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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 9AM  ABC  August 27, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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right now on abc action news, another deadly lightning strike in the bay area. w your family. plus the latest on the zika virus. to make sure anyone who gets a blood donation doesn't get sick. we will run down the deals available this fall and how you can get a cheaper park ticket. is no it is another week of dance practice for me. i'm dancing for charity in
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they help fight homelessness. i'm lindsey. >> we are glad you are up with abc. all of your news in just a moment, but first we should check in with weather. >> we woke up on the wrong side of the bed. >> really? what side. >> we did. the floor. >> we will turn it up. >> there will be weather, whether or as we watch the web, it seems to be open season on meteorologist. i tweeted this out. they shared us this model. we don't know. we actually do. we know that the storm that is out over the bahamas, this one here isn't really going to form into anything that is going to have a particular spin to it.
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low pressure. it will track up across florida. why do we know this? the models. it is bringing it back towards to the west. it is not form knowing anything that will of a tropical storm nature. it is 82 in tampa. winds coming in out of the east. they will continue out of the east. those will bring us some storms. 91 degrees as we hit of 90 to 91. we will start to see the showers. they will pull towards the west coast. we will have more details of where the rain will fall, who will get wet and what those storms will do. that is coming up in 15 minutes. a woman died during strong storms last night when she was struck by lightning. she was at the park when it
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she took shelter under a gazebo. they have not released her name. >> it was a shock to hear someone hit by lightning let alone a girl i have known a long time. >> this is the seventh lightning death this year. help catch a couple of thiefs in polk county. they broke into unlockes these are new pictures of who they are looking for. they stole credit cards and checks. they broke in last week. a glen mother out shopping for baby formula says she was held at gun. he is facing charges. the victim says she was loading
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when the man pulled a gun and demanded for money. she said she has a debit card for food stamps. >> i mistaked you for a girl who took money later. >> the suspect had a fake gun. she had charges for hit-and-run and shop lifting. is no they killed three suspected militants after an attack last month that left 20 people dead. they killed the suspects. the dead included one person who was behind the attack on that popular restaurant. they have been conducting raids for those who are behind the
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in it'dly after the -- italy after the diaster. they have been bringing the dead to an airport hanger where fridge trucks are being used. more than one thousand after shocks is making it hard to find survivors. they may not find any more people alive. the fda issuing a new advisory on the they want everyone screening for the virus. they only wanted three people to test for the virus. lindsey. the ex-wife of donald trump new campaign ceo says he made remark when is they were trying to get their daughter into private school. in divorce papers he is quoted saying he didn't want his girls going to school with jews.
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violence in 1996. the charges were later dropped. he took the helm last week. emails from hillary clinton private email server could be released in the next few weeks. they want the emails released before november 13. it was related to the attack. the state department says it is possible it won't find any relevant documents. heads up, day to vote early. tomorrow is the last day in hillsborough. more than 90 thousand people have voted early or mailed in their ballot. a 46-year-old man is in jail after murdering two mississippi nuns. he was charged with two counts of capitol murder. they were stabbed to death on
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mississippi. they are shocked be news. they led a life of helping the poor. >> it is sad that people come to this, whatever motivates them. my aunt and sister margaret lives their lives to give a better life to those who have nothing. >> the car was found a mile from their home. the cousin killed. the 32 women was an innocent bystander caught in crossfire. her baby was not hurt. he moved back to chicago to play for the bulls. he was involved in an espn round table discussion about violence in his hometown. >> he was on a panel talking about the violence going on within our city of chicago never
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would be the ones that would be actually living and experiencing it. >> wade did tweet about this saying in part it is another act of senseless gun violence. his nephew was shot in the leg in chicago. a league that provides an outlet for under privilege ed children. it is a nonprofit football league county. it provides scholarships that pays for registration fees, and equipment and more. >> we do fund raise screes things like that. sometimes you come up a little short. >> we posted this story on our website. you can watch it to learn how to help. that is at
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my co-pay was $290. i have to have the epipens. one way or another that has to come first. >> the story people are talking about. many people are paying money to keep themselves or their children safe. questions to ask your doctor so you can avoid the high cost of epipens. that is coming up. and coming up, the temperatures are coming up. we are going up to petersburg. we will see showers as tampa hits a high of 92. i have a complete look at forecast including a peak ahead into what that tropical is going
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oftentimes the only thing that stands between life and death in an algae attack, epipens save the lives. >> they raised the price to $600. reporter ashley found out a simple question can save you money. >>reporter: these signs mosted in's sixth grade classroom warning of her severe milk allergy. this never leaves her. it could save her life. is it comes with sticker shock. >> i have to have the epipens. one way or another, it has to come first. >> they increased the price from
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over $7. jo their main competitor epipen is now off the market, hence the price hike. you can ask for a different prescription. >> you can get a different click. the technology is different. jo if you do pay the premium for an epipen, you want to make sure it lasts. check the expiration date. >> if it if it is in a weather controlled environment. here in florida, they keep it in their car. jo you want to make sure it is clear, not cloudy. the particles could be bad. you can get a coup upon online if you -- coupon online if you have private insurance.
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or the other. >> might people might be careful to avoid foods. coming up in less than three minutes we will have a way to make easy to make snacks parents can prepare this year. >> frustrating for us, my husband has severe allergies. we looked into getting my daughter an epipen. you want it expired after six months. so what do you do? $400 for a security blanket. you may not need it or you are putting money down the garage. >> it is better safe that sorry. it is so much money. >> a rock and a hard place, that's where you are. >> absolutely. >> you said less than three minutes. i have to get to weather right
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club here talking about snacks to get around those allergies. getting around the beach, looking down there, hello, sir. stand under the shade. he is applying sun sauce. he picked up on that. he was talking about the uv index is going to be high. i guess he is watching us here at abc action news. rains will be rolling on starting about 2-30 this afternoon and pulling back from the center of the state towards the west coast. what is up in the tropics? 10% of the storm in the gulf. it will move back off towards the west soaking the louisiana coast. we are seeing gaston. it is move together east. it is moving to the north and
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to the west to the carolina coast. maybe 30% chance of investment with that storm. 4% chance investment of what is and still shall be 99l. it doesn't have a name. it doesn't have a tropical storm name. it doesn't have a number or a hurricane name because it is just not well defined. this is where it is sitting. it will pull up across florida 82 is the number from clear water to st. petersburg. the winds coming in out of the east, northeast. the showers will build and pull back across towards the west coast. by 6:00 we should see some descent rain. also -- decent rain. some cells down through here.
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which will track to the west as well. seeing rain through 90. tomorrow we will begin to see some of that moisture making its way up into florida from down south. we will see those storms and showers once again working east to the west and more into monday as well. here is our hour by hour forecast. going up to 92 by 4:00 this afternoon. there will be showersro where rain doesn't fall, it will be warmer. where it does fall, you bill in the upper 80. 87, just took a look at the most recent at the beach, two to three foot seas. again, don't forget the sun sauce. the uv index in the extreme. 11. low tied not until later
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region. we should see a decent sunset except for it is raining. here is our savin day forecast. -- seven day forecast. 7% by tuesday. holding on to those rain chances into the work week. this system will bring the moisture. not looking bad. 40% chance tomorrow on florida's most accurate seven day forecast which is available at any time on our app. guys. >> thauverg. as many of 15 million americans have an allergy. they have trouble swallowing. it can be deadly. they issue guidelines. moms and dads, you are the ones
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thank you for coming. >> thank you for having us. >> what do you have here? >> it can get all this. we made some cinnamon toast chicks. 30 minutes of your time. you roast a chick piece. roast them for 15 minutes. mix cinnamon and sugar with them. i took them away from the camera. they do smell good. that is a noise snack. >> you have a nut free snack the kids can take to school. >> chips and dip. >> this is a dip -- it is a good way to put healthy stuff in a dip. >> you disguise it. >> it has several things in there. it is nut free and dairy free. >> you sell a whole array of other things that are good for
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>> yes. i -- algas. >> yes. i brought organic milk. >> very popular. >> yes. >> we also sell a variety of yogurts. we sell frozen chicken nuggets. >> even thinking about your child having a friend with algas, these are things that anybody can share and make. kids involved in making. james and i are digging in on some of these. >> see if you can fool me. >> these look good. the recipes on our website at we are back in just a few.
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we know you cannot always be by your tv. we have the live stream. saturday rescues in action, we have a girl and a boy and a girl and a boy dog. who did you bring along with you? >> i've got rose. >> rose, and this is a female.
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mix. sweetest dog ever. >> and melissa, who do you have? >> this is crews. he is two. he is also very sweet. you are from second chance friends. >> yes. >> these were obviously not boxers today. we were told she was a boxer when we got the call. >> they live together. they live together. they are good friends. they are in border. they get along great. you have someog boarding and some in the rescue. >> we are dealing with 4 dogs that will be us. >> how are we doing this time of year? is it an increased time, they go back into school and the dogs tend to just end up with you guys? >> our adoption applications increase. they come back from vacation and
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adoptions do go up, but we are still getting strays. >> rose, you have a nice shot there. come around and give you your best side. >> how do people get in touch with you? . >> they can go to our website. you will see all of the dogs that we have in the rescue on there. there are two lynx. there are the box screes everyone else. you will find them on t you can apply on the website. thank you for bring nothing rose and crews. if you want more information, get in touch with them on the website. thank you for coming in.
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welcome back. i'm james. just about 9:30. here are this morning top stories. a women killed by a lightning strike. she took shelter under a gazebo. lightning struck that gazebo and killed her. police are looking for a woman and two men they say broke into two cars.
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they tried to withdraw money. they also tried to cash a check. they were anyway ford truck. they want everyone to start screening sfrt zika -- in the zika virus. the fda told blood centers to immediately stop collecting donations until they could start screen forgive each unit of blood. now all u.s. blood banks will be screening for the virus. lindsey and bill. >> james, thanks. we are on facebook live screaming. come over and -- screening. come on over. >> i see a giant game. >> you going to get in on that action? . >> look behind me. is that not a beautiful sunrise? >> beautiful.
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harbor. those are some of the nice pictures we get on twitter that we are able to send out on facebook. follow us, please. it is a way to have your viewing pleasure throughout day on your action news station. we are seeing a noise look. blue skies, a few clouds, but wonderful weather for getting out on the water. it calms things down on the east winds. we're looking at really nice conditions after we cleared out from last night's storms that moved from the west to the east. currently 82 in tampa. plante city, we're at lake placid. that is the coolest spot we can find as we start moving the
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on. that is when the storms begin. those storms will move from the center of the state back towards the west coast. they will linger around until 9. bill, thank you. video from georgia. right after a roller coaster collapsed at a county fair. several parents are holding the ride up so it didn't fall on the children. two kids had to be the ride. there were no serious injuries. right now there is an investigation into how this happened. is no a family that recently moved into their home found a questionable clause in the rule book. it is a whites only clause. the foster family says it violation federal law. it basically states that no one other than white people can live
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are employed by a white homeowner in the neighborhood. this is ridiculous. it is a rule on the books since the homes were built in the 60s. tfrnths is embarrassing me. that is ridiculous. >> yeah, neighborhood leaders say they are working on getting it out of the books. a boy is safe after hopping out of a school bus traffic. the bus driver trying to chase after the boy. couldn't catch him. a police officer spotted him and got him into a crewser. they are suing a gun range after a child shot and killed his father. the gun structure was helping the child. it recoiled and hit the
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and should be held responsible. the donald trump app may put america first, but it may not be putting privacicy first. it stores information from your contact list from the initial setup. they are asked to provide access to contacts. you can change the setting, but people don't always do that. security experts tell us they are concerned about the data gathering on the app. they looked at the hillary clinton app. it is not something that pops up during setup. is no if you get your grocery at pub licks, there is a fresh vegetable recall you need to know about so you and your family don't get sick. some of the products could be con unanimous natured. it has best use august 7-19. there are bell peppers, stuffed
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produce section. for more information check out our mobile app. it pays to be a disney pass holder or a friend of one. they can get discounts. it is a way day pass for $79 and it gets you into all the parks, magic kingdom included. one day for will cost $111-132. do you remember how big of a hit the sweet potato pies were. if you don't, watch this. >> patty, when you [ indiscernible ]. it feels like heaven. mmmm. >> wait for it. >> [ screaming ] >> look, i love pie.
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okay? he has another reason to sing. more pies are coming to walmart. she is expanding her line to three clob lers. it running from $7-10. the spike in crashes on a certain stretch of i-4. we know what a nightmare of a road that is from the east coast. the dangerous month, day and time for you to hit the road. and looking to sprayers up your -- spruce up your house, we will have an expert. we will show you simple products at a low cost. it is a party with a purpose. the pomp ta -- tampa dancing
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stretches every dollar. we'll be right back.
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it is a salute to first sponsors until august 31s photo id. military families getting treatment. they are offering free admission to the military through labor day. admission is on us this friday for the largest home show.
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some of us will have three
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fun? create something? be productive. we like to be productive. >> at lowest we love to have people -- lowes we can help you bring your ideas to life. >> show us your stuff. we like this. if you like what you see, go to lowes and they will tell you exactly how to make it. it is self e >> this is how you play it. >> you pull it out. >> i want to invite torch come on set to play. dan, the next thing, you want. we were kids, you can grab it and explain. they would measure your height and put a mark on the door frame or something. >> uh-huh. >> this is a solution to that. you want things to be -- bill, please go ahead.
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without pen marks. what do you do? >> you get a piece of wood. we made a milestone rule to put on the equal. >> i like this. >> you have to put it up six inches because of the baseboard. they can take this into your home. >> this is a great. >> simple wall decor. >> she wanted something nice the wall. i figured i would go down. i took a piece of select pine. wrap some string. >> what does she thing? . >> she loves it. >> i made something like that in third grade. my mom still h. it made me feel young again. he signed it down here. we wanted to show this. you made a little somethin
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ever on a log cabin. i love it. >> broke some wood and stained it. >> last thing. you need to put it up there. >> how is the game going back here? >> we are doing okay. think is a photo. >> yes, we call it that. >> do you want to see this? . >> i took a regular tremendouslyis. i put a couple of each. this is how lindsey and i see each other with the laser as. -- eyes. there is me with the lightning girls. that was a good day. >> i bet. >> that was a great day. those are great ideas. like we said, if you like what you saw, did we win the game yet?
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>> [ screaming ] >> maybe stan not a good player. he has good ideas. go to lowes and check it out.
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welcome back. we're taking a live look this morning new numbers are showing that crashes in this area have gone up 50% in the cleft four years. they dug into the data and discovered the four most dangerous toils for you to drive this stretch of road. . >> reporter: these days on i-4 is between the drivers, the war.
9:47 am
85. >> reporter: six lanes of eastbound and westbound. >> in my drive through here, there's always accidents. >> reporter: it is every man for himself. >> it is stressful. people are in a hurry. they have one thing on their mind. >>reporter: crashes have increased every year from 62 wreckness 201 to 92 accidents in 20114, a 5% increase. july is to drive this stretch of i-4, 52 accidents in four :52 accidents in four years. most accidents happen at 70 a.m. and 5 p.m. the most dangerous day, the day you love the most. >> we found out monday where the day most accidents happen. >>reporter: monday? >> monday. >>reporter: i can't explain that. a lot of people say this is the problem. when you get on the other side
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immediately. it is followed by a curve. combine that with traffic volume and weather, you have the perfect storm. let's be honest, it is also the texting and driving. do you see that? >> you're seeing a large use of cell phones today. jo we broke it down to age group. drivers between 20-24 are getting involved in the most accidents i-4. abc action news. all right, paul, thanks very much. i was heading through that part of town, i saw one of those accidents. it looked like someone had been texting and they were right in the back of the truck in front of them. we have the gulf of mexico. beautiful clear waters. it looks like they are looking
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anyway, they left their beach pails back on the sand. should be a good day to do that. it should be a good day to get out to the park. tampa bay family tweeting out a really nice place. this is out in that area. really beautiful park. a lot of folks head out there when it is warm. today will definitely be a nice day to do that. that water is refreshing. the water is warm in the gulf of mexico. we are seeing the spin in the northern gulf with an area of unsettled weather. 30-40% chance of investment of other storms which is move together north and east. this is off to the south. it is going to continue working its way back to the carolina
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here for investment. it looked earlier this week that it would turn into a tropical storm or a hurricane. it will bring moisture up throughout florida straights into our neck of the woods monday and tuesday. we watched those storms pull across over the past 24 hours. temperatures are in the 70s gone up to the low 80s. we have 83 as well. down to sarasota and northport, it is 84. now, it looks like the temperatures further inland will stay cooler today because that's where the storms will build-up first. as you work your way further
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94 in this area. they will hit 93. why? here's why. we will watch those showers build earlier in the afternoon. they will work their way back across. it will take a while for them to move into the area and into our northern neighbors. the heating of the day will allow those temperatures to go up more. by 70 we will have showers. they will linger until 9 or weather for you. starting off with temperatures in the water about 88. it will be up to about 87 with those storms working their way in later this afternoon. uv index is in the extreme category at 11. heat will be in the extreme category because it feels like triple digits. we get more moisture in
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into the upper 80s. over night lows will be in the upper 70s. we will start to see a clearing and a return to normal by the end of the week. it changes due to the tropical moisture moving in monday, tuesday, and wednesday. we will keep you updated on any of that tribal on a -- i use the term star loosely. i am one of the dancers. i purchased man heals. we are making progress in our ro teen. vote online. it is a dollar to vote. every single dollar goes to charity. we are spotlighting this charity.
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homeless. you can imagine how effective it is. it is run by the sheriff's office require welcome in sergeant zak of the sheriff's office. when we hear the term, what does that consist of? . >> what we do is we offer the homeless resen alternative of incarceration. they can come here instead. >> we talk about safe halve for homeless people, one thing is important to bring up, this is an interesting contrast, it is glamorous, but you have the conditions here that the homeless have to live in. if they are on the street, they may commit a crime.
9:54 am
the street, off the streets. >> absolutely. >> if they are committing a nonviolence crime, it gives them an opportunity to come to the shelter, they get hot meals and a safe place to lay their head. >> what way does it differ from a homeless shelter? >> they have criterias, hours of operation where they are we accept homeless residents in 24/7. our admission criteria is low. >> the last thing would be 47 people it could potentially house. can you explain how effective that number is? >> that number is huge when you have a population of over 3000 every year. we have them under our roof. we are taking them off the
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danger for going to jail for simple crimes. >> making their lives better, making the area better. thank you so much for being us with -- with us. >> thank you very much. yufrnlths can go to their website and to learn more about the it you can go to hands across the bay. vote for me or really any of the dancers. all that money is going to the
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now at havertys furniture, it's our labor day sale. where you can create the perfect home. from now until september 5th, you'll find huge savings on stylish pieces. get free delivery, plus an extra hundred-dollars off every thousand-dollars you spend. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. the labor day sale is on now, at havertys.
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there is a look at your seven day forecast. it will be hot and sticky today and tomorrow. watching those rain chances ramp up as we start to see more moisture of what is currently down in the tropics. >> thanks see you tomorrow.
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