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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  August 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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now at 6:00, a home invasion leaving two burglars shot. but a surprising twist leaves another man in trouble too. >> pinellas possible heavy rains over florida. sand bag stations are open. exactly where you can fill up, coming up. >> good evening. thank you for joining us. >> we begin with the weather, tropical depression has just formed over the florida keys. >> we'll head to meteorologist bill logan. bill, tell us about it. >> i will tell you about it as soon as mr. announcer is done speaking.
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different tropical depressions form. this one actually predated this one here. we've got one moving toward the carolinas, one that is going to be of interest to us. this is going to be tropical depression number nine, what we have been referring to as invest 99l. it could be hermine. it could be, well, heading into the gulf as a tropical storm and then back toward the big bend area by thursday and into friday. the good it has gotten a little bit better developed so it is moving further out. the bad news is it will come in north of us and bring rain later in the week. we are getting rain right now. as a matter of fact we are seeing pretty good lightning strikes offshore, over 1300 in the past half hour as the storm system moves through hillsborough and pinellas. there are showers in blooming dale, apollo beach, downtown tampa and a few located by
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but they have moved quickly across as easterly winds continue. we are looking now at temperatures in the mid to upper 80s, still cooling, 88 tampa, 86 clear water in st. petersburg with winds out of the east and southeast. tonight we will take that 86 down to 78 by morning. not as rainy tomorrow. it will be a lot like today as the storm tracks further west. we've got more rain in the forecast, and it's going to take longer to get rid of it. i will show you seven day coming up. >> we know you are keeping a close eye on it. as we track the tropics many residents are certainly worried and preparing for possible flooding. >> reporter: it's been a slow, steady stream of people. we had a few families finishing filling bags today. part of the challenge of course has been to try and stay dry
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the sand bags. we have seen quick rounds of rain moving through. the sand pile is looking more like a mud pile as a result of all of that. as we checked with people showing up earlier, this guy showing up as one of the rounds came through, got a little drenched as he was doing that. they've opened up three sand bag sites. gulf port has one. st. pete will open up a couple more tomorrow morning. with predictionsf of people wanted that jump start early this afternoon on picking up the sand bags they need. one family told us they're used to the threat of flooding and know during hurricane season anything can happen so it is good to be ready for it. >> we live in a flood zone on a lake. we need to prepare for rain to be bad. we put in a pool so the backyard is a mess. we don't want it to overflow in
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lot of dirt. >> reporter: the site here in pinellas will remain open through dusk. if you are able to catch a break in the rain, it is good to come out. right now it may not be a good idea because it's starting to pick up. a couple more sites will be opening tomorrow. we have a full list on our website and also on our facebook page. be sure to share that with your friends. a tree falls on seminole and did a fair amount of damage in the back of the home. there is no word on what caused that tree to fall. deputies make an arrest for carjacking last sunday, arresting the man close to where they say he committed the crime. a witness of the carjacking recognized his face at a convenience store. 41 year old sean mclaughlin is facing several charges including armed robbery and
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employee of bone fish grill, approaching her in the parking lot, stealing her car and then crashing it. chicago police charged two people with the murder of dwayne wade's cousin. the two offenders are 22 year old sorels and his 26 year old brother. both have done time and have a long criminal history. both are on parole for vehicle theft. wade was on her way to register her kids in caught in cross fire. detectives are investigating a home invasion where two suspected burglars were shot once they got inside. >> deputies say the shooter could be in trouble too. this isn't your typical stand your ground case. >> reporter: this looks like a normal house. there are kids' toys outside. no kids lived here. the only person here was a guy protecting the crop. this is another example of how
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trouble you have is watching for the peacocks the sound of gun shots and sight of drugs is especially disturbing. >> this family is all over the neighborhood. >> reporter: maybe that's why the drug dealers picked this location, to stay off the radar. >> i didn't see anything out of the ordinary. >> reporter: ordinary turned unordinary saturday evening. detectives say two men drove up from miami to break into this grow house. they were stephanie am os lives three doors down. >> it's insane to think about. i had no idea. this neighborhood is such a quiet nice neighborhood. everybody waves at you when you go down the street. i would never have imagined. >> reporter: most people don't. here are a few red flags. homes with security cameras, high privacy fences, window covers and also random power surges could indicate a grow house next door. for now there is one less drug
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don't have to worry about gun shots at 11:00 at night waking my kids up. >> reporter: the two shot are in the hospital. police say they are not cooperating. the man who shot them ran away and is still on the run. over in west palm, reports of gun shots fired also turns into a hit and run case. when officers got to the neighborhood they found a woman struck by a car and the driver was nowhere to be found. they say she tried to run after hearing th there is no word on what prompted the shooting. her injuries are not life threatening. coming up at 6:00, a couple in love posting this selfie. what happened just one day after taking the photo that shattered lives. >> later, lives on the line. a mom and her two sons terrified after a man tried breaking into their home. the unusual weapon they found
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do you want your college aged students to do better in class? who doesn't, right? this answer may sound shallow. it could boil down to a good looking teacher. that's what researchers at the university of nevada found. they dis remembered more from teachers they found attractive. but the most surprising here, researchers say it's not fueled by sexual interest. rather, mother nature. this is saying people are drawn to people with good looks. that is consistent with mounds of previous research. a michigan mom and her sons fight off an intruder with an odd weapon. the woman's 11 year old son came across the intruder trying
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pepper sprayed the man. it had no effect on him. that's when things went to the next level. >> i grabbed the sword and ran at the guy as fast as i could with the full intention of doing as much damage to him as possible. >> that's right, a sword. they don't know who the guy was that came in but mom has since went out and purchased a gun. a billboard in austin, texas has a lot of people talking. it's got a lot of people talking across the country. at first like a political ad prominently featuring donald trump and hillary clinton. it's actually a realtor pushing business. the caption reading "leaving the country after the election? we can sell your home ." the realtor got the idea after comments on social media. he never expected all the attention from his board. still ahead on action news at 6:00, a first round of cuts
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but the long ball bailed them
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welcome back.
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after saving a man from being hit by a train. you see the officer struggling with the man. he doesn't seem to want to get help. the man finally gets him off in time before the train rolls through. the man jumped on the tracks as the police officer got to the scene. meanwhile, in port orange, the love of a happy couple turns sour after one fiance kills the other. 24 year old clausen posted this a day later she's killed. davis is charged with killing clausen. police say the couple lived together with two kids. davis is the father of one of the kids and the other is from a previous relationship. the two were fighting about child custody and shortly after neighbors heard gun shots. >> i thought someone was banging on the wall. after that i didn't hear any
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shopping center before driving his car into a tree. let's lighten the mood, shall we st. petersburg. >> sounds good. >> it took not one but two creative rescue attempts and thanks to persistent firefighters a kitten is free from a storm drain after being stuck there for two days. here is the kitty posing with her rescuers. it took a lot of effort getting the kitten out of the under ground drain. crews tried making a towel, using food as a lure. when that didn't work they sprayed water lightly into a drain trying to get the kitty in a net. >> they don't like water. >> success. it worked. the kitten is safe and sound and reunited with the owner. that cat is down to seven lives. >> good thing he got out of the drain before the heavy rain.
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through. they're mostly moving in the gulf but we have more rain on the way this week. good times. there are the clouds out there, river gate tower cam showing some pretty interesting shots of those showers that are still moving through, looking off to the south and east, we still do see that. we've seen big time rains moving through. let's take a look at the weather headlines. the tropics are bubbling. we knew this would come. we knew we had trouble makers out there. we got not only eight but nine as far as the tropical depressions are concerned. we could have tropical storm hermine by this time tomorrow. here are showers moving through. you see them, boom, right through the coast. as we saw on the tower cam shot, there are the remnants right there left as they're continuing to move off to the west. look at this! starting to get a spin, right? that means things are coming
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what was up until today 99l, invest 99l. we can now call it tropical depression number nine, an area of low pressure. statistics show 35-mile per hour winds still at 1009 mill bars, still a depression moving west at nine. here is a look at the most logical path as most of the spaghetti models take this offshore now that it's got better the current track officially from the national hurricane center as a tropical storm moving into the center of the gulf and hitting some of the warm water, staying strong, and keeping those winds at about 50 miles per hour as it comes on shore around the big bend area. thursday at 4:00 in the afternoon. we still have that cone of uncertainty that takes it through tampa bay. we never follow the line. it is going to be something we keep an eye on. certainly with all the rain
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because we could have rain amounts up to and over four inches. you saw the showers come through. rain-cooled air is behind where the rain has been. we have 88 in tampa and ellen ellenton. 92 in arcadia. for the next 24 hours we'll see clouds and showers build up. across the state they will be moving and we'll watch those as we get more of an intense build up of moisture and bring us better chances of rain into the latter part of the work week and that curbs back toward us. rainfall through tomorrow. maybe a quarter of an inch. through tuesday, looking for a half an inch. wednesday, over an inch and a half. by friday, we could have some totals in our southern areas upwards of five to six inches.
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here. not tonight. it's looking like things will clear as we head to 82 by midnight. we'll look for the overnight low or first thing in the morning low tomorrow morning of about 78 degrees. you see as we look at the seven- day forecast, plenty rain for the next seven days right through the weekend before we finally get rid of that system and get back to normal. broo looking to avoid the sweep. if there is one guy tampa bay wants on the mound when it faces astros is chris archer. he ended leading in strike outs and a 3-2 record in his career. he received big run support early. mayly, an rbi double. beckham scores. houston would get to archer in
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middle. astros trail 4-3. the score was the same until the 8th. we have lift off and houston, we have a problem. a two run dinger to give the rays breathing run. duffy's first home run in a rays uniform. remember he was acquired in the matt moore trade last month. somebody has been lifting. look at this. dickerson drove the second deck facade, three run shot. rays are up and avoid the sweep. rays head to boston for a three game set starting tomorrow. now that the third preseason game is behind the buccaneers it's time to start trimming the roster. they said good-bye to 12 players cutting the roster to 77.
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jeremiah george, andre davis. the bucs cut the punter from last season. this is cutter's first time cutting players as head coach in the nfl which makes the moves even tougher. >> i am not looking forward to that part of the week. i am anxiously looking forward to the season starting. the guys we have here have given us what we have asked them to. they have worked hard. this is a bu good-bye to a few guys this week and by the end of the week, a few more. that's not the fun part by any means. >> the teams need to trim rosters to 75 by tuesday and 53 saturday for the final preseason game played between the two dates. friday night's dominant win showcased tampa bay's offense in special teams and the spectacular play by the
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tampa bay defense in a preseason since 2000. this is the perfect performers by defense before the season opener in atlanta. >> playing together, feeding off each other. when you rest as a unit, not as individuals, that type of stuff can happen. >> september 11 is coming soon. we are going to be away. we're going to go up there and get a win, we'll the run. >> the season opener is on the 11th. stay tuned. the news returns after this
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we're going to have all the updates
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on >> thank you so much for
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welcome to "world news tonight." outrage in chicago. two brothers charged with gunning down the cousin of an nba superstar. one just released from jail, still wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet. tonight, the emotional plea from the city's top cop. >> when will enough be enough? pilots arrested just moments before takeoff. accused of being too drunk to fly. plus, investigators on the scene of that emergency landing for a southwest flight. a piece of the engine ripped right off. the charter bus crash that left a fire chief dead. the mangled wreckage. and now, the shocking discovery about who was behind the wheel of that bus. the desperate call to 911. and the frustrated dispatcher on


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