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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 1, 2016 2:35am-4:01am EDT

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this has been a paid presentation for derm exclusive instant anti-aging, brought to instant anti-aging, brought to you by beachbody. protesters have burned him in effigy. the president himself compared trump to hitler and mous. emphasizing mexico will cooperate with whoever wins the election, he softens also.
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countries is deep and sincere. >> reporter: all this comes with trump under fire for waffling on his pledge to deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants in the u.s. >> there can be a softening. >> reporter: trump promises to clear it all up. the trump supporters we spoke with hoped he would stick it to the mexican trump. >> i hope he tells them you're going to pay for it. >> reporter: here in mexico, trump didn't do that. breaking story, hawaiians are riding out a storm this morning. >> hurricane madeline has been downgraded to a tropical storm. the winds are strong. there's also heavy rain and a danger of mud lieds slides in h. president obama is in hawaii. he'll leave tomorrow for china. and tropical storm hermine is likely to become a hurricane
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there are also strong alerts out for alabama, georgia, and alaska. officials warning that dangerous storms could bring surges of as much as seven feet. more details on the storm from justin povack. >> thanks and good morning to you as well. very active right now. the tropics, tropical storm hermine making a quicker move as it gathers strength and heavy rain over the panhandle of florida. we're looking at rainfall amounts here ranging from six to even eight inches. flooding likely along with winds topping 60 and 70 miles per hour. madeline is weakening as it cruises south of hawaii. watch out for lester later down the road. it will make its move as well. and for the weekend, dangerous
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carolinas into north new england. russia is taking credit for killing isis leader, but u.s.. officials say that's unlikely. they say he was one of 40 people killed in a strike on tuesday in syria. a u.s. official claims that's a joke. and that the coalition forces targeted al-adnani in a strike. >> there's been a wave of violence in brazil impreachment of rousseff. police responded with stun guns and tear gas. the incoming president faces major challenges including a na nation mired in deprocession. >> state health officials say at least 55 people have gotten
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smoothi smoothies. some are questioning if state health officials responded quickly enough to the outbreak. and when a player scores a touch down at lambeau field, he leaps into the crowd. the coaches of this weekend's game are warning their players no leaps. >> the tigers coach says any lsu players who do it will have to hitchhike back to in college football it gets a penalty. several players say they plan to do it anyway. what do you think? >> is it too much or are they just having a good time? >> i don't know. >> are they rubbing it in people's faces? if jumping into the stands doesn't make the cut, what is considered excessive celebration? >> spiking the football.
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jumping into the stands has more effort. >> 15 yard penalty. >> i say no leaps. >> coming up, that flight that made history yesterday. how this jet blue plane ushered in a new era of relations between the u.s. and cuba. and how the humble hoodie is taking its place in the world of high fashion, but are the high prices? some of them are as high as 14 $00. is that worth first, here's a look at today's high temperatures. 00. is that worth it? first, here's a look at today's high temperatures. is that worth? first, here's a look at today's
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>> apparently we can get there easily now. history has been made. >> the first single commercial flight took off today, yesterday, from fort lauderdale to cuba. >> the scheduled flights are going from the u.s. to cuba. this one had a special passenger on board. ? ? >> reporter: from a performing to the ceremonial ribbon cutting, and countless cameras flashing with the crowd cheering, the atmosphere was euphoric, and for some of these passengers, making this trip wasn't all about just being a part of history. >> it's emotional. very emotional to be able to go back home, than the home i don't know of. >> i'm coming back after eight
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>> reporter: this man was the first to check in eager to visit his family. now as a proud u.s. citizen. >> i want to get to venture out. i feel like christopher columbus. >> reporter: and it culminated with this, a water cannon salute. a reporter was on board. >> we're told of the 150 passengers, 65 are regular travelers. the others are and the entire crew is of cuban dissent. >> reporter: making this touch down that much more significant for cuban americans. before this flight, it was nearly impossible to visit their families who stayed behind under castro's regime. it may now be easier and cheap tore fly to cuba, but tourism to cuba is illegal and travel to limited to authorized purposes
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humanitarian reasons. thank you. we have another aviation story now. some passengers taking exception to a new american airlines campaign ad. >> it says that great passengers make the best of their situations whether that may be a crying baby or a crowded seat, but the new ads are running into turbulence on social media. one says they are telling their customers to top whining. another suggests maybe it's the airlin attitude, and some of the comments we can't even repeat. >> and it's interesting. it's controversial. seeming to suggest the blame on the passenger, but most of the delays that american airlines has endured according to a recent report are caused by the airline itself rather than the faa and weather. >> maybe the airline does have to shift its attitude. >> they should take a little bit of the blame.
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gotten much nicer. the flight attendants. >> what are you flying? >> they used to be mean to me. now they're a little bit nicer. maybe people could use a little more etiquette on flights. do they have to make the seats so small. >> maybe people are wearing a lot of these. our next story, the humble hoodie being elevated to sky high fashion. >> maybe they'll make you more comfortable back in coach. are the prices worth it?
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? ? >> i like this. i could get used to this. putting a hoodie on is becoming a fashion statement and a staple of among americansf >> apparently of all budgets. is it worth to shell out more than $1,000 for a sweatshirt? >> reporter: the lowly hoodie. born in the gym. grew up on the sidelines elevated to the office. and now it's a fashion darling on the likes of rita ora, rihanna, and with that level of cool comes, wait for it, the
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this costs $365. this one $845. this, $1,495. 1400 bucks for a sweatshirt? why? to answer that question we head to the west field garden pla za and ask two interns to zip up. one in a $30 hood and another in a $365 hoodie. asking shoppers if they can tell the difference. the give we're going to cover them up. one sweatshirt is more expensive than the other. which one? >> i would say this. >> reporter: this one? wrong. >> can i feel them? >> reporter: most people were able to spot the nice seams and finishes. >> that one is expensive. >> reporter: you are correct. now the question, how much more
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>> about $20? >> reporter: how much more expensive do you think this one is? >> i'm not sure. >> 50? >> 20. >> reporter: $335 more. >> that's insane. never would i ever do that. no. >> who is buying a $365 hoodie? >> beyonce. >> reporter: she's probably onto something. >> right now in a move twaoward things that are more oversized. street style stars are so thank. and part of that is we're sick of skinny jeans. the pendulum is always swinging. one minute as about the uncomfortable highest heel, and the next it's about the fashion sneaker. >> reporter: the price, forget about it. the trend toward comfort, i'm all in.
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you'll want to get the tissues ready. it's a better day gift from a stepdaughter that's been a decade in the making. >> it's a 53rd birthday her stepfather is likely to never forget. >> reporter: 22-year-old has a surprise for her stepfather. he's celebrating his 53rd birthday. while he's not her biological father, he married her mother and she's the only man in the world she he's a bit of a joker. >> it's a pen. i got a pen. >> reporter: but it's not a pen or watch or tie. for his birthday, his adult stepdaughter is giving him adoption papers, legally making him the father he's always been. >> do you know what that is? >> am i adopting you? >> i want you to. you don't have to. you can say no, but i want you to adopt me. you've been my dad and legal papers don't change anything.
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couldn't do it when she was younger. her buy logical said no. on friday in florida, gabby becomes gabby lind. >> such a beautiful story. i had no idea adult adoption -- >> i got a little something in any eye. are there onions here? >> way to kill the moment. >> no. she thought she couldn' after she turned 18, and since her biological father said no. she said he was her boyfriend who told her there is such a thing as adult adoption, so she put the wheels in motion and on friday she'll take his name. she has two other siblings that want to be adopted by him now as
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time for the live weather update as we go through the evening and watch for a little bit of a great. on the doppler radar we are slowing down grade showers further offshore and they are winding their way on show, sarasota you will have the beginning of the next round of brain in the next 15-20 minutes. >> we will get more back building into the gulf of mexico right now. latest on the path of the storm it will be to the north of us
3:01 am
staying consistent temperature wise, 77 right now, wins 5-15 miles per hour . the high of 85, on/off showers all day, there will be some sun and widespread. the storm system hermine is getting more organized, there is one sure and cl east. that is where the layer -- latest hurricane hunter has flown in, speed of 75 miles per hour . the next update from the national hurricane center, all of this does is six of the storm and the potential will be listed as a hurricane the next storm update that we get.>> the
3:02 am
south, as a better guys -- better organized category hurricane, the rain will get closer to the storm's center, we will look at this for a potential for flooding with rain on the way. upwards of 12 inches, st. petersburg 6-8 inches, 3-5 inches further inland. watching all of the rain continuing on the shore always off of the gulf of mexico.>> updates throughout the morning beginning at 5 pm -- 4 pm.>> a new special deportation task force focussed on identifying and quickly remong the most
3:03 am
immigrants in america. >> reporter: in his trip to mexico earlier in the day allows him to say he could work together with mexico's leader. >> we discussed the wall. we didn't discuss moment. >> reporter: the mexican president extended the invitation to trump and clinton. she criticized trump from ohio. >> it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by a few hours and then flying home again. >> reporter: hours after that joint press conference, mexico's president took to twitter and countered the claims. he said he told trump mexico would not pay for that wall. >> all right. devin, you cover this closely. what was your take on his speech? a lot of people saying this is the question of is he softening his approach? >> after a week of saying he might soften his approach, i
3:04 am
began. it was fascinating how trump for the first time this was trump the diplomat. meeting with a foreign leader. and for all accounts he was polite, serious, a very diplomatic trump. >> think he was trying to show his presidential side there? >> maybe a little bit. and then he turned it off when he got back to arizona. and now a debate between what was said and who is paying for the wall. surely a away. >> i don't think it's over. >> more on that coming up. for now, the pacific storm madeline is now a tropical storm. >> maximum winds, about 65 miles per hour. >> president obama has just arrived in honolulu for a quick visit. back on the big island there could be damage and flash flooding and mud slides.
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hawaii state senator who is a small business owner. thank you for joining us by phone. you were prepared for the worst, but tell us what it's like right now. >> well, it's windy and rainy, as you might expect, but it's not catastrophically so. i think we pretty much dodged a bullet in terms of devastating effects from the hurricane, at least as far as any neighborhood. there's a neighborhood facing the storm more directly lying area that's probably being inundated, but we didn't get directly by a hurricane. that's a huge relief. >> senator, you said you dodged a bullet. unfortunately, there is another storm headed your way. what kind of safety precautions are on way for lester, and did all this preparation for the previous storm help things out, do you think? >> well, yes. i do think so. we prepared for another storm a few weeks back.
3:06 am
seriously after we got hit with ezell two years ago. we were pretty well prepared. we're just hoping that its trek takes it far enough away that it's just a lot of rain. >> and senator, even though you're keeping your eye on the bigger storm, lester a category four right now, what sorts of precautions are you keeping in place, and speak a little bit about your businesses and how you've had to handle them. >> well, like most businesses on the east side of big island, we did close today and let all the employees go home and be safe before the roads got too bad. businesses have closed. mostly on this side of the island. i think some will do so tomorrow morning in kona as the storm wraps around to that side. that's about it.
3:07 am
might fly around and making sure we have food, water, and maybe a generator. and there has been some power outages. i've been lucky myself so far. >> and senator, we've seen back to back storms whether one isn't so bad, people don't take warnings about the second seriously. are you worried about that at all and what do you want to say so to the those people? >> i think we all need to take hurricane warnings but i think we all take it very seriously. i think it will be good news -- it seems to be taking a trek taking it sufficiently far from the island. i think this will have been the worst, but we will be prepared. my neighborhood, in particular, was hit pretty hard by the hurricane two years ago. >> all right. state senator from the big island of hawaii, thank you for joining us. and stay safe.
3:08 am
hermine is drerchging the florida gulf coast. they have issued hurricane warnings for parts of northwest florida. >> they are seeing rough surfs and high tides. many schools will be closed today. and other events cancelled or postponed. the tropical storm is strengthening quickly and could become a hurricane. >> let's get the latest on where it's headed. thanks. good morning to you. we continue to follow tropical storm hermine as it gets north and east. strengthening as it makes his move towards the panhandle. barry gusty winds some of the impacts felt later on today especially into the evening hours, gusty winds 60 miles per hour . coastal flooding. back to you.
3:09 am
n a remote area of alaska. they are trying to determine the cause of the crash. identities of the pilots and passengers have not been released. it appears weather was not a factor in the crash. the nypd is on the hunt for a mystery man. this was a sketch of that potential witness. police hope he can help them find whoever killed karina va traun know. detectives say the in the area about the same she was killed. he is not a suspect. meanwhile police in greenville, south carolina stepped patrols after reports of clowns trying to lure children into the woods. most of the alleged sightings took place behind an apartment complex. they say the clown tried to entice them by showing them money.
3:10 am
day while spinning a oyo yo. it helps him stay focussed. >> he carries his sobriety metal. he has it in his shoe. he got over his addiction to alcohol by replacing it with running. now with the yo yo, he says it keeps him moving forward. >> i'm not a coordinated person. i think i might hurt myself running with a yo yo. >> i don't know if i could without running. he says mom and dad used to drop him off at the ymca, and he would skip out and go to bars, and he started running and hasn't had a drink since. coming up, a homeowner discovers uninvited house guests. >> caught on home surveillance system. catching five armed intruders on camera. this the latest incident of a technology tipping off police.
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mattresses and more. introducing new lysol max cover. its innovative cap has a 2x wider spray that kills 99.9% of bacteria. max cover is another great way to lysol that. this is what a homeowner in the san francisco bay area saw as he remotely monitored his security camera.
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detectives are hoping somebody will recognize the suspects. turning to a drug showing promise for alzheimer's patients. >> it slows down brain plaque that's linked to cognitive function. >> glimmer of hope for millions of families battling as mimers. promising results from an experimental treatment. zeroing in on plaques that form in the brain, the hallmark of the disease. the left showing years of buildup. on the right, the improvement after a year of treatment. a reduction in plaque. >> not only does the profeen come down, but it seems like
3:16 am
>> reporter: some patients experience brain swelling and bleeding. researchers stress it's too early to say if it's an effective treatment. it could slow the decline for the 5 million americans suffering from the disease. it's minnesota more than a decade since we've seen new treatments. it's doctor's office, even if it gets appro approved. >> interesting research. coming up in the next half hour, the midair scare caught on video. the plane rocked by turbulence. first, can this man fix your relationship with psychic powers? we put him to the test next on
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3:18 am
? ? >> gypsy music on this thursday morning. >> i like it. >> the idea of psychics usually has images of darkrooms, crystal balls, communicating with the dead. >> however, this morning we meet a psychic who claims he can channel living people, specifically your romantic partner. the question is can he fix your relationship?
3:19 am
>> now, what we say is that -- >> reporter: his followers say it's his unusual twist that keeps him booked. he doesn't connect with the dead. >> people call me a medium for the living. >> reporter: they flock to him for his telepathic links to relationships with other people. >> i'm not a telepathic spy. people say is my spouse i say i'm not going to go there. but i tune into the dynamic. >> reporter: his long time clients swear by him. take the lead singer of van halen. ? he and his wife of 25 years recently underwent a difficult
3:20 am
the couple had been in therapy for more than a year with no breakthrough when he came along. >> a good friend of mine who was not into this tells me i met this guy. he blew my mind. he changed my life, and i said i'm going to go see him. >> reporter: and he did, booking the session using his first time. i asked about my wife. he started acting about her and saying everything the counselor told me as if he was in on the secret, and using my gestures and just broke me down. >> in san francisco, she shares similar sentiments. >> it was mind blowing. it was to the core what i was trying to communicate with him. there's details and mannerisms that he brings up that you absolutely can't argue with. >> reporter: my producer and i had to see for ourselves, so she arranged a reading to ensure his
3:21 am
didn't share with him which of the 60 or so correspondents would be interviewed him. >> i hear -- >> reporter: some of his insights fell flat. like the reference to cuff links. >> reporter: he never wears them. but others surprised me. >> male or female? >> reporter: female. this is her. >> she protective of you. >> reporter: scrikeptics routin distrust psychics. >> i'm not a spiritual teacher. i don't want to be. it's not every day you hear them say they're channelling the living. that could be dangerous. i don't know if everybody wants
3:22 am
cht. >> he's a play right in fact. >> do you know what i'm thinking right now? he's a play right in >> do you know what i'm thinking right now? > he's a play right i >> do you know what i'm thinking right now? he's a play right in >> do you know what i'm thinking right now? >he's a play right in >> do you know what i'm thinking right now? he's a play right in >> do you know what i'm thinking right now? he's a play right in >> do you know what i'm thinking right now? ahe's a play right in >> do you know what i'm thinking right now? nhe's a play right in. >> do you know what i'm thinking right now? d he's a play right i fact. >> do you know what i'm thinking right now? ihe's a play right in fact. >> do you know what i'm thinking right now? vhe's a play right in fact. >> do you know what i'm thinking right now? ehe's a play right in fact. >> do yo right now? he's a play right in fact. >> do you know what i'm thinking right now? yhe's a play right in fact. >> do you know what i'm thinking right now? he's a play right in fact. >> do you know what i'm thinking right now? lhe's a play right in fact. >> do you know what i'm thinking right now? ehe's a play right in fact. >> do you know what i'm thinking right now? aghe's a play right in fact. >> do you know what i'm thinking right now? e he's a play right in fact. >> do you know what i'm thinking right now? the's a play right in fact. >> do you know what i'm thinking right now? rhe's a play right in fact. >> do you know what i'm thinkin
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we finally have an estimate, i worked at the white house for abc news, we know how much it would cost to buy the white house. maybe donald trump is in the market for a purchase. take a look the l.a. real estate consultant firm working with a british company has assessed the white house, the property 18 acres, 132 rooms. they looked at everything inside. the price tag, $250 million. it seems kind of low to me. but my favorite fact is five painting alone, $73 million. >> is the art included? >> it's french art. is that okay?
3:26 am
all right. so if donald trump doesn't get there, maybe he'll buy the house. >> coming soon. i want to introduce you to bruno the dog. he was discovered as a puppy at the end of a driveway. the passer by asked if it was his dog, but he said no, i'll keep him. tried to keep him on a leash. the owner said this dog is determined to go somewhe. this is what he does. he walks 12 miles every day, four miles to the nearby town. visits the locals. everyone knows him in town, and then every night goes back home. >> basically a stray dog? >> no. he's the town's dog and the town's ambassador. he has a home. he's just social. >> okay. let's make a trip to the burning manifest value in
3:27 am
art car ever. this is the live picture of the festival. we're trying to figure out how to describe it. there's the burning man. it is festive. thank you, jack. take a look at this. this is the largest art car ever. it's an old 74 7 they cut up. there's a crowd funding site for it. first class gallery observation deck. >> maybe you pull it through the desert. >> there it is. >> all right. it's there in the desert. hopefully next year it will be ready to go. and now to a festival where people celebrate by building 15 foot human towers. like a cheer leading stunt. this is what the people do. only for one group, it didn't work out so well. >> oh. >> someone apparently took a misstep. >> watch again.
3:28 am
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this morning on "world news now," the payment issue. donald trump caps off his busy day with his speech on immigration. it's what did or didn't happen between trump and mexico's president that's grabbing headlines. >> and hawaii dodges one tropical system with another one on t braces for a washout from tropical storm hermine. we'll have the latest next. >> a purse snatching scam in the middle of a grocery store. >> it was caught on camera. we'll show you how they pulled it off. and major breaking developments across three pop pof popular tv shows. what we're finding out about
3:31 am
"game and thrones". and "how to get away with murder". we'll have it in "the skinny." from abc news, this is "world news now." i'm not caught up on "stranger things". >> i'm not deep into it yet. good morning to you. i'm diane macedo. >> a lot to talk about this morning. politics, weather. lots of good stuff. summer. >> glad we kidnapped you from d.c., especially with what's going on in politics. >> we'll start with donald trump's speech on immigration. he insisted he'll build a wall and mexico will pay for it. >> it was different from his stance saying they didn't does discuss payment. mexico's president has a different story than that. >> reporter: donald trump telling his supporters they get the truth about his immigration plan. >> are you ready?
3:32 am
his speech in phoenix shrouded for weeks in mystery and anticipation coming after he suggested he would walk back his positions on immigration. here's what he said about deportation in september 2015. >> if you're illegal, if you're illegal, you have to go back. >> reporter: his new priority, deporting those who committed a crime or overstayed visas? >> zero tolerance for criminal aliens. ze. supporters outside the event said they understood why he's tweaking his message. >> you have to bring in the majority of voters, and if the majority of voters are a little soft, you have to bend your policies to meet their needs. >> reporter: a sheriff, an immigration hard liner. >> we should prioritize and get those that have committed a crime and make sure they get deported. >> reporter: earlier trump making a last minute trip to
3:33 am
enrique pena neito. trump insisting he would build the wall on the southern border. >> having a secure border is a sovereign right and mutually beneficial. >> reporter: trump wants mexico to pay for the construction, but they couldn't agree on whether they talked about it. >> we didn't discuss that. we didn't discuss who pays for the wall. >> reporter: enrique pena neito tweeting the wall came up and he told trump he wouldn't foot the bill. the trump campaign later released a statement saying it was the first rt discussion, and in phoenix donald trump said mexico might not know it, but they're paying for that wall. >> thanks, hillary clinton hitting back at donald trump saying it takes more than a quick trip to make up for what she calls, quote a year of insults and insinuations. the clinton campaign said his speech on his immigration was
3:34 am
they add ed the only immigrants he would allow is those who pass his test of desirability. a new poll shows clinton's lead that has shrunk two percentage points. the 2 point difference is within the margin of error. a two way race increases the lead to six points. other breaking news, a tropical storm expected to barrel into the big bend of the florida panhandle. hurricane at that point. residents taking it seriously this morning. filling sandbags, boarding up windows, securing their boats and property. it's bringing rain to nearly all of florida after making land fall, it's expected to go across northern florida and travel up the east coast. let's go to the latest on where tropical storm madeline is headed. >> good morning to you.
3:35 am
with regards to the tropics. tropical storm hermine increasing in strength and speed. it moves north and east. conditions going downhill throughout the day. at the worst later this evening over the panhandle. flash flooding. rough surf. gusty winds 60 to 70 miles per hour in gusts. we're also concerned about a water level rise up to six feet. that's going to be a possibility. over the panhandle region. coastal flooding is a madeline continues to weaken. a flooding threat to the big island of hawaii, and hurricane lester down the road. >> as he mentioned, although madeline is a tropical storm, they are warning hawaiians to prepare for heavy rains, strong winds, and even mud slides. >> they boarded up store windows and shoppers have emptied the shelves of foot and water. there is a flood advisory in effect for coastal areas of hawaii.
3:36 am
it's expected to arrive in the area just on time for the labor day weekend. there could be legal trouble for anthony weiner. child protective services in new york is investigating him after he sent a lewd selfie with his son by his side. caseworkers showed up at weiner's home and took a look at his building tuesday. the investigation is described as routine. chris brown is speaking out this morning. by a woman claiming he pointed a gun at her face during a party. brown refused to allow entry into his home without a warrant. when police obtained it, they arrested him on suspicious of assault with a deadly weapon. the singer is denying the accuser's account. >> this [ bleep ] ain't going on. i'm going to turn the other cheek and do music. >> brown is due in court later
3:37 am
the law since his 20099 conviction. >> and caught on camera, a theft in a northern california supermarket. two women are shopping in the produce department when the one in the white t shirt turns her back, you see her there. that's when the other woman reaches over, grabs her wallet. police say the thief struck at other supermarkets in the same area. between 2007 and 2014 the elephant population in africa decreased. 30%. poaching is the greatest threat. 20,000 elephants in 2014 were killed for their tusks. fossils found in greenland could mean there was once life on mars. these will be the earliest fossils found on earth some 3.7 billion years old. the time conditions on earth and mars were similar. scientists say if life existed
3:38 am
and soccer coaches everywhere may want to check out this player in colorado. check out this video. it's a moose. bending it like beckham in a backyard about 60 miles from denver. he dribbles, reverses. he even takes a head shot at one point. and he never uses his hands. very good. >> take a look there. he doesn't have the focus to be a professional soccer player, diane. i'm not quite sure. he does lose interest in soccer. trampoline. i think he's said to be scratching his antlers which are itchy. maybe it's moose mating season there. >> maybe we should incorporate trampolines into every soccer game. >> a little later in the video -- >> thanks, jack. i think the moose was off sides anyway.
3:39 am
soccer lingo. i like that. coming up, the midair scare that sent a dozen passengers and crew to the hospital. what we're finding out about the united flight that slammed into extreme turbulence over the atlantic and the terrifying moments caught on video. >> and a congressman is the latest guest caught up in the late night crowd surfing epidemic. who was it and where did it happen? we'll show you later in "the skinny."
3:40 am
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dramatic rescue off the texas coast. the coast guard picked up two boaters including an 18-year-old enlisting in the coast guard himself.
3:43 am
one of them suffered a broken leg. the other teen is okay. >> more details about the panic at lax. the chaos was caused by a man in a zoro costume. and then loud emergency locks. panic erupted after word of what was a false shooting threat spread. many people saw the man being questioned rushed for emergency exits and that triggered loud noises from these emergency locks. they create a big that sound was mistaken for gunshots. >> and speaking of panic unfolding yesterday in midair during a transatlantic flight. >> a cousin -- dozen passengers and crew members were hurt when a plane was slammed by turbulence. >> reporter: in the darkened cabin, listen to the boeing 767 shake.
3:44 am
crying. and damage and injuries. a flight attendant bloodied with a bandage on the top of her head. >> children who is injured anybody injured, we ask you to sit and stay in your seat. >> reporter: the pilot headed from houston to london went to ireland because so many were hurt. >> the first time it was a shock that it was lasting so long. by the second time you thought it was just such a free fall. you felt like you were going down. >> reporter: a dozen people taken to the hospital. >> turbulence sucks, man. i'm going to wear my seat belt forever. >> reporter: united used another aircraft to continue the flight. most of those injured were treated and released. a flight attendant remained in the hospital. passengers say she had a fractured wrist. the fda has a new warning about mixing opioids with
3:45 am
they are requiring boxed warnings about the potentially lethal combination. the number of overdoses from combining the drugs has nearly tripled. en there's also an increase in emergency room visits. more americans are using marijuana according to to a new study. it found daily use rose from nearly 4 million in 2002 and more than 8 million the issues with fewer people perceiving it as harmful. it's not surprising given that some states have legalized the use of the drug. >> and breaking developments on three tv shows. and the congressman who crowd surfed last night on late night tv. "the skinny" is next. on late night tv.
3:46 am
3:47 am
3:48 am
? ? ? ? >> it is skinny time. we have three big developments with three popular tv shows. >> no spoilers here. for some big fans of these shows, let's start with "stranger things". it's a cult classic that's been renewed for a second season. >> no spoilers. the creators say that nearly the entire cast will return including winona ryder along with four new characters. >> and we're told the second season will have the upside down. season two of "stranger things" is set to premier next year. >> it's addicting. next, a high powered talent joining the cast of "game of thrones".
3:49 am
as what, we don't know. producers say only his role will be, quote, significant. and playing a significant role is mary j. blige. she's in the third season of "how to get away with murder". you saw her in the tease to the view. details to her role are being kept under wraps for you. and next even washington insiders aren't afraid to crowd just like last night's late show with stephen colbert. >> it was john lewis. 76 years old. he looks a little uncomfortable. he dove in like a champ. he appeared on the show to discuss his novel, "march". it's about his time as a civil rights activist.
3:50 am
i give him kudos. he looks a little uncomfortable. >> but he did it. >> next up, robin thicke and pharrell williams and ti are getting support in their ongoing fight over "blurred lines". a court judgment ruled the artists stole the material from marvin gay. >> they're being backed up by a friends of court brief to overturn the verdict. they say essentially, this decision doesn't just affect this song but the creativity of all songs going forward if any similarity can be called copying and come with a fine. >> but, of course, critics say the move isn't entirely selfless.
3:51 am
restrictions and limit the creativity of the artists. >> 200 plus signatures? big names. when you listen to the songs, you can hear the similarity, but there's a great ted talk on this. you don't realize how many songs have similarities to others unless you dissect them, so you can understand how this can be a slippery slope when you realize how many songs are inspired by others. what is copying and what's inspiration? >> and finally take a look at this. almost liking like "star wars" in the up side down? >> our parent company, disney, revealed the existence of a brand new imperial droid in this winter's rogue one, a "star wars" story. >> c2-b5 looks like r2-d2. >> it gets it memory wiped on a regular basis to ensure loyalty. >> the movie hits theaters on
3:52 am
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? ? >> oh, hi. >> hello. thursday morning. >> i think i still have my rock set cassette tape. i can't seem to let it go. >> perform here sometime. you should see in the commercial break. >> she has the look very relevant. everyone has the look this summer for wedding season. and apparently that look is all coming from hollywood. >> that's right. it's not about the cat walks anymore. paris and milan. what's inspiring bridal fashion is apparently on the red carpet. >> reporter: the traditional
3:56 am
red carpet, that is. from crop tops to shorts and even pink gowns. these days it seems bridal fashion is following hollywood's hottest trends. >> a wedding today is different. it really is. social media has totally upped the anti. the photos you used to share with your close friends and family are out there for the entire world to see. >> reporter: we caught up with editor and chief at brides transform three red carpet trends to wedding dress ready moments. first, the plunging neckline. a look perfected at this year's oscars. >> here we have a gown, the lace definitely makes it feel a little bit more wedding appropriate. >> reporter: there's also lace on the back. >> right. this is a detachable skirt. you can have the train during
3:57 am
can take it off. >> reporter: next, the cape dress as seen on jennifer lopez. this feels old hollywood to me. >> it is. the cape is sort of a modern take on the train, really. adds a lot of drama to the back. i love when we see it in a pared down modern look. >> reporter: the princess gown, finally. blake lively rocking this recently. >> this gorgeous gown has the illusion, the clear sleeves, the clear corset, and you really have a level of sophistication that you don't think of when you think of the princess gown. >> reporter: three looks to give your fairy tale wedding a
3:58 am
zblir. >> they're the star of their wedding. another big trend now? tennis shoes coming down the
3:59 am
4:00 am
live from the station taking action for you, there is abc action news. a tropical storm is bearing down on the froze coast. that could be bad news for neighborhoods already under water. we will show flooding is already happening. and we have report is spread out across the- -reporters red out across the viewing--spread out across the viewing area. i am deiah riley. >> and i am dan safe. a look at--dan shaffer. a look now at the weather with


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