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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  September 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> this is a live look where hermine is passing now. this is pauley beach, south carolina. >> happening half an hour north of there, here is a live picture of charleston, south carolina. you see the camera shaking there. dark skies, rain in the area. and also in the last couple of hours, virginia's governor declaring a state of emergency today ahead of hermine.
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it has been closed for more hours. that means that the winds are finally starting to die down. >> we have crews all over the bay area covering the damage left behind from e storm. first let's bring in shay ryan to show us where the rain is still falling. shay. >> let's take a look at titan doppler radar right now. you can see that anywhere from holiday and new port richey and farther north, some heavy batches of rain. so, again, we've got some spots where h not terribly widespread like what we have been seeing. in fact a lot of dry spots across the northern counties, with a few of the heavier downpours. some into sumter county. as we look farther to the south, this has been very light rain across the southern counties. again, they didn't have the very heavy rain that our coastal area has seen in the last feways.e as bothersome get that light to moderate rain in
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can expect. cloudy and breezy with storms through 6:00. temperatures close to 80 degrees. much lower temperatures. even though it's pretty warm and muggy out there, a lot of humidity, it hasn't been as hot the last couple of days. so the winds will start relaxing around 8:00. we may have isolated rain at that time. temperatures holding in the upper 70s. by 10:00, we're mostly dry out there with mostly cloudy skies. we're not looking at a nasty night of storms ahead. in better and better progressively. in and wind coming to an end and we will start to see sunshine. tomorrow will be drier but not completely dry. i'll show what you we are looking at as we head into the holiday weekend coming up. laura. >> thank you, shay.
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the hardest. it's going to take a lot of time to dry out from this standing water. >> ryan smith joins us live from a port richie neiood where people are fed up with flooding and more. so, ryan, what are the other problems? >> reporter: if you take a look around, it's easy to see folks who live around this intersection in port richie, life is frustrating due to the flooding. just a couple hours ago the water was now it's around my kneecaps. although the roads are marked impassable with barricades, we spotted drivers in trucks and suvs barreling through, creating a damaging wake for the property owners. this is all taking place along fox bloom and glover road along state road 52 in port richie. it may seem like a fun ride if you have the right vehicle, but keep in mind it's causing more
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with soaked yards and flooding inside their house. residents say they have been bombarded with the drive-byes all week. the standing water is pushed from the intersection to the properties and sometimes into the house. many here fed up. >> they jump in the big truck and come flying through here and put water in the back of my house and water in this guy's house. they are creating more damage than actually needs to be. you know, it's making m >> reporter: and some of these frustrated homeowners in the area tell me that a lot of the drivers who they say are doing this, well, they don't live in the area. they simply find out where the flooded areas are along pasco county and then they seek an off-road-type adventure on their road and at the expense of their property. live in pasco county, ryan smith, for the now tampa bay. >> thank you, ryan.
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from honeymoon island. they are dealing with high tide right now. us-19 under four feet of water. people forced from their homes there. jacqueline ingles is live with more. jackie. >> reporter: well, we're here off of the coastline. you can see it's more like a river tonight. these cars trying to navigate through it. now, the damage in order for us to tour it, we had to hop in and i can tell you what is beyond the stop sign down there,t is not pretty. hermine left a lasting mark here. >> it's pretty sad. i know a lot of people who have lost very sentimental things, you know. >> reporter: a tour of the area shows ankle-deep and waist-deep waters. some of it strapping cars and
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the county declaring a state of emergency. >> i left at about 2:00 in the morning. >> and what were the conditions like then? >> not as bad as they are now. >> reporter: 18 people along with five pets spending the night at an emergency shelter. others taking refuge with families and at hotels as the hurricane pushed through. now many are left wondering if they have any home to ce back to. >> do you know how your house i >> not sure. we're on ou right now. >> reporter: thoseho have trucks or know someone with a trk, you can see they're taking to the flooded streets, heading to check on their homings, trying to see what is left. and this is what they're coming to, homes that look like this. this is the front yard. more looking like a swimming pool tonight. they are trying to salvage anything that is not wet. any sentimental things that they have that they would like to take with them. we're live for the now tampa
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look at this video showing the power of hermine. the dock violently getting tossed around as the storm bared down. the waves intense. look at the dock slamming into the web cam, capturing the whole thing. the web cam eventually goes down. it happened as the dock was washed away. in tallahassee, they're working to restore power and clear debris. >> eric waxler is live it was just a category 1 hurricane, the city is paralyzed. the root cause is all of the trees that are down all over the city. that includes on the campus of florida state university. look at this massive oak tree that is down. the police had to put up caution tape around it because students were using it as a play toy. they were climbing up and taking pictures with it all day long. you see the power of the storm
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when massive winds and rain come through. we took a drive through several of the neighborhoods and found the same thing everywhere. trees down, many hitting power lines. and when those power lines are down, the traffic lights are out. so we've got traffic jams going. at one point 100,000 people were without power. crews have been working all over the city to restore it. without power, many restaurants and grocery stores are closed too. it's a huge mess. >> trees down everywhere. there's fences down. trees on houses, trees in streets. electricity is out for large portions of city. it will be cleaned up by the end of today. the streets will be clean. it will be helpful when power is back in line and people can communicate. >> reporter: it's going to take longer than just today to get all of the trees cleaned up. students on campus at florida state had to leave their dark dorm room that's were without power also because there was no air-conditioning. even though it's 90 degrees outside, it's actually cooler
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and we have seen several students doing that, passing the time looking at their cell phones until power is restored. hopefully soon. live in tallahassee, i'm eric waxler for the now tampa bay. >> you saw it in ryan smith's live shot just a few moments ago, the rain is still coming down. once it stops, many will find their homes damaged. what do they do next? >> if you have property damage, you should locate all insurance policies, your insurance policy. >> people living in this crystal river neighborhood you see here may need to do exactly what the governor is advising. to file claims, you will need to document all of your damaged property and belongings. take the picture and video before making those repairs. and don't wait because insurance policies say you have to report the damages as soon as possible. if you need help, contact your local emergency management office. not all of the damage we're seeing today is from water. as you saw in eric waxler's
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crashing down too. sometimes on mobile homes. we will show you all of that damage next. and a live look at where hermine is headed next. north carolina. you're looking at the view there. the beach for the most part pretty much empty. we see two people walking along the surf. really rough there. pretty gray skies. stay with us. the now tampa bay will be right
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>> we're talking river view, valrico, as well as other areas in seffner. now, thankfully no one was hurt in any of these. nicole grigg joins us there river view with a look at what was lost. >> reporter: hillsborough county is a mess. a lot of people don't know
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right now you can see two trees behind me at this mobile home. and here is the problem, the ground is so saturated. as soon as any wind comes through, trees are being uprooted. it only took minutes. >> really came down hard. >> reporter: for neighbors to come outside to this damage. >> a lot of potential for damage here with the ground soaked. >> reporter: the red cross coming in to help at least one family here at the in river view. but 20 minutes away from here, me list is on her own. a tree went through her home off of north valrico road. her house and one other destroyed. this damage is so severe. take a look at this mobile home. you can see right through it. the tree sliced it in half. take a look at all of the damage right here. you can see trees like this all
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wind gusts picking up to 50 miles per hour. >> well, the truck started moving, so i ran inside. >> reporter: clean-up now slowly underway. just this area alone will take at least three days to clean. for the now, i'm nicole grigg. i want you to check out what the height of hermine looked like from rivera bay in st. pete. strong winds, sideways rain. trees, bushes really blowing all over the place. there. it's tough to even make out what is happening, it's so volatile, the shaking of the camera because there is so much commotion. and tonight people in partnership lass county are still recovering from all of the flooding o'er night. streets are still very much dangerous. >> the now, lauren rozyla joins us live from a neighborhood that was hit especially hard. >> reporter: yeah, guys. people are still dealing with
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-- out here. look how far this stretch of water spans. people are driving through it, biking through it. we even saw a few people playing in it. take a look at the people driving through the flood waters earlier this morning. the shore acres and snell acres area. also deals with downed trees and power lines. several people here are forced to stay inside their homes. many have been without power for hours. one mans describes just how powerful the winds were when his power went out. >> it was blowing fiercely. we have a boat and kayaks out back. it was crazy. the trees were flying all over the place. the neighbor had a branch down. >> reporter: look how overwhelmed this storm drain is. there is probably at least six inches of standing water out here. it is covered in leaves. today, the mayor saying that this is one of the worst storms
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and he also believes the city's infrastructure and compromised. he is encouraging people it stay off the roads, especially in the flooded areas. for now, reporting live in pinellas county, i'm lauren rozyla for the now. >> thank you, lauren. when we think about these storms, you think about the situation where your home or business is damaged because of the natural disaster. the first instinct is to get things repaired as fast as possible. >> watch out for unlicensed contractors. we often seem them after storms like this. it's not them, but it's against the law too. they usually don't have liability insurance and the homeowners insurance won't cover your work. it's your responsibility. if you need to find a licensed contractor, go to this website to help find one. looking live outside at clearwater beach. check out the . you can still see how all of the water is so far in, shay, on the beach there. i guess -- yeah.
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there. you can tell how far the water has come up on the beach. hopefully this will clear out soon. >> you know what i'm noticing out of the picture, not only the water, yeah, it's rough, but look up. >> the crazy clouds. >> there is sunshine coming through. yeah. the clouds look ominous too. but there is sunshine coming through. there is hope out there. at clearwater beach, we have cloud cover and light rain. the heavier stuff is farther to the north. we don't have widespread continuous rain anymore. we're making improvements, slowly but surely. going into new port richey, right across the sun coast parkway and into i-75 around wesley chapel and into dade city, north of zephyrhills. we have a nice band of heavier rain. again, we're looking at one isolat st across a large geraea here that is pretty dry. especially in comparison to what we have seen lately.
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you can see where the circulation is from what is left of hermine, the tropical storm moving through the carolinas. and we're left with this band of rain. the tail, let's call it. and that continues to give us that chance for hit or miss showers and storms here through this evening. but most of it is going to taper off shortly after sunset tonight. overnight, we will have several dry hours. only for the chance for rain begin again tomorrow. it's not a dry day. but we will see the chances for rain picking up right around noon. think of it as an enhappensed westerly flow. you know the west wind typically gives us chances for rain earlier in the day. get more cor and temperatures are lower. but this will be a bit more enhanced because of the lingering moisturement at 4:00, the models are showing us mostly dry. we won't be unundated with rain
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moving west to east across the area. winds right now are 10 to 15 miles per hour in most areas. apollo beach, up to 18. and some of the gusts are still in the 20 miles per hour range to 25 around lakeland. the wind gusts are coming down as well. all good news. i'm going to show you where hermine is headed. you're doing traveling this holiday weekend, i'll have more on that coming up. >> thank you, shay. for hermine. and how you could get free food at local restaurants.
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>> welcome back to the now tampa bay. right now thousands of people still it is hitting here in myrtle beach. what you see right there in south carolina. you're looking at live pictures right there. gray skies. heavy surf. as you can see, all of that rain on the camera. and hermine is slowing down as it heads up the coast. but the storm is still causing flooding warnings in georgia and the carolinas as strong at least one person was killed in the storm in marion county, florida. governor rick scott says a
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tree fell on top of them. there is a lot of standing water. this is st. pete. the roads flooded in some areas. with the threat of zika virus, governor scott is remiing everybody to dump whatever water you can, no matter how small the amount s like these tubs and trash bins in crystal river, water can be in there. and these flower hots as well. standing water like this, it is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. get rid of it. now you can win prize by learning about the zika virus. let me explain. hernando county came up with the zika challenge. go to i'll tweet out the link too. it tells you to watch short videos. here are the instructions. fill out a short form with your contact info and wait to see if you have won. what do you win? what are the prizes?
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certificates to ady's, preapp advertise -- free appetizers
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>> right now a tornado warning just expiring in south carolina. i want you to take a look at this. a huge tree down in front of it. another tree down on a power line there. governor rick scott that 253,000 people lost power as hermine barreled across florida. todd walker is live right now where people are still without power, leaving just one option for food. >> reporter: even though the sun came out in tallahtoday, he stuck in the dark. ne for gas seemed more like
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>> man, it's a lot busier than normal. >> reporter: the barbecue trailer the other. >> everything from jefferson county to here is shut down. there's no power anything. >> reporter: he brought it himself. icane hormone making landfall this morning, breaking the 11-year record without one in florida. >> i was on the floor. i was scared. >> reporter: vanessa floyd had a rough night. >> my carport was just ur >> reporter: she navigated through debris covered roads to find anything to eat. >> there's no restaurants open. all of the power is out. >> reporter: having be through hurricanes before. >> i almost didn't open. i thought about it. >> reporter: barrington knew this wasn't a day that he could miss. after all, the sun, it came out today. >> i saw the rain stopped. i was out the door. >> reporter: in tallahassee, florida, i'm todd walker. and right now help is on the way to the hardeshit
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is sending 13 of the mobile kitchens from all the state, including several here all the way to tallahassee. >> the kitchens can feed up to 1500 people a day. getting much needed help there. shay, an update though on the rain. in some places, it is still raining. >> right. this is hit or miss showers and isolated storms in our area. you can see it is gray out there. the main sail beach in. still breezy along the coastline. we still have wind gusts around 20 to 25 miles per hour. but the winds will coinue to come down tonight. not the case if you are traveling to the north. if you are headed in the direction of the carolinas, we are seeing the impacts of hermine. you can see it has weakened some moving across south carolina and into north carolina and virginia right now. let me show you the current conditions much it is moving
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down to 50 miles per hour sustained winds. but this storm will continue to impact the carolinas through tomorrow morning. and then it will start to make its way off to the atlantic. it will take a little time for them to clear out and the winds to relax. i would say by saturday afternoon and evening, they will be seeing improvement from utto north across the carolinas. if you are planning to drive north at all today, be aware that the winds will be gusty headed in that i-75 or i-95. but the storm has weakened. we're talking maybe 30 to 40 miles per hour gusts headed north in that area over the next several hours tonight. again, conditions will be strongest as you get into the carolinas overnight tonight or into early tomorrow before they really start to improve. if you're staying here locally, getting ready for the labor day weekend, i will have the forecast coming up next. >> thank you, shay. because hermine hit hard
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were called off yesterday in tallahassee. we got word that that goes for today as well. in those areas specifically. but one blood is fully operational in the tampa bay area. they're asking all of us to step up to make up for the cancellations. people 16 and older who weigh at least 100 pounds to donate through the bor day holiday and henry policemennish the flood supply. head to for locations and ho drenched kitten. storm runoff in tampa. ty from the cat already has a new forever home too. one of the firefighter's friends adopted it. great news there. check out the little guys our ryan raiche came across while he was covering the damage in hillsborough county today. a couple of baby raccoons living in a tree lost their home when the tree fell.
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see there were trying to help keep them entertained. this is the same tree that fell on a business. firefighters had to help an older man out of the building. thankfully he escaped with just a few bruises and scrapes. look for more on that story at 5:30 on abc action news. >> he's got it. he's got it. >> all right. this guy having a little fun with their flooded neighborhood in wesley chapel. the guy writing we flooding along with posting this video. you see him wakeboarding there. you should not play in the flood watersof course. stay with us. we will look at the worst flooding in the area from
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>> to see all of the flooding from hermine on the ground is one thing. you take a look at t air perspective, you see how bad it was. >> let's take you on a tour of the hardest hit areas. >> reporter: we start in one of the northern counties. this is jasmine in pasco. action air 1 showing you the wide reach of this flooding. the entire neighborhood is saturated. nowhere else go. this rv walled in with water on three and four sides. the water coming right up to a table and chair that normally overlooks a grassy backyard. in pasco, it's much of the same. widespread flooding. not far from the water-logged area, a decent flow of traffic moving along just fine on ground. in pinellas county, what looks
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parts of the neighborhoods. in st. pete, standing water on streets but not completely covering. still that white van forced to make a turn to avoid heading straight for more deeper standing water. these two cars nearly colliding while trying to drive through the flooding. other parts of sne ll isle. something that kids n't resist, kayaking and in flde lake ends and the perimeters of the neighborhoods begin. the water well into neighborhood streets and into the homes, leaving a mess of scattered debris and belongings. >> so after seeing that, a really, really rainy hours. >> we have ideas for you. and the new action that samsung is taking today that might
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recalling the galaxy note 7 because the batteries are exploding. the now tampa bay will be back
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>> right now hermine is headed up the east coast. folly be they have had tornado warnings coming in in the last hour. and also the sky way ridge opening up while we have been on the air which means that the winds are dying down. still 30,000 people without power in our area. flooding is common in south tampa when it rains a lot. you combine that with high tide and the flooding was worse than usual. the now's adam weiner shows us how people in tampa are teaing
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we're cleaning up today. >> reporter: this family awoke this morning to a flooded garage. their south tampa neighborhood near old tampa bay flooded when high tide and a lot of rain came early this morning. >> i don't mind if the garage floods. we're used to that here in south tampa. but the house is a different story. i was a little nervous. stayed up most of the night. the storm blew through. my daughter and weather bug, trying to turn on the news in between power outage i th lost power a few times. but, you know, not for very long. >> reporter: as water crept up the doorsteps in the middle of the night. >> nerve racking getting up checking on things how were going. >> reporter: and it left behind a lot of debris. >> the crew had the day off. hi to take advantage of the free labor. >> reporter: tampa didn't take
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are hoping that the city can ove the storm water system before the next hurricane hits. >> this proposal will help to correct literally generations of neglect of deferred maintenance, of fixing a system that wasn't designed to handle 2016 growth, let alone historic rains. >> reporter: it's unclear when construction will begin on that $250 million improvement project. in tampa, adam weiner for the now tampa bay. positive spirits. getting his kids to help them out. there are still people dealing with this rain. >> yeah. right. and this is one of those harder hit areas too in pasco county. they don't really need any of this rain. nobody does at this point. but this is pretty isolated when you look at the big picture here. i'm going to zoom out. you can see we don't have a ton of rain out there at the moment. but we have heavy rain in spots
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main sail beach in looking dark out there. a little bit of light coming through the clouds. we are starting to see relief. but it's going to take time before we're really back to the summertime pattern. we have this west to southwesterly flow right now. we're tapping into some deeper moisture. so we're going to continue to see this pattern through the weekend, which allows us to see more showers and storms at times. but at least for tonight, the storms will be tapering off gradually. we have a batch of rain out here widespread at some point later on tonight. but it looks much lighter than what we have seen lately. we're not looking at accumulating rain, substantial accumulation of rain overnight tonight. as we look at the temperatures, you can see the rain-cooled air keeping the temperatures the 70s. but tampa, brandon, zephyrhills at 83. new port richey at 86 right
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and st. pete at 82. enjoy this while it lasts because we are going to be returning to our well-known heat and humidity. take a look at this. 87 the high tomorrow. still not bad for this time of year. that comes with the extra cloud cover throughout the day and the higher chances for rain. sunday and monday though, it's going to look more like our typical summer weather. more dry hours and sunshine in the mix. expect showers and storms on sunday and labor normal pretty much here with 40% coverage of afternoon showers and storms and you can see the temperatures going back up to 90 degrees in the afternoon and the overnights will remain in the upper 70s. this is the four-day forecast at 4:00. of course denis is in at 5:00 with the 7-day forecast coming up. >> thank you, shay. if you're tired of all of this weather talk, you're going stir crazy in your house, we can remember it's labor day weekend. here are ideas for you if you're looking for something to
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the rays are playing at the trop tonight. they play against toronto and then baltimore. college football, baby, is back this week. that includes the usf bulls playing here. and tomorrow on abc action news starting at noon, college football is on all day. ashley glass, that's what i'm going to do. >> i into you it. >> local news after that. for kids, it won't be a total washout. go to the zoo or hit up the florida aquarium. there is a bonus. if you have an passat any of these, you're free in tomorrow. over in polk county at lego land, any first responders showing up with the proper id, you get a free one-day pass. ?[music]? ? come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination.
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wilder's most popular movies back on the big screen this weekend. willie work aand the chocolate factory and blazing saddles will be shown at amc theaters. the only one in our area participating is woodland square in tampa. you're probably seeing a lot of ads, labor day sales. some deals are better than others to consider for the if you want to go shopng weekend, save big on mattresses. only one of the weekends of the year they go on sale. you will have a chance to save on refrigerators and other appliances. anything outdoorsy, i know you love to camp. but there are some things that you should avoid.
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to buy electrons. that's because the new iphone doesn't go on sale for a couple more weeks. you want to buy the iphones after that when the old ones get marked down. >> for tvs, the best deals are around black friday. if you want to beat the crowds, shop tonight. the stores will be backed tomorrow through monday. >> you just bought a mattress. >> i'm so mad. >> check out a price adjustment. >> i'll work on that. about if you're driving this labor day weekend. grass hit a record high this summer. >> there is new information showing drivers burn more than 405 million gallons of gas a day in june alone. that is the highest amount ever in a month since they started keeping track in the 1940s. the gas prices are going up but still the lowest prices we have seen this time of year since 2004 according to aaa.
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$2.19 for a gallon of regular. across the state it is $2.23. nationally, it is $2.22. samsung is recalling the galaxy note 7. the batteries can explode while charging. there have been 37 cases of this so far. they are working with suppliers to figure out the issue. if you have within of these phones, samsung will give you a new one. and expected to head to his parents house in ohio. he was released after serving just three months of his six- month sentence for sexually assaulting an cocious woman. >> the system had a flaw in it. >> california's governor is considering a bill right now to make that change. turner has to register as a sex
4:53 pm
california to recall the judge who sentenced him. they need 80,000 signatures to get the issue on the ballot. colin kaepernick is putting his money where his mouth is with the national anthem protest. promising to donate the first $1 million he earns this season to community organizations to relief racial bias and tensions. but he is not saying which organizations. kaepernick and one of his teammate nation anthem as service members were being honored on the if field. he is protesting racial inequality. a moderator can make or break a debate. >> we are finding out who will be in the seat in the match-ups in three weeks. lester holt will moderate the first one september 26th. the moderators for the other debates also include abc's
4:54 pm
cooper and a few others. well, this week hillary clinton and donald trump have poured millions into advertising in battle ground states. >> mike sax is finding out if it will actually sway the voters. >> reporter: so we're here at the lincoln memorial and talking political ads. do they sway your vote? tell me. >> i guess it depends on the ads you're looking at. >> it really doesn't matter to me about the ads. i think i've mind up. >> not at all. i wanted ted cruz in the first place. and now i'm forced into a trump situation. so i'm not happy about it but here i am. >> from the ads that i have seen and from the 13 months that they have been campaigning, i know one thing and that's no trump. >> i would have to go with donald trump. >> i don't think i could be swayed for either one. i'm not team anyone right now. >> it does affect how i think about the candidates. >> who are you voting for? >> hillary clinton.
4:55 pm
could put out would sway your vote. >> no. trump would have to beg for forgiveness and try to redeem himself. no ad would do that. no. >> when you see the clinton ads airing in your area, they're aggressive. do you think they're too aggressive? >> they're all aggressive. that's what she does best. >> negative media, that has been proven to work. >> does it work for you? >> no, it doesn't. >> it's a lot of marketing and a lot of emotional appeal and hard to find >> if you don't do your own research, well, then -- >> i would like to hear more about policies. >> they could put the money towards infrastructure. that would be great. >> i wish i could get that money for the ads. it wows me how much money goes into the ads. >> reporter: for the now, i'm mike sax. >> mike, thank you. the center of tropical storm hermine passing through south carolina with strong heav
4:56 pm
right now in charleston, you can see barely the road there. and all falling in that area. the governor of virginia has now declared a state of emergency ahead of the storm in his state. stay with abc action news throughout the evening for more coverage in just minutes. are you a binge thinker? it's when you worry too much and can't stop thinking things over and over and over again in your mind. you admit it. >> that is me all day. it can problems. how you can help prevent it or retrain the way that you think. >> i was a binge thinker and a worrier. >> i tend to be a multi tasker. i have a career. i have raised children. and i always want to do things well. >> reporter: it happens to many of us, wanting to our best in life, always thinking about it. >> we're trying to cram so many things into 24 hours. >> reporter: the constant worry
4:57 pm
ruminating. >> it is something who goes over and over and over a thought in their mind and they can't turn their mind off or rest. >> reporter: kimball richardson say women are more likely to do it. >> women are a little more free to be emotional. and so if you have action things that you can do, sometimes men put their focus and concentration on that. and women sometimes are left to worry. >> reporter: when you can't ge your mind to stop racing, it can lead to serious health problems like depression and insomnia. >> i have been a nurse for 20 years. i have seen bleeding ulcers and hair falling out. i have seen unexplained hives. >> reporter: richardson says there are ways to manage binge thinking, starting with acknowledging it. >> reteach themselves to think their own thoughts. in particular, we try to teach
4:58 pm
be triggers. must. ought to. should. those words or phrases can cause anxiety. >> reporter: another way to r binge thinking, living in the present. >> that means that you're allowing yourself to feel feelings and emotions. for many people, that is frightening. so people will do lots of things to keep themselves away from feeling, like worrying. okay. so it really has a paradoxical effect. you feel worse as you're trying to feel better. >> and that'it tampa bay. abc action news at 5:00 starts right now. >> right now at 5:00, the rain is starting to go away. >> flooding is still a problem across the area. many neighborhoods transformed into ponds. our crews are spread out across tampa bay and the panhandle to
4:59 pm
with the clean-up. >> we begin with meteorologist denis phillips. is the worst over? >> it definitely is, laura. the problem is we're looking at is any additional rain will make it worse. we really had o different types of flooding, the coastal flooding, the surge. and then we had the heavy rains. literally the worst of both worlds in a sense. we always remind people of this. i hate outrows the expression, but this was just a storm. the winds were only 40 to 45 miles per hour sustained. it was all of the water. and that is so common with a tropical system in florida. this is why we talk about you get the water and throw in hurricane force winds and you're talking about something we have never seen before or at least a hundred years. so we still look at additional rainfall out there. at least the worst of hermine is long gone. that trailing moisture plume, you can see it right there, that's the main reason we're
5:00 pm
day weekend, believe it or not, there could be hurricane force winds at the jersey shore. it will wreak havoc for the northeast this weekend. >> thank you, denis. right now another storm surge is hitting citrus county. and the people who live there are trying to salvage anything from their home that they can. >> many won't return until the water there all day touring the damage. how are things now? >> reporter: seemingly the people here in citrus county cannot catch a break. heavy rains back in the area. they're feeling the brunt of this storm. take a look behind me. most of the houses that you see looks like a swimming pool in their front yards. >> we found 51-year-old terry salye on gher ground, a >> i've been trying to get out


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