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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 8AM  ABC  August 28, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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for. time now for florida's most accurate forecast. we look outside from the rivergate tower camera and we see the low deck of clouds dissipate and more of the blue skies as we look into downtown tampa. let's shift gears from st. pete. let's shift gears again and watch the web and see what's going on with the latest on -- 99-l. it looks like everyone who is including the folks at accuweather are saying this has a banded structure center and what does that mean. it is getting better organized. you can see some organization to that and if all of that holds together we will see a spin and that is why we're sending folks out for macdill air force base later today from the hurricane hunter base at macdill to try to check this out. very latest on the storm shows
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center. if you can point at the center here is where we would be. 35 miles per hour to the wind . latest hurricane models are divergent. there are two different schools of thought. if this holds together moving to the florida straits over the warm water it would track further to the gulf. if it doesn't hold together and if it stays loosely organized it will kind of hug the coast and work its way towards us with nothing but bands again we are keeping an eye on things and let you know what will happen as this makes its way towards us. checking out the current conditions now, buck's cheerleaders right there. 80 tampa, 81 clearwater and st. petersburg. winds out of the east today. it looks like we will see a little bit more of a northerly component so we will get showers into the northern
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springhill through parts of hernando county. not seeing much in the way of rain. they will get showers today as we look for 50% coverage through the afternoon and evening. tomorrow we get more moisture to build out from the south but the winds will be coming in from the east so by mid afternoon tomorrow pretty good chance of some significant storms coming down through parts of pasco county into hillsborough and pulling in towards pinellas. the commute tomorrow evening could be a wet one as the bands of showers continued this way. i want to show you this, this is the euro model showing the potential for accumulation of rain. now through wednesday and upwards of 4 inches and maybe more and again that is with the euro model that brings this storm system or storm blob of the coast. again everything is subject to change. we will keep an eye on that forecast and whether hurricane hunters find to the south
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i will tweeted out. there is my email address if you have questions. throughout the day we will keep an eye on things. 91 is the high today and the showers will come after we see the heating of the day. up to 90 on the beaches and don't forget before the rains come to you the index is in the extreme category. here is board is most accurate 70. 70% chance of showers both monday and tuesday and we will back the rain chances off wednesday or so but it will be a wet one between middle of the workweek. as we prepare for the beginning of the tampa bay buccaneers season this thursday night there wrapping up the preseason and i had in atlanta for the beginning of the 2016 season. i will introduce a man who needs no introduction. he is big nasty and he is right here in studio with us. what
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and spent have to pay check on a few beers and go home. you take it to a new level. >> you come in big nasty and put me on a whole new platform and you do a bunch of things out there. charity work and making the game day experience better than it's ever been for everybody. >> you are actually in the pro football hall of fame. you were in the hall of fans. you are. >> very proud and honored to be part of that. 1999 walter payton is that got with the hall of fame to get that started. and throughout the years there has been multiples. melody for gursky and the captain tim young and jc nasty. and buck nuts. what is crazy, -- you can't. >> you look back and there wasn't a face painter back then. now look at it.>> if you have water proof face paint which you might need, so you actually have a real name.
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it is keith. >> it is keith. that is my true name. you can call me nasty or big nasty. i'm all good. >> we've had folks trying to guess what you do for a living. we've had great gases. we will see this. this is not your paid profession to go to the bucs games. people have guest are you a gravedigger. >> i love it. >> a daycare worker. >> a priest.>> [ i will be doing my sermon in this. yoga instructor. >> i got that going. [ laughter ]. >> gynecologist. >> that is not a good thing. >> what do you really do for a living. >> i am a financial advisor. >> you want me to trust you with my money.>> i put my game face on when it comes to
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quarterback in the second year and you put the franchise on the kids back. >> james is the man baby. you know what, he is no mcnabb, i can guarantee you that. he is definitely not. >> i was born and raised outside of philly. joined big nasty every game day and check out his facebook feed, he is big nasty. in the hall we will be back after this.
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a lot of time anchors will say look at your screen now. important information. if you have been with us you have seen forecast. you know it will get wetter as we start the workweek monday and tuesday. that is not what i want you to look at. i want you to look at what big nasty has done to james and me. >> i said i love the face paint. are we buck's fans >> you guys look great. >> we are rodeo clowns. [ laughter ].>> it looks good. >> when he says you gave me two minutes i didn't know this is what i would get.>> two minutes on the break we did that.>> go
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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. war of words. >> hillary clinton is a bigot. >> a man with a long history of racial discrimination should never run out government. >> both candidates t toughest jabs yet. as donald trump makes a blunt appeal to minority voters. >> what the hell do you have to lose? give me a chance. >> after a big flip on immigration. >> there certainly can be a softening. >> where does trump really stand? and can clinton answer new questions about donors to her foundation? this morning, key supporters on each side. new jersey governor chris


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