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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  August 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> i'm meteorologist shay ryan. today on the now tampa bay, take a look at tropical depression number 9. now on the move and eected to turn into a tropical storm any time. i will let you know when we will see the wind and rain right here in tampa bay. the rain has already started. we're going county by county checking on plans for schools and what is being done for your home in case of flooding. the mix-up that led to a poll worker being fired. and why marcrubio is considering leaving office early if elected. we can expect to see more amaze being drone video like this. the things that you can do to time for the now tampa bay.
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there. good afternoon, tampa bay. i'm paul lagrone, in for laura harris. >> and i'm ashley glass. we have a lot to cover with the system headed our way. we could be under a tropical storm watch by the end of the show. >> we learned that governor scott is on his way to look how the tampa bay is preparing. rain and wind could start to affect the turnout at the polls in the final few hours florida primary today. a crew at a station just had to break down their camera because of the threat of lightning. >> it does happen. we have a team of reporters though watching the polls and posted at them in various counties. sue them all here. but first shay ryan with the most updated track. shay, what have you got. >> right now i'm going to start with the storms across tampa bay. you can see in tampa, also just to the south of i-4, across polk county.
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all of thesehipo that lightning. all of the quite a few lightnings and storms acrs the area. remember, the last few days, in fact quite a bit of the summer, we have been lookinat an east to west flow. check ouwhere ms are coming from now, from the south to southwest. that is because we're starting to tap into that deeper tropical moisture. and we're starting to see the showers and storms coming from the south and then extending north. it's all because of tropical depression number 9. not named. we're waiting for it. any time now. right. so take a look. we're getting some of the cloud bands now starting to get a little closer to us. and that's all associated with this system. so we're drawing that moisture in. we're going to continue to see the heavier downpours as we continue through tonight and into tomorrow. even though this system is still quite a ways from us. but take a look at another thing to keep in mind. remember yesterday, we were looking at it moving on shore into the bend of florida at
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now it's been pulled back just a little bit over the last 24 hours. so this is good news in the sense that the storm looks to be just a tad weaker as it makes its way into the bend of florida, around thursday morning to about thursday at noon. and then it will cross back over into the atlantic, where it looks like it will just give the outer banks another brush there with extra wind possibly and extra rain. and that will be by friday morning. then it's off into the atlantic. so t changed. but the intensity has changed a little bit. so let's talk about what we have got out there right now. you may have seen on twitter or facebook today announcements about watches, tropical storm watches. this is for the off shore waters. that is the only thing posted so far. that's letting boaters know that by tomorrow afternoon, a tropical storm watch is in place for those types of conditions where you're going to have the 40 to 50 knot winds off shore.
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storm watches or warnings for inland areas just yet. but there is a possibility of that getting posted a little later on tonight. i've got some new rain totals for you. that's coming up in my next forecast. ashley. >> thank you, shay. we want to go live to sarina fazan in a tampa neighborhood. are they closing any schools yet? >> reporter: you know, ashley, they're talking about that right now. city officials say they will but in the meantime, the city is taking three key steps in combating the storm. one, they have identified 20 streets that have a tendency to and they have already barricaded those streets. they have also checked every single pumping station and wastewater station tmake sure that the pumps are working properly. also, all the high water vehicles are gassed up and ready to gothey're already plac places where they think that
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this year, another threat, the zika virus, prompting the mayor to make this plea. >>f ntains, if you have planters, if you have pots, if you have tires in your backyard, please make sure that you empty the water out. >> reporter: and anticipation of problems, the mayor made a promise yesterday to make residents. within 24 hours lots of people taking him up on it. we are out with crews and what they are doing to back here live, we're actually at a house where crews came out. also today, the mayor stressed that if it is raining tomorrow and if it's raining a lot stets so please, please have a plan in place, whether it's food or water or whatever else you need. make sure that you have it at your home. reporting live, i'm sarina fazan, abc action news.
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in pinellas county officials say it is too early to tell if they will cancel school tomorrow. ashley yore is joining us from one of the busy sand bag locations. >> reporter: here at the park, people have been shoveling sand bags all day. many people who live in pinellas county remembering what other storms have been like and how much flooding this area can get. today the mayor of st. pete talked about how the city is better prepared for this potential tropical storm than others. he says the sewers have bn some of the flooding we're used to seeing in neighborhoods like shore acres. the sewer can now handle more overflow than it could back in june. the level of flooding will depend where the storm hits. >> it can be nerve racking was you don't know kind of -- because you don't know kind of thing. it is what it is. it's what we pay to live in paradise.
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is daylight and you can fill up to 20 bags. people out here are helping one another fill and carry those sand bags. in st. pete, i'm ashley yore, the now tampa bay. and breaking news out of pinellas county. action air 1 just flew over a gas leak at starkey road. you see the intersection is closed to traffic because of it. nearby businesses have also been evacuated. we're told a contractor hit a gas main. if you plan on driving this route or expe who does, tell them to take another route. breaking news in tampa today, brand-new details on two separate shootings. one happened near the university of tampa. it happened on b street here. home surveillance cameras actually caught the burglar breaking into a home. police say a family member came over and shot the burglar who is right now in the hospital. now, the other shooting that happened today involved a hillsborough county offi s.w.a.t. team. ey wtrying to serve a warrant in this palm river
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22-year-old suspect attacked or threatened sheriffs deputies. we know a member of the s.w.a.t. unit shot the man who has life threatening injuries. big developments in the case of a 1-year-old baby shot in the wrist during a drive-by while she was sleeping inside her home. mother was arrested today and accused of having drugs in her home. pasco deputies say t m is a known gang associate. the shooter is still out there. a neighbor's surveillance video shows a car and drive off. thankfully the 1-year-old will recover. her crib was hit by six bullets, one of them hitting her wrist. breaking developments on the zika virus. on the first nontravel related case in pinellas county. the department of health ircong in the last few hours the identity of the patient. it was a tampa firefighter. they also tell us he was bitten by a mosquito. however they have not
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where the firefighter was bitten. that person has now tested negative for zika. everybody in the family and the station where they worked was tested for the virus and the results fortunately came back negative. well, our next update on this tropical coming within the hour. and also next we're taking a look at what is being done today in pasco county specifically to prepare for all of this rain. and also ahead, knowing your rights and what you can and cannot do to protect your privacy with more drones
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>> breaking news to bring you right now. want to give you a live view aerial images. singer chris brown's home in los angeles. you can see there are people outside there. a lot of police officers after a woman lled for help in the middle of the night near brown's home. detectives want to talk to him. they want to talk to the woman
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live feed. we just saw them search a group of people outside the front door. and a press conference was held where officials say they are trying to conduct a fair and thorough investigation. earlier today, brown took to social media saying he is innocent. now, you will recall that brown has had a lot of legal problems since 2009 when convicted of assaulting his then girlfriend, singer super star rhianna. back to e g locasty here in tampa bay today, the weather. look at that. breaking news happening right the river gate tower camera. hillsborough county fire tell us reports of a lightning strike. they are responding right now. leadership technology academy on madison avenue. so fire officials on their way -- firefighters on their way to the scene right now. as you can tell, it is coming down hard in the tampa bay area as we speak. also happening right now, we are keeping our eye closely on tropical depression 9. we just got word in pasco county
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decision around 8:00 tomorrow night on whether or not to close school on thursday, which is expected to be the worst day when it comes to the rain. parents will get an alert through a robocall. so expect that to come your way. if they do end up canceling school, they expect it will only be closed on thursday and that school will be back open on friday. pasco county, as you know, had its fair share of flooding issues since the august historic flooding there. they have been water systems since thursday. they still have the sand bag stations open and very busy today. ashley. >> and polls closing in less than three years in the florida primary. marco rubio saying that he can't commit to serving a full six-year term in the senate if he is reelected. >> no one can make that commitment because you don't know what the future is going to hold in your life personally or politically. i can commit that i am running to be a u.s. senator. i am fully prepared to allow
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political office i ever hold. >> we talked to abc action news political analyst suzanne mcmanis about this. it's no secret that rubio wants another run at the presidency. she says there is one big reason that republicans, even the republicans who don't like rubio will still vote for him today. >> make sure that republicans hold on to control of the u.s. senate. because all it takes is five states that are now republican to democrats control the u.s. senate. >> and in polk county now, a poll worker was fired today after a voter asked for an independent ballot and the poll worker said they didn't have one. the poll county election supervisor says the poll worker made the mistake of for getting about independent ballots so they let the poll worker go. by the way, the voter did get to vote. the now's lauren rozyla is in tampa, taking a look at what is important on the ballots in
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hillsborough county voters get to decide who will represent them in the u.s. house and senate and local candidates for judge and school board. this year voters are using new voting machines. they're supposed to better catch mistakes and show that the ballots have been accepted. florida can vote on amendment 4 that would give property tax breaks to those who install solar panels on their homes. that needs to pass by 60%. let's send it over to ryan smith who is covering elections in >>reporter: thanks, lauren. local election officials in pinellas county already calling this a large voter turnout. we still have a couple hours left until polls close. you can see plenty of supporters waving in potential voters in off of the street, urging them to get to the ballot box. in the district 13
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facing off against bircher. the winner tonight takes on democrat charlie crist in the general election in november. democrats and republicans and independents turning out in larg numbers for the primary than in previous years. total voter turnout i'm told already surpassing 2014 and 2012 right here in pinellas county. so we will see how this all plays out once the after crowd shows. and of course whether tonight a big contribufor that. in downtown st. petersburg, ryan smith for the now tampa bay. >> we want to give you another live look outside in tampa right here. live view over 275. shay, we already have reports coming in of lightning in the tampa area. what are you seeing? >> yeah. we have been hearing a lot of thunder even in our building acrossfrom raymond jame you see the storms across
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veterans and parts of i-4.o ly time right now. and you can see all of the neighborhoods that are affected. everywhere from carollwood, downtown a,ntdr park and rocky creek, just to the north of rocky creek and to the chase area. we have rain across the heavily populated areas. also around pinellas county and palm harbor, across clearwater beach, all getting pretty wet. so we've got more what we have seen lately. and you can see more in our northern county. citrus and hernando and pasco county hit and miss. and heavy downpours again moving in generally from the south and then shifting back to the northwest. so this circulation is all coming from that deeper tropical moisture. we're going to continue to see the rain chances off and on not just through sunset, but now we're going to start seeing
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more and more of that moisture just building into our area. so the rainier weather has gun. l t more intense over the next couple of days. check out the possible rainfall totals. as question look at now through 11:00 wednesday morning, it doesn't seem all that bad. we're looking at one to two- inch totals point. but then after we get into wednesday afternoon through thursday morning, that's where westart to see the two three-inch and then by fridayning, we're seeing totals. this is looking at four to five-inch rain -- or four to six-inch range i would say closer to the coastline. again, the projectio based on th othis storm is we will have up to six to ten inches of rain possible in coastal county. four to six inland. that is east of i-175. and then all of the rain is occurring from wednesday to friday. the heaviest though
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so flooding is certainly likely across our area, given our drainage issues on regular summertime afternoon. so that's the rain. i'll tell you about how much wind and time that out for you as well coming up in my next forecast. ashley. >> thank you, shay. also ahead, the medical test that you don't need but your doctor could be giving you anyway because they're making money from it. you're watching the n tpa
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>> breaking news update out of pinellas county. sheriff's office just reopened this intersection at park boulevard and starkey road. it was shut down this afternoon because of the gas leak we told you about at the top of the hour. we're told a contractor hia in this is video from earlier. nearby businesses were evacuated but they are allowed back inside. do you really need that extra test that your doctor is prescribing? a lot of people ask themselves those questions. >> new research may question the treatment that you are getting. it shows nearly 8% of people are getting low value services according to insurance claims. those services can include hormone tests for thyroid issues or a brain scan for uncomplicated headaches.
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cost and alternatives available. the study shows the south mid- atlantic and mountain region have the most spending on low value services proportionately compared to the rest of the country. the services add up to nearly $33 million of tests in 2013 were not needed according to the study. >> here are the numbers behind us. it also talks about a previous report that estimates there is more than $750 billion in waste every currently spend on health care. that's a lot of money. >> it sure is. allegiant offering two cheap routes to and from the st. pete airport. the first one starts in november for about $75. the other begins in february, to and from austin texas. those fares as low as $44. the prices sound great. many people are not happy with allegiant because of the
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this tropical depression is already causing some changes in planning. the bucks final preseason game was moved to tomorrow because of the storm on thursday. >> will you be there? you should. we're watching for other possible canceled events as an update is expected on the system in the next 30 minutes.
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>> right now, rain, thunderstorms already on their way in tampa. come this time tomorrow, things will be more intense as tropical depression9 moves in. we could see tropical storm watches for parts of the bay area by the end of this show. let's go over to meteorolost shay ryan who is watching it all. >> yeah. take a look at what we're seeing. darker clouds across the apollo beach circles camera. you can still see summer weather. but we have more storms this afternoon than what we have seen, even yesterday. yesterday was active as well. the heavy downpours coming across the southern counties and moving across i-4 now. hillsborough county has been inundated with lots of rain and lightning. and then more showers and storms moving across pasco and into hernando county. isolated batch of heavier rain
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and things still pretty busy there to the south in our southern counties. across highlands, desoto, har deem now, as -- hardee. now, as we look at the wind speeds, we know it will make its path into the bend of florida over the next 24 hours. by thursday morning, as this is moving on shore, if you remember, that yellow band was right against our northern countiesesterday. and now it looks like it is just slightly farther to the so what does that mean? this yellow area is sustained winds up to 39 miles per hour. and then in the center, that's where we have a small tcof sustained winds up to 60 miles per hour. mainly what we will see here are the elevated gusts into the 40 to 50 miles per hour range. and most of this is from pinellas county, even pasco county on north right along the coastline. so that's where we will see the majority of the stronger winds. as far as timing goes, it's mainly during the day on
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any time from thursday morning to sunset. again, 50 to 60 miles per hour gusts along the coast. 40 to 50 miles per hour inland. and most of that is from pinellas county or tampa bay on north. you want alerts, don't forget to download storm shield. a great device during stormy weather. if you're wondering about the tides in the coastal flooding, i will more on that next. >> thank you, shay. on the zika front today, the cdc issuing a new warning including the british islands to the travel notice. this iastic has did not transmitted here in the bay area. encouraging news about the fight against the zika virus today. researchers say three drugs that already exist may help to protect expectant mothers and their unborn babies. the zika virus has been linked to birth defects including smaller than normal heads and underdeveloped brains. the drugs are either already approved by the fda or other
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treatments or in clinical trials. they will not work directly against the zika in the current forms but they have compounds that could be tailored towards the fight. now one naples woman says all of the spraying is making her sick. >> tingling and numbness around my mouth and my left hand and in my feet. i am scared. i'm scared to go outside. >> she says the planes are flying over her house twice day. she is suffering from sinus problems and nauseous. poison control and her doctor think it could be related to the spraying. but mosquito control says they are using a small amount of chemicals, about the size of a half a shot glass over the entire length of a football field. >> that's not true. i know a lot oople and a lot of people are experiencing health problems. >> that woman doesn't have health insurance. she is racking up medical debt
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she wants them to stop spraying and find an alternative. mosquito control doesn't plan on changing the formula. it has been approved by the federal government. a lot to learn about new rules just set by the federal government when it comes to flying drones in order to make money. the now's nicole grigg showing us how right now local authorities are learning not only how to best enforce the new rules for drone and business owners but how to protect your privacy. >> reporter: across the way in downtown tampa. >> you can catch interesting sights. >> reporter: that's why jason does droning as a hobby. jason does it for fun. but know professionals can take a test and fly high. businesses like utility and construction companies, even realtors can use the bird's eye view for aerial mapping. what that means is you will see
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sky. but that doesn't mean that you have the right to make sure that it's not recording you. so you can't shoot it down or damage a drone because it's somebody's property. but you can report it. right now in florida it's illegal if someone is over your private property nning surveillance. so basically if they're spying on you. and the best way to know someone is spying on you, if you see a drone flying repeatedly at the same time around the same area. enforcement right now is kind of a gray area because the f.a.a. is in charge. but they're depending on local agencies to report in detail any violations. as for the rules just put in place for commercial use, businesses can only fly during the day, up to 400 feet above the ground, and have to be in the line of sight of their drone. as of now, there's no law that companies have to tell you when and where they're recording.
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>> good news as we're looking ahead this labor day weekend. aaa says gas prices have been rising lately but they're still 27 cents cheaper than this time last year. better yet, we're on pace to pay the lowest labor day gas prices since 2004. glad for that. you're watching the now tampa
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>> security experts say it is likely to continue to happen between now and the election in november. however, with these cases, there is an important distinction to draw here. these hacks, which at least in illinois we know affected around 200,000, accessed personal information like driver's license numbers. cyber security expert today telling us that election officials across the country need to take all of this information off line for it to be safe. this comes following the dnc e- mail hack before the democratic national convention in july.
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confident the ballots will not be hacked. we still have paper ballots. the computers are not connected to the internet. the supervisor of elections says the only time they are connected is when they control it on election night. he also says there are encrypted passwords, numerous layers of security and the machines are tested and your ballot and checked and double checked. people who live in states where medical marijuana is legal call out this is according to new research from the journal health economics. now, the research looks at before and after sick day data in 24 states where there are medical marijuana laws. now, it finds that on average, people are 8% less likely to report being absent from work due to health issues after the laws were passed. the study doesn't say medical marijuana caused that depress. a number of factors like better access to health care and better workplace, wellness
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decline. ryan lochte dodging questions today about whether he will go back to brazil to face a charge of filing a false police report after the incident at that gas station in ree he is not only saying that he has a great legal team and they're dealing with it, lochte is offering to reimburse swimmer james fegan. he will give him $11,000 that he had to pay to avoid the charges if he will let him. on the death of legendary gene wilder after a three-year battle with alzheimer's. the awareness that his death is
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>> right now, it's not just tropical depression number 9 we're watching. two hurricanes headed towards hawaii. madelyn could pass by the main island tomorrow causing flooding and mudslides. that is followed by hurricane lester. it is a cat 3. could have an impact by the weekend. two hurricanes tracking this close to hawaii within a week is rare. president obama is supposed be in hawaii for a world summit. not sure if the trip will be impacted. tropical depression number 8 threatening to bring strong winds, heavy rain, flooding to this part. you can see the surf is rough there. both depressions 8 and 9 could be named today. shay, we don't even have named storms but we have rain already. >> we do. in fact, take a look at the rain across tampa bay right now. and we do have rain across some
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275, 75 and into pinellas county. quite a bit of rain across the palm harbor area and into clearwater. the flow is no longer a direct east to west flow like we have seen so much of this summer. we are now tapping too the deeper tropical moisture. you see how it's coming up from the south and, woulding its way back across the gulf. it will be hit and miss, scattered showers throughout tonight. look at futurecast and see projections through 8:00. still seeing the rain developing from the south and then coming back around. at midnight, we're still hit or miss. but it gets a little lighter. 8:00 tomorrow morning, did you see that batch of rain that just moves in from the southwest? so that's where we start seeing these waves of heavier downpours. at noon, we're much more -- we see much more coverage from tampa bay on north across the area. now, at 4:00, we're again with those hit or miss showers and
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continuous tomorrow where we see those waves of heavy rain coming in with lighter rain embedded from time to time as well. and then into thursday morning, we've got more rain headed our way. we're just getting into this rainier period. it will get wetter and wetter over the next couple of days as you know as the storm works its way in our direction. at this point still a tropical depression, packing 35 miles per hour maximum sustained winds, expected to strengthen as it approaches. so this path hasn't changed a lot over the past 24 to but what we're looking at now as the storm moves in our direction is a pretty strong tropical storm. so when it comes to coastal flooding, we look at storm strength and we look at storm surge. what the national weather service is projecting is three to five feet storm surge given it being a tropical storm. we know we have drainage issue across the area, even with summertime thunderstorms we get flooding. but the tide levels is
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flooding. in saint pete, the two high tides that could cause problems is 3:15 in the morning thursday morning. this isn't a terribly high tide. but as the rain accumulates and the storm gets closer and piles the water up, we could see issues there. but i think especially thursday at 2:30 in the afternoon, that's when we are going to see our highest high tide there. and in sarasota, around 1:00 in the afternoon on thursday. this is where we may greatest likelihood for the coastal flooding in the area as a result of the storm that hasn't even been named yet. the heaviest rain between wednesday and thursday. 6 to 10-inch totals along the coast. the strongest winds on thursday, possibly 50 to 60 miles per hour gusts along the coast from pinellas county on north. the farther inland you go, the lower the wind speeds and the
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as this storm moves through wednesday night and thursday night, there will be a chance for the spin-ups closer to the coastline especially. we're looking at a stormy period of days ahead between wednesday, thursday and friday. we will see improvement later in the day on friday and even on saturday we will have good chances for rain. but it's looking more like the typical summertime variety. check out the temperatures a bit lower into the low to mid- 80s. denis will be here at 5:00 and have more on action >> thank you, shay. and the tampa theater honoring gene wilder. the tampa theater will be hosting a special screening of one of his most well known films including willa wanka and the chocolate factory. >> he was battling alzheimer's for years. now his private fight could
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>> it increases my sense of danger. >> reporter: the one that made us smile in the producers, young frankenstein. that's how the actor wanted to be known, not the actor struggling with alzheimer's disease for the last three years. in a statement his family said the actor chose to keep the illness private for his young fans saying he couldn't bare the idea of one less the world. ? there is no life i know ? ? >> reporter: still, wilder's family considered themselves lucky saying this illness pirate unlike in so many cases never stole his ability to recognize those who were closest to him, nor took command of his central core personality. >> everybody unfortunately or fortunately is different with this disease. >> reporter: david has worked with alzheimer's patients for
4:51 pm
disease itself can devastate the body. >> this is a terminal illness. so as the disease moves through the brain and it gets to the base of the brain eventually, that is a different time frame for everyone, it will start to shut down vital functioning. >> reporter: it becomes hard for people with alzheimer's to move and eat by themselves. while it shortens a person's life complications like infections and blood clots are usually the >> about 80% of people in memory care have other issues. the more exposure we have to the amount of people who have a cause of dementia like alzheimer's, the more public recognition we will have, the more funding for research we will have. ? if you truly ? ? >> reporter: eye life of impact on the screen and beyond.
4:52 pm
us the exist of good move -- the gift of good movies. alzheimer's is the sixth leading cause of death in the united states. in 2013, it killed nearly 85,000 people. a study suggests that number could be much higher because alzheimer's is not always listed as the underlying cause of death. colin kaepernick's protest over not standing during the national anthem we have been telling you about, it's igniting a debate across the sport and beyond. he is definitely not to question the anthem. baseball pioneer jackie robinson wrote about the anthem in his ought biography in 1972. he says i can not stand and sing the anthem. i cannot salute the flag. i know i'm a black man in a white world. the third verse does include the word slave. there are different interpretations of the lyric. no refuge could save. but some say the song's author
4:53 pm
slaves fighting against the british and the u.s. were justified. and the 4ers head coach is talking about it. he says it's kaepernick's right not to stand if he chooses. >> he's not the only one speaking out. the san francisco police association asking for an apology from the 49ers and the nfl after kaepernick compared a police officer's training to a cosmetologist as part of his protest over ra the sheriff's office is inviting kaepernick to the training to see what officers really do go through. owing back taxes can be high stress. imagine having to pay 14 and a half billion, that's with a b dollars. that's what apple must pay. the company was getting illegal tax breaks for the past 20 years. it's the biggest single bill for avoiding corporate taxes in
4:54 pm
it comes after a three-year investigation. apple is appealing the ruling. this is the second state funeral for those who were killed in the earthquake. 37 caskets there. the first one was on saturday. you can see relatives sitting together, flowers draped over the coffins. what is not shown are the tiny white ones decorated in balloons. those are for the children who were the earthquake killed 292 people, many tourists. six balconies collapsing in long island, new york. no one got hurt luckily. the picture on the right is what it used to look like. it turns out scaffolding was just put up to do construction work to fix decaying bricks. california's governor is considering new punishment for sex crimes in response to a
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brock turner got six months in jail after sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. prosecutors had asked for six years in prison. the new bill would make jail time mandatory in cases like this. he will be released on friday after serving just three months in jail. that angered a lot of people. this wanted 18-year-old girl in australia does not like her mug shot. she told everyone in the world and the police. she escaped from a corrections looking for her. she replied with this picture writing can you use this photo, please and thank you. sharp was arrested two days later. some people are saying that post may help police find her by figuring out where she uploaded the picture from. remember tim tebow? we will see what he is made of on the baseball field. >> do i remember tebow? he is practicing in l.a.
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out. conditioned love these guy -- captioned love these guys. he has been training in arizona and l.a. >> is this for real. >> it is for real. he last played baseball on a regular basis in '04. he was just a high school junior at the time. he has been a commentator with espn in recent years. tomorrow the first flight from u.s. to cuba takes off in the first time in five decades. the jetblue flight will leave ft. lauderdale three times a week now. by the end of the year, there will be about 20 direct flights to havana. remember before you pack your bags there is still travel restrictions so planning the trip will take some time. you have to have a reason to go there. space enthusiasts, here is a once in a lifetime
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know about. >> legendary astronaut is coming here. he is the only astronaut to fly on all five space shuttles. tickets are on sale now to hear him talk for $15. if you buy the tickets soon with the add-on charge, 100 people who make the purchase will get a meet and greet with him. go to the we interested. the fbi could publicly release its report on the hillary clinton e-mail investigation as early as tomorrow. the agency will also release notes of their interview with hillary clinton. what will not be released we're hearing are additional notes of interviews who volunteer clinton aides or other material that's were sent to congress in its investigation. and we're just a couple of hours away from the polls closing in florida for the primary.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: to be a congressman. you get the summer off, come back for a month, then get a whole month off and then you only work for four weeks out of the last two months out of the year. when congress returns in a week, we can expect them to make the most of their time back. right? wrong. zika funding may have passed the house but the bill is going nowhere in the senate. democrats vow to continue agitating for gun safety bills conferences will not win in the gop controlled congress. the only thing likely to pass in september is a bill to fund the government through the rest of the year before they skip town again until after the election. and if as current polls suggest hillary clinton wins the presidency and democrats take the senate, republicans may want to use that lame duck session to name a candidate to supreme court.
4:59 pm
and he has the power to begin the confirmation hearings. hey, at least there will be money to keep the lights on through december. go congress. for the now, i'm mike sax. >> thank you, mike. that's it for the now tampa bay. >> abc action news at 5:00 starts right now. >> this is abc action news. >> goo i'm wendy ryan. >> and i'm jamison uhler. we're tracking major stories here at 5:00, including primary election day in florida that could have major consequences on capitol hill. >> our crews are across the state watching the big races across our community and beyond. we will break down what is at stake tonight. also tracking breaking news right now. hillsborough fire confirming they are working a lightning strike that left two people hurt at the technology academy
5:00 pm
the injuries are. we found out that lightning might have struck a fence causing those people to get hurt. we're also watching the tropical system in the gulf right now, creeping ever closer to tampa bay. let's get over to denis phillips and when we might be expecting that. >> it is going to happen tomorrow, jamison. but the cure cane center waited until the last second. they updated the track and advisory at ten seconds before 5:00. this is also my first chance to look at it. what they're thinking here. you've got the area of low pressure. still a tropical depression. it is not a tropical storm yet. moving northwest at 5. a couple hours ago, the european model was trending this more to the northwest, away from us and getting stronger as it did so. and the new track does the exact same thing. notice, tampa is no longer even in the shaded area for a possible track.


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