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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  September 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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james tully. the anclote river notice it's beginning to fall. we're going to be talking about this flood stage now ending by later on today. so good news there. more on that coming up on abc action news at 4:30. overnight a tampa house goes up in flames. we have the video as its happening and the investigation into what started the fire. >> he didn't know what those are angels that saved us. >> cut off before they could evacuate. a family rescued by three heroes who made sure no one was left behind. >> hillary clinton brings her campaign to tampa. we'll run down her schedule and how it could impact traffic. good morning, thank you for joining us on this tuesday. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. we begin with breaking news overnight. a house in tampa erupts in flames. come to your tv and look at this. that fire broke out early this
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avenue. a little west of the ybor city area. firefighters got the flames under control an hour later. there are no reports of injuries. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. today all pasco county schools will be open following hurricane hermine but some neighborhoods are still drying out from flooding. as abc action news reporter cameron polom shows us three unsung heroes spent labor day pulling families out of danger. >> reporter: hundreds of people felt the devastation of hurricane hermine in its aftermath families are still being forced from their homes. >> as soon as we got back there we noticed a lot of people still stuck in their homes. >> reporter: eric, joe and rich were not affected by the flooding but seeing the despair they decided to do what they could by boat. one family helped because they spotted a little girl asking to be rescued. >> you ok? >> saw little elizabeth waiting. she was adorable.
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in her home, mom, dad and three brothers and sisters all surrounded by water. >> you don't have to be scared. >> reporter: that was saturday, and the group continues to help flood victims. >> we do whatever we can. >> reporter: papanos is doing it from his restaurant. >> in my dna. >> for the family he once called strangers. >> how are you? >> i want to help you. >> you ok? >> a life changing experience changed all of that. >> you guys are unsung heroes. yeah. >> they took us out of our home that we didn't know where we were going. we didn't know what to do. those are angels that saved us. >> that was cameron polom reporting. the good news, the families hoping to get back home, the floodwaters are expected to recede below flood limits by later this afternoon. pasco county released a preliminary damage report from hurricane hermine. inspectors say the storm
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300 more have major damage. nearly 200 others with minor damage. we're looking at a pasco county business that was hit hard by hurricane hermine. as abc action news reporter michael paluska shows us a roller skating rink is the worst place for floodwaters to hit. >> this is what 250,000 dollars worth of water logged wood looks like. it's extremely heavy. the owner says the county isn't doing enough to protect his business from rising floodwaters. employees at spin nation family skating center in port richey spent labor day in a hot humidity filled skate rink, why our lens kept fogging, piling wood. >> 18,000 square foot of hardwood, 7,000 yards of carpet. you have to cut the walls out, replace the doors. >> reporter: the owner bought the rink nearly 20 years ago and since then he's been
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gotten worse. >> since 2012 we've had three total wipeouts. >> reporter: this is the rink during last year's flood. he did a complete remodel, now he has to do it all over again a year later. >> if we don't open in two months it will be 80 plus. >> he knows his 12 employees will take a financial hit as well so he's paying them for all of their hard work clearing out the debris. another year, another remodel he says could have been avoided. >> not angry but i'm really disappointed in the county. i mean when it happens one time ok. a second time -- start looking. now it happened a third time. >> reporter: how long to clean up the mess? the owner hopes to be up and running by october, in less than two months. in pasco county, michael paluska, abc action news. the hillsborough river is closed to boaters now because a tampa bypass canal system is being activated to lower water
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water is now being directed to the lower hillsborough flood detention area instead. citrus county emergency management will hold a disaster relief information event for those affected by hurricane hermine. it will be at the lecanto government complex at 3,600 west sovereign path in lecanto. information for affected residents is available from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. that event is at the same location again from 9:00 to 4:00. new york extending beach closures because of dangerous rip currents caused by hermine. people are given tickets if they are caught going into the water, $80. beaches in the mid-atlantic region were closed over the holiday weekend. >> the last holiday weekend of summer. it is for them. it starts to get cold and -- shortly here we're talking about this thing finally giving
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there's post-tropical hermine still churning with clouds and windy conditions today but continuing to lose steam. we have a pattern change at least the next couple of days with dry air that moved in. limiting rain chances the next couple of days. in fact i think we'll be rain- free until about wednesday and oh, look here. the commuter planner returns. it's a short week though. 85 by lunch and we'll do it with dry weather for both morning and evening commute. janelle will be up by the next half-hour. let's look at the morning commute. this is of the howard frankland bridge. traffic looks like it's moving smoothly now. again janelle is back today and will have a full look at the morning commute in 25 minutes. happening today -- hillary clinton brings her campaign back to tampa. she'll speak at usf this afternoon. her visit is expected to disrupt parking on campus. clinton plans to focus on national security. her husband former president bill clinton will be in orlando tomorrow. we'll have a live report from usf at 5:00. clinton's republican rival
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virginia today. he is set to hold a rally at the sandler center in virginia beach. trump is scheduled to give a speech there at 2:00 this afternoon. that event is closed to the public. the president of the philippines is now expressing regret about cursing at president obama. president obama is in laos for a meeting of the southeast asian nations. as reed tells us mr. obama was supposed to meet with the filipino president separately but it's controversial remarks. >> he is a president of the sovereign state? >> reporter: the president from the philippines slamming president obama monday. after white house officials previously said obama would confront the president about his handling of drug dealers >> i do not have any muster -- nobody but nobody. you must be respectful. >> reporter: he also used profanity in his native tongue saying he would swear at obama
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colorful statements in the past. so clearly he's a colorful guy. >> reporter: the white house cancelled obama's scheduled meeting in laos where obama is attending a meeting of southeast asian leaders. he later said in a statement he regrets the comments came across as a personal attack. that was not the only tension between obama and world leaders in the president's final asia tour. there were awkward moments with russian president putin. >> putin is typically the tone of meetings are candid, blunt, business- like. and this one was no different. >> reporter: obama also addressing the failure of the two nations to reach a deal aimed at bringing about a truce in syria. >> given the gaps of trust that exist that's a tough negotiation. we're not there yet. this morning we're learning about a new strain of the zika virus. this one is showing up in
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say zika cases spiked from zero to 258 in a week. officials believe the new strain is coming from southeast asia and not from south america. governor rick scott meantime cancelled a trip to washington, dc to lobby for money to fight the zika virus. instead the governor will remain in florida to monitor the response to hurricane hermine. today congress returns from its seven-week summer break. earlier this year president obama had requested nearly $2 billion to fight the zika virus, but lawmakers left washington in mid-july without approving any of that money. a tampa patrol officer who died while off-duty last week will be laid to rest today. fred arnold iii died while scuba diving in nevada. he'll be laid to rest at 8:15 this morning. his casket will be brat to life point church in tampa. the funeral is 11:00. he was a 27-year veteran with the tampa police department. 4:39. traffic alert for largo. starting today all northbound lanes of seminole boulevard
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intersection of 16th avenue southeast. detours will be in place as crews work on water pipes in the area. that work expected to take 10 days at least. the southbound lanes of seminole boulevard will not be affected. it's got to be a mistake. something going on. i don't know. >> triple murder at a florida home on labor day. what police are saying about what they found inside and also a motive. after the break. >> a bar sets a world record with 587 glasses of whiskey. we'll explain the longest domino drop shot and how many employees it took to make it happen. >> tampa buccaneers have selected their captains for this season.
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no -- police in south florida are investigating a triple murder that happened saturday. at a house in lauder hill. police say they found three adults dead inside. police haven't released identities but the neighbor says the homeowner lived there with his adult son. >> you never hear nothing about
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nothing. nothing. ever. ever. i'm praying for them. >> police haven't determined how many suspects are involved or a motive. police say it's not clear how long the bodies had been inside. general motors is now settling two of its ignition switch cases. this settlement is the day before another trial started on the issue. three more cases will be heard next year. gm recalled more than two million cars for defective ignition switches in 2014. 124 people hurt as a result of the defect the crash is allegedly caused by. a lesson in history and a piece of art goes up in flames in london but it was planned. the 400 foot long replica of central london from 1666 was placed in the river and set on fire. it was all to mark the 350th anniversary of the great fire of london. that fire burned for four days and destroyed most of the city. look at this -- people on
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consider an offensive costume. two people dressed up as a world trade center towers on 9/11. the towers are on fire, even have dolls attached to show people jumping out. the couple was at something called dragon con in atlanta over the weekend. the convention is the second largest behind the san diego comic-con. a spokesman says the costume was offensive, distasteful and completely inappropriate but the two were not attendees of the convention, just part of the fan base. last year more than 70,000 people attended dragon conin downtown atlanta. one little boy's baptism video going viral. dad posted it with a caption. clearly his son couldn't wait to do it. >> i know baptize you in the name of the father -- of the son. >> i'll do it! >> and of the holy -- >> the 6-year-old decided he
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himself. you heard him squeal "i'll do it" before the pastor could. jordan's dad terence recorded the special moment and posted it to facebook. it's already gotten nearly three million views on his own page. nearly 12 million on another page. great news for conservationists. giant pandas no longer endangered. they are still considered vulnerable. the chinese government has been working to conserve the species for years an working. it comes days after twin giant pandas were born at a zoo in atlanta. it's part of the chinese breeding program. >> it's amazing how something like that can grow up to be so -- pretty there. they look like little hamsters in fact. look at this, notice anything strange about this map? crystal river, if you're
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outside and have felt that 68. that is going to feel different. in fact for all of us i think over the next couple of days some slight changes in our pattern here and in our temperature and our humidity where if you pay attention you'll notice it here especially through the early part of the morning across the nature coast. then the afternoon lower humidity as well. dew points here, how much moisture we have, sure, we've been in the mid and upper 70s but it's nice to see mid-60s we're getting now closer to pleasant. we're not going to be talking about the cold front through with dry air but we'll take it. it's something and in fact it's 5 degrees cooler than this time yesterday in crystal river. just a sign that things are changing a little here. along with all of that, lower rain chances. that's that dry air that is going to be on top of us the next couple of days, shutting off rain chances. they will return beginning wednesday. not too high though. i think we'll transition into about 40% coverage by the weekend. i'll show that you in the 7-day forecast. dry air overhead, mostly sunny the next two days. a nice return to work.
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we had storms but more typical for this time of year. this is not. it's very nice an rain chances by the time we get to wednesday -- there's the futurecast not showing much. there will be moisture across south florida but it will take time to get going here across our neck of the woods. about 90 degrees but with lower humidity it will feel like 90, not 100 which is very often what we get during the afternoon. so we'll call it mostly sunny, if you're enjoying another day off good for you, 91 tomorr. but they are going to be widespread 60s up across the north. for tampa airport here. so enjoy that. and again we'll be back to the afternoon storms beginning wednesday and heading into next week. looking at the morning commute. this is the sunshine skyway bridge, pretty quiet now. still early. janelle will have a full look at the morning commute coming up at 5:00. last week's public meeting about the tampa bay express
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the brandon regional library, starts 5:30. fsu beat ole miss in a game that ended late last night. today the rays play game two of a three-game series against the orioles. tom korun has that and more in your morning sports report. >> reporter: good morning. the tampa bay buccaneers have selected their captains. representing the defense. tackle gerald mccoy and linebacker jameis winston and vincent jackson named offensive captains with russell shepherd representing special teams. there will be a weekly captain this. week offensive lineman joe holly, another former falcon. atlanta three-point favorite over the buccaneers in the season opener. meanwhile at the trop, rays and orioles opening up a three- game series. big first inning, thanks to logan morrison's three-run
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the fourth. then puts 5 up in the fifth. chris davis's two-run base hit started that fifth inning comeback and the os win game one of the series, the final 7- 3. that's your morning sports update. enjoy your day. it's 4:51. a man leads police on a foot chase in southern california. even took off his shirt to try to hide. how did it end? >> i'll be amendment right -- >> people dressing as clowns to lure kids appears to be spreading. it's already happened in south carolina. the new state where it's now happening and how police are
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70 for tampa, clearwater and st. pete with wind out of the east and northeast. climbing up to 81 by 10:00 and then upper 80s to around 90. rain chances gone the next couple of days. we'll talk more about that and when they'll return in the next hour. 4:54. folks in pinellas county today may notice a different taste in their drinking water. the county will be doing routine maintenance to optimize water quality. that means the treatment method
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from chloramean to chlorine disinfection. officials say it's still safe to drink. the switch only expected to last until september 26th. cat people think cat videos are the best thing on the internet. this cat thinks otherwise. this cat is watching birds on youtube. trying to figure it out. today hillary clinton brings her presidential campaign back to tampa. >> she's scheduled to hold a rally at usf and kite impact traffic around the -- it could university. live report from campus after the break. pasco county schools opening
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hillary clinton visits tampa today. ahead, the big attack she's planning on donald trump during her stop. >> flames tore through a home in ybor city early this morning. the fire so intense firefighters could not enter that building. good morning. thank you for joining us on abc action news on this tuesday. >> we start with the huge fire on east 12th avenue overnight. firefighters arrived to see this around 12:40 this morning.
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they started pouring water on that building but couldn't enter because of the intense heat. they did manage to get flames under control an hour later. fire marshal now working to learn what started that fire. no one was hurt. we're also following breaking news in st. petersburg. firefighters on the scene battling flames at a building on 13th street south. we don't have a lot of information. we don't know what the business is at this point but we're making phone calls and trying to get more information. we'll let you know a look at the forecast. great start, mid and upper 70s. rlooks nice. 71 brooksville. mid and upper 70s and along with that higher humidity a little further south but the rainfall will be gone next couple days. courtesy of dry air that is going to settle in for the next


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