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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  August 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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today, the tropics are heating up to say the least, i'm going to show you what the possib iacts and timing for the storm could be right here. plus, a local police ficer fused service takes to social media. >> i should've never said it >> the events that led up to the officer -- that moment. using this wild presidential election to booze business? >>/boost -- used business -- boost business? it is time for
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right now, we are talking about the tropical depression. that is our biggest concern. hillsborough county, hernando, pass go, pinelm sted here -- pa in pinellas are all listed here. -- and pinellas are all listed here. >> yes, you can see, this is bring in shay. habitat -- tracking the storm. >> yes, this has been a tricky system. and as we take a look at what's going on, this is just our typical afternoon storm. but, there is some tropical moisture. so we are widespread today. but we really will not start to see the impacts of that potential tropical storm until wednesday
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so let's go ahead and take a wider look at what's going on right now. we have are very usual southern -- summer pattern. these are working their way and our direction. we do ve aitge than what we have seen lately, but this will taper off later this evening and then copy will be left with dry conditions. our typical pattern, heavy downpours, thunder and lightning, and right now that is pet -- is impacting into pascoe county. so, let's talk tropics. have a couple we are not going to deal with guest on -- guest on -- gaston. and, if you're heading out towards the outer banks you want to pay attention to that system. pay attention to travel plans
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this is the one that i want to you the current track four. it does look like it is moving away from the western portions there is very heavy rainfall there. but right at this point still 35 miles per hour maximum sustained winds. so it's still a tropical depression and at some point over the next 12 to 24 hours it is likely to become a tropical storm. as he moves north and eventually off to the east, looks like it will intensify rapidly. remember, i said 35 miles per hour maximum sustained winds. but by thursday, it will be up to 65 miles per hour . there's enough time between now and then for enough variation and certainly variation and timing. i think we are really looking at the impact to the tampa bay area between wednesday and thursday. and then, we will move across the state of florida where it
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so, that would be the second impact from a tropical system within a week. so that is certainly an area that we would want to keep a close eye on. if you have friends or family or any travel plans. in ourre rain, wind, coastal flooding, tornadoes, those are all a possibility. that's all coming up. a lot to keep our eyes on. in the meantime, the storm has the potential to be deceptively destructive. i mean, because it may not feel like a big deal but if we get three state -- straight days of rain flooding will be a real threat. so now, we will look at supply list that you need before it's >> it may not be raining here right now, but you may remember a little bit more than a year ago when this is what it looked
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with the threat of a tropical storm, you do not want to wait until the last minute to get prepared. and, they say people normally do. i met one man who said this tropical strong -- storm is just what he needed to shop for a new generator. >> but occasionally mother nature will. and, the power will go out for a short time. >> even if you're not investing in a new generator just yet want to have the basics at home. and, you will want to get the supplies now before the heaviest rain stts. my baby was just shot. they just came into the drive- by shooting in my house. >> so much emotion, that is the mother of a one-year-old baby
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she is no gang associate. a surveillance video shows a car stopped at the home and drive off thankfully, the one- year-old did not suffer life- threatening injuries. investigators say her crib was hit by six bullet. >> there were angels in the crib with that little baby to protect that child's life only one shot made it and went to her wrist. and that child pick >> the victim's mother reach out to say that she is not a gang woman but the sheriff's office says that not only does she have gang ties with one of her children was are ready removed from her custody. and she is facing drug charges tonight. four hours into the public visitation for lawrence higgins, he was the founder of a longtime priest of st. catholic prayers. -- paris. today's visitation runs until 9 pm tonight.
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and meanwhile in mississippi to nuns best two nuns are being -- two nuns are being remembered. an investigati is going on to learn the motive behind their murders. they were found stabbed to death in the home that they shared. they say that the man arrested confessed to killing them in their home but did not say why. the memorial to remember sisters. >> those women worked every day of their lives and i hope that somebody out there will step in. >> both of those nuns were nurse practitioners they rked a the towns. governor. rick scott is back in south for talking about the zika virus.
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but the department of health says that this doesn't necessarily mean that it is being activens ended. -- transmitted. meanwhile, the fda just gave a swiss drugmaker emergency approval to use one of its blood testing kits. they don't bash they allow the testing even though they ven't been fda approved. the company says it can process 384 samples a day. tampa bay is helping some of the most vulnerable giving out 15,000 cans of bug spray. so they can go to families in need all over the area. beating tampa bay says the pellen ctains deet which is the main repellent. . if you want to start handing out that as well. contact feeding america.
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want to flee to canada next we will talk about this billboard that's getting a lot of attention. make-a-wish, count to three. >> m week -- [music] >>, with me, and you'll be, in a world of pure imagination. >> nephew said he died late sunday. the captured so many of our hearts but he also starred in comedy classics like frankenstein and blazing
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welcome back. take a look at this sign. this is in texas catching a lot
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billboards like this are popping up in the bay area. >> this is to poke fun at the presidential election. and as nicole greg shows us, this clever marketing idea is popping up. >> off bloomingdale avenue on a busy stretch of road and brandon there is an eye-catching offer >> most people don'tal that they love his sign. offering to sell the house after they leave the country after the election. >> they were driving down the road, and they just started cracking up. >> that are people really jumping ship? >> i have lived here since 1949 i don't plan on going anywhere. >> but if you did, having to canada after this election isn't that realistic because
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the country looks into your criminal record even minor offenses like that dangerous driving them assault. your health and financial reasons are also taken into account and it takes time. it can take up to six months to even get a response unjust your application. >> i don't expect anyone to leave the country but i thought okay, why not use me for your relocation service. >> he admits, inspiration from thihis billboa in texas. reporting, i am nicole greg. the value of this boat has never been higher things to a florida supreme court decision that redrew maps on the new map has made nearly every single district in the state more competitive and this outcome
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in fact, some political insiders believe that florida is where the senate will be won or lost. take a look at what thousands of dollars worth of synthetic drugs and all sorts of crazy extremes like ak-47 and california dream looks like. and they are showing the stash they stopped the car with blaring loud music. and they are ready to sell prepackaged. and he ran in the cops ended up teasing him. >> law, we are learning to find out the 19-year-old name may have been on drugs jumping to a glass window of a stranger's home. >> the homeowner pop back -- fought back beating him. but when they arrived the phone on -- homeowner son was holding the team down.
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and it could have been a lot worse than it was. >> they were able to subdue him but not enough to get him into a medical helicopter. they said he had an extremely high tolerance for pain and the teens friend told deputies that they were using acid and took them to a house where they found drugs. the team is still in the hospital. we talked to anc they had any reports with these issues in they say, no problems. and we are still waiting to hear back from some other agencies. the group representing them across the country once more to be vaccinated. they released a policy statement parents were concerned for nonmedical reasons. dr. should address that and if parents don't change their minds it's okay for the doctors
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and they want to stop nonmedical exemptions for vaccines. and i want to show you a map now you can see, florida right there. illustrating it's one of them allowing them to keep them from getting vaccinated for medical and religious beliefs. now the dark green, those are allowing exemptions from philosophical reasons. and the very pale green color is strictly medical. let's take a look at the rain this is the river gate tower camera, and you didn't really see much because of that . >> we have quite a few spots with heavy rain. and, you can see heavy rain across clearwater and northern pinellas county. and in southern pinellas county
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roads like to 75, major bridges, and 75 in sarasota county is really inundated with heavy rain. so it is a hit or miss but all of this rain is moving from east to west across the state it's in our typical summertime fashion and we are not quite into storm mode just yet is going to be another 24 hours or so we get the typical showers and storms. but we do have a bit more moisture available today. and you can see it is a bit more widespread. we will be dry overnight, this will not be continuous rain that certainly a. we have gotten heavy rain. tomorrow morning we start off on a partly cloudy sky -- off with partly cloudy skies.
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we will have widespread rain tomorrow afternoon. so try to get that outdoor yardwork and or a dip in the pool by friday. let's talk tropics. we have got tomorrow being that we have got a couple of good hours especially early in the day just look at your property and it can get blown around with gusty winds just make sure you have your pantry stocked, and the do you have a radar your tracking tools and you get alerts on your mobile devices. and, when we are talking about the wind potential i want to show you it is really from late wednesday through the day on thursday where we have the potential for some of the stronger winds and with the storm expected to reach maximum wind speeds of 60 miles per hour, take a look. we are looking at wind speeds sustained up to about 40 miles
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along the coast part in that circle. the cone of uncertainty includes all of tampa bay. right now we are watching for the potential in 60 in 60 miles per hour wind gusts. and sustained winds around 40 miles per hour. so, this does change because there is some time in thera seen. the bottom line is, it looks like we will be seeing some stronger winds. that is something to keep in mind. we just want to make sure that you are securing things. we will talk about how much rain you can expect coming up. still ahead, convenient fresh veggies sold at walmart,
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today would've been michael jackson's birthday. either way, his album thriller is still the best selling of all time. >> was the first album that i
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we have a recall to tell you about. fresh you buy in the trays are being recalled. the brand is country fresh. listeria found during a routine sample test. they haven't heard of anyone getting sick. but i have tweeted out a link with the info. and you have an update on that epipen pricing.
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unusual move, the maker announced that it will offer its own generic version for $300. that's half the cost of a brand- new version in the critics are skeptical they say the nonprofit foundation that it could be a way to keep other lower-priced generics off of the market and a consumer group says that it's a way for the company to avoid admitting to price gouging. the cost for a two pack of epipen ago to $600 today. what would you talk about with the pope if you had the chance? he chatted with him at the vatican using communication to fight poverty. he said you can feel the pope warmth and kindness. he put photos on facebook of him giving pope francis a model of the facebook playing. --
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the tropical smoothie employee who gave cops the snob.
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two men getting stuck in a truck dangling off of the road island bridge. look at this. brand-new video and it started about 1:30 pm, and we are told
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part of the crane was seen crawled over. it was stuck like that for over an hour until, another truck had come. and if hoisted them back onto the bridge and they were taken to the hospital and didn't show any obvious signs of being hurt. both sides of the bridge were being shut down. fire officials say it will stay shut down when they get the truck back. out of line job, tropical smoothie cafi fired an employee for refusing to serve to employees -- a police officer. talk to the worker who said he didn't mean it that way. >> it's a big misunderstanding. >> the man at the center of controversy over his refusal to serve police officers at the tropical smoothie cafi is having regrets. >> i shouldn't have said it but
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>> he said that he was having a bad day and nearing the end of his shift into police officers walked in one in uniform and one not. one of the officers snapped this picture for a facebook post that has gone viral writing that he said i'm not serving them, it's the cops i refuse to serve them. when the officers works for the winter haven police department. >> i think is a bonehead, myself. >> they fired the worker as soon as they heard of the incident. he lives next to deputy and he insisted that he has nothing against the police. he didn't want to take another order. >> now everybody thinks i'm a cop hater i have nothing against cops it's nothing towards them personally, i was in a bad mood and i overreacted. >> they are in damage control mode not only firing the employee by making sure that all officers know that they are welcome anytime.
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situation we are doing the best that we can do to fix it. >> the community applauded the restaurant for firing the employee with a within hours -- literally within hours of the behavior. he someone or -- some wonder if he knew that they would probably take a bullet for him. >> yes, i should never said that. this next story coming to us, tweeted homosexuals got what they deserved after the deadly nightclub attack in orlando, recently was arrested and accused of child molesters and he reportedly turned himself in to authorities he is in jail right now and the investigation is underway. by the way, his twitter account is now private.
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been telling you since the top of the hour that we have rain coming down. how's it going? >> we have been moving east to west so away from bayonet point, and you have been inundated with heavy rain and thunderstorms but now, that is moving away from you. and to the south, very heavy downpours around venice, and this is all moving across 75 right near northport but most of the heaviest rain has been just to the north. again, we have heavy downpours and this is just the summertime variety of stores. but what is ahead of us, take a look at this map, this is a possible rainfall totals across the area through friday afternoon. and looking at totals anywhere from the 4 inch to the over 6 inch range across most of the coastal areas we are seeing the highest totals even sarasota
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so again, we are looking at very heavy rainfall with locally higher amounts possible as the storm continues to move in our direction. and the timing for this heavy rain were will become more consistent will be wednesday especially through the late part of the afternoon and into the evening and continuing through thursday and is starting to taper off on friday morning. so we are looking at the possibility of not only the localized flooding but also coastal flooding. right now, calls to end the violence in chicago after nba star dwayne wade's cousin was killed in the crossfire of again attack. they say that she is one of nearly 20 people killed in chicago. there have been nearly 450 murders this year. it's up almost 50% over the same time last year. his cousin was pushing her baby
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school when she was shot. >> they want their mom. it just hurts to hear kids say, they want their mom and the mom won't be in their lives anymore. >> today, authorities say the men who shot her were targeting someone else and there is no clear cause behind all of the violence. chicago police point towards gang violence. colin kaepernick is creating a refused to stand for the national anthem. they say -- he says he is protesting racial injustice. but others say the showing a lack of respect for people who died protecting freedoms including those who fought against germany in world war ii. despite any backlash he says he has no plans to stop the protest. emotional day for students at sandy hook elementary.
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that original tragedy. it was torn down after a gunman entered december 2012 killing 20 students and six teachers. you can see the surveillance cameras are part of the security. there are no obvious memorials but the people behind the school says that it was created with them in mind. what is killing reindeer by
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a woman's car get struck by lightning while she's still inside. >> she said she heard a really loud boom and her car shut off luckily, she was able to get the car to the shoulder. >> i was scared. i was crying to the highway patrol. >> the lightning hit the
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back window. she says after she pulled over flooding came through leaving mud and debris everywhere. luckily, she is okay. lightning strikes are also responsible for killing more than 300 wild reindeer. this is in central norway. officials say it's not uncommon for lightning to kill reindeer but, this is unheard of. it is actually home to 10,000 reindeer the largest population of its species in norway. the reality is everybody is born with a nipple. >> everyone took around their -- took off their tops for the 95th anniversary of the women's suffrage movement. it's more than just about taking off her top, organizers and people participating say it's about gender equality for women and that censoring topless -- topless women objectifies
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when in reality there is no topless in a woman being ng topless. >> we are talking about just in general, women being equal, breast-feeding in public. >> the march was peaceful and if you are wondering, is this legal, they say it is as long as they -- there is no mood or sexual conduct during the parade. still ahead, a reality check on what you need to be making money wise to own a home
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still following up breaking news gene wilder died late sunday after battling alzheimer's . fellow actors and comedians are going on twitter and expressing their condolences and saying, good day sir the good day -- the line from his movie. and rest in peace. and gilbert godfrey posting a throwback writing rest in peace, while the and captured/wilder -- wilder captured so many of our hearts. he will surely be missed. right now, they're looking over the latest information for the national hurricane center on tropical depression nine. and it's not just that system there are multiple
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todd walker explains at least two are expected to impact the east coast within a few days. >> 11 years to the day after hurricane katrina slammed into the gulf coast devastating the city of newark -- new orleans. a system has been teasing forecasters for a week just off the coast of cuba is said to become a tropical storm and track right by the city of tampa. >> you have got a system movg to get real busy. >> it is. and it's target off slow -- so slow. now, it is coming together and looking at rainfall estimates we know that we will get a lot of rain but how much and what areas are going to be hit the hardest is undetermined. >> and this is just one system of a whole bunch. >> yes, this is typically the most active part of the hurricane season. but right now we do have quite a few storms to keep an eye on.
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touch as early as tomorrow. hurricane gaston is still spinning. >> the great news out of all of this is that there's going to be very little impact to manned burial -- overall pick >> the law, japan is bracing for its third typhoon. people are preparing north of tokyo where landfall which should be a tropical storm by tomorrow. back to the tropics in just a moment. we had quite a few showers and storms and it's not often that we look at the afternoon in the dark clouds. still folks on the beaches but most of the heavy rain has been avoiding the island and it's been to the north and to the south heavy downpours and all of the thunder and lightning. this is our typical summer pattern.
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had in recent weeks. no big surprises here, what you're looking at here for tonight take a look at the futurecast and you can see that is projecting that we will continue to have showers and storms 3 pm tonight and then, by midnight maybe an isolated shower and land, but most of this starts tapering off. you can see, we are seeing a little bit more green early in the day tomorrow nothing that should cause any problems bu that you should see an isolated shower. the bulk of the heavy stuff will come in in the afternoon and it will still be a generally east to west flow. we are tapping into deeper moisture and that's where those showers and storms will be tomorrow night. 8 pm tonight, and we start to see this tapering off. only to return from the goals
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wednesday. that's where we start to see that shifting over. it's coming across the gulf and making landfall somewhere across the florida peninsula likely into the bend of florida early thursday morning. it's going to increase in it's maximum sustained winds really rapidly to 65 miles per hour winds are with the current projection has and tampa bay is still in this cone of uncertainty. so that's where we know we will have some impact from the storm. the question is, coastal flooding and as the storm approaches, the high level water is determined by storm strength. and, both of these we are still uncertain about. it will have three possibly for high times during the course of the storm approaching and exiting. so there is a possibility that
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issue across the area. we know that just from our typical summer storms. and with those tied levels reaching high tide we are going to keep a close eye on that in this is over the next 24 hours where you try to protect your property so that you are prepared as the storm approaches. at this point in time, we are watching the storm exiting the western cuba and that's what will start firing up. the heaviest rain will be from wednesday through thursday. and we are looking at possibly 4 inches to 7 inches total. and it will be hit or miss with heavy rains possible. strong winds are expected during the day. we are looking at wind gusts in the 50 to 60 miles per hour range. with his current tab, and there is a possibility of that.
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we will continue to post updates online. there is also the potential for isolated tornadoes because of being in the right front quadrant that's where you typically see those sure and you have a greater likelihood for those been outs. and, we will be keeping a very close eye on that and the likely timing as it stands will be wednesday night to thursday night. and you know timeframe. in the next couple of days tomorrow increased chance, for rainfall chances on wednesday it will be a bit more widespread during the day. 85 is the high. and temperatures coming down with all that extra cloud cover. the messiest weather will be from wednesday night to thursday night. and that's where we see very
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very strong winds. on friday, he will still see lingering storms on the backside of the system. now, the latest update from the hurricane center is coming in any moment dennis will have an update on that and tons more about what's happening coming up tonight. a look at what it takes to make it happen here. it's about $45,000, which is lower than the orlando miami. in san francisco you need to make about $62,000 and according to the report we are luckier because, prices have gone up all year round even the metro areas it's surprising that's not the case here in florida. >> interesting numbers. hillary clinton's top aide is leaving her husband, anthony weiner. after he was caught again
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another woman. this time going as far as to send a picture with his four- year-old run in the background. he resigned -- four-year-old son in the background. he resigned. meanwhile, donald trump has a new ad in the battleground states including here in florida. and how child may be changing his strategy. >> the ads called contrasting donald trump in hillary clinton's america. >> spending goes up, middle- class get cut -- crushed. >> nine state 10 million-dollar ad is the second of the general election. it follows last week's to america that an immigration was costs $4.8 million. but like he is wavering on his
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creates some confusion on where he stands on taxes. if you look closely at the fine print it cites to a congressional republican plan that he hasn't yet endorse. any earlier -- and, earlier has been scrubbed. it's going up in the several -- in several sections. so far in the general election clinton has spent $50 million more than trump tha catch up with clinton on spending in order to catch up with her in the polls. allowing syrian refugees into the united states is a big topic. and it is something that we could hear of more about on wednesday when donald trump talks about his immigration plan. but today they are expected to reach a mild stone -- milestone. president. obama want to hit to hit -- wanted to hit 10,000 by the end
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diego. they claim the refugees are the most thoroughly screened people traveling to the united dates and says that refugees are scrutinized even more. and, we have had 2000 come to florida in that time. >> yes, and looking at all of them coming into the night state nearly half of them are muslim according to the research center. and christians are the second largest group. >> take a look, jupiter have likely never seen it before like this. they just have the largest -- they just obtained the largest photo. this is seen from 2600 miles above the surface. this is the closest they will get as they orbit jupiter. right now, they're looking at what is next.
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finished up a year-long simulation of what it would be like to live on the red planet. they were in a dome 8200 feet above sea level on a volcano in hawaii. they were testing what it would be like for a crew to be isolated. and, university is currently kurdi people -- is recruiting people. the next one starts in 2018. >> and, next they will be testing a show you hear from this month's test, water impacts test like this and helps them understand how to best protect the crew when they return to earth from these missions. brand-new rules for commercial drones go into effect starting today and you no longer need a pilot license, but you do have to pass an exam, a background check, and
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pets are part of the family so when a dog or cat is struggling with a terminal illness it can be devastating. >> tonya rogers shows us what one woman is doing to ease the pain. >> when she was just a puppy they rescued the nine-year-old precious. now she is rescuing her again. she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. >> she has gone through 20 radiation treatments. and i have c hyperbaric auction treatments. >> she knows the emotional struggle that many go through in their pet has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. but the pain is inspiring her to help others. >> we are going to have a special needs section and a special needs if they progress to the hospice. that's where they will be. >> the organization will be opening a pet hospice facility. >> we want to ease the life
4:58 pm
we will have an outreach program. >> shows are ready contacted other shelters hoping that they will catch on across the country. >> we want to be a pioneer and show shelters that it can be done. and if the loved one has a pet and hospice they can come and visit. the most important is that they will have the visitation as well as 24 seven treatment. they say -- >> they say they will give them peace of mind in support and pets quality-of-life. >> people schedules are so busy and you can't fault people for their lives. but they need a place that an animal can go and get the care and love that they need. >> there hoping other shelters across the country will use this concept to open centers to help animals deal with terminal
4:59 pm
now at 5 pm preparing for a possible storms the crucial items that you should stock up on right now before the system arrives. >> but first, denis phillips is tracking the tropics. when will we start feeling the impacts? >> the new advisory just came out the national hurricane center and first of all, this is a very disorganized fortunately for us, they haven't found any. now, this is the new track out a few minutes ago. this line has shifted a little bit to the north. now, still, we are in the margin of error but the longer that this takes to get the act together i will tell you one thing, when this starts to accelerate it will not strengthen. the reason is going to start
5:00 pm
be sheared by then. it will reach its peak right about here and at this point in time there is no reason to think that this is going to be a tremendously powerful system. yes he will get heavy rain, we will see gusty winds and coastal flooding. and if this track is in the general election -- iraq's -- direction, it will be there wednesday and thursday. but this is not the kind of path that usually pose turn -- most in terms for difficulty for us. the bottom line is, a new track a little bit better news but still, we will keep our eyes on that and give you an updated time hour by hour on what we can anticipate coming up. were taking action for you getting you ready for that tropical storm that could hit. >> that means preparing before you are bracing against mother nature.


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