to see the temperature drop a bit. and that's so the middle to latter part of the week. after watching the best athletes compete the rio olympics are the final medal count and highlights from the closing ceremonies coming up after the
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in downtown tampa your last chance to dive into the beach in jam amalie arena. august 25 is the last day of
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welcome back. we're following a developing story from ohio where a 74-year- old woman could face charges after she hit the gas instead of the brakes. and crashed into a crowd of people at a concert yesterday. police say the woman drove right on to the dance floor injured herself and eight other people. then she crashed into a telephone pole and another car. six people were taken to the hospital, three others treated at the scene. we turn now to a deadly paracomplieding accident in utah. a 57-year-old man died after miss say he plunged through the roof of a church yesterday morning. jay peterson crashed into the church in a paraglider moments before the service began.
9:51 am
investigators are now looking into what caused the paraglider to go down. the flame at the 2016 summer olympic games is officially extinguished. team usa won the most gold medals. americans won 121 medals, china was a distant second with 70. abc's jim ryan shows you the grand goodbye at last night's cl >> reporter: the farewell got off with a bang and dazzling special events. gymnast simone biles carried the american flag in the closing ceremonies, takes home five medals, calling her first oiches the thrill of a lifetime. on the last day of the games the fellow americans continued the gold rush. usa swamped serbia in basketball. kevin durant scored 30 points in the effort. usa was the favorite going in,
9:52 am
ring. clarissa shields slugged her way to a unanimous victory. the defending olympic champion, shields is the first american boxer to win back-to-back golds and only u.s. boxer to finish first in rio. usa wrestling claiming another gold medal. kyle snyder earning his spot atop the podium in his match against azerbaijan. the men's volleyball team rallied to claim a take the bronze in a nail- biting five-set match. it was only the second time gailen had run a marathon and took home a bronze for the u.s. after the stress, sweat and tears a final night to unwind with pageantry, the games pass into history according to tradition. the tokyo governor accepting the olympic flag. rio olympic flame extinguished and summer games begin again in tokyo 2020.
9:53 am
janeiro, brazil. just in -- olympic goad medalist gabby douglas is going to join the judge's panel for the miss america 2017 competition. the organization made the announcement this morning. fresh from winning a performance with the final five women of the u.s. olympics gymnastics team in rio she's heading to atlantic city for the final round of competition broadcast live on sunday september 11th on your abc
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we're backing it's going to be hot. 90 to 95 will make it feel like 100 to 105. very little rainfall today.
9:57 am
typical afternoon thunderstorms through the end of the week. a mobile app aims to end food waste at restaurants. it's called too good to go. rolling out in europe and should be available in the u.s. by the end of the year. lets users order leftover food from restaurants at a discounted price. just log in, pick a restaurant and then you can see pickup times. they are usually after peak dining hours and they are around closing time. you don't get to decide exactly what food you get but your meals will end up betweenbetween $2 and $5. >> ifst what folks don't finish? >> it's the food they prepare that is left over. tampa bay's "morning blend"
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in downtown tampa your last chance to dive into the beach.
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good monday morning. >> thank you so much for join >> we have a lot of great guests in studio today. very excited about some of the guests. we're going to be talking -- how are you with pinterest and crafting? >> i want to be good. i see things especially now like i'm thinking nursery stuff. i'm like oh man if i could only -- i know my limits. the maximum limits i do have which are quite a few. i don't even attempt it. >> you're going to attempt it


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