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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  August 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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the new truck is out and we are expecting tropical storm hermine to become a hurricane. we will tell you where it is
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a hospital on fire. ambulances moving hundreds of patients out as a tropical storm moves in. and first responders in the water tonight leaving families to jamison uhler. >> first breaking news with an electrical fire forcing firefighters to evacuate an entire hospital. >> with ambulances coming from all over florida administrators just wrapping up a news conference. we have marisela burgos joining us from the hudson tonight. any updates on the power? >> reporter: well, i tell you
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15% of the power has been restored and have already moved 40 patients but they are still doing those evacuations. i will show you what it looks like. there is still buses and ambulances ready to take people to other hospitals. the fire started in this generator room of the hospital. thanks to being credit 40 extra influences were currently engineers are trying to restore the power of the hospital. if they can restore it they will stop evacuating patients. so far they've already moved 10% of the 290 people here at the hospital and they are taking their time for a reason. >> the guts to actually carry the patients by hand.
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we do not want to call somebody -- get anybody trapped while the are trying to evacuate them. >> i sent the second part of this is figuring out exactly what caused this fire. they did so as the ceo of this hospital said it have to do with the transfer switch that did not activate the backup generator did turn on, but they made the decision to turn off the generators because they more issues out here. marisela burgos, abc action news . now turning to the other big story tonight with the tropical storm harming -- hermine . we have denis phillips tracking the shift for us. >> it is something we were watching. there was a buzz maybe this was going east but at this point in time that does not appear to be a big deal. first of all, it is going
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a good thing for us indicating this is going in the panhandle. it is getting stronger with winds and 60 miles-per-hour. the latest tract predicts this will make landfall as a hurricane. if that happens, it is the first time in 11 years we have had a hurricane make landfall in the state of florida. we are still under a hurricane watch and the path clearly off to the north meaning apac tallahassee with some nasty weather tomorrow but because of all the winds pushing this to the east i think the bulk of the rough weather will be to the east side of this system. i would not be surprised if the hurricane watch is dropped first thing tomorrow morning. flooding will be a big issue.
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we are getting a break. i will let you know how long it will last in a couple minutes. emergency crews rushed to a neighbor tonight rescuing people from waist deep water carrying them to an evacuation center. abc action news reporter michael paluska has the latest. michael? >> reporter: terrifying have fast this water rose. the high tide was completely surrounded by water. this is the people concerned about what will happen overnight. only one family decided to stay behind despite evacuations. 15 families are now with friends or at a shelter down the street. these police went door-to-door telling people to lead. one person had to be rescued by boat because they could knock walk through the water -- walk through the water pick
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been on the police department for 25 years and this has never happened here. high tide was at 1:30 pm this morning they are making sure the water comes up the way they expect they will be out here to warn one family. the bridge leading to the neighborhood is also compromised as well. they came into get the patrol cars through the area. in sarasota tonight like it is threatening homes and a mobile home development and pinellas county. abc action news reporter ryan smith shows us how rescue crews moved in to make sure families did not get cut off by the high water. >> reporter: duke energy cut the power to all 96 units tonight along with emergency rescue crews showing up to make sure everyone gets out.
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or better. the sheriff also deploying these boats tonight as the only way to get some hill out safely to people out safely. >> neighbors grabbing what they can. >> i'm hoping and praying but you know. >> reporter: kathy slushing to her front yard using a plastic wagon ttr tropical storm hermine forcing her and neighbors from their home while some things can still be saved. >> what can we do? >> reporter: others are not so lucky. >> the water from the creek is in the house. >> reporter: we spoke with ruby promotion made this trip inside her home going through waist high water to get there.
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>> we are just drowning again. >> reporter: that is because tropical storm colin caused problems for folks living here at mariners cove in june. at last check 18 properties evacuated safely. in clearwater, ryan smith, abc action news . one temper family has just finished moving valuables out of their home. the mother using her body to shield a 5-year-old. tomorrow closed leaving working families searching for daycare they can afford. as abc action news reporter cameron polom shows us the city is stepping up in a big way. >> you kind of have to look at your options. >> reporter: francesca is not alone. thousands of parents who have to show for work thursday now quickly looking for daycare
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schools across the bay area. >> this is unexpected. >> i was not expecting them to cancel because it is still very tropical but i understand why they did. >> reporter: in order to unburden the parents who just cannot afford to take the day off the city of tampa is offering an alternative. >> in the city there will be a lot of single moms and parents who have to work whose kids will be home all alone tomorrow. the call to keep two dozen city recreation centers open with the public can drop off their children free of charge or an option for people like lucy. >> we have to call on parents and family. their phone will be read for sure. >> we want to do what we can to be helpful. if it means watching a whole
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were happy to do that. we've been making calls to give you a list of schools, day cares, and business closings. for a complete list of the free daycare you can find the information right now on our homepage at . hillsborough county deputies time as a family feud may have viewed a house fire in teenager is facing arson charges for a fire on sunset beach court he actually admitted to setting it after a fight with a family member. >> a 30-year-old man faces seven years in prison. kevin chapman was a member of a group called young torture that used an app to trade child point. they caught him with over 1000 photos. he pleaded guilty in june. donald trump meeting with mexico's president. the claims
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plan to build a wall that mexico's presence city leaders to discuss the wall and he told trump mexico will not pay for it. in arizona trump told supporters he is committed to building the wall paid for by the mexican government. hillary clinton says his trip will not undo the damage his campaign has done. she telling her supporters people have to know they can count on a president and cannot count on trump. more news still ahead including a puppy recovery and a woman now intel. reason for trying to operate on a little pitbull. >> the women cheers as her young son is tossed off a bridge and the recent police -- recent police are getting involved. download the new abc action news app for your mobile phone
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new developments tonight. >> a family is asking the justice department to investigate two deputies. the body cameras recording a november confrontation as the family was leaving atlanta they were forced to call 911 with chase sherman freaking out after taking synthetic marijuana. he died after repeated teasing. the deputies are not facing any charges. texas women in trouble after a boy was found in a houston department in duct tape. police also found a girl with a burn on her hand. the mothers are charged with endangering a child. investigators just releasing disturbing photos from palm beach county.
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on a pitbull puppy. she cropped his ears to go short and then stitched them up with fishing line. she is now charged with animal cruelty and practicing medicine without a license. tonight hundreds of animals could be euthanized. evicting the owners as they are scrambling to find new homes for 400 miniature horses donkeys, and wild hogs. if they cannot be placed by tuesday people likely be euthanized. animal control says is any are left on the property the owners could face charges. a mother faces charges in washington state are watching her boyfriend toss her son off a bridge into the river. witnesses looked on in horror as she cheers her boyfriend on. they are charged with reckless
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will be okay. and ohio hospital loses the remains of a stillborn baby. police are looking into it and continuing to investigate. a south carolina teacher humiliates a girl by throwing her shoes in the trash. she then has to walk around barefoot while kids make fun of her. 30 minutes past before the girl can finally get her shoes from the trash. tropical smoothie cafi dealing with hepatitis outbreak. the centers for disease control said people now have confirmed cases. the cause is tainted strawberries from egypt. more cases are likely to pop up. the temperature overnight
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i have a buddy of mine who works for accuweather with 16 inches of rain today. it is insane in terms of rainfall totals. that will continue across the area at least for the next 36 hours. the big question will be are we looking at a repeat of what we had today and then what about the changes we have been talking about? right now we are getting a break. i expect there was something more showers developing overnight but at this point in time i am not sold on the washout that we had earlier on today. these are some numbers. east of i-75 a lot of the rain tonight is falling east over on the east coast. they are still getting hammered from what we had earlier today. closer to the coast officially 9 to 10 inches of rain with
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16 inches of rain and this has been primarily from clearwater down to st. pete. tomorrow we will get some heavy rain at times but i think a lot of this will hinge on just how well developed hermine gets. we have been talking about this since 5:00. still in the mid-70s so this afternoon with the rain continuing to fall. a lot of folks were the heaviest rains to arrive tomorrow. when you get a tropical system like hermine it is common to get prolonged rain. that is an interesting tidbit with florida weather. you get an organized tropical storm you don't normally see this setup like we had today and overnight tonight there will still be rain but look at tomorrow morning. the models
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setup will be heavier. there may be one thing i guarantee. some folks will get drained on tomorrow with several inches of rain. in general it will not be nearly the rainfall totals that we had today. by lunchtime it looks as though we are getting another area setting up. we had all the heavy rain that came up at high tide with another high tide tomorrow afternoon. looking at heavy rains to through with no place for the water to go you will get flying. then with the developing storm to the west pushing everything from the south that is the issue with coastal flooding. do i think it'll be a huge deal? maybe one to 2 feet. tomorrow we will have bands of rain coming through. i just don't see that washout like we had today. there'll be heavy rain at times and clearing and were heavy rain.
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already moved in then we start looking at more of a moisture extending from the center of the eastern seaboard. we will still look at rain across our area through friday maybe even into saturday at the eastern seaboard. there is the possibility this could impact boston by later this weekend. that is how big of a change this is going to be from a system that was stationary earlier today to seaboard by later on this weekend. i am pretty good with these numbers. through this week into the weekend 4 to 5 inches of rain overall through monday. i am pretty good with these and i do not think we see a repeat of what we had today. as a hurricane gets better organized is tightens up. all the moisture around here today tries to go closer to the
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it is less likely to have that large mass of rain like we had today. to the next 24 hours the continue to see recon flying in with 70 miles-per-hour which is why we believe this will be a hurricane by later today making landfall to the east. it should shift to the east tonight not because of a change in motion that because the center we will continue to keep our eyes on where this is going because you never say never in the tropics. tomorrow afternoon start to see coastal flooding with fans of rain and the chance of a few isolated tornadoes. i think the chance begins to drop a little bit. there is a lot of consensus on the models here. anything that changes we will have it for you but at this
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concern is for the next 24 hours with big improvement into friday morning and afternoon. here's the seven-day forecast with lots of rain and storms tomorrow improving on ride in the weekend back to normal with highs in the upper 80s. tonight tough going in the rain with the mixture -- mixed
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i sure hope the buccaneer head coach got the look he wanted to determine his roster. that was a tough game to watch tonight in the first half of that was just want to forget. the offense went in the with two first downs and it look like a quarterback you would this. he forcefully did not lose possession. especially the rip up front. going 60 yards in the first half brown had 130 yards. the total offense for the first half with brain cure for --
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anything to help himself in the first half with cutter. jenkins kicked off with a pass later in the second he said 13-0 at the half. the second half buccaneer fans looks like we are back with perfect last week right down the middle. he was 2 for 2 with the redskins winning 20-13. looking down to 60 by september 3. opening night set for saturday night at 7:00. they cared up with townsend and i doubt we will have any difficulties in this one. i tell you coach taylor is really looking forward to the scene in the stands. >> when i got here i kept hearing coach say if you win
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coach, if you win they will come. i tell all of you now i cannot wait until saturday night. >> all right. let's head over to fenway with the red sox wrapping up their series. he hit this one out for the grand slam with a lead. ties the game top of the eighth right here aaron hill singling to the right and the winning run with the final 8-6. we are back
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the highest tide tomorrow afternoon is the one we will have to worry about because the storm is strengthening pushing watering. coastal flooding is something we will have to watch because the tide is already high. over night at any point in time showers and thunderstorms will be updated as always on facebook with 24/7.
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we are looking at a few isolated waterspouts and were here all night through tomorrow to help keep you safe. >> and continuing coverage on our website at
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, aaron eckhart from "so you think you can dance," cat deeley and music from nathaniel rateliff & the night sweats. and now, believe me when i tell you -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thanks, everybody. hello. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching.


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