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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  August 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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of circulation surrounded by storms, you don't have a tropical system. over the next day or two, it's a possibility. the closer we get to this, the less likely this will be an issue for southeast florida and only a limited issue for us. even with futurecast right through saturday afternoon at 5:00, you don't see much of a closed low. now, once and if it goes into the gulf of mexico, then that's another story entirely. and we will take a closer look at that in a couple minutes. >> thank you, denis. we will check back with you. breaking news right now at 5:00. a firefighter injured while battling a mobile home fire in hernando county. action air 1 live over the scene right now. the firefighter is being treated at dade city hospital. learnedmeago that the firefighter suffered a heat stro but he is sponsive and in stable condition. that's good news. we do know that area limited on fire hydrants so crews are using tankers for water supply. you can see the are several
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more details as soon as we get them. chilot investigator under arrest and out of a job in pasco county. it came after she falsified drug test results on a case she was working. >> tonight we're finding out why she says she did it and the dangerous outcome involving a newborn. eric waxler joins us live with what happened over there. eric. >> reporter: yeah, wendy. investigation unit or cpi as it is known has turnover rates he at the pasco sheriffs. we're talking about people who deal with children in the worst possible circumstances, including abuse. well, one of those investigators, this woman, christine mcrobbie, broke the law just to finish one of these cases. >> you don't know if you can trust anything that she said. >> reporter: in april mcrobbie was assigned the case of a family of a husband and wife accused of abusing drugs.
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falsified documents and said they were clean. after the parents tested positive in hillsborough county, the lies were exposed. her reason for doing it, she just wanted to close the case quickly and move on to the next one. >> we don't rush on cases. they're thoroughly done. especially when it comes to a child, you do everything in your power to protect those children. >> reporter: as it turns out the mother gave birth days ago and the infant is also addicted to hydrocodone. the father admitted when he should have been tested in pasco, he was using >> when we got that, that broke our hearts. it even showed more that something was going wrong the. >> reporter: pasco cpi unity like many around the staff is understaffed and overworked. but that's no excuse to break the law. >> the one time that you lie about an incident, the one time that you try to skate and push soinmethg through is the time that there will be a chi extremely at risk and we have failed them. >> reporr:ow the sheriff's office is looking back at all
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handled in her time to see if there were any others mishandled. we are told that all of the children involved in this case are still with their parents. eric waxler, abc action news. >> thank you, eric. this hillsborough county dad right there in il in pinellas county tonight. douglas fountain accused of driving under the influence with his infant in the car. he is facing numerous other charges including child abuse and possession of crystal meth. he was found at a in largo. his 5 month old was in a car seat in the pager seat. the child is now in the care of child protection vestigators. two attorneys in the so- called shock jock case are permanently disbarred. adam filthaut and roberts will no longer be able to practice. they were found guilty of
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love sponge. the court permanently disbarred the other attorney earlier this year. a pasco county high school student in trouble after tweeting this picture. it shows a gun with a backpack with the words, quote, if e person makes fun of how i talk again. that student goes to sun lake high school and has been suspended for ten days. the te claims he was just joking. but beginning october 1st, a new state logos into effect where unintended could lead to criminal charges. a crash killed two people in pasco county this morning. it happened in dade city. florida highway patrol tells us that a car and a tanker truck collided. right now investigators are investigating the cause of the crash. they ever not released the names of those involved. an update now at 5:00. the man wanted for questioning for the death of ababy is now
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baby. the baby died from multiple skull fractures. neary is now in jail without bond on murder charges. two people died at last year's concert at raymond james and dozens more were rushed to area hospital. the festival is ten months away but city leaders are working on how to provide security and medical care for the 50,000 people who come here and for the residents nearby. nearly 60 people were taken the hospital in may and two died. firefighters say service to homes in west tampa was negatively impacted during that festival. >> we were able to manage that though by moving some units around. and this year we are planning on a higher level of staff. >> the goal there is not to tie up on duty units.
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for the extra paramedics. flight delays in effect after a ground stop at two busy south florida airports after radar issues. a spokeswoman says the problem was the apchproa control. faa technicians are fixing the problem and normal air service is sloy being . the have been reports of delays causing issues for passengers. indiana governor and vice presidential candidate mike pence touring the damage in his state today. we showed starbucks yesterday at 5:00. eight tornadoes tohedown yesterday. one an ef-3. a woman from lakeland was visiting the area at the time. >> it is a blessing that somebody was tching over because the house is standing street and wonder why did they deserve it. >> hundreds of people are without homes and in shelters
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tornado. aftershocks are making it difficult for rescuers as to re 250 people have been killed and more than 300 are still in the hospital in italy. all new at 5:00, a st. pete woman arrested for battery on a them. police saying that jessica gilbert called asking to speak to an officer about, quote, pedophile problems. she wanted to report that she molested a child a week ago. that's when she punched the officer in the. she is now in jail on a $5,000 bond. a south florida man in jail after police say he posted child rn pics to twitter. they found 50 images on his computer. a police report saying that he admitted to having the pictures, saying he found them on twitter by searching buzz words. a man shot and killed by
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was suicidal. he was found in his backyard, armed with a shotgun. deputies saying that he refused to put it down and that's when shots were fired. right now the florida department of law enforcement is investigating. deputy richard ny on administrative leave until the investigation is complete. a 15-year-old facing charges tonight after being accused of stealing a car with a baby in the back seat. the mother walked inside a 7- eleven to grab a slurpee. the teen took the car and baby on a the car was founabandoned and the baby still thcar seat. police believe the teen was part of a four-person teen and more arrests are coming. more than 60 heroin overdoses in cincinatti and officials beli could be connected to to a drug used in elephant tranquilizer. 2-millimeters of it can put a 2,000 pound elephant to sleep.
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combination is resistant to the overdose medication. >> it takes something 100 times more powerful than that being mixed in. it's extremely dangerous. >> people want to die who are is >>wopeople have been arrested in connection with these overdoses. but police believe there's more than one dealer, one of whom is giving it away bore free. some call it a privacy nightmare. a plane flying over the streets capturing your every move. why one group wants it out of their city right now. >> reporter: a disturbing case of child negctnside of this plant city home. could it have been stopped earlier? and important information everyone needs to know to keep children in their community safe. and fire the canons. the football season is about to get underway and ray jay is getting new additions.
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>> welcome back. ildren are living in terrible o conditions.
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charges for selling drugs and child neglect. >> it's an awful story. the police report describing a home infested with drugs filled with empty beer bottles, junk and a bathroom littered with used toilet paper. clifton french explains really is up to neighbors, family and friends to stop the abuse. >> you can tell just the way it looks outside. and you know, the broken window. it looks like they don't take good care of the place. >> reporter: a broken beer bottles, beer cans, and children's toys. all xed in with this trailer overgrown by weeds and grass. >> that's dangerous for the kids. >> reporter: like all of the other neighbors here, anna rodriguez watched what happened on this property. police arrested two adults suspected of dealing drugs. tonight the police report for juan and alicia goes into deeper detail about child neglect. bugs on every surface, rotting food, beer bottles on the
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bathroom floors littered with used toilet paper. >> did that surprise you? >> not really. >> reporr: anna ver saw any abuse, so she never called poli or the department of children and families. as it turns out though, tips of abuse and neglect are the main way investigators get involved. >> if calls not made, then wedon't know. >> reporr: ctain james bradford is part of the child protective investigaon division. this they get cases every year. a tip landed these two tampa in their five kids hadn't been in school for up to three years. >> what do you say to someone who says it's not my family, it's not my siness. >> if they don't call, who will? >> reporter: the hope now, more people simply pick up the phone. in plant city, clifton french, abc action news. >> if you suspect abuse or
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all calls are anonymous. we have the number on a drug maker behind the allergy shot says it will make it more comfortable. it created a fire storm when it raised the price of the epipens from $100 to $600 over several years. mylan will provide instant savings cards worth $300 to patien who face high out of pocket costs. the company will expand the group of people eligible for financial assistance. the bucs are gearing up to preseason game at raymond james stadium. today we got a look at the new video boards in each end zone and an updated sound system that will let you hear the action throughout the station. the team and the stadium are ready for kickoff tomorrow night. >> it's all coming together. the entire cg oachafha been preparing in the off season. we're ready to give the best
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>> there are now 18 replay cameras in the stadium compared to six last year. the bucs and the browns take the field at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night. tickets are still available. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> the question is that is going on in the tropics, how is the weather going tolook tomorrow night at ray jay. >> it's going to be great. even the weekend will be fine. the weekend will be fine. if we have to worry about anything. and that's a it will probably be next tuesday. >> okay. good news. >> we have time to keep our eyes on it. we will talk about that. scattered storms across the area right now. the main sail is pointing in that right direction from anna maria island, you can see the dark clouds out there. there they a moving away from a couple of isolated showers and storms this afternoon and this evening.
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and i think tomorrow coverage will be slight too. only 20 to 30% of the ea picks up the opportunity for an isolated storm. look at the heat. it is still cranking out there. the end of august and we're talking about temperatures in the mid to upper 90s. 94 in tampa. 93 lakeland. 93 in n. we're at the high for the day so far. 93 clearwater. a little cooler with sthatea breeze in st. pete. 87 degrees and sunny skies. so there's the satellite picture. we haven't seen any changes at all over the last few days. east to west flow. dry morning. storms begin to pop up in the afternoon. really the only thing that changes, it isn't the timing but how much moisture we have to work with. each day it varies. today obviously a little than we had yesterday. and i think the same thing tomorrow. until the coverage begins to increase a bit this weekend. now, not washout material.
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or anything outdoors this weekend, i thi you wl have a little better chance of the storms. that will not be the case tonight as mostly clear conditions all night long. friday, waking up 8:00, pa mrto if you're going to do tailgating before the game tomorrow, there's an outside chance of an isolated shower around downtown. and that will continue up until kickoff for that matter. later on tomorrow evening, things begin to wind down. saturday looks just as good too. coming in from the caribbean, it's later on in the period. you can even see on saturday, we have moisture out there. while it won't change the timing of anything, the coverage will be higher in rainfall and rain chances on saturday and sunday. now, next monday, then things begin to change. this is something that we put on here. these are just the tracks. you have the european forecast track, the u.s. model. this isn't technically the forecast.
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plots. there doare zens of them. these are the big ones. through sunday, you notice similar now. these models are in general agreement neither one developed this storm particularly that strong. then they go into the gulf. the euro still comes up the west coast of florida as a weaker system. i'm going to throw this out there. in my opinion even though the models are not showing it, you get either of these models, you get that storm if it's still together, which is a big if, but if it is and it is out in th water temperature where it is, that thing cou blow up. it would not have an impact for us but the northern gulf coast would have to watch that. the euro and the gsf keeps it to the west coast of florida as a weak system. now, rain, yeah. there will be rain with it. even as a weak system. i'm not ready to say incredibly high rainfall totals. but if it gets stronger as it moves away, some of the bands could increase rainfall pretty
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for the time being, this is a ragged system but it is getting closer to the area that we have been talking about from the beginning right near the bahamas. there could be additional development. i would anticipate there would most of it would likely not be until the early part of next week, once and if it gets into the gulf. here is a look at the most accurate 7-day forecast. rain chances a bit below normal tomorrow. back up to where we should be saturday. by sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday, depending on what is popping in the tropics, rain significantly. >> thank you, denis. a plane capturing your every move. it's alarming one people in one city but another group says it is helping them. a somber good-bye for three milita veterans in sarasota. the reason that a group of deputies took the time to say good-bye. >> reporter: seassaults on the massage table.
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>> reporter: new at 6:00, the i-testimony uncovers why the state let's massage therapists stay on the job, even after
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>> police in baltimore insist it's not a secret but some residents are calling their bluff. it's all over a child program involving a manned enforcement after flying over the city. police say they are using it as a tool to fight crime. some people say it's a privacy issue. police say they have already used the technology to obtain a search warrant in a shooting. but the aclu is asking for cease and desist. three army veterans laid to rest today at the sarasota national cemetery. one served in vietnam. the deputies went to the burial
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attendance. their service to the county will never be forgotten. spraying pesticides, one way to fight zika. but the pesticide may be hazardous. we will tell you why right after the break. >> reporter: some relief for the victims of the pulse nightclub massacre. how the generosity will help the injured. >> reporter: homeowners in flood prone st. pete could soon be saving on fl closed captioning is brought to you by lakeland
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>> live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> right now at 5:30, a big
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in pasco county. she falsified reports involving a baby born addicted to drugs. people all over south florida preparing for the worst as forecasters keep a close eye on what could become a tropical storm. chief meteorologist denis phillips weighing in right now. denis. >> yeah. i think what is going to happen is it will take a while for this to get organized. once it does, it probably won't be around south florida. it could easily be more to the west. now, this is you notice that was an 80% likelihood development and now it has gone down to 70%. there's plenty of good reasons there. it looks pathetic. you look at this, there's your low ceer you don't have any thunderstorms around it. you don't have anything wrapping around. and it'sgoing tobeovg off to the west pretty quickly at about 20 miles per hour. now, there's still a window of opportunity in this general area that there could be
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florida has anything to worry about. it would be shocking but not unprecedented. it has happened before with systems because the water here just about as warm as anyplace on earth. because of that, there is a possibility that there could be development there. but in my opinion, it's when it gets out in the gulf of mexico. now, if it moves up on the west side toward our neck of the woods, it would be weaker because it's close to land. if it makes it out west of florida and into waters of the gulf, then it's a whole other ball game. we will talk about that coming up. good news for the surviving victims of the pulse nightclub shooting. >> the hospitals where the victims are being treated are giving them a break. >> reporter: two months have passed. but for jose garcia, the images. >> i think about it every day. >> reporter: a raw. the reminders everywhere. >> you expect to hear the


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