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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  August 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> i'm ashley glass. today on the now tampa bay, zika now showing up in a person in pinellas county not because they traveled outside the country either. the frustrating details we won't know for months and a new tool you can use to get rid of mosquitoes. laura. >> i'm laura harris. also happening right looking into the reasons why more people are dying in crashes on florida highways. also same product, different prices. how is it that target is accuse of changing up prices on identical ms because of where they are located in the stores. and what we found in the bay area. president obama is just wrapping up his tour of the flooded parts of louisiana. you see to the left of your screen a live picture of the
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off moments ago. several hours on the ground he used to look at the damage and the clean-up underway. we will have some of president obama's comments a little later in the show. and also right now we're learning the florida state student accused of biting a man's face after beating him and his wife in south florida may have ingested chemicals from the couple's garage. he is still in the hospital. he will be arrested once he is released. the fbi is running test to fi was under the effects of bath salts or flakka at the time of the attack. three quarters of us living in florida is worried about the zika virus. that's what st. louis university found when they polled people days ago. and today word that tampa bay has its first case of nontravel related zika virus. jacqueline ingles with what we know about the infected person who is living in pinellas county. >> reporter: we can't take you
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pinellas county where they're mosquito spraying and going to door to -- from door to door because this is a single case. if they don't find another case, there isn't an increased risk for you and i much that's why they won't reveal the area tonight. the governor tried to reassure bay area residents, reminding them just because there's a local case doesn't mean we have local transmission of the virus. the four other cases in cases. they were found from the aggressive testing they did back in july. results take about two months to get. that may be the frustrating part of our local case. we won't have results back until likely october. >> in this case, the department of health here, under dr. cho and his team will speak with that person, get a good history. they're already testing family members. they will be looking at
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understand where transmission may have occurred. >> reporter: they did say this individual has been in multiple counties in the bay area for work and other activities. and because of that, they may never know where the individual was bit and infected. the governor also being very reassuring to bay area residents tonight, saying we can combat this if we work together. he's urging everyone from business owners to visiting tourists to get rid of standing water if you see it and to always wr are outside. in pinellas county, for the now tampa bay, i'm jacqueline ingles. >> thank you, jacqueline. right now our nicole grigg is putting the finishing touches on her story about how to get rid of standing water. you can do it all with your cell phone. look for that coming up at 4:30. this afternoon, pasco sheriff's office passing along
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christian roak, 21 years e he rode a train from new york to new port richey to carry on a relationship with a 13-year-old girl. he was found hiding in a closet. both admitted to carrying on a relationship and naked pictures of the girl were found on his phone. he is now in jail on multiple charges. letting you know about a depression on north macdill avenue has part of the road shut down. this is near the median. pictures earlier today when the issue was first reported. you see the cars around it there. we talked to tampa police this afternoon. they say the hole is still there so be very careful on the roads. as we speak, the number of signatures on this petition, this online petition continues to grow. it's the keep ride sharing programs like uber and lyft in
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buckhorn would see how many people were supporting the issue. they only need 109 more to reach the goal. while it seems that the petition is gaining momentum, the public transit commission says it's not about shutting the services down, it's about having them comply with protocol items like background checks and car inspections. right now we're keeping a close eye on the tropics that hermen. shay has the latest track. >> yeah. we have been looking at a lot of changes from one model track to the next. what you see right now is a whole lot of nothing. there's a possibility that this storm could create a whole bunch of nothing. ultimately what we're watching is variability with the storm's path. and the timing has also changed in the most recent update, speeding it up a bit. with those things in mind as we look at what the storms are out
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have three batches of storms. fiona is pretty much done. the final update has been issued. that will continue to dissipate. then we have gaston, which could likely be our next major hurricane. but, again, that one is going to stay out into open ocean. as we take a look at what is in the middle, this is the one that has some possible concern to us here in the u.s. so as we watch where its path will be headed, you can see with the spagtt it is bringing it, most of them, over the virgin islands and near puerto rico. as it gets closer to the bahamas, it gets interesting. if it holds together, right where it gets around the bahamas over the weekend is where it could potentially fire up. at that point, the spaghetti models start to split. quite a few taking it over the peninsula of florida and out into the gulf. so there's a lot of question and uncertainty about the
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very many path and possible impacts to florida. i will have more on that coming up in a bit. and i will also have tonight's rain. yeah. do we have any showers and storms out there? yesterday was dry. but i will show you what is expected for the rest of tonight. coming up in a bit. laura. >> thank you, shay. today president obama calling on all of us to help the thousands of people in louisiana recovering from the flooding. that's his message after touring the hard hit areas around baton rouge today. >> sometimes once the flood wate p people's attention spans pass. this is not a one-off. this is not a photo on issue. this is how do you make sure that a month from now, three months from now, six months from now, people still are getting the help that they need. >> you can see just all of that debris in the streets of that neighborhood there. president obama says $127 million in federal money is already being paid out there.
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asking people to go to the president answers critics today who say he should have visited the area. the governor of louisiana saying just yesterday they asked the president not to come earlier so they could faux tuesday their attention on relief efforts and not security for the president. he praised the quick response to get the people help. something new from the site where trump tower was supposed to be in tampa. you will be able to add your how about a burger and butter scotch pie for dinner. the restaurant has been resurrected of the columbia restaurant group. already popular in ebor. probably the greatest pic of the day here, this one right here. the customer ate three burgers, took two home and promised he would show back up for lunch and dinner. they're open until 10:00.
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>> right now as we take a live look outside, we want you to know there are more of us driving on the roads. it is having deadly consequences. see, preliminary numbers from the national safety council released today show the number of people killed in the first half of the year is up 9% compared to this time last year. up 18% when you compare it to two years ago. more than 19,000 people have died on u.s. roads from january to june. 2.2million oth hurt. the nsc is concerned if the trend continues, it will make the upcoming labor day holiday weekend the deadliest on u.s. roads since 2008. the report says florida has seen a 43% increase in deaths since 2014. and flying has always been proven to be a safer way to travel. and today is the day that airlines start slashing prices because the summer vacation rush is over. same things we need to hear right now that we tell you all
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tickets tuesday afternoons. remember the three cheapest days to fly, tuesday, wednesday and saturday. and also remember this, a travel expert tells abc the low prices could stick around for weeks. if you can hold out, there should be another drop in mid- october. more outrage over a big price hike for epipens. two lawmakers are getting involved because of the cost of the device that can save your life in 2007 the price for two pens was less than $100. now it's up to $600 to $700. this is information from a drug database. even people with insurance are paying higher copays for epipens. one minnesota senator is calling for an investigation because of all of this. >> right. that senator wants the ftc to look into milan pharmaceuticals. she thinks there's a possible antitrust violation because of
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asking them to explain that price. so far more than 60,000 people have signed the petition to congress to stop what they say is epipen price gauging. milan pharmaceuticals is blaming the increase on the rising cost in health care. more families have high deductible plans so they're paying more. a day care with video cameras that parents can log on and check on their kids. it that's until the feed gets hack and your precious kids show up on a site in russia. a day care owner is furious it happened to his feed. he immediately took it down. if the idea that anyone could be watching your kids isn't bad enough, it mayo owe it may not it may not be. if you can believe it. some sites claim to legally access feeds from all over the world. like this one here.
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multiple planes here. a hot tub factory and a barbershop. while there may not be a crime to prosecute, be aware that unsecure video can be tapped into online. as for the day care owner, he is not taking any chance with the safety of the kids he watches. >> we can go ahead and get newer servers and i promise you within six months, there will be people who know how to hack into those servers. >> he says he is not putting a camera back up until he that it's secure. well, i know this is really morbid to think about. there's an important i'm asking this question. what do you think you want to do before you die? >> i want to build a family. i'm working on it. what about? that's my wish. >> to be happy and spend more time with family. >> these are personal conversations. but people are going public with it. writing out their aspirations
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the now's adam weiner shows us the project. >> reporter: the place where trump tower was supposed to go, somebody is building a wall. instead of separating people, the purpose of this wall is to bring people together. >> doing something like this can give you faith in humanity. >> reporter: it is called a before i die wall. it was put up after hurricane katrina. ever since, walls have been built all over this will be the first in the tampa bay area and it is being built by leadership tampa bay. >> there is something very emotional and moving and thought provoking about thinking about your own mortality. right? >> reporter: lauren jared in tampa is spear heading the project and it is very personal to her. >> the first time that i saw this wall was in new orleans about two years ago. and i wrote on the wall at that
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develop a scholarship for my alma mater which is florida state. >> reporter: jared says just wrying this dream on -- writing this dream on the wall transformed it into a reality. >> my husband and i created an endowed scholarship. it has come to fruition. i hope people will get the experience that i did. >> reporter: in 2017, the wall will are moved to a permanent tampa heights. in tampa, i'm adam weiner for the now tampa bay. i want you to take a look at this. this is what happens when you try to search for the cincinatti zoo assiduitier account. they deleted it altogether. that's the zoo that shot and killed a gorilla to rescue the 3-year-old boy who fell into the enclosure. people have filled the internet with petitions, pictures and posting things to the gorilla and others responding to it
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not amused. and the contact mentions are making it difficult for the zoo family to move forward. well, nathan dodd is a teen who capture the our hearts more than a year ago. he was on our show, right when the now tampa bay started. he has been battling brain cancer for years, all while being a part owner of a company that makes hot sauce. >> we have a really awesome update now on nathan. in just a few hours, year-old will graduate high school. he has been doing an at-home program through wesley chapel high school so he can go to his doctor's appointments. he has had six brain surgeries. through his faith and family and teachers who have come to his home, he's been able to make it this far to graduate. he will give the commencement speech tonight. he has advice for anyone facing tough times like him. >> there's going to be that one
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you don't want to work with because he's mean and doesn't make you have a good day. you just have to move on. one of my favorite songs is by andy grammar. you have to keep your hold up. >> he is such a special kid. after graduation, nathan plans to take business classes at a community college and work on making his heavenly heat hot sauce company really take off. while nathan is still fighting cancer the tumors are getting smaller. all right. shay is taking a look outside right now. shay, i'm surprised i don't see more rain on the radar for this time of day. >> wait until i show you what is going on to the north of tampa bay. >> hooray. >> yeah. it's coming. main sail beach in on anna maria island looking beautiful out there. blue skies and sunshine.
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yourself on the sand. not a lot of storms across hillsborough and pinellas county. but around citrus and hernando county, that's where all of the action has been. thunderstorms up and down the coastline. this has been a northeast to southwest flow. so this is all heading off into the gulf around pine island. hernando beach, it may brush you to the north. but you're likely to see the lightning and hear the thunder from there. you can see in a wider picture that we do have a few showers and storms working through polk county. this has all been coming from the east coast of florida and working its way across to our coast. we will see more across hillsborough and pinellas county in the next couple of hours. no big surprises tonight. we will be dry overnight. but some of the storms could linger as late as midnight. take a look at the heat today. this is what it feels like outside right now. 107 in tampa. 101 in zephyrhills.
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with the exception of our northern counties around citrus and hernando where the heavy rain has been moving through. that helped to cool them down so they're feeling like they're in the 80s right now to about 90 degrees. so the rain certainly helps the comfort factor. if you do have kids that are going to be in outdoor practice this afternoon, there will be some hit or miss showers and storms all the way through to 8:00. again, it will hit or miss. fewer by 8:00 than what we will have around 5:00. check with your coaches or stick around while that there's a quick cancellation or your kids need to get to cover. there will be a considerable amount of storms at times through the next couple of hours. tomorrow, another sunny start to the day. we will have another round of showers and storms in the afternoon. no big surprise there. 91 is the high. i'll help to time that out a bit more in my next forecast. we also will be talking about the possible impacts from this developing storm system out in the atlantic coming up in just a few minutes.
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the reason some businesses are now turning down some cash payments and why it could happen here in the bay area. you're watching the now tampa
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>> this is probably the dirtiest thing i'll touch all day. >> i'm going to borrow it and buy a coke later. it gets a little sweaty, right? cash is still cash, don't you think? not so fast, my friends says one vegas convenience store. check out the sign that they posted at the store. due to rising summer temperatures, we will not be accepting boob or sock money.
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moist bills are subject to denial. we are sorry but it is unsanitary. >> people find money on the street, they find money on the ground. you don't know. casinos. >> people who work here do not want to have those type of nasty germs on their hands. >> dollar, dollar bills. sweat or no sweat, it won't help employees avoid germs. researchers at new york university discovered more than 3,000 types batch of $1 bills. the solution, just wear gloves. i'll give it back to you. >> there you go. >> i'll give it to frank. >> okay. here is something that you don't see every day. i want you to watch closely as someone breaks the glass on the door and sends three crocodiles just meandering in. >> yeah. you see them coming through on the floor there. it's bizarre. this really happened. the people behind the break-in
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from the school in australia. the mouths of the crocodiles were taped shut and they were so malnourishes that they may have to be put down. >> frank just put the dollar in his pocket. the tool that is letting officials to the places where mosquitoes could be breeding. and what you should be doing in your own neighborhood. you're watching the now tampa
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>> you see that thick black smoke we're seeing from the aerial pictures. 35,000 people are without power according to our abc affiliate in that station. you see the fire there we will keep an eye on this one for you. more people paying attention to zika virus. with news today there is a local nontravel related case in pinellas county. meaning that people did not get it from traveling outside of the country. >> the now's nicole grigg shows you how the cell phone has a new way to let officials know where mosquitoes might be breeding. >> reporter: sam coburn lives and works outside every day in
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because we don't know where in pinellas county or how a patient got the zika virus. >> i'm going to start wearing long sleeves again and buy a lot of off. >> reporter: there's a way to let -- that lets sam let the officials know where he sees mosquitoes. it's like the community form next door where you with your neighbors. there is now a section dedicated to report standing water. it's really easy. if you see something, take out your phone and snap a picture. you can even report aneye in al because garbage can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. sam has never heard of the app. >> now i will. >> reporter: people already posting today, requesting that the city come spray their
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headache of calling. for the now, i'm nicole grigg. >> nicole, thank you. the family a man wants answers after he was shot and killed after a north carolina state trooper. daniel harris refused to stop his car and led highway patrol on a chase. he got out and had some kind of encounter with the trooper. his brother who is also deaf thinks that his disabilities led to the co his home. trying to get to the safe place that he knew. >> authorities are now looking at the dash cam video from the incident. they haven't released it to the public yet. police aren't saying right now what happened between harris and that trooper or saying if harris was armed or not. his family is saying he didn't have a weapon. a 16-year-old boy from south florida who was infected by a brain eating amoeba
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survived. this is important because it's usually deadly. it kills 97% of people infected. the children's hospital is very emotional about this case. >> we woke him up and we decided to take the breathing tube out. and within hours, he spoke. >> sorry. >> uh-huh. >> since then, he has done well. we are very optimistic. i saw him this morning. he is ready to go home. >> and that doctor goes on to say the other amoeba cases he has worked onthose did turn out deadly. this time he says with some rehab, this patient will recover. laura. >> and the amoeba is usually found in warm, freshwater. we're talking lakes, rivers, hot springs in your area. it can also be in swimming pools that don't have enough chlorine in them.
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infected when that water goes up your nose when you're swimming and then travels into your brain. so that means that you can't get it from actually drinking the water. want to keep in mind here the cdc says it's very rare to get this infection. they don't even have data to estimate your risk of getting it. consider n the cdc saying hundreds of millions of people go to different swimming venues each year in the united states. and each year the number of infections range from 0 to 8. they don't know why some people gein in the same water. >> laura, the most common waterbornee disease in the u.s. is crypto. we have seen it multiple time in tampa bay at splash pads and public pools. most people get medicine and get better. we want to switch over to meteorologist shay ryan now with an update on the tropics. shay, you are watching it really closely.
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still isn't numbered or named. it's a batch of storm that's are out here in the atlantic, getting a little closer to the lesser antilles. it will take until saturday morning before it reaches this spot near the bahamas. once it gets there, that is when we're really going to see what will happen with this storm. as it heads in that general direction, if it holds together and organizes itself and fires up. then we may ha can create some significant issues for parts of florida. so if that happens, here is where it may make its way on shore into south florida. and that would be early sunday morning. moving across the state, exiting into the gulf by late sunday and into early monday. and then once it gets out into the gulf waters, the projections that the models are making is that it fires up and organizes considerably. and the latest projections have
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somewhere around the alabama to mississippi border. and, again, this is all just a possibility. the model projections prior to this had the storm making its way on shore in florida a little farther north and then hooking back and making its way north into the bend. so there's a lot of variation between the models. the bottom line is that it's headed in the general direction of the always peaks our interest. getting damaging rains across florida between sunday and monday exists at this point but just a possibility. we will continue to monitor this very closely. and we will be updating you from model run to model run. expect over the next couple of days that there will be a lot of variation. one of the variables is that the storm has sped up. we're looking at projections of making its way into florida early sunday.
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have been early mop. expect a lot of changes. as far as the forecast for the best time to take a bike ride tomorrow, i have that for you and i'm pretty certain about it. i will have that in the four- day forecast at 4:00 coming up next. laura. >> thank you, shay. right now mcdonalds is recalling 29 million of these fitness trackers it put in happy meals. mcdonalds realizing they could irritate a child's skin and cause burns in some cases. so far 70 children issues. some even have blisters on their wrist. bring it back to mcdonalds and they will give you a replacement toy. target charging different prices for the same item depending where you get it in the store. what you should look for to make sure that you're not
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>> they want people to know that islam means peace and that
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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the billboard also showed up in chicago and the hope is that it will keep turning up in other cities. coming up on the now tampa bay, even if donald trump doesn't win the election, he may have a backup plan that could help him push his agendas. you're watching the now
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>> a nationwide glitch discovered in target's pricing system is costing you money. >> the investigative team with the now kansas city was contacted by a dad who found the same exact item. it cost more in the baby aisle compared to the pharmacy. here is the full investigation. >> reporter: it's an issue that we were first alert today when a father told us that child's medicine was a dollar cheaper near the pharmacy. to find out how often it's happening i hit the aisle for things like children's tylenol and motrin and we pull the same items near the farm e. the original bar codes on the baby aisle are being placed with sticker bar codes. we head to the checkout counter for a verdict and go outside to compare receipts.
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items, my photographer saved $1.60. his was cheaper than mine. i'm going to find out why. first let's see what moms think about what we found. >> that's crazy. i had no idea at all. >> sometimes i can't even find it in the pharmacy aisle so i go to the baby aisle. >> reporter: when questioning a manager about the mark-ups, even >> a dollar difference. i buy things here. i usually go to the pharmacy part. >> yeah. >> so which one is cheaper. >> the pharmacy. >> that is crazy. >> reporter: when no one at the store could explain the mark- ups, we call target's corporate offices. the spokesperson tells us it is the first they have heard of it. she sent us this statement saying after they looked into it they found an error in the pricing system. they are not sure how long it's
4:47 pm
kids go stuff like that like it's water. >> reporter: target pays us the difference in their own prices. >> okay. so we checked at a local target in tampa. the items we bought were the same price. the motrin in the baby aisle was the same in the pharmacy. same thing for what we looked into for the tylenol. >> good to know it's the same price where we are. more and more people are getting concealed for handguns. as the now's todd walker, that means more people are trying to fly with them too. >> reporter: as the tsa works to improve its performance catching dangerous items going through security, it is finding more and more loaded guns and set a record again. >> 99% of the time, if not even higher, folks forget. >> reporter: there a growing trend in carry-ons. >> it has a cascading effect. it slows the security lines
4:48 pm
inside bags. for the second week in a row they have seized a record number of weapons, including loaded guns at security check points. with last week's record number, more than 1900 have been seized this year alone. 400 more than this time last year. it's not just guns either. knives and throwing stars have been recovered. we have reported for months how the tsa improve screening. >> they're needing to crack down and be more effective at their job. i think it's certainly occurring. but we're also seeing this uptick in people bringing weapons to the airport, which is very alarming. >> reporter: jenkins says the political climate may play into the increase with more people getting concealed carry licenses. >> that could contribute to it as more people have access to
4:49 pm
they place touchdown. >> reporter: so far atlanta's airport holds the record of guns seized at 110. dallas comes in second at 105. i'm todd walker. >> how the seizures are dealt with depends on the state and the officer who finds the weapon. sometimes people are take known custody. other times they are allowed to take it back to his or her car. here in tampa we have seized 51 guns so far this year. that's more than year. shay, keeping a close eye on the skies right now. >> yeah. exactly. we have mixed skies. you can see looking really beautiful. lots of sunshine. a few clouds starting to build though. you can see across tampa bay, a few more storms bubbling up like i said at the top of the hour we're likely to see. the widespread storms are now off shore from hernando and
4:50 pm
19 earlier. they are moving in and out quickly. that was heavy rain. and we have some bubbling up through polk county and hillsborough county. most of the southern counties are on the drier side today. primarily a northeast to southwesterly flow. if you're happening to watch your radar, you will know what direction the showers and storms are moving in for the remainder of tonight if you're going to be out and about. 94 degrees still right now in tampa. it is hot out there. temperatures in the low to mid- 80s where the more widespread rain moved through the northern counties. 95 in arcadia. 94 right now in springs right now. we are pretty dry out there with a few more showers returning right around midnight. most of the area is pretty dry overnight. tomorrow morning with the easterly flow, it is showing that a little rain might develop into highlands county
4:51 pm
right around 8:00, 9:00. most of the storms won't develop across the area until after about noon. most of them after 2:00 in the afternoon. so it's a very similar pattern to what we have seen lately with the east to west flow. if you're heading out for a bike ride, get it in before noon if you can, with the exception of highlands, desoto county. most of the area will be nice and dry through noon. and more showers and storms bubbling up closer to 2:00. over the next four days, we coverage for afternoon storms. dry mornings. temperatures starting off in the upper 70s, ending the days in the low 90s. so the heat and the humidity are sticking with us. you wouldn't expect anything else this time of year. and this time of year, tropics are firing up. denis will have lower and go in depth with you what is happening with the storms out in the tropics and what kind of impacts we may have in our area coming up at 5:00. >> thanks, shay. we're learning that
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$16,000 -- $600, i should say a month for the next two years not to do anything at work. this is all stemming from the hulk hogan case, forcing gawker into bankruptcy. fortune reporting that money is part of a noncompete clause after univision bought the company. they are keeping most employees but not denton. if donald trump doesn't win the election, he may have a backup plan. how we're hearing reports that he wants to start a right wing media outlet. it will be a mix of fox news and brighton news. it would be digital and cable. he may already have what he needs to get the ball rolling for that one. trump is said to be getting media advice from fox's former chairman. he's also hired bright bart
4:53 pm
his campaign ceo. bannon says if clinton inwiths the -- wins the election, that the media rigged the election against us. that's why we need our own channel. by the way, trump will be in tampa tomorrow at the florida state fairgrounds. he is expected to speak at 1:00. doors open at 10:00 a.m. it is open to the public. reserve tickets online. there is a link on our home page in you're interested at trump isn't laying out his planned. he is delaying the speech because his campaign manager says he wants to get a better handle on such a complex issue. we told you yesterday on the now trump is denying that he is soft ening his stance on deporting millions of undocumented immigrants in the u.s. mike sax joins us live from d.c. i want to change with trump changing plans on his speech, rethinking his stance on immigration. tell us what you know.
4:54 pm
think you're going to see a rethink of the plan but more of a reemphasizing of the plhis ca seasoned pollster for republican women. and republican women don't poll well on mass deportations of undocumented immigrants. deporting ose with criminal backgrounds, what the obama administration has been it doesn't mean that the former plan is going to go away, that the idea that everybody here undocumented have to leave first. it still will be a part of the campaign. they're trying to rework how to say it before he formally announce it's. >> hillary clinton addressing some common health concerns among a lot of people. i want to listen to her from jimmy kimmel last night. curious your thoughts on it.
4:55 pm
>> okay. >> make sure that i'm alive. >> there's nothing there. >> there's nothing there. [laughter] >> right. so that obviously is a joke. right. but we saw last year with the health records that she is in good health except for perhaps the concussion she had a few years ago where the doctors have since said she took six months to fully heal. she is now fully healed. we hear people from the trump campaign, rudy giuliani there are effects from clinton's fall and they're trying to keep that up as a campaign issue. really there's nothing there. that is a whisper campaign. it would be great if trump and clinton reupped their health records. trump said he would be the healthiest president ever to serve. but we can see they are the two oldest people to run together at the same time for president in quite some time, if ever.
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thank you. if you watched jennifer lawrence in the hunger games movies, you know her character is the girl on fire. that is pretty much for real life too. she is the hottest actress in hollywood. she made a whopping $46 million this year alone. the second year in a row that she topped forbes highest paid actress list. number twos melissa followed by scarlet johan san with $25 million. somebody else not worried about the next paycheck is bill gates. the world's richest man is still at the top. his net worth is a staggering $90 billion. you're looking at the bloomberg billionaire index. that tracks all of his cash. his net worth now equals half a rct of the entire u.s. gross domestic product. wow. well, the flooding in
4:57 pm
often consider. the animals out there. dozens of shelters across the country are trying to help. >> now finds out how you can help without making a forever commitment. >> come on. >> reporter: carter on track to become one of the 8,000 dogs saved by louis' leg see. it's an organizati created by emily gere in 2009. >> i named it louis who had a big impact on my life. we have grown ever since. >> reporter: it rescues dogs prosecute high kill shelters or disasters. it attempts to place them with appropriate foster homes and then forever homes. fostering is an important step often overlooked. >> it allows us to know what kind of forever home the animal needs. our goal is to make sure they go into an appropriate forever
4:58 pm
destablize them further. we want stability for life. >> reporter: how do you know if you're a good candidate to foster? you should have a passion for follow training instructions. it's the training that gives the animal stability and manners. the process is typically free. dog food and vet bills are covered. the only costs are transportation or the occasional toy. be careful not to get too attached. they fit in perfectly. >> reporter: but it's not always the case. some are better with or without kids. others need larger areas to roam. that's okay. finding your dog a forever home that is not yours allows you to save another dog. and according to the aspca, the need is great no matter where you live. there are nearly 8 million animals placed in shelters every year. for the now, i'm julie dolan. in the bay area, we have a
4:59 pm
for foster families including pet pal animal shelter featured on abc action news. that's it for the now tampa bay. >> it's definitely scary. it was scary before it was even in the local area. >> rightnow at 5:00, state health officials looking into a non-travel-related in pinellas county. a woman shares concerns about the unknown. i'm jamison uhler. >> and i'm y ryan. thanks for joining us. right now in pinellas county, mosquito spraying going on and door to door testing for the virus as health officials confirm a first of its kindarea >> it makes cases contracted here in florida. experts say at this point they
5:00 pm
>> but as jacqueline ingles shows us, concerns are growing in the bay area. have you found out where in pinellas the patient is located? >> reporter: wendy, the health department won't say exactly where it is. and that's because as of right now, we have one single case. and they have no evidence definitively proving that this person was in fact infected right here in pinellas county. still this is very unnerving for those who live e. >> i have definitely gotten bites while >> reporter: seven months along and expecting twins, carley bush of st. pete says she has done everything to protect her unborn children from the zika virus but still has gotten bit by mosquitoes. >> they love me. they're always -- as soon as i come outside, i can see it. my husband is always swatting them away. >> reporter: the bites have not impacted her her son and daughter developing normally. r concern is growing now that the governor has


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