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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  August 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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>> we've also learned there is an ongoing investigation at this location and another on a disney property reported by an anonymous source. when i called to ask for those reports they say they are not public just yet. and going in-depth it is very rare for them to attack we got you updated numbers. we found that mean grades is the first person to die in an unprovoked attack since they started keeping track in 1948 the have only been about 4800 attacks toll since that year. they occurred most frequently in sarasota county. new concerns the zika virus may spread far beyond the south florida. the gulf states could be next. tonight, the mayor of miami beach the second of that zone
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money is needed to fight that illness. he also tells our affiliate that the governor blindsided him with last week's announcement. that there are locally transmitted cases in his city. governor has not responded. a new campaign in tampa to get rid of mosquitoes. >> yes, it is to prevent the healthcare crisis. the mayor is asking you to call them water in your neighborhood. they say they want to send out enforcement officers. these are little donuts that prevent mosquitoes. they last up to 30 days. some homeowners say that they bought their own. >> i got them at home depot. >> the city is asking you to
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water. good afternoon. another hot day across the area but unusually dry for this time of the year. we are going into the peak of the rainy season. this is towards the beginning of september nothing more than a few isolated showers. and a look at the futurecast right on through the evening. storms will begin to fire up especially east of 75. a slug of moisture is going to increase those chances as we head into the later half of the week. this evening is partly cloudy. and all of a sudden the tropics are getting extremely interesting we will take a closer look coming up. this week the race for the white house coming to tampa we
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a rally on wednesday at the florida state fairgrounds. you can reserve tickets we have a link posted on our website. in the meantime, democratic candidate hillary clinton is wrapping up her efforts reserving $80 million per campaign ads. she plans to raise even more money kicking off the celebrity fundraising today she will hold seven fundraisers in the next three days alone. right now, bathroom rights are being put on hold. a judge blocked the directive to allow transgendered students to use the bathroom that they identify with. 12 other states asked a judge regarding the injunction. >> while thousands are coming to the area there are concerns. two people in the bay area have died just this year from the bacteria. the deaths linked to eating raw shellfish.
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>> scallop season is here.>> that's what it is all about in the catch is good. >> you eat them. >> multimillion dollar industry will last another 19 days and charter captains are making sure that it is done safely. >> i don't let anyone on there anymore. >> sometimes we see people into their mouth. >> just like this, it comes with a risk. >> some people die from this stuff. in the bay area two people have died. their deaths linked to eating raw shellfish. they were infected with a bacteria that occurs naturally in the gulf of mexico. you can also get infected if you going to water with an open
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florida department of health there have been 23 infections across the state so far and five deaths. >> that's really rare but why take the chance. >> they don't want you to chance anything they offer a catching and cook program. it is something that first time scallop or is taking them up on. >> we put olive oil in a pan get it hot. two minutes they are done. >> this means, but it's no good. a safety alert, car models may be crashing. they say they need to repair 65,000 the launch was that is because of a problem that could cause cars to shift out.
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about newer outlanders. more than 82,000 of these cars may be accelerating. we post the information on our website. right now, gawker is saying goodbye they posted this article right here looking back. after 13 years shut down for good on tuesday. and after the bay area jury decided that the website violated his privacy pay him $140 million he bought up a company and will keep most of the stockers -- staffers assigned to other jobs. and ryan lochte is moving cold heart -- losing cold hard cash. they are going to donate the $2000 for his sponsorship to a children's charity.
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breaking news, deputies telling us that this man right there who they say escaped from this deputy patrol car fell into authorities. they said that they arrested him saturday night after he was involved in a car accident and ran away from the scene. he somehow managed to escape out of the patrol car. he is being charged with escape and violatg hacking right now, police are trying to identify a man's body found in a pond. they found it behind a home in west monro. police do not suspect foul play they say the man was in his 30s. police need your help identifying two people who sold hundreds of dollars worth of security equipment. we can get a good look at some of the guys here.
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drive in sarasota. both cameras cost about $600. a man is accused of sex trafficking in our community and has pleaded guilty to several charges. they arrested him in 2014 after a 16 month investigation. the classified ad website from the county jail. he is accused of offering them shelter and drugs in exchange and would threaten them if they tried to leave. a man's grocery list is causing charges after he used his pants instead of a grocery cart. he is accused of stealing food and hiding the items in his pants. deputy saying that he went into a store and stock stakes down his pants. and just a little later, he
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deputies caught him outside of the store. their products we use every day but they may cause chemicals
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take a look at this picture, a few wildfires here burning in california right now. this is capturing at least four plumes of smoke. fortunately, one of the biggest fires near los angeles is slowing down. firefighters say it is 85% contained. the cedar fire is only growing. take a look at this, out of
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exploding in size from 250 acres to 5000. it sparked at least one of those fires. new development about a man accused of sending threats towards orange county schools has been released. they say they don't believe that it is a threat. they say, that he started sending those messages is accused of targeting five schools threatening to blow them up. and absent from those schools last week. he was arrested while trying to cross the canadian border. a series of concerns about the airport vulnerability to attack. chuck schumer is calling for a swift review by federal agents. celebrations by people watching the olympics sparked rumors of the gunman. they found that the incident exposed breakdowns in
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people talking amy schumer not say nice things about tampa. they reacted jokingly placing a sign in front of her business never imagining that the star herself would respond. >> that was my joke like hey, in these. >> they are buzzing today, and a lot of chatter over the side. reacting to amy schumer's new book horrendous but questions anyone if they read. >> i was like, that is hilarious. because i am in tampa and i am reading. >> they are ready had one customer coming in and as the lower grow back tattoo. it certainly has all of her customers talking. >> as someone who is a native to tampa it did sting a little bit.
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trash somebodies hometown. >> she did have one nice thing to say mentioning a memorable night with a man that she met on an airplane. >> it has become kind of a punchline for a lot of comedians. >> even the mayor is weighing in . >> i would beg to differ. certainly she is entitled to her opinion. >> the 35-year-old is performing in october and may make a pitstop. she tweeted a message asking her to come by her store to her surprise, she tweeted back saying, maybe she will if the timing works. >> yes, i mean awesome. >> if she does she will make it worthwhile landing to bash planning -- planning to build those proceeds. >> we have a lot in common i
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all she wants but she can't trash our weather. >> right. that's why people visit us. >> that's right. >> which apparently there's a lot of this going on right now. >> there are two depressions and a third that we have to keep our eyes on. this is nothing to worry about but it is definitely something that we will have to keep our eyes o if you look outside, this is beautiful. a nice stretch of weather. the winds will be changing. considerably morning early afternoon they will come back to our post. and, if you look right now an isolated shower, but in terms of what we typically see on a typical august day this is unusual. they will talk about this
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as you can see, futurecast shows those storms building primarily east of 75 late afternoon early evening and it is something that will slowly come back to the beach. by wednesday it will again. highs look at this, 97 right now in winterhaven. and 92 valrico, 92 tampa and along the beach. low 90s across the entire area and there you see it the heat seeing his those afternoon storms. we had a little drier air a little bit of sinking air which is a combination of the two keeping us below what we typically see. that will be changing for a couple of reasons. we had energy coming in from the east if you put that together this is your best chance of a few thunderstorms. and this is back towards haines
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along the coast a lot of rain it's a good night to go outside. and i think that there will be a little bit of cloudiness. otherwise partly sunny and a nice start to your tuesday bananas when the wind will start changing. this is an easterly went on wednesday and i think, that it will pin the sea breeze right along the coast. that means the heaviest storms will likely pop up closer to something we haven't been seeing for the past couple of days. instead of moving interior, we will start moving in. and the early half of august. wednesday morning, it gives you sunny skies most of the day you can plan your day and not have to worry about unexpected rain. even early afternoon because the bulk of the action popped up after 4 pm. the same thing on thursday and friday.
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sunday everything is quiet. typical stuff and all of a sudden, the euro is bringing in quite a bit of rain. whether that happens 10 days out it is a crapshoot but the reason is because of this the european is developing this into a tropical system as are other models the difference is it is bringing it across the state. we talk ab go one way and they will go back it's called the windshield wiper effect. but what you can see, these are more active. the tropical depression there, and fiona back down to the tropical storm and hurricane center says there is a 50% chance that this develops over the next couple of days. so that is why we will focus on this because this is certainly something that we will have to keep our eyes on.
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what they obtained a 12 hours ago four decides to get closer to florida, it is a possibility. but again it is nothing to worry about because this thing could easily fizzle out despite this. but i will tell you this, this isn't one that we can completely right off yet. we can write this off. this will not bother anyone. and it poses no threat to the united states. 88, the gulf temperature, northeast winds we have to keep our eyes on this. most accurate forecast seasonal norms return to the middle of the week. highs in the low 90s and next week will have to keep our eyes open. >> thank you. violently attacked outside of a popular area. the reason one big piece of
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new tonight, in the act. he broke into multiple houses. you can see him stealing the families stuff. they were not home at the time that he took two cds, a safe, a laptop, and a 16-year-old ring. this time the homeowner was home and she says that he forced her to lie on the bed and he pointed hurt -- his gun at her.
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just fortunate that i'm okay. >> please hope that this video will help to catch that these. >> an amazing rescue in central florida you can see the scary position of a mother and her young son. firefighters were able to get the six-year-old and his mother out of the car that you see right there. family members say that the mom has a broken nose but they are expected to be okay.
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right now, a horrifying it counter -- encounter, a woman violently carjacked. the attacker you need to be on the lookout for. >> let's get right to it. the carjacker crashe fiery collision, why finding the attacker and now, it could be very difficult. >> as a female it is scary. >> a warning after dark. >> people cannot be trusted. they're searching for a man who carjacked an employee. they say the woman got out of work and went out with her friend before returning to her car around 3:30 am. that's when they say, they
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minutes later they received a call about a car that had burst into flames. and, no sign of the driver. >> today many people who live and work in the area may be calling friends or loved ones to be careful at night. >> i work at night and sometimes i leave late in the evening when it is dark. >> so as far as my surroundings they are covered. >> the restaurant closed a spokesperson says this has never happened here before and we are thankful that she wasn't seriously hurt. the safety and security of our employees is very important to us. we have procedures in place for employees. tonight investigators are reviewing surveillance video. so far no arrests have been made.


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