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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  August 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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live from the station taking action for you. all new at 11:00 all eyes on the tropics. a tropical depression brews and makes its way towards the golf. >> if the last few minutes. an the latest predictions. >> let's get to what everyone wants to know. dennis check the tropics for us. >> here's what has new. the storm is stronger. the pressure is down. that means it's getting better organized. it's moving west at 7 miles per hour. it's beginning to clear cuba. as far as i'm concerned, td 9 has an opportunity of 36 hours
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that's what the national hurricane center is predicting. by tomorrow, they anticipate that will be a tropical storm. i think by tomorrow morning, part of the area will be under a tropical storm watch. if i had to guess, i would say pinellas county northward. i'm not sure if it's 5:00 a.m. for 11:00. because advisories come every six hours when a warning is issued. what we looked at, at 5:00 has not we're looks at an accelerating storm arriving wednesday night thursday morning. ahead of it, heavy rains. winds about 50 to 60 miles up north. some coastal flooding. maybe a bit of surge. a good project of tornados late wednesday -- probability of tornados late wednesday night thursday morning.
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how their neighborhoods wednesday under water a year ago. >> reporter: they can remember how bad it got. a lot of people felt stranded. the family in the home behind me said they couldn't move in to their home for nine-week. they're watching the system closely because they're afraid of what it could bring. shawn green doesn't need to see the flood marks to remember how much water rushed last year. >> i prayed, please do not -- let us be okay and we weren't okay. >> reporter: her house flooded in ten minutes. the water destroyed 90% what have she owned. >> anything that was sitting on the floor of the house, we lost. >> reporter: she rents the house she lived in. she didn't have representer es insurance then -- renter's insurance then but she does now.
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the last minutes. >> reporter: shawn feels uneasy about this year's storm. >> we're a little nervous with the storm coming in. but we feel like we're in a better position than we were a year ago. >> reporter: she noticed an improvement in the county's drainage system. >> i know it's better. whether it can handle what we have coming at us, that remains to be seen. >> we'll have places that will flood. >> reporter: the past few days, crews have been anything connected to the drainage system. director of services says the system needs millions of dollars of improvements. but they need your help. >> let us foe when it starts happening so we can get ahead of it. >> reporter: they want to make sure your family is ready. >> every one of these systems needs to be taken seriously. all new tonight, a pinellas
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facing child abuse charges. how the child's family is using social media to warn others. >> reporter: these pictures were posted to facebook last week. they show a young boy's legs covered top to bottom in bruises. this man, robert psychs is responsible. according to the police report, he's a military veteran. he hit the boy with a belt on his buttocks and legs and punched him on his thigh. he hit him with a pillow enough to knock him off his feet. he fell face first on to the floor. we tried to speak to him about the charges. he refused to speak to us. sikes neighbors had plenty to say. she can't understand why anyone would pressure a child that way -- punish a child that way. >> they understand if they did something wrong, you talk to them and explain to them what
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right. you don't touch them. >> reporter: in the arrest report, the boy was terrified of sikes. the veteran admitted to hitting the six-year-old but did not provide a reason. zen an unsettling -- one deputy fired and another one under investigation after an inmate claimed they made him eat his own fee sees that tamed. a mother who has not heard from her 9-year-old daughter in month. the nib is analyze -- the fbi is analyzing new evidence. what is new in the search for diana alvarez. >> reporter: they hope tips come in. they have billboards up asking for information about her case and asking people to present
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flyer. rita asks the public for help. on may 29th, her daughter disappeared from their fort myers home. the past 90 days, the search has spread from lee county all the way to polk and the orlando area. they believe this man jorge, abducted her earlier in the day. they tracked his phone near diane that's home. on the phone, they found child pornography of a young girl that hasn't been identified. >> she said he started scratching his face and acting strange. >> reporter: last month, hernandez talked to him while he was in jail and he told her diana was alive and the pictures on the phone weren't her. they said guerrero's family know where diana is, but won't talk to investigators. the fbi is testing new evidence
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about what it was. they can't get in touch with diana's father who is in mexico. >> no one has contacted the father. no one has been there to see what is going on. if, in fact, diana is there. that gives us some hope. breaking news out of california. brock turner, the former swimmer accused of assaulting a womb hind a dumpster release from jail this friday. turner was sentenced to six months in june but getting out after three for good behavior. new tonight, st. pete police officers are searching for this man. this video, he's hanging from the ceiling there. his crime caught only surveillance video. police say that they broke into johnny's pizza on august 11th. he actually skipped using the front door and came in through the roof and ceiling.
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asked to call the police. one person is recovering after being shot at a fort myers gun range. the shooting was an incident. the victim shot by a family member. the person is expected to survive. we're waiting to learn how it happened. it's a story you'll see here. all new at 11:00. unprescribed intrusion. the one way police with search your prescriptions without a warrant. a scam warning, a message to you after learning someone has been giving falls in his name. >> what is going on at a popular
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now tonight at 11:00. jimbo's pit barbecue on west kennedy boulevard temporarily closed.
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over the building. a termite and pest control company was spraying for ter mites the fumigation takes 20 hours so it's shut down a couple of days. management wrote me back saying, quote, every 15 years we tent our wood frame building for ter mites. but we will be back open on wednesday for lunch. a new poll shows donald trump is gaining ground on hillary cl cut in half. the latest poll showing clinton with a seven point lead over trump, 46% to 39%. donald trump getting set to deliver his immigration address in arizona. trump in the past criticizing president obama claiming the president has left the border wide open. tonight, "abc action news" digging into his track record shows he's deported more
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history. someone posing as joel osteen exchanging messages with a texas woman questioning her faith and then asking her for money. the church said they never contact individuals through social media to solicit donations. if police want to search the medicine cabinet in your home, they need a search warrant. but an investigation found dozens of state, including florida, allowing law enforcement electronic prescriptions without a warrant or probable cause. mark investigates these unprooibed intrusions -- unprescribed inextrusions. >> i had no idea a police officer could go into my medical records. >> reporter: they had their lives turned upside down. >> i could have lost my family
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>> reporter: police were investigating the theft of drugs from an area fire department in 2013 with no suspects they turned to the data base that tracks prescription drug records and conducted a warrantless search into the drug histories of all 480 fire department employees. >> they said, so you know, we looked at your medical record and feel you're taking medications inappropriately. >> reporter: they were both charged with felonies for charges related to dr. shopping. for pyle and his wife, it threatened an aadoption. >> it was these two kids we potentially could have lost. that's what hit the hardest. >> reporter: the local major said the police used the tool they would available. >> we were acting purely the way the state law permitted us to act. >> reporter: the charges were dropped, but the controversy
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and require warrants. a national investigation found 31 states allowing law enforcement to tap into your confident electronic prescription drug history without any type of judicial authorization. nationwide it adds up to 340,000 searches the past two years. that's six times the amount in states that do require judicial review in indiana, police simply have to provide a case number. in west virginia, no case number's required. only a promise of an investigation. and of the 3 require a search warrant, 23 don't even audio their program -- audit their program when utah did an audit, it maeve resulted in questionable use in half of the states sampled. >> you trust them? >> absolutely. >> reporter: new mexico's top regulator says he's unaware of
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albuquerque police told us they've never requested access to that data base and believe it would be illegal. but state records reveal a different story. there's a police officer who accessed it 30 times getting patient information. what is going on here? >> i have no idea but i'm grad you have brought this to -- glad you brought it to my attention. >> reporter: he said he would reconsider the state's position on warrantless searches. >> we need monitor that -- steps to monitor that. >> when that type of information can be rifled through by law enforcement with the power to from the, that's a scary thing -- and prosecute, that's a scary thing. >> reporter: some legislatures pass safeguards, the dea is trying to get around them arguing that state laws
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agency from tapping in without a warrant. >> for more on this investigation and to see what the rules are for florida, go to tomorrow morning for the first time since police in rio announced charms against him, ryan lochte will speak live. held appear on go morning america here on "abc action news." gma is introducing the new cast with dancing for the they reported includes lochte. nasa sharing the imagine of the storm located 500 miles east of bermuda. >> that's a big one. that's what a hurricane looks like. >> that's a real one. the one coming in is discombobulated. >> i think it will get a little stronger tomorrow. tomorrow is the only day it will have an opportunity to get stronger and for us to keep our eyes on it. it's something that's going to get nasty, but i'm in the
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significant for most of our area. but the one thing that's very common with this pattern are tornados that come along with a tropical system, e specialtily one accelerating towards our area. that's why the storm shield app is a great thing to have for your iphone or android device. gives you instant notifications no #345ir9 when or what time -- no matter the time. right where because thursday, things will get nasty. right now, things are quiet. nothing more than isolated showers. tomorrow, another nice day relatively speaking, compared to what we have coming in wednesday, thursday. if you want to go out and get extra water or prepare for whatever you need to do, tomorrow is the day. clear skies now, tomorrow. wednesday, it begins to go downhill quickly. thursday, it's going to be a nasty day.
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you'll feel better about what we're anticipating thursday morning through the afternoon. temperatures upper 70s 80 degrees now. east-to-west flow of late. we had it last week, today and have it tomorrow. you'll wake up to sunshine, dry conditions and mild with temperatures around 80 degrees. by the afternoon hours, the storms will populate morning into the early afternoon. most of the region tomorrow goes rain free. coverage may on. wednesday, that's when things change. we see the moisture coming in off the gulf of mexico. we have bands of rain and gusty winds rolling in by wednesday morning. but the worst will not be wednesday morning. it will be wednesday night into thursday morning. what had that mean to you? at this point in time when this line comes through, we can expect with any of these bands, winds of 30 to 50 miles per hour.
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more wind. you'll have coastal flooding. surge is something the models are hinting at. i'm not sold at it. i'm not convinced the storm will be organized to produce surge. but you have to rain, three to five inches of rain. a bit up north, could see flooding problems. and tornados, any time you get the banding coming in, you notice wednesday afternoon, wednesday night and thursday, you could see a quick tornado. you think what happens, we're put under a tornado watch wednesday night and thursday e. likely tomorrow wharning wake up. part of the warning will be under a tropical storm watch. if they didn't issue at 5:00, they'll issue it by 11:00. tomorrow night, there comes some of the heavy area weather. in terms of an organized system there, isn't. it will be a lot more before we have to worry about significant issues for our area. the rain will be a problem. especially if you live closer to the beach and up north. the folks prone to flooding,
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but if you're looking at this now, we showed you what gaston looks like. this is what td 9, probably hermine by tomorrow. this is a very disorganized system. while the track takes it off to the northeast, this is significant. look how much faster it's moving away from us. it's good news, bad news. the good news, it won't have as much time to dump rain on us. let's take a look now at the track. in terms of timing, early somewhere in the shaded area. looking at the big ben area. near jacksonville thursday night and out to sea. because it will be out of her quicker, it won't have as much opportunity for rain but it puts news that risk for tornados thursday morning and possibility of coastal flooding at high tide. models has a lot of agreement. it's coming this way. the question is how strong will
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we're tracking it 24/7. we're always on facebook doing updates as well as as it gets closer, we're over it for you. thursday is the day, wednesday tight. and by friday, things improve. the weekend will be fine. what did he think about kaepernick's protest.
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hello, folks. a lousy night for the rays as they lost 9-4 to boston. i would rather talk about before the game. alex cobb activated. he will start this friday night to at home jays. it's been a long road back. surgery, rehab that felt like an eternity. but all that time is behind him. four days tow before he's returned to the mound. this is the first time since july 6th of 2011 the rays haven't had a player on the d.l.. the buccaneers moved their final preseason game against the red skins to wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. the game as we know originally
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in an effort to avoid the tropical system that's going to move through this area. you don't want to have your players out on a soggy field. injuries happen that way. and this is not the time of the year you want any injury with your opener closing in on the 11th. >> there's certain guys you have to protect. that it's just not worth the risk. there's other guys that are still? competition to make the jason and i will talk it through. then there's 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick who says he will continue to sit during the national anthem until he feels this counter is doing something about the owe presentation of black people and people of color. the coach was given the hypothetical question today. what if a buccaneers player did this. here was his response. >> i don't know if our
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that. i would be disappointed if any of our players didn't stand up for the national anthem. personally, you look at that as a salute to the people who have payoff -- paved the way for us. but at the same time, this is a free country and freedom of speech is something we believe in and freedom of expression. that's an individual's choice. that's a fine line there. but i would personally be disappointed. but i think it would enforce that rule. >> i'll be quick with my take. kaepernick used the wrong platform to protest his views on the people of color. he disrespected, simply disrespected, the flag. i asked this of kaepernick. why don't you get out of your 49ers jersey and go out and really do something meaningful for something you feel so deeply about? we're back in a minute.
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tomorrow morning. we'll have that first thing. partly cloudy, waking touch a nice day. tuesday, nice day. goes downhill big time by wednesday. we have continuing coverage including the weather on >> have a good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- terrence howard. wolf blitzer. and music from bonnie raitt. and now, stay right there -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, there. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. i'm glad you're here. because it was a very busy


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