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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  September 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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in tracking what's last of tropical storm hermine. the storm may be pulling away but the rain is not over. i will time it out in 60
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abc action news starts right now. with breaking news. right now in tampa a live look is protesters gather demanding answers in it officer involved shooting in hillsborough county earlier this wee team member deputy killed an unarmed lachman this week. >> wendy ryan has the night off and let's get to the breaking news. >> we go live with more on why the protesters are out there and why they are upset. >> reporter: we just arrived on scene and obviously the protest in full swing. you see in the middle of the street we have a protester confronting police officers.
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terror. it stems from the police shooting you just mentioned. we will show you the video from last night and third consecutive night to protest happen. last night by protesters arrested for throwing potters and lighting trash on fire. protest them from the shooting death of a man from palm river. police entered his home with a narcotics warren city refused to come out of the home. and he was shocked in his bedroom. the investigation has shown so far he was unarmed at the time. deputy caleb johnson was the one who fired the fatal shot and put on paid leave while the incident is under investigation. a lot of folks out here upset with police violence on african- americans. that's why they are here. they are on -- they're asking for police officers to be more accountable. we have seen them stopping traffic.
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the protest and we have seen them have confrontations with people trying to get through the area as well so what huge police presence tonight trying to keep it orderly as the protest goes on. we will bring you updates on air and online at >> we will check back with you in a lite waterlogged and cleaning up from hermine. thousands in the panhandles still without power and the carolinas bracing for the storm to get back to hurricanes that is. let's go to denis phillips who's tracking hermine. >> first the carolinas and then the northeast. this will be a big story nationally over the next couple of days. for us still looking at
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especially pasco county all part of tropical storm hermine and the moisture plume that expands across the state into the eastern seaboard. overnight tonight partly cloudy skies and mostly dry mac early on. by sunrise we get more showers and more storms popping up and continue through much of the morning. a lot of cloud cover out there early on and then we begin to see rain rolling across the rest of the viewing area. it all stems from this, the center of circulation over the carolinas. as far north as the jersey shor up in a couple of minutes. as dennis mentioned hermine dumping heavy rains and causing flooding in south carolina. this is in charleston of people walking in on the fishing pier. as hermine heads up the coast businesses along jersey shore prepare for the worst. right now none of them shutting down. minivacation are still at the beach waiting to see what hermine brings.
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homeless man as he slept in a tent in ocala. in citrus county people are doing with the message hermine left behind. people are trying to salvage belongings from their home and doing it in the dark because they are out of power. we go live tonight in crystal river. >> reporter: a lot of people want to know when their power will be restored. in the meantime people will be cleaning up like the employees of this business. hermine shut the walkway to this through the grass. they are getting through the night with candles and a flashlight. they lost power and 1:30 this morning. >> i have a generator as you saw downstairs. it got froze up with salt water. even though i had elevated two feet off the concrete. >> reporter: hurricane hermine created a seven foot search the push water everywhere and covered roads and got in homes in crystal river. >> we are used to hurricanes
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of stuff. you just wait until it's over and then you get out and clean up. >> reporter: they don't have too much to clean up but hope electricity turns on soon. >> as soon as the power comes on i will open it up and see how my food is. i may be cooking at 2:00 in the morning. >> reporter: they have plenty to get by >> my refrigerator is full of drinks. they are not cold right now but they are full of drinks and i have a deep freeze which is a chest type so hopefully it's holding. >> reporter: they are preserving the temperature of the refrigerator freezer as much as they can but they can't save everything. >> a milkshake. that's what all my ice cream is . >> reporter: they are thankful it wasn't much worse for them and their relatives. it flooded storage units and a
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there are a little more than 6000 people in citrus county without power and crews are currently working on restoring the power tonight. reporting live marisela burgos abc action news. >> when hermine came onshore overnight it did damage to this road in the panhandle . you are looking at alligator point and part of the road impassable and torn up in some spots. hermine hit the panhandle as a category 1 hurricane and major cleanup under the way and wind gusts relocating roofs and uprooting trees. we spoke with people in the zephryhills area who say the experience was terrifying as it was happening.>> i was scared. it sounded like a freight train. >> i've never experienced before and don't want to experience it again. >> reporter: tree snap like twigs and cars crushed beneath them. the crystal springs neighborhood in zephryhills hit
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>> the house was shaking and my husband told me and my daughter to get in the bathtub. >> reporter: they are doing all they can to shelter what they have left. they are scrambling to replace the ceiling that no longer exists. jerry is doing the same. >> this is all of our roof that was on the house.>> reporter: wind gusts dasiah 60 miles an hour rips through the area at 8:00 thursday night. littered with debris. >> it was loud and almost deafening.>> reporter: aluminum found in trees and all of it ripped from a nearby barn. those trying to put their life back together doing it with generators. power is out tonight. >> on real. like the trees were made of triggs.>> reporter: this man's home was spared but his neighbor weren't lucky. trees miss the house but turned his truck into scrap metal. despite the damage he is grateful everyone made it out alive. >> thank god nobody got hurt.
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i'm cameron polom abc action news. stay with abc action news for the latest on the storm's path and keep an eye on the radar with our storm shield at. a prominent dna expert who testified in the casey anthony trial studies talking to a lawyer and fighting to restore his reputation. a denver judge barred him from testifying in a sexual assault case under oath. not been accredited and he is failed basic proficiency tests. he admitted he is self trained on running dna profiles.>> this is a dangerous thing he its ver and he needs to be exposed. >> he testified for casey
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analysis. tonight at 11:00 video his st showing a dangerous back to school to be for some kids. police say the number of drivers are not paying attention and that's coming up next. tropical storm hermine will leave flooded cars in her wake and carfax says half of them will end up back on florida car lots. coming up we will show you how to avoid one of these waterlogged rides. still following the breaking news. a live look at protesters right now were seeking justice for 22- year-old levonia riggins. he was unarmed 20 was shot and killed by a deputy this week. a s.w.a.t. team was in the house he was hiding in on tuesday. it's a house they have been investigating for drug activity. we have accrue on the scene and
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checking back into the breaking news. protesters gathering seeking justice for black men killed by
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this week. cameron polom live in tampa right now.>> reporter: this process still in full swing and obviously levonia riggins is important to the community. they feel he was unlawfully shot. he was unarmed at the time and they are very upset about this. they don't plan on going home anytime they want their message heard. they have police presence here and making the presence known to the police officers and how they feel about what happened. they are holding signs and asking for justice for levonia riggins. we talked to a local mother who tells me how disappointed she is with all the recent killings she continues to see. she is a teacher and raised her own children and talk to them about the violence they see constantly on the streets. it's an important issue to the community. they are not going anywhere. we see more and more folks
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voicing those statements asking for police to be held accountable. they will be out here for a while and we will continue to bring you updates from out here. that's the latest in tampa. i'm cameron polom abc action news. caught on camera. two kids getting off two di luckily neither student was hurt. watch that again. unbelievable. that kid in the corner, very tough video. authorities in austin, texas where the videos are from raising awareness. they of issued 1000 citations in the first week of school. kids are hit while the stop signs on the respective school
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sign flashing all cars are supposed to stop. the driver of a white truck was a 16-year-old girl who said she didn't know about the law. both cases the drivers were cited by police. nationwide 10 kids are killed by passing school buses. a south carolina deputy won't face charges for a classroom confrontation. it was caught in this video flipping a 16-year-old girl out of her desk and dragging her out of class. they called the officer because the girl was disrupting the class. a driver in maine losing control of his car straight into the 61-year-old at a medical emergency causing the accident. he managed to free himself and walked away with minor injuries. the truck was destroyed. flooding from hermine in our area and across the state could cause water damage to cars and more than half of flood damage cars will and backup on the market. jackie callaway shows you how this happens and what to do to
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to 1 want a car that has been submerged in water? auto dealers and individuals find buying a flooded -- of flooded vehicle from a junkyard and fixing it up and selling it can be good money. >> they are so good at cleaning them up that you may never know until you have problems down the road. >> reporter: dealers musket salvage cars as rebuilt or flooded. >> there are no legal avenues to take that say you can't sell this car because we believe it was in a bottom line is it's legal for a dealer to sell you a car with a flood title and carfax estimates more than 70,000 damage vehicles are on florida's roads and that figure includes 3100 cars in tampa with more hitting the market daily. that's why you need to do research before you buy. run the pin number through auto check, carfax or similar services. that should show whether the vehicle has a flooded title. flooded vehicles can be could cars if they are fixed properly. the problem becomes of someone
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just to get through the short term and in the long-term you have problems he wouldn't normally have. the water is the main factor causing the problems. >> reporter: before buying a car have a mechanic check it out. have him look under the hood for watermarks on the engine and you want him checking for rust and corrosion. and remember if any deal sounds too good to be true it probably is action for you. tonight take a look at this, crews rescuing a dog from the top of a collapsed building nine days after 6.1 magnitude earthquake in italy. firefighters seen helping a couple get belongings from their destroyed home when they heard the dog. the golden retriever appeared to be in good health and is reunited with the couple. the quake left thousands homeless. holiday weekend is here and
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northeast will have a bad labor day weekend. >> it will stall out out there and they will get three days of that storm sitting on top of them that is almost a hurricane. we are picking up some of the folks who had to do with flooding over the last 6 to 12 hours. a couple of things going on. you see what titan doppler radar we still have rain falling across the area. we have coastal flooding, the surge and high tide. that will no longer be issue. at least the water that came up because of that will have a chance to receive. the other issue is we have seen so much rain. i'm afraid to say that will continue tomorrow. nowhere near what we had last night or even this morning but we believe there will be another period of decent rain that will start tomorrow morning. making your weekend plans tomorrow early on if you live along the coast probably not
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sunday and labor day gets a lot better. temperatures mid to upper 70s. still checking in at 80 degrees at the airport, clearwater in saint pete. and a sight for sore eyes, the skies are clear across most of the area. most of our region next five or six hours will be rain-free. this is a good reminder because we always talk about hurricanes and that's the big fear is that we haven't had a hurran was major. but tropical storms can do what we have had the last couple of days, which is don't more rain than we get from our hurricane. often hurricanes come in and are out quickly and a day. tropical systems like hermine for us can linger for days on end. the rain total stack up. we had rain totals over 22 inches across part of the area in the last three days.
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that's almost half the yearly rain totaling two days. overnight tonight a few showers out there. not that many but tomorrow morning already starts to pop. that the moisture coming in and this is a direct line into what's left of hermine. it isn't particularly organized at that point but still sing moisture coming in with the westerly flow. 99% of the time in the summertime when we say there's a westerly flow we get rain in the morning. there's more moisture to work with. i lunchtime we see the rain coming in. tomorrow not the day you can guarantee yourself outdoor plans weather-wise. sunday and monday you look a lot better especially on labor day. the evenings should try out like they did today but i think sunday morning noticeably dryer and by later on in the day looking better. even better on labor day. if you want to go to the beach and the more sunshine, monday
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least the timing should be more isolated by later on. there is the latest on hermine and i have to show you the track. saturday night at 8:00 , sunday, monday, and tuesday it doesn't move. almost a minimal hurricane and looking at serious rainfall totals for the mid-atlantic. beach erosion and a nasty situation for those folks. he's rain chances drop down and by labor day back where we should be with sunshine and highs of 90 degrees.
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hey. umm... sign here? sure, you got a pen? i do! thanks sweetie. the labor day sale is on now at havertys. life looks good. nice welcome back tonight at the trop in the first inning. he allowed a couple of toronto runs and then went in shutdown mode for the next four. it's been almost 2 years since the last hit september 28, 2014 the date. his return highlighted by the strike of jose bautista to start the game.
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with the score tied at two in the fifth. the rays went on to blow the game wide open in the seventh scoring for in the inning and they win this by a final of 8- 3. we expect the buccaneers to make it official tomorrow but among the cuts made today wide receiver kenny bell, danny vitale and peyton barber. a few surprises one of which was helped by the bell release. evan spencer made the team. getting ready for the buccaneers on openings day. his father tim is the running back coach. >> evan spencer's college highlight reel at ohio state includes jaw-dropping catches. now the buccaneers hope he can provide the same offense after beating out bernard reading and kenny bell for the buccaneers fifth wide receiver position. >> i'm excited to do whatever i
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we have atlanta next week and i can't wait. >> after getting drafted by washington in 2015 he was let go in the last round of roster cuts due to a concussion. this preseason he had a minor knee injury and missed the third preseason game. spencer took advantage in the final preseason finale against his former team, catching every pass thrown to him. teammates that i'm here for a reason and i will give everything i can for the team to help us win.>> it's been a journey but i like to believe the successful people in the nfl of congress something and i went through an early hopefully. >> reporting with the buccaneers abc action sports. >> opening-night tomorrow night and the tigers in town and they like to pound the ball. a new addition to the offense, and oregon transfer named morgan as the quarterback.
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says it's more about our defense than anyone we line up against.>> you have a lot of guys and we got than to understand the defense and by into the system and by into what we're trying to accomplish. i think that's our biggest growth and coming together and playing for one another and having each other's back. just trusting each other.>> up in gainesville the gators head coach 2 a lane is beyond ok getting off to a good start tomorrow night against university of massachusetts. he wants the team to go out and win with impunity. he still wearing scars from the lousy finish of a year ago. have a great weekend everybody.
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continuing to monitor the breaking news out of tampa and the protesters gathering want
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black man by the name of levonia riggins and deputy caleb johnson on paid administrative leave. we will monitor the situation. at this point it has been peaceful but we will continue to monitor it. continuing coverage on that and today's top stories on
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight, bob odenkirk, kendall jenner, and music from kiefer sutherland with cleto and the cletones. and now, stay focused, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everyone. welcome. very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching.


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