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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  August 26, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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happened, putting a substitute teacher under investigation. >> then two easy ways to make sure life is never lost again during officer exercises. the nationwide changes the punta gorda police chief hopes to put into place. first, bill has an update on the tropical system we've been watching. >> i do. as a matter of fact, it's not going to give us much of a problem today little bit of action out there, but nothing to worry about. truly, this is something that we are keeping a watch on. it's so far out there right now, we'll give you the details of what's going on. right now, there is a disturbance out here on the gulf that the folks at the national hurricane center are keeping an eye on? farther south, we're getting a pump of moisture because of what could be hermine.
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right now, we've got 79 in clear water, 78 in tampa and st. peters with 77. there's going to be some tailgating today. the tailgate cast all around west tampa. game start as 8:00. you can start tailgating as early as you want. around 2:00, you could see showers, but things should break by game time as the highs push in to the low 90s. all right. we're going to see a lot of activity around raymond james stadium today. for right now, things are very calm and q >> friday afternoon with the tailgaters, that's going to be a mess. >> avoid anywhere around the parking lot. >> we're checking on the cameras all across the bay area. this is what it looks like through downtown tampa. 275 right at ashley, up to speed. just a five-minute drive through here and the howard frankland bridge. less than ten minutes to get across all three bridges this
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checking the average speeds, we are all in the green here. i don't understand how a grown man can put his hands around a grown child's neck. >> lindsay, that mom took pictures to prove that someone put their hands on her daughter's neck. >> >> reporter: take a look right here. red marks here are the bruises. the kindergartener says she came home and told her parents that it came from the substitute teacher's hands. the teacher is out of the classroom this morning, and we're working to find out who he is. we called the highland county superintendent's office. we know the teacher was filling in at the kindergarten learning
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investigation is over. the girl told her patients she was doing work at her desk when he choked her. she said she was so scared to return to class, she missed a day of school this week. dcf and police are both investigating. we know that the girl's parents are meeting good inwith police later this morning. -- are meeting again with police later this morning. leaving your doors unlocked puts you and your family in more danger than car thieves, we've reported on for months, are now taking their crime a step further. once then get into the unlocked cars, they use the garage door opener to get inside of the house. a rusken family left their doors unlocked and had both cars stolen and the home burglarized while they were at home and asleep. >> it's just scary.
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so a feeling of vulnerability and being violated. >> deputies arrested a 14-year- old a few days later driving in a stolen doctor. inside the car, investigators found items from multiple break-ins along with two rifles. another suspect has not been caught. a pasco county high school student is in trouble after tweeting a picture. take a look at what it says right there. it says, "if one more person makes fun of the way i talk again." thst was in that bag. there was a gun in there. the teen claims she was just joking but beginning october 1st, a state law goes into effect for similar threats. even those unintended could lead to criminal charges. this is the second gun-related incident. in pinellas county, a 15-year- old actually had a loaded gun
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warrants for his arrest when he found the weapon under the teen's clothing. the deadly shoot/don't shoot event could spark something nationwide after an officer accidentally killed a woman. now they are asking that deadly weapons be stored separately and that live firearms are banned during scenario-based training. despite requests, the no plans to resign. >> to think that it's a good idea to create instability at the police department right now, i don't think is very wise. i made a commitment to the community and i plan on keeping that. >> the florida department of law enforcement will wrap up in a couple of weeks and then the punta gorda police department will start their investigation.
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permanently disbarred. the two attorneys along with stephen diaco were found guilty for setting up a rival attorney in a dui sting. the three represented bubba the love sponge during a defamation trial. the court permanently disbarred diaco earlier this year. crumbling in italy after the earthquake ravaged the town. 1200 people were forced to sleep in tents overnight. rescue cruise are not giving up hope of finding survivors. the world trade center in new york city is honoring the victims of the earthquake. you can see the top of the building there lit up in the
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new york's governor andrew cuomo sent condolences to victims saying new york is ready to lend support. back here in the united states, many people in parts of indiana are stuck in temporary shelters after wednesday's powerful storms and tornadoes. the red cross now giving those in the kokomo area a safe place to stay. the red cross also providing food and medical assistance this morning. families in louisi uncomfortably. for those whose homes aren't destroyed or still flooded, they are returning, but officials are asking homeowners and businesses not to turn on the air conditioning to keep mold from spreading. instead, get rid of everything where the spores are already spreading and then deep clean and let the area air dry. many people still need a lot of help.
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veronica says when the floods hit her cousin's home, it filled up with 6 feet of water. the red cross received only a third of the more than $30 million necessary to get people back on their feet. they say a simple post on facebook got a huge response. dozens of people in the community dropped off clothing, food, and a whole lot more. >> don't worry about sizes or gender or whether you they may or may not need it because they have nothing. they've lost everything. if you would like to donate or provide a trailer, head to we're keeping an eye on even more rain heading into louisiana's coast. it's going to be a mess there this weekend as another disturbance out in the gulf has about a 10% chance of
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their weekend and invest the 9 invest 99l. you've heard us talking about that. it might become hermine. it's mostly sunny for the rest of the day as you head out the door to the bus. storms will show up later. i'll show you where the rain drops are likely going to fall coming up after >> thanks, bill. nine minutes after 5:00 right now. coming up, two nuns murdered in their home. investigators now uncover what may have happened leading up to their death. >> they said it was kids so i have to go to jail. >> and off to jail she went. why that woman said she had no choice but to attack a group of
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welcome back friday morning to you. 78 degrees right now in tampa. here's a live look at i-275 near hillsborough avenue. no issues to report there. traffic's looking good. we'll get details on both traffic and weather together in just a second. a judge handed down a lenient sentence to a stanford swimmer. he's now barred from criminal cases. the judge apparently making that request himself. the court reassigning him to civil cases where he previously
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siding judge recommended he stay on criminal cases despite the controversy. he sentenced brock turner to six months in jail for raping an unconscious woman. a mother is defending her decision to pepper spray children outside of ant atlanta high school. she says she used the pep are spray to get several students to stop attacking her sons. the school district says four students had to be treated. one was taken to a hospital. she says to use the pepper spray if the school officers had been there. >> there were officers there. there was just on the other side. it took them too long to get over there. >> the school district says officers responded immediately and kept others from becoming involved. she pleaded not guilty to a disorderly conduct charge. 5:14 right now. time for a look at your most accurate forecast. we'll look at the weather
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today. showers showing up later and yes, we're watching for what could be hermine. this is a very ill-defined storm. this is the center of low pressure for the storm system. you can see it's not much of a system right now. the cluster of storms over here, more storms down to the south of cuba. it's really all over the place. nonetheless, we are taking a look at those current tracks or computer models, and most of them, again, are taking this out into the middle of the gulf if it the strength is down. the probability of it getting any more organized is down, but we will keep an eye on things for you nonetheless. taking a look at closer to home conditions. yes, there is potentially a storm out here in the gulf that could bring more rain to the folks along the northern gulf coast into louisiana. we saw a few showers move through last night. right now, we're left with steamy, sticky conditions.
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haven. 74 right now in brooksville. 77 for st. petersburg. 78 in tampa. brandon at 77 and 76 degrees currently at mcdill air force base. here's the high resolution rapid refresh model that gives us a good idea of when the storms will form, again, pulling over from the east coast by about 2:00 or so. we'll start to see some spotty showers then through pasco county. more through polk and then they'll pull back toward the west. by the time folks start tailgating, we could see spotty showers around through tampa, and they'll continue right up toward game time. bucs and browns are going to be out at the stadium earlier on. we'll start to see the sun come through about 89 degrees by 6:00 as folks pile in to ray jay. kickoff will be steamy about 86 degrees. partly cloudy skies, and it will remain partly cloudy through the game. it looks like a better chance
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better chances on sunday as we get more moisture in. what happens monday and tuesday is entirely up to what that storm system down around cuba does. we'll keep you posted. right now it's breezy both days, but it is too early to tell because the storm is so loosely defined. we can't tell which direction it's going to go. doesn't have turn signals like folks out on the roads. sometimes folks forget to use turn signals. any problems right now? >> no problems out there right now. no crashes or breakdowns. if you are heading out -- sorry about that. >> woops. >> mike's on. >> there we go. >> no problems out there on the roads right now. we are checking the traffic cameras all across the bay area. this is what it looks like at i-275 at bush boulevard. no crashes or breakdowns from here to downtown tampa. buckle up, we're going to take a virtual drive on i-4 heading
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downtown tampa. the junction looking great here where it meets at 275. here is a live picture. you can see the lanes wide open there. no crashes or breakdowns to slow you down opinion the veterans is looking good this morning. 12 minutes to get from van dyke to 275. see ya. 18 minutes after 5:00. new information this morning on two nuns found dead in their mississippi home. police now say they believe the women robbery. investigators found a car that went missing from the murder scene on a secluded street barely a mile from the house. officers aren't say how the nuns died. police have not yet found a motive. you saw him for years on "whose line is it myway" and tonight wayne brady brings his comedic talent to tampa.
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more racken palace theater. park admission is not included or required as that red carpet series is a separately ticketed event. still ahead, a school with campuses all over the bay area all over the investigation. the issue you that is keeping new students from enrolling. >> it appears apple is working on its own social network. chat and instagram. >> they are looking into a video sharing app that could be out next year. >> another high-tech first for president obama. >> he is becoming the first president to star in a 3d virtual reality film. it is from his recent trip to yosemite national park. >> the president himself got a preview of the film wearing a virtual reality head set
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to delivery by drone. >> predicting trial deliveries there. >> but because of restrictions in the u.s. airspace, don't expect it any time here. >> i wonder if it's still warm?
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general motors' ignition switch was not to blame for a 2011 accident that killed one driver and injured another. in this case, a family sued saying that gm ignition switch in their son's car caused him to lose control and hit and kill another driver. gm blamed the crash on the son's reckless driving saying they fixed that ignition switch problem. itt tech which has schools in the bay area is no longer allowed to with federal aid. the u.s. department of education announced that ban yesterday. itt tech has been the subject of state and federal investigation focusing on recruiting and accounting practices. department officials say it would be irresponsible to let new students enroll amid concerns about the chain's ability to operate. there are itt tech schools in tampa, st. pete and bradenton. 5:24. coming up, zika's spreading while a plan for funding is put
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local cases are detected in florida since congress took a recess. governor scott's plan is to make it a authority for them. >> and evidence that a child was choked at school putting a substitute teacher under investigation. >> good morning, everybody. we're keeping a close eye on the bridges this morning. traffic's looking great. almost nonexistent here on the courtney campbell causeway. coming up, we're going to check your drive through pinellas
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now at 5:30, this mother is furious over what happened to her 5-year-old in her classroom. the story that little girl told her and d.c.f. investigation. >> an alarming new trend in hillsborough county. crooks using unlocked car doors to break into homes. i'll detail the warnings deputies are sending out this morning. good morning and happy friday to you. thank you for starting your morning with us. we were laughing about the fact that we all match. [ laughter ]
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watching weather. any issues out there so far? >> no, no big deal. >> we're all anxious to learn about the tropics? >> no problems to report at this point. instead, we'll let you know that, hey, it's friday. eric's sending us in a nice picture to let us know that, yeah, we do have to look forward to a nice day. a nice smile on that dolphin. titan doppler radar is clear across our region. we'll back it up 12 hours or so and watch most of the storms yesterday stay off to our south. right now, we've got steamy conditions. it is 78 in tampa. 79 in clear water. st. peters with 77 degrees. winds continuing out of the north and northeast. that will bring the showers from inland to along the coast later on. taking a look at the forecast for today. we'll look for scattered showers in the afternoon. high of about 92. we'll watch that mercury zoom


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