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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  August 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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what we've been waiting for for over a week to get a tropical depression and we of the
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he's really going to be a mess because you don't find a dead person like that often. >> tampa police warning one of their own as a veteran officer dies in a the impact it had. a major makeover, the massive construction project starting tomorrow and how could impact your commute for the next year. we begin tonight with the tampa police officer's death. the officer fred arnold was killed in an off-duty scuba diving accident.>> we are live
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>> reporter: and very deep loss -- a very deep loss, and veteran of the force for 27 years and not only is he being remembered as an outstanding officer, but being thanked for the incredible impact he had on hundreds of young lives.>> in this photo you can catch a glimpse of what so describe of the warm heart of fred arnold. some of that also on display for tv cameras.>> he was approachable and nice and quiet. his laugh was infectious.>> she is one of hundreds of teens meant toward by officer arnold through the years.
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huge difference in her daughter's life. >> she wanted to give up a couple of times, but he was always there and basically a father figure but also a man and police officer figure to encourage her.>> his determination to see her succeed has worked. she is in college studying to be a police officer. even without him to keep pushing her, she knows he is leaving a lasting legacy. >> i believe he planted a lots of seeds and a lot of young people will hold onto the memory of him.>> we are expecting to hear from some of his colleagues coming up
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arrangements. we go to a traffic alert. and major makeover begins tomorrow which could impact your commute for the next year. crews started prepping the area on friday. it could be blocked off but city officials tell us $35 million will be worth it. it will be torn up and turned into a two way road. the plan also includes more on street parking spots and bike lanes. there's a whole website dedicated to helping you maneuver through the process. you can go to our website at
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date tomorrow like we did today. we will have fast-moving storms moved through and basically we are clear. as we go over here and take a look at the weather headlines, we will be looking at the tropics starting to cook. we are starting to see a lot of activity including something that will impact us to the work week. tropical depression nine, it's going to rain a lot. there is some uncertainty right here, tampa stance to get a good deal of water. will take a look at that forecast coming up. northeast winds in tampa 83 degrees with winds out of the east at 70 miles per hour.
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take a look at your screen for the temperatures. as we continue to track the tropics, many residents are preparing for possible flooding. this man tried to fill up a few bags this afternoon. pinellas county opened up some sandbag sites. cp will open to morning. we will have heavy rainfall for several days. -- st. petersburg will open up tomorrow morning. we will have heavy rainfall for several days. >> we are in a flood zone so we need to prepare. we just put in a pool so the
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close at sundown tonight. we have a full list of all of the sandbag locations on our website and mom arrested in pinellas county for leaving her kids alone in a hotel. investigators say she could -- she wanted to party and drink. their mother entered a private party and began threatening staff. she is facing charges of neglect. one person dies at a gas plant. the explosion sounded like a truck hit the plant. all workers had to be evacuated but residents do not have to leave their homes. detectives are investigating a home invasion where the suspected burglars were shot inside.
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well. this house was full of marijuana plants. detectives say the owner -- the suspects broke into the house and were greeted by gunshots.>> it's insane to me that i had no idea that this was going on. i would never have imagined.>> the home invasion suspects are still in the hospital that they aren't cooperating with investigators. the man who shot them ran away. deputies make an arrest for carjacking last sunday finding the man not far away. witness of the carjacking recognized his face at a convenience store. the man you see here, he now faces several charges including armed robbery and grand theft. last weekend he threatened an
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and stole her car. chicago police have charged these two people with the murder of nykea aldridge. the two offenders darwin sorrells jr. and derren sorrells both have done time for long criminal histories. both are on parole for vehicle theft and gun charges. she was killed friday on her way to register her kids to school -- she was only 32 years old. the love of the seemingly happy couple turns sour after one fianci kills the other.>> the day before she was murdered she posted this smiling selfie with her fianci. the man now charged with killing her. >> it's awful because she is a
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mother to two children. the couple lived together at this apartment and davis was the father to one of the kids and the other child was from a previous relationship. according to the report, the couple was arguing friday night about their relationship. davis told detectives the fight became physical and he admitted shooting her at least two times. the neighbor session -- says he heard shots. >> i thought someone was banging on the wall. >> police say davis took off with the two kids abandoning them at the shopping center before driving his car into the stream -- for into this -- into this tree. the children are in the
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services custody. he is charged with her murder. >> my heart goes out to the family.>> that was matched gutman reporting. someone fired gunshots downtown and they're looking for the driver and try to figure out who started firing guns in the area. no one has come forward with any information. the woman is expected to survive. donald trump's campaign manager says backbiters will be seeing more of them and they should be ready to participate. the manager came forward about plans on fox this morning. >> i pledge to you and everybody who was watching that those events are being planned and we are very excited about them. >> the move comes as trump
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saying he isn't reaching out to black voters. a billboard in austin texas has a lot of people talking. take a look at it. it's actually a realtor pushing his business. the realtor says he got the idea after reading comments on social media but he never imagined all of the attention on his board. still to come, omission put on volunteers headed to baton rouge crashed before getting -- still to come, a mission put on
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a bus carrying flood relief victims crashes on the way to baton rouge. two people are dead and the bus driver was driving illegally
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the driver not a legal citizen of the united states. the bus plowed into firefighters who were on the scene of another accident. local fire chief was killed was another person. -- along with another person. two people are shot and killed in texas. police found the bodies of two men in the foyer of an apartment. they believe the murders could be over drugs. take a look at this, a tree falls on the house and did a fair amount there's no word yet on what caused the tree to fall. a touching story, a bone marrow recipient and donor meet for the first time. was all smiles and hugs and tears when the two met for the first time. they had to wait until they knew if the transplant worked. they met in jacksonville.
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thursday and that's what some amazon employees will be saying. they have decided to make the weekends longer. they're experimenting with a 30 hour work week. a few dozen people will work monday through thursday. additional hours will make up the rest of the hours. tracking the tropics. >> i have. i will show you the court in its of what became tropical depression number eight. it reminds me of what i was doing back in 1984 this time of year. hurricane diana along north carolina, against that's when i
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>> -- of the weather. a lot of rains came through and we are watching the different sources. i just tweeted this one out. >> what are you looking >> satellite and radar from today we watched the storms bloom and then pulled back. everything cleared out and we are still watching this, it is getting circulation and here's the center of low pressure. it's moving to the west at nine
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here are the spaghetti models. taking it further out into the golf of mexico -- into the gulf of mexico, here is the current track from the national hurricane center. take a look at your screen. just to the north of tampa with 60 mile per we want to pay attention to this area here. we will see a good amount of rain. they did find the winds up to 36 miles per hour. here's a look at what we are doing right now. we are seeing clear skies and warm temperatures of 83 degrees. the future cast to marshaling rains coming in quickly from
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showing rains coming in quickly from the east. tuesday a lot more rain expected. here's what we are looking at as far as predictions of rainfall totals. take a look at your screen. will start to see the increase -- we will start to see the numbers increase as the week goes on. a lot of rain is coming over the next several days. tomorrow it will look a lot like today. we will push the temperatures up into the 80s. take a look at your screen for
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we will start to see an onshore flow with more moisture coming in by wednesday and thursday. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. 60% chance of showers for tomorrow. the temperatures will fall as the week wednesday will be our rainiest day. things will clear out by friday and next weekend looks back to normal. a 40% chance of rain on saturday in a 30% chance of rain on sunday. still to come, chris archer
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to a few guys by this week and we will say goodbye to a few more. >> that week is here and they have already started to trim the buccaneers roster. they cut 12 players to get the roster down to 77. they also let go of the punter from last year. take a look at your screen. this is the first time cutting players as an nfl head coach.>> the guys we have here have given us what we asked them to put this is a business so that's not going to be the fun part.
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cut down their rosters but the defense was just fantastic in the win on friday against cleveland. they showcased their special teams but the defense was better. they recorded five sacks in the first half with a total of eight for the game. >> playing together and feeding off of each other. when you work as a unit that type of stuff can happen.>> we will be away so we have to go out there and get a win. the rays are looking to avoid a sweet. they face the astros.
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in strikeouts -- they lead the american league in strikeouts. he knocks it off the wall and comes back and scores. houston would get archer in the fourth. jason castro rips it up the middle they trail 4-3. we have lift off in houston we have problem. the first home run and tampa bay was up 6-3. checkout where corey dickerson hits this. a three run shot they are up 9-
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-->> it shows how a leader can be and wehave to continue to stay in every kid that plays baseball dreams of playing in williamsport pennsylvania. the championship game new york versus south korea. new york on the run he bangs the wall what they play. he gets a home run. new york is up. he gets the punch to seal the
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here's the thing, we have all of these graphics ready, but it looks like we will have to keep an eye on these systems.
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