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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  August 31, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> it is a weather alert day here on the now tampa bay, everyone. i'm ashley glass. >> and i'm laura harris. in the last two hours, tropical storm hermine officially becoming a storm. we have a manatee county schools all closed tomorrow. friday is still up in the air. >> speaking of the bad weather, breaking news out of seminole heights where a tree has fallen on a house. adam weiner just sent us this video. seven people were inside. everyone is okay. good news. the red cross is helping them to find a place to stay. >> a quick look at the traffic
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of the roads. there are various road closures all over the bay area. >> take a look at empty clearwater beach. do you see that there? it is hard to believe. no one on the beach. that is because the gray skies, high surf, we have been seeing that go on for most of the day. it will continue to go on through today and the evening. >> we also have crews out covering the areas already under water and seeing both shay ryan and denis phillips are here in the studio tracking the rape. we will start with denis. what is on the radar right now. >> this has been an incredible day in terms of rainfall. record breaking for folks in largo and indian rocks beach. what is interesting about this and we mentioned this at the top of the newscast and trees going down. not because of the wind, but because we have so much rain. especially with large and dead trees, their roots are not strong and they will come down.
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coming in from the south. this is from tropical storm hermine. it was upgraded at 2:00 today. the rain totals have bulldozed along the coast. you see bloomingdale. but folks across the anterior counties haven't had any rain, believe it or not, this afternoon. these are the totals in the last there's your bullseye -- your bulls eye. most of pinellas county from courtney campbell south, a solid four, five, six inches of rain. a little less up north. a bulls eye near tampa. six inches of rain. we look at the rest of the area and there is little to no rain in the anterior counties. as the storm strengths, we will
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possibly coastal flooding tomorrow morning and into the afternoon. let's go to shay ryan with what is to come. >> yeah. as we look at futurecast, look what we're showing as a projection of rain right now. it's not picking up the rain currently coming down. we know this model may be off some. what i think is interesting and, a little ray, a little glimmer of hope for tomorrow's rainfall is what i'm going to show you. so tonight at 8:00, still good chances for heavier rain. even at midnight, heavier waves of rain coming into the pinellas county area, into hillsborough county. not where we want to see the rain piling up. tomorrow morning's commute, the rain is still setting up against the coastline. you notice it comes in waves. we're not getting the consistent rain if this model verifies over the next 12 hours or so that we have seen so far today. we will start to get some breaks.
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is starting push a little farther inland and pull away from the coast. take a look at what is happening out in the gulf. the system is becoming more organized and you start to see where it is pulling together. and if it does intensify like this it pulls the rain away from our area. possibly a little earlier than what it could have been if the storm were a little closer or a little less organized. so, again, this is a glimmer of hope that the rain may become a along the coast into tomorrow afternoon than what we have seen so far with this storm. as we look at the possible rain totals, this is another model with projections showing us through tomorrow morning, about 2 inches of rain. by friday morning, looking at about three inches. this is pulling back the numbers a little bit from what we were originally looking at. again, another glimmer of hope that we may have ended up with our heaviest totals today.
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significant rain tomorrow or over the next 12 to 24 hours, but maybe it will be a little bit better than what it could have been. the bottom line is we still have a chance through friday night of significant rain coming down. some of it heavy in the same spots that we have already been seeing those enormous totals that den he is was just telling us -- denis was just telling you about. we will continue to watch for the flooding and the coastal flooding that may be coming at high tide tomorrow. i will have more coming up. >> one of the areas where we have seen a lot of the evacuations because of flooding, judge university like what you see there, is an apartment complex in largo. power completely off there. at least half a dozen families had to leave the autumn chase apartments. six families were helped out this morning. then our cameras spotted this man working really hard to save that little kitty right there.
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>> well, i'm just trying to get whatever i can get so we can survive. >> what are you going to do? where are you going to go? >> i'm not sure. right now my brother-in-law, i'm not sure what we're going to do after that. >> those families who had to leave their homes thankfully are okay at this hour right now. we're getting a little more information, ashley, on what is happening. hillsborough county, schools what are these people going to do all day. the city of tampa is opening rec centers to give people something to do. >> all rec centers will be open 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning to 6:00 tomorrow night. we want to check the roads. clifton french is in our live drive vehicle in gulf port. cliff. >> yeah. shay, like -- like shay was saying, people here live and
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that is anyway. we're right near the bay. but i just turned right down down one of these side streets here. things are looking so much better than they were earlier. we're going to pull up this this one street that is impassable by cars. crews have been setting up barriers like this one that you see here. the rain has been heavy at times. right now, it is not. earlier out in this area, the only way kayak. i see a buy on a bicycle right now. but there were people in kayaks coming up and down this street that were on -- because it was the only way to get through right here. but i want to go to some video from earlier in st. pete beach at boca sega and 75th east. it was blocked off.
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through 75th. i have lost my ifb to communicate with you. it just shut off. i'm just going to go with what i have here right now. now, this is the same story near the shore. several places we have been to today. the main problem though has been heavy rain mixed with high tides. as we always say, if you see high water like we were seeing over here earlier, stop, turn around. your safety is more important than getting to whatever destination you're trying get to. also be aware of the areas that typically flood. you know your neighborhoods. if you have been there for a while, you know what areas tend to flood out there. and if you're near the coast, also, you know, just google. just check your phone. check the tide charts. if it's high tide, expect more water. for the now tampa bay, i'm clifton french. >> good information there, clifton. a portion of south gulf view boulevard in clearwater is
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there. the sign reads road closed because of flooding. ryan raiche joins us live with the warnings we have been seeing throughout the day. >> reporter: i can tell you live long clearwater beach, the rain has not let up all afternoon. that in part prompting beach patrol to issue the red flag warnings today, meaning conditions in the water simply too dangerous to mess with. large curve a strong current -- large surf and a strong current creating a hazard for beach goers. beach patrol pushed back and relocated the lifeguard towers. the red flags went up shortly after that. clearwater beach's water safety supervisor telling me today that south winds are causing a strong lateral current, running parallel with the shoreline. and that's the risk. you're running a big risk.
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>> all of our high tides for the next several days are forecast to be strong tides. that along with any kind of weather the gulf could be a recipe for disaster. >> reporter: and back out here live, you can see in this live picture a lot of the sand around the beach walk is under water. a good two to three inches. high tide slated for 11:33. that when we could see gulf inching closer and closer to the beach located right behind us here. so beach patrol will be monitoring that throughout the coming hours. that's the latest live in clearwater beach, ryan smith for the now tampa bay. >> thank you, ryan. the best technique if you're using sand bags. here is a hint, get heavy duty plastic. another closure to pass along because of the tropical
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hernando county. they're expecting an updated track on the tropical storm in the next hour. stay with the now tampa bay on
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>> well, it's a good thing they closed school in pinellas county today because some parents are already having a hard time picking up their kids. check out the road leading into this elementary school in seminole. you can see cars can barely get through. a minivan with its hazards on. you see it right there. it got stuck in that street
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the school entrance has been flooded. >> i don't even know which direction. and my gps is sending me the only two ways it would know. i don't know what to do. i'm having a panic attack right now because i can't get to my son. >> i can understand how scared she is because she can't get to her son. this is what we tell people not to do all the time, standing through -- driving through standing water. it halses all the time around that school. again, pinellas county have school tomorrow. crews are cleaning out storm drains to try to minimize the street flooding. >> we will go to sarina fazan in tampa. sarina, it looks like there are areas blocked off behind you. there are barricades there. what is blocked off and what is open at this intersection. >> reporter: right now the intersection is actually open. but tampa city officials as well as tpd have identified about 30 streets in our area
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problem areas that have a tendency to flood. they have set up prebarricades -- pre-barricades which means they will close off the street if it floods. you were talking about the storm drains. we spent all day with the crews. let's go to the pictures we shot. they were in these trucks. the trucks are impressive, i must say. each of the trucks, four of them, cost about $200,000 a piece. city officials tell me they are worth every single penny because each of them are equipped with a really strong vacuum that basically sucks out the debris or sucks out anything that is blocking the drain. all of that debris or junk is disposed of in a designated area in the port. the crews were out early this morning and will work until the sun goes down tonight and back up again early tomorrow morning. the storm water director actually met us out at one of the locations and we asked her
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here is what she had to say. >> it's critically important. we have lots of leave. we have an urban forest in florida which we are proud of. but that gets in the storm water system. if the pipes are not free of debris, the storm water can't flow properly. it is very important. >> reporter: now, these preventive steps, the barricades as well as upgrades to the pumping station leaving city officials confident that they can handle the rains as opposed to last year. i'm sarina fazan, abc action news. >> thank you. any time that we hear of flooding rains coming our way, we hear sand bags. once you get the sand bags, how do you know you're using them properly to protect your property. the city of tampa sending out info on that, reminding people to clear any debris from the area where they put the sand bags. i want you to look at this. put a large sheet of heavy duty plastic between the sand bags
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place the bags long wise like that in the illustration, putting the bags up like a brick wall. and stamp them in place to prevent any gaps. i know that's a lot of information. so i tweeted out the information for your home or business. just look for me on twitter@lauraharris. look at our main sail camera there. tropical storm hermine bringing in more and more rain. shay, what is the latest? >> it looks nasty out at the beaches. it has all day long. let's look at the radar. you see the waves of rain are continuing to inundate our coastline across the i-75 corridor. all of our major roads and approximate bridges covered in rainfall between pinellas and hillsborough county. expect if you are headed out on the roads any time here this
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find wet roads and you will find some that are flooded out and plenty of ponding on the roads. be cautious and smart about driving around the area if you have to over the next several hours. this is where the storm is right now. you can see it really is starting to explode here object the -- on the satellite image. it is becoming a bit more organized. we are seeing the rain bands from this storm already. it is the outer cloud and rain bands moving into the area. that is the deep moisture. we are certainly feeling it. take a look at the path right now. looking like it will be just about to the big web of florida tomorrow afternoon -- big bend of florida tomorrow afternoon. i had a lot of questions about people traveling north because of the holiday weekend. travel tomorrow and friday north of tampa bay is going to be very touch and go. you definitely want to think about this hard and your timing before you hit the roads headed north over the next 24 to 48
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things will start to improve for florida. and then moving along the carolina coastline after that. all right. so let's go ahead ask talk about what -- and talk about what we're seeing in our area. as the storm moves forward, we know it pushes the water up. so high tide tomorrow, overnight, so 3:11 a.m. is where we will see the first high tide for tomorrow. our second one at 2:41 in the afternoon. during these time frames, we will have increased coastal flooding. the high tide especially at 2:41 is high at two and a half feet. so, again, we're watching for that coastal flooding. we're also watching for the flooding just across streets and other areas. tonight through tomorrow, we will continue to have isolated tornado threats. and 30 to 40 miles per hour wind gusts are possible on thursday. higher to the north and also closer to the coastline. i've got more on what you can expect with the watches and warnings across the area coming
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laura. >> thank you, shay. tropical storm hermine shutting down schools across tampa bay and taking critical services off the streets like meals on wheels. thankfully the people they serve were given food that can last several days already. this is a good reminder to check on elderly neighbors and family members as soon as you can. stay with us for continuing coverage of the tropical storm
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>> right now, donald trump is in mexico meeting with the mexican president. this is video of trump there from earlier this afternoon. mexico's president invited him. this comes hours before trump will lay out his immigration some people are protesting this trip, including the country's former president. >> in life, lawrence received the gospel as the life-giving word. >> a final farewell for a beloved priest in tampa. he founded the catholic church and school in tampa and spent 60 years in the priest hood. clergy, friends and family say
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astounding. he spent countless hours counseling those in need and volunteering with dozens of charities. >> what he strove for reminds us that we are called to make a difference. >> those who knew and loved him best knew his deep devotion to tampa and his message of love, respect family will leave a lasting legacy. all right. you are looking right no commercial flight to land in cuba in five decades. >> the jetblue plane making history with a trip there ft. lauderdale to cuba. american airlines will also offer flights starting next month. it will be about 20 direct flights to havana by the end of the year. tropical storm hermine already knocking out power in
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usf lost power. luckily it has been restored. we have the latest on power outages on we checked with tico. it looks like all customers have power at this time. we will be right back in three
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>> staying with our coverage right now. let's show new gator that the pasco sheriff's office found under a car today as they were doing flood checks. it doesn't appear that anyone got hurt. this is a good reminder that all sorts of animals are moving about in the flood waters. best to stay away. now to people not listening to the warnings. check out the surfers out today at clearwater beach catching waves we do see in the tampa bay area. wow. >> indian rocks beach too, laura. not the safest idea. somebody paddle boarding in the flooded streets. you see him at the stop sign there. there is a lot of standing water creeping up the driveways, really close to the front doors of the homes. we have a close-up photo to show you of that paddle border. you see someone approaching him
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get to dry, safe land. let's get another check with meteorologist shay ryan. we can't hear the warnings enough, stay away from the flood waters. >> yeah. you can have downed power lines and you can find snakes and other critters. just stay out of the water. and stay in a safe place inside of your home if you possibly can. all right. take a look. we have been focusing so much on the coastline. i wanted to show you across i-4 in polk county, we have heavy rain unundating the area. a heavier downpours working their way across there. also in manatee county, you have waves and heavy pockets of showers and storms moving on shore. all of this generally in a southwest to northeasterly movement. we will continue to see more of this throughout tonight. now, we do have a tropical storm washing in effect -- warning in effect for pasco, hernando and sit recess counties. what does that mean? there is a possibility, in fact
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storm conditions over the next 24 to 36 hours. so in these three counties, we have the highest chance of seeing wind speeds above 40 miles per hour. it looks like most of the winds will be in the 30 to 40 miles per hour range. but in those three counties, up an increased risk in addition to the heavy rain, the flooding, the isolated tornadoes. you have a greater risk of the higher winds because you will be closer to where the landfall is of the storm as it moves into the big bend of florida. all right. so wh improve? i have been asked this question a lot. i will have that answer for you coming up in my next forecast. >> thank you, shay. back out on the roads though where flooding is a huge concern. clifton french in our live drive vehicle in gulf port. his shot may have frozen there. i'm trying to see if that's the case. anyway, clifton says there are definitely areas where he sees
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this is i-275 southbound at 54 avenue south in st. pete. this area has been closed off and on all throughout the day today because of heavy rain, drainage issues and flooding. you can see it is closed off right now. we do have a close-up photo too of the road. florida highway patrol tweeted it out with an important reminder, drivers, don't go through the water. you can see how deep it gets there. maintenance ew an eye on the spot with more rain coming over the next 24 hours. very early this morning, by the way, we watched as three cars got stuck in the standing water at that very spot. good news, no one was hurt. well, in pasco county, we got word late this afternoon that pasco schools will be closed tomorrow. multiple other districts closed too. there is a list right now on >> for sure. but we want to go live to eric waxler who just stepped out of the emergency planning meeting
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eric? >> reporter: we are here at a bagging station at mitchell park in new port richey where this is going in. inmates are here ready to help anyone who needs assistance in protecting their homes as the rains and possible flood threatens. this is hard work. these guys are out here filling up the bags and people can take as many as 20 bags. and the car line for these was a pretty long one. you can see the rain is coming down. very stead day. it is expected to get worse as tropical storm hermine gets closer. when it does, the storm surge is expected to be one to two feet from hudson, jasmine estates is at risk for flooding as well. as for the schools, yes, they are closed tomorrow. officials do not want to risk any danger when students are on the bus. that's why they will be closed. >> the schools can handle tropical storm winds.
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thunderstorm. their issue is transporting the kids in buses. so that is the trigger point. it's, are we going to be able to get kids home or to school safely? >> reporter: and you see the sand bagging continues. there are actually nine sand bag stations around pasco county. back in june, pasco county schools upset a lot of parents because they closed school tropical storm colin was coming. they made the decision right now to close for tomorrow and then they will decide about friday. eric waxler for the now tampa bay. >> thank you, eric. minor flooding right now at upton beach. this is by fisherman's park. cars though still trying to drive through the area. you see one right there. we have been telling you a lot, turn around, don't drown.
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right now, duke energy heading to north florida to deal with anticipated outages from the storm. this is video of them leaving early this morning from north carolina. they are hoping to be the ones to help get power back on safely and quickly if that area loses power. you can stay with the now
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>> right now, we're staying on top of tropical storm hermine and the impact on the roads right now. we have been seeing all of the rain the system is bringing. you see there a live picture of fowler avenue at i-275. surprisingly it looks like traffic is still moving although it is crawling along in that area.
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the track of the storm in 15 minutes. in the meantime we got word that amtrak is suspending all service in florida and georgia because of the weather. trains today and tomorrow will be canceled. no delays at tampa international airport right now because of the weather. that is good news for those traveling by air. we have the full list on breaking today, new york police just releasing this sketch on the left there. they say this man knows something about a while jogging in queens. a worker saw him in the same area that the woman was killed on august 2nd. she disappeared that day after going out for a run. her body was found hours later. she was strangled and sexually assaulted. the man in the sketch is not a suspect but a possible witness at this point. detectives still think it was a random attack. chris brown is out on bail today after his nearly 14-hour
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now no. his lawyer tweeting out that brown is doing well and the allegations against him are false. he was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after a woman called for help from his home. we are staying on top of the closures and rescheduling because of tropical storm hermine. the bucs game was rescheduled for tomorrow but what are the chances that it could be canceled tonight? we
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>> we've got a live picture from anna marie island from our main sail beach camera. shay, i can't make out what i'm looking at because of the rain. it has been that way all day. >> that is thousand will be for the next couple of hours. look at the rain moving on shore across manatee and sarasota counties. this is the main sail that i'm pointing to right here. this is continuing to train, that's what it's called when the rain moves in the same direction over and over again or over the same path. that's why we're getting such significant rain totals in that same area. as we broaden the view, you can see that the path of the rain and where this is coming from is directly associated with hermine. this is all moving from the southwest to the northeast across the state. we seem to be in the bulls eye of where the steady rain has
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so our coastline getting the hardest hit. there's a lot of time before the storm actually makes its way into the bend of florida. it won't be happening until tomorrow afternoon to evening. this yellow area here is where the strongest winds will be felt with the storm. the darker orange part is where we have wind speeds around 58 miles per hour or up to 58 miles per hour. and then the 40 miles per hour winds are less, are in the yellow area. that's why the northern counties of -- or why that area where we have tropical storm warnings because they are very close to where we could see tropical storm force winds. that's the concern there. again, as we move through friday, we will see the storm moving away from us and conditions will continue to improve. but we're really not looking at much of a wind storm. we're really looking at more of a rainstorm. we have seen the rain totals collecting today. we will see more of it overnight and into tomorrow.
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also coastal flooding chances will increase overnight tonight and through tomorrow during high tides. strongest winds will be felt thursday closer to the coastline. but the stronger winds are looking at 30 to 40 miles per hour with gusts in the 40 to 45 range. isolated tornadoes will be possible through tonight and into tomorrow. bill logan will be doing updates all through the overnight. and he and ivan will be covering the early morning hours and denis is in all night tonight. we have you covered 24/7 here if there are any tornado warnings. we will let you know immediately on air and on twitter and facebook and on improvements during the day on friday. still breezy at times with a good chance for rainfall. we have a frontal system that will stall out over the
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we still have rain chances but we will get sunshine in the mix each day as we continue through the weekend. this will not clear up in an instant. denis is standing by waiting for the latest update from the hurricane center. it should be coming in any moment and he will have an update for you on action news at 5:00. laura. >> thank you, shay. let's go to clifton french out in gulf port. >> reporter: you know, the water here has reseated quite a bit. it has gone back a decent amount. this is the main stretch through this town. you can see there is still quite a bit of standing water right here. cars slowing down near the intersection. but what we have been seeing is this area being flooded and a lot of the side streets. now, crews have gone around and set not barriers, just letting
4:49 pm
the side streets. now, as we have seen every time we have a flooding event, many people ignore the warnings and they ignore the signs and they ignore the barriers that are put up. you know, the thing is, people, if you see this high water, you need to stop, turn around. it's just not worth it. the good news here, the tide has gone out. and with that, a lot of this water has also receded. but the water gone. it picks up at times and other times it's much lighter. everything looking better than it did earlier today. some homes did get flood damage. the roads out here looking fairly good. you will be able to find a way to get to where you're going. you judge university may have to take a few detours. but you know where you live. you know your neighborhoods. and you also know the tides.
4:50 pm
an area that has flooded before or historically it floods, just be cautious. take your time. it's not worth getting injured or hurting your car, that is. damaging your car. when driving through the flood waters. for the now now, i'm clifton french. >> like cliff said, it's not worth it. it is a mess out there. people are still trying to get out to see the bucs game. >> how are they going to play? the game was hoping the conditions would be a little better. will they even be able to play tonight? we are just three hours away from kickoff against the redskins and you have seen the weather. tk, any chance that the game could be canceled tonight? >> laura, laura, this is the nfl. you don't cancel a game because of a little rain or a lot of rain, do you? of course not. no. they will play the game tonight. they plan to go through it. they planned having this kind
4:51 pm
precautions necessary. but i do have to say for anybody showing up for the game tonight, you are a trooper. i mean, you really want to sit through all of this? apparently there are people coming in at this point in time right now, ready to get into ray jay tonight for the game. now, the other thing is there will be a ton of rain likely coming through throughout the evening. but the precautions that i talked about, they tarped the field this afternoon of today. they will be taking that tarp off sometime very soon now. but that is going to save the playing conditions at least early on in the first half. and then of course the parking lots, they might be a little soggy. so for those of you coming in, driving and parking, you know, be careful there. make sure that, you know, you don't slip and slide into a car parked next to you. outside of that, coming up at 6:00, the real story is for the players who want to play in this game tonight.
4:52 pm
bubble. about five to ten of the players right now with the buccaneers that may or may not make the team. imagine the pressure they're under. we will talk to one of the players on the bubble tonight at 6:00. that will wrap things up. laura, back to you. >> right now we want to check on the other storms out there. first tropical depression 8. you're looking at north carolina. it's pretty clear for the most part. the surf is it turns out they are being spared from the storm. lucky for them, the area saw half an inch of rain. they were expecting five inches. now to hurricane madelyn. this is what it looked like from space earlier today as it heads for hawaii. good news for people there. it is weakening. we're told it no longer has a noticeable eye. however, the big island is still under hurricane warning. national weather service says they could see hurricane
4:53 pm
people are boarding up their homes and getting ready. city crews are also dealing with trouble spots. >> the city brought the bulldozer and they bulldozed the mouth of the canal to flatten out the sand so the water can go out. in case there's heavy rains, it won't flood into our street or into our neighbor's yard. >> hurricane lester isn't far behind madelyn. it isn't expected to get as close to land as madelyn. >> all right, shay and denis staying on top of this weather news. everything that you need to know. the newest models from abc action news at 5:00 in just a few minutes. republican vice presidential nominee mike pence in sarasota at a town hall meeting today. he was actually there in st. pete earlier today at a private fundraiser. meanwhile we're just learning that hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine is canceling his trip to northern florida due to the weather that we have been seeing.
4:54 pm
he was supposed to go to pence coal 'and jacksonville tomorrow and friday. also right now, donald trump is in mexico meeting with the country's president. this is video of trump arriving this afternoon. mexico's president invited him. it comes hours before trump will lay out his immigration plan in phoenix, arizona. some people in mexico are protesting the trip, including the country's former country. >> i hope u.s. public opinion, u.s. finally and finally see what is behind trump. this false prophet that is just cheating everybody. it's a desperate move. >> trump responded saying the former president fox who is railing against my visit to mexico today also invited me when he apologized for using the f bomb. well, fox answered trump's tweet by saying i invited you to come and apologize to all mexicans.
4:55 pm
hill in ohio now as she is blasting donald trump for his trip to mexico today. >> and it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and flying home again. that is not how it works. >> clinton says you don't build a coalition by insulting our friends or acting like a loose canon. you put it by slow hard work of building relationships. how much would donald trump's plan cost. that's the big unknown at this point. todd walker breaks down the numbers. >> it's one of the hallmarks of the trump campaign, the promise to build a huge wall along the u.s.-mexico border and fix the immigration problem. there is already this 15-foot tall fence that runs 700 miles along the border.
4:56 pm
it's along the highly trafficked areas along the border crossing. it cost billions of dollars to build that's in addition to the billions that homeland security gets for the border budget. despite that, the border patrol budget has gone up to $3.8 billion last year. the most dramatic change since 200 when 1.8 million illegal am grants were caught, it has drop today 300,000 last year. donald trump has not said how he will pay for his immigration plans because they keep changing. if he goes forward with the wall plan, it will add billions of dollars more to the budget, more than we're already paying. for the now, i'm todd walker. have you ever heard of people taking their pets antibiotics. >> we are finding out it's more common and dangerous than you might think. >> reporter: there are many
4:57 pm
will share with her dog annie. but her antibiotics? she has been on things for her stomach. >> reporter: are not one of them. >> no. it's for a dog. also she is 11 pounds and i'm a full grown human being. they're not meant for the same -- same species. >> reporter: some people don't seem to mind. doctors at baylor college of medicine asked 400 people where they got unprescribed antibiotics. 4% of the people who responded say they take their i asked elizabeth if it surprised her. >> absolutely it does. i don't know -- you wouldn't know how much to take. it's not meant for a human. >> it's coming from the same drug manufacturer. >> many of the medications that you prescribe for animals are the same medications that people take. so i'm not surprised that people might because of expense or ease or have a bottle in the
4:58 pm
medication. >> reporter: fitzgerald says it's not that simple. the problem with that is dosage and the age of the drug. it's not safe. >> the study only focused on antibiotics but the medical association advises vets to avoid giving unlimited refills of prescriptions or doing anything else that may lead to drug abuse. and at his clinic, fitzgerald says they already take precautions. >> sometimes we see suspicious things and that's a 5-pound chihuahua. he couldn't have taken that many pills. >> reporter: a small step to keep our animal friends and ourselves safe. well, taking your pet's prescriptions, antibiotics, using any prescriptions without a prescription, it can threaten your health. >> exactly. communities of people who often take antibiotics without a prescription tend to have more problems with antibiotic resistance. remember that. that's it for the now tampa
4:59 pm
starts right now. >> right now at 5:00, nearly the entire bay area under a state of emergency as the newly named tropical storm hermine gets closer to florida. >> take a look at the radar right here. you see the worst of hermine before it arrives. we are getting slammed with rain tonight. >> that's not all. some families feeling -- fleeing their homes. you see it here, because of flooding out there. it's crazy. our crews have been keeping an eye on the worst flooding and what is to come tomorrow. >> denis phillips getting an update on the track of the storm in the gulf. >> today is a perfect example of why you can't minimize a tropical storm. you hear hurricane and you think strong winds and you see the devastation that a hurricane can bring. but very often the weak tropical storms are the one that brings a lot of moisture into the state of florida. it's the nature of the beast.
5:00 pm
getting reports from some folks around indian rocks beach and largo of up to a foot of rain in the last 24 hours. most coastal areas picked up 5 to 10 inches of rain. if you go off to the east, highlands, desoto, practically no rain at all. new advisories are just in and we continue to be under a hurricane watch for pasco, hernando and citrus county. we continue for a tropical storm warning. that considering the new is very surprising. more on that in just a second. there's your system. now up to 45 miles per hour. and the latest tracks continue to be very confident in a track off to the north. this is it. 45 miles per hour winds. we do believe it will get stronger. that is having because if this gets stronger, it will help to draw the moisture closer to it in aa sense. don't get me wrong, we will see rain tomorrow. but as a storm gets stronger,


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