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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  September 7, 2016 4:00pm-4:44pm EDT

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>> it's a story you will see only on the now tampa bay. >> a toddler comes home from day care covered in human bite marks. the mother calls 911 and goes to the day care for answers but she is still getting the run- around. >> did this to my child, i would be arrested. maybe this will get congress' attention on zika. >> i rise with zika virus and i got 100 bites straight from florida. >> what is next that could mean more money to fight zika. and uber eats not just for those who can afford take-out.
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you to make extr's 4:00 and the bay is on. >> and right now lawmakers are still fighting about how to protect people against the zika virus and blaming each other because they haven't accomplished anything yet. >> this as we're learning we have one more travel related zika case here in the county. he brought mosquitoes to show what they are up against. the senate voted down a bill because it included unrelated provisions. >> but just so you now, the house did its job and the senate has been blatantly political with zika funding. we will find out how to get
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over again. they should drop the partisan filibusters. >> they haveords for even thelow bar th have set, it is incredible that they cannot fulfill this basic responsibility of governing. >> lawmakers only have about a month to find way to agree on this or the cdc will run out of money to pay to develop a vaccine. staying on recovery efforts from hour kind hermine. >> we just got final numbers in on the damage to pasco. people are getting help. like those in the bass lake area near new port richey, that's where we find ryan smith. ryan, how bad did it get there? rte, gu. in fall opd and the damage was assessed from hurricane hermine, no doubt this is one of the hardest hit areas.
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with impassable roads and floodingo thei leavremains under a mandatorev duatiage cos yot up is coming from this area. let's break down the numbers that we receive from pasco county today. more than 2600 houses impacted by the storm. hurricane hermine caused an estimated $89 million in damages to homes and residential properties. emergency management officials say at this point, hermine marks potentially the most expensive storm in county history. kevin guthrie said that's due not only to the weather itself but also his crews being more aggressive with damage assessments post-storm. >> we went out and found those areas. we had our folks go every square inch of this county looking for water that is on
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>> reporter: and we also learned late this afternoon that hurricane hermine destroyed completely 7 homes in pasco county. what that means is those seven water above doorknobs inside the homes or portions of roofs and walls missing and coming down due to falling trees. that's the latest in pasco county. ryan smith for the now tampa bay. >> thank you, ryan. causeway and trail is back open this afternoon. here is what it looked like yesterday. closed for days as crews tried to clean up the debris from the storm. again, the trail is back open. let's talk weather with shay. shot, shay. saw ryan's live there is plenty of water in the pasco area. when are we going to see it dry out. >> we have another day. take a look at the r. moment. so it will take time.
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days are relatively low. they are going up where they have been for the past two days but it is looking good. as we take a broader look outhe anorm that's we've had have been around highlandand desoto and sarasa county, you have heaviernpours. look at this. blue skies and sunshine. the ver gate tampa camera showing how gorgeous it is over harbor and davis island with the but no rainfall out of it. as we look toward the rest of the evening, if your kids have outdoor sports practice, it's not often that i can say that the rain chances are this low. temperatures will still be in the upper 80s through about 5:00 and then the mid-80s by the time that the sun is setting. we're looking at hot and steamy conditions for the next couple of hours. then we will be cooling off closer to sunset. the best chance for any storms interrupting after-school
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counties. as we take a look at tomorrow's bus stop forecast, i'll let you you, shay. he chances are for urgent warning about a man in polk county accused ing youn james malone, already in jail, arrested on dozens of counts of child pornography over the summer. during the investigation, they realized that some of the kids are local and had been molested. he watched kids of people he knew and his house just for kids. one neighbor says her grandkids hung out with him and no one knew a thing. >> they have been talked to. they went to the therapist. they are good. we all know each a our kids all grew up here. so yeah. we're all in awe. yeah. >> at this point, authorities say they know four children were victims. and th say more are out there. breaking news this afternoon.
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carrollton, georgia, about an hour fromatlanta. three people are dead. that crash happened at the end of a runway. witnesses telling our affiliate in the area that both planes looked like they were trying to land. one plane was a training plane. we're told there isn't a lot of traffic n'even air traffic ineaking news on the for the white party. jill stein facing charges after she stopped by a protest of a controversial oil pipeline in north dakota. she spray painted a piece of construction company and could be charged with vandalism and trespassing. she wrote i apove is message on bulldozer. in a few hours, both donald trump and hillary clinton will be at the same place in new york city to talk national security. >> don't expect them to be on
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just yet. trump talks about boosting military spending. >> when i take office i will submit a new budget to rebuild our military. it is so depleted. >> but he didn't say exactly how big that increase would be during his speech in philadelphia today. right now the u.s. spends more than $600 billion a year on the military. trump also says he will ask u.s. generals to give him a plan in office to destroy isis. >> we're facing the most complex and diverse array of ts seen in my 53 or so in the business. >> clinton accuses trump of being all over the map when it comes to his plan to fight isis. you will see her plans at any time during the forum.
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about to say ? ? >> that's bill clinton campaigning for hillary clinton today. we're seeing a different side of the president going after trump including his pledge to make america great again. >> if you're a white southerner, you know exactly what it means, don't you? what it means is i give you economy you had 50 years ago and i'll move you back up on the social totem pole and he people down. >> clinton also pointed out that today for the first time since world war ii, the dallas morning news endorsed a democrat for president. well, can you imagine you're dropping your child or grandchild off at day care and they come back looking like this, covered head to toe in human bite marks? >> how is it okay for someone else to have neglected him and still be out walking around? >> we dug into the day care's
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concerning reports. the actions that the state itan before idering a day care.
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>> only on the now tampa bay, these pictures are tough to look at. a child bitten more than a dozen times at day care. >> they're human bite marks. but how a child could do this this misdemeanor times before an adult steps in is one of the biggest questions in the story. the now nicole grigg talked to the mother of the resource you that need to check before and during your child's day care stay. >> reporter: it's taken more than a week for amanda to finally sit down with us. >> as a mom you feel like it's your fault. >> reporter: but what happened to her 18 month old son isn't. >> i got a phone call from the day care. >> reporter: and on the other end of the call, the owner at the day care. >> it didn't sound like it was just a bite.
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his face is swollen. >> reporter: human bite marks from another kid to his face, back, arm and leg. >> all i could do was just pick him up and cry. >> reporter: amanda in shock demanded to see surveillance video from inside the classroom. >> and i didn't actually get to see the attack because the way the lady had the cameras set up in the room, it was like zoomed in on one part of the room. >> reporter: but she says she did see her son alone. >> then he comes back into sobbing hysterically. >> reporter: after 15 minutes of watching the same video. >> at that point i'm like where is someone to come rescue or comfort my son. >> reporter: amanda took her son straight to the hospital and filed a report with the sheriff's office. >> i went inside the day care and they tell me they cannot speak to me but i was able to confirm that the teacher who was inside the 18 month old's classroom that day has been
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first time that a child was left alone. i found two complaints about the same day care made to the state's department of family and children services. you can do a search online. one report in april of this year where an infant was left aleno -- was left alone. that teacher was let go. >> how is it okay for someone else to have neec still be oalking around? >> reporter: the state tells us they are conducting a licensing investigation. for the now, i'm nicole grigg. >> a new wave in food delivery is on the road in tampa as we speak. it's called uber eats. it works just like uber you see the map in the tampa bay area. they tell me they will a lot more counties in our area coming soon. as uber gives you a more
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out at home or work, it's also a way that you may earn a little extra cash. >> reporter: 75 tampa restaurants for a $4.99 fee tacked on to your tick e that's what uber is bringing to the people of tampa through the new app. you stroll through, pick your restaurant, order the food that you want and wait. you can keep track of your food the entire time, even see how far your delivery is away. >> i'm so hungry. >> reporter: uber eats delivery driver right there. >> so you went and picked up the food. >> i did. >> was it like regular uber. so instead of picking up a person, you just picked up my food. >> exactly. >> do you get paid anything extra to pick up food? >> no. just tip that's are optional. >> so it's the same thing. it's not like you're having to pay an additional fee to be
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you're an uber driver. >> i'm not an uber driver. >> what? >> i'm not an uber driver. it was a perfect opportunity because i wanted to make extra money but didn't want strangers in my car. >> thank you,. safe travels. good-bye. >> and while it seems pretty easy enough, there were a few ny of them from uber drivers who said they weren't getting tips. there are even promo codes and u for free food and you can also find itn our facebook page. junow mpa >>if you have a budget and you do grocery shopping the old fashioned way, get your food list in hand and go down the aisle of each store. this is called basket. it's supposed to help you find the cheapest prices on a whole bunch of different food items. this is how worinks. the app,
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then you're prompted what kind of milk. you put in up here -- i put in 2% reduced fat milk, for example. once you plug that in has the nearest grocery stores and places that you can buy the item. you at cvs, $4.59. publix, $5.99. by checking with this app, you can see what is the cheapest place to buy the it can add up. one basket user reportedly 75 b even two miles away to a different store to get the food they wanted. by the way, we checked. this basket app is free. the best part if you k me, laura. >> i love that. my favorite price, free. right now we're taking a look outside. shay, is that rain. >> our southern counties are seeing rain.
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temperatures or what it feels like outside right now, remember we have felt a lot of the summer eling like we're around 100. right now with the slightly drier air in place, temperatures are feeling like we're in the mid 90s. and that's without the rainfall to cool us down. a couple of spots where they have seen some rain, like around arcadia, 88 degrees is what it feels like right now. it still feels like 9in saso been moving around the southern counties around desoto and hardee and southern manatee. not a ton of rain but it's focused farther south. that will change over the next 24e the isolated rain in our southern counties and we will all be dry overnight. high pressure off to the north still in control and our winds around it are coming from the east to west. so we're seeing showers and storms developing south and
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my next forecast. laura. >> thank you, shay. it's not all about the money, right? the other reasons benefiting you that may have you reconsidering when you're going to retire. and i want you to check out some kids from grace lutheran church in st. petersburg. going gold isawareness during childhood cancer month. 25,000 families across the world have kids who are
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going gold next saturday. if the game sells out, $10,000 cancer research.
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>> welcome back the now tampa bay. kissing retirement good-bye. many of us are choosing to work instead. >> yeah. a new survey suggests that 7 0% say that. but it's not just about the paycheck. >> reporter: we're living longer, we're working longer. but not just because we have to. according to this study, some people just really like to
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sooner than i did. >> reporter: others preparing for it. >> looking forward to retirement personally. >> working on getting there by 55. >> reporter: but for many. >> my family members worked as long as they could. >> i would like to keep on working into are working right on through retirement. >> do you have anything for retirement? >> i have no reason to leave. >> reporter: he has worked on this floor of the libry after 30 years. i knew that. >> reporter: he's not packing up his desk and moving out any time soon. >> i know it's going to come eventually. but right now it doesn't feel like it. >> reporter: parnel is not alone. according to a report, 7 in 10 americans now plan on working during
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some say it kerp. >> i love the people. i love meeting people. i love talking to people. you're as young as you feel. i believe you're as young as you are. and i are. i feel great. >> reporter: another point made in the report, right now people what they have saved for retireme so th just keep working. >> t work as long as possible, half hope to officially retire in their 60s even if they keep some type of job afterward. >> it's a new model for aging that older people have energy and ideas and want to make a difference. >> 35 sounds good for me. >> that may be a little early. pothole problems getting better in some areas of the
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>> well, with all of the rain we got from hermine, you might be thinking here come the potholes like we saw last summer with the flooding.
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we have good news this time around. fewer potholes and things you may not have expected actually led to the positive results. >> that was very large. >> reporter: 2years old and in college, larissa does not have a lot of cash. >> it was a $1,000 deductible. >> reporter: the last thing she needed after hitting her tire on a pothole. >> i think they're hoar fifth i can and there's more and more and more. >> reporter: heha of problems too. >> they pop up everywhere much it's impossible to avoid them in tampa. >> reporter: repairs are always in overdrive after heavy storms we just saw. all of that water gets into the asphalt, erodes the base, causing a collapse. >> we've got two crews out working to address those. so by the end of the week, we will have them all cleared up. >> reporter: the woman directing the repairs, jean dunkin says this year there's a
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street, that minimizes the number of potholes that we had this time. >> reporter: all of the credit doesn't go to mother nature. last year's relentless flooding led to some 5,000 potholes. adding to the problem in 2015, tampa's largest pumping station in desperate need of upgrades. that happened this year, which means less water on the roads. more news that might help, city council of a plan to upgrade the storm water system will also help with potholes, even though that means the first bill hike in decades. >> there are things not worth paying for that we pay for. our money is going to fix potholes. >> drainage and flooding issues from heavy rain aren't just a y look at this flood in the south. it's in the charlotte harbor. heavy rains this week leaving
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the problem is road widening projects around the area that is pushing the water into the area. public works says there is nothing to do about it except make sure that the drains are clear and the property is just too low. let's take a look at tucson, arizona where tropical storm newton is passing through right now. you see the rain on the camera. those dark clouds. luckily it is weakening at this time. but not without soaking the city first. some areas are under floowah until 8:00 tonight. a reporter from our now station there posting this video to twitter. check that out there. she says they got to this road -- yeah, that's a road -- when it was clear. within seconds water came rushing in. you can hear it in the video. this is the sixth tropical storm to ever make it to arizona. and in mexico, the storm claimed the lives of two people in baja, california, according to mexican authorities. two fishermen washed ashore.
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while aboard a shrimp boat. all 650,000 people in the area are safe. all right, let's take a look outside with shay ryan. shay, we were just talking about this. they are getting that -- a lot of rain in that area. and then it just floods. >> yeah. i was just she canning with an update to see if this moisture right here has been tropical storm newton. but it was been downgraded to a post tropical storm. all pected inches of rain today. most aas aonto three. to put that into context, the average rainfall for the whole month in tucson is about an inch and a quarter. so that's why that amount of rain, one to three inches, causes flash area. they just can't absorb that much rain in a short period of time into their soil. here is the post tropical storm
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hours or so. where it will dissipate. along with it, still bringing very heavy rainfall into parts of arizona that just can't handle that kind of rain. so as far as the rest of the tropics go, things are very quiet. in fact, we were talking about another system that was south of -- of the dominican republic yesterday. had a low chance of developing. now it's off the map. but we still have watching a high chance for development of the coast of africa. the great ne is that it will not have an impact on the u.s. at this point it remain out in the atlantic ocean. so let it develop and let it do its thing, as long as it doesn't bother us. as far as our forecast goes, yeah, with such low chances for rain lately, there's only one place for it to go. we will have that and when the rain is likely coming up. >> thank you, shay.
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school early today because it's too hot. 19 schools now closing early in that school district right now. temperatures in the 90s but feel closer to 100. nocar l fothatre bupretty much what kids here are used to. got breaking news to share with you right now out of saint loose, missouri. a suspicious package found outside of an elem school. that's what have been evacuated. this all started around 2:00 there. reports say a suspect placed a package on the front steps of that school and then just lt he small explosion and thought it was fireworks. worried explosives might in be the package so the school had to be evacuated. the bomb squad and arson squad are on scene with a robot now. she disappeared 20 years ago.
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happened to kristin smart. she was a freshman at poly tech university in california when she disappeared after a party near the school. new information has led the fbi and police back to a field on campus. they're not saying what the formation is, but we know that they're using cadaver dogs and heavy equipment as part of the search. apple rolling out new products with new upgrades. how you can make the most money if you're looking to upgrade your for a the beach. dinosaur footprints. these were in a beach in western australia. a woman cleared away the sand and found not one but three massive preserved footprints. they are 130 million years old. and scientists believe they were covered by the sand for nally revealed them. you're watching the now tampa
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>> this is the best iphone that we have ever created. this is the iphone 7. >> there it is. the latest iphone set to hit the market sometime one feature that will save tons of phones, it's waterproof. one downfall though, the headphone jack is gone. that's what a lot of people are talking about. instead your headphones plug into the lightning jack which is where you charge your phone. the special headphones will be included in the box as well as an adaptor if you want to use your own. the price starts at $649. maybe you can't afford the
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to spend the money. you still might be able to get a deal on an upgrade from what both vizon and sprint say in the past once the new model comes out, the older version drops in price by about $100. you can also sell your old iphone, ashley. >> you can sell it. and there are options too. not just one place to sell t you can maybe post it on craigslist e i vethose pulled it can be more complicated. you have to watch out for scams if you use these two avenues. meet in a safe place like a police station. the easiest option is to turn it into your provider but you might not get the most money there. here is another idea. sell your phone to an independent third party. amazon program can give you up to $265 for an old iphone 6.
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best buy has a program like this too. we're borrowing more money than ever before for cars right now. the total americans owe is more than a trillion dollars. that new number is from experian automotive which is part of one of the largest credit bureaus. more people with good credit are choosing to buy used instead of new cars. they total more than 43% of the loans right now, up 10% from this same time last year. this may be because new car prices are up nearly $900 kelley blue book. we're talking with an american man fighting to get his familyut of war-torn sy the dangers d challenges they face. as we get closer to a #/11 anniversary, a survivor from inside the pentagon is issuing
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>> today we learned that the u.s. house will vote on a controversial bill. >> the legislation already
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as well, makg s way to the president bere anniversary the terror attacks. t president expeed to veto it. sisits with one survivor. >> it's been 15 years e the 9/11 attack on the pentagon. does it seem like that ng to on time it's 15 years and when i say '01 and it's '16 now. >> >> and you brought us here the bowling alley with your great grouofladies. and watching you guys bowl, doing well beyond what i could ever bowl. the 95-year-old lady. >> especially iris over there. right? >> what significance does bowling have for you? >> bowli is -- it gives me something to do. it really does give me something to do, take my mind off of the 9/11. even though i can't forget it.
4:47 pm
away from where the plane hit the pentagon. you had just stepped away. what took you away from your desk at that moment? >> i had bn lected as the treasurer for e bowling alle and the bowling league, i'm sorry. and what had happened is instead ro way -- if i would haveonthe ulhave be the the back way, saved >> wow. >> yeah. >> if i would have stayed in that office when i left that office, i left four guys in there. all four of them parished. between my office, the office next to us, and the one on th-- died. >> it's wonderful that you're here with us today. it's a tragedy that none of
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pentagon for almost 30 years? >> 29 years and three months. >> so 29 years and ree in the pep ing at the candidat year, who do you inmore likely to ep us safer? who do you trust? >> that's to answer. right now hem. >> why? >> why? because i haven't seen the good side of either one of them. the thing that really bothers me most is you've got children. except the children here, both hillary and do not all, always fussing and arguing and everything. i don't think that's a good example for children. >> so what woulyou ask them if they came to your bowling league right here? hillary clinton said i'm a senior citizen, i'm can join this league. what would you ask her if she
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what would you say to donald trump. >> i would say get your ball and let me see you roll. >>hoeverol your vot >> for the now, i'm mike sax. i just wanted to let the matt left behind when he left us. >> well, the fe of a fallen n ugropolice officer, matthew gerald says hehusband left her with one final gift, a baby. onwefter her husband died in somehow knew she was pregnant even before she mi gotother and found tout -- found out for herself. >> because i had suspected, i d i had brought it with me. well, i took it. well, within a second of that being done, the test read y. but at the same time, it's exciting.
4:50 pm
he would miss with that one. so -- >> she says she immediately told her family, her in-laws anhusband's squad.isery excid b scared to do this witht he husband. she said hanwa oin april. well, former tampa bay lightning coach says he bench any player atsi during the national anthem. >> his comments are now response to this protest telling you about here on the now. you see him sitting on the bench. he has been kneeling as of late. he is protesting racial the hockeyif any ed him. players sit on the bench, they will sit the entire game. it's not clear if any players had planned to actually protest. back to kaepernick for a minute. the nfl commissioner says he
4:51 pm
kaepernick's jersey is the number one selling jersey according to he has pledged to donate $1 million to communities who are affected about the problems now he says he will donate proceeds from his jersey sales as well. all right, shay. >> uh-huh. >> it was really nice yesterday. >> uh-huh. >> today it was pretty nice this morning. then it got hot again. at least it's not raining. >> exactly. we have a lot to be thankful for, especially withll have a break here. you can see how gorgeous the skies are over clearwater beach. plenty of sunshine. we're also seeing very dry conditions all across tampa bay. if you have any errands to run here before dinner, things ar lookinreally good. you don't have to worry about any downpours across the major roads and bridges. acr s i-75 into sarasota county and a few st
4:52 pm
so temperatures across the area right now are ranginfrom the upper 80s to about 90. 91 in tampa right w. yakima sit see at 80. you can see where the rain has moved through an spots . w,at t futurecast, the rain chances and it all cuts off around 8:00 tonight. once the sun sets, we will see drier conditions across the area. it will rema into the morning commute. and dry. morning, 8:00, nice plenty of sunshine to start the day. by noon, we start to see the few showers bubbling up again inland and to the south of us. through the rest of the afternoon, they start to pull farther north. polk county will see rain tomorrow afternoon. some of that will be likely to work its way across hillsborough county. we're not looking at a ton of
4:53 pm
's we're looking at about 30% coverage. most of it from tampa bay on south tomorrow. and then you can see the rain chances going up slightly we head into the weekend. but it's still pretty reasonable. and with temperatures still near 90 degrees and lows overnight in the mid-70 hopefully for this time of year you will find it comfortable. denis is standing by and he'll have the 7-day forecast at abc action news at 5:00. >> thank you, shay. remember the bi headache we told you last month involving delta headline you may have encaught mperoutagc thpronly lasted five hours. but forced delta to cancel some 2300 flights ovthe course of three days. part of the is price is giving the hotel vouchers to the stranded passengers.
4:54 pm
flights to cuba. the first i fl thflight kicked off the airline's first o destinations to the island. american offs ights to four different places in cuba this month. they will add a stop in havana te year.lue had the first fligh la wee on average the flight will run >> no oil. 450 haia >> this developing story, protesters continue to block on of a controversial oil pipeline that starts in north dakota and would run through three other states. many native-americans e cod impact their drinking water and sacred land. julie richards tied herself to a bulldozer. >> there's so manyf us united in this fight. there's numbers and strong prayers.
4:55 pm
agreed to halt construction until friday, that's when a federal judge will decide if the project can move forward. the now's todd walker is in north dakota. he digs deeper into this controversy tomorrow. look for it right here on the now tampa bay. we have an update on the breaking news that we told you out green party presidential candidate jill stein. an arrest warrant was just issued in north dakota for her. the sheriff's she spray painted constr aotesand trespass and mischief. she ote apove th message on the blade of a bulldozer. her spesto do this. illegal immigration arguably one of the polarizing issues this voting cycle. >> most voters agree on one built between thanmexico. a new poll suggests six out of
4:56 pm
border wall. and ven out of ten are against the idea of deporting people who living in the united states illegalas you mig expece split over who would ha tlehe issue the best. 47% say th donald um do a better job. 49% side with hillary clinton. another attempt to end the five-year cil war arg apt and fuing the geadmin store middle east and europe meetto come not -- come up with a sttegy. >> they er >> just this week, at people died in bombings in this is just some of the damage that you're looking the are rep gas attack a fourth city targeting opposition groups. it's estimated that the war has killed a quarter million peop and forced 5 million to escape the country.
4:57 pm
welcomed its 10,000th refugee. one man has been working for years to get his family members out of the war-torn country. >> it's the lunch rush. people want their food. >> er: this is a typical day for obay. working in the family restaurant between the classes that he is taking to become a surgeon. >> it becomes home, you know. >> reporter: and working to get his family members living in syria to safety. >> try it's difficult. i could have easily been one of the people who are dead in syria. it's tragic. and so i feel like i have to do something, you know. >> reporter: he was born in the u.s. after his parents left in the 1980s. >> i learned so much from this place. >> reporter: not all of his family was as fortunate. >> they can't leave because of the fear of getting killed
4:58 pm
family members in syria's unrest. others have fled to neighboring lebanon where they face many of the same issues they have in syria. and they can't go back home. what is their choice? >> reporter: that's why since 2012, he's been working to get them to the u.s. or any country where they will be safe. >> 7 days a week. >> reporter: he has completed the paperwork and reached out to local law but nothing so far. >> it would be am it would be amazing. but -- i meanmy hands are tied. there only so much at i can do. >> reporter: his family would love to stay in a if they could. imssible. kt eep e day de that they will be here with him god >> reporter: for the now, i'm
4:59 pm
starts right now. >> no one knew. no l blown away. >> righnow, a child month less station case that will make your stomach churn. the items at a man's house that made it easy him to lure chdril. i'm jamison uhler. >> and i'm wendy ryan. thank you for joining us. polk county authorities wa man. he is accused of molesting small children and believe there are even more victims out there. >> let's to find out how he lured kids to his home. ryan. >> reporter: i think jim's ho it all. take a look athis front yard. a child's play house right there. i want to show you one other this small sign, the green sign
5:00 pm
driveway. it says caution, children at play. the sheriff says he used all of this to lure them over. >> it was a child magnet. >> reporter: children too young to know any bett l >> children wanted to go there topend time with papa jim. m ly had a dark et. y shortly after arresting balone this summer on charges of child pope, they discovered some of the kids are local. detectives ha boys but know there are more victims out there. nancy says her grandkids hung out with him on several occasions. e ecspted nothinapg pears that either. >> she cannot believe all of this happened rigunder her nose, you awow by everything. >> the allegations


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