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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 7AM  ABC  September 3, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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o now at 7:00, the cleanup following hurricane hermine. why some have to start over from nothing. we are back this morning with a look and how long it could take to dry out. as we get a better look at the damage left hermine, why your drive could be bumpier than usual. good morning, everybody. >> we're glad you're with us and glad you're up with abc. first, let's get to bill logan. you said it earlier, still a powerful storm moving up the coast. >> you know, traditional beginning of the summer season,
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summer, labor day. businesses shooting for this weekend to do great things it doesn't look like hermine will cooperate. it's moved out of our way. we have some of that lingering rain around, but we're going to clear out by monday, for the most part, we're seeing light showers scattered around, and all of this moving on very slowly, right around the big bend area. north of tampa bay, we have some showers offshore that can be part of our forecast for this saturday. for the most part, this is the storm right now this is hermine moved up the east coast. a few fingers of moisture across the state and that's what is pulling this area here, this last little bit will be pulling across.
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most of the mess is to the northeast and it's going to be a mess. we'll hear a lot of conversation coming up on good morning america. for now, talking about cleanup. today is the day to do it because it's not going to be overly hot we'll be in the mid- to upper 80s by later on we won't see the 90s today. that will come by monday as we get more sunshine back. but we'll see glimmers of sun today as we top out into the upper 80s. more to clear out, how we clean up and how those folks up along the sea board are getting ready for problems you have more on that. >> breaking now in atlantic city, new jersey, just as the storm is headed up to them, there is a shootout inside cesar's casino. one police officer is in critical condition.
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now. we're looking to find out what lead up to the shooting we'll bring you information as it comes in. a breaking situation back here in pasco county. street flooding is still causing problem. an suv getting stuck down moog road. lots of neighborhoods still under several inches of water. we'll have a live report within the hour we'll check in as can. the sheriff's department says it will take a couple days to assess the damage in that area it's some video of what it's been like in that area, what they've been dealing with since it moved through. they've been cleaning in the dark because they're without power this is how mike and lewis got through the night in crystal river with candles and a
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storage units and rooms. they have been without power for more than 24 hours. they're preserving the temperature of of refrigerators as best they can. >> i have a deep freeze also. hopefully it's holding. >> they are just thankful it wasn't much worse for them and their families >> we're going to get the storm coverage. telling you about other news breaking overnight, protesters demanded answers in hillsboro and this is after they reveal a s.w.a.t. team deputy killed an unarmed black man. he shot and killed him in palm river on tuesday. the s.w.a.t. team was in the
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for drug activity. the protesters claim he was shot while in his bed. deputy johnson has been placed on leave with pay. a person recovering from burns after their home caught fire overnight. we're showing you where it happened. pasco firefighters deposit the call this morning. they had to rescue one person from the home. right now, we still don't know what exactly caused the fire. this morning, many people in the bay area are dealing with damage from hermine. we spoke to people who say that the experience they had was pretty terrifying they were there as it all happened. >> i was scared. it sounded like a freight train. >> i don't want to experience it again. >> knocked the whole porch off. >> trees snapped like twigs the neighborhood hit hard by
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roofs from houses. >> the house was shaking. my husband told me and my daughter to get to the bathtub. >> they're doing all they can to shelter what they have left, and scrambling to replace the ceiling that no longer exists. >> this is all of our roof that was on the house. >> wind gusts, some as high as 60 miles per hour ripped through the area around 8:00 thursday night. in seconds littered with debris. >> it was loud. >> aluminum found in trees and ripped from a near by barn. those trying to put their lives back together doing it with generators, power is out tonight. >> unreal. >> his home was spared but his neighbor wasn't so lucky. it turned his truck into scrap metal.
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out alive. >> thank god nobody got hurt. the cleanup is still happening now in seminole heights these photos of a tree that fell from the neighbor's property into his property. watch out for potholes thanks to the rain we're talking some big potholes too. here's i-4 east. about 5,000 after last summer's historic flooding. so you can get an idea of what we could be in store for. the city council approved a storm water fee he hopes will improve drainage and keep the holes from forming. >> it's not inexpensive. we get that. i'm not willing to stick my head
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doesn't exist. >> be weary of that when you have to pay a couple hundred dollars for a new undercarriage of your car. when hermine came on shore, it's called alligator point. part of the road is impassable, completely tore up in some spots. it hit the big bend area adds a category one hurricane. still waiting on estimates to find out the amount of damage and how much it will cost to repair. hermine is dumping rain. the video here from charleston, people walked along the piers snapping photos hermine now heads up the east
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along the jersey shore are preparing for the worst. none of them are shutting down now because it's their money-making weekend. the last weekend of the summer and many are still at the beach waiting to see what the storm brings. one person died when a tree fell on a homeless man. our storm shield app will send weather warnings it's android phones. a prominent dna expert who testified in the casey anthony trial is barred from testifying in a sexual assault case. he testified that his lab had not been accredited and he has failed basic proficiency tests admitting he is self-trained on
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this is a dangerous thing he does in very serious cases and he needed to be exposed. >> he testified for casey anthony who was found not guilty of killing her daughter. he says he's qualified. deputies in south florida caught a suspect who wasn't going down without a fight. they picked up this little guy after he was seen chasing some kids. you can see here, they were able to safely get the alligator anti it up. finding dorey. a team of researchers figured out how to proceed the fish in tanks for the first time. it became popular for aquarium openers after finding nemo and
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much more coming up, raw sewage and storm water flooding streets in st. pete. we do to the waste water plant for answers. we're keep evening an eye on more spaghetti models and we'll let you know the latest on hermine and how the hatches up north when we
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was overflowed and pushed the sewage into the streets it's been a mess since the first rains started to pound the streets. >> raw sewage began to run through the streets of largo as well. why it happened there. >> reporter: that's terrible that's a health hazard. >> raw sewage is bubbling up and overflowing the streets >> what can we do? >> they're rise toward her house she lived in for 49 years and she's frustrated. >> absolutely. you worry if it comes into your front door. >> a few doors down, it did come in. >> 5-inches inside your garage? >> yes. a large tank at the wastewater treatment plant is not running right now. >> right now this tank is out of commission. >> it's been all rebuilt and
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>> reporter: the environment services director says an $18 million construction project is splitting the old tank into two more functional tanks for now, waste water is going through a temporary system and some is getting dumped into the bayou. >> some are frustrated >> our goal is to keep the sewage in the pipes and the plant. we'll do everything we can. our people holidays >> reporter: even if the tank was working, it can only handle up to 7 1/2 inches of rain in 24 hours, yesterday, they got 11-inches. once the projects are done, it's expected to resolve the problems >> i think that the infrastructure has been let go and they keep moving people in. >> the problem is not going
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it's not expected to be complete until september. the resident's sewage fees will likely go up. but that probably won't happen until 2018. there is one item from my time up north i brought with me. chest waders for fishing they laugh at you if you go fishing with >> boots. waders. just deflected. >> in citrus county, i did see a snake. >> we get used to seeing scenes
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everything changes rules are a little bit different. still seeing on shore flow. seeing some clouds as well. we'll see some sunshine today, it won't be an overall completely sunny day looking at the weather headlines for this saturday, it's going to be a nicer day. but we're still going to see the showers moving through we saw them yesterday coming through pretty good clip from the morning hours through the afternoon. we're seeing showers offshore. but they're going to be poised to come on later and of course we're still looking at hermine moving up the east coast. once the storm got out of florida it made land fall and picked up speed and moved up the coast. sitting now just basically off of the peninsula out in the
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be a problem anywhere from ocean city maryland, through the weekend. it's not going to be the best of times for labor day. we're going to see clouds around. a few sun breaks. high up to 90 today. we do have the cloud cover, it's going to get warmer. we see the heating of the atmosphere and it's going to trigger the storms later on. look at this. towson university here in the greater bay area. facing off against the south florida bulls looking like 8 5- 86 degrees. labor day monday is the best-looking day of this weekend.
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the afternoon after we get rid a lot of the rain today and tomorrow. we'll have the lingering showers around but, again, moving into the workweek, things look better and it's going to be that typical return to normal. we have that to look forward to. >> we have a lot more to look forward to here on the weekend edition. paying to do home work. >> still ahead, unavoidable costs students
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it could be a big problem. finding out in addition to paying for textbooks, people must pay for online codes to do >> college junior wants to do his spanish home work although he can't with his 90-dollar textbook he bought. he must pay for a code. he's paying to do home work. >> the codes themselves cost at least $100
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work, and take quizzes >> your home work and quizzes are held hostage because you have to pay that? >> yeah. >> reporter: these digital products are called the future of the industry. >> you can access your home work anywhere. >> many believe it's price gouging especially if they require a textbook and the code. >> you can try to sell it back in there's not a but when it comes to online codes, there's no selling them back. >> they cannot be used more than once per term. they say they're saving students money. the access code is still sold separately. >> it's like $140 between the
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textbook. >> you can cannot physically hold them or print any of the pages >> you use it first semester and usually you're locked out after the new semester begins >> that's enraging. >> tack on more money the kids have to pay. >> guess what's still in my parent's attic? all of my college textbooks i could have $4 or just keep them as a momento. a very expensive one. still a lot more coming up this weekend including video, i know it's tough to watch, it is an important lesson for anyone behind the wheel. a huge problem as students head back to class what you need to know. a ban from the feds today. if ineffectiveness of something
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the reason you may not be killing the germs you think
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i top stories we're following now, a breaking situation in pasco county, hearing about street flooding causing problems this morning. the driver of this vehicle got stuck trying to head down the road. the sheriff's office says still many neighborhoods are under several inches of water we're in the area, stand by for a live report in a few minutes. to the north in citrus county, people dealing with the mess. they're trying to salvage belongings and having to do it
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protesters gathered seeking justice for an unarmed black man. the deputy shot and killed the man tuesday in palm river. a s.w.a.t. team was there at the home where he was hiding. they were investigating him for drug activity. my parents have a condo outside of maryland, i'm texts i should just give them your number i'm not the one with the information. >> it's going to be rainy. >> this is still a powerful storm moving up the coast >> hermine took its time getting organized and took its time getting through the gulf of mexico. just wanted to hang out with us here in florida. once it made land fall, it headed up the coast and it is right now sitting off of the
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those folks have to deal with as we say in the covering storms business, deteriorating conditions did you deal with those thursday and friday? >> did i? yes, it was deteriorating quickly. i did ride one wave in st. pete beach. i couldn't resist. >> all right. this is a nice-looking shot from clear water this morning. great view showing some blue skies, some sunshine, and more clouds than we'll see as we go through the day today. taking a look into the satellite and radar composite, we're not dealing with the direct effects of hermine, just some of those lingering bands. the ends of the bands of the rain that pulled through
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so a cooler start than we have seen and you'll notice a change. there is sunshine out there now, we're going the see the clouds picking up through the day into the upper 80s by later on and we'll get more sunshine tomorrow and much more by monday as our holiday weekend looks progressively better around here more details on that forecast be cautious today. many parts of the bay area we're still dealing with standing water, creating problems for those out and about in their cars >> jake peterson has been on patrol looking for trouble spots and joining us live. what are you seeing? >> good morning. we're seeing water on roadways we're on magnolia drive.
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of water on the road here. we're hearing of flooding on beacon square. this is actually a better image for folks who live here, because the water was close to going inside their homes yesterday. just down the road in new port richie, the water did get into some homes. one says her home is flooded five times in six years >> the house stinks, you can barely breathe in it. tragedy every time because it's a cleanup we have to do every time. >> there's a near by retention pond that gives those folks trouble.
7:35 am
they're now buying flood insurance. back here live, the power is on and off this block but a thousand other folks in west pasco still have no water. crews will be out today trying to get the power on. reporting live, jake peterson. >> caught on camera, take a look at this, two kids getting off of two different it's tough video but luckily neither student was seriously hurt. school back in session. authorities in austin are raising awareness. they have issued a thousand citations in the first week. both kids hit while the stop signs and their school puss
7:36 am
lights flashing, you have to stay back. a driver of the truck, a 16-year-old girl, says she did not know about the law. both drivers stayed at the scene and cited by police. drivers killed 10 kids each year illegally passing school buses. a deputy will not face charges for a confrontation. caught on this cell phone video flipping a 16-year-old out of of the classroom. take a look at this, a driver here in maine lost control of the car and ended up in a river. the driver had a medical emergency and caused the accident. the man managed to free himself and walked away with just a few injuries his truck was destroyed. a consumer alert, your antibacterial soap may not be
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banning 19 chemicals because they simply do not work. the agency saying there's no scientific evidence that priceyer soaps are better than regular soap and water. the decision does not apply to hand sanitizers, most use alcohol. right now and mother teresa will officially become a saint. she died 19 years ago. her track to sainthood was fast tracked. good day, sir you can catch gene wilder on the big screen one last time. abc theaters play willy wonka
7:38 am
his other films you can also catch it at the refootball citrus park in port richie. a couple of your favorites there? >> absolutely. >> don't forget young frankenstein. i think that might be one of his best. >> wilder died earlier this week at the age of 83. still ahead, ruining the honeymoon on honeymoon island, why it washed out to
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an update for a breaking story out of atlantic city, new jersey. two people are still on the run
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this is a look at the scene as the investigation is unfolding now. one police officer is in critical condition in surgery in the hospital. one suspect is dead and police say two others got away we're working to find out what lead up to the shooting as soon as we get new information and new video, we'll bring it to you. many people are dealing with flooding in the bay area, it's not just the threat of water. >> fallen trs concern. a disabled veteran who nearly escaped death after an oak tree collapsed on top of his home >> reporter: talk about a rude awakening that nearly turned tragic. >> i was asleep. i woke up and it was all over with. >> this 76-year-old disabled veteran is covered with bruises
7:43 am
through his home that doubled as a family business. >> you don't think you should go to the hospital? >> i'll tell you something and you can take it to the bank, i ain't going to no hospital. >> reporter: he managed to escape and deposit a strong zap when he touched the fence the tree brought down the powerline too. >> reporter: his ex-wife rushed over when she got the call. the whole family worrd the lawn mower repair shop. >> work out everything you worked for all your life. >> there's heavy damage, the front of the home is slanted and the entire house is off the foundation. >> i look at this house here standing in front of it and it makes me feel like i'm drunker than a cooty because it's
7:44 am
and business, it's not looking good. as we look to figure out what drunker than a cooty means, i think that guy probably should go to the hospital. it could have been a worse situation. >> that's way down the charts bad. >> the cooty thing? i've had worst things tweeted at me. go for it. >> firing up the social media cannons this morning. still great times, hazy out there with low clouds and i see
7:45 am
find. hermine is leaving a mess all kind of cleanup going on today as we get some clearing and sunshine on the way. here's hermine zooming up the coast and right now, sitting off of the beaches of maryland and virginia and delaware. and this is going to just stall out as it gets into areas north. it really zoomed up the coast after it took a while to get organized and lingered across and made land fall at 1:30 in the morning, yesterday morning early and georgia, carolinas, boom, all the way up off of the middle states. still seeing some haze out there to start, it should be a mostly decent day. we have seen the temperatures dropping down into the lower 70s
7:46 am
cooler than we were this time yesterday 77 for tampa and hudson. 75 in wesley chapel. we'll be up to 93 for winter haven. 88 in elington once again as we see the return to a normal type of summer day. we'll start off in the 70s, up into the upper 80s by later on. plenty of clouds around. maybe a scattered thunderstorm, not nearly as widely scattered as yesterday and we continue to see those rain chances back off
7:47 am
rain today, 89 with the afternoon storms on sunday. water temperature now is at 82 degrees. seas averaging 2-3 feet and the wind out of the south at 10-15 15 knots. once again, 60% chance of showers today. we'll probably back it down to 40% as we work through the monday looking to be the best day of this three-day weekend. of course, if you're in hillsboro, you've had two days off, that makes it a five-day weekend. that's great for the beginning. >> thank you. this is a place you told me about when i first moved here and it's a beautiful beach. hurricane taking a huge bite
7:48 am
>> reporter: where did all of the sand go? >> i have no clue. >> on honeymoon island, the honeymoon is over. >> the sand is what keeps the beach beautiful. >> reporter: officials spent 4 1/2 million dollars 4 months ago for a beach project. now it's taking the white sand and send it gulf. >> 4 1/2 million dollars out to sea. >> reporter: it's not the first time the sand divorced the beach >> they did a beach renourishment and it was gone in like two months >> this time, it was just a summer romance >> if they're not going to do it correctly, they need to not
7:49 am
instead of this ridiculous notion that you can control mother nature. >> what are you going to do? >> i'm going to eat it. >> that's from the south end of the island where it was even worse off. many things to do at honeymoon island. >> kayaking, i've fished out there. >> i should point out, i have something in my eye. >> tourism officials say that the beaches bring in 2.5 million to honeymoon island every year.
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the past 8 months who his landlord is and about
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7:53 am
since the housing market crash, the way many rank single-family homes have changed. land lords are being replaced by big corporations >> but local tenants tell us that bigger is not always better as they struggle to get things fixed and keep up with rising rents. >> i saw this beautiful way points home web site showing the gorgeous homes redone. >> reporter: u.s. veteran rented a home for 1565 per month when he moved from new york in 2014 he learned that the sarasota house had been a foreclosure home >> he was unoccupied for 5 years and had some squatters who broke in and living in the home. so there was some nastiness going on in that house. >> and some maintenance issues
7:54 am
the fridge has no shelves. dishwasher broken, roof is leaking >> the list of unhappy ten innocents is long. >> it's looking like it's dying now. >> sean moved out of this home after an outdated air-conditioning system cost him thousands >> the electric bill was through the roof. >> reporter: video shows swarming termites that prompted the call to code enforcement. >> dozens of phone calls, dozens of e-mails requesting to speak to the property manager. >> reporter: another one is moving out of this clear water home. the city found multiple code violations including hazards
7:55 am
prompted the tenant to seal off half of the house months ago. >> reporter: that's when the health department identified mold in several rooms, mold that presented a health hazard. >> it reflecting a small fraction of the residents it's important that all of the residents are happy and we apologize where it was not the case. the better business bureau gives them an f. >> if you have a landlord not responsive, you have a problem. >> mom and pop would want to fix it because it's their asset. when someone has little into it and very little motivation to fix these things it's a profit machine instead. >> there's a lot of nice places out there a lot cheaper.
7:56 am
>> he found a better deal he bought a new home. >> 3 times the house and pig $1200 a month with mortgage with no money down as a veteran. it's a no-brainer. >> taking action for you. >> of course we have another hour coming up after good morning america. still ahead, rising water and very little anyone can do about it and checking in on the communities still more than just flooding. here's a look of what is coming up next on gma. >> good morning. coming up on gma, tropical storm hermine is on a warpath up the east coast battering the outer banks after tearing through three southern states winds and rain are raising safety concerns this holiday
7:57 am
documents from their probe into hillary clinton's e-mail server as secretary of state. what they tell us. finally, it's opening weekend for college football and we're breaking down what teams to watch as they look toward the national championship that's coming up. >> i'm watching football across the street today where he should see some nice clearing by then as hermine continues up the east coast and get left here looking like a little more sunshine today. still a 60% chance of rain we'll get up to 87 or 88. tick it up to 89, more warmth and sunshine on sunday but labor day monday looks to be the
7:58 am
the tropical trouble and get back in that normal summertime, eamy afternoon shower pattern. there you go. good times >> good day to watch some college football. no question. that's it for us for now, back in an hour. >> see you then. >> i'll have the updates for your weather over the next hour and we have pet segment coming up at 9:00.
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. the labor day sale is going on now. havertys. life looks good. good morning, america. new overnight, hermine's fury. the tropical storm battering the south. now marching up the east coast. a fallen tree splitting this home in half. the watches and warnings this morning from north carolina to connecticut. >> we are now offering and have been informed and we are having life-threatening storm surges. >> 20 million people in the crosshairs. team coverage of this dangerous storm and the labor day washout. e-mail investigation. the fbi's secret pages revealed. what hillary clinton says she knew about classified information on her private e-mail server. agents giving her a test, did she know that "c" meant classified.


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