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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  September 2, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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' captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 good friday morning. thanks for johning us or are for action news at 9:00. >> hermine was downgraded to a tropical storm, but that does not mean over. >> in fact, if anything, once that happens, things continue to get worse for us here. let's look at what's happening with hermine over georgia right now. that is the center circulation where the winds are at 60 miles per hour. they are dealing with flooding there. the problem is hermine has a big arm that is still tapping in to some rich moisture coming in out of the gulf. this was the first hurricane as we've been talking about, right? making landfall in over ten years.
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stretch, and that has ended now. the tornado threat, that's over. into will be up to the north where we have this thing. this band of moisture has been training over top of the area. over and over whapasco with the flood warnthere. we still have is area of rain, right? these are tropical downpours with embedded lightning and occasional wind gusts at over 40 miles per hour. take a look at the lighter rains. the issue is look at this. one thing that has happened it's not completely stalled out. 2 to 5 inches total through the remainder of the day. it's reset here, but right now, it looks much better than it did this morning at this point
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have with our impact today, we still have tides coming up, right? i think heading up towards -- >> where's the live drive? >> maybe hernando but definitely citrus county. the tide is coming back around 6:30 this evening. i still think we have that threat later on despite the fact it may not be raining, the gulf will be coming in through citrus. the heavy rain with the rest of us here with the windy stretch continuing. 40 mile-per-hour winds not really causing too much damage he that continuing as well. it'll wrap things up as we head through tonight. it will still be windy tonight and will still be some rain. we'll transition back as we head into tomorrow and the weekend and more typical summer pattern. we have still a lot to get to despite the fact that hermine is moving away. through the remainder of the day. we'll have more on that and accumulations into the weekend forecast coming up. all right.
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camera. tim jones driving around for us. looks like he's on hudson. i don't know exactly where, but he is definitely hitting some flooding. so again, if you see areas like this, you are not supposed to drive through it. turn around. that's what they are telling you to do this morning. check this out. this is right under the howard frankland bridge. the emergency turn lane there, look at the waves crashing through that barrier. looks like they might have even broken through right here, but again, howard frankland is still open despite a high wind advisory. of course, the sunshine sky way remains closed. st saw a trooper drive by a while ago. maybe they are checking things out, checking the winds out, but for now, the sunshine sky way remains closed. no word on when they will reopen that. of course we have localized flooding in the south tampa area. i can tell you a lot of the spots we told you about earlier have alreaddried out. bayshore, however, still closed between bay to bay and platt.
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mabry right at neptune and reporting signal outages across the bay area. when you see those, treat them as a four-way stop. check out twitter and tampa bay traffic for a list of those. 9:04out in team coverage. hermine is continuing and cleanup is under way for overnight flooding just starting in some areas. >> lindsay logue has been driving around the area all morning long and from crystal river. now that the sun is up, are people finally getting a chance to see how bad it is out there? >> reporter: unfortunately, they are. i just talked to a man who says he usually gets about a foot of water during a storm like that this, not three or four. we've been driving up and down the streets all morning. a football field and a half away from crystal river, and that of course is what rose and
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to people's -- came into people's yards. there's still some up near the water's edge. we haven't been able to get to them yet. they saw it even worse. high tide came before sunrise with this watter from community along with the -- this water from community along with the winds. the power lines walking along the streets came down with trees. some people got sandbags but th point no one could drive or go outside until hours after the rain stopped. >> i don't know, there's really nothing we can do. last night, we saw fish swimming in our room, like little small minnows. >> reporter: he's not the only one who's seen wildlife swimming around.
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snake in some of the waters this morning. so at this point, the only people navigating through the streets are those with boats, big trucks, or people on u.s. 19 is still hit or miss. some stretches are open. deputies will detour through some of the areas. if they are closed, storm surge on u.s. 19 estimated at about 4 feet. in crystal river, 13,000 people or more are without power. power company. we know a handful of people spent the night at shelters. i'm lindsay logue, abc action news. 9:06 now pain part of pinellas county and people are dealing with raw sewage in the streets. the storm overwhelmed a treatment plant sending foul water bubbling out of manholes. the clear water plant with treat 10 million gallons of sewage each day but inundated in a 24-hour span.
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water into streets and streams. clearwater officials are reminding you that it's dangerous to come into contact with that sewage. ficials set up in riers that neighborhoods. the public transportation buses will not be running this morning. the county is suspending service until further notice due to the heavy rains and winds exed over the next suffer hours. from the storm, duke energy reporting about 78,0 here's a look at the worst hit right now, pinellas county. 11,500 customers without power in the southern part of the county. the northern part of the county, 5,000 without power. the outage map in the hillsborough area, tampa electric, just hang on a second. this will load and show you most people have power, 98%.
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customers without power. the school that closed again for the second straight day in the majority of bay area school districts, the school is open today once again in sarasota and polk county. here is a look at the districts where classes are canceled. all rec centers are open until 6:00 tonight. if you need a place to drop off your children, you can do it there for free. authorities do say plan on exa over there in the next hour or so because you'll need to do paperwork. also, don't forget to download our storm shield app for weather warnings tonight your phone or tab -- sent to your phone or tablet. breaking news as crews are on the scene of a condominium fire there. we just got this video into e newsroom. this is the scene at gulf boulevard with firefighters
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were damaged in this fire. officials are deeming them all complete losses. still ahead, an update to breaking news that we brought you live on the air at this time yesterday. a fireball lights up the space coast and nearly $100 million satellite you see there going up in flames. we'll tell you what that satellite was going to be used >> also of course we're staying on top of what is still a tropical storm for all intents and purposes on top of us here impacting the weather and torrential downpours, frequent lightning and the threats of
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12 minutes after 9:00 now. here is a live look at honeymoon island in dunn eden.
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destroyed. a multi-million dollar beach restoration project was just completed. much of that sugary white sand is back in the gulf. in pasco county, firefighters rescued several people from the homes because the water was too high. >> marisela burgos was too there and steels -- was there and tells >> reporter: you can barely see that intersection was cover by flood waters. officials say this was very important this morning that people should not walk, play, or drive in any floodwater. you can see how high it is based on that sofa. there were various rescues because of hurrice hermine. there were at least 25 in the green tea and hudson beach areas as well as here. there were at least five people
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including chirp. many volumen -- including children. many voluntarily evacuated homes and ended up leaving o fast. water rushed in way >> it just came too fast. we walked down the road to see how bad it was maybe 100 feet from us. our driveway was not dry but no water on it. when we came dark, it was almost -- when we came back was almost flooded. county customer service line, 727-847-2411. if you have an emergency, dial 911. marisela burgos, abc action news. a massive explosion we brought you this time yesterday. this blast originated near the
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it exploded during flight last year because of a strut inside of an oxygen tank that failed. yesterday's explosion also destroyed a satellite that facebook was going to use to bring internet service to remote parts of africa. samsung is recalling millions of new galaxy note 7 smartphones worldwide. samsung issued the recall after reports of the devices catching fire while charging. the announcement is an embarrasacngfor the world's biggest smartphone- maker. was just this recall comes as apple was expected to show of its new smartphone next week. her nine is expected to continue north -- hermine is expected to continue north and that could be bad business for jersey's shore where labor day weekend is an important part of the season. rough surf and current beach erosion are possible. they are hoping this storm
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>> they are hoping to salvage part of the weekend. >> outer banks up through the eastern shore of maryland and virginia. boy, that's the unofficial last weekend of summer. going to be a sandy, by the way, not even close. so don't rry about that. let's track what we still have here. this is diminished to a tropical storm. by the way, we are still under tropic warnings. this is still an active threat for our area. despite the moving away, we calet our guard down because we have things to get to. of course this was our first hurricane in ten years. wednesday 9:00 a.m., the first plume of moisture dumped it on top. it continued to move to the north. we've got more rain through
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cancelled and people said what's going on? well, hermine was just getting going. the moisture continues. these are called feeder bands and they can really be nasty. in fact, with some of the weaker storms at this point, tropical storms you get some of the strongest winds embedded along the arms. that's what's happened so far this morning. we've had and gusts 50, 55 miles per hour. even across the interior, 30, 40 mile-per-hour wind gusts are not out of the question. that's not severe, but when you combine it with heavy rain and lightning, not the best to coincide with what's happening. lighter rain through sarasota, you are in better shape with more moisture coming in. this is moving a little farther south but not fast enough.
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rainfall. let's break this down for you with what we have left for today. the rain we'll be receiving with the continuation of 40 mile-per-hour wind gusts now. this is the other issue. despite the fact it won't be raining by the time we get into high tide, citrus county, we'll watch this closely as i still think we have an issue with coastal flooding coming up as the tide comes in around 6:30. that will be the problem as well. get through here before things begin to wind down. let's head over to bill. >> we'll have to get through a day of wind gusts that are going to be pushing up into the upper 20s and 30s. these are the current wind gusts right now. we've seen gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour as the storms have rolled onshore. we've also got the flood alerts. flood watch through today, 2 to
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top of what we've already got. it's scooting off to the north but the feeder bands are left behind along with copious amounts of rain that have already fallen. 10 inches in pinellas county. over 8 1/2 inches of rain. almost 8 inches in parish over 6 1/2 inches up around palm harbor an looking at for more rain throughout the remainder of this week and into the weekend. we could get another 2 1/2 to 4 inches as the rain comes through. even though the future is taking the storm well off the coast up through the carolinas, up through virginia beach, i mean this going to be
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maryland from are a rehoboth, delaware. it will be a quick mover out of here but not leaving its storm strength behind. g to see sunsh today. maybe a quick glimmer of sun around 10:30 or 11:00. we'll see the clouds break down. partly nnwitha number afternoon storms. sunday looks to hearkening back to the normal summer days of old. when we get the partly cloudy skies with a 40% chance of showers into the afternoon and evening. looking for a nice high. that is your most accurate seven-day forecast as we return to normal as quickly as possible in the wake of hermine. >> thanks, billand ivan. still ahead, check out this sweetheart looking for a
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the week.
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it's 9:23. time to introduce you to our pet of the week. watch this. hey, fiona. come on, fiona. [ laughter ] >> there you go. look at that.
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retriever mix. i know you love looking at me, but why don't you look at the camera so everybody can see your pretty face? >> can you turn around? >> tell us a little about fiona. >> she is 4 years 3 months old and came in to the shelter heartworm positive. she had been not really well cared for, but now she's heartworm negative. she will never have to worry about having puppies again. she still ay overbred. she's so sweet. >> what a beautiful dog. >> she just looks at you like, love me. beautiful girl. >> great with families an other dogs probably? >> actually, she rode over here with my dog in the van, and they were fine. >> she looks like she'd get along with anybody, doesn't she? >> she's got that sweet retriever head. >> if you'd li to give fiona a home, give the animal s
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screen. thank you, fiona. good job. coming up, i want to take you live right now to st. pete beach. this is a live look at the trade winds island and resort. winds at hermine making the beach not the ideal place to be today. when we come back, when conditions will improve in the
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. now at 9:30, the eye of the storm isn't over florida anymore, but the remnants of tropical storm hermine will linger for hours. >> good morning and thank fo
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eling the effects. we're still >> well out ahead of it we were feeling the effects and now well after it, we were feeling the same thick. what you are looking at there are live pictures coming out of what was calls the emergency turn around or the howard frankland. clearly the barricades are not doing the job there. that's because of the powerful waves that wash over. didn't now we had an emergency turn around. here's the latest on tropical storm hermine. 60 mile-per-hour winds over georgia and the center of circulation. we are just dealing with the feeder band that continues to move through our area. the reason it's still raining buckets in some areas is because things are coming from the south and west. once there in the gulf of mexico. so we need this to move farther to the south. it has begun to do that a little bit. sarasota, bradenton, manatee.
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we've had across hardy to desoto. we need it to happen so we get a break to the north. widening out the shot, though, don't worry about this. the worst of it right now is certainly with the strongest winds, right, across portions of sarasota into manatee county. we are still under a tropical storm warning. that means conditions are going to be dangerous to be outside. 30 mile-per-hour winds at higher, heavy lightninong with that. still gusty winds through the remainder of the day. regardless, we'll watch the high tides coming in later on this evening. still the potential for a surge to come in from the gulf, particularly across northern county into citrus. i'll be back with the recap of the extended forecast. the best advice for officials is to into the drive if you can possibly oiit.
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home park where you can see a lot of standing water there. a good indication of what is happening. the worst of the storm is right where it made landfall. first time in nearly 11 years florida's been hit by a hurricane. >> michael paluska has been there all night. he was there when hermine made landfall. now that the sun is out, what kind out there? >> reporter: just driving in to st. marks where you can't get through the area unless you went around. right here it's close to where the eye came ashore. this is the road to st. marks. it is about to reopen. about an hour ago, it was completely covered with water. it is an area of the st. marks river that is still under
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last night at 1:30 when we were out here riding out the storm in tallahassee. the video of us in the middle of the storm with the huge rain bands, the gusts of wind. it was an incredibly powerful wind and we knew how bad it would be for the guys who were able to weather the storm. one man says he's lived here 52 yearsp in is his home and he is not going to leave. he has 2 feet of water inside of this woman has two feet of water that came up to the third step. she had guests last night as well. this morning she woke up with three rattle snakes in the living room and kitchen area. that wasn't fun for the guests when they found out about that. everyone here is breathing a si of relief. thoughll surge would be 9 feet. the city manager told me it was better than expected. the water behind it came up all
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you are standing and flooded that bed and breakfast behind me. river was all the way down the road. so you can tell how much that storm surge was. it wasn't as bad as 2005. one man we spoke with is already cleaning out his restaurant. i asked what he will be doing, and he said clean up, open up an >> thanks, michael. the shore acres neighborhood in st. pete is under water. the flood waters are a few feet deep in some spots. ashley yore is live out there right now. you just got an update from officials there. >> reporter: we are here getting an update from city officials this morning. they are saying that despite all of the prep in st. petersburg, this storm has been one of the worst that the city
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they are talking downed power lines, trees that are down. they have flooded streets. that's what they are dealing with right now. about an hour ago, they were helping nurses get to nursing home where's they work. police say it was a few feet deep at some point. 280 people are still without power in the neighborhood. powe around 6:00 last night. there have been two rescues in the whole city since the storm started. we sawe police helping stranded people get home. >> getting off work, we tomorrow this pip thought i would walk through, but that's too deep. it's knee deep.
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stop sign in the floodwater. definitely too deep to walk through. police are keeping the neighborhood closed and say if you don't have to drive in the flood waters, please don't. the update here, the mayor said there are many downed power lines. duke energy says they have about 18,000 customers without power right now in pinellas county. they are having about 225 extra crews heading to pinellas and pasco counties to help out. reporting live in st ashley york abc action new -- ashley yore, abc action news. >> we're waiting for a news conference from governor scott that will happen at any moment. meantime, downtown tallahassee was a ghosttown before the storm hit. the city hasn't had a direct hit from a hurricane since 1985. florida state university closed down along with just about every restaurant in town. there were only a handful of spots that stayed open. of course, the talk was all
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>> i wanted a gallon of water for each of my roommates. i wanted trail mix, backup batteries from my flashlight. >> i have a lot of friends that are not from florida and they are freaking out. they are like, we need to get all of this water and everything. i am like, chill, it's just a category 1. >> reporter: crews found this man and made sure his business was safe and secure. hurricane you had mine brought a lot of strong and knocked doen trees and destroyed homes in hillsborough. fortunately men made it out okay. the folks who live there say the strong winds and this. it was like slow motion. there were three of us in the living room.
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like, inches. >> the power was knocked out. today neighbors eaning up. on top of all of the power outages across the area. this is from duke energy and the immediate bay area. almost 20,000 people are still without power. where the storm hit up in the panhandle, 22,000 people without powe tampa electric reporting right now in hillsborough county just over power. we just found out busch gardens will be shut down for the remainder of the day for the sake of guests, employees and the animals out there. the weather should be back to normal this weekend, but of course we could still be dodging showers.
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amc theaters will play willie wonka and the chocolate factory and blazing saddles saturday and sunday at 55 thears nationwide. in our area, the amc woodlands square will show the classics for $5 each. you can catch willie wonka at the regal theater in port richie. he died earlier this week at the age of 83. >> fantastic to do. there's still potential for coastal flooding. we'll have full updates coming
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new video coming in from up near the panhandle. this is heavy rain pounding a boat docked. the water has risen so high that it's hard to tell where the dock ends and gulf begins. it appears that boat may be partially submerged. we'll get another check on the forecast from ivan in a moment. in addition to the crews in the field, we're looking at damage left behind from
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now in this is from joey in pasco county. he sent this to us from the trinity area. lisa sent us this flooding. this is in pasco county and port richie. here's another one we want to show you. this one right here. carport or fence, this was in river view. the wind knocked that one over. we have one more photo to show you right here. this one is from maria. we'll widen that one out for you right there. that is a tree. we want to thank everybody who
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use the hashtag when you post it to social media. you can also share them on our facebook page. some people are making the best of the roads. >> nice! >> check out this video posted on twitter. it shows a boy wake boarding down the street. he was out there making waves -- ooh, watch out for that light pole. >> yeah. >> oh! >> yeah, that's getting kind of dangerous when you hit that it's not as giving as the partial lake. >> yeah. >> no injuries, right? that's been the good news. with the damage that we've seen, this is great. we want folks to stay safe out there. as we talk about the storm that is still with us here, we can't let our gasheds down.
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storms. 60 mile-per-hour winds, and that is our tropical storm, our first hurricane, of course in ten years making landfall across the big bend at 1:30 a.m. cat-1, 80 mile-per-hour winds. this is not the end of it. we have more rain on the way, built look at this band setting up with torrential rain impacting in sarasota as you make your way on 217 to hardy and desoto. frequent lightning and winds embedded with the storms. at this point, we'll slowly start to lose that. although, these storms are really firing and continuing to make the progress. notice across the north as well, we have pockets of rainfall here as we talk about this filling in a little bit again. that is screaming in towards the afternoon. as far as thcurrent winds,
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we'll ve more in a second on that. 2 4 inches of rainfall is certainly possible. when we get the storms that train over anover and over,ed. that is for additional rainfall. then we'll deal with the coastal flooding. this is futurecast as we continue to see the storms firing and moving towards the east. farther south but will be with us as far as the heavy rain through the remainder of the day. that's why we have issues. i don't think this will be as bad as the tide this morning or yesterday but this is still something to watch closely as we head through the remainder of the day. things will improve beginning tomorrow with more on that and your weekend forecast, here's bill. >> just in time for the
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of those gusty winds through the afternoon today. we're going to see them coming out the south upwards of 15, 20, 25, maybe 30 mile-per-hour winds. then we'll watch them calm down into the overnight. by tomorrow, we'll see a more natural sort of florida summer day as this storm takes on up the coast. i mean, we've got all kinds of warnings and watches all the way up peninsula. by monday, this could be bringing rain into new york city. let's take a look right now at the path of this as it heads on up. one quick look at our weekend weather. here's how things will break out as we go into the weekend. things are going to get better, especially on sunday. right now, we want to go to da got governor scott taking the podium. >> governor scott giving us an
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of hermine. >> to assist those who have been impacted by the storm. >> here's what we know right now. there's going to be a lot of debris, including uprooted trees and fallen limbs. do not travel the roads until they are clear and safe to do so. the storm has caused a lot of downed power lines. do not touch them or approach them. call your utility power company or report any downed power lines in your area handle it. we expect lots of water on the coastal and inland areas. don't drive in it. stay out of all standing water, especially around power lines and power sources. if your home has been damaged and you need assistance find a shelter, please visit your local emergency management
9:48 am you can also call 850-921-0217. we expect to see a lot of downed road signs. don't travel unless you have to travel. it's important to stay tuned to your local weather station for updates on road and weathertons. as the hurricane moves to our state, more than 252,000 floridians experienced power loss. fluctuate throughout the day. in the following counties, the following percentage of people are without power. citrus 19%, hamilton 38%, jefferson 34% -- >> you are listening to the governor giving us the brief rundown of the effects of hurricane hermine.
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don't drive through standing water if you don't know how deep it is. he also said there are 253 without power right now.
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san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick got booed again last might. he did not sit fothe national anthem. instead, though, he knee. >> kaepernick protesting the treatmenof blacks during military night in san diego. many in the crowd not appreciating the protest and booing the quarterback. before the game, he invited a new controversy. photos appeared online showing him at practice wearing these socks that depict police officers as pigs. he is not backing down from the criticism he is receiving. >> after the game, he said he would spend his own money to help those affected by police
9:53 am
further. i'm currently working with organizations to be in and making sure that i'm actively in these communities as well as donating the first million dollars i make to organizations to help these communities and help these people. >> a san francisco police association wants him to apologize and invited him to visit their police academy. we want to takeou to the beach cam on beach. even though the storm has been downgraded, it is making for dangerous riptides out in the gulf. ivan cabra will join us with one last look at when the rest of the storm will be over.
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radar, we're still not done with heavy downpours continuing. we'll see this throughout the day today with gusty winds 35 to 40 and of course the potential for coastal flooding as we head through later this morning. we'll have it all covered for you throughout the day. >> don't forget, the latest updates on storm coverage by downloading the abc action news app. it's that simple. >> it is available on google play and the apple store.
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good friday morning, tampa bay. thank you for spending time with us blend. we are excited for another great show and i have a great cohost, one perhaps you recognize, sean daley. >> i am excited to be here. this is my old home, my old joint. >> i will say everybody is lining the halls trying to talk to him before we got going. >> a mob scene as i came. i was here for five years. me and frank barera every saturday morni we would go


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