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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 26, 2016 2:35am-4:01am EDT

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has been a paid presentation for meaningful beauty, brought to you by guthy-renker. >> reporter: their roughest rhetoric yet as clinton leads in most polls and trump tries to refocus his campaign. clinton branding trump a dangerous extremist. >> a man with a long history of racial discrimination who traffics in dark, conspiracy theories. >> reporter: and driving home the point with this campaign ad. >> the reason a lot of klan members like donald trump is
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believes we believe in. >> reporter: donald trump continues to court support from black and hispanic leaders thursday, and he told cnn he stands by calling clinton a bigot. >> i think she has been extremely, extremely bad for african americans. i think she's been extremely bad for hispanics. >> reporter: abc news, los angeles. >> the judge will hand the sentence in the stanford swimmer rape case will no longer hear criminal aaron persky requested the move. he's facing a recall campaign after handing out a six month sentence to brock turner. he faced up to 14 years behind bars. two people have been hospitalized after their small plane crashed into a house in indiana just a block away from the airport. nobody was home. the plane nose dived into the home. a small dog escaped unharmed.
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hole in the roof. the cause of the crash is under investigation. this video captures the stunning moment a philadelphia police officer was hit by a vehicle. he is standing outside a police cruiser talking to another officer when suddenly he vanishes from the screen. the officer was even knocked out of his shoes. he was run over by an alleged drunk dreyeiver. he is expected to make a full recovery. >> nasa conducted the second last splash down test. scientists used a pendulum and explosives to successfully vault a test capsule into a pool of water at about 25 miles per hour complete with fully suited astronaut test dummies. the last time nasa spacecraft went into the ocean? 1972. back to the future. it's no longer a pie in the sky idea. dominos group says the company
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dropping your pizza delivery from the sky. yesterday the company conducted a demonstration of a pizza delivery by a drone in new zealand. trial drone deliveries could get underway in new zealand by the end of this year. don't expect it in the u.s. any time soon. >> 30 minutes or less? >> we can only hope. it looks good. still warm? >> they look pretty happy. anyone can have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the leader o free world now. >> president obama? >> sort of. >> he's making his virtual reality debut. his family trip to yosemite national park has been turned into an experience. he walks us through the majestic water falls, granite cliffs and giant sequoias. >> he checked out the video himself, and he calls yosemite
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ever been. i've never been. maybe i can visit it in virtual reality. >> i imagine it would be pretty cool. >> i would do that. what i really want -- >> saves you from the lions. >> i want virtual reality front row tickets to hamilton. if you could work on that, that would be great. in real life, i'm never going to get them. >> and in virtual reality, probably not. >> nice shot. >> the president makes a return in our insomniac theater. >> we're preview the story of their first family love story. >> and presidential hopeful songs, what they get pumped up to. >> first, a look at today's high
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a shot of the world trade center. on thursday evening one world trade was lit in green, white and red in the colors of the italian flag. that region is dealing with another earthquake overnight. the 4 .7 quake hit near the town of amatrice again. the death toll from wednesday's rescuers are combing through the rubble searching for survivors. there have been more than 450 aftershocks recorded since wednesday. and back in this country things are back to normal. two major airports in south florida. >> yesterday a far reaching pour outage shut down things. >> reporter: a complete ground stop at miami's airport ford lauder dale too after this startling radio call from
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use extreme caution. we've lost all communication. we cannot see you. >> reporter: the controller lining up jets for landing, in essence, blinded. >> we cannot see you on the radar. >> reporter: that left jet liners circling, more than a dozen flights diverted to other airports. the problem, a power outage took out the radar and communication systems. >> i think we still have this vulnerability. we have facilities with redund power supplies that don't seem to work. >> reporter: another center took over the air space. the jets that could see each other on their controls landed safely. it look 90 minutes to reboot the system. more than 100 flights affected with delays up to an hour and raising new questions about power systems. abc news, reagan national airport. coming up, music and the people who want to be president. >> tunes and presidential
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hand for about as long as there's been campaigning. remember don't stop? we're going to check in on all
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? hard core. >> is that -- what is that? >> hard core hail of the chief. >> yes, it is. >> that's a tune that donald trump and hillary clinton hope to soon be playing for them. >> before they get to the white house, the presidential candidates have a lot of music they have to go through along the way. >> we all have that moment where you hear a song and you can't
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it's no different on the campaign trail. it catchy song is basically a presidential requirement. this presidential campaign has seen plenty of controversies from hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. >> that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. >> reporter: to donald trump's immigration switch. and now there's a heated debate over a song. the political twitter world lit up. hillary clinton's song is driving some people nuts. her song has played over and over at rallies and o over. the song played so much some people can't take it anymore. one reporter tweeted, last week i told the traveling hillary press i still liked "fight song". they ordered me off the plane.
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hillary clinton should keep it, but i also listen to the first nick la which ay album on repeat. more recently bill clinton went with fleet wood mac. john mccain liked to play this curious disco hit. ? that's right. john mccain loves alba, and barack obama chose stevie wonder. but selecting a song to define a campaign isn't an easy task. in a documentary mitt romney recalls laughing when someone suggested kid rock's born free. >> i think because it's like kid rock, that would never pass the smell test. ? >> i looked at the lyrics, and
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>> reporter: fight song may be clinton's unofficial anthem, but she often turns to katy perry. trump draws from a wide ranging mix of songs. he declared victory to queen, shaken hands to pavaroti, and walked out of a plane to jock jams. ? >> reporter: several artists ranging from neal young to the rolling stones have sent the nominee cease and desist letters, but oftentimes trump keeps doing what he wants. despite the cease and desist letter donald trump did play
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today. hillary clinton walked off to "ain't no mountain high enough". she decided not to play "fight song". we don't know if it's because of the debate, but we'll be keeping an eye on if she plays that song next time she walks off stage. >> a musical flip-flop. >> scandal on the campaign trail. >> i was just listening, and listening to your piece, and the pavaroti song was used in graphic murder scene in a god father movie. >> i always wonder why he's playing it. >> the problem with this song is that you can't get it out of your head. just to help you with that, can we play "the fight song" to have it as your ear worm on this friday morning. 5:00 p.m. when you're singing it, you're like thank you. >> i wish she would go with the katy perry more often. that's my favorite.
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k-y touch. this comes with a summer history lesson. "hd the venezuelan actor that plays the boxer. robert de niro plays his trainer. >> i've trained more boxer than anyone in boxing history. i haven't stepped into a ring for more than a decade. it's 66 seconds, he changed my life. >> i want you to meet the best trainer in the history of boxing.
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>> reporter: eventually it con. >> caller:s the sh-- it chronice show downs. the judge giving it a 40% splat on rotten tomatoes. they say it's hard to escape that you're watching a conceived boxing flick. and it can't decide if it to be ranling bull or remember the titans. >> next, set in the summer of 1989 when barack obama goes out with a young michelle robinson. before young barack shows up late, young michelle tells her parents they are not going on a date. >> look at that car. >> he's a summer associate. i told you all about him from harvard law. i mentioned i worked legal aid,
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at the garden. >> huh. >> yeah, because it doesn't get more romantic than broken plumbing. >> what's this boy's name? >> barack obama. >> barack what? >> dad did learn his name. south side with you gets plenty of votes. 92% on rotten tomatoes. the reviewer says as a work of imagination inspired by fact, the film shimmers with and jake coil at the associated pr press says it's charming. it's an odyssey through african american life in 1989. >> 92% is impressive. this summer has been rough for movies. >> your movie sounds good too. >> "hands of stone?" >> yes. 40%. just as it escapes your ear, it's back. >> the ear worm.
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this morning on "world news now," donald trump shifts back to a tougher stance on immigration. overnight trump opening up about his yet to be announced policy on the issue. this is both me and hillary clinton use racially charged rhetoric and images to attack the other. police are the death of two nuns. they were stabbed to death. the hunt for the killers intensifies. police show up in the cockpit of a plane to find the co-pilot allegedly drunk behind the controls. we're told his blood alcohol level, 15 times over the legal limit. how did they catch him? and anchors aaweigh. a touching tribute bringing
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? from abc news, this is "world news now." i like our new theme music. it is great. anchors aweigh. good morning. >> we begin this half hour with the latest allegations in the race for the white house. and donald trump's seem dpingly unsettled immigration policy. >> after he said he was open to softening his approach, trump's even in his latest interview he says there will be no path to legalization unless undocumented immigrants leave the country and come back. and the most heated back and forth so far, trump and hillary clinton now tangling over race and bigotry. and a national poll shows clinton with a 10 point lead over trump. we get more now from david wright. >> reporter: hours before hillary clinton took the stage
3:02 am
this bomb. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes. not as human beings worthy of a better future. hillary clinton is a bigot. >> reporter: that woman behind him, there, appears to be shocked. clinton made her case that it's trump who has been running a racist campaign. >> donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and mainstream. and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. >> reporter: in some of her strongest language yet, she ran down the list. >> he promoted the racist lie that president obama is not really an american citizen. >> reporter: using trump's own words against him, she accused him of launching his run for the presidency with another racist
3:03 am
>> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists, and some, i assume are good people. >> reporter: he also made it clear she doesn't buy trump's new effort to reach out to african american voters. >> i say this to the african american community, give donald trump a chance. we will turn it around. we will make your streets safe so when you walk down the street what's happening now. >> trump has stood up in front of largely white audiences and described black communities in such insulting and ignorant terms. >> reporter: clinton's campaign released a new video. ? the reason a lot of klan members like donald trump is because a lot of what he believes we believe in. donald trump would be best for the job. >> reporter: trump denounced her line of attack as a brazen
3:04 am
fail, they are left with only this one, tired argument. you're racist. you're racist. you're racist. they keep siaying it. it's a tired, disgusting argument. >> reporter: and trump was asked to explain why he really thinks clinton is a bigot. is. >> her policies are bigoted. >> you think she's personally bigoted? >> of course she is. they're her policies. she >> hatred is at the core? >> maybe she's lazy. >> reporter: the battle lines now seem to be drawn. each side accusing the other of race baiting. david wright, abc news. our other major story, nearly three dozen reported tornadoes tore through wide areas of the country from the south through new york. mike pence surveyed the devastation in his home state of
3:05 am
tornadoes touched down, including an ef-3 packing winds in excess of 150 miles per hour. the twisters had a path of destruction through neighborhoods, leveling homes and uprooting trees. videos show a starbucks collapsing like a house of cards. employees and customers took koovr in the bathrooms and only minor injuries reported. tropical storm gaston is building itself back up to a hurricane. they say the storm's center will remain east of bermuda before going to the north atlantic. while it's at sea, it is still expected to generate dangerous rip currents up enand down the east coast. >> police in mississippi trying to solve the murder of two nuns. they were found stabbed to death
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thursday night they found the car which had gone missing. the two women described as sweet and gentle. their murders sparking fear in that neighborhood. >> at first i was safe here, because this is a neighborhood watch. but right now i don't think i feel too safe. if something happen third down close to home. >> reporter: authorities say there were signs of a break in at the home. both of the sisters were 68. they worked as practitioners. a deadly explosion rocked a sports center in sports center. the cause of the explosion is unknown. officials say it appears to be accidental. not a terrorist attack. emergency services and rescue worker are on the scene. ? afghanistan officials with the american u.s. in kabul are vowing to reopen following a deadly ten hour siege. 14 people were killed when
3:07 am
some barricaded themselves in classrooms. at least 48 people were injured. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. another earthquake strikes central italy as the region tries to recover from wednesday's deadly quake. the 4.7 quake struck near amatrice. victims are still being pulled from beneath the debris of collapsed buildings in three towns. survivors and rescue crews re thursday. a 4.3 magnitude aftershock rattling amatrice. as you can see from the video. there have been nearly 500 aftershocks since thursday morning. on wednesday a u.s. navy patrol ship fired three warning shots at an iranian boat that came within 20 0 yards of the uss tempest, ignoring radio calls and warning flairs.
3:08 am
encounters this week. >> our ships were in international waters. our sailors were conducting themselves professionally as they are trained to do, and we did not see the same from the iranian boats on the other side. >> firing warning shots is rare and hasn't happened in a long time in encounters with iran. pentagon officials stressed u.s. ships will take whatever steps are necessary to protect themselves. and two people hospitalized after their plane nose dived into nobody was home at at the time. a small dog managed to escape unharmed. there was no fire, but the home suffered extensive structural damage including, of course, a gaping hole in the roof. the cause of the crash in the early stages right now of an investigation. a few hundred miles north in michigan, a bond hearing friday for the co-pilot accused of trying to fly while drunk. the tallon air charter was
3:09 am
traverse city. the pilot noticed the co-pilot was acting strange and alerted company dispatchers. >> they detected a strong odor of intoxicants and slurred speech. the co-pilot's blood alcohol level was .301. that's more than 15 times the legal limit for light the crews. the co-pilot was immediately fired. ryan lochte is you should indictment in filing a false report. it stems from the night lochte said he and three swimmers were robbed at gunpoint. lochte has to decide whether to present a defense or not appear in court. now we're going to show you a guy who truly immerses himself in his work. >> take a look at this picture. it's going viral. that is the bottom half of jimmy
3:10 am
who dove into the task of repairing a broken water pipe at a woman's home. she snapped that photo to show his devotion. cox says it's the type of service he and his co-workers provide all the time. >> thankfully it was a water pipe and not a sewage line. i'm not sure he would go head first into that. wow. the hole was 5 1/2 feet deep. the woman said she had to shut down her facebook and turn off her e-m hits this photo has received. >> jimmy is getting a lot of props this morning. well deserved. >> we'll give him our mvp for this friday morning. coming up, a veteran gets a musical salute. >> hear what he told his fellow sailors after the tribute. first, the new app helping kids as they start school. beyond reading and writing there's a new app to help kids
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for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. ? >> it's been a while now since "blurred lines" topped the
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apparently far from over. pharrell williams are the others are fighting that it was a copy right infridgement. one of the biggest issues in the case is that sound recordings were not originally covered under federal law. attorneys say jurors should have been instructed to make a decision based only on the sheet music. >> take that >> and we'll keep hearing the song. that's okay. >> i'm okay. it was good. marvin gay's version own that one. time to get the kids back to school. pencils. >> check. >> backpack? >> check. happy parents? >> check. >> in addition to all of that, how about high-tech tools and tactics to help youngsters get in the mood to start learning
3:16 am
exactly a straight a student. >> how can i be expected to handle school on a day like this? >> reporter: how can you help your kids fall in love with learning? now tools are increasing the options. >> before kindergarten, they focus on social and emotional needs of children. in particular, they focus on things like cooperative play and working together. >> reporter: experts say social and emotional skills are vital to learning. things like self-contr ability to interact with peers. >> decades of research show that social and emotional skills are a stronger correlate to school readiness and to life success. >> reporter: one app coming out no september uses games, fun songs and celebrity interviews to try to teach these skills. >> the app in the show does eye contact, focus, grit, problem solving, how to deal with every
3:17 am
learning in school too. you had ways to deal with your feelings and emotions in class, right? >> yeah. the tool box. garbage can tool, the empathy tool, the breathing tool, the personal space tool. >> reporter: that's a lot of tools. i love the trash can. throw the little stuff away. >> i let the little things go. >> reporter: because the educational environment is changing for kids, that means parents need to keep up. >> it's critical that parents are connected to what's happening in their chieltd's do to help support their children at home. >> reporter: national data shows that just 33 % of eighth grade students are proficient in math and 34 % in reading. but learning heros, a site that helps parents navigate school says 90% of parents believe their child is at or above grade level. >> we work to inform parents about what's happening in their child's classroom and connect them to the resources and tools and opportunities to help their
3:18 am
so apparently another really good tool for parents is this app called remind me. it was the number one app this past week on the apps list. >> we wrote that down and i forgot to look it up. >> it's not memory. it's something where teachers can connect with parents and remind parents that their kid has homework that's due later on today. so it's sort of -- >> so now if parents have homework. >> the parents know when their kid has an assignment due. >> no. your teacher told me you have a quiz tomorrow. there was a funny posting of a mom saying on the first day of school, what am i going to do without them. day two, freedom. she's cruising down the street in her mini van. >> heading home and enjoying her chardonnay. >> coming up in the next half hour, the ceo of the company that makes epipens is defending
3:19 am
discounts? >> first, navy sailors going out of their way to thank an elderly veteran. the special moment straight ahead.
3:20 am
of course, that is anchors aweigh, the official song of the united states navy. it was written by the naval academy's bandmaster in 1907. >> it's the fight song. it was part of a special serenade for an elderly veteran. >> reporter: this quiet street in california suddenly quiet no longer. all of them gathering in front of one house.
3:21 am
? >> reporter: and why were they there? these sailors came to salute a world war ii veteran who couldn't make the trip to see the uss iowa. ? ? >> reporter: he heard them. ernie thompson, on his porch, saluting back. ernie, proudly served his country in world war ii. >> the battle ship >> reporter: he was on the uss missouri ending the war. one by one the next generation of sailors lining up to personally thank ernie for his service. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: and ernie with a message for them. >> i'm very proud to have served the navy and served my family and my country. >> reporter: and his country thanking him. david muir, abc news, new york.
3:22 am
he apparently told his grandson it was the best day of his life. >> and understandably so.
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time for the mix. of course, it turns out that hide and seek is not just for kids anymore. did you know there's actually a world championship of hide and seek? it's taking now. where did she go? wow, you could win at this competition. take a look at the video. >> okay, fine. >> this is in the alps. there are some five teams. this video, five teams. one person from each group has to hide from the other team and the neutral team. they have 60 seconds to hide. once the time is up they have 10 minutes to reach the target mattress. these people are sober and
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this morning on "world news now," bigotry and paranoia on the campaign trail. the heated attacks step up after clinton released an ad with images of the kkk. donald trump overnight firing back with his toughest criticism yet. >> aftershocks are hampering the ability to find survivors. rescuers are hoping for more miracles as daybreaks. and an officer's heroic efforts. caught on body cam. >> he jumps into action to pull a crash victim from a fiery wreck. see how he was able to free them. >> an making an entrance. kanye west kicking off his much anticipated tour. wait until you see the
3:31 am
planned. we're going to touch the sky on this friday, august 26th. from abc news, this is "world news now." if it's bey would be beyonce and that's bey. and then ye, ye, it's bey. sorry, we're not the cool kids. let's start with other "b" words. bigotry. >> that's a big one. right now in politics. hillary clinton's attack on donald trump. clinton accuses him of giving rise to a radical fringe element within the republican party. >> clinton hammers on race own hate and he pushed back continuing to call her a bigot, and he's accusing her of trying to smear her supporters. and trump is expected to clarify his immigration plan after conflicting comments about mass deportation. it's your voice your vote. >> reporter: donald trump is
3:32 am
hillary clinton is a bigot. >> in an interview he talked about his new branding for his rival. >> her policies are bigoted. she knows they're not going to work. >> you think she's personally bigoted? >> she is. they're her policies. >> but hatred is at the core? >> maybe she's lazy. i don't know what it is. >> reporter: hours earlier in reno clinton launched her own attack on trump. >> he says he wants to make america great again, but more and seems to be make america hate again. >> reporter: in the first appearance on the campaign trail this week, clinton said trump is promoting prejudice and running a racist campaign. >> he is taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is reinforcing that message with a new ad. >> the reason a lot of klan
3:33 am
believes, we believe in. >> reporter: in an interview trump denied he wants white supremacist votes. >> not at all. i will tell you, this is not hate. this is about love. >> reporter: as he trades jabs with clinton, he raises questions about immigration. >> we're going to find people immediately, and i mean first hour of my -- the first document i will sign will say get the bad ones out of this country. >> reporter: but trump offers a murky answer when pressed on the details. >> we have crime all over this country. >> if they haven't committed crime is there a path to citizenship? >> there is not a path. there's no path to legalization unless people leave the country, if they come back in, then they can start paying taxes. >> reporter: that answer offers a glimpse into his struggle to
3:34 am
in greater details next week, and that was the speech he was originally supposed to give this week. >> yes. today, in fact. >> and the attacks are heated, but they have been for a while. they seem to be shifting in tone a little bit. he seems to be softening his while still attacking hers, and she seems to be trying to go after him harder directly. is there a strategy. >> it's interesting to watch them. this was hillary clinton's only campaign event this week, and we saw her in some ways adopting a trump-like attack on him. she was going after him hard. trump, he is softening. he said that about immigration, but in some ways he's using the teleprompter more often. we should expect him to see him go harder on her, but he's said it's important for him to stick on message, because he does better with voters and in the polls when he does that. we'll see if it's the strategy that they both keep up ahead of the debate. >> that debate being one month
3:35 am
york. it'll be interesting to see what sort of attack they have. >> thank you for being here. we appreciate it. we're following breaking news this morning out of omaha, nebraska. a suspect ran a vehicle into a southwest airlines jet. he breached a perimeter fence, jumped into a vehicle on the ramp, and drove it straight into the plane as passengers were boarding. injuries among crew members but no passengers. the suspect is now in custody. and more breaking news from belgian officials. they've ruled out terrorism as a deadly blast of a sports center. >> they say it was most likely a gas explosion. it killed one person and injured others. police told abc news the facility was nearly empty during the accident. the investigation into the cause of the explosion continues. turkey is expanding it
3:36 am
syria. the ultimate goal may be more more about controlling the kurds than defeating isis. turkey gave kurdish forces a week to reduce their presence near the turkish boarder. the tension is threatening the goal of defeating isis. and new details about the former american hostage, kayla mueller. she was tortured, verbally abused and forced into slave labor. fellow hostages say she never surrendered hope. at one point she was forced to defend her faith to an isis excuser. executioner. in italy another earthquake has just hit the central part of the country. the 4 .7 quake hit near the town of amatrice. it hit over night and comes over 250 people are declared dead from the main earthquake. >> reporter: with time now working against the rescuers here, there are extraordinary
3:37 am
the rubble after 17 hours. her feet appearing first. then firefighters slowly lifting her into the arms of her rescuers. this man stuck underneath his crumbled home for more than 24 hours, pulled to safety. his slight smile, the only hint of his relief. officials say the best chance of finding someone alive is within 48 hours of the quake. a window that is rapidly closing here. and strong aftershocks are only complicating efforts. building, part of a school, was badly damaged but still standing, and then one of the aftershocks took it down. the town has been turned into a flattened moon scape. drone footage showing a divide. the town's ancient buildings in ruins while the more modern buildings still stand. many of those who were able to escape their homes when the quake hit are now lift with nothing.
3:38 am
roll through. it's not just the danger and the fear from them. this is a mountainous region. hard to get in and out of. and this whole side of town, this whole part of the disaster zone is cut off. abc news. >> still unbelievable pictures there. back here police in mississippi hope the discovery of a missing car may help solve the murders of two nuns. the sisters here were found stabbed to death in their house about an hour north of jackson. authorities say there were signs of a break-in. thursday night detectives found their car about a mile from their home. in arizona a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of a shooting range instructor the who was accidentally killed by a nine-year-old girl who lost control of an oozy. the lawsuit states the owners and operators of the shooting range were negligent, stating that an oozy wasn't a safe or
3:39 am
a police officer in georgia is being hailed as a hero after pulling a crash victim out of a wreck. officer dan whitney's camera caught it. you can see as he runs to the rescue trying to douse the flames with a fire extinguisher. whitney was eventually able to bend the door frame and then pull the passenger out to safety. the driver, however, was killed. overseas, thousands of people gathered in festival. >> participants tried to reach a pot hung above the street with the help of a rope. >> but then they break the pot allowing the curd to splash down on top of them. the festival marks the anniversary of birth of a hindu god and is based on a legend that the god used to steal butter and curd kept out of his reach by
3:40 am
and snatches it and runs away. wouldn't that be more indicative. >> it's interesting. on the west coast this weekend, another tradition is starting similar to this. but different treats will be there. burning man kicks off. >> definitely different treats. i like the spirit of that festival in india. >> yeah. it seems so wholesome. >> yeah. >> everyone is e coming up, the outrage over epipen pricing ratcheting up after the ceo of the company who makes the drug speaks out. could she have dug the whole deeper? >> and kanye west looking down on the rest of us, and we mean it literally. we'll check out his one of a kind stage setup. for the first time the people who have nosebleed seats, you're jealous of them. we'll explain in the skinny. first, a look at today's
3:41 am
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l it takes. k-y touch. if you're reaching for the second or third cup of coffee at this hour, you might want to thank your genes. researchers suggest the lack of a specific gene to drink coffee. cause people to drink more coffee. people with the gene wouldn't need to drink as much to get the same caffeine buzz. >> but if you don't have that gene -- >> you need more coffee. >> drink up.
3:45 am
>> moving on to the growing controversy and the ceo that makes the epipen says lowering the price isn't easy. >> critics say they're not doing enough. adrienne bankert as the details. >> reporter: they're not budging on the price. the makers of epipen raising the price from than $600 today. the ceo's compensation went up from $5 million to $19 million. the ceo heather bresch blaming the costs on a failing health care system. >> price is part of the problem, but we need all of the stake holders at the table. >> reporter: deflecting accusations of greed, saying it goes to research and bringing drugs to market. >> we've put hundreds of millions of dollars behind it. you can't pass legislation. you can't enhance formulations.
3:46 am
will issue $300 savings card. we brought it to the health department at consumer reports. would you say this new savings program will help those who are underinsured and uninsured? >> it will not. >> reporter: consumer reports saying there are catches. currently those without insurance aren't eligible, or those with medicare or medicaid. and it's up t seek the card to get a discount. in a statement mylan saying they're expanding a program the something the uninsured and underinsured could qualify more and receive these life saving epipens. >> there could be a sticky situation at the building behind adrienne. the senator of west virginia the is the father of the ceo of
3:47 am
comments and looking at the details. she might be called to testify there on capitol hill. >> puts them both in a tough spot. when we come back, it is skinny time on this friday. and there's some surprises for kanye west fans. we'll throw some money around when we come back.
3:48 am
3:49 am
? ? >> the friday skinny starts with kanye west. his tour is underway. ? >> so this was the scene at last night's opening in indianapolis. look at that. fans getting quite a surprise as kanye performed above the crowd on a flying stage. as anna nicole smith would say he road the plane. >> for his own safety and and else's as well, he is tethered to the stage to make sure he can't fall off. they say this one may be his best yet. >> it's amazing. fans turned out looking for the stage had to look up. the tour continues until november.
3:50 am
york tomorrow night. >> probably hurt their neck in the front row. >> nosebleed loved it. >> earlier this week we talked about the highest paid actresses. now it's time for the actors. >> i'll provide the drum roll. this time at number three on the annual forbes list. matt damon made $55 million mostly because of the success of "the martian". >> jackie chan came in second with $61 million. and finally, our friend, dwayne the rock johnson, took home more than 64 million. that was double his earnings in the year before, and it's reportedly the most the rock has ever made in a year. all the money came mostly from up front fees from several films. >> i think the money came from his eyebrow. it makes me feel hopeful. and maybe they could be interested in real estate.
3:51 am
>> it's being described as the world's most expensive house. it's located along france's coast near the border with italy. some of the features, 10 bedrooms and an olympics size pool. there's a 35 acre garden, stables, a chapel. it's been around since 1870 and hosted elizabeth taylor and charlie chaplain. >> the price tag, $1.1 billion. step right up, make your offer. go ahead. >> and finally rapper drake. he's a big basketball fan. he loves the game. >> the rapper is a fan of toronto raptors. in fact, he's even the global ambassador for them. he can play too. >> look at the evidence. see what you think. >> wow. >> anyone who has tried to hit a half court shot knows how difficult that can be if you do it sitting down, even harder.
3:52 am
frame. i want to see him do it again. i don't know if i believe this one. i don't know if i believe this
3:53 am
3:54 am
your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil.
3:55 am
by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. this time next week labor day weekend will be starting. the unofficial end of summer. >> quick. >> that's -- yes, and the question will be why did it go so fast? >> let's not get ahead of it's time for the look back at this week gone by with our friday rewind. >> it was just this terrible sensation of literally the ground beneath your feet moving and having no clue what to do. >> it's been just over 17 hours since the quake. they're still pulling bodies out of the rubble. >> i could hear the tree snap and the trees all around started snapping. you could just hear them. >> if that's not a tornado, i don't know what is. >> he had water up to his neck.
3:56 am
the window. >> i want the people of louisiana to know you're not alone. >> you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? >> the way he character rises african americans in a general sense. it negates the fact that more than 75% of us are not poverty. i think he's talking to only white people. which is why he only talks to white people when he talks about black people. >> hillary clinton is a bigot. >> he is taking a hate movement mainstream. >> take my pulse while i'm talking to you. >> okay. >> so make sure i'm alive. >> oh, my god. there's nothing there. >> i overexaggerated the story. i overexaggerated some parts. my mistake was overexaggerating what really happened. i wasn't lying to a certain extent.
3:57 am
of what he did coupled with the stupidity of what he did, why? why would someone endorse that? it's dumbfounding. >> when i first met her, she was in a bruce jenner body. i have since said to her you've got to give yourself credit. you kicked manhood's butt. ? ? welcome to the fourth grade ? ? hello, i'm your >> that was one of my favorite videos of the week. >> it was great. and college football starts tonight for football fans. 10 p.m. on espn. >> who do you have winning? >> winning it all or this game? >> going the whole way. >> boston college going the whole way. >> oh, so easy. too easy.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this friday morning -- trading insults. hillary clinton, donald trump in an all-out war of words. attacking each other's character with accusations of racism and corruption. we're live in aftershocks continue in italy's quake zone. and an update on a 10-year-old girl whose dramatic rescue was seen around the world. a truck races on a tarmac. mashing into an airliner. plus, a power outage taking out power at major air importants. a man was just doing his job, fixes a busted water line. overnight, the special message


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