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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  August 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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a young girl bruised in her kindergarten classroom. all-new at 11, this 5-year-old child claims that her substitute teacher did it. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm wendy ryan. >> i'm jameson maricela is live for us. this girl's parents want justice. >> reporter: the little girl attends the kindergarten learning center. >> reporter: >> mommy uh-uh wouldn't believe what the teacher did to me. >> reporter: this mother took
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her daughter claimed her sub did that. >> she said he grabbed my neck and choked me. >> reporter: mom and dad immediately called the s berks ring police department and they confirmed they're looking into the little girl's statement. the girl claims the substitute teach waryz upset at another student. >> as a grown person if i put my hands around somebody's neck, i'm going to jail in a minute. >> reporter: dad does not believe his child would make >> for her to stay sai a story like that to me is shocking. >> reporter: the florida department of children and families are is investigating the employee. they say their child is now afraid of male teachers and refuses to go to school. >> it's like you can't even
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cannot sub at any one of their schools pending the results of this investigation. maricella bugos, -- burgos, abc news. police in rio de janeiro have charged lying in a police report. also breaking, ryan lochte signing a new endorsement deal with pine brothers cough crotches. he says just as they're forgiving for your throat, he's
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for a swimming legged. our tropical wave getting weaker. what was a red circle is now an orange circle. there's your area of low pressure. just a ragged system right now. although don't think there will be anything going on with it, i do think once it goes into the successful could be big changings. well have a look at it and have the weekend forecast in a few minutes. a terrifying new crime trend sweeping across the bay area. criminals targeting unlocked car and breaking into homes through these right here. michael po sloshings ka is live to tell us how. michael? >> reporter: investigators say we're making it too easy for these criminals.
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go in, steal what they want from the car, and open the garage door if my garage door will open and then get access to the entire house. we spoke to win wop victim who they got in her house through the garage, stole the keys, and took everything they could. >> it's completely violating. just scary. >> reporter: anna said the thieves broke in through her car and then her home, and then the family the family including a 1-year- old and 3-year-old slept. >> you think of what else they could have done, and we're thankful for that, but we're feeling vulnerable and violated. >> reporter: both cars stole opinion >> just saved up enough for a new van, and that happens. >> reporter: hillboro county deputies arrested a 14-year-old a few days later in anna's stolen comaryp had 2 rifles on
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burglaries. they show criminal les in action every single month. >> we now have alarms and light on the doors. >> reporter: burglars are targeting neighborhoods under construction and just moving in where they feel safe. >> reporter: again, the hillsbo rorks county sheriff's office telling people to make sure their cars locked, that their key to bees are inside so they don't get stolen and about 20% of people reported that their cars were unlocked but they didn't know where whether they had locked them. the number of cars that are actually unlocked is a lot
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dem could be sparking protests nationfind a chief is asking that deadly weapons be stored separately from other weapons and that live firearms are banned during see necessary grow-based training. despite some requests, the chief says he has no plans to resign. >> to think that it's a good idea to create instability at the police department right now, i don't think is very wise. i made a commitment to this community when i accepted the keeping that commitment. >> the florida department of launch will finish their investigation in a few weeks. >> police say a play bah loan
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was gunfire. 4 people got minor injuries as crowds started running out of the mall. cialght the red cross issuing a desperate appeal, telling us federal assistance will not be enough to repair all of that flood damage in louisiana. >> >> don't worry about sizes gender. they have nothing. they've lost everything. >> reporter: veronica bursadd okay nose firstmanned because her does season one of those people. when the floods began, his home filled with 6 feet of water. >> he has a newborn. no appliances, to cribs. >> reporter: so bursado's mission is to bring those
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survival. >> the donations were pushing me out of my house. >> reporter: more than 14,000 people have filed for federal assistance. but the governor says assistance alone won't be enough to rebuild and repair all of the damage. the red cross says so far, private donations haven't come close to meeting the huge demand for help. >> you're walking into a home with and there's no longer rooms, there's no longer pictures on the wall. >> reporter: heather just returned from visiting friends who are among the 85,000 to lose they home. this photo showing the devastation. jason d districts n says he went to college there. >> we have a team meeting coming up next month. >> it's a promise they're not forgotten. in tampa, i'm cameron pol00,
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officer arrives on the scene of a car fire. we'll show you what he does that has people calling him a hero. and we're taking action for you as the price of this ep pen skyrockets. we'll show you a similar prescription you can get for a fraction of the cost. >> and free recalls to tell you about. the toys you want to take away
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breaking news of california. the judge who handed down a lenient sentence to a swimmer convicted of rape will no longer hear criminal cases. judge aaron p stretches y making that request himself, but it's not necessarily permanent. he came under heavy fire for sentencing mark turn tore 15 days in jail for raping an unconscious woman. a dramatic rescue from an officer's pony of view. you see him pull up, grab a
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towards the vehicle on fire. take a listen. it's intense had. he tries to put out the fire and figures out a way to rescue this guy. he return to the driver's side where the victim time is stuck in a small rear window. the officer bending it out to safety as soon as he does, an explosion knocks off the officer's body cam. he and the passenger grime make it out alive, but the driver of the vehicle died. police in mississippi are looking for the person who killed 2 nones. police are not saying how they were killed, only saying it was not a shooting.
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a general toes ignition switch was not to blame for a 2011 accident that killed 1 driver and injuried another. the family sued. today, actress sarah jessica parker distancing rs makes epi pens, saying she's disappointed, saddened, and dean deeply concerned about the price hike. mylan announcing today they would increase the value of a coupon. they plan give people $300 off the $600 cost. the ceo of mylan has said lowering the price is not an option. in 2009, 25 pen pack cost ab $100.
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gresha's salary has also skyrocked to $19 million this year. but the price price gouging accusation she now faces isn't her first controversy. it turns out gr serks never earned the mba from west virginia university she once gained. an investigation into political cronyism is what brought that to light. her father is senator joe mansion. this is the adrena it is an ep pen alternative that costs much less. in florida, can you take it to the pharmacist and fill it with the generic if you ask for it. the devices have the same medicine but a different delivery. adrna click has 2 caps to remove as to o posed to 1 cap on an ep pen. several important recalls for families with children to
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building block sets. makers recalling more than 90,000 of the alex jr. baby builder first pops and first snaps. the company says small parts can pose a coking hasrd. plus safety first sustain go also recalling about 20,000 strollers. the strollers are sold at babies "r" us and the makings of eminem branded jewelry recalling earrings, bracelets, and rings. for product information on all 3 of these recall, go to our abc action news app. one woman's rant about the youth of today go going viral tonight. take a listen to her message to some girls she saw taking
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was standing around in a clothing store going like that with my mom would call the doctor and say this child is having fits. >> the woman continues on for 2 minutes, saying she even offered to take pictures for the girls but they preferred selfies. and take a look at this. a pod of dolphins rainbows. this video shot at fort sdesoing ta. the person who shot it saying they swam alongside a coo kaepernick knew for hours. you can go to our facebook page to share it with your friends. with can we all get in and joy the weather? maybe we'll see a dolphin or two. it will start to get choppy starting this weekend though. >> they used to say help
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bone this time around, there were dolphins. i believe most of the weather will stay down to our south and west. temperatures in the upper 70 those lower 80s, which is where we'll be waking up first thing in clearwater, 84, st. pete, 81, skies remain cloir. there's a look at the satellite picture. east to west wind field of late. that's our classic summertime pattern. what happens is the winds have been so strong that they keep the sea breeze offshore. that's why we're so warm. so we see temperatures in the
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cost. the soft swear trying to paint a chance of showers tomorrow, but i don't think that will happen. i will say it will be on saturday. i think by 8:00, come kickoff time, the weather should be okay. saturday among, if you're planning your weekend right now twhib saturday will be the i don't think sunday whether that bad, but i still think there will be few less storms on saturday than on sunday. but it will be the summertime pattern, meaning 2:00, the showers pop, move west, and then calm down by 7:00, 8:00. what's going on on monday and tuesday hinges on what goes on with this. over the last 6 hours, the
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a lot of them are going over coup bapt yellow is european model. the red is the gfs or usa model. up until sunday evening, they're about the same. then everything begins to change. the european still takes a track up the west side of florida. gfs goes towards cuba and texas. the euro only updates twice day. that's good news for us. i'll be updating facebook at 2 a.m. good news for us, could be bad news for the central gulf. although this is very disorganized, i think once it has an opportunity to go to the gulf of mexico, we'll see a big change in sequencety.
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this could be gone. but if it finds a way to hang together, once it gets out here. then there's the possibility it cowl tap some of that warm gulf water and pose some problems for folks out west. more than likely not for florida. when you get tennessee in the upper 80s, you're bound to see a loft energy. your sunrise and your sunset. your hour by hour forecast, overnight, parking lotly cloudy to clear. by 2:00, all of saiden the storms begin to pop up and there could be a couple of heavy ones. here's a look at florida's most accurate 7 day forecast. rain chances, still only 30% on
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saturday. lay sunday into monday is the soonest we'll have to worry about anything. if you're heading to ray j, kickoff temperatures will be about 85 degrees.
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if we were to go by what we saw attention e tonight, the buccaneers' regular season game against atlanta is a very reasonable one. they did get this deflection and interception early in game, but it was really all miami in the first half. they're having same problem the bucks were having. miami is happy right now. they've got arian foster in the backfield. atlanta's starters not looking good against the dolphins.
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hurt. some people are wondering, what kind of defense will u sphrks bring to the table this season? when all is said and done, usf fans could be pleasantly surprised. >> usf's play makers may not have the playmakers has, but new defensive coordinator raymond woody is adjusting to his in gnu option if there's going to be one big difference, it's that this defense will with b faster.
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>> you see us all buying into that system. >> they think differently. coach woody puts them in the bes position they can with b in. >> reporter: usf has experience on the decemberive line and could start 4 untdz classmen there. along fast than the bulls expected. the revamped defense will have their first test at home against towson. john sable, abc action sports. the rays are back home after an excellent home stand where they went 7-3 with boston. this went scoreless through 5 innings, but in the 6th, mookie
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brad miller singles to left. that will score evan longoria from 2nd base and we are tied at 1. it stayed that way until the 7th. mikey montouq0 for 30 before this appearance at the plate. how about that? it proved to be the winning run. ed diromero recording his first- ever major league save the rays win it 2-1. we're back
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overnight forbes, partly cloudy to clear. the storms will then pop up,
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for tailgaters tomorrow before the game. tickoff tomorrow at 8:00 over at ray jay's. it will be a hot one, topping out at about 96. >> have a good night and we'll
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, natalie portman, usher raymond iv kerry washington this week in unnecessary censorship and music from jidenna. and now here's jimmy kimmel! >> thanks for watching.


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