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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  August 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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>> but as jacqueline ingles shows us, concerns are growing in the bay area. have you found out where in pinellas the patient is located? >> reporter: wendy, the health department won't say exactly where it is. and that's because as of right now, we have one single case. and they have no evidence definitively proving that this person was in fact infected right here in pinellas county. still this is very unnerving for those who live e. >> i have definitely gotten bites while >> reporter: seven months along and expecting twins, carley bush of st. pete says she has done everything to protect her unborn children from the zika virus but still has gotten bit by mosquitoes. >> they love me. they're always -- as soon as i come outside, i can see it. my husband is always swatting them away. >> reporter: the bites have not impacted her her son and daughter developing normally. r concern is growing now that the governor has
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the first confirmed non-travel- related zika virus case. >> these mosquitoes are both inside and outside of your house. they don't travel a long distance. >> reporter: it's not clear where, when or how the individual was infected. but we know they have been in multiple bay area counties. >> there's no magic formula determining or predicting when exposure mayo cure. >> reporter: they have no evidence there is local smission, aning they do not believe there are infected mosquitoes in the bay area. their door to door testing two months. >> but we can say that there's not been ongoing transmission person is most frequently at visits. >> reporter: the governor is asking bay area residents to be vigilant about standing water and wearing bug spray. thty is also aggressively spraying for mosquitoes. >> we have beaten so far many diseases and stopped the
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that. we can do the same thing here. >> reporter: the bush family is on board. >> i try to wear long pants. i'm not supposed to use deet mosquito spray. i use the natural stuff. >> reporter: now, the governor keep this in perspective tonight with million calls florida home, we have just 42 confirmed cases of zika virus. live tonight in pinellas county, jacqueline ingles, abc action news. >> thank a new harvard poll showing that the threat of zika is changing people's views on late- term abortions. only 28% believe that women should have access to abortion after 24 weeks. after asked if someone exposed to zika virus should be allowed late term abortion, it rose to 49% proval and here at the digital dashboard, we want to make sure
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we put together this interactive map of every single active case right now. it's linked to the zika story on our website and free mobile app. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> good afternoon, everybody. things are now getting back to normal for the end of august. meaning more of the afternoon and evening thunderstorms. heaviest of which right along the coast from citrus, hernando and pasco county. they are just beginning to anywhere across hillsborough county d downtown a the bay. southwest of ruskin and a few as they all continue to move off to the west. they will eventuallyma it to p we will be tracking at in the evening hours. with isolated to scattered storms. certainly heavy downpours. and they wind down by 10:30, 11:00. opics obviously there is
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not with gaston, not with fiona, but this area in orange. still ona 60% chance of development. so this is by no means a lop. ntee that this is going to but if it does, it appears etty likely that it's coming somewhere near florida by late sunday and into monday. a lot of ibilities exist there. we will get on to th atcoming up in a couple minutes. but this evening, we will be dodging storms into the mid evening. then we're clear by tomorrow morning. an update on that mi >> thank you, denis. 500 jobs coming pasco county. an international company unveiling expansion plans minutes ago. adam waxler shows us who is moving in and who they will be hiring. >> reporter: handshakes all around. first off what is tler? they manufacture x-ray inspecti equipment for the food industry.
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machines check to make sure there are no bones or metal inside. >> it's a simple problem to solve, not that expensive. and it is applied by most food manufacturers today. not all but the swiss based company is moving from a much smaller opation in tampa to a new 250,000 square foot facility to be built on this piece of land in lutz. the $30 million project will be just across the county line. they people. >> they will change lives. they will add to the community. >> there will be sales jobs. there will be welding jobs. assembly jobs. office administrative. management jobs. everything in between. >> reporter: business leaders say metler isn't the only business expanding in pasco. more jobs are coming in the next few months. >> it shows potential investors
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we have a valuable workforce. >> reporter: for those interested working in the new facility, keep your eye fort a new job fair in the next couple of weeks. construction will be finished by fall of next year. eric waxler, abaction news. as we speak, a 60-year-old fighting for hilife after another man beat him for just 5 bucks. james was arguing about the victim on sunday morning. james attacked the 60-year-old arrest documents show the brain bleeding. fractus and when police found james, his clothes were covered in blood. he is now charged with battery. covering polk county, take a look at this woman. she is wanting for passing counterfeit $50 bills at two wal-mart stores in polk county. if you recognize her, call police tonight. you may be lefor a cash reward. and an update to a death investigation we first brought
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us 37-year-old ramos junior was the man they pulled from a pond monday morning. he lived a mile away where somebody found his bobehind a home. police do not suspect foul play. more help coming for people in louisiana. fema opening disaster recovery centers for those ed. some 100,000 people registering r saster aid so far. today president obama getting a firsthand lo at the devastation in baton rouge. he says he is heart broken assured victims their very prio now to the race for the wh itas donald trump prepares to make a stop right here in tampa, he is stressing the need for tougher border security. he will be in texas for a town hall style event to focus on the goal of fortifying the southern border. he was expected to unveil his immigration policy this week but postponed it.
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wn on beliefs. in the meantime democratic candidate hillary clinton still her e-mails. a conservative watch dog group released messages that show that she granted special access and favors during her time in the state depament. experts say the e-mails don't prove she did any special favors for top donors. on jimmy kimmel, clinton insisted her e-mails are boring and don't reveal anything. right now we're waiting for word on whether anyone will face char fire in chicago that killed four people, including three young sisters. you can see that fire was so intense it actually scorched a hole through an apartment building's roof there. it took some 250 firefighters to put out the flames. challeng fire stroyed most of the building stairwells preventing crews from attacking the fire from inside the building. a person of interest getting questioned right now. officials believe someone set
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argument. a life-saving medication sky rocket in price. the alternative to the epipen that can ask your doctor about that can save you hard earned money. movie trucks in the shadows of tropicana field. why a new proposal won't have the team moving far. and before we go to break, we have breaking news. an update on this fire at a florida power substation. no one hurt here but the fire has 10,000 people. thatumber actually down from about 35,000 customers earlier this afternoon. an explosion sparked the fire. because of all of the smoke, traffic was redirected off of a busy runway.
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>> new information tonight in an attempted abduction out of citrus county. this man, craig bonello will not be charged. a judge ruled that he is incompetent to stand trial. you may remember this terrifying video. it shows him grabbing a 13-year- old girl at a dollar general store and trying to kidnap her. you see her mom trying to hold on to her daughter. he will be commit today a mental health facility by court order. tonight new details about
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>> that's right. let's bring in paul lagrone. the latest plan to keep them in st. pete comes with questions. >> the mayor put out this tweet on twitter last night saying preliminary ideas from the architects. the master planning continues. tonight we have brand-new details of what exactly that master plan is. >> he shoots one deep center field. >> reporter: trying to predict the future of tropicana field is kind of li rays next winning season. you know it will happen. you just don't know when. is pa fabric of the community. >> reporter: st. pete councilman kennedy knows a lot about baseball. >> i learned baseball from my father and from his friends and growing up in new jersey and going to yankee stadium. >> reporter: these days he is fighting to keep his new hometown team. >> it is the best pitch that we have. >> reporter: that pitch is to
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land surrounding the trop, land the city already owns. world renowned architect firm hks which built the new dallas cowboys stadium designed the project. >> it has the infrastructure available with the -- with the interstate. we're going to have bus rapid transit in a year or two that will connect downtown and the beaches. >> reporter: the new plan reportedly calls for redeveloping the land around the field and major surgery to the 175 connector. tonight the city tells me whether the rays stay or go, they will redevelop this land. >> the city has this 88 acres that is a -- a diamond in the rough. >> reporter: the fans downtown are on board. >> keep it in st. pete. >> i think it's good for the town of st. pete. >> reporter: now it's up to the rays. >> what concerns me is the rays' terminology of a perfect pitch. if you go to a ball game
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between. >> tonight the st. pete mayor's office tells me that they will pitch this plan to the tampa bay rays after the season. jamison. >> thank you, paul. a consumer alert you need to hear about if you recently took your family to mcdonalds. 29million of these fitness bands, they usually go out in happy meals are under recall because they might leave burn marks on children. we told you about them last week when the fast food chain stopped meals. several families say skin irritated, blistered or burned when the bands were put on. if you have one, bring it back for a replacement toy or a free snack. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action wther. >> we know there's some things going on in the tropics. >> yeah. >> how it looking for tonight? rain. >> scattered storms. back to normal. no changes there. it will probably be early next week before anybody in florida
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miami, outside chance on sunday. a lot of things could go into play before we get to that point. we will talk about that in a second. as we mentioned still plenty of scattered showers continuing to pop up across the area. so it's back to normal for august, meaning maybe 60% of the area not a drop of rain. the other 40% could pick up heavy thunderstorms as we're seeing now in polk, pasco and hillsborough county. anything developing is moving toward the coast. so that too is back to normal. temperatures right now, above normal here. low to mid-90s. 95 in bartow. 93 in tampa. you throw in the humidity and then all of a sudden the feels like temperatures are over 100. in fact 109 the feels like temperature at the airport in tampa. that's flirting with heat advisory material. but, again, because it isn't widespread, you won't see any surprise res. this is something that we will be dealing with for a couple of days before we start looking at moisture coming in from the south. and whether or not that's tropical moisture, that could
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early next week. still too early to tell. it's obviously something a lot upper 80s to mid-90s across the area. we're feeling tropical as we have the feels like temperatures well over 100 degrees. we have gone back to the northeast to west flow or east to west flow, which is pretty typical for summer weather in the bay area. it means the mornings are sunny. this will continue the next couple of days. whatever you ha planned outdoors the fit half, before 2:00, 3:00, no problems at all. by 3:00 or 4:00, you will hear thunder rumbling. between 5:00 d 8:00, the storms come through. same thing tomorrow morning. wake up to sunny skies. no worries about any rain at all. and then by about 3:00, 4:00, all of a sudden we get a few more storms. we're not talking widespread activity. far from it. still more we had earlier on in
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well where you don't have to worry about that mid morning ow that doesn't happen with this kind of a flow. it's almost always after 3:00 or 4:00. in terms of overall rainfall out of this, well, at least for short term it will be a typical summer-type forecast. right? then all of a sudden by monday -- remember, this is the european model. this is the most bullish in terms of what is going on in the tropics. developing, well, a hurricane and bringing it down now, latest runs keep it down to our south. ns keep it down miami to maple. we will get into that in a second. forecast highs for tomorrow right back in the low to mid- 90s. another hot and muggy day. a lot of folks are saying, denis, when is fall weather going to arrive? even a taste of it? normally we don't get a taste until october and it's november before it sticks around. this is a little unusual. typically we should end up at
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and with good reason. area of low pressure trying to develop. but if you look at is, doyou say thislike a well- organized system? no, it doesn't. is ragged and n organized. the hurricane center saying ping. s only a 60% chance of it in other words, there is 40% chance it doesn't develop. e eris that. the track is key here, folks. if the center, wherever that center forms, and that is the key here. we don't there is no center to track it. if the track stays north of these islands here, i k this turns into a hurricane, potentially impacting southern florida sunday or monday. but if it goes over the islands, it could literally fizzle out before ever actually becomes an organized system. now recon flew in, could not find a center. they will fly in again tomorrow as needed.
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here are the spaghetti models. we're in agreement whatever this is will come in this general area. it depends if it goes er the islands or doesn't. we're 24 to 36 hours before knowing that. outside of that, things should begin to become quite a bit clearer to help you make your plans by later on thursday and into friday. all right a look at the 7-day forecast. no cause for us. highs in the obviously if this poses a threat to us by monday or tuesday, at that point we will bump up the rain chances by then. >> thankyou, denis. still ahead, you probablymu leads to health problems. tonight the strict limits how much sugar children should eat and three ways to cut sugar from your own diet. >> reporter: bringing busiss back to south st. pete. the new efforts tohelp minorities get small businesses
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>> a major health group saying that kids need to less way less sugar to be healthy adults. new guidelines say children between 2 and 18 shouldn't eat any more than six teaspoons of added sugar a day. that's only about it is increased to obesity and a chance to develop diabetes. switch to vegetables and nuts for snacks. make your own salad dressings at home. the ones at stores are high in sugar. and remove temptation, don't keep sweets in the house. easier said than done. >> absolutely. many people call this texas teacher's homework policy
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that homework does not make kids do better at school. they're asking families to eat and read togeth which can help students do their best. however, if kids don't finish their ass work at school, they do need complete it at home. let me know what you think about her rules. i shared the letter for you on facebook. go to wendy ryan. still ahead, an infection one florida teenmanaged the survive against all odds. the stroke of luck giving him a life-saving cure. it's infuriating because they have all the power. what one woman had topay to keep herself safe and what you need to ask your doctor to
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>> breaking developments on the zika virus tonight. the first nontravel reted case popping up in pinellas county. we are working to find out which exact neighborhood and the new weapon to battle mosquitoes in the bay area. as we monitor that developing situation, there's news tonight life-saving allergy medicine. i'm paul lagrone. >> and i'm laura harris. sometimes the death in an allergy attack is a reh for some. ting that out of >> ashley yore tonight finding out how a simple question can save you money. >> reporter: these signs are posted in amber's sixth grade classroom, warning of her severe milk allergy. and this -- >> i care it with me all the time. >> reporter: this nevers leaves her.
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now it comes with sticker shock. >> i have health insurance. my copay is $290. i have to have the epipens. >> they increased the price from a little over $100 to about $700. >> reporter: the the epipen is off the market, hence the price hike. you can ur doctor for a third option that can cost less. >> you have to get physician to write a prescription for the adrena click. the technology is different. >> reporter: if you pay the premium for an epipen, make sure it lasts so check the expiration date on the box. >> it has an expiration between one to one and a half years if it's completely enclosed and in a weather-controlled environment. here in florida the danger is a lot of people keep it in their car. >> reporter: make sure that the


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