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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  August 25, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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humidity will make it feel like it's in the mid-08s already. 12-hour storm in the gulf and that's what we'll get today. it will fire each of us. we had the storms already around noontime here, so i'm thinking the same things we continue with futurecast and of course we'll check in on the tropics hurricane hunter aircraft just arriving so we should have good info coming up. we're starting off the morning in great shape. if you are heading out the door right now, nothing to slow you down. we're watching the bridges right now. this is the tampa side of the courtney campbell cause way and the lanes wide open. let's see exactly how long it's taking. starting off with the courtney campbell. six minutes to get across the howard frankland.
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through downtown tampa looking great there as well, five minutes to get back and forth between downtown and the howard frankland bridge. this morning, the death toll in yesterday's devastating earthquake in central italy continues to rise. 247 are now confirmed dead. search teams are continuing to comb through debris and looking for the missing. the 6.2 magnitude quake and hundreds of after-shocks left three towns in ruins. crews fear more buildings could there are stories of survival. yesterday, rescuers pulled an 8-year-old girl out of the rubble, her body covered in dust. authorities are hoping for more miracles. many fear that many of the missing are dead. a man accused of pointing his gun at a deputy is set to appear in court today. the deputy fired a shot at javier williams during yesterday's confrontation in st. peters. he tried escaping from deputies from his father's house.
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for several weeks. he has a violent criminal history, wanted for armed robbery, kidnapping, and drug offenses. now he's been charged with aggravated assault on an officer and having a gun as a felon. the weapon was stolen during a burglary. deputies arrested his father earl austin for hiding a fugitive. usf needs your help right now. they are looking for this guy right here. they want to talk to this man about a possible flasher on campus. lindsay, what do we know about this person of interest police are looking for? >> reporter: deiah, good morning. we know he was on campus around the same time near the same place. police want to item to him. they got this video from one of
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seeing a man exposing his privates. he's being called a person of interest right now. people reported seeing a man rubbing naked through a parking garage last week. the cases could be connected to a case from last fall. if you have any information, if you can identify the person in the photos, campus police want to hear from you. live at usf, i'm lindsay logue, abc action news. 5:33 now. are investigating after two men found a body in a ditch. the 911 call came in around 7:00. the men were walking along east avenue when they came across the body. this morning, they are trying now to figure out how long the body was there and the cause of death. if you live within the city limits of tampa and loud noise keeps you awake at night, get ready to rest easier. the city is about to set limits on how loud it can be. this morning, the city council is set to pass an ordinance
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than city traffic at night in ybor city and downtown. outside, it would be 60 decibels, about the level of background music. violators would face a $60 fine for a first offense. and possible changes to music festivals after two people died and 57 others were hospitalized at the sunset music festival in may. officials want to make sure that incidents like this one don't happen again. rodney dunningan will have more on this coming up in democracy 2016, a nonprofit group wants the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks to be a day of remembrance and public service not a day of mudslinging. the group is asking donald trump and hillary clinton not to run ads. both candidates agreed to a similar request four years ago. trump is receiving help
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association. it will run political ads supporting trump starting september 5th. most will run in the battleground states. meanwhile, democrats are leasing more office space in florida. the: campaign opens eight new offices today. democrats hope the offices will make it easier to win in minds as we learn about new travel cases. one person in pinellas county contracted zika from some kind of in-state transmission. this morning, we're hearing from a woman who claims she's one of the 43 people. she did not want to reveal her identity and didn't realize she was even at risk. >> i mean, i was sitting on my patio and had two bites on my arm. who's to think that the worst
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going to happen to me? >> the woman says the health department has called her several times a day trying to get more information about where she had been and when. she believes she was infected around her home in east lake worth. the symptoms started out with a common fever and rash and escalated to the point where she had to be hospitalized. the east lake fire control district in terrapin springs is holding meetings to work on plans to improve the department. it offers a chance to offer feedback on the current ex identifying any weaknesses in the program. meetings start tonight and will also be held saturday and monday in the training room at station 57 on tarpon lake boulevard. police want to keep you in the loop about what's happening on bay area roads. this morning at the city council meeting, they will talk about two big issues that have come up frequently. they will show the report of all of the citations and arrests they made for
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about police body cameras. we'll let you know what happens. authorities in winter haven want to know how they can improve the community. law enforcement agencies are inviting to you share your concerns and ideas. if you go, you can find out about jobs available in law enforcement. the forum is from 6:00 until 8:00 at the winter haven recreational and cultural center. we're expecting to get a first look at the multi-million james stadium. there will be changes including the new hd video boards in each end zone giving fans a much better view of the game. they also have the premium seating section and added new items to the menus. this is all part of the multi- -phase men ration project, $140 million worth. you can see the upgrades in person tomorrow at 8:00 when the bucs play the cleveland browns. it is a big day for new students at the university of tampa.
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rooms today. check in at the 11 residence halls that start at 9:00 and will continue all day long. returning students start arriving tomorrow. classes for the fall semester start on monday. all right. speaking of classes, let's check in with the bus stop forecast. by the afternoon, woo el have the late day showers and storms. we're looking at rain chances at about 40%. so we'll we'll talk more about futurecast when the storms arrive and of course a tropic ale wave in the atlantic with hurricane hunters now arriving at that wave. we'll have more info coming up. also coming up, anger isn't letting up over skyrocketing epi pen prices. this morning, we're learning right before the price hikes sped up.
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looking to get his reputation
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shear an update of your morning commute. it's the courtney cause way. janelle will have a complete look at your morning commute coming up in a moment. this morning, a bettered in of what was going on when
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price of it dramatically. it had already been increasing the price but the price hikes picked up in 2012 after settling a lawsuit that agreed to allow a generic version in 2014. you can imagine that could seriously cut into profits. one lawmaker is urging an investigation into myelin's business practices. the federal trade commission is looking into whether the company used aggressive tactics to stop sweat itive products from entering the market. pictures were taken as they visited tanya couch at the honky-tonk. she says this was her server and she took the picture to prove that the mother of ethan
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several people in a wreck. tanya is awaiting her charges and meantime says she had to find work somewhere. >> i asked her why a bar with everything they had gone through. >> reporter: what did she say? >> nobody else would hire her because of what she did. >> the bar's owner says everyone deserves a second chance. >> she's grateful to find lawful employment and not assistance. >> we're looking good out there. dry and no issues this morning. we'll continue to see plenty of sunshine through the early part of the day. the thunderstorms begin to build as they have been doing so. the farther south you go, the more moisture you get. very limited in the form of showers and storms, but we're in the moisture side of it so we're going to continue to see forms fires as the breeze comes
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it will push everything towards the coast. by the time you get into the afternoon and evening hours, the thunderstorms end up in the gulf. no big changes now in future cast. this will fin in a little more than what this particular run is showing here. the tropical wave per-hour winds, we don't have the flight yet for tropical storm hermine. they are collecting the data on top. this crew leaving mcdill early this morning. we'll see what they find, if anything, as far as the closed low. that would help computer models get better organized because it
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the period. with this particular feature, because it's so disorganized, you look into tampa heading into early next week. will that happen? just not sure right now. the american model is something in between. i'm thinking plenty of tropical moisture beginning sunday into monday. so we'll prepare for good rains coming up. as far as what the wind will be, that will be determined this weekend as that wave storm heads into the bahamas. this is the window for intensification. waters are warm, wind shear is lower than we have now. if it gets its act together, we may be under wind here. keep checking back as this is one of the tricky forecasts with the storm that has yet to develop. we'll warm up to 92. we've gotten rid of the mid and upper 90s thankfully with the
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will continue. it is thursday almost friday. janelle? >> this is right at mlk and tampa streets. trying to get into the interstate you might run into a slowdown here. i'm seeing slowdowns westbound. be aware of that, maybe leave yourself a few minutes. opening up our cameras and taking a look outside, this is what it looks like on 275 through st. pete. this is right at gandy boulevard. you can see more cars starting to hitted roads this morning. still no crashes or breakdowns. you are looking great all the way to the howard frankland. a quick check of your drive
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you 21 minutes to get into downtown tampa. dan? the father of a teenager accused in a triple stabbing says his son's organs are failing. >> austin is accused of killing a couple and trying to bite off one victim's face. he may have ingested chemicals the night he attacked michelle and john stevens in their garage. investigators say he killed them and stabbed one of their neighbors who tried to intervene. deputies pulled him off hospital. the palm beach post is reporting doctors believe he drank a toxic, poisonous substance at some point. the father said the liver is malfunctioning and has fluid in his lungs and esophagus is bleeding. last year, seth ladder was banned from all soccer activities for giving his one- time successor $2 million.
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justices will decide whether the ban for ethics violations is appropriate. last year, the justice department indicted 30 former fifa executives and associates for corruption. more fallout over the way some u.s. olympians handled themselves. hope solo was suspend for behavior "counter to the organization's principles." she called the swedish team "a bunch of cowards" after the u.s. lost to them quarterfinals. sweden won on penalty kicks. ryan lochte is trying to make a comeback after his rio controversy. espn and usa today are reporting that lochte will be on the next season of ""dancing with the stars"." we told you on monday he lost all of his endorsement deals after what he described as an armed robbery inee row. he later admitted he exaggerated the claim. "dancing with the stars" will officially unveil the cast on
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i pledge allegiance to the flag -- >> outrage over the pledge of allegiance. the letter one florida school district sent to parents, leaving them upset at the start of the school year. >> and breaking news in italy. our first information coming in about the 247 victims killed in the earthquake there. what officials just found out as they account for everybody
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breaking news. an update out of italy. we're laurening the nationalities of those killed in the 6.2 earthquake in italy. they were not all italian. at least one spaniard was killed. we know several thousand romanians live in central italy where this is video showing rescue workers helping an injured survivor as they pulled him out of a collapsed building. you can see that person wearing a neck brace as they are put into an ambulance. looking at 79 in tampa. warm and muggy out there, no question. you expect that in august. also the thunderstorms are what we expect. that is coming for later this
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from northeast to southwest. that will prevail again today, which means the storms get going along 95 with a continuous push and migrate along the west. we'll see the storms firing and otherwise temps in the 08s and back -- in the 08s with the heat index approaching the upper 90s to near 100 this afternoon. in the tallahassee area, parents are outraged after the school district gave parents forms for of the pledge of allegiance. it says it put the form in its handbook in exchange for florida law changes. it allows kids to stay silent during the pledge. a firestorm erupted after a parent posted the form saying he is ashamed. another parent called it disrespectful and disgusting. one parent gave the district kudos for providing the option. the district has now removed
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if you are planning to visit washington d.c. soon, you may not be able to visit one of the most famous tourist attractions. the washington monument will be closed through at least mid- september. crews need to conduct a thorough inspection of its elevator after a cable broke a week ago. park officials say it needs a full renovation. the monument will be closed up to nine months to complete the renovations. no word on when they will begin. all new video into the newsroom showing damage is from tornadoes into the midwest as cell phones capture the moment a business collapses. plus, victims of the pulse nightclub shooting now have one less thing to worry about. the generous decision by the hospitals and the new step forward in the investigation. >> good morning, everybody. traffic flowing nicely right here at i-275 right through downtown tampa. you are looking at just five minutes to get from here down
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 now at 6:00, just into the newsroom, we're learning the nationalities of the 247 victims killed in the deadly earthquake in italy. not all were italian. plus, actions from the city of music festival that turned deadly and the strain they say it's putting on the city. first, we begin with new video showing the moment a tornado wipes out a starbuck's in indiana. >> it is breathtaking. you can see the building flattened when you keep watching the video here. nobody was hurt at the business. it is one of material buildings damaged after as many as eight tornadoes swept through. look at one of the funnels
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dozen were hurt including a 5 month.the injuries were not serious because people listened to warnings and took shelter. mike pence is now back home to lead recovery efforts there. here in the bay area, ivan is tracking a tropical system that might impact the weekend plans. >> we'll talk more about it as the hurricane is flying over the area. the fact that we didn't have this is not a forecasted event. we have marginal risks of severe weather and what we ended up with is a bona fide tornado outbreak, the likes of what you see in march, april, may, and june. august is very unusual for this to happen. 165 mile-per-hour winds.
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equivalent there. you can imagine the devastation up to the north. much quieter for them today, by the way. northeast threats bringing showers and storms. nothing unusual here. late day storms will fire and continue to move off to the gulf and we'll repeat heading off to tomorrow. mid and yip 70s and 86 by 10:00. we warm things up quickly between 1:00 and 4:00 with showers and storms. we'll talk more about futurecast. we should be getting late- breaking information about tropic ale wave. the hurricane hunters left at mcdill, janelle, and they are flying in there and hopefully get more info if that so we can get a better forecast flying into early northeast week. we're keeping an eye on the roads right now. we have a situation happening in polk county. this is i-4 eastbound at county line road. you can see law enforcement vehicles on site here. they are on the shoulder, so not causing any road blocks. not sure what's happening here.


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